Monday, 15 April 2013

Mkapa, are you seriously or what?

Former presider Benny Mkapa sickened boozers when he chided Jake Kikwete’s government to adhere to Nyerere’s legacy--- accountability, responsibility, vision and fighting graft among many.  Mkapa derided the government for not keeping up with the principles Nyerere laid down. Those in the know thought he’s taking a dig at President Kikwete.  When those in the know don’t know boozers know and ask. Are things falling apart or what? How come that Mkapa is seeing the light late? Is there anything new we see today that Mkapa did not do or cause?
Mkapa, who’s a chief guest, launched his missiles from Bukoba during the installation of Bishop Desdelius Rwoma recently. He’s quoted as saying that current leadership can’t take us anywhere in protecting the existing peace. Therefore, future leaders need to follow the principles that Mwalimu Nyerere left to protect peace in the country.”  Mkapa erred.  To put it bluntly, doesn’t he see how we’re going backward that’s somewhere?
Swahili sage’s it: A baboon doesn't see its ass. It laughs at and sees the asses of others.  It is true Mwalimu left a peaceful country Mkapa violated favouring investors as opposed to boozers. Mkapa’s rule was a Tophet to the Bongolalalanders he used to say they’re lazy at thinking little knowing he too was! Mkapa enhanced and protected peace by embarking on Zanzibar massacres of 2001 whereby, for the first time, Tanzania produce refugees.
Jokes aside, can Kikwete beat Mkapa in violating Nyerere’s principles? Does Mkapa remember how Nyerere died heartbroken after knowing a true Mkapa he didn’t know before? He breathed his last crying for Tanzanians after learning that he put them in wrong hands of Mkapa.  Doesn’t Mkapa remember this too? Somebody needs to remind him of this reality.
 One can ask: Why didn’t Mkapa abide by the principles he’s advocating now? Is it better than thou or hypocrisy?  If Kikwete is rotten Mkapa too is. Doesn't Mkapa know that Kikwete’s style of ruling is his carryover if not a prolongation?  They all are members of venal CCM. Does Mkapa support the opposition that’s always maintained that CCM has become bankrupt and moribund politically? If so, well done Ben! For even Nyerere once averred that CCM’s neither his mother nor his father.
I don’t want Mkapa’s assertion to force me think he’s a liar if not seeking cheap popularity.  How come Mkapa’s easily, and within a short time, forgotten how he created unnecessary classes of investors, members of CCM and opposition in Tanzania? Has he forgotten his role in EPA scam whose money’s used to bribe voters?
 Let’s remind Mkapa: Current high level of poverty and corruption picked up after he sold our parastatals at a throwaway price.  Has Mkapa forgotten how he sabotaged the National Bank of Commerce (NBC) and Tanzania National Electric Supply Company Limited (TANESCO) when he allowed his brothers- in- law to bring Net Group Solution that made away with our dosh?
One of Nyerere’s legacies is the promotion and protection of public property. What of Mkapa? Dishing them out to real and bogus investors! To crown it all, Mkapa took Kiwira coalfield.
Mkapa doesn’t need to make a dig on others using Nyerere he failed miserably. He’s no moral ground whatsoever. Again, those who know Mkapa are not shocked to hear his noises. Nyerere’s blamed for superimposing Mkapa on Tanzanians who later let him down. I still remember how Nyerere went to China to find investors who later saved Urafiki from Mkapa’s fangs. Has Mkapa forgotten how Kikwete saved him after wananchi wanted him prosecuted for corruption, doing business while in power and abuses of the office?
Mkapa dwelt on peace referring to the current religious misunderstandings and enmity. Again, how can peace exist without justice? Mkapa failed to underscore the fact that what he calls religious hatred is nothing but people’s disillusionment resulting from lack of protection which forced them to rely on whatever cabals. Has Mkapa forgotten how he allowed his wife to use a dubious NGO to mint and print dosh? Where is EOTF today? No donor wants to see it given that it can’t reciprocate by enabling him to land lucrative deals in the government. All donors have now turned their backs. They’re in bed with WAMA that’ll be avoided after Jake hits the road in 2015.
I still remember how Mkapa reprimanded the media for telling him the truth regarding how corrupt his regime was. He fired back saying that those accusing his regime were so too corrupt. He wanted to know where they got monies to establish their business. For Mkapa nothing would be done without involving corruption.
I still remember how he nullified Jenerali Ulimwengu’s citizenship after becoming a thorn in a shoe.
Only one person can help Mkapa. This is Freddie Sumaye who recently was quoted as saying, “Remember what happened in Mtwara (Mkapa’s home region), people torched houses even those of long time Members of Parliament simply because one motorist was ran on, although he did not die, all this resulted from pent-up anger and thoughts that they (people) are so treated because of their poverty.”
Suffice it to say, everybody can accuse the current government but not Mkapa. “To forget one's purpose is the commonest form of stupidity,” Friedrich Nietzsche.
Source: Thisday April15, 2013.


Jaribu said...

Mkapa and Kikwete are cut from the same cloth. There is no honor among thieves. It doesn't take long for crooks to turn on one another.

NN Mhango said...

Jaribu you always leave me in stitches so to speak. I wish I should be around the day of reckoning arrives. I would like to evidence them crying possibly like Gaddafi if not baffled like Sadam Hussein or shamed like Mubarak if not the money they stashed in Swiss banks returned like Zine of Tunisia.

Jaribu said...

Bro, that would be the day! One thing I admire about North Africans is that they have the guts to take on their tormentors and damn the consequences.