Sunday, 28 April 2013

Who’s Kibanda? Vs who’s Wasira?

Today we're interrogating the bunkum of who’s who especially in doing fatuous stuff of pointlessly self-dressing down. Nothing left me cheesed off like the Minister of State in the Presider’s Office Steve Wassira’s irresponsibly turbo- charged hoo-ha. He’s quoted recently defending the ever-tarnished Taifa Institute of Sabotage and Setbacks (TISS) after being alleged to have abducted and tortured Absalom Kibanda the Chair of TEF and Managing Editor of Habari Corporation (200) on March 5.
Out of the ordinary, Wassira went ballistic averring that Kibanda’s too small for TISS to abduct and torture. Kumbaya! He added that it’d have crossed his mind had those abducted and tortured been CHADEMA chair Freeman Mbowe or General Secretary Dr. Wilbrod Slaa. It is all-out disconcerting to note that a minister in the top office doesn't know that no institution in the hunk’s the mandate of torturing or harming anybody; be he small or big. Such careless and frozen remarks left many dismayed. No sane mind would risk thinking such a minister would ridiculously jabber that way. We’re still baffled.  How can  Wassira fail to know that all human beings are equal and are entitled to living without any harassment leave alone torture and abduction?
Wassira’s boneheadedness made many analysts draw a single conclusion that TISS does abduct and torture people save that it deals with bigwigs. Given that we've over four famous leaders whose deaths have remained a mystery, we now know who’s likely to be behind their demise. There’s a big secret Wassira knows that we don’t know.  Does Wassira know who killed former PM Edward Sokoine who died in April 12, 1984?
Is TISS behind a sudden but suspicious death of Horace Kolimba in March 13, 1997? What of the death of then TISS Tsar, Lt Gen. Imran Kombe in June 30, 1996? Were those police alleged to have killed Kombe TISS’s agents or just flamed to save face? What of the death of Zakayo Wangwe in July 20, 2008? Wassira, if squeezed, may unravel the mysteries of those deaths.
Again, let’s answer the major question of who’s Wasira.  He’s but a former NCCR-Mageuzi’s wizard of Oz currently a good cadre of CCM after returning from hibernation to NCCR-Mageuzi to do away from political cold. So too, Wasira’s a wino whose mouth lost touch with brain and reality. There’s no border between him and Pita Sheukamba aka Mr.Screw you aka F*ck you and Andulrahman Kinamna who said that opposition doesn’t like development while he’s accused of smuggling our animals and their products to Asia. Furthermore, Wasira’s a toff that sleeps Mjengoni and lies that it is because of medication. The other day another political wino, Jobless Nduguy, said that some heshimiwas do sniff bwimbwiz.
Indeed, Wassira’s a gruff dude known as Tyson who wrongly thinks is better than others especially by pointlessly accusing others of the scandals he himself commits.
As for Kibanda, is he a small person by Bongo’s standards? Don’t get me wrong. I don’t intend to create classes among Bongolalalanders however they’re always there. If Kibanda is small, nobody and useless as Wasira would like us to believe, why his boss, Jakaya Kikwete, went to Milpark Hospital in South Africa to wish him well? Kibanda might look small in the eyes of Wassira. In the eyes of our constitution, every citizen’s somebody. Apart from that, Kibanda’s an innocent person who earns his bread legally. He’s a professional whose works speak volume. So too, Kibanda, as a senior journalist, is a voice of voiceless. Above all, Kibanda nary proved to be stupid or crazy just like those vuvuzelas and dashers that blindly belittling him have time and again proved to be. I know Kibanda. He didn't live depending on lies like fake and double-faced politicians who can jump from one party to another not simply because they’re enjoying their constitutional rights but due to looking for green pastures. It is sad to hear Wassira condemning the same opposition that received him at the time he’s desperate after CCM refused him to stand for Member of Parliament in 1995. Kweli shukrani ya punda! Who knows? Given that Wassira can easily change, maybe in 2015 he’ll attack the same CCM the same way he’s currently attacking the opposition. If I were president Kikwete, I’d sack Wassira forthwith for embarrassing my government and me altogether.
Another bankrupt ‘do-gooder’ acting like a macaroni that left me stitched is Mad  Moody Safe Khatib who said that Chadema’s laden with adulterous who should not go to Ikulu which he said is sacred. Is Kikwete safe hither?  Isn't this better than thou?  True, a baboon does not see its ass!  If anything, this is the art of speaking without bothering to think. The mouth says this while the brain says that. Wameishiwa hawa.
Mbowe and Slaa shouldn't take Wassira’s utterance lightly but rightly.  Who knows? Was Wasira trying to preempt what’s to come for them if not to intimidate them? Maybe, just maybe, Wassira still believe that TISS can torture even kill these leaders and get away with it as it is in the cases of Kibanda and Ulimboka or other mysterious deaths of Sokoine, Kolimba, Komba and Wangwe to mention but a few.
Today’s wisdom is a double quote. “Scarecrow: I haven't got a brain... only straw,” The wizard of Oz.
“How can you talk if you haven't got a brain? I don't know, but some people without brains do an awful lot of talking,” L. Frank Baum, the Wonderful Wizard of Oz.
Source: Thisday April 29, 2013.

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