Saturday, 13 September 2014

What a condemned nation that we’re!

          We hear of failed nations such as Afghanistan, Iraq and Somalia but not condemned ones. By the look of things, I bet. Tanzania’s becoming a condemn nation just soon. Looking at ever-swelling and soaring endemic corruption, I can comfortably bet. We’re becoming a condemned nation. We almost have everything fake with its fecundity. We hear of fake traffic officers, police, doctors, taxmen, teachers, professors, security agents and nobody is alarmed with it! What is this if not the signs of a condemned nation? We also consume fake products such as drugs, food, services, politics, religions you name it.
          The other day I was listening to Cameroonian music, “Constitution Constipée” or Constipated Constitution by the late Lapiro de Mbanga. Among other things, he says that the big man steals our money, his small men and women do the same. Everybody’s condemned. Tout le monde est condamné. Paupers are becoming even more penurious while the rich ones are becoming even richer than before. They all rob us. This song awarded him a prison term for what’s misconstrued as insulting and abusing president Paul Biya who’s been in power for decades doing nothing but plundering as he deems fit according to Mbanga. Again, how many Biyas and their small men and women do we currently have? Do you remember the case involving supplying and selling fake drugs involving one Dar es Salaam head of the ruling party? Ironically, despite all banging and reeking allegations, the guy’s still on the helm of the party committing even more crimes wantonly. Who’ll take on him if at all those supposed to do so are in the same league? Aren't we condemned this way?
          Lo and behold, it came to light recently that one junior minister paid some opposition politicians from Shinyanga to kill Dr Wibrod Slaa the Secretary General of Chama cha Demokrasia na Maendeleo (CHADEMA) and John Mnyika, Director of Information and Publicity during their February tour in Shinyanga. Ngokolo and Masekelo Councillors, Sebastian Peter and Zacharia Machafuko (CHADEMA) respectively alleged that Steven Masele Junior minister ( Energy and Minerals) approached them with the offer of Tshs. 180,000,000 apiece to blow up the chopper that carried two CHADEMA officials. Blowing an aircraft is terrorism. So, such revelations-cum-allegations were supposed to alert the govt to spring to action. Again, nothing happened given that the suspect is a CCM cadre who many think was acting under the instructions of his party.    
          From what we mustered up is that Masele’s not accused alone. Bigwigs such as January Makamba, Mwigulu Nchemba, Ridhiwan Kikwete and Nape Nnauye were also mentioned to be behind this macabre act. Again, who’d take on them given that they‘re sacred cows of the party? Isn't this way our country becoming a condemned nation? If such damning allegations involving terrorism can be wished away wantonly, what else should we do to become a condemned nation? Indeed, we've already become a condemned nation futilely.
          Looking at how our banks are robbed and nobody goes to jail, I can comfortably assert. We’re a condemned nation. Where are EPA thugs? What of SCROW, Richmond, Merememeta, Mwananchi Gold, Kiwira Mine and whatnot thugs? They’re in our streets and offices committing even more monstrous crimes and nobody bothers them. Who’ll take on them if at all what we evidence is a frenzy of robbery almost everywhere? Remember the guys who robbed their own bank in Kinondoni? This is but tip of the iceberg. Did you hear the recent nepotism scandal involving immigration whereby jobs were awarded to the children of the bosses of the department? Isn't this the sign of being condemned as a nation?  Rent-seeking practices are all over the place.
What’s more, try to remember vote rigging especially in the 2010 general elections whereby losers were declared winners in many constituencies. Refer to how getting a job nowadays is only made possible by offering some kickbacks from sexual to financial one. Refer to how some thugs in upper echelons of power bend procurement laws to make dosh. Refer to how mining contracts stink with corruption. Refer to how corruption’s reached a tipping point whereby some MPs were alleged to have demanded bribes especially from local govts’ officials while other stand charged of the same crime. How are their cases going? I still vividly remember. One of MPs alleged to ask for cuts was recently promoted just like the one who was alleged to falsely accuse CHADEMA’s Director of Security, Wilfred Rwakatare whose trumped up case‘s since stalled due to the lack of evidence. Aren't we this way a condemned nation? Do you know who condemned us? Obvious you know. Those we entrusted our offices but turned them to be the shops for vending us. We’re doomed, cursed and condemned altogether. The die is cast.
Source: Guardian

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