Saturday, 26 April 2014

Lukuvi, do you want to stage a coup?

A one-of-a-kind Constituent Assembly member, Bill Lukuvi deserved a trophy as far as self-dressing down is concerned. Bill who is alleged to have forged his academic credentials helped his detractors to pin him down as far as building is concerned.
Bill’s recently quoted saying that if the CA passes three-tier govt Bongo will be ruled by the crowd. Are you serious Mr Lukuvi? Are you intending to stage a coup? Wow! I don’t understand if Jake Kiquette’ll spare you this time around. If he does, surely, he’ll be proving that his govt's but a joint venture aka ya ubia. Nonetheless, Bill’s lucky. Had he jabbered his gobbledygook during Mzee Mchonga’s time, he’d have learned what deprived birds of urine.
Bill’s quoted as saying, “I like two-tier govt for we are used to pray peacefully under trees. If we have three-tier govt we will pray under the barrels of gun.” My foot! This is incitement to the army to either take over or intimidate people. However cheap as these threats are, should not be ignored. The guy must have a lot of explaining about where the army he wants to use to topple the govt and when. Had I been president, Bill won’t have even been invited to the court be it Nkwazi Court or the court of law. Instead, he’d have been dragged to the purgatory if not to the guillotine. How dare you Bill to say that the govt's going to be overthrown and remain in the same govt? Did you sip before uttering such sacrilegious stuff?
There is a number of concerns vis a vis Lukuviii’s refuse. Firstly, he dispatched his terrorisation from the house of God. This means he broke the rule of not fraternizing religion and politics. Had his barf been given off by an opposition leader, it’d have amounted to treason. Our ever-and-over-abused cops would've been at work to apprehend him and charge. Where are cops renowned for rounding up people for opposing the establishment? Guys, stop applying law selectively and preferentially.
Secondly, Bill nattered what amounts to treason. How dare he say that the army will take over shall two-tier govt be bogged down? Has he already prepared his army to take over?  I hope our army will reprimand Bill and recant this puerile allegations however senseless and nonsensical they're.
Thirdly, Bill lied pointlessly saying that if CA consents to three-tier govt our country will face Rwanda-like genocide. Does he know the meaning of genocide? I urge him to go back to school. So too, he must make an apology to Bongoalalanders he’s belittled pointlessly. Even Rwanda will abhor such cheap and bankrupt politics using her pangs and pings to gain mileage. Again, does this prove allegations that the man forged his credentials? For, no educated person can liken what transpired in Rwanda with sane and mature move by Tanzanians to have a new constitution.
Fourth, Bill’s poisonous utterance warranties us to tell him that we’re neither zombies nor vihiyo he can easily take for a ride and get away with it. Acha uvivu wa kufikiri Bill.
Fifthly, to show how allegations that Bill forged his degrees and other academic privileges, he equated Korean crisis to his daydreamed chaos Bongolalaland should braced for according to his nightmares. How can one compare what transpired in Korean peninsula with our noble move in democracy? The two Korea Bill's talking about were separated by imperialists during the cold war. Bill need to be told that the cold war ended in 1990's after Berlin wall fell. Anyway, Bill, forgive me. I'm talking about academic hard stuff that’s the venue of elites who got their degrees after toiling for them but not forging them.
Sixth, Lukuvi needs to be told that what he is attempting to do is not new. Such ballyhoos were tried in 1990s when multiparty 's introduced. Some bankrupt politicos like him came with threats that if we allow multiparty politics our hunk would sink into chaos. The late Mwl JK Nyerere got wind of this hokum. He, thus, decided to reign and weigh in. He told all those chickens that multiparty’s inevitable. Hither we’re over twenty years down the line and no fracases has nary taken place save for those caused by CcM after finding that it can’t win elections legally.
Let’s wind up averring that all those wrongly thinking that three-tier govt will lead to anarchy and chaos need to have their heads examined. As for Bill, I strongly urge him to recant his poisonous stuff as he prepares himself either to go to school or prove that he didn't forge his academic credentials. As for Jake Kiquette, please fire this guy who doesn't know even how to use common sense. Lukuvi, do you want to stage a coup?
Source: Guardian April 27, 2014.

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