Magufulification: Concept That Will Define Africa's Future and the Man Who Makes Things Happen

Magufulification: Concept That Will Define Africa's Future and the Man Who Makes Things Happen

Friday, 30 May 2008

At last Mkapa comes out of a coop!

AT last the embattled former president of Tanzania, Benjamin Mkapa, has decided to come to the agora and be counted. He has for long been facing allegations of corruption involving him, his family and friends.

He recently hit back though the heat is still on. He said when he was addressing a rally at his home village of Lupaso in Mtwara: All those alleging he misused and abused the office of the president and the country altogether are those he denied favours!

There is an empirical belief that politics is all about turning lies into truth. This can hold water as far as Mkapa’s attacks are concerned.

All in all, it is good to mount a defence. But this must be done decisively not just blabbing and telling more lies.??Mkapa was quoted as saying. "Do not listen to their lies; there is no truth in the allegations but only hatred ? mostly from people who thought I would have favoured -- but didn’t.’’

"I am not that financially well-off although I know that you hear and read a lot about this; I live on my pension benefits from the government, as does my predecessor, (Mzee) Ali Hassan Mwinyi,’’ He added.

Now that Mkapa has intentionally decided to mislead us, let’s dissect what he said.??In the wake of the attacks, Mkapa was asked by the media to divulge those he said were geared by hatred resulting from not being favoured? It seems he knows them too well. And methinks he did not jump up from his bed and alleged what he alleged.??Another thing, Mkapa should shed light on ANBEN, Tanpower, Fosnik and Kiwira coal mine. Don’t these firms exist really? The above mentioned companies are said to be owned by Mkapa and his family.

To me Mkapa is right on some facts and wrong on others. It is true that his rule was shaped by favouritism. Refer to the appointment of the all-time-inept premier Fredrick Sumaye? for good ten years! And on this, I must disagree with Mkapa saying that those alleging he misused and abused the office of the president are those he did not favour. Recently, Sumaye, Mkapa’s long serving premier and friend alleged that investors are but thieves who loot us and our resources, thanks to illegal deals among which are the contracts entered under Mkapa watch. Is Sumaye geared by the hatred Mkapa is saying? How and why?

I indeed respect Mkapa. But when it comes to telling us balderdash and slapdash things, I doubt if I will keep on.

There is another query that makes me chary. Why did Mkapa hit back at a political rally in lieu of convening a press conference as Mwalimu Julius Nyerere did when Oscar Kambona alleged he had millions of dollars stashed in off-shore banks?
?He must emulate Mwalimu. For his allegations are serious and damning, so to speak. What has Mkapa to say reminiscent to the involvement of his wife, son, daughter in-law, friend and others close to him? Didn’t he favour them?

Let us stop making jokes on serious matters. Some people are asking the rationale of vacating from the office silently without even handing over or declaring his wealth.

Mkapa says those alleging he abused his powers are those he turned down when they sought favours from him. I am not among them though I allege the same. I personally don’t know Mkapa. Neither does he know me.??Essentially those alleging Mkapa abused their office and country are Tanzanians not favour seekers as Mkapa wrongly puts it. Without shedding more light on this, Mkapa’s words can be taken as mockery and abuses to the wananchi whose lives have been ruined by favoritism and nihilism. He is self dressing down and his words may be the straw that will break a camel’s back for him. For the person who knows Mkapa as a guru of argumentation he wonders what’s gone awry with the man. For what seems as his defence does not befit a person of his caliber. Is it the result of panic and fear or what?

If he wants to cleanse his name, Mkapa has to delve deeper into allegations. He should tell us what he knows for example about ANBEM, Tanpower, Kiwira and others. He should either admit or repudiate by adducing reasonable and sensible answers in lieu of political gimmicks-cum-ballyhoos.

Let me put it to him. Isn’t ANBEN the initials of Anna (his wife) and Benjamin (the man himself) Does Mkapa’s response mean Tanpower and Kiwira deals do not exist anywhere out there?
?What has he to say with regards to mansions in Lushoto and Dar he did not declare when he exulted to power? And why didn’t he re-declare his wealth as per the requirements of the law? And why didn’t he officially hand over power to his successor as the norms and laws say? There are those who think Mkapa can offer any far-fetched reasons without fear just because Kikwete assured him of protection as it is opposed to premier Mizengo Pinda’s writ that Mkapa is to be investigated. Was it a time buying statement intended to get rid of us so that we can forget or what?

Mkapa seems to be out of touch. I still remember how he used to jeer and ridicule Tanzanians saying they are lazy at thinking without knowing, he too, is a Tanzanian!
If Mkapa knows and believes those pointing fingers at him are geared by hatred then he must seek remedy before the court. Mkapa who has maintained silence for long time must give logical and reasonable answers in lieu of mockery and hoaxes.
?Shall Mkapa aim at convincing us he should do the following:

Firstly he must re-declare his wealth and clarify the alleged involvement of his family and friends.
Secondly, he must sue those tainting his name.
Thirdly, he must shed light on his privatization policies which have forced the current regime to re-negotiate terms afresh.
Fourthly, he must issue the report of his performance he failed to give when he left the state house.

Fifthly, he must agree to be investigated and the findings to be made public.
Mkapa should also address himself to what is currently going on in neighbouring Malawi and Zambia where former rulers-cum- looters are facing the music.

Lastly, Mkapa should understand he’s not a normal person. Whatever he says is taken seriously. Given that he knows those behind all allegations he faces, he must make their names public. Also he must be serious in his bid to cleanse his name in lieu of taking us for goons. Otherwise, well done Mkapa though you have left many more questions than answers.

Source: Thisday May 30, 2008.
The African Executive Magazine.

Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Africans against Africans in South Africa !

With dismay and disbelief, I read the story that South Africans, in the city of Alexandra , killed two ’’foreigners’ and injured more than 40 others!

The BBC’s Mpho Lakaje in Alexandra says mobs chanted: ’’Drive all foreigners away�’’

Earlier this year, two foreigners were killed and 1,000 left homeless when their houses were burnt down outside the capital, Pretoria . This needs the courage of the mad.

After this mania the hell broke loose and tens of Africans were killed. Tanzania and Kenya were spared. There are reports some of our nationals were ruthlessly butchered. Those are the people we liberated really!

Due to my understanding of history, Africa was one until it was divided and partitioned by colonialist in 1884 in the City of Berlin.

Now that Africans, especially whose freedom was contributed to by almost all African countries, are turning against their liberators.

Something must be horribly wrong somewhere. Should we say: Is this attack caused by lack of understanding of the true history of Africa or self know how? Who are these foreigners? �We’re told they are from Malawi, Mozambique and Zimbabwe! If South Africans be they gaga or otherwise can not see the quagmire Zimbabweans are in, they have to rethink their Africanness.

I think: it’s only in Africa where indigenous people are foreigners in their continent. This is too hot to handle if it is not be arrested in time. I still remember in Dar es Salaam and Nairobi how they live in slums whilst foreigners live in splash upper market suburbs!

Have South Africans forgotten that a few years ago they were refugees almost everywhere on the globe? In Tanzania, we still have many; and we don’t even call them refugees. They’re our brothers no matter what.

This reminds me of what often happens in Dar es Salaam. I could not believe to see city police chasing small scale traders, hawkers and other hand-me-down-turned citizens. When this happens, one sees Indian dukawallahs in their shops laughing.

I sadly still ask myself, who is supposed to be evicted so as to protect whom? If Africans from mentioned countries and other African countries are termed foreigners, then what of Indians, and Boers whose coming was facilitated by colonialists so as to sabotage us and weaken us in order to be easily ruled?

What of Chinese currently exported everywhere in Africa to reap the rewards of superpower-ship?

I just can’t understand this maniac. Essentially and sadly, what transpired in South Africa is yet another shame-cum-challenge to our rulers. We are told they are fighting over jobs believing many jobs in South Africa are taken by foreigners!

How many jobs do Indians and Chinese take? Isn’t this racism perpetrated by Africans against Africans? And indeed this has been an anathema to Africa.

In Tanzania almost every scandal involving billions of shillings involves Indians and rulers. They have ganged up to loot the country. What does this means? African rulers trust foreigners so as to award them everything. This is the same in Kenya. Refer to Goldenberg scam.

Now the common man in the street has rallied behind this injustice! I think instead of going against each other as the solution to our poverty, we should turn tables on our rulers that are heartily laughing at us as they shed crocodile tears with their conspirators.

The solution to whatever grievances Africans have will never come by the way of fighting their colleagues. Shall we visionary have big dreams in life; we must make our rulers answerable in lieu of shedding the blood of our kinships.

I’ve commented on many African affairs. But with the case in point, I fell small and dressed down. How should I if in Rwanda they butchered each other? How shouldn’t I if at all in Kenya, Burundi, Somalia, Pemba (Tanzania), Liberia, and now South Africa Africans are using machetes against each?

Is Africa becoming a man-eat-and-hate-man continent again? Africa needs to get tough at the putrid toff behind all miseries in lieu of hoi polloi against each.

The wisdom of today comes from Hillel. "If I am not for myself then who is for me? I am for myself alone, and then what am I? If not now then when?’’

Source: Thisday May 28, 2008.

Mkapa tutajie hao uliokataa kuwapendelea

Angalau rais mstaafu Benjamin Mkapa ameanza kuvunja ukimya na kuelekea kuweka mambo hadharani ingawa ni kwa njia rahisi na inayokosa ukweli. Hivi karibuni alikaririwa alipokuwa akihutubia wananchi kijijini kwake Lupaso akisema, "Msisikilize uongo huo kwa sababu hauna msingi wowote isipokuwa ni chuki …hasa inayotokana na watu ambao walifikiri nitawapendelea … sikuwapendelea,"

"Sina uwezo wa fedha ingawa najua mnasikia na kusoma mengi …naishi kwa pensheni yangu kutoka serikalini kutokana na kuwa kiongozi kwa miaka 10 ambayo hata Mzee Mwinyi anaishi hivyo maana sisi sote ni wastaafu. Huo (uvumi) ni uongo …uongo ….uongo ….uongo …uongo….uongo….uongo," aliendelea Mkapa.

Hivi kwanini wanasiasa wetu tena watu wazima na heshima zao wanafanya mambo ya kitoto halafu na kutaka watendewe kiutu uzima? Mkapa ili usionekana muongo tafadhali wataje hao uliokataa kuwapendelea ukajipendelea wewe mkeo, wanao na marafiki zako.

Hivi kweli inaingia akilini Mkapa kusema kuwa yanayodaiwa kufanywa naye ni uongo? Ni ajabu! Mbona kwa mfano ukweli uko wazi kuwa Mkapa familia yake na marafiki zake walijitwalia Mgodi wa kuchimba makaa ya mawe wa Kiwira? Je na ANBEN, Tanpower na Fosnik nao ni uongo?

Mkapa ninayemheshimu sana anaendelea kutugeuza majuha kwa kusema eti anaishi kwa pensheni! Ebo hivi Mkapa anajua maana ya kuishi kwa pensheni au ameamua kujisemea? Mbona inajulikana kuwa Mkapa ni mjasiriamali mwenye makampuni ya familia yaliyotajwa hapo juu?

Na kwanini Mkapa ajibie kwenye mkutano wa kisiasa badala ya kuandaa mkutano maalumu na vyombo vya habari kama alivyofanya Hayati Mwalimu Julius Nyerere aliposhutumiwa na marehemu Oscar Kambona kuwa alikuwa na pesa nyingi kwenye akauti zake kwenye mabenki ya Ulaya?

Shutuma zinazomkabili Mkapa mkewe mwanae, mkamwana, kivyele na rafiki yake Daniel Yona ni kubwa kiasi cha kutopaswa kujibiwa kwa hotuba ya mistari mitatu. Mbona Mkapa anafanya mzaha kwenye ukweli tena unaonuka?

Mkapa amekuwa na kiburi hata kabla ya kuingia madarakani na baada ya kuondoka madarakani. Je nini kinampa kiburi Mkapa kiasi cha kuanza kutukejeli na kututafutia sababu?

Mwandishi wa makala hii hajawahi kwenda kwa Mkapa kuomba hisani yoyote. Na kama Mkapa anaona wanaodai alitumia vibaya madaraka yake kuwa wenzake aliokataa kuwapendelea kama anavyosema, ajue siyo wote. Sisi wengine hatujawahi kutaka hisani wala msaada wowote toka kwa Mkapa zaidi ya kutekeleza wajibu wetu kwetu na kwa taifa letu.

Madai ya Mkapa kusema ukweli ni matusi zaidi ya majibu. Wanaodai Mkapa alitumia vibaya ofisi ya rais siyo wanasiasa wenzake bali watanzania wenye Tanzania yao.

Kwa mtu anayemjua Mkapa kama bingwa wa kujenga na kubomoa hoja, anashangaa ameingiwa na balaa gani hadi kutoa majibu uchwara yasiyolingana na uwezo wake aliowahi kuuonyesha. Au ni yale kuwa mwizi akitiwa kamba hujikuta akiwa mwizi tu hata kama angekuwa mwanasheria?
Je majibu ya Mkapa ni majibu ya kuingia akilini, kejeli au matokeo ya kihoro cha kubanwa na kushushwa heshima?

Nadhani Mkapa alipaswa kuingia kwenye undani wa madai yanayotolewa dhidi yake.

Kwa mfano alipaswa kukiri kuwa hana kampuni ya ANBEN yaani Anna (mkewe) na Benjamin (yeye mwenyewe) wala Fosnik inayomilikiwa na mwanae (Nicholas) na mkewe (Foster).

Mkapa pia alipaswa kueleza anachojua kuhusiana na kampuni la kiwizi la Tanpower na utwaliwaji wa mgodi wa makaa ya mawe wa Kiwira.

Je majibu ya Mkapa ni tahadhari kuwa mambo jikoni yameisha wekwa sawa kwa kuchomoa kumbukumbu kwa msajili kiasi cha makampuni husika kutokuwapo?

Kama Mkapa amesahau au anata umma usahau madai yanayomkabili wacha tumkubushe.

Anadaiwa kuiingiza nchi kwenye mikataba ya kiwizi yenye kulitia hasara taifa ya uwekezaji. Arejee kugundulikwa kwa mshauri wake mkuu kisheria mwanasheria mkuu wa zamani waziri wa zamani wa miundo mbinu Andrew Chenge na wengine wanaoendelea kuchunguzwa.

Pia Mkapa arejee kutamka wazi kwa serikali kuwa mikataba iliyoingiwa wakati wa utawala wake ina mazingira yote ya rushwa. Na haya yalitamkwa hata na rais Jakaya Kikwete ambaye sijui kama kuna hisani aliyomnyima zaidi ya kumpa uwaziri wa mambo ya nchi za nje kwa miaka kumi.

Pia anaweza kurejea kukiri hivi karibuni kwa rafiki na msaidizi wake mkuu waziri mkuu wa zamani Fredrick Sumaye aliyesema wawekezaji ni wezi wa raslimali zetu. Huyu atakuwa ana chuki gani iwapo alipewa uwaziri mkuu licha ya kupwaya kwa miaka kumi?

Mkapa pia arejee madai ya kumiliki jumba la kifahari kule Lushoto na Dar es salaam.

Pia Mkapa ataje sababu iliyomfanya kutaja mali zake wakati wa kuingia madarakani akashindwa kufanya hivyo wakati alipoondoka ikulu kimya kimya bila hata kukabidhi.

Mbona makosa ya Mkapa yako wazi hata kwa kipofu?

Kama kuna waliomshauri Mkapa kujibu hoja kijuu juu na kiutani, basi wamezidi kumuingiza kwenye matatizo. Huenda Mkapa hachelei lolote kutokana na rais Kikwete kumkingia kifua ingawa hili nalo lina warakini kama maneno ya hivi karibuni ya waziri mkuu Mizengo Pinda yatakuwa na ukweli na siyo danganya toto.

Hapa napo kuna mshkeli. Watu wanauliza kauli ya Pinda itaanza kufanyiwa kazi lini?

Mkapa kama mtawala mstaafu anayehusishwa na ufisadi anaonekana kupitwa na wakati kiasi cha kuamua kuzidi kuwakejeli watanzania aliozoea kuwaambia wana uvivu wa kufikiri asijue naye ni mtanzania!

Mkapa badala ya kuanza kutafuta sababu za uongo na ukweli ama angesema ukweli na kutubia ili asamehewe huku akirejesha mali za umma anazomilki kama vile mgodi wa Kiwira na kuvunja makampuni yanayotia shaka anayomiliki.

Kama Mkapa anaamini hao ‘wanaomzushia’ wanasema uongo kwanini basi asiwashitaki mahakamani ili kusafisha jina lake?

Na kwanini Mkapa amekuwa kimya muda mrefu kiasi cha kujenga dhana nzima kuwa yanayodaiwa ni kweli? Naomba nisisitize kuwa hata majibu aliyotoa Mkapa si majibu bali madai tu. Maana njia aliyotumia na namna alivyoyatoa siyo sahihi.

Kama Mkapa anataka tumuelewe, basi afanye yafuatayo:
Mosi, ataje mali zake na namna zilivyopatikana.
Pili, awashitaki wanaomzushia ili kusafisha jina lake.
Tatu, atoe maelezo juu ya utata unaotokana na mikataba iliyoingiwa na serikali yake kiasi cha kuilazimisha serikali ya sasa kufanya mazungumzo upya na wawekezaji ili kuingiza vipengelee vyenye maslahi kwa taifa.

Nne, atoe taarifa ya jumla ya utendaji wa serikali yake ambayo alipaswa kuitoa siku alipoondoka ikulu.

Tano, akubali kuchunguzwa ili ukweli ujulikane haki itendeke na kumuweka huru.

sita Mkapa atoe mwanga juu ya kupendelea na kutopendelea. Awataje aliowapendelea na alikataa kuwapendelea ili isijengeke dhana kuwa utawala wake ulikuwa wa kupendeleana na kulipizana visasi. Maana ukiangalia madai ya Mkapa kuhusiana na hili ni mazito na yanaweza kuchukuliwa kuwa kweli.

Ili umma umuelewe, awataje hawa wanaomchafulia jina ili wajulikane. Na inavyoonekana Mkapa anawajua wabaya wake hata sababu za kufikia kutoa shutuma nzito hivi.

Mwisho Mkapa aelewe yeye siyo mtu wa kawaida. Hivyo na anachosema lazima si cha kawaida.
Mwisho kabisa tunamtaka Mkapa ajibu hoja (madai) badala ya kuzitafutia uhalali katika visingizio na kinachoonekana kuwa uongo hata kutapa tapa.

Kwa ajili ya gazeti la Tazama.

Monday, 26 May 2008

Balallali the fugitive that died with big secrets

Omerta or mafia’s sworn secrets is the word one can use to describe the death and the life of former Central Bank governor Daudi Ballali who died a fugitive with big secrets of the biggies.
He will go down in historical books as the most corrupt governor that sank Tanzania into penury.

No wonder that Ballali is dead. For those that know how mafia like system operates, they are not shocked even moved by the death of Ballali. How could one wonder about the death of a sacrificial lamb if the lions of men like Sokoine and Kolimba were felled and no explanations were given to this effect?

Controversial as he was, Ballali liked fame. He was schooled but not educated. His education did neither emancipate him nor his country! He was ready to willingly been used like a tool. And of course, the traitors used him to do their dirty laundry. A like an honest bete noir he did his lot wholeheartedly little knowing the consequences!

There is an African proverb that who created the skull is the one that can smash it. Likewise those that created Ballali have destroyed him. Normally this is the consequence of using intestines in lieu of brains. It is like prostitution. Who remembers the harlot he lays thereof once he’s achieved gratification?

It’s pretty unfortunate that Ballali education did not help him. His knowledge turned to be his demise in lieu of life and fame!

For those linked with and implicated in scams like EPA, Richmond and many more others, the death of Ballali brings relief. For it sets them off hook. Sadly, such dirty business Ballali used to conduct begs the courage of the mad or a goon.

True, Ballali was like chattel ready to die for his putrid master. He was used till his death. He knew that and everybody did as well.
I remember the words of the head of presidential press, Salva Rweyemamu that was quoted as saying that if the government wanted Ballali would easily get him. Now it got Ballali surely. His words that Ballali was a private citizen entitled to living anywhere were clearly understood that Ballali would secure an abode even in the grave.
Ballali, a controversial academician lulled and misled by ignorance has left with many secrets not to mention much money that went under thanks to his dirty deeds and complicity and duplicity. He was but a second rubber stamp of corruption after the one that created him.

Ballali, nonetheless, like any other bin-Adam, had his good side. He was a good employer to the children of the high and mighty. Of late the media unveiled such big names whose children were on Ballali’s payroll.
Mentioned were Benjamin Mkapa, Ali Hassan Mwinyi, Edward Lowassa, Joseph Mungai, Omar Mahita, Abdallah Kigoda, Philemon Luhanjo and many such. To these, Ballali was an honest servant per excellence. How would he fall short of being if at all he died a custodian of stinking and damning secrets?

Although Ballali is dead, he remains to be the symbol of corruption guarded by rotten and archaic system. He was disgrace and sacrilege to his nation and family. For human dignity can not be vended just his turned to be. There is no price tug on human life.
Dog’s and rat even hyena’s lives do not befit a human being especially an educated one like Ballali. The rat due to its inanity dies just because of a piece of nut! The person who lives like a rat and the one using him are human beasts. They don’t deserve any honour on earth and in life thereafter.
Ballali was the product of corruption and archaic arrogance. Though it is not good to slap the deceased on the wrist, Ballali was corrupt. The government was supposed to protect him. But it did not do so! But who remembers the shirt or shoe after stepping out of it? Chaffs and vomitase are for the garbage. They are nothing after being vomited or spat.

Like a spoon, Ballali helped big unthankful stomachs to scoop food. Who remembers the plate after he’s done? Why should he whilst he can purchase a new one? It becomes even difficult to waste time on a thing in the world full of them at cheap price. The bulldozer makes road. But it does not travel on it.
Now Ballali has been felled. Who will seek to know if he died a natural or nurtured death amidst such dirt?

Ballali fare thee well. You’re a lesson-cum-insult to us.
My condolences to Bennie Makapu, Jackie Kikwekwe, Eddie Lu-wash, Andy Cheng, Andy Chand, Rost Azzie and other players in this gimmick.
The wisdom of today is, ‘truth is incontrovertible no matter what.’

Thursday, 22 May 2008

Bakili Muluzi: A Disgrace to Malawi

Wa Mutharika’s suavity is costing him dearly looking at what has been going on in Malawi. Recent news that there was a foiled coup d’Etat in Malawi can adumbrate this. If you microscopically examine Malawi, you’ll agree that the main cause of all this instability is none but former president Bakili Muluzi whose hunger for power is destabilizing this young and poor nation. I am trying to imagine what would have become of Muluzi if this had been committed in Ethiopia or Uganda.

That Muluzi is directly linked with the coup attempt was divulged by Wa Mutharika while briefing the nation on what transpired.
"Malawians, let me tell you,” he said. “This was their plan: That Bakili Muluzi would come back home [from London] on 16th and that he would not be leader of his party, but president of Malawi after removing me from power."

Behind the coup were former army commander Gen Joseph Chimayo, former Inspector General of Police Joseph Aironi, UDF Secretary General Kennedy Makwangwala and former Blantyre Mayor John Chikakwiya among others.

President Bingu wa Mutharika at the weekend accused his predecessor Bakili Muluzi of being behind a plot to remove him by Friday 16 May. The media in Malawi was quoted as saying. Wa Mutharika whom Muluzi has taken for a punching bag did not nonetheless keep mum or swallow his pride. He ridiculed Muluzi for being a coward that could plot a coup and travel abroad.
Muluzi however denied the allegations on his private Joy Radio. "I am not a violent person," Muluzi said. But looking at how Muluzi has been sabotaging wa Mutharika, chances are, if he is not dealt with, he will cause mayhem in Malawi.

What makes everybody dress down Muluzi is the fact that the only agenda he has for Malawi is to serve his vendetta against Mutharika’s refusal to act as his stooge and protégé to shield him from corruption allegations! Muluzi has been looking for a leeway to avoid being brought to books for felons he committed when he was president.

If possible Muluzi should be booked and made to pay for his sins resulting from corruption, sabotage and abuse of office. In 2003, he even tried to ameliorate the constitution so as to run for a third term in office as opposed to the provisions of the constitution.

For the person contemplating to topple the government at this time is a political waste. Does Muluzi aim at creating yet another Burundi under Dictator Pierre Buyoya? Africa needs to take a note and do something to avoid the unthinkable in Malawi.

Source: The African Executive Magazine May 21, 2008.

Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Mbona Mkapa alizomewa zamani!

Hivi karibuni kuliripotiwa habari za kuzomewa kwa rais mstaafu, Benjamin Mkapa kulikofanywa na vijana wenye hasira tokana na uchungu kwa nchi yao .

Inasemekana. Wahusika walikamatwa na polisi. Lakini hii ni haki yao kidemokrasia na kikatiba. Je polisi na serikali wameamua sasa wazi wazi kumbeba Mkapa na mafisadi wengine dhidi ya umma? Huku siyo kupotea kwa kura zao walizoipa CCM na kuunda serikali iliyoko madarakani ikimbeba wazi wazi Mkapa?

Laiti tungekuwa na Mwanawasa wa Tanzania haya yasingetokea hata kidogo.

Hivi kati ya Mkapa na wale vijana na serikali hata polisi nani anastahili kuzomewa, kukamatwa hata kuadhibiwa?

Kama kuzuia Mkapa kuzomewa ni big deal basi serikali ingerejesha mali za umma zilizopo mikononi mwa Mkapa na watu wake ndipo kuzomea kuache.

Kuzomea kama kukieleweka siyo jambo baya; ni kuwaambia watawala kuwa sasa basi. Ni dokezo la hoja ya wananchi kuwa wameishiwa na subira na imani baada ya kuona mambo hayaendi kama walivyotarajia.

Vijana waliozomea hawakupaswa kukamatwa. Ni tamko kuwa vijana wamechoka kuwa vibaka wakati mibaka ikiendelea kutesa. Ni taarifa rasmi kwa serikali kuwa amani haiwezi kuwapo bila kutendeka haki. Vijana wa Pemba hawawezi kuacha kuzomea. Hata wale wa Buzwagi, Tarime na kwingineko hawawezi. Kama watu watazuiwa kumzomea Mkapa nafsi yake na Mungu vitamzomea.

Kusema Mkapa anastahili kuzomewa siyo kumchukia wala uchochezi. Kwa aliyofanya na jinsi alivyoyafanya, anapaswa kulaumiwa na hata kuzomewa. Hivi aliyofanya Mkapa ambayo ni ya kitoto yangefanywa na Lipumba au Mrema angekuwa wapi?

Tatizo linaloanza kuitafuna nchi yetu ni kugeuza kila kitu suala la kisiasa kiasi cha sheria kupindwa ili kulinda hata waharifu. Mkapa hana la maana la kuimbiwa nyimbo za sifa. Hana tofauti na Yuda aliyemsaliti Bwana sawa na Mkapa alivyowasaliti wananchi na Mwalimu Nyerere.

Yanayomkuta Mkapa siyo ya kwanza wala ya mwisho. Yeye siyo wa kwanza wala mwisho. Yaliwakuta afriti walioogopewa kama Surhato wa Indonesia , Nicolae Causecu wa Romania na wengine wengi.

Watu watasema. Unaweza ukawafunga miili yao . Huwezi kufunga mawazo na imani zao. Unaweza ukawapiga, huwezi kuupiga ukweli wanaosema. Hata hawa wanaowakamata na kuamuru wateswe roho zao zinawasuta.

Kama kumzomea Mkapa lingekuwa kosa na kumdhalilisha mbona anazomewa kila siku na vyombo vya habari! Au kwa vile waliozomea Masaki ni watu wasio na taaluma au ofisi ndiyo basi wapatilizwe? Tutamzomea Mkapa hadi haki itendeke.

Jibu siyo kuwakamata wanaomzomea Mkapa. Jibu ni Mkapa kuwatendea haki watanzania akarudisha mali zao alizoiiba. Hili liko wazi. Watanzania wanataka mali zao. Basi. Jibu ni serikali kuwajibika kwa umma na si kwa watawala wezi wa zamani.

Laiti vyombo vyetu vya dola vingekuwa na macho na masikio hata ubongo, vingewakamata waliowashangilia mafisadi waliotimuliwa kutokana na kubainika ufisadi wao hivi karibuni.

Yalitokea Monduli na Bariadi. Yaani watu wanalaani balaa wanakamatwa na kuachwa wanaoshangilia balaa! Nchi yetu inakwenda na kupelekwa wapi?

Tumekuwa hovyo kiasi hiki! Tumefikia kwenye umbwa wa kumwabudia kila mwenye nyama hata kama ni ya mwenzetu! Ni hatari na aibu sina mfano.

Kwa kuwakamata vijana waliomzomea Mkapa tunataka kujenga jamii ya matutusa na mbumbumbu wasiojua hata kufikiri! Mbona kufikiri ni haki ya kuumbwa ya binadamu? Kama hatufikirii tusidhani na vijana hawafikirii kama sisi. Kama hatuoni, vijana wanaona tena mbali. Hawa ni mashujaa. Walipaswa kupewa nishani na siyo kutolewa nishai.

Mbona Wazambia wanamzomea Chiluba na hawakamatwi? Au tunataka kujenga Zimbabwe nyingine kabla hata ile ya Mugabe haijazikwa?

Sijui habari kuwa Mkapa, mkewe, mwanae, mkazamwanae, kivyele na rafiki zake waliiba Kiwira ni za kushangiliwa!

Kwanza, hawa vijana walifanya ustaarabu. Maana tulipofikia, wangekuwa siyo watoto wa amani, wangeokota mawe. Au tunangoja mawe yaseme ndipo tuzinduke kwenye usingizi wa kifisadi?

Tulizomea mawaziri waliokwenda mikoani kutudanganya ili waibe pesa zetu. Tutamzomea hata Mkapa. Ikibidi hata Kikwete tutamzomea akifanya upuuzi.

Mkapa alizoea kuwapa somo la kupenda na kujenga taifa. Yeye mkewe, wanae na marafiki zake wakalibomoa. Sasa tumfanye nini Mkapa kwa jinai hii?

Kuna hekima toka kwa katika dini ya kiislamu kuwa ukiona baya litoe kwa mkono wako. Kama ukishindwa basi kemea na ukishindwa zaidi basi chukia. Hakuna haja ya kufanya haya mawili ya mwisho kama walivyofanya vijana waliozomea baada ya kushindwa kutoa kwa mkono. Laiti tungekuwa na viongozi na siyo watawala, Mkapa na wenzake wangekuwa Ukonga hata Segerea wakilipia makosa yao .

Mkapa hana tofauti na mfalme juha aliyedanganywa na waganga (mkewe na washauri wake) kuwa alikuwa amevaa vazi la heshima wakati ukweli ni kwamba alikuwa uchi wa mnyama. Wakubwa kutokana na woga wao waliogopa kumwambia ukweli. Lakini mtoto ambaye siku zote ni malaika alimwambia yu uchi tena wa mnyama.

Hata hawa vijana wamefanya alichofanya mtoto malaika. Wanapaswa kulindwa badala ya kupatilizwa. Wamejitenga na unafiki kusifia wanapopaswa kulaumu kuheshimu wanapopaswa kudharau. Hivi Nyerere angekuwa hai Mkapa angekuwa na hali gani jamani?

Nyerere alituachia kujiamini ambako kumeonyeshwa na vijana waliozomea. Tukiwazomea watenda maovu wanaozitumia ofisi na taasisi zetu kujineemesha kesho wajao wataona aibu. Na kuzomea ni mwanzo wa kutoa kwa mkono. Hivyo ni jambo la kupongezwa na kuungwa mkono maana nchi inayonajisiwa na kuibiwa ni yao hasa vijana.

Tusingekuwa na mfumo na jamii inayoangalia tumboni ikifiria usawa wa pua vijana hawa walipaswa kupewa motisha na siyo vitisho. Huku ndiko kukomaa na kujikomboa kifikra.

Kama Mkapa angetekeleza sera yake ya uwazi na ukweli haya yasingemkuta. Vijana wanajua kuwa alichomaanisha Mkapa alipokuja na kamba za uwazi na ukweli ilikuwa kinyume yaani uongo na ufichi. Alitudanganya kwenye mikataba na kutuficha kwenye kuliibia taifa ukiachia mbali kuondoka kwa kificho wakati aliingia mchana kweupe.

Mkapa ni mmoja wa marais wa Afrika waliofeli sana kiasi cha kuwaacha wananchi kwenye utumwa mikononi mwa wawekezaji wake alioshirikiana nao kuliibia taifa. Mbona Mkapa hajitetei hadi ageuke kichanga cha kulindwa na mama yake kila uchao?

Huyu siyo Mkapa tuliyenadiwa na Nyerere. Maana Mkapa wa Nyerere alikuwa Mr. Clean tofauti na huyu wa Kikwete ambaye ni Mr. Mess. Mkapa wa Nyerere asingezomewa wala kuishi maisha ya kujificha ficha. Au ni yale yale ya kipya kinyemi japo kidonda?

Mkapa niliyemjua enzi hizo ni tofauti kabisa na huyu wa sasa. Nani atamheshimu Mkapa aliyetengeneza EPA-Ballali na Net Group solution madudu yaliyoiingiza nchi yetu utumwani?

Nani atamheshimu Mkapa aliyechafua patakatifu pa patakatifu kwa kufanyia biashara Ikulu kiasi cha kugeuka kile Nyerere aliita Pango la wevi? Piga ua linda funga, Mkapa ni wa kuzomewa ili liwe somo kwa wajao na waliopo kama hawana nia mbaya na nchi yetu. Kuzomewa kwa Mkapa ni funzo kwa Kikwete kuwa yaishapo madaraka kila jiwe hugeuzwa na zawadi hutolewa.

Yanayompata Mkapa ni matokeo ya kutoona mbali na ulafu na ufisi visivyopaswa kutendwa na binadamu tena kiongozi wa watu.

Source : Dira ya Tanzania Mei 20, 2008.

Well done Belgium on Zanzibar; others should add up

IT was reported recently that Belgium Ambassador to Tanzania, Mr Peter Maddens, taxed President Jakaya Kikwete to see to it that Zanzibar’s acme is being ironed out quickly.

He said this after witnessing feet dragging by the authorities who have watered down almost everything by politicizing it. He smelled the rat in our negligent regime so as to lambaste it. Drat it! It’s a shame. Why should we wait for visitors to tell us to put our house in order? Why aren’t we dragging feet when it comes to begging or receiving aid from them?

Now that the mightier ones have stepped in to save the boat from sinking, I’m sure biggies will take note. I know them. They pooh-pooh us. But they can’t do so to donors who enable their all-time inept government to survive. Who can cut the hand that feeds him? Who can burn his own fingers?

Had this been said by an opposition leader or the media it would have been given a wrong meaning and interpretation. Now that the ’Angels’ have chipped in, what else will Kikwete wait for? Will he listen to Karume or donors?

Look at the observations from the ambassador. "The political situation in Zanzibar worries us. There is every sign that things would go wrong if concrete measures are not taken to end the existing political misunderstandings. And in this we believe president Kikwete is directly answerable, thanks to the power he commands politically." said Maddens.

"As per my evaluation, after X-mas, Tanzania was ahead of others in political stability in East and Southern Africa region and even Africa in general looking at what happened in Kenya and Zimbabwe. But presently I can’t say so. The reason is clear, political impasse in Zanzibar has dogged it and has caused big worries." added Maddens.

Turning to CUF, if the truth be told, though there has been lack of insightful and reasonable administration national wide, they too are to blame. They were warned from day one not to trust CCM that has continually given them a raw deal. But due to myopia and personal interests, they did not heed any call. This has cost them heavily.

Needless to say, it’s almost ten years down the line and nothing substantial has ever been imbibed! And the problem has lugged on. Blast it! CCM wanted to destabilize CUF by not reaching any deal. This would provoke disobedience within the party. Thank Lord it has not happened. Through bureaucratic minutiae the process dragged on and on. This shall not be repeated again.

CUF this time should embark on civil disobedience otherwise this tortoise-pace sort of gimmick will never yield anything. This way it will win. For power emanates from the people not their rulers.

Why did CUF agree to negotiate with all-time arrogant CCM without an international broker as it was in Kenya? Their rush was nothing but to do legal things in illegal ways. When it comes to negotiating deals like these nobody should trust another unless everything is guided by the law.

Another thing that dogged the whole process is for CUF leadership to sideline the members. I don’t know if the failed negotiations had any participation and closer eye from party members. If they did, were they briefed about the goings-on for them to give their inputs thereof?

Now that CUF has learned the hard way, they would d not repeat the same mistake of taking the matter individually and personally. Another player is the head of the Zanzibar Revolutionary Government, Amani Abeid Karume, who is known for his parochial stance opposing the formation of the government of national unity (GNU). Zanzibar does not belong to rulers but citizenry. Karume is there to pass but not Zanzibaris.

We’ve been hearing many ballyhoos and demagogueries from CCM secretary general Yusuf Makamba who has never been serious about anything. How many should die for Kikwete to act? Why did we manage Kenya and the Comoros but failed at home???Had Nyerere been alive he would not fall short of calling imbeciles those that don’t find and get a solution for the existence of imbroglio in Zanzibar.

Kikwete needs to be chary of the embarrassment his predecessor suffered when Nyerere weighed in. And if anything, this is the last support Nyerere offered to us. I still remember how Mkapa was denying even the existence of the same. He teamed up with another hard headed person, Salmin Amour. Their marriage of convenience sired a bastard known as mtafaruku, thanks to vote rigging.

Mkapa lacked wisdom, suavity and temerity to act rightly and timely. Will Kikwete consent to suffer the same indignation Mkapa suffered? Mkapa is still being hugely blamed for making the situation in Zanzibar worse. Though when one examines the whole kafuffle microscopically, there were two protagonists namely Mkapa and Salmin. The fact is, President is one. Salmin is not mentioned and blamed hugely as it is for Mkapa. So Kikwete needs to know that Karume is like a tool in somebody’s hands as it was the case with Salmin. There is tomorrow when the blame mill will start taking on him whilst his friend, by then, will be smiling heartedly.

Source:Thisday May 20, 2008.

Monday, 19 May 2008

Chenge, was your homecoming heroic or stage-managed?

DEAR Brother Andrew Chenge,

I hope you are still fine chewing the beef so extended to you by your dear wife 'Commando Suzy' and sympathizers. How gourmet was it? If anything, the slap-happy homecoming you’re accorded behind vicious rumours caused editorial ad-libbing.

Let’s go down to serious business. Did I get you right when you averred that you committed nothing illegal save that your political foes -- real and imaginative -- were behind your political demise? Shame on them if they really exist and shame on anybody who says they exist while they don’t.

May I ask you to ask the people of Bariadi Mashariki the rationale behind squeezing president Jakaya Kikwete that he crucifies fisadis whilst they themselves act to the contrary? Did they come in scores just because there was stew to quaff and steaks to chew? Are they really this bogus and cheap so as to be vended like hand-me-down clothes at Manzese?

Do they value nyama choma more than their future? Who used who by fooling who? Ignorance is bliss. Uroho mwingine bwana!

By the way, were you expelled just because your political ’foes’ asked for that or just because it was unveiled by the British media that you had a lot of money stashed in their off shore banks?

Do you remember your vijisenti cajolery that turned tables against you so as to caterwaul? Why didn’t you shed more light on the vijisenti? How do you think your former boss, Jackie took your "truth" to the non-barbarian Bariadians?

Another thing, do you remember that your 'best' advice on privatization has produced a lot of billionaires causing our country to be ranked high in the Forbes Magazine? Remember Kagoda, Jeetu Patel, Maregesi, Lukaza, and all those behind Deep Green Finance ghost companies?

I still honour you for ushering Richmond LLC in. It’s doing a tremendous job of minting money; and Tanzanians are coughing much, thanks to your patriotism.

By the way, what have you to say regarding your friend and former boss environed for enriching himself, his family friends when he was in the state mansion doing his missions?

Tell me please. Are his enemies a make-believe sort of stuff just like those of yours? Will this pretext assuage the dent already been made really?

Let me ask the Bariadians? Did you seriously take Chenge’s ’truth’ that shows how he ’honours’ you? �Some ’nitwits’ however, say: ’’He’s taking you for a ride.’’

Who fooled who in this see-saw and Bungee-like abracadabra? They are asking.

Let me add. Do you think your MP was expelled just because some evil souls did not like him? You Bariadians, have you ever heard of EPA, Richmond , IPTL, Net Solutions and such? Do you purchase electricity from Mkangafu known as Tanesco? How much do you cough compared to other neighbouring countries? What of my friends in Buzwagi, Kahama and Nzega? Do you know why you ’benefit’ a lot from your minerals? It is because your son, the millionaire of vijisenti, was smart in bargaining the deals.

The other day I read somewhere that in the neighbourhood of Kahama, pupils were studying under trees! Well done. Those are the fruits of your son’s wisdom of minting money and saving it abroad.

By the way, was your ambiguous homecoming heroic or staged? Did you really deserve it?

The wisdom of today is fools rush where angels fear to tread. Also Latin has it that "Timeo dona ferentis"- I fear those who bring gifts.

By the way, why is CCM divided over this salmagundi?

Source: Thisday May 19, 2008.

Friday, 16 May 2008

Mkapa’s saga: Here is plan ‘B’

Recent news of the seizure of properties and money worth over $ 60,000,000 from former Zambian rulers cannot pass without being echoed and commended altogether.

This May 2008 saw one big jump in fighting corruption in Africa. In the neighbouring country of Zambia, it was reported, the authorities succeeded to nab and forfeit mammoth amount of public money stolen and stashed by former rulers-cum-looters led by former president Fredrick Chiluba.

It’s surreal especially when one remembers how Chiluba was exulted to power by the voice of the mass that he turned against! This noble deed has been reached at while Tanzania is buffeted by big scandals involving big shots led by former president Benjamin Mkapa.

Due to the size and weight of our culprits, especially former head of state, his wife, son, daughter-in law and friend, there have been conflicting views on what to be done.

On the one hand there are those saying our constitution provides immunity to the former president. To these Mkapa’s sins are a political matter thus trumped up on!

On the other hand there are those who oppose this stance and take it as misconstruing and abuse of the constitution, and even the immunity.

Now that a commonwealth country, like ours, has decided to take a bull by its horns, what else are we waiting for? If Chiluba whose imbroglio was not enhanced by any open known wrong doing save the revelations by his former wife, can face such music, what of our former president whose involvements in grafts can be clearly and openly adumbrate? Refer to illegal take over of Kiwira Coal Mine, among other many other stinking scams.

I have never read anywhere showing Chiluba signing bogus investment contracts just like ours. His was rat-like stealing by accumulating. This, however, does not exonerate Chiluba. But if graft committed in Zambia and Tanzania is compared, chances are Mkapa can score higher marks of being corrupt than Chiluba.

When Levy Mwanawasa, handpicked and thought to be Chiluba’s stooge exulted to power, many thought: he would protect his predecessor. Chiluba too, thought he would rule by proxy. What a mistake!

Kikwete was not handpicked by Mkapa unless this was done behind the curtains. If Mwanawasa- who was picked by Chiluba- would stand by the people instead of his mentor, why should Kikwete stand by Mkapa against the people?

I remember Kikwete saying: his government is not like a shared business. He meant it. He has no proscriptions of dealing with anybody. So he would act without any string attached on him. Is this so theoretical or practical? How he will deal with Mkapa clearly tells what he truly meant. His seriousness, courage and comportment are the only things Tanzanians ask for at this trying time.

Kikwete has all guts and reasons -shall he wish- to stand by the people who voted him save that there are those saying one thing hampers him. It is the mess resulting from his own government that has been dogged by many scandals in the period of the short time it has been in power. Kikwete needs to do something to thwart this presumption and assumption.

In Malawi chances are one day former president, Bakili Muluzi, will face the consequences just like Chiluba. Handpicked Bingu wa Mutharika has already shown his clouts and love to the nation by standing by the people as opposed to his mentor. This also tosses a challenge to Kikwete whose ascendancy to power was geared by his popularity though then.

Now that Tanzanian authorities have been playing ping-pong as far as dealing with Mkapa is concerned, shall it not heed the voices of the people, the people might decide to seek other means to see to it that justice is done.

During the ’apartheid America’ in 60s when African-Americans were segregated in their own country almost in every walk of life, National Association for Advancement of Coloured People (NAACP) did not barge. It took the challenge before the court where the unthinkable was achieved. For the pillar of racism in Jim Crow- the law affirming racism, was quashed by the court. And this became the genesis of struggles that saw African-American emancipated.

I am thinking of registering a firm that will look into this.

Therefore, the hoi polloi who in essence are the losers in this brain game, can organize themselves and sue Mkapa if the government does not want to do so. Or it can take a bi-approach of taking to streets.

The recent episode where some youths were arrested after jeering Mkapa can tell the people the long way to go ahead of us. I recently read news when the Prime Minister Mizengo Pinda was saying: they will protect Mkapa to see to it he is not degraded. Well done. Mkapa deserves that. But what of the citizenry the authorities are ignoring and arresting? Is it the same myth that when you shout thief! Thief! in Tanzania you’re arrested in lieu of the actual thief?

If this is so, then where are we being driven to? Again Pinda’s words send mixed signals on where his stand his in this. Mkapa has money on top of power. Why doesn’t the government let him make and defend his case? I think the government is vested with the power to serve the people who entrusted power to it instead of individuals even if they were once head of the state.

This way fighting corruption looks like a mockery, especially when a common man is punished for enjoying his constitutional rights such as jeering and demonstrating. What the youths did was an eye-opener for the government had it been responsible and reasonable. Where should they air their views and before whom if the government is acting as a ’bouncer’ for Mkapa

My indelible question has always been, Mkapa has immunity. What of his wife, son, daughter-in law, friend and other associates? Let us face it point blank. Mr. Government stop self deception. We need Mkapa before the court. For it is its constitutional preserve. Why don’t you stop being a prosecutor, witness, juror and above all conspirator?

Source: Thisday May 15, 2008.

Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Ufunuo Nakula vichwa vya watu

MSOMAJI naomba unisamehe kwa utakayosoma hapa. Japo yanachukiza, yapo na yalikuwapo na yataendelea kuwapo. Tupo mpo na wapo kama mimi. Huu ni ufunuo wa Mpayukaji.

Baada ya kunusurika kugunduliwa kuwa mimi ni mwanga, nilianza kujiimbia wimbo niupendao.

"Neema neema, neema imefunguliwa. (Rudia tena mara tatu).

Hata makanisani, neema imefunguliwa
Hata misikitini, neema imenguliwa,
Hata maofisini, neema imefunguliwa."
(Rudia hadi uzimie).

Nikiwa kwenye ofisi yangu ya bei mbaya mtaa wa Makakani nikijipongeza kwa kunusurika, mara nilisikia sauti ikiniita tena kwa mitusi.

Ilisema: "Ewe uitwaye mtukufu mchafu, mtakatifu shetani, juha wa majuha na mbaya wa wabaya, japo umejaliwa sura nzuri na kauli tamu za kuwapumbaza watu wangu, u mchafu upaswaye kuchomwa kama kibaka."

Nikiwa nimechanganyikiwa na kuchukia Maana mimi mtu mkubwa, mara sauti inaendelea.

"Japo wajoli wako hawajui kuwa unakula nyama zao hasa vichwa na mioyo kwa vile ubongo ni mtamu, sisi tunajua kuliko ujuavyo. Tazama uroho na tamaa yako vinazidi kuwamaliza watu wangu.

Hata huo unaokunywa kwenye bilauri ukijipongeza siyo mvinyo bali damu ya wajoli wangu. Kumbuka. Siku zako zinazidi kuisha. Kwani u machukizo ya machukizo na kufuru ya kufuru. Unajisifia ufalme wa majuha kiasi cha kunisahau mimi! Tubu na kulia. Kwani zako zinakwisha."

Nilikaa vizuri ili nisikie ufunuo huu. Sauti iliendelea. "Japo wao wakuita mtukufu, twakujua wewe ni El-janabi baba wa machafu. Japo wajoli hulia haki kwao, wewe ni dhulumati mkuu wa madhulumati. Unavuna usipopanda na kula bila kufanya kazi. Kazi yako ni uongo, uuaji na dhuluma. Tazama wajoli wangu wapumbavu wanavyokuimbia kwa vinanda na vinubi wasijue wewe mla nyama yao!

"Umenawiri kwa jasho na damu vyao.Umewapumbaza kwa kauli tamu ilhali ndani ni machukizo. Huna tofauti na kaburi ling’aalo juu ndani likafumbata uoza. Waonekana nadhifu kwenye suti za bei mbaya. Jua u uchi wa mnyama sawa na kichwa na roho yako. Wajoli wangu wamefanya makosa makubwa karibu na machukizo kujikabidhi makuchani mwako.Mbona kiongozi na mwalimu wako Musa hakuwa fisadi? Alikusomesha na kukufundisha vita. Ajabu umegeuza ujuzi wake kuwamaliza watu wake!"

Niliinuka kwenye kiti changu cha enzi kutaka kukimbia lakini miguu ilikosa nguvu huku moyo ukinienda mbio. Nilijistukia nakaa huku sauti ikiendelea:

"Huwezi kunikimbia. Mimi ni ukweli wa ukweli na nguvu ya nguvu. Nakuonya na kukupa muda utubie. Umewatesa sana watu wangu. Unawanyonya damu. Unaoga jasho lao. Unawakoga na kuwahadaa. Tazama maisha yao yamekosa maana kama yako.

"Usijiinamie. Tia akilini. Zako zaisha kama hutaacha kula nyama za watu. Naona mikono yako laini. Haijawahi kushika jembe. Haijawahi hata kufungua mlango. Unalishwa kama kupe. Hata huo mvinyo ulio nao mezani umewekewa na kigori utakaye kumharibu. Huna tofauti na chawa alalaye maungoni na kuvaa za wenzie. Huna tofauti na mjusi ajivuniaye mahekalu ya wenzake.

"Huna tofauti na panya agugunaye kila kitu. Hakika umekosa aibu. Huna tofauti na kenge aionaye mvua akakimbilia mtoni. Tazama. Unadhani una siri? Tazama unavyojidanganya kwa kuwahadaa wajoli wangu. Hata namba yako ya mauti nakupa. Ni 521977.

"Usiangalie juu. Huwezi kuniona. Unajiona mjanja. Wajoli wangu wanapokuabia badala ya kukulaani! Wazidiwa hata na sanamu! Unazuzuliwa na nyimbo tamu na vinanda unavyopigiwa na wale ulao nyama zao! Uliokwisha kula wewe na mbweha na mafisi wenzio wanatosha. Zamu ya kuliwa wewe imefika. Pepo uliyojitengenezea itageuka jehanamu yako. Ukuu uliojikatia utageuka udhalili wako. Sifa ulizolewa zitageuka aibu yako usipotubia."

Niliamka tena kutaka kuukimbia ukweli huu. Lakini miguu tena uliingiwa na ganzi ikawa kama vijiti. Sauti iliendelea: "Unaonekana umenawiri kwa nyama za wajoli wangu. Umenona kama paka wa dukani au yule nune mdudu wa zizini. Zako zaisha. Kaa ukijua na kukumbuka. Kama kipanga unawala hata vifaranga. Huna kesho wala jana. Huna mbele wa nyuma zaidi ya maangamizi.

"U mbaya kuliko Delila. Ni machukizo kuliko Nabkanezza mtenda machukizo. Umejizungushia mainzi mafu yakupumbazo huku yakifaidi uoza na harufu ya mizoga mlayo. Mnanuka. Kwa inzi mwanukia. Umekula mioyo ya wajoli wangu ukibakiza miili iliyooza! Maskini wakuita mchungaji wakati mchinjani.

"Wanakuita mkombozi wakati mkomozi. Wanakuita tegemeo wakati angamio! Wanakuita kimbilio wakati anguko. Wanakupenda unawachukia. Wanakuheshimu unawadharau. Wanakutegemea unawaguguna! Wewe ni hovyo kuliko pumba na uvumba. Ni hovyo kuliko kinyesi. Kwani jana kilikuwa chakula."

Nilijisogeza vizuri na kuendelea kusikiliza: "Nikimaliza utoke nje ukayatazame majani. Uyaone yalivyonawiri. Baadaye jikumbushe yanavyonyauka wakati wa kiangazi.

Ukitoka kayatazame makaburi. Jikumbushe waliomo walikuwa nani? Kuna mitume na manabi, vibaka, watu wema na vichanga. Hata tai asifikaye kwa kuruka ipo siku mbawa zake hugoma kupaa akaishia kuwa uoza. Je wewe ni nani?

"Litazame jua lichwapo na ulikumbuke liwapo ukaingia usiku. Yakumbuke masika na kiangazi. Jikumbushe kila kitu unikumbuke na kujikumbuka huku ukikumbuka ubaya uliokwisha kuutenda kwa wajoli wangu.

Hata yale mayai yatakuwa jogoo na jogoo alikuwa yai la jana. Je jogoo aweza kuyacheka mayai? Sungura na ujanja wake umemfikisha wapi? Angekuwa mjanja angeishia kuwa hayawani? Na je, kifukuzi hufukua mashimo mangapi asiishi humo? Busara ni tunu waliyoikosa wengi. Ujinga ni manukato ya wapumbavu. Sifa ni maangamizi ya majuha. Apendaye sifa huichagua aibu asijue.

"Mkunga baharini hujiona mfalme asijue aimilikiye bahari, je, mkunga si nyoka hata aitwe samaki? Mkubuzi husafisha mahali akabaki kuwa mchafu! Swala na mbio zake hambebi kobe. Hata kobe na nyonde nyonde zake hufika atakako hata kama kwa kusuasua. We juha."

Nilishtuka na kughafilika nisijue la kufanya. Sauti iliendelea: "We juha wa majuha marhuni wa marhuni ujipaye ushufaa usijue u dhaifu. Nani aweza kuyamaliza malimwengu? Nani aweza kuwa yeye wakati wote kama si kitambo kidogo. Acha kula nyama ya watu wangu. Acha kuwahadaa wajoli wangu. Unajidanganya ukidhani unawandanganya. Wayajua ya kesho?

"Hata uwaite watabiri, huwezi kujua lijali nukta moja ijayo. Sasa kwanini kushangilia matanga ukidhania harusi? Toka mbele zangu ukagange madonda yako. Toka ukajitakase na kuacha kula nyama ya wajoli wangu. Toka. Ila nyama ya mtu tamu hasa vichwa."

Ghafla nilistuka nikiwa nimelowa jasho. Ah kumbe naota!

Source: Tanzania Daima Mei 14, 2008.

Is America Double Faced?

Damning revelations that Liberian tyrant, Charles Taylor stashed over $ 5,000,000,000 in two US Banks are yet another slap on the face of America after that of keeping Mandela’s name in the list of terrorist.

Who’d think, the US, all-time-human-right enforcer, would collude with thieves to rob the continent that’s already poor thanks to colonialism?

Africa has lost much to Europe and US though the duos have maintained silence when it comes to addressing this crime. Now that Taylor stashed such mammoth amount of money from the country where over 90 per cent of the citizens are living under a dollar per day, what can US say about this? Didn’t the US know Taylor’s money was bloody ? What of his blood diamonds? Who’d care if at all predatory West has permanent interests when it comes to making money? Isn’t this itself crime against humanity? Many innocent people are perishing everyday thanks to this deadly sin-cum-crime as the Vatican would categorise it.

When one looks at the amount of money that is stolen by African rulers and stashed in Western Banks, he wonders what all braggadocios of human rights really mean for Africa!

"We've certainly found evidence of hundreds of millions of dollars taken by Charles Taylor illegally in various banks at different times," prosecutor Stephen Rapp told the BBC's Focus on Africa programme recently. "We have evidence of two accounts that were maintained in his name in the United States during his presidency," he said. What is this if not conspiracy? For the accounts were "legally’ operated in the eyes of the US, without even hiding the name of the owner! The sum of transactions of the two accounts over time totaled $5bn, he said.

As the West and China strike business deals to better their people, Africa is still in its sleep! Our Attila like mumbo jumbos in expensive state houses rob us by conspiring with developed countries.No wonder we’re now wasting a lot of our precious time on bovine politics in The Comoros, Zimbabwe and of late in Kenya!

There are times when it becomes difficult to differentiate between our rulers and looters. Such myopic and egoistic thinking, will never pull Africa out of the debacle it is in.

Now that it’s an open secret that current African regimes have failed, what should the hoi polloi do? Methinks. It’s right time to give them hard time so that ruling us becomes difficult and impossible. This will enable us to get reasonable and insightful leaders as it happened in Kenya recently where the-all time fighter, Raila Odinga set a precedent by bending down the all-time corrupt regime under Mwai Kibaki.

In Tanzania, if things stay the way they are, chances are the hoi polloi will dictate the show that, for long, has been dictated by the ever-corrupt Chama Cha Mapinduzi. They have already axed four corrupt most senior ministers including the former PM, Edward Lowassa.

Africa ought to define its relationship with foreign countries in a manner that will make it strike a win-win situation. Although the Chinese have their shortfalls in that most of their products are cheaper and fake, they don’t tamper with our brain as America and Britain. If we smartly deal with them, we can contain them as far as fake products are concerned.

Revelations that Taylor stashed billions in American banks strip the veneer of civility to expose the core of hypocrisy, complicity and duplicity America fights to conceal.

Source: The African Executive Magazine May 14, 2008

Tuesday, 13 May 2008

What should we take of goody-goody Warioba?

I RESPECT former Premier Joseph Warioba beyond imagination. I take whatever he says seriously due to his place in our society.

Recently, Warioba came out of the cocoon after sending mixed signals on corruption.

The last time I heard of him was when he was giving a lecture that the media should not tell President Jakaya Kikwete anything regarding his allegedly being implicated in corruption just because he (Kikwete) is the head of state!

Many analysts took it with him so as to raucously reach the stage of asking what was wrong with the goody-goody we used to have and know.

Being a fish of another sea, Warioba did not give in though. After what seemed to be a blow of a sort, now he has come with a new approach that conflicts the spirit of his own lecture! Is it follow-what-I-am-saying-not-what-I-am-doing bumble-puppy?

The wise tortoise with its short ears did not stop thinking.
Now that Warioba has stood on the agora and said the fisadis should be brought to the books, is it a Sumaye-like confession-cum-attack that left us shocked and puzzled?

I went through what the media reported as being said by Warioba. He was commenting on former president Benjamin Mkapa’s saga.

Using legalese, he hit around the bush. He did not want to delve into the matter though he generally gave a nod that fisadis should be persecuted.

He went a mile ahead in that fisadis are thieves. But again, he fell short of commenting on the whole issue in point with regards to corruption and those behind it.

Just like his counterpart, former Premier Fredrick Sumaye, he left some amber behind. What is the real stand of Warioba pertaining to corruption?? Why is Warioba making a U-turn with massaged messages?

What left me in stitches is his contention that we should table or adduce the evidence that show Mkapa committed a felon before thinking about what to do with him!

He said we should do this first before talking of immunity. He added that Mkapa’s crimes are political thus trumped up on! This forces me to ask myself if really Warioba lives in Tanzania in the first place and whether he is well versed with the goings-on of the day.

In other words, he wanted to know the crimes Mkapa committed. For he seemed not to know them!

May I kindly tell Warioba? Mkapa illegally took Kiwira Coal Mine on top of doing business whilst in office contrary to even the common sense.

Another thing, Mkapa’s wife is almost mentioned in whatever mess that comes forth; and she does not have immunity.

The other point is that Mkapa’s regime entered many bogus contracts of investment that proved beyond doubts to involve some kickbacks. May he kindly refer to EPA’s saga, Tangold-Meremeta-Deep-Green axis of theft?

May Warioba, a respected lawyer, address himself to the whole issue of Takrima and how it was solicited and being abusively used to affect our politics that produced bogus rulers?

If Warioba still doubts my credibility, he should address himself to the fact why Mkapa left silently without declaring his wealth; and the fact that later it came to light that he acquired a fortune, thanks to wheel deals.

Does Warioba still remember how his highly respected Commission on Corruption was slain by Mkapa irrespective of his integrity and money spent on it? What a blow-cum-slap on the face if Warioba bothers to maintain status quo!

I read somewhere in his mutatis-mutandis like words that even the media that shouts at corruption is to blame for supporting some nefarious candidates during the campaigns. ?But not all media, if honorouble Warioba still remembers what transpired, there are media houses that totally opposed the whole charade especially when CCM was looking for flag bearers.? Scripta manenta; It’s still on records.

Another thing I think Warioba needs to underscore is the fact that Mkapa decided to keep mum knowing the truth behind allegations surrounding how he mismanaged our country and her resources. Why?

Let’s face it point blank. Do allegations implicating Mkapa and his inner sanctum need such pretexts and white-washing? Is Warioba trying to cut down the bridge on the Tiber to foil the advancing of Etruscans and save Horatius Mkapa and his empire?

Methinks that in Mkapa’s saga one needs to be either black or white as far as the truth is concerned in lieu of taking a neutral stance. Will Warioba’s new approach ameliorate the already done dent on Mkapa and the current regime? Does Warioba’s take push us forward or pulls us back? There are many more questions than answers!

Please help out there. Who’s taken it horribly wrong between Warioba and me?? Though we may differ, I congratulate Warioba on coming out of the cold and show us who he truly is. Today’s wisdom is from Socrates. "The greatest of all evils is not to suffer unjust but to act unjust.’’

Off the cuffs: It came to light that in Zambia, the authorities seized over $60,000,000 from former president Fredrick Chiluba. What is Tanzania waiting for reminiscent to Kiwira and other ghost deals by Mkapa?

Source: Thisday May 13, 2008.

Monday, 12 May 2008

This way Africa can root out corruption

WHEN one mentions Tanzania, thoughts jump onto famous and big cities like Dar es Salaam, Arusha and even Mwanza.

But the unknown city of Mbeya on the border between Tanzania and Zambia has done something that has never been done anywhere in Africa.

Normally business people are taken as shrewd, money hungry, and above all, they’re linked with corruption in high places almost everywhere on earth.

What happened in Mbeya, however, negates this belief. There are still some upright and probable ones among us. Who could think that Tembo Cement Factory of Mbeya would boycott Kiwira coal mine products protesting corruption allegations behind the taking of Kiwira factory by the former ruler of Tanzania, Benjamin Mkapa, his family and friends.

This seriously happened. Impeccable sources have it that after Tembo Cement found that the government in Tanzania is dragging its feet in dealing with Mkapa’s illegal taking and ownership of Kiwira, decided to boycott purchasing and consuming coal from Kiwira.

A local Kiswahili daily reported on May 5 that Mbeya-based Tembo Cement had suspended consuming coal produced by Kiwira coal mine owned by Tanpower Resources Ltd that is alleged to be owned by the former president, his family and a friend, Daniel Yona. The paper said over 4,000 tonnes of coal are still in the premises of the firm, thanks to this bold step.

"We believe the citizenry is supposed to benefit from privatization. But when we hear former rulers being mentioned to be behind buying the controversial Kiwira, we are afraid to be seen as supporting corruption against tax payers." One of the tops of the mine who preferred anonymity was quoted as saying.

This bold step cannot go without being commended. If this is serious and true, Tembo Cement has set a precedent by which to foil corrupt rulers. Africa has suffered immensely under rat-like regimes whose rulers steal from public and stash money abroad.

Try to imagine how much money has Africa lost since independence, thanks to corrupt rulers-cum-looters and their families and friends.

Try to imagine how much DRC’s tyrant Mobutu Seseseko, Nigeria tin-pot dictator, Sani Abacha, Equatorial Guinea’s Theodoro Obiang Nguema and others stole and stashed abroad

Given that dubious investments owned by the families of these thieves are known, suppose all business communities in Africa take such stern stand against doing business with these families.

Though Africa is said to languish behind in development, corruption is the cause number one of all miseries Africa is facing. Notwithstanding, there have been some improvements in disclosing hidden accounts abroad, Africa needs to ask the international community to categorize theft by the rulers as the crime against humanity. For?it is causing a lot of miseries to Africans.

Going back to Mkapa who was the darling of investors and donors, he’s stolen the show for accumulating mammoth wealth from the public. He and his family members and friends illegally bought Kiwira coal mine for mere 700m/- instead of its actual value of 4bn/- (and this is the value of 1980 when the project was constructed by Chinese.)

He stepped down after ruling Tanzania for two five-year terms. Tanzanians are still agitating that Mkapa be brought to books. Observers say this is the matter of time. Mkapa’s days are numbered and the winds are blowing against him due to what happened in Tanzania recently. Four senior cabinet ministers, including former prime minister, succumbed before people’s noises against corruption.

Should all consumers dealing with Kiwira coal mine take such a bold step, our fight against corruption can pay dividends quickly and sooner. This new approach indeed will help Africa to do away with corruption as African governments seem to shy away from taking measures against the villains.

Source: Thisday

Thursday, 8 May 2008

Sumaye, please tell us more

IN what can be taken as an admission-cum-repentance by former Premier of Tanzania, Fredrick Sumaye, has come with a new ambiguous approach.

He was quoted as ranting and raving at investors when he was addressing a China-Africa Business Conference at Ngurdoto Mountain Lodge. In his words, investors are plundering our resources as they leave us in penury!

So they’re an economic anathema. It is true. Investors plunder our resources. But who bring them in? Who master mind and bless their deals? These are crucial questions to be addressed by the political ‘born-agaiN’ Sumaye.

When I heard these words, I could not believe in the first place. However, I had to believe knowing how our politicians arrogantly behave. It is when I remembered Sumaye during his hey days. I still remember vividly; how Sumaye and his friend, Mkapa left silently and unceremoniously without declaring their wealth, contrary to the requirements of the law.

Methinks. Tanzanians still need and deserve to know why and what transpired. Is it that Sumaye has already safely stashed his cash and now he comes forth to pre-empt the goings-on?

The all-time smarter and ever changing politicos always take us for a ride.I however concur with Sumaye on his remarks: save that I differ with him on many points. Major one being that bogus investors are not our chief economic enemy; but our local skew-whiff politicians in high places. For they collude with the investors Sumaye is accusing to rob us.

If anything, the lust for power and money by our tawdry politicians is to blame. Refer to the Richmond scam that saw Edward Lowassa who succeeded Sumaye being rooted out within a short time. Refer to Tangold, Meremeta, Deep Green, Kagoda and other ghost companies that have a direct link to Sumaye’s best friend and boss, environed former president Benjamin Mkapa whose regime goes down to history as the most corrupt and irresponsible one.

Sumaye, if anything, was a consigliore of Mkapa as Lowassa was to current President Jakaya Kikwete. And this is why he survived all bugaboos and calls wanting him out before his time. He was a good boy to Mkapa who, as well, was a good boy to investors and donors.

Under their regime (Mkapa-Sumaye), Tanzanians suffered a lot of miseries thanks to corruption in general and wheel deals resulting from their self serving behaviour. Those who loved and knew the late National Bank of Commerce, the ever sick Tanesco, always in ICU BOT, the all-time sick economy of Tanzania despite being a fifth producer of minerals in Africa, all-time rich bureaucrats and other monumental developments, not to forget CCM’s Tsunami like victory thanks to takrima, will rightly judge between Sumaye and I.

I strongly tax him to come forth and speak so that he can be heard, assessed and judged rightly. Like Saulus, now that Sumaye has seen the light. Let him comment on Mkapa, family and friends’ saga. Let him tell all just like Saulus who used to persecute the disciples.

Yeah, Sumaye used to persecute us. He used to intimidate the opposition that is now doing a tremendous job of unraveling the mystery of their ‘good job’ under their transparency and truth that turned to be a hoax.

I remember, Sumaye, who was alleged to be a billionaire thanks to the underworld deals, used to invite people, be they investors or politicians, to his party so as to see their lives changed abruptly, thanks to the laissez faire system of bowing to investors and deal makers. What does Sumaye say on this?

If I were at Ngurdoto on the material day, I’d have put it to him to shed more light on his renaissance, love and valour for our nation his government sent to purgatory.

Being a friend and consigliore to Mkapa, I strongly believe. Sumaye knows much more than we do. And if he is not mistaken, his step, is more reconciliatory than anything. Shall he want us to take him seriously, let him speak louder and louder regardless of whether his words will vindicate some of his friends. This too will help his best friend Benjamin Mkapa who has maintained silence for his detriment.

So despite all good intentions and a new vision, if Sumaye is really sincere and serious, let him do the right thing: Shed more light. So as to adumbrate his point, please Sumaye, tell us more about your new take.

Source: The Thisday May 8, 2008.

Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Leo mafisadi tunawapa ‘live’

BAADA ya kuwa mbali na Kijiwe kwa muda mrefu tukiwasaka mafisadi, tumerejea na kukutana kutoa shinikizo: watuhumiwa wote wa ufisadi na ugaidi wa kiuchumi wawajibike, huku sirikali ikitakiwa kuwawajibisha wanaogoma kujiwajibisha. Hii kaya ni yetu si yao wala mama zao.

Mzee mzima nilitafuta appointment na Tunituni Mkahapa na kunyimwa kiasi cha kumtwanga note wiki iliyopita.

Mgosi kama kawaida analianzisha.

"Mzee Mpayukaji hebu kwanza tipe stoi ya safai yako ya Kanada uikofuatiia nyendo na nyayo za Kadamage."

Najikakamua na kuanza: "Wazee, safari yangu ya Calagary kule Ukanada haikuwa mbaya. Nilikula mikuku na kunywa sana. Kuna baridi si mchezo. Nilifika kwenye Hoteli ya New Calgary aliyokaa Kadamage kupokea mshiko wa Richmond."

Natulia kidogo na kumeza kahawa na kuendelea: "Kwanza nilipitia London. Niliposhuka Heathrow nilitimka zangu Cardiff kwa rafiki yangu. Pia nilishangaa kidogo mitaa ya Trafalgar Square bila kusahau St. James Park na baadaye nilikwenda makao makuu ya SFO kupitia mafaili ya bilionea wa vijisenti.

"Niliyoona ni makubwa na hapa kutokana na sababu za usalama sitayasema. Kifupi ni kwamba Kaya inagugunwa, acha kuliwa."

Kabla ya kuendelea Makengeza anaamsha kibendera: "Mzee lengo la kukutana ni kutoa shinikizo kwa mafisadi wanaong’ang’ania ofisi zetu."

Anakohoa na kugida kahawa. Anajikakamua baada ya kashata kumkwama.

Anasema: "Yaelekea mafisadi wanataka kunipiga juju."

Kicheko kwa sana.

Anaendelea: "Wazee, tuseme bila kumung’unya. Hivi Eduwad Hosheya, Grei Mgonjwa, Johansen Mwananyika, Olewake Naikome na wengine wanangoja nini kwenye ofisi zetu? Nasikia na mama wa Ghasia ni nduguye Bi Mkubwa wa Mkuu!"

Kabla ya swali kujibiwa, Mchunguliaji anafoka kwa jazba: "Kwanza kabla ya kuwabana hawa waondoke, tutamke wazi mkuu asikie. Tunataka mgodi wa makaa wa Kiwila na njuluku alizokwapua baba lao Makapu na nkewe, kitegemezi na nke wake na Kivyele na Jona wa kutisha tisha virejeshwe haraka ndipo tuelewane.

Lazima tutoe uvivu na kusema laivu na kavu: tunataka mali zetu kinga baadaye. Maana hawa hawana kinga wala Kiwila."

Mpemba anaongeza chachandu. "Yakhe mwajua? Kama siyo mafisadi kuiba pesa yetu kaya yetu ina uwezo wa kuwa na watu wanokula yai, keki na pilau kila siku katika nlo wao. Tazameni Unguja watu wazalisha karafuu peke yao duniani lakini wao wa mwisho kwa umaskini."

"Ami usemayo kweli tupu. Hebu nenda kule Mwanza, Kahama, Buzwagi, Geita na Tarime. Wanazalisha dhahabu kwa fujo. Kadhalika wanaongoza kwa umaskini nchini huku mijitu kama Chenga lasema bilioni moja ni vijisenti!" Anaunga mkono Kapende.

Mara Mbwa mwitu anaingilia kwa ghadhabu. "Kapende hujakosea. Hii mijitu haiibii umaskini bali roho mbaya, ulafu na ushamba wa maisha. Tazama inavyoanza kuumbuliwa huko ilikodhania ni salama wakati si salama."

Kabla ya kuendelea, mzee Maneno ankwanyua mic. "Mie hamjui. Hata huyu Chinga mwenzetu ipo siku yake na nkewe yatafichuka iwe ni Sauzi, Uswisi au Amerikani."

"Du! Mzee Maneno kwa pwenti sikuwezi! Ila hadi wakoloni waseme. Maana hata hawa mafisadi wa sasa wamefichuliwa na wakoloni si wetu wapendao kuvuna wasipo panda." Anashangaa Kapende.

Msomi mkata tamaa anaingilia. "Wazee michango yenu ni makini sana. Haya majitu kama alivyosema Kapende pale yanaibia roho mbaya. Kinachotia kinyaa ni ile hali kuwa ni mbweha na fisi hawa hawa wanaokesha Ulaya eti wakiomba misaada kwa ajili ya Kaya kumbe wako kwenye kuficha pesa yetu!

Zitazameni shule, barabara, hospitali zetu hata wanakaya wetu. Hoi kabisa. Kinachokera ni ujuha na upofu wa fisi watu wetu. Mbona Mchonga amekufa mtu maskini na anaheshimika kuliko mabilionea wa vijisenti kama Chenga na Mobutu?"

"Msomi hujakosea. Hii mifisi ni minafiki sina mfano. Unakumbuka Daniel arap Mwai alivyokuwa hakauki kanisani kila Jumapili hadi tukadhani mlokole? Lakini angalia alivyoichezea kaya yake na kuwaua wapinzani wake utadhani Attila the Hun!"

Msomi anaendelea: "Ndugu yangu ulokole kwani dili siku hizi? Hujawaona madaktari tena waheshimiwa waliokimbilia polisi kutafuta kuhalalisha usanii wao?

Mwana wa Maria alisema si wote wasemao Bwana Bwana ni wake. Sasa usishangae siku ya siku kumkuta ambaye hukumdhania na usimkute uliyemdhania.

Nani alidhani Tunituni hata Chekacheka wangegeuka mifisi? Nani alitegemea Ewassa awe fisadi wakati kila siku alijitia kuhimiza maendeleo wakati yeye ndiye kikwazo chake? Wanafiki hawa. Hujamsikia Hosehena akisema eti atawabana mafisadi wakati yeye ndiye kiranja wao!"

Anakatua kashata na kupiga funda kama tatu za kahawa na kuendelea. "Nani kwa mfano alitegemea Jongwe Robert Mugabe kugeuka mbwa tena kusiri au Tunituni kibaka?

Nani alitegemea Yoshwa M7 kugeuka dikteta mchana?

Hivi nyoka angepewa miguu angedhuru wangapi? Hivi na jongoo angepewa macho angechimbua wangapi?"

Falsafa yake si saizi ya Kijiwe. Kila mtu amebung’aa akitafakuri.

Msomi anaendelea: "Dalili za mfumo mchovu na mbovu ni kung’ang’ania mabaki ya watu wenye mawazo machovu na mabovu kiasi cha kuwa na utawala mbovu na mchovu uzalishao wananchi maskini na watawala vibaka na majambazi. Ndege hatununui tunakodisha mikweche! Pesa tunaficha nje, vitambulisho, paspoti, upelelezi wa mafisadi wetu vyote nje! Mawazo nje! Hata Mpayukaji, nje! Nje nje utadhani bendi ya Pwagu na Pwaguzi!"

Anakohoa na kuendelea: "Je, na kuondoa mipaka na mimbweha kwenye taasisi zetu tunangoja amri kutoka nje? Kufikiri hadi wafadhiri! Nani kasahau ya Ballalii? Sijui naye kaishia wapi?

Yaani Kaya imekosa hata mtu mmoja mwadilifu na mwenye akili akamkamata fisadi huyu?

Tumeshindwa tunaokula nao kila siku tutamuweza Ballalii wa majuu?"

Anakohoa huku Mbwa mwitu akiguna. "Du! Mzee hatukuwezi. Wewe ndiye ulifaa kuwa mkuu."

Msomi anatabasamu akifurahia ujiko na kuendelea: "Kinacho kera zaidi ni majambazi yanayouibia umma, kushitaki vyombo vya habari eti yamechafuliwa majina wakati wao ndio wanaichafua jamii. Utaliona jitu lina gari, nyumba, ofisi, hata sura nzuri. Lakini jizi linalolilia uheshimiwa wakati halina heshima!

Kwani hawapo hawa miongoni mwetu? Hawa wanaong’ang’ania taasisi za kaya ilhali waliishajichafua, ni nini? Hawa wanaowalinda nao si majambazi na makapi wenzao?"

Anabwia kahawa na kuendelea: "Ni upuuzi watu wazima kufanya mambo ya kitoto halafu wakataka watendewe kiutu uzima badala ya kitoto. Mtoto huosha tumbo lake akadhani kaosha mwili mzima. Huyu ni mtoto. Hivi jitu zima linapofanya upuuzi wa kitoto kuficha pesa nje halafu eti likadai si kibaka, hivyo liheshimiwe wakati umma unajua, ni nini kama si utoto?

Jitu linatumia madaraka makubwa kujipatia utajiri utokanao na ujambazi halafu linataka liheshimiwe!

Jitu linawajaza marafiki na vibaka kwenye taasisi za kaya wanafanya madudu halafu eti linataka liheshimiwe na kuaminiwa!

Jitu linaua miiko ya uongozi halafu eti linataka liitwe kiongozi badala ya jisanii na tapeli!

Jitu linaishi kwa kubabaisha na kuuhadaa umma halafu linataka eti lipewe nafasi nyingine huko tuendako! Jitu …"

Kabla ya kuendelea mara mzee maneno aliyekuwa akishangaa falsafa anaangusha kikombe.

Kinalipuka kama bomu dogo. Tunaruka kila mmoja kunusuru roho yake. Tulidhani magaidi wa tindikali wamevamia kijiwe!

Source: Tanzania Daima, Mei 7, 2008.

JK, kwanini unakosa usingizi kwa dhambi za Mkapa?

UFISADI uliotikisa nchi yetu wa BoT ni mkubwa na wa kutisha barani Afrika. Hauufikii hata ule uliofanywa na Gavana wa zamani wa Benki ya Kenya (CBK), Eric Kotut, akishirikiana na rais wa zamani wa nchi hiyo, Daniel arap Moi, na maofisa wengine wa serikali yake.

Kama ada, kwenye ufisadi wa Kenya ambapo uchumi wa nchi hiyo ulikuwa almanusura kusambaratika, uliwezeshwa na uongozi wa juu, yaani rais mwenyewe. Rais akiwa ananufaika na kujua kilichokuwa kikiendelea, alimtumia gavana na waziri wake wa pesa, Profesa George Saitoti ambaye pia alikuwa makamu wa rais kufanikisha jinai hii.

Kadhalika, ili kuwaziba midomo Wakenya na kuwapumbaza, mfanyabiashara tapeli wa Kihindi ajulikanaye kama Kamlesh Pattni, alihusishwa. Hali hii ilivutia wachezaji wengi kwenye mchezo huu mchafu. Watoto, kama ilivyo kwa Kampuni ya Fosnik ya Mkapa mdogo, na marafiki wa Moi nao hawakukaa kando.

Kampuni maarufu kama Goldenberg ya Moi, Kotut na Biwott (kama alivyo Yona) na Saitoti (kama alivyo Mramba) na mkuu wa zamani wa usalama, Joseph Kanyotu, iliingia baharini kunasa samaki wa bwerere.

Tukiachana na ufisadi wa Kenya, ngoja tuurejee wa Tanzania ambapo ule wa Kenya unaweza kutupa mwanga wa ni nani wanahusika, licha ya gavana aliyeko matatani, Daudi Ballali.

Kabla ya kuzama kwenye tafakuri tujiulize, ni nani alimtengeneza Ballali na kwa nini? Habari kutoka Washington alipokuwa akifanya kazi Ballali zinadai aliunganishwa laini hii na rafiki yake wa kike aliyekuja kuwa mkewe baadaye.

Hivyo bila kumung’unya maneno aliyemtengeneza Ballali ni rais, yaani Mkapa, aliyemtoa Washington na kumteua kuwa gavana wa BoT.

Iwe alijua au la, hawezi kulikwepa hili. Na isitoshe Ballali alikuwa akifanya kazi kwa niaba ya rais chini ya dhana ya uwajibikaji.

Kwa hiyo, hakuna ubishi: kazi ya Ballali ni ya Mkapa na kama isingekuwa hivyo asingeendelea kumuamini na kumuacha madarakani.

Mtu wa pili kwa mujibu wa kilichotokea Kenya atakuwa ni waziri wa fedha wa wakati ule, Basil Pesambili Mramba, ambaye ni rafiki mkubwa wa Mkapa. Naye akiwa waziri mwenye dhamana hakuna shaka, alijua kilichokuwa kikiendelea na alikubaliana nacho.

Yupo pia waziri wa mipango na uchumi ambaye kwa wakati ule alikuwa Dk. Abdallah Kigoda. Huyu naye alikuwa karibu na Wizara ya Fedha, hivyo na BoT.

Kwa upande wa wachezaji kutoka kwenye kada ya biashara, hakuna shaka kuwa Jeetu Patel na wengine watakaotajwa baadaye, hawezi kukwepa kuwa nyuma ya dili hili. Ukitaka kujua anaingiaje na kufiti, angalia uhusiano wake na ikulu wakati ule.

Nchini Kenya mkuu wa usalama alihusika. Je, mkuu wetu wa usalama wakati ule hakuhusika iwapo kilichokuwa kinafanyika kilikuwa kinatishia usalama wa nchi, hivyo kuangukia chini ya idara yake? Kama hakujua, alikuwa akilinda usalama gani na alilipwa kwa nini?

Ukitaka kujua kuwa wahusika hapo juu walihusika na kunufaika vipi, chunguza mali zao. Utakuta wengi ni matajiri wa kutupwa.

Wakati Mkapa akiingia Ikulu aliitwa Mr. Clean. Je, alikuwaje wakati akitoka? Hakuna ubishi kuwa kwa kugundulika zana zake kama ANBEN, Fosnik na Tanpower, hakuwa tena Mr. Clean .

Kitu kingine kinachomuunganisha Mkapa moja kwa moja ni ile staili yake ya kushughulikia ufisadi. Tukikumbuka alivyokemea vyombo vya habari akiwa mkutanoni mkoani Singida, tunajituka tukisema bila shaka kuwa alijua na kuridhika na kadhia hii. Maana alisema: vyombo vya habari vinavyodai serikali yake imeoza kwa ufisadi, navyo vijiangalie na kueleza vilivyopata mitaji ya kuanzishwa kwake.

Kitu kingine kinachoonyesha kuwa serikali ya Mkapa ilijua na kuridhia kilichokuwa kikiendelea, ni maneno ya aliyekuwa waziri wa biashara na viwanda wakati ule, Idd Mohamed Simba.

Alidai kuwa wafanyabiashara wa Kihindi wapatao kumi walikuwa wakimiliki uchumi wa Tanzania. Je, hapa serikali haikujua walivyokuwa wakihomora pesa yetu wakishirikiana na watendaji wa serikali yenyewe?

Na kuonyesha kuwa yaliyosemwa hayakuwa uzushi, hakuna aliyejitokeza kuhoji wala kukanusha ukweli huu mzito! Nani angekanusha iwapo kama Moi, Mkapa alikuwa akitetemekewa na watendaji wake waliomuogopa sana?

Sasa turejee kwa Rais Jakaya Kikwete. Japo hakumteua Ballali, aliridhika na kazi yake kwa miaka miwili mizima kabla ya kushinikizwa kutengua uteuzi wake wenye utata.

Wachambuzi wengi wanakataa kukubali kuwa Kikwete amemchukulia hatua Ballali zaidi ya Ballali mwenyewe kugundua maji yamezidi unga.

Maana kabla ya kutenguliwa uteuzi wake, zilizagaa habari kuwa alikuwa ameandika barua ya kutaka kujiuzulu.

Na huu ni ukweli. Maana ukiangalia mazingira ya kutoroka kwa Ballali kwenda Marekani kutibiwa ‘ugonjwa’ usiojulikana na hospitali isiyojulikana wakati ni mtumishi wa serikali, unagundua janja nzima.

Je, kama Kikwete hakujua wala kuridhika na kazi ya Ballali, kwanini alimbakiza ofisini hadi alazimike kutengua uteuzi na si kumfukuza? Kunani hapa?

Kikwete ama ana masilahi au anaponzwa na washauri wake. Maana ukiangalia hata watu kama Bazil Mramba, Andrew Chenge - mwanasheria mkuu wa zamani wa serikali aliyeitia nchi matatani kiuchumi kwa kuridhia kusainiwa mikataba bomu, unabaki kushangaa ni kwanini watu hawa bado wanaachwa uraiani hadi leo!

Tukirejea kwa Rais Kikwete, kwanini anakubali kukosa usingizi kwa makosa yaliyotendwa na mtangulizi wake na asiseme ukweli kuwa aliyarithi? Au ni kwa vile alipoingia madarakani na kukuta uchafu huu naye alijikalia kimya?

Kwanini kama hakuwa na jinsi alivyokuwa akinufaika au hata wale waliomzunguka? Ieleweke kuwa huu ni uchambuzi na si kumuingiza moja kwa moja rais. Tunafanya hivyo ili kupata jibu ambalo laweza kuwa msaada kwa nchi yetu.

Kwa upande wa Mkapa, najua hatajihangaisha na kukanusha au kutoa maelezo kwa vile Kikwete alikwisha kumhakikishia usalama kwa sababu wanazozijua wenyewe. Je, hatua ya Kikwete kuendelea kusulubiwa na kadhia ya BoT inaweza kuwa nayo sehemu ya kumlinda Mkapa kwa kila jambo na kila hali?

Kuna haja ya Watanzania kujua kinachoendelea na kilichosababisha wizi huu. Maana iliyoibiwa ni pesa yao, si ya Kikwete, Mkapa Mramba, Ballali wala watawala.

Hakika Kikwete atajikuta matatani zaidi kama hataamua kupambana na ufisadi vilivyo badala ya kugusa gusa. Leo kwa mfano mawaziri kama Nazir Karamagi, Dk. Ibrahim Msabaha, Chenge na hata Edward Lowassa, wamejiuzulu kutokana na kashfa za ufisadi, lakini kwanini wasiachie na ubunge? Wameshindwa kuaminika kwenye uwaziri, wataaminikaje kwenye ubunge?

Tunamshauri rais achukue mfano kutoka kwa Thabo Mbeki, Rais wa Afrika Kusini. Ilipogundulika msaidizi wake na makamu wake, Jacob Zuma, alidaiwa kufanya ufisadi na jinai ya ubakaji, hakumlinda, bali kuacha sheria ichukue mkondo wake baada ya kumwajibisha kwa kumfurusha.

Kikwete watimue mafisadi waliobaki, maana bado wako wengi ndani ya baraza lako, lakini pia waliojiuzulu wasiachwe waendelee kutafuna vijisenti vyetu. Hawa ndio wanaokuponza.

Source: Tanzania Daima Mei 7, 2008.