Monday, 8 September 2014

Boozers love to hate Bunge la Mshiko la Kutibua

          When the high and the mighty announced that they’re going to write a new constitution cheered. Had they known that the said thing would end up being constipation whereby Mshiko and goodies would be offered to those supporting the whole thing, they’d have jeered. Now that boozers know what’s going on whereby a few connected guys are milking this ever-begging hunk to its death, they’re raising their voices to stop BMK to no avail.
          You know what. Since politics became a lucrative biz whose profit is big dosh garnered by doing nothing, two factions are at it with cut-throat onslaught to see to it that everybody gets his way. Those in the frenzy of eating for doing nothing are breaking all laws to see to it that their ulaji isn't being taken away. Power wars and machinations are at work. The so-called Umoja wa Katiba ya Walevi (UKAWA) has walked out of Bunge Maalum la Katiba (BMK) after it was turned into Bunge la Mshiko na Kutibua. In all this hanky panky, boozers are the real victims receiving a raw deal. Again, should we blame eaters only or blame even boozers for loving to hate the charade without taking some stern and sensible actions? Sheepish behaviour coupled with complaining without taking actions won’t deliver boozers. To love to hate without standing up to foil the whole megalomania displayed by eaters is but committing suicide especially if boozers put in mind that they face a very ruthless kit and caboodle of self-serving ogres.
          Had boozers known that what they wrongly thought would be a new constitution has become constipation, may be, they won't have supported it. Guys are making a killing at the tune of 300,000/- a day for just bickering, insulting and robbing boozers wantonly. Many wonder. Those who pretend to love boozers are turning a blind eye to this theft committed in broad daylight under the pretext of enacting a new constitution.
Ironically, all those committing this injustice to boozers know it too well. Boozers’ hunk depends on begging and loaning. If you think this is a big lie just ask Mr President. He always spends more time on plane globetrotting cap in hand begging. Where do they get the guts and muscles to involve themselves in extravagant undertaking?  How can we call it a new constitution while what actually is in the making is but writing a document that’ll enforce and entrench the status quo? In all this make-believe exercise, boozers are doomed. Eaters don’t talk about their right to have a civilized constitution. Who wants such simian biz in the first place?  Who wants a phony constitution of constipation? Can there be a deserved constitution without UKAWA in the house? Instead of writing a new constitution, the guys are invoking all jungle laws to see to it that they give a new lie they call new constitution.
          Though boozers have been ignored despite all the noises they’ve made, those ignoring them must know. When time comes to act nobody’ll surive. Boozers want a constitution that can curb constipation resulting from corruption. On the one hand, those constipated with this eating frenzy don’t want to listen to boozers. On the other hand, boozers think that kicking the asses of those eating them is their God-given right. Again, how’ll boozers foil those eating them without taking to the streets and make the hunk ungovernable? Those eating them think.  They’re appointed by God to eat boozers. This is why they’re squandering all dosh and opportunities in buying boozers’ consent by bribing a few who have self-allowed to be used like diapers in serving their tummies instead of serving and saving the hunk.
          The other day I heard mzee Sam Sixx taking on mzee Jose Waryuba when he urged that this monkey biz should be halted until comprehensive and understandable agreement between the eaters and UKAWA has been reached. Along with boozers, some self-seekers, especially, those hunting for cheap popularity have decided to go before the court knowingly that such a move will come a cropper.  Do we really need to waste time and dosh on technicalities instead of inviting boozers to the streets to make their case? Who’s fooling who hither?
          Boozers don’t want to hear court cases. Instead, they want to hear the invitation to take to the streets so that they can solve the matter once and for all. Surely, this is the only possible and reasonable way of writing a new constitution without allowing brutes to rob us by receiving dosh for doing nothing.
          Boozers need the constitution written by their representatives in lieu of the one written by their traitors and self-seekers. If anything, this is why boozers love to hate Bunge la Mvurugo wa Katiba aka Bunge la Mshiko wa Kutibua.
Source: Guardian.

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