Sunday, 6 September 2015

Luwasa: Enrichment by rip off


The other day former big Minister Eddie Luwasa who packed after implicated in Richmonduli left me in stitches. I heard telling the Twambombos of Mbeya that if he wins in the coming chakachuazation he’ll turn the ever-begging Bongolalaland into another Switzerland that our half-baked reporters called it Swaziland.
          Given that this is the season of promising anything any politicos thinks will dupe voters, I wonder if Bongolalalanders subscribe to such hoo-ha in the first place. After musing on what Luwasa said I remembered the other political artistic who answered to the name Mzee wa Mapesa or Money Bags aka Joni Cheiyo. Where is he now after his dirty linens were put on the agora? Many still wonder how Luwasa can turn Bongo into Switzerland while when he’s in power he blessed  public rip off in Richmonduli not to mention how he spent billions in seeking his former party’s nomination. I am not making this up. Nay, Nipe Mapepe Ninaye is the one who revealed this when he faced the media on a certain TV when he was responding to queries as to why Luwasa was left out even in five best.
          Luwasa was quoted by Mwanakaya as saying, “I want development. I want Mbeya City to become an international one under my government and I want it to be like Swaziland,” [Sic]. When I heard this statement I remembered Dr. Seuss’s Cat in the Hat and the way of doing things such as seeking something by the way of elimination. In the same line, I see Luwasa enriching boozers through fleecing. I don’t know if boozers will suck this up and buy into such a hoax in the so to speak.  Again, if you look at the double-edged sword boozers are facing this time around, you feel sorry for them. Will they choose from the other party that’s been in power for ten years after promising them Better Life for All (BLA) that ended up being Bitter Life for All Boozers but Better for Bigwigs (BLABBB)? Under BLA boozers were fleeced through EPA just as it seems that Richmonduli and other scams made a capital for those spending dosh on political campaigns.
           Luwasa knows this game too well. He’s behind the terrible BLA. Now he’s behind Making Bongo Switzerland (MBS) hoax. Will he succeed? When he said he’d like to become as richer as Switzerland without explaining how, one boozer said maybe he loved Switzerland because it helps bigwigs like him to stash their loots there.
          Luwasa took a swipe at his best friend and partner, Jake Kiquette accusing him of destroying the economy while the same guy showered him with praise short time close to mchakato saying Jake built many roads.  Again, when you consider Luwasa statements, you sometimes don’t get it. If my memory serves me well, I remember how Luwasa told those who wanted him axed in presidential races within Chama Cha Maualaji (CCM) that he’d not abandon CCM. Instead he told those who didn’t want him to leave the party. Before long, news broke that Luwasa has crossed over to CHAdEMA and later was cleared to become UKAUA’s presidential flag bearer. Now you can tell which a lie is and which is a truth as far as Luwasa is concerned. Will boozers trust such a person who says this today and say a contrary that tomorrow? Remember this? “We agreed that whoever wins the race should support the other. In 2005, I supported Kikwete for presidency and was the chairman of the campaign team,” (The Citizen May 31, 2015). Luwasa was talking about the agreement between him and Kiquette. Is it true? If it is why didn’t Kiquette support him then?
          Another truth, Luwasa was quoted as saying, “ It is just recently Chinese president Xi Jinping, president Obama and former US president George Bush were in Tanzania, this shows how Tanzania is prominent in international affairs,” Sunday Shomari (July, 18, 2013 in Washington). Hearing all such praises you wonder how Luwasa can turn against himself accusing Jake to have destroyed the economy of Bongolalaland. Again, be he Jake or Luwasa are all politicians whose words, promises, truth and whatnot should be dealt with cautiously.
Source: Guardian Sept., 6, 2015.

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