Sunday, 7 September 2014

UKAWA: Why put a cart before the horse?

Naturally and scientifically, when one wants to move a cart, he puts it behind the cart. Again, what do you think when you find someone who does vice versa? If anything, by Umoja wa Katiba ya Walevi (UKAWA) or Coalition for Boozers’ Constitution (CBC) putting much premium on meeting with President Jake Kiquette hoping to return to the original constitution draft that Judge Joseph Warioba submitted is like putting the cart in front of the horse in lieu of behind it.  Before partly compromising their position by believing in Chama cha Maulaji (CcM), UKAWA was a real hard nut to crack. Kiquette knew and sensed this so as to lull them into oft-meetings without any desired results. Since then, Kiquette’s proved to stand his ground and pulled many punches to see to it that CcM goes on with its grandstanding, dupe and doctoring the document as UKAWA wait for the miracles enhanced by meeting the same unpredictable guy. Shall this cacophony and rumpus go on, boozers will soon be doomed. It is speakably despicable.  
          Again, UKAWA had a good fight on their hands save that they’ll pointlessly lose it just soon by languishing on meeting with the dude that’s nary reciprocated positively and gentlemanly. For, it seems. Kiquette is trying to buy time as he hoodwinks UKAWA and boozers that he wants to write a clean new constitution. How can one write a new constitution in an old style? Many wonder. How’ll UKAWA reverse the situation while all important matters have already been tampered with and the draft doctored?
          By the look of things, I’ll tell you what.  If UKAWA keeps on believing that CcM’ll stop its simian biz, they’ll end up being used. If this happens, UKAWA are to blame for overlooking everything as they missed all opportunities to corner CcM pointlessly. Kikwete's been applying delay tactics to enable its superimposed Constipation Assembly (CA) minus UKAWA to finish the job of writing their constitution they’ll soon call boozers’.
 To do away with these sideshows, UKAWA should strive to see to it that:
 Kiquette  be legally forced to recant his speech he made by waylaying Warioba’s on 21 March 2014, which changed the whole exercise that became a charade after dressing CBC down openly as he categorically stated his party’s stance of two-tier system as opposed to three one championed by UKAWA and CBC.  At least, if he does so he’ll be showing how seriously he means business. The man needs to restate his position on the draft as a head of the hunk but not the head of the party as he did in his misleading speech that brought this entire impasse we’re now experiencing. By coercing the man to meet all those basics, UKAWA will be removing the cart before the horse as they put it abaft it.
Also Kiquette should make an official apology for violating the law and misleading the general public on the draft constitution.  This boils down to assuring boozers how serious he might be, especially, avoiding facing the same nightmare of making apology. Kiquette, as a top, was not supposed to be prejudiced. After all, he wasn't forced to form the CBC that he later attacked and ignored and doctored its draft. So too, he isn't supposed to be left to use our dosh in dangling carrots to those ready to sell others by enacting shunned constitution.
So too, the man must withdraw the doctored draft constitution crafted by CcM to see to it that it stays in power.
Like so, guy's to suspend Bonge la Mizengwe ya Katiba (BMK) forthwith and let it reconvened to deliberate on Warioba original draft. Also important Jake must promise not to repeat tampering with Warioba draft under whatever circumstances.  In doing so, he must distance himself from the whole process as he allows Warioba’s draft to be deliberated on.
If UKAWA plays their cards smartly, they've what it takes to win the battle. They've kept their nose clean and the fight on their hands with a spirited manner and consistent save trusting faithless players especially their big. Thus, they’d not let this go by being hoodwinked to believe that the guy might be serious and stop tinkering with the new constitution. UKAWA must underscore the fact that they’re dealing with the creatures from the time and clime of machinations hell bent to blackmail the boozers even if it means chaos and civil wars.
 Lastly though not least, Kiquette and UKAWA must sign whatever agreement into a written and triable document. This is the only logical and possible way UKAWA can skillfully battle it out with CcM. To jaw-jaw is always better than to war-war, once said Winston Churchill. 
Source: ThisDay Sept., 8, 2014.

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