Friday, 6 April 2012

Fare well thee Bingu wa Mutharika

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Bingu wa Mutharika
I know you were a mortal being
Weak as you were
Now it's time for others and me
Time to forgive whatever you erred
Time for looking forward 
That we'll be one day dead
Fare thee well  Bingu.

Politics is about controversy
It can turn a believer into an heresy
This is what I saw so to say
Bingu you were an economist
When you became a politician
Things did take another turn
You took on politics
You sacrificed the economy
You embarked on gimmicks
It should be said
Fare thee well Bingu.

Bingu rest in peace 
Though you left us in pieces
Your name means the roar
Yes, you, too, used to roar
Thunder-like roar
Favoring your brother
just as an apparent heir
Now we are in crisis
Fare thee well Bingu

God bless Africa
God bless Malawi
 The loving heart of Africa
God bless the Maravi
God give us courage
To soldier on united
Let us be focused
Focused on the future
Bingu you are no more
Malawi will forever be there
What a challenge!
What a lesson have you left abaft!
Power is for people not a person
Fare thee well Bingu.

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