Sunday, 21 September 2014

I dare Sumaye to decouple CCM

        In testing the waters, former PM Freddie Sumaye left many puzzled. He’s recently quoted as asserting that shall corruption exceeds in Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM), he’ll walk away from it. In simple parlance, he’ll abandon the sinking dinghy. He didn't say where he’ll go though. Some think. He’s but politically marooned. For, they add that if he’d anywhere to go he’d have already jumped the ship.  Is really Sumaye stranded or he’s trying to pave the way for his walkaway?
Others ask: Does it mean CCM became tarnished after Sumaye vacated office. Is it better than thou mentality or political-hat tricks to be seen as an anti-graft crusader that he’s nary been? Is it better said that done or Sumaye seriously means what he says? If so, doesn't Sumaye see how the said corruption’s already exceeded any tolerable and imaginable proportions? What does he want to see if such a simple and visible thing even birds know of? Those who think that corruption’s already exceeded tolerable proportions think Sumaye’s wasting time and opportunity shall he cling unto CCM.
          Is it true that Sumaye doesn’t know CCM’s bedfellows in the matter he’s raised? We’ll try to jog his mind a little bit so that he can think about his alternative move. In the field of Conflict Resolution we call this BATNA which stands for Best Alternative to a Negotiated Agreement or safe walkaway.
          Being people who back their assertions with solid and irrefutable evidence, boozers want to jog Sumaye’s mind by furnishing him with evidence to thwart his too-late-too-little stance.
Firstly, in 2005 shortly after the rigged results of the general elections were announced, it’s alleged that CCM robbed our coffers under what’s later known as EPA scandal. Ironically, CCM’s nary wanted to mount its defence, refute or admit such allegations. In this theft, boozers lost a cool $ 131,000,000/- for a begging hunk such an amount is humongous. What boozers remember is that president Jake Kiquette pardon those involved in this crime by urging to return back the spoils. Though this it totally against the law, who else’d question the power however implicated as it was and still is?
Secondly, apart from EPA, Kigoma South MP David Kafulila, once again, implicated some CCM cadres and top CCM govt’s officials in what is now known as ESCROW scandal whereby over 200/- billion was stolen.  Implicated was Freddie Werema who called Kafulila a monkey before he threatened to behead Kafulila. Others are Prof. Sossie Muhongo and his permanent secretary, A Liar Kim Maswi, Saada Mkuyati, Prof. Benny Ndururu and Felchemistry Mramba. Methinks Sumaye knows all this too well.
Thirdly, it came to light recently that CCM offered some kickbacks to Members of the Constituency Assembly to induce them to support its two-tier system of administration as opposed to three-tier one championed by the opposition. Ironically, when Ezekiel Wenje fired such allegations, CCM didn't refute them. Mentioned in this scandal were Big minister mzee Mizengwe Pinder, prof J4 Maghembe, Dr. School Kawambwa and Gauddie Kabaka who were said to have offered things like beer, food, soft drinks, drinking water and envelopes chock-full with cash. Does it mean Sumaye didn't hear even this just recent episode? Wenje’s allegation was backed by  another though controversial heshimiwa Joni Chibuda who's quoted as saying, “It is true there are some members who have been called to plot with our leaders to move us away from important thing.  It is better this should be stopped so that we can do the job people sent us to do.” How can Sumaye elide such vivid evidence from reality?
More on CCM, it was alleged last year that CCM cadres were receiving kickbacks from local govts. Mentioned were Goddie Zambi who was then promoted, Zabeiiin Mhiita and Ommy Badweeell who faces corruption charges. Does Sumaye need some specialized help to translate such sorts of things? He wants corruption to exceed. Well sir. What do you call this when the situation worsens so as Hishimiwas to ask for kickbacks from local govts?
By furnishing Sumaye with a few examples out of a milliard, I am sure he will be able to see how late he is as far as abandoning CCM is concerned. Failure to act now, he will be seen as issuing political statements in order to gain notoriety without any merit. Whether corruption has exceeded proportions in the ranks or not, we leave this for Sumaye to decide after exploring the width and breadth of the matter and use his own criteria that need to be scientific logical and acceptable based on what everybody sees on ground.
Suffice it to say, we've offered Sumaye an alternative by displaying the whole situation his party is in as far as corruption is concerned. We thus believe that he’ll avoid ping pong by springing to action to meet his words that he’s to live up to.  Sumaye, I dare you walk away from CCM.
Source: ThisDay Sept 22, 2014.

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