Monday, 14 April 2014

Go tell it to the birds Nyalandu

Nothing left me shocked just like recent announcement by Lazarus Nyalandu minister of Natural Resources and Tourism when he said that he’ll take on poachers however bigger they’re. Nyalandu tossed his braggadocios and hoo-ha at Musoma Utalii institute where he attended its tenth graduation.
Nyalandu’s recently quoted saying that plans are on the pipeline whereby the ministry in conjunction with police force, army and other stakeholders to see to it that poachers are nabbed and their names made public. Nyalandu added that he won’t spare anybody even if the one responsible for poaching is a bigwig in the ranks.
Looking at Nyalandu’s vows to take on poachers, it is obvious that there are some government officials involved in this crime. Otherwise, nyalandu’s mention of bigwigs is not a slip of tongue. He verily knows that there are some government officials who commit this crime. Will he be able to weed them out whilst it is alleged that his boss is in bed with them? Refer to the Mail on Monday that recently wrote, “Ministers, law enforcement agents, conservation officials, rangers - those charged with protecting African wildlife are cashing in on its destruction, and nowhere more so than in Tanzania.” This shows us beyond any doubt that Nyalandu knows the poachers save that he is afraid of divulging their names due to the fact that some are bigwigs, honchos and who’s who in his own government.
Will Nyalandu fulfill his promise really? The Mail on Sunday gives us the clue of what we’d expect. It writes quoting Alfred Kikoti, head of Tanzania's World Elephant Centre as saying, “Corruption is a huge problem at all levels, from people on the ground all the way up to ministers, there's somebody involved in poaching.” Does this mean that Nyalandu himself is a party of problem despite attempting to make us believe that he’s a solution? To jog your mind, the same man invited Martin Fletcher of The Mail on Sunday, the author of a damning report-cum-expose, and accommodated him in five-star hotels in Dar, will agree with us that Nyalandu plays many more roles in this debacle-cum-scandal. I didn’t know the guy nor were I aware of his sting to the govt of Bongo Why did he spend our money to dine and wine the guy who is supposed to be his enemy thanks to what he wrote? Why didn't the govt of Bongo want to sue and instead decided to invite Fletcher if what he wrote was a lie? Did they want to fix and silence the guy by giving him some yum-yum or what?  A guy worth his salt like this isn't easy to fix.  Thank Lord that the guy went ahead dressing them down. Maybe they goofed thinking that this sopher's a kanjanja like those embedded in their offices doing their dirty laundry.
For the reminder, Nyalandu isn't the first big shot to declare “war” on criminals. Dr Harry Mwakyembe once stole thunders when he publicly declared a losing battle against drug barons. If you ask him today as to how many did he nab, he’ll end up either calling you names or asking you to go to hell. So, it’d be better for Nyalandu to keep mum and eat his bread instead of embarking on self-dress down pointlessly. Again, I know. Elections are closing in. So everybody wants to make a mark on every Jim and Jack so that they’d remember him come next election. Importantly, why don’t you do it in a reasonable and trustworthy way instead of puffing us with lies and empty vows?
Nyalandu won’t be either the first or last person to eat humble pie. If his maker-cum-boss bit the bullet who is he? After all, pumping lies to the general public’s nary been an offence in Bongo where politicians tell lies on daily basis. If his boss had the guts to anoint the guy suspected to export trophies, who’s Nyalandu to fear and feel shame? Does it mean that he is try to take on the like of Abdulrahaman Kinamna who was accused openly and yet was appointed the head of the ruling outfit? This being the case, many think; Nyalandu‘s nothing new but spinning and whitewashing and trying to make good of himself.
If he meant biz, he’d have apprehended the guys then announce instead of pre-emptive moves aimed at signalling to the criminals to take precautions. Ask him of what he did vis a vis the Pakistanis who exported our live animals via KIA on 24 Nov. 2010. Where are they? We’re told that they’re offered bail that they jumped and vanished. Again, who wants to extradite them if at all doing so will lead into unearthing and embarrassing the high and mighty who conspired with these criminals? Does Nyalandu think that this is difficult to understand?  Swahili sage has it that Maneno matupu hayavunji mfupa literally empty words break no bone.
Mr. Nyalandu along with his boss told us that they know all poaching networks. They know even the numbers of those involved, the place they operate from and whatnot. Again, one’d ask: If these guys truly have such tons of information about poachers why don’t they take action? Why if at all they have all instruments such as police, army, intelligence and what have you under their disposal? Maybe one thing is lacking, willingness.
Mr Nyalandu. Go tell it the birds. Please stop upsetting us with noises of nabbing poachers while you actually don’t mean to.
Source: ThisDay April 14, 2014.

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