Sunday, 30 November 2014

Lesson learned from Chinese ivory saga

          Though it may be taken as a mere scandal, allegations that the president of China’s jet carried tons if not hundreds of kilos tarnished our image. Again, when did it begin? Boozers have some answers to this imbroglio. They urge that instead of blaming others we should blame ourselves first. Why? Because the way we've been doing things creates many loophole for our “foes” full of jealousy as Ben Membe put it.
 You know what. If there’s a person we need to blame first is none other than mzee Mchonga who said that ikulu’s been turned into a den of thieves. Interestingly, when mzee Mchonga made such allegations nobody repudiated. This means. Things are not well. How could they deny while what’s been going on is but sacrilege. Look at how they ruthlessly and carelessly spend our dosh on their oft-globetrotting. Do they care about boozers whose dosh they abuse? Go tell it to the birds if you think they do.
Why boozers say we’re the ones to blame? They know many things we either know and ignore or pretend not to want to know. They said openly and loudly that our ikulu needs to be checked. Who doesn't know that boozers are sick and tired of complaining about the tendency of concealing the names of the guys accompanying our big to his oft-trips abroad? Why are they concealing the names as if those accompanying the ding are not supposed to?
Another point, our “enemies” know how our hunk sits on scandals. Tell me. What happened to hoo-has of retrieving our dosh stashed in offshore and foreign banks? Have we forgotten how our chief Counsel Judge Freddie We-rema threatened to kick Swiss emissary, Olivier Chave out the hunk shall he keep on making noises about dosh stashed in his hunk? What else do you want to be tarnished? Do you know what happened to the suspects? Some were appointed to write a new constitution that boozers call constipation due to blessing greed and constipation in the hunk.
Caesar once told his wife when she’s alleged of wrongdoings. He said unto her, “The wife of Caesar must be above suspicion.” Is our “wife of Caesar above suspicion? Are our “wives” of Caesar above suspicion really? How can they be if at all some of them run suspicious companies aka NGOs? How can they be while others were suspected to transport our vipusa to Asian countries? Boozers still remember how Abdi Kinamna the top of Chama Cha Maulaji (CCM) was appointed amidst allegations. Why’s he appointed if at all we didn't look for being tarnished?
You know what. Boozers know how one topmost biggie’s suspected to be behind EPA profligacy. The dude’s nary repudiated nor defended himself. Was he behind EPA scam or not depends on how you look at things especially the code of silence and circumstantial evidence. If you want to know more as to why we’re the target of scams ask yourself what’s been done vis-à-vis Escrew dosh that’s recently stolen by IpTL and its affiliates. When Kafulia tried to sound the alarm he’s threated to be beheaded. As he persisted he’s called a monkey. Do you think this is in vain? Go hang if you do.
These “liars” who blew biggies’ cover say that when the current regime ascended to ulaji the hunk had over 140,000 jumbos. As of today, only 55,000 are left. Where did the missing number go? Do you think it is difficult to smuggle illicit items out of Bongo? If you do, you’re bewitched. Have you forgotten tons and tons of drugs that were impounded in Bondeni? How did they pass through our airport? If this doesn't convince you, look at this. Do you remember how many live animals were illegally transported to Meso East through KIA on November 26, 2010?  How many culprits were brought to book? Zero. What was done essentially is to just fire Obeid Mbangwa and other two people and that’s that. Why didn't they bring these criminals to book? Who knows?
Let’s look at the lesson learned from the saga in question. Firstly, it opened boozers’ eyes that not all that glitters is gold. You know what I mean. Secondly, it taught boozers the lesson that they’d try what Burkinabe tried just recently shall they deserve to live like bin-Adams but not the horses and beasts of burden they are today.
Thirdly, the big lesson from the saga is, we are doomed. Why if the holy of the holy is blessing such crimes. Our suspects need to come clean on this matter otherwise they've proved to be sitting ducks and connivers in the robbing of our God-blessed hunk. Don’t think I am becoming insincere and indifferent. Nay, I’m trying to devise the solution premised on what boozers think should be done.
Again, should we blame our foes for our embarrassment or just blame ourselves for our myopia, megalomania and gluttony?  Had this transpired in civilized hunk, the whole outfit’d have been pulled down. Again, who’ll do that in Bongolalaland aka Danganyika?

So long
Source: Guardian Tanzania. 

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