Monday, 1 September 2014

When great truants are needed in Bunge

It came to light recently that the Bonge Maalum la Kutibua (BMK) forced the powers that be to put a stop on mini-sitters’ truancy. Others call BMK Bonge la Mzengwe wa Katiba. Non-attendance made it difficult for BMK to secure legally-prescribed numbers to pass their things.
Many boozers didn't know that many ministers don’t work but get paid handsomely for just doing nothing, just doing that. How come the guys who took an oath of serving (and saving) the hunk can sabotage it and go Scott-free?  How come that the authority that appointed them is sitting aside and looking as if this crime doesn't concern it?  Again, who’ll take on who if at all those supposed to reprimand, even punish those swindlers, are the champions of the same crime through globetrotting?  The cockerel taught chicks to poo in the bed. If the guy empowered to stop this monkey biz is renowned for his taste of making oft-trips abroad so as to be called Vasco da Gama, why shouldn't his lieutenants do the same?
What’s more, after discovering that truancy is denying the bullying party the numbers with which to write its documents as opposed to that of boozers, Mr. Top of the party and govt decided to convoke an ad hoc meeting to look into the matter. Again, will he succeed to bring the truants to the BMK?
In proving his bankruptcy, the guy, under the directives of Clique of Common Mafia (CCM), decided to plead with truants not even accompany him in his merry-go-round adventures be they in the hunk or abroad. After forcing BMK to go on doing what boozers love to hate, robbing their dosh, it is now an order that truants must attend BMK even if they come late and vote and leave with mshiko. Again, who’s hurting who in this megalomania committed by a begging hunk?
In trying to superimpose their fake document, the gang’s desperate trying all dirty tricks to see to it that boozers are given a raw deal that’ll enable it to go on with its deals of robbing them wantonly and pointlessly. This is why all truants are ordered to attend BMK. Why truancy becomes an issue after the gang failed to secure needed number but not after letting boozers down for not serving them? Is the gang more important than boozers who empowered it?
By unearthing this scandal, it seems. Our biggies have been receiving big perks, salaries and whatnot for doing nothing. Isn’t this systemic corruption coupled with institutionalization of truancy and all monkey biz?
Let’s face it. Isn't a sin next to sacrilege for somebody to enjoy all these goodies such as chauffeur-driven shangingi, palatial mansions, air-conditioned offices, helpers and big perks and salary without working? Where did our hearts and self-notice go?  How does it feel one to live in a paradise of riches fleeced from stinking paupers? Aren't our biggies fleecing us in the broad day light? Hadn't it been for truancy in BMK, would boozers have known this crime-geared kit and caboodle of swindlers and truants? Is it exaggeration to call such practices sabotage of the hunk? Isn't this sheer hypocrisy of its sort?
Again, do we need to stop mini-sitters from truancy as we allow their maker to do the same as we foot the bills? Where’s a wise and brave man to confront the guy and tell him that he’s the ring leader of truants?
In substantiating that truancy is rife, the  head of party’s spin doctors, Nipe Mapepe Ninaye’s quoted as saying, “It is time to tell them to reduce their unofficial activities out of BMK. For, the issue of truancy truly has brought us where we are. I beseech them to avoid being the people who get out of BMK while meetings are in process.”  Ironically, instead of reprimanding these big truants for robbing the hunk, the party is languishing in beseeching them as if they’re doing what is right! Fire and charge them for robbing boozers. How many billions of dosh have these truants already received for doing nothing? Why can’t the powers that be see this injustice? Is it because it involves and benefits all of them? It is dangerous for the powers that be to ignore the signs of times for their peril. Again, will boozers keep on lamenting without taking decisive actions to put a stop on this theft? Will the boozers allow BMK to superimpose its fake and egoistic document as it denies them their God-given right to write it by themselves? How many roads, schools, hospitals and other social services would the big dosh the truants received provide? Again, who cares if all those behind this crime educate their vitegemezi and examine their health abroad? Who cares about road while they use planes?
Source: ThisDay Sept., 1, 2014.

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