Monday, 21 April 2014

Thanks Msekwa for union mystery solving


       The highly-guarded hush-hush of the union of Tanganyika and Zenj’s now an open secret. Pius Msekwa, former vice chair, did this tremendous job timely, nicely and in style. He tried to defend the founders averring that they didn’t usurp power in forming the union while they actually did. He defended them saying the situation of the time necessitated them to make such imperative decision without the say-so of the wananchi. We now know. The founders of the union reached their verdict in a hurry. As if this wasn’t enough, they made the union a top secret pointlessly.

     Many’d like to know why such an important matter supposed to be of national interest was kept a top hush-hush from wananchi who were supposed to be instrumental in every step of its inception. Why secrecy? Why hurry? You now know why.

      Msekwa says that there’s fear of capitalism and counterrevolution from the sultan whom Sheikh Murume disposed. Therefore, secrecy and sidelining the wananchi was justified. So too, such secrecy’s institutionalized thereafter in the sense that up till now, the fourth phase rulers have kept the union their top secret as if it is a sequestered matter. The founders based their defence for hurriedly grasped union on the fear of the time. Why keep the same top-secret while the circumstances that “forced” the founder to do so have changed histrionically?

     What’s more, Msekwa came out of the closet saying that our union’s the creature of fear but not history, comradeship, collaboration and will as our founders and their successors have always maintained in their mantras.  It seems that fear affected them badly and all times so as to create even imaginative foes today which force them to demonize whoever argues them to improve the union. It seems. It’s this fear that forced President Jake Kiquette to break the law and constitution when he addressed the Constituent Assembly recently. It is this fear that’s always haunted and swamped Chama Cha Mizengwe (CCM) and its honchos, shenanigans and spin doctors, carry-ons to conspire to sabotage wananchi’s views of wanting three –tier government. It’s this fear that’s always made Zenjiz to cower and fear of being swallowed by Bara unnecessarily.  When Zenj swallowed Tanganyika, the same cabal of top dogs didn’t worry or bother!  Zenj’s now flexing her muscles as she reclaims more power by reducing union matters.  Nobody’s worried! Why?

      Ironically, the father of Zenj Mzee Karume wanted one government and he’s not regarded as a traitor or an enemy of the union as those agitating for one government are. It’s this fear that’s become an obstacle hampering us from aiming at one government that Karume wanted though Nyerere dispirited him because of unfound fear of being regarded as Tanganyika’s swallowed Zenj. Ni woga tu.

     Msekwa disclosed that Mzee Mchonga and Sheikh Karumee aimed at one government. They simply increased union staples hoping that one day they’d find themselves with a union government that’d taken all powers from the two existing governments. This was there simple way of ending up with one government that CCM doesn’t want to hear for fear of provoking and annoying Baraza la Maulaji Zenj (BMZ).  Msekwa wanted the founders to look good; little did he know that his revelation’s more damning than he thought.

     Msekwa went ahead some more miles saying that Mzee Mchonga convened the parliament to ratify the proposal for the union. Well Msekwa, did the MPs ask their employers namely wananchi if they’re ready for the union resulting from fear but not their will? Msekwa can’t answer this. Wow! The union of fear creates fear fear fear fear ad infinitum. Now you know why fear’s deciding everything even in Bunge la Katiba, just fear fear only fear.

     Another thorny issue Msekwa once gave his testament upon has to do with the articles of union. Where are they? Two hellholes we love to call govt and ruling party swallowed them. These mighty documents will nary be seen till the coming of Jesus.

      When Attorney General of Zenj, Othman Masoud Othman was asked what he knows about union document he’s this to say, “I have never seen that document.” If such an institution’s nary seen the document who else has and why? I can’t speculate about what Mainland AG Freddie Wee-Lema would have said given that he’s busy defending his  pals who stashed our money in Jersey, Switzerland, Cayman island and elsewhere.

      There’s another jaw-dropping narrative that the document was lodged at the United Nations. Nonetheless, Moses Machali, MP and member of CA disputed allegations that the document‘s wedged at the UN. He’s quoted as saying, “Well, we thought we would understand. But they have never produced that document…. They respond that the Union articles were taken to United Nations… what type of the nation that can take its articles to keep them while the government does not have them?” Sadly, no sane person’s ever offered any sane response to Machali’s question. The imbroglio’s still going on.

     Despite all polemics, thanks Msekwa for union mystery solving.
Source: Guardian April 20, 2014.


Anonymous said...

Hahahahahaha! yaani kila kitu ni ujanja ujanja tu tangu mwanzo!? No wonder tunawawakilishi wa waganga wa kienyeji (soma wachawi) kwenye BMK.

Bongo, bana.

NN Mhango said...

Anon umenena. Tunao na wana majina makubwa mmojawapo Kingunge Ngumbaru Mwehu. Wachoyo kama nini. Yaani kile kizee chenye miaka 500 bado kinaghushi nafasi ili kipate posho ya kila siku.