Friday, 26 September 2014

Lower-Sir hopeless Journey

I must admit. I honestly adore those who have the courage of the mad. For, they think about unthinkable, aim at unattainable and intend to do impossible. After announcing what he called the “Journey of Hope” former big minister who lost ulaji thanks to Richmond scam, Eddie Lower-Sir (It’s pronounced Lowasa) left me baffled with disbelief.  
He called his hex a journey of hope for boozers! My foot! How dare he? Of course he’s dead right. It’s hope for him, hopelessness for boozers. There’s no hope in this political dandy’s journey of forlon hope. His Canaan is boozers’ Egypt. Thus, the whole abracadabra’s the journey to Egypt. How can a sheep celebrate to be lead to the slaughterhouse?  Has the cuss forgotten how Richmond ruined our lives due to power cuts and hikes? Does he think we’re dopes?
The bloke’s quoted as oping, “I’m very much consoled today to see many friends of mine. Tears are gushing as I see you and God willing we’ll win. For you all know my dream…as members of CcM you need not to worry, we’ll overcome with our strength.” What foppish assumptions!
True, the politico’s surrounded by swindlers bamboozled to be true friends. If anything, most of them were the good friends of his fat purse that vomited the dosh he balled out after using them.  Such good friends are not stupid. They dote on his daydream knowingly that the dude’s going nowhere. They, too, know.  They can take his money and deny him their votes. What can he do about it? Does he have anything new and different from Richmonduli? Boozers can’t allow themselves to be used in creating a breeding ground for yet more Richmonds after the guy topes power.
One boozer invoked God saying, “Let’s pray that the geezer keep on daydreaming about presidency that’ll force him to offer the dosh he got from Richmond. He’ll end up becoming bankrupt which means heart attacks.”
He went on, “The sufferings we endured under his EPA-cloned- friend-cum-partner are enough a lesson. After all, boozers are not zombies to vote for him. Importantly, dupe him by taking the money he’s using to dupe you. He buys you since he too is bought by those who engineered Richmond which turned our lives upside down. Isn't this enough?”
He went on, “Essentially, this lounge lizard’s started his journey to oblivion but not to hope.”
Another boozer chipped in, “The dude’ll soon be history. Why doesn't he accept the cuss Mzee Mchonga unleashed on him? Who wants all the same stuff every ten years by blessing swindlers to ruin us in the name of ruling us?
Of all, Joni Malisera former PM and deputy CcM chair dropped a bombshell wondering why CcM and its chair, Jake Kiquette were silent as the chappie’s humiliating the party. He urged CcM secretariat to discuss this matter and deal with the popinjay even by annulling his membership.” He said that during TaNU times they expelled four members. He added “I don’t see any hardship in doing so for Lower-Sir. I wonder about top dogs’ silence including national chairman, presider Kiquette.” Malisera’s expressly expressed everything. We can’t even ignore him due to the fact that apart from being a long time cadre, he doesn't intend to run for presidency. He tried his mojo and failed so as to accept the reality that Lower-Sir too has to accept.
Malisera went on congratulating UvCcM’s spokesperson Paul Ma-konda on his courage to take on the jay. Now that the macaroni’s already declared his intention to take this hunk to the next level, what’d we do to see to it that his journey of hope does not end up becoming our journey of hopeless? This is question is essential given that we've already suffered under his watch when he was premier.
Essentially, what the punk’s doing is likely to terribly hurt CcM that’s always pretended to take boozers for a ride little knowing that things are changing tremendously. The dude has defecated everywhere. Did you hear how the guys in cloak reacted when one fyatu told them to go and grab mshiko from the dying ass? The other day I saw some con men calling them Dar geezers going to the fella to swindle pretending they support the guy’s bid to ulaji. It’s like a Magomeni saga whereby two con men conned one another. The first had fake gold it sold to the second who paid him fake note. This is exactly what’s happening between this political wino and venal religious swindler who throng him and get away with mshiko. Again, who cares if the dosh the dude’s offering’s made illegally?
Given that the coxcomb doesn't get it, as he tells others to make tough decisions, I’d urge Eddie to do the same, abandoning self-deception of becoming boozers’ next president.
Now that the geezer’s announced his journey of “hope”, it is upon boozers to judge him as the African proverb says: You must judge a man by the work of his hands….. Richmonduli of course!
I strongly advise Lowassssa to start the journey of hope to Monduli and forget the hopeless one to Magogoni. Hata angekuja Yesu na ntume. Hushindi bwana!
Source: Business Times Sept., 26, 2014.

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