Sunday, 13 September 2015

This is electioneering and double-dealing season

          I found myself remembering the elections of 1995 with dismay and anguish and angst. Especially remembering how boozers committed a sacrilege big time and the way policies were hopelessly and wantonly assassinated for the favour of smiles, flamboyance, and other nonsense instead of credentials. I still vividly remember how one bootlicker told me that his candidate had an infectious smile. Can a smile bring food to the table really? Utter nonsense. Anyways, there’s no need of making a big deal out of nothing. For ten years, boozers have paid dearly for their misconception and forgetfulness. They now need to make up their difference so that they can get an earnest and competent leader instead of a swindler in chief who’ll invite his cronies and suckers to join the frenzy of eating with both hands and legs.
          Let’s become amenable by having a united front on getting a competent leader who’ll cleanse the mess we are in. Now that the wounds are still fresh, we’d make sure that we don’t repeat the same mistakes of 1995 and 2005 respectively.  Shall we do, it’ll render us insane which means doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results which. Didn’t mzee Mchonga tell you that –at the time – we’re not looking for a bride? What did we earn from this goof? Don’t answer. Instead, remind yourselves of all scams and criminal laissez-faire sort of things you’ve braved for ten years. Remind of yourselves all those fools you see today acting like bon vivant who were just paupers and illiterates that are commanding billions. You know what I mean.
          Indian crows will be hunting for political leftovers to back and finance expecting to reap a hundred times after they install their choice. Some will even run themselves after finding that politics does pay hugely. Those who err thinking that the Chavdas and Rostams are dead should think twice. I know many have their spirits dampen. Use that as a catalyst for change. I know. Those already bought by fisi and fisadis will come with their dosh to bribe you. Take their dosh but don’t give them your vote. Let’s let this year be the year of the new dawn for the new beginning that we lost in 1985 when Mzee Mchonga called it a day which marked our beginning of cascading into the mess we’re in today. Although everybody is allowed to make mistake, s/he should not be allowed to repeat the mistake. The fool is always the one bitten twice in the same hole.
          When I look at how unemployment and, corruption are on the rise, I think all voters will react to them by voting wisely despite what. Kick them out and show them the door come next general elections. So, too, shall they chakachua, don’t buy into it. Stay put and boycott whatever results you think were doctored. To make sure that mistakes are not repeated, boozers must be prepared for whatever shall anybody tamper with or rig their votes. This is the message I’ve been given to announce loudly and clearly. Hear Danganyika. I want you to weep in joy but not in despair as it is currently. I want all of Danganyikans to enjoy the cake of the hunk equally. And this is only through voting a responsible and accountable govt in power. You are the movers and shakers now. Don’t miss this golden opportunity. I want accountability and creativity but not criminality and imbecility as it seems to be currently. Ghanaians have a proverb: When a bird stays too long on the tree it invites a stone. Those who have stayed long should know what is store for them. From the look of things, anything can happen shall boozers keep their vengeance, anger and angst due to how they’ve suffered and continue to suffer. As Ken Kaunda would say Tiende pamodzi ndi mtima umo. Let’s walk together with one heart or anything if anything.
          I know our hunk is bedeviled with corruption, nepotism, nihilism and all types of negative isms. Self-centredness and selfishness have eaten our hunk up. We need to reclaim it this year through a peaceful means, ballot box. Let those who took you for a ride freak out after the elections. Deny them your vote. Let those who presided over national robbery and thuggery pay for their evil deeds. Let those who allowed the sacrilege of robbing the hunk, killing people with albinism, poaching, embezzlement and above all nonessential use and misuse of our resources and dosh pay dearly this time around. This time you must for the person who’ll spend much time in the office of the head instead of the one who’ll spend much of your time and dosh globetrotting with his gang of swindlers as it’s been for ten years.
Given that you’ve a lot to ponder on, I must doff hither asking you to please make sure that you hunk’s not going to the dogs once again. Vote accountability. Vote fiscal discipline. Vote development. Vote change.  Don’t vote Corruption, Crap and Machinations.
Source: Guardian Sept., 13, 2015.

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