Sunday, 16 November 2014

Boozers to boycott the new constipation

Now it is official. Chama cha Maulaji (CcM) has decided to bulldoze boozers and danganyikans. It was recently announced that the vote for passing their thing aka new constitution of constipation is likely to be held, and of course rigged, come March.  This is against what’s agreed that the new president who’d take the helms after Jake Kikwete lapses his controversial last term’d finish the thing.  Again, what are those forcing and duping Jake to finish this charade afraid? Will Jake allow himself to be expended by power brokers and tarnish his image? It is time for Jake to reign in and tell his whiz kids to stop using him. Wakome! He’s not a young boy to use as please. Mr Jake, wadharau hao wazushi. Today they’re hoodwinking you with their political meme.  When the moment of truth comes, they’ll deny you just like Peter did to Jesus? Theirs is ulaji. This is the only thing they need from you even if it means to abuse you. Where’s Benny now? Nobody worships him, as it was when he’s in ulaji. Take it from boozers despite being stoned. They’re telling you the truth bootlickers can’t tell you.
Given that the agreement’s to wait for the brand new president who maybe, maybe not, would come with new things, boozers are saying without mincing words. “We’re not going to participate in this charade aimed at destroying our future and that of our generations to come. We’ve strong reasons as to why we’re not going with status-quo-maintaining exercise. Ours has always been status-quo-changing need though we’ve been ignored and sidelined.”
We in the academia are used to such machinations whereby rulers change stances just like a daladala passenger changes town buses. I know. By taking such a hardline sort of stance, soon we’ll be called names. We’ll be called the enemies of the hunk and such sorts of stuff. Rulers, normally, invent or create imaginative enemies in order to cling unto power. So, too, by creating non-existent enemies, they’re able to distribute enmity into their groups in order to starve off internal dissents such as mitandao ya urais that’d lead into their downfall. We call this role defense.
Before agreeing not to agree, boozers would like to know why Jake’s advisors are betraying him by doing things that present him as shaky guy? If he agreed that time to finalize the new constitution is needed, what’s changed so as to warrant such unwarranted U-turn? If he knew he won’t respect the agreements he reached with Umoja wa Katiba ya Walevi (UKAWE) why did he waste our time, his time, their time, and of course, our dosh to offer promises he’d not live up to? Again, is Jake aware that there’s life after ikuuu? What’ll he tell us soon after exiting the scene?
Further, where does Jake put boozers’ cries that their good draft’s doctored and abused by Sam Sixx’s gang he used to pave the way to run for president though as things are currently, his dreams have evaporated in a thin air? If Jake knew, and of course he knew, that his party had its own constitution detractors call constipation given that it gives ulaji to CcM, why wasting our time and dosh once again? Why did he allow a cabal of swindlers to eat our dosh knowingly that he’d already had his own constitution? Why did his buffs remove all articles that wanted to take graft on after getting sick and tired of ping-pong on the vice? Does he think he’s going to get away with this murder of our constitution? These questions and others need to be answered before forcing boozers into his straight-jacket-like constitution that’ll give CcM ulaji as it starves boozers.
Boozers sent me to say this. They’re saying that they’re not going to be cowed or being screwed up. They still need to make their constitution the way they like and want even if it means to step on toes of fisadis who’d do anything to get away with murder of our noble constitution as submitted by Waryuba. So, too, boozers told me to say that they’re not going to sign their death warrant come rain come shine. So all those thinking they can dupe boozers should know. You are wasting your time. Soon they’ll turn tables against you.

To cut a long story short, it’d clearly be known. Boozers are urging Danganyikans to boycott the whole googly-eyed presto. For, they verily know. If nobody heeds their call, he or/and she’d nary cry and ask for their help. You Danganyikans, who bewitched you to whom everything’s made public in Idodomya that everything was chakachuad as it’ll, come March shall you not heed? Shauri yenu. Let me go and smoke my ganja as I sip my kanywaji to end up becoming a pothead if not a creep. “Because white have rigged our elections by making sure that the most ancient , ill-functioning voting machines all find their way to the black precinct in town, don’t leave the polling station unless you have personally seen your ballot marked the way you intended and placed in the locked ballot box,” Michael Moore in his book Stupid White Men. For boozers, just like blacks in US, don’t participate in this namby-pamby exercise.
Source: The Guardian.

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