Monday, 28 April 2014

War on drugs: when President just wonder!

          When President Jake Kiquette embarked on the art of grumping and passing the buck, boozers took a different one. While Kiquette seemed a bit apologetic as far as fight against drugs is concerned, boozers called a spade a spade.
Kiquette’s quoted as saying, “I wonder how drugs go through our airports unnoticed only to be seized outside the country. What is it that lacks at our airports? I am not happy with this situation and how the ministry and the airport authority are handling this issue.” Is there anything to wonder about for a person with the list of all drug barons in the hunk really? What does this wondering mean if at all the power that be was given the list of the names of drug kings and it decided to offer them a holiday? If presider wonders, what of a common earthlings whose children are harmed by this stuff? If a guy with all legal mighty, intelligence and security machinery is languishing on complaining, what of the victims?
Kiquette left us in stitches and shock when he said, “Just give me their names. Whether they are police officers, Tanzania Revenue Authority employees or any other official, I will fire them immediately. I've power to do so and no one can question my decision. They tarnish the image of all of us.” Firing not bringing to books uh? If he failed to act on the old names he’s turned into paraphernalia in his office, how’ll he act on the new ones? Is this lala salama from Mr. Colossus or politics as usual? When I loudly read the above quote at our swallowing joint one boozer just went off sarcastically saying, “Go tell it to the birds. Why asking for new names while you've nary dealt with the old ones you said you’d?” He added saying, “I concur with the wino. It is true that they all are beneficiaries of this stuff.”
Another one chipped in saying, “Look at our man. What’s wide of the mark with him in the first place? If he’s the power that I know he’s save that he lacks will power, what’s he been waiting for? Why's he complaining as if he’s powerless? Stop sitting on power. Use it and stop lamenting like a baby.” The guy added. The other one chipped in saying that whopper’s waiting for donor to help.
Though I know many drug barons, I’m not ready to divulge their names to the power I know will leak my name and end up facing the same fate as Amina Chifupa faced when she tried to name names.  Again, who’s fooling who in this game of deceit aka politics? I’m asking this question because I know that even birds know drug barons in the hunk. If Mr. Power’s afraid, who am I? Washughulikie acha rongo rongo.
We must agree that those supposed to fight drugs have pointlessly decided to go in bed with it for reasons they know. We must agree that if we decide to fight drugs practically but not politically and theoretically as it is now, we can. We must agree that our airports are now good conduits of drugs whereby those manning them mint and print dosh.  Indeed, we must agree that we know everything save that we pretend not to. If you doubt my assertion just remind yourself of the wealth those manning our airports have acquired within a short time they've been employed.
In case you still pretend that you don’t know who drug kingpins are I’ll remind you by giving you stark truth you don’t want to hear. Ask yourself those paupers you used to know who are now swimming in wealth. Thereafter, ask yourself: where and how did they make this shotgun wealth if it isn't by means of crimes? We all know these putas save that our authorities let us down. These guys are all over the place doing their things without any fear. In case you don’t remember them, go to all mansions that are mushrooming in our cities and towns. You’ll see tinted vehicles coming and going and nobody is alert.
 As for Mr. Stonker, let me jog his mind a little bit. Man, if you seriously and sincerely mean, biz please go back to the code of ethics. More important, please declare your wealth as the law requires you to do. I’m wondering. For nine years the guy’s been in power, refused to declare his wealth. Why? When’ll he do so? Can such a person seriously and practically take on drug barons really?  My foot!
Our hunk’s now famous all over the world though for wrong reasons. We’re even more famous than Afghanistan, Pakistan, Columbia and other hunks that produce hashish.  Given that we’re satisfied with charades and monkey biz that have been going on, chances are we’re going to be referred to as Drugland just soon. Who cares if a cabal of connected criminals can mint and print dosh even by sacrificing the lives of our innocent youths?
In sum, wait. I’m now convinced that we’re going to combat drug just soon. Hear what Mr. Biggie had to say in order to believe in what I’m saying, “This business has tarnished the image of this country, and due to its persistence, people all over the world now believe that all of us are involved in this biz. I’m very sad about this.”  Be warned. If this is the way we can take on drugs, rest assured. It’ll be biz as usual. And in the end, we all, just like our man, will end up wondering why drugs go through our airports so as to become a hellhole swallowing the lives of our youths.
Source: ThisDay April 28, 2014.

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