Monday, 22 April 2013

Minister and MPs arraigned for extortion in a foreign country

A Ugandan  Minister and two Members of Parliament were arrested by Indian police when they attempted to extort over $ 20,000,000 from an investor in Mumbai. Uganda authorities have kept mum saying that the issue must be resolved in India where the offence was allegedly committed. This happens a few weeks after Uganda strong man Yoweri Museveni asserting that he abhors impunity. Museveni was quoted as saying he abhors impunity during the swearing-in of Kenya's president Uhuru Kenyatta. What happened shows that many African leaders are used to such malpractices and this is why many bogus investors have been coming to Africa and getting away with a lot of wealth without doing anything and if they do, they just offer substandard services. Currently, Tanzania's  many investors in communication sectors especially telephone. Again they're duping and ripping Tanzanians off while the authorities are just watching. Maybe, this is being tolerated due to the true that the said investors have already dined and wined the biggies in the upper echelons of power. For more information CLICK here.

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