Saturday, 20 September 2014

Will Zitto Kabwe get away with murder?

          The media recently reported what can be referred to as an admission from Kigoma North MP, Zitto Kabwe. By the look of things, Kabwe seems to have seen the light though a little bit late. He’s quoted accusing courtiers to have antagonized him with Chama cha Demokrasia na Maendeleo (CHADEMA) Chair, Freeman Mbowe. This is after CHADEMA’s cleaver fell on him after being accused of blackmailing the party. Again, looking at the mess Kabwe’s already and the way he’s been struggling to eat humble pie, is it possible for CHADEMA to bite the bullet, forgive and forget or stink to their guns?
Kabwe’s quoted as saying, “I have no problem with Mbowe, I believe he will one day discover that his handlers affected us and they are the ones who pushed us to this.” Is this statement sincere and true? Who’s trying to fool who on the whole issue known even to birds? Well, well, Kabwe you might have no problem (s) with Mbowe. But you’ve many problems with CHADEMA. If you say this, maybe we might subscribe to it. So too, you’re only accusing Mbowe’s handlers, what of yours? Is the problem basically handlers or your personal ambitions and mess? Does it mean allegations that you plotted to sabotage the party are mere denigrations and hogwash? When did you become aware of this? Why lately just like now?
Do you remember how you were all over Facebook saying untrue things as a part of your vendetta? Why did you do that while you knew there’s no “problem” with Mbowe?
Many’d like to know what you’ve to say regarding allegations that you plotted to sabotage the party. So too, they’d like to see mounting defence on allegations that you’re used by Chama Cha Maulaji (CCM) which they say gave you a lot of dosh.
Others think your attempts are too little, too late. They openly say that you committed sacrilege at the time the party needed your support. Others, however, think that you can be all loosey goosey and iron things out and go on with your marriage.  Doing so is seen as getting away with murder on your side thanks to the magnitude of the offence you committed. Again, in politics, there are permanent interests but not permanent enemies.
For those in on, what’s truly going on between CHADEMA and Kabwe will agree with us that the source of this entire imbroglio is the document that the party discovered authored by Kabwe and other. CHADEMA didn’t mince words. It said that the authors of the documents plotted to topple the top brass and sabotage the party.
Up to this point, does it mean that Kabwe’s discovered that his attempt to form the Alliance for Change and Transparency (ACT) will come a cropper, thus, forcing him to make a U-turn? Will CHADEMA subscribe to his sobs and pleadings? Suppose they forgive him. Will they trust him again? Will he hit back later at the time of need?
Looking at the real situation, Kabwe is in hot soup trying to get out of it unscathed something next to a miracle. I don’t see any loophole he can use to get out of the mess he is in really. You can see this in his admission quoted saying, “This is the way I see and don’t wonder to find us working together in the future. I have already forgotten everything, I cried in umrah (pilgrimage to Mecca) and I have forgiven everything.” Many will still ask. If you forgot and forgave everything, why then are you making noises wantonly? Do you think there’ll those you’ll dupe so as to empathize with you sir? Will CHADEMA reciprocate equally and in the same manner especially given that sabotaging the party is next to sacrilege?
While Kabwe is trying to seek the mercy from CHADEMA, there some who think that instead of blaming Mbowe’s handlers, Kabwe needs somewhat to blame himself especially his quest for power. This can be seen in his admission saying, “One of things alleged against me is that I am being used by CCM, but it has never happened one of the leaders of that party to invite me to join it.” Will such simplistic assertion soften CHADEMA’s stance? Why doesn’t Kabwe demand the substantiation of the allegations by all those accusing him and instead he’s taking refuge on hoo-ha that no CCM leader has ever invited him to join the party? If I were Kabwe, I’d either keep mum or find another job, especially, teaching as he once vowed to do before jumping a smoking gun. Again, will Kabwe get away with murder really as he tried to enchant the world?
Source: The Guardian.

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