Monday, 29 September 2014

To be safe and curb aliens enact laws

 Currently Tanzania is a focal point for aliens running away from various miseries many of which are economical. We’ve evidence the gangs of smugglers making a killing out of these desperate and poor people. They rake in thousands of bucks from them for the promises of transporting them to South Africa while others stay in the country hunting for green pastures. Tanzania has become a magnet for aliens due to the fact that our laws on immigration are loose and weak. We need to do away with this menace by introducing laws which will impose hefty punishment on criminals who smuggle aliens into the country wantonly.
          Many aliens from Ethiopia, Eritrea, neighbouring and other Asian countries have already been apprehended and others been deported. Again, is this enough? Surely it isn’t. Today I will draw an example from Canada’s experience and practices. Aliens have nary been a problem thanks to having tough immigration laws on liens. Canada does not use laws to curb aliens. She has the culture of not tolerating anybody who entertains, smuggle or offer any assistance knowingly that they are aliens.  This being the case, it is up to Tanzania to punish any cooperation whatsoever with aliens. Those breaking the laws should be jailed and their properties confiscated. Those housing them, so, too, should face the same. True, this is the only way we can do away with becoming a hotspot for aliens. Nobody is supposed to get services such as housing, work or any without fulfilling immigration requirements. It is sad that our people think that by harbouring aliens they benefit while they actually lose big time. Our social services and infrastructures are overburden.
          We’ve a hunch to begin with. Our people know the syndicate of smugglers. So, it must be an order for everybody to report any person he or she thinks is in the country illegally.  Mass education on the dangers of abetting and housing aliens should be offered to our people so that they can see the other side of the coin as far as aliens are concerned. For instance, many aliens from English speaking countries have been taking jobs that our people would do. Some Asian aliens have reached at the point of doing expatriate jobs while they actually are not expatriates and those smuggling them allege.
          Who needs an expert of Indian cuisine for instance while our house maids have, for decades, cooked Indian foods for their Indian employers? The situation has worsened to the extent that we have even security guards from as far as Nepal. We have Turkish, Iraq and other Middle East human traffickers bringing Syrians and whatnot illegally as they make fortunes.
          Illegal immigrants are not only a burden for the economy but also pose a great danger to national security. How many small arms do we currently have in Tanzania which came from Burundi, Somalia, Mozambique and DRC? What do these small arms do apart from criminal activities in which our people become victims?  Even crime rates are swelling thanks to the proliferation of small arms from warring countries.  
Moreover, with the outbreak of deadly Ebola coupled by loose immigration laws and porous boundaries, chances of the disease knocking on our doors are high. Look at the situation this way. When people come into the country illegally, it means they may conceal their true identities, and status so as to involve themselves in crimes or spread diseases.
Apart all above mentioned consequences, aliens increase our population as opposed to what we plan to feed and take care of. Once they come and stay reproduce children who became citizens automatically. Worse enough, affluent aliens bribe and get our citizenship thanks to having shady, myopic and gullible officials in our immigration points and offices.
Ironically, when Tanzanians go to other countries such as South Africa, even Kenya, are not welcome. Refer to recent accusations from traders in Arusha who alleged that they are maltreated in Kenya where their produced are not receiving same price as Kenyan.
Suffice it to say, if we enact tough laws which punish aliens and those abetting them chances of discouraging aliens to flood our country are high. We can’t let things remain as they are as our security is susceptible.
Source:ThisDay Sept., 29, 2014.

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