Sunday, 29 March 2015

Bongolalaland the land of billionaires!

          The other day when Andy Chenga referred to one million bucks as vijisenti or peanuts to inveigle us that he’s dosh, some of us where baffled little did we know another tycoon’d chip in.  You know what. Jimmy Rugemalayer, chief architect and suspect of escrew profligacy said that 75 million buck is vijisenti vya ugolo namely a few cents for purchasing snuff. After these two dudes of dosh showcased their splendour, I experienced a goof thinking that it’s the end of the game. Before long, one iron lady decided to challenge the men by dropping what seems to be a bombshell that annoyed and dismayed many altogether. Guess who. Porofwesa Nshomile Anae Kajua Mlo Tiba is the star showing off thanks to festering corruption. You know what. She said that she spent ten million dafus on mboga and vitumbua. Sadly though, when profedheha told the truth boozers took on her as if she committed any crime. Is telling the truth a crime really? Why has our hunk become such bogus to the point of criminalizing truth tellers?
          If Tiba erred or offended many for telling the truth so as to be misjudged like that, why then don’t boozer bay for the blood of mzee wa Vijesenti vya ugolo who made Tiba a millionaire?  This boils down to the fact that we’ve become so bogus that we hate petty theft as we venerate sharks. Is it because they’re able to make some of us millionaires as it happened to Tiba, Ki-laini,Ngeleza, Andy Chenga, N’Gurumo of white house and other fat cats or what? Is it because we, too, are crooked save we have no offices to corrupt? Is it because we’re insane and stupid? Please help me out there. For, I don’t get it. I didn't think that all uproars about escrew would die out instantly so as to let Rugemalayer and SingSeth and their masters get away with murder. If this is the case why do you call your hunk Bongo not Bongoless or Bongolalaland?  I can see that one shaking his head. Don’t think I’m abusing the hunk and her boozers. Nope. Just imagine. Before escrew there’s a scandal of chakachuazation of the draft constitution. As if it weren’t enough, they spent billions of dafus on a fake thing and passed it forcefully and deceitfully. And nobody took to the streets! What’s this folks if it isn't insanity?
           As if that wasn’t enough, there came this escrew of our dosh. Tongues wagged to the top of the lungs. King Kong did his things, offering a few sacrificial lambs such as Tiba.  All of the sudden the rumpus died out! Wow!  Now I believe. Bongolalaland is shamba la bibi per se whether you like it or not.  Again, who do you expect to take on  big thieves if Takokuru charged with that is itself second to none as far as receiving kickbacks is concerned? Do you think cops can take on big thieves? Thubutu, if their bosses are eating from the same plate with sharks, who’ll order them to take on them? If the white house in fully in this eating frenzy who else will do the needful? I can see them laughing and smile where they were supposed to cry. Again, who care if at all soon they’ll kick the heck out of the white house and be pensioned off peacefully and eat your dosh peacefully just like Ben and dingi Ruxa despite their crimes? Who’s now hollering about Kiwila or Loriondo? If boozers are able to easily forget escrew that’s committed yesterday, how can they remember distant stuff such as Kiwila and Loriondo?
          Going back to the crucifixion of Tiba-Ijuka for receiving vijesenti vya ugolo and tell the truth, I know. I’m going to be hated for telling this truth. If you want to get boozers, just tell them big and many lies like those I evidenced in 2005 when certain big con men promised boozers heavens to end up giving them hells. Guess what.  This is fatidic. In the coming elections, the same lies as those of 2005 will be repeated and no boozer will question them. In 2005 the slogan was ANGUKA. May be, this year the slogan will be KUFA or Kuendeleza, Utajirisho, Fanaka and Amani. The other day I heard on boozer saying that this time the slogan will be UMIA or Uchumi, Maendeleo Imani and Amani. Try to analyse things a bit by bit and make decision. Otherwise if you goof you’ll end up picking the tab when they abuse power.
          If ANGUKA was a big lie, KUFA or UMIA will the biggest of all lies especially at this time the establishment faces many allegations of corruption involving the biggies and their families and friends. Given that boozers like to be cheated, they’ll subscribe to all this broadday lies from pathetic political liars. Who cares in the land of billionaires who can spend ten million dafus on vegetables or seventy five million buck for snuff not to mention calling a million bucks vijisenti?
Source: Guardian March 29, 2015.


Anonymous said...

Wewe kweli huna nini hino sasa cha ajabu hapo ni nini

NN Mhango said...

Anon sijakuelewa. Unamaanisha nini hebu weka wazi japo na wengine tuelewe. Hata hivyo, karibu tena kwenye uga huu kiboko yao.

Anonymous said...

Mwalimu huyo anon...anaishi kwa mtindo huo wa mafuriko, hivyo ni lazima ajipendekeze kwa hao jamaa zake, badala yake anatakiwa kujikita kwenye shughuli na pilikapilika za kukemea wapinga(wala-rushwa na wezi wa mali ya umma) maendeleo ya nchi na uchumi.