Monday, 28 September 2015

When parties became diapers

          I recently was following what unfold in Australia where former premier Tony Abbot was unseated by Malcom Turnbull after being in power for just two years. Guess what, we attended the same university with this fella. Abbot’s predecessor spent only six months in power while Julia Gillard spent three years like Abbot. To cut a long story short, since Jake Kiquette came to power, Aussie has already seen six PM coming and going minus the incumbent. This informs us that PM (presidents for Tanzania) are changed like diapers. Why?  It is because there’s no longolongo there. You don’t deliver you hit the road whether you like it or not. No zengwes or what. And you can’t turn Aussies into dumbos like in Bongo.
          When it comes to kicking out governments, Greeks are second to none. They have had five elections in 2015. Since, 2012, Greeks have gone to polls ten times. They give no hoot to governments that don’t deliver. I wish Bongolalalanders were like Greeks.
          In a word, in Bongo politicians are changing parties like diapers. They’re fluky. They aren’t changed like diapers as indicated above in Aussie.  After some were ditched in their parties, they moved to others to seek ulaji. I don’t want to list down the bigwigs we saw decamping to the opposition. What I’m concerned with is this new tendency that the opposing side bared recently. It used to make us believe that it was fighting graft and archaic system to end up embracing emissaries from the same anathema they purported to fight!
          Like Aussies, we need to change them like diapers even if they change parties like diapers. You wonder a person like Makorongo Muhanga would decamp from the party that shielded him even when he faced forging allegations. I didn’t wonder to hear that even Mr Kagoda is supporting the opposing side while he got the dosh he’s burning from the laxity of those he is throwing mud at. Again, If Luwasa and Sumuye can attempt to cut the hand that used to feed them, anybody can cut the tree he is on.
          Another thing that begs us to change politicos like diapers is the fact that they monkey with everything and get away with murder. You’ll hear them promise to solve almost every problem while they actually are more a problem than the problems they purportedly want to take on.
          They monkey around on rostra and spread such false information such as bringing changes that was arrested or betrayed by the outfits sponsoring them. They promise a lot of goodies to end up crucifying the same boozers they duped. For those who remember what we are getting out of will agree with me that politicos are selling boozers down the river while they promised goodies. Despite spewing a lot of promises, politicos don’t get it done. What they’re good at is nothing but self-services as we evidenced on the all past regimes except Mchonga’s. When it comes to taking boozers for a ride, politicos and con men are but ying-yang-like, if not, identical-twin cohabitants. How on earth–for example–promise say jobs, factories, increasing pensions without showing how you’re going to do it and fall short of conning those you’re blatantly duping? How can you promise development without showing how you’re going to tackle obstacles to development such as corruption, mega theft, drug trafficking, tax evasion, capital flights and all the like? How can you do that without having a legal mechanism that empowers you to take on criminals that are always pampered simply because they know how to share the loots? As a boozer–though this can be seen as pushing the limits–methinks, nobody will do anything without having the New Constitution that corrupt bigwigs feared it would send to jail due to the crimes they committed in power. This is why I espouse changing politicos like diapers as we’ve seen in Aussie.
          Guess what. When it comes to addressing corruption, there are some politicos –especially those implicated–who don’t want to touch it. Why should they add fuel to the frame? Again, boozers seem not to get it. Instead of tasking those who want to rule them to address graft; they’re talking about personalities instead of issues! Mtaliwa sana!  Agitate for the system that will enable you to change politicos like diapers the way the politicos have shown in changing parties like diapers. Without tweaking the system all promises are but hogwash and hoo-has.
Source: Guardian Spet., 27, 2015.

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