Monday, 7 April 2014

Demonizing Warioba’s hooliganism

          A hell of Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM) buffs which is viciously taking on mzee Joseph Warioba, chair of the Constitution Review Commission (CRC) is Nauseating. It came to light recently that a bunch of political hoods abused and chastened Warioba pointlessly.  You can disagree with Warioba’s draft constitution. Again, is it Warioba’s personal document? The answer is nope. Warioba’s commission wrote and presented what the wananchi told them to. This being the case, why then kill a messenger as if the draft presented is the product of his will in lieu of the will of the people?
What type of politics are we inventing in this refusal to wise up? Whoever sent hoodlums and doofuses to dress down Warioba's wrong.  After they’re done with him they’ll turn against their masters. It’s like teaching a dog to eat chicks. It’ll end up stealing them. Nary teach kids to abuse adults for they’ll end up abusing you. It is encouraging that Warioba decided not to chicken out or be cowered.
 It is outrageous and hooliganism to take on Warioba as a person in lieu of dealing with the arguments he made. Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.” If anything, this is what’s been going on vis a vis the draft constitution. Instead of bringing healthy and constructive arguments, those who oppose some of its proposals have always displayed their ignorance and contempt of the law.
          It troubles greatly to note that some of those demonizing Warioba are referred to as leaders and educated people. Are such people truly educated as they lead us to purgatory? Why don’t they want to accentuate it that what Warioba Commission tabled is what people told it to?  The hell you say!
Those demonizing Warioba wrongly accuse him of attempting to fell the union which isn't true at all. Instead of showing evidence, they’re trying to put words in his mouth.
One rubberneck went out of the way so as to even proclaim as to when Warioba’s going to die as if this yahoo is God. Won’t this goon die? The boob gave Warioba five years to live. What bunkum! Are they intending to kolimbing Warioba? Warioba needs to take this threat seriously. This is Bongo where any monkey business can be done to see to it that he becomes a past tense like Edward Sokoine.
Sadly though, I’m told that such a backward thinking lot is a student at a certain college dealing with diplomacy. Why doesn't the same show some diplomacy at least to show a different between him and lay people? To prove how out of touch this mediocre wino-cum-rookie is, said that currently the government is in the hands of youths. If you ask him to show even a quarter of those youths in the government he’ll end up gaping.
           It is sacrilegious to note that when this gawp abused Warioba,  party leaders kept mum which means they blessed the move.
A one million grand question is: will the majority of wananchi who proposed three-tier government system cave in? Introducing three-tier system of government is a red herring wrongly regarded as felling union. Instead of employing abuses and lies in addressing this problem, we need to use some sense. If the mass wants the union felled, so be it. If the union is people centered and the same people are tired of it let them disband it.  If a three-tier-government system’s regarded as felling the union, so too two-tier is. For Tanzania’s one united republic made of two former republics.
          Three-tier govt is the pronouncement of the people and Voix Populi vox Dei.
Instead of taking on the CA which has been yakking and dilly-dallying, some people are wasting time demonizing the draft constitution pointlessly?
Those abusing Warioba thinking that they’re defending their party are but doing disservice to it. Abusing Warioba is as good as abusing president Jakaya Kikwete who appointed the commission. If CCM is behind this, it needs to know that this is not the way to go. It like abusing somebody’s parents little knows that your parents too will be victim.
If what those, who don’t want to hear different views, is two-tier-government system, there’s no need of wasting our money and time to form a commission whose work would later be beaten up as its head being mistreated. Again, history is a good teacher. It’ll one day vindicate Warioba. Evidently, those espousing two-tier-government system are becoming bankrupt time and again. They've no argument anymore. This is why they’re now employing abuses instead of the voice of reasoning.
Now that Warioba’s been attacked, will the majority that sent him to write what he wrote and present to the nation abandon him in his hour of need? Will they allow crooks to get away with it? If they do, they’ll regret just soon. Plato put it nicely saying, “One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors.” Verily, demonizing Warioba's injustice that needs to reproached and castigated altogether.
Source: ThisDay April 7, 2014.

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