Liberal Peace Conflict, Gender, and Peacebuilding

Liberal Peace Conflict, Gender, and Peacebuilding

Friday 23 November 2007

Jakaya, magic bullet, monkeys and reality.

I like laughters. Because, recently, scientists discovered it: is a cure. And again I am a mbongo. Sometimes I will write to show that I have never changed into a muzungu albeit living with them.

After rising to the occasion, Jakaya Kikwete was horribly mistaken of a magic bullet! Looking at campaign trail and now his government’s trajectory, one underscores one different thing!

Two years down the line the once too-much expectations are no more. Instead one can see a very heavy burden of complaints, suspicion even angers! Tongues are wagging and accusations of a let down and a sell-out are heard almost every where! Euphoric patience,charade, choir singing have escaped and now reality is weighing in.

The truth is on the agora. Jakaya is president just like any other African president; a big and god-like being of course. He is not that magic bullet or any thing near!

He’s never been. Hasn’t and he will never be. He's a politician. He too does not want to be regarded as that but president; finito. How can he be while he is not the gun? If anything the gun that fired him is none but CCM.

How come the gun made in early 50’s is expected to fire a magic bullet? Though this gun is lethal, it is still a thing of 47’s.

Tanzania is a poor country. As any other African always, the difference has been the same as far as arresting people’s problems is concerned. Some super-rich-ex-colonial blood-suckers are still acting behind the scene. They are pulling their strings as they attach strings to anything they godfather. Hither is where ghost contracts Jakaya is now being blamed on and implicated in, corruption, money printing, wheel deals and all bunkum come in the picture.

Yes Jakaya promised heaven to people. Some are wondering saying why he is giving them hell! Thankless guys sure that you are.

He promised to review the ghost contracts. Review is a very ambiguous term. It can mean messing or clearing the mess or a tex mex and hanky panky. There is the cardinal question here; can he? Time will surely tell.

Like an anchor or hot rod, I can see those contracts torturing and burning you. Realizing the reality is unthinkable. Time again will comfortably teach you what the right thing is.

Time has now lapsed. Two years down the line as I’ve said afore people are no longer waiting to see. They want to see without waiting. They don’t want to see waiting. Theirs is to see not to wait.

Now they are angry and suspicious asking, "Sir where is the review of bogus contracts you told us before?" some go even an extra mile as saying, "Sir we don’t understand what you understand. How come that those ghost signatories are still in you court dancing the same monkey dance?"

As usual calmly and smilingly, Jakaya recently came with another road show famously known as Kamati ya kurekebisha mikataba! What a mega lie!

I heard one as saying "What? It can’t be and this is useless". Others are shocked and angrily asking "Why telling us this unthinkable not then?" didn’t you know what politics and, "politricks" "politicks" entail! Shame on you for doubting the president you vowed to love for ever.

Then I can see Mzee Wisdom chipping in. "Guys calm down. Cool down. Don’t you remember the "truth" you told your wife then fiancée when you’re courting her?" He goes on. "Do you remember the gentleman you pretended to be whilst in actual account you are a quack?" Mr. Hare chips in. "This is life".

There is this big mouthed crook. He asserts. "Hocus-pocus, lies, conman ship and betrayal, that’s".

Mzee Wisdom does not stop tutoring. "Didn’t you know; why didn’t you ask then?" Yes he did not tell because you did not ask. Whose fault is this then? Two smart chimps eenh! Yo-ho, the third monkey sees no evil says no evil. What of the fourth whose rule is monkey see monkey do? You just jump into a bandwagon, kufuata mkumbo then you complain!

How many are there? Many, many and many more, of course.

Remember the tale of a Bedouin and a camel. Then, Go learn now. Understand whoever you’re. Can you teach an old dog new tricks? Too late dear. Cry not for him but for yourself as Jesus would console you.

Going back to ghost contracts, do you think those who tied the knot with the other side and appended their signatures were mad? No dear. There was something that is still thither. The marriage is still with the same couple but in a new cloak. You know what I mean.

Where did you expect Jakaya to import angels from to run the whole business? You run by ruining. This is how this biz is. After all, CCM was used to one party glory. When did it under go transmogrification to let the antelope go? You just sing at the top of you noises; many parties, many parties. But there are a fewer when it comes to firing a magic bullet. What of empty guns!

But again when the magic bullet is ready to go while the gun does not let it go, what do you expect?

More on ghost contracts and the magic bullet, do you remember your grandmother’s bull-and-cock stories about your fiancée who lived on the moon? Tell me your findings. Don’t holler at me. Tell your heart your findings then learn your lesson not to repeat if you remember.

By the way, who financed your elections? Why? Who came as an observer? Why? Have you ever observed his elections? Come on. Wake up guys. What’s wrong with waiting till next elections? If you’re able to do the same under onerous-Mr. C lean’s-ten years, why are you vexing Jack?

Hey Jack, do you remember the tale of wajinga ndio waliwao? Well done if you do; kudos. Keep them abed. Sing a smooth bloody song so that they sleep even more. You know this art I know. Bravo and bravado Jack.

But when you are performing this abracadabra, remember the night is too short and too close to call. Tomorrow is just tomorrow. When will it come and what will you feed them?. Don’t worry sir. Godfathers are always there to oil the cog of the wheel of abracadabra and deals given that Buzwagi are opened for them to scoop.

Turning to monkeys, hey guys you’ve everything except wisdom. You’ve the match, dry grasses, raw banana even hunger and cold. Why don’t you learn how to cook? Where is your memory? Like Jesus I speak in tongues and proverbs.

Jack and godfathers, watch your steps. Sleeping lions will soon wake up. Enough is enough. Perform your abracadabra. But again Sir, at least, fanya kweli. Guess what. You have too many bedbugs, lice, and all creepy insects in your bedroom. You know what? Time time before time times you. Additionally, too late too little sometimes can fun fire even fire other guns.

Wow! Let me ask for the price of that lion in china shop. No that paper Chinese leopard. But where is the magic bullet. Where is the reality? Will Kabwe thing fua dafu? what do I know!

Bye monkeys. Bye Jack.

Is it commonwealth, common-wether or common-worse?

This November witnessed fanfaronades, pomposity, pomp, pom-pom, extravagance and shoptalk of all kind in Kampala Uganda.

Heads of British former "neo-colonies" and her majesty converged in Kampala to rekindle their vows to the fire of colonialism. Yeah. Commonwealth makes it easier -for colonizer- to tame her former lame colonies. They can not claim the redress for being robbed and tormented by the same colonizer during colonial era! They’re gagged and bribed by promises, lies and cheap aids!

Being a nuptial diamond jubilee of the queen, the organizer had to see to it that she comes back to remember the times when she was a spring chicken. It is in this African country Queen Elizabeth seems to have enjoyed. Why isn't Sagana Lodge-Kenya, mentioned? For she was there when her father died as she was announced heiress of the throne.
She prefers Uganda where she enjoyed her while with her husband to be Prince Philip Mountbatten-as he then was- of Greece.

So among reasons and wonders which enabled a country under the dictator to be awarded the tender and honour, if any, of hosting this occasion can be said to revolve around her majesty.
But why commonwealth after attaining the so-called freedom full of dependence on the former colonial master-cum monster? How do former benefit from commonwealth? Do they still need to be nursed and pampered by their former tormentor?

Are commonwealth members free really? When you muse upon this question, exclude Australia Canada and the US. These are not among the bunch of economically sick countries; they have special relationship with their mother country of Britain for sending them to the veni vidi vici exploration and exploitation.

No wonder, I still wonder though. How could a person like Yoweri Museveni who tampered with the constitution to secure a third time in office fit to be the host of this conference!

I wonder how the man behind the killings in Northern Uganda, looting in DRC and the killer of multiparty democracy in Uganda would be an ideal choice!

So too, one still doubt the relevance of this colonial association. To know what I mean, look at how the Pakistan’s dictator, Parvez Musharraf, refused to bow before commonwealth’s pressure to restore the constitution. With US behind him, he was able to spit on anybody’s face including her majesty.

Apart from degrading themselves and scooping allowances from public coffers, the so called commonwealth lame ducks had nothing important for their people -especially poor countries.

The money that Uganda burnt on this occasion would make sense if it were spent even on a school or hospital. Or it would morally make sense had this money be spent on poor roads and dirty streets of Kampala. But who cares: if the so-called leaders are ruled by their former robber-My enemy the queen-as Victoria Holt would put it?

Is commonwealth common wealth of Britain or common wether-colonies? Is it still relevant at the time economic interests surpass everything? Does Britain still have muscle to help her common wealth flock from whom she milked wealth? Wow! If anything, this is common worse!
Yes it indeed is. Doubtless even, the agenda of the conference are more colonial than real. I tried to make the Queen out to no avail! How could I if her BAE systems stole our money by supplying us a fake and second hand radar?

Guys talk of stamping corruption and poverty out of Africa if you really mean business. Talk of international conspiracy-in business-against the so-called third world. Otherwise it is a common mess!

Just a point of reminder and caution, the coffee market is in London. But there is no even a single coffee tree in there! So too, there are other many more markets almost of everything out there in New York, Paris, Brussels, you name it. But again there is nothing out there when it comes to producing! Ni utumwa na ujinga mtupu so to speak.

If there is anything worse in common the commonwealth former colonies have, is nothing but to remain under the yoke of colonialism. One Swahili philosopher- at our coffee corner-Kijiwe- would paraphrase even translitilate commonwealth and what the guys are doing as; KAMA-NI-WEZI! (They look like thieves)! Or come on wezi even common wezi!

By the way, there will be historic tour to Tanzania by Canadian premier after Barrick -Canadian mining company- struck a deal in mining in there. Teh! teh! teh! Jakaya, are you out there? Mwananchi, "Nhh! With this Buzwagi, we’re in trouble! Twafa!"

Wednesday 21 November 2007

Analysis:Dealing with America is no deal


Without doubt the US is, currently, the only reigning super power on earth although chances are China will soon be in the same position. Being the only super power makes the US feel as if it is the only pillar of almost everything on earth. Some critics refer to it as a police of the world because of its interference almost in every corner to superimpose its vested interests.

This month witnessed two major events in Asia which, in essence, put the US to shame. The first event was the brutal and ruthless thwarting of demonstrations in Burma. The military junta under General Than Shwei had no mercy with anybody trying to snatch its looted morsel.

The world witnessed monks being shot at and beaten to death. A Japanese journalist was shot dead at point blank. As usual, economic interests surpassed human value and life. When these disgrace and insults to democracy occurred, the US paid a blind eye so as to issue some wishy-washy statements holding China responsible simply because it enjoys healthy trade bonds with this blood thirsty regime. It was struggling to try striking a balance between what it preaches ? democracy -- to safeguard its interests.

The second event touched directly the bone of the US. It is when Pakistan dictator, General Parvez Musharraf, manipulatively convened ”elections”. He was voted in swiftly by his cronies. This did not augur well with the opposition and the Judiciary. Before this, there has been for a long time a tug of war between Musharraf and the Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry whom he tried to sack but failed after the mass rallied behind him.

Once again, Musharraf, after licking his wounds, found himself face to face with bitter reality in that his presidency would never be legal without the ruling of the High Court. He knew the verdict would never favour him. Knowing the type of the person who was to preside over his case, Musharraf hurriedly and illegally- once again-sacked the chief justice and other dissenting judges. The flood gates were opened.

To make sure that his bulimia succeeds, he even unconstitutionally and shamelessly declared and imposed emergency rule! All Human Rights activists and opposition leaders were put under house arrest for unknown reasons and time. This by all standards is a colossal violation of the constitution. It’s a danger to the nation when material flapdoodles override human rights. Sane people thought though wrongly, that the self appointed champion and custodian of ’’democracy’’ the US, would intervene to foil Musharraf. But nay! As usual, far fetched pretexts were sought.

To the shock of many, the US-Musharraf’s ally and creator- proved to be a let down as far as democracy is concerned. Sadly, President George Bush and his secretary of state, Condoleezza Rice, issued gibberishes as they became giddy so as to take cover in pretexts full of lies. In lieu of coherently ordering Musharraf to return to democratic process by restoring the constitution, they said he should not detain his opponents whereas he’d already done so! When pressed as to why they were taking such soft stand towards Musharraf, Bush came up with shoptalk in that if they do not support Musharraf nukes would land into dirty hands!

Another gimmick is that Musharraf has proved to be tough on terrorism. Musharraf for yet another time got his trump card. To jog your mind, Musharraf came to power after overthrowing Nawaz Sharriff at the time the UN had consented to a declaration banning all regimes that came or would come later by the way of coup.

Knowing the nincompoops he was facing and dealing with, Musharraf invented his cheap lie of ’’zero tolerance’’ on terrorism. In other words a terrorist was vowing to fight his self! What brain games! Bush by then - being under heavy pressure planning to invade Iraq and Taliban Afghanistan not to forget the UN, he desperately teamed up with Musharraf by illegally legalize him knowing that later would be used to do dirty laundry.

Bush, slowly, took a dip into demon-craziness. Under the conspiracy with Musharraf, he (Bush) toppled Taliban regime. Musharraf came into the big picture after another stooge Ahmed Shah Masoud - America was glooming to take over - was assassinated by Al-Qaeda in conjunction with Taliban.

The point to note, Bush violated the UN agreement on non-compliance with military regimes. He invaded Iraq without the consent of the UN which was suspicious of his masquerade of Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) which proved later to be America’s Weapons of Mass Distraction (WMD II).

Bush shamelessly and possibly ignorantly admits that given that Musharraf can safe guard the interests of America, Pakistan’s rights are nothing before American interests! So he must be supported despite all crimes and illegality! But, for how long? And this has been America’s hypocrisy and policy towards small and volatile nations. The same America is still condemning China for supporting another archetypal dictator in The Sudan, Omar Bashir. China’s sin is to support the bad guy who orders and executes killings and genocide in Darfur.

Killings, dictatorship or any violations of human rights become legal if there is America behind the commission of these heinous crimes! Shall Bashir open the door and consent to be in bed with America, his sins will be absolved. He will safely go on with the spree of killings and doubling his brutality just like his pals in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Egypt, Uganda, Rwanda, Ethiopia and Guinea Bissau.

I am addressing this issue to warn some of African rulers who think that associating themselves with the US is a big deal. Just in the recent past when President Kikwete toured America, and people questioned the logic of overspending our taxes global trotting, I read one article by one CCM convert, Zuberi Mtemvu as saying that Kikwete’s profile improves for having a meeting with the President of America! To me this is utter nonsense.

Those attempting to practise this hooliganism should look at Benazir Bhuto. She has been betrayed and lured into the trap. Now she is treated like a caricature by being put under house arrest on and off! All this is the result of Pakistan power hunger and myopia.

Any president, elected by the people, who wants to boost his status quo depending on America or any donor country is useless and unfit to be the leader of people. It is only dictators who are ready to sacrifice their people in order to rule that can make any meaningful thing from associating with America. America always has been a zero-sum game. You lose. I win. Even when one looks at aid and assistance technical, financial or whatever Africa receives from America is less than the same the continent gets from Scandinavian countries and Japan.

If anything, America is renowned for humiliating and sabotaging visionaries. It is the same America under her CIA that killed Patrice Emery Lumumba, the bright son of Africa. The same America created dictators such as Saddam Hussein whom later it killed after he attempted to rebel. Most of blood stained hands you know were or are the creatures of America. There are killers such as Anastazio Somoza (Nicaragua), Augusto Pinochet (Chile), Joseph Desire Mobutu (DRC), Francois Duvallier Papa Doc (Haiti) whose tontouns macoutes? brigands butchered innocent Haitians whilst America watched.

It also created and nourished dogs like Jonas Savimbi (in Angola), Charles Taylor (Liberia), Manuel Antonio Noriega (Panama) and many other criminals who used to enjoy protection of America. These used to enjoy invitations to White House where they used to remit the loots from the poor citizens in their countries.

Going back to hypocrisy of, and no-deal with America, it is an open secret that whenever America needs anything from any country, it will make sure that either the rulers of the said country are complying or overthrown so as to usher in its mafia such as Il Burattinaio or master puppets to drain such country. You know what? Look at countries under dictators such as Uganda, Rwanda and Ethiopia. Some feloniously tampered with and amended their constitutions and secured a third time in office. Rwanda and Uganda have been invading and occupying DRC where they steal minerals, timber and other natural resources. On top of this they have killed, tortured many people without any action taken against them.

All who day dream thinking that siding with America is a big deal are terribly wrong. The late Mashood Abiola and Ken Saro Wiwa in Nigeria lost their lives hoping the big nation would intervene to save them. They were wrong. They were dead, betrayed by the same America when Sani Abacha agreed to become a US puppet.

nkwazigatsha@yahoo Www.

Kijiwe kilipounda kamati kuchunguza mikataba

Mpayukaji Msemahovyo
MKUU amekuja na sanaa mpya ya kujipiga mitama. Haoni aibu wala kustuka kwamba anaweza kustukiwa. Kama wana Kaya wameshindwa kustuka, Kijiwe kimestuka, tena ile mbaya.
Kimekutana kuunda kamati za kuchunguza Richmonduli na mikataba yote ya madini, mabenki, viwanda na uchukuaji kwa ujumla.
Leo Mpemba ni mwenyekiti wa kikao hiki nyeti.
Kikao kinaanza kwa Mpemba kukifungua rasmi.
Anatuguna mic. "Yakhe assalamaleko." Tunaitikia: waleko salama.
Anaendelea kukikandamiza. "Yakhe tusipoteze wakati tuanze kikao hichi mahsusi kuunda kamati za kuchunguza ulaaji."
Mikono ipo karibu yote angani. Mkurupukaji anapewa mic. Anaanza. "Wazee tusipige pembeni." Inasikika miguno. Yeye hajali anaendelea. "Mnashindwa kugunia wezi wenu mnagunia kupiga pembeni! Okey. Napendekeza baada ya kumaliza kuunda kamati za uchunguzi tuandamane kushinikiza kamati za mkuu zisimamishwe kwanza watuhumiwa wawajibishwe."
Huwa hatuna tabia ya kupiga makofi kama vyura wa Idodomya. Ila kwa alivyotukuna tunajikuta tukiangusha makofi.
Anaendelea. "Tuache utani. Tukiendelea kulialia ipo siku wajukuu zetu wata… hata kuchapa viboko makaburi yetu. Naomba kutoa hoja."
Mpemba anaangalia nani amlambishe mic. Anamteua mgosi Machungi.
Anakwanyua mic. "Wagoshi tikubaliane tena siiyansiii (seriously) kuanzisha haakati za ukombozi. Sijawahi kuona mtuhumiwa akijiundia tume ya kumchunguza! Hii ni kutiibia pesa yetu.
“Kwanza nani atawaamini wanakijiwe wa CCM? Huyu tikubaiane atakuwa mwehu. Hatiwezi kuchunguza watu kwa usaama wakiwa maofisini na vyeo wakilipwa pesa yetu. No imposhible kabisa."
Mbwa Mwitu wala hangoji mwenyekiti kumruhusu, anachumpa na kupora mic. "Kwanza tujulishwe ni kwanini kwa mfano Mkuu wa kijiwe bungeni na Mama Iron Lady waliudanganya umma, tena bungeni. Je, huu siyo ushahidi wa kimazingira unaoweza kutuonyesha akina Richmonduli ni nani? Wanadhani hatuwajui? Muda wa kufichana, kulindana, kuvumiliana na kugeuza majuha umekwisha. Enough is enough."
Kabla ya kuendelea, mzee Maneno anaonyesha alama ya time out. Mpemba anamzuia Mbwa Mwitu kuendelea, na kumruhusu mzee Maneno.
Anasema. "Yakhe Mbwa Mwitu simama nzee Maneno ana hoja ya kukuingilia."
Mbwa. "Ami tuheshimiane"
Mzee Maneno anatoa udhuru. "Wazee Kingereza kinazidi sana. Punguza hapa siyo Uingereza wala msijifanye kama wanakijiwe wa Idodomya wanaochanganya Kiswanglishi kuficha ukitaahira wao."
Baada ya kumaliza, Kapende anautuma mkono na kuruhusiwa. Anadanda. "Wazee hivi nani anaweza kumuamini Chekacheka? Yaani huu mwaka wa tatu anatudanganya kila siku. Sasa tukatae. Kama tume basi itumike tume yetu tusio na ufungamano na mshikamano na Li-siri-kali hili la urafiki na uanachama."
Mzee Mdomo anadandia mic. "Mzee mzima umepatia. Huwezi kumsafisha mtu kinyesi akiwa anaendelea kukikalia. Hatuwezi. Mkataba wa Guest House na Buzwagiro umetufumbua macho kuwa hawa watu wanatuona majuha na hawaaminiki. Jamaa alitwambia bila hata kuombwa angerekebisha mikataba na juzi juzi alisema kazi hii inakaribia kuisha. Sasa hii inayochunguzwa ni ipi?"
Mgosi anadandia. "Hata Ichimondi tiliambiwa na Takuu hakuna uchafu. Mbona sasa inaetwa ile ile au ni kutaka kutiibia kwa kujiipa njuuku zetu? Tikatae na tiandamane siyo tiishie kulia na kulaamika."
Makengeza naye hajivungi. "Turiwambia mkaona kama tunawadanganya. Hii iwe mala ya mwisho kunyamazia haya mazingaombwe.
“Mkuu mbona naye ana zigo lake kwenye list of shame. Akina Silaha wamegundua kuwa aliingia kwa rushwa tena kwa kuiba pesa yetu benki. Angekanusha au kuchunguzwa kwa hili badala ya kumwachia mbwa aunde tume ya kuchunguza aliyeiba nyama."
Mchunguliaji anadandia. "Mzee umenifikisha hapo. Tume imeundwa na mbweha, mbwa mwitu, vicheche, fisi na kondoo mmoja kabwela. Atawaweza wala nyama hawa wakati yeye ni mla majani?"
Mzee nadandia. "Huenda anataka kujifunza kula nyama aonje raha yake. Ila mwisho wa yote wataliwa watoto wake."
Msomi anaamua kutia timu baada ya kuona utaratibu wa mwenyekiti unadharauliwa.
Anaanza. "Wazee, maneno yenu ni mazito na ya kisomi kuliko wafata mkumbo wa Idodomya."
Kabla ya kuendelea Mbwa anaingilia. "Sisi ni wasomi kuliko wao maana hatuiuzi kaya yetu na watu wake, wakiwamo mama zetu kama wao."
Msomi anaendelea. "Uko sahihi. Mtu anaposaini mkataba wa miaka kwa kuangalia tumbo lake, anawatwisha mzigo wajao baada ya sisi kupita.
“Huyu ni muuaji wa waliopo, waliopita na wajao. Hii ni aina mpya ya ukoloni tena mchafu kuliko ule wa Mwingereza, Mreno na Mfaransa."
Kabla ya kuendelea simu inaita. "Yap. That’s pretty right. These guys are goofing thinking we too will keep on goofing and fluffing likewise."
Aliongea ung’eng’e mgumu kwa muda mrefu halafu akamaliza na kuendelea na mhadhara.
"Jamaa yangu wa chuo kikuu alikuwa akinieleza wasomi wanavyopanga kulaani kamati hii."
Kabla ya kuendelea Mzee Maneno anadakia. "Unaona. Kweli sisi ni wasomi hata kama hatukufika sokondari na chuo cha Manzese."
Msomi akiwa anatabasamu anaendelea. "Ni kweli mzee wangu. Usomi wa kuibia umma siyo usomi bali ujambazi unaoitwa usomi. Huu siyo usomi ni usumu. Tukirejea kwenye upuuzi huu, je Chekacheka ana udhu wa kutosha kuunda kamati adilifu? Ni nani anaweza kuukata mkono unaomlisha.
“Mbona juzi juzi mwenzao tena wakiwa kijiweni aliwapa kavu kavu kuwa wote wameingia mle kwa rushwa isipokuwa yeye ingawa alikosea kusema na Lwasha."
Anakatua shata lake na kupiga tama mbili tatu za tangawizi na kujikakamua na kuendelea.
"Huwa najiuliza mantiki ya kutoa tenda kubwa tena ya nchi kwa kampuni ya mfukoni kama Richmonduli! Je, hapa tunayemsaka ni yule yule anayejifanya kusimamia msako?
“Watazungusha na mizengwe siku moja wataumbuka. Viumbe hawa ni wagumu kujifunza. Yaani anavyohangaika na kuaibika Ben Tunituni Makapi halijawa somo tosha! Siku zilizopita mlimsikia mkuu wa kijiweni bungeni akikiri kuwa alikurupuka. Anangoja nini ofisini? Kiongozi anayekurupuka hafai hata kuingia ofisi ya umma. Alikurupuka ili iweje?"
Mbwa anajibu. "Hujui mshiko unakurupusha. Huoni madereva wa daladala wanavyokurupuka usiku na kukimbiza magari kama wanakwenda kujinyonga ili kupata pesa?"
"Kwa maana nyingine unamaanisha kukurupuka ni fumbo la imani, Kristo alikufa, Kristo alifufuka?"
"Kumbe sasa," anachomekea mzee Maneno.
Tuliunda kamati chini ya wenyekiti wa Mpayukaji Katibu Msomi na wajumbe wote.
Tukiwa tunajiandaa kuendelea kutoa hadidu za rejea, wapiga debe walianzisha ugomvi wa kugombea nauli, tukatimua mbio.

Tuesday 20 November 2007

We laughed at them:they're laughing at us!

In 60s, shortly after our indepecence, there was a lampoon between Kenyans and Tanzanians. On the one hand, Six years after independence we determinedly ushered in Arusha Declaration of socialism and self reliance. Equality, national ownership of means of production, self-reliance and total manumission of Africa became our main and noble vector as a nation. And indeed we did a tremendous job to emancipate many African countries especially in South African region thanks to rara avis JK Nyerere.

Kenya on the other hand, embarked on western capitalism- right away from the day go of her independence- under which equality of human beings is utopia even bulimia.
From these two paradigms, Kenyans Rhapsodically picked on us and called us a society of man eating nothing. Tanzanians did not take the punch without firing back at the same tempo: coined their quid pro quo. They called Kenya as the society of man eats man. In Swahili it is: a society of Nyang’au or gibbons!

I still remember one radio presenter, asking his audience: which country where everybody owns a car. They used to reply: Tanzania just because we’re wearing tire-shoes famously as Katambuga. Thence we were a time capsule in the region for every body to laugh at!
As the fate had it, everybody among these two countries, used to look down on the other so as to air his vendetta!

Now 15 years after Zanzibar masquerade (Declaration) silently killed the Arusha one, Tanzanians, against the odds, are a society of man steal and vends everything and everybody including his own mother! It is facing decadency and decaying faster, way faster than one would expect!

Tanzanians used to take capitalism as cruelty and exploitative. Where are they today? They are more political "animalistic" and cannibalistic as far as one person vending another’s soul and body than even the Kenyans they used to call gibbons. If Kenyans were gibbons, Tanzanians are currently devils. Ask me why. Kenyans we used to laugh at, at least have something to show as the product of their paradigm whereas Tanzanians have something to regret for after some few devils-cum buggers miserably vended every mineral, animals, logs, banks, corporate, parastatals and what not for their own selfish interests!

Whereas in Kenya big cheeses or other government officials suspected for wrong doing are shown the door, in Tanzania, the same are, regrettably, heavily protected so as the whole government to illegally and shamelessly move to rural areas to white wash the stinking dirty! Refer to what happened when Dr. Chris Murungaru, David Mwiraria and Kiraitu Murungi the allies and inner sanctum of Kibaki were implicated in Anglo-leasing scam.
They were sacked not sacred or spared as it is-in Tanzania currently- whereby many ministers including their boss the president are implicated in many felonious deals. They are still "tanuaing"! Ask them what we should expect. No one knows. It is like putting the finger in the wind hoping to bet well! Wananchi, Boot all looters out please. Do the right thing.

The Kenyans we used to regard as ones hating each other, to the contrary, for the love of their country, are able to use our tanzanite for the good of their country whilst our Judas are busy plundering in lieu of protecting our resources!

Whilst Kenya is becoming an economic hub and power house in the region, sadly Tanzania is becoming a playing ground and a rosy bed for political and economic predators!

Kenyans we used to hate do not hate us. They allow us- especially those living in/going to/coming from Lake region- to use their roads despite having mad drivers!

Kenyans we used to regard as shrewd especially their leaders do not hide their wealth like ours! Kenyans we took of being hyena like are well organized so as to fire their lion like corrupt rulers. In contrast Tanzanians can not fire theirs!

The Kenyans -we used to regard as egoistic- are able to export their form four failures to teach our so-called international schools and academies!

These -very Kenyans we used to hate- can come to our country and buy our produce whilst when we export them ourselves they don’t buy them!
Kenyans have much more love to their country than Tanzanians. Some thugs are able to come and rob our banks so as to invest at home. Good enough, they are even helped by the Tanzanians who used to call them thieves and selfish!

While Tanzanians are entangled and stranded in skullduggery and turpitude -with no known definition- Kenyans are flying and reaping the rewards of their comprehendible capitalism! Ask Tanzanians to define the type of policy governing them. Phew! Disgusting!

We used to nag Kenyans for choosing old guards as presidents. Ask us with our young Turks. What do we benefit for having young blood which is best at pushing us down to purgatory? What anathema!

Let’s go to the facts. Kenyans we accused of "hyenaism" and egoism know what they’re doing whilst Tanzanian currently suffering from myopia and systemic political cannibalism do not know their fateful future! How can they know with all this nihilism,vacuity, uppity and vacuum?
We used to fear them. But presently we fear ourselves more than we used to do to them!

Good Kenyans we used to hate, smartly used to sell to us their imperial soaps and Rivertex khangas when we had none. Though at inflated and hiked price, they did milk us. Contrary now, we are selling them our farm produce at throw away price! While Kenyans can nicely guard their border posts, we are abusively letting ours being used as conduit for evading tax. Ask the junior minister for East African white elephant Cooperation what befell him at Sirari in September. He was treated like a gawk despite being a mheshimiwa! Did you hear the government file any note of discomfiture? Thubutu!

We’re living in a society of suppressioveri! We pretend to love each other whilst the truth is: we hate each other! The enemy who tells you; I am your sworn enemy" is better than the one who pretend to be your hubris. Ours have sedated us –with sweet words- so as to mistakenly regard them as our saviors while they are our slayers!

Whereas Kenyans were able to pay their retirees -formerly employees of defunct East African Community decades ago- ours are dying without seeing even a dime! Trust me. Many have died without seeing even the office of the pay master. But again many swindlers are still in offices plundering even more!

On top of the pensions of those innocent creatures, they’re expediently selling and squandering our resources so as to make our country poorer and poorer. Albeit having all types of riches, we lagging behind when affluent societies are mentioned! Is it a curse or what?

Tanzanians who were taught equality and humanity, are currently facing insurmountable gulfs and disparities among themselves. To get a dissent person in high places is but a rare commodity. It is a no-brainer sort of squalid situation even animals can sense! It is as difficult as finding a needle in the mountain of hay! What is going on is hypocrisy a la mizengwe. Hither is where cannibalism, ufisi, nihilism, hopelessness, uselessness you name it, come in.

Nonetheless Kenya is not spared of larcenous rulers, the difference it makes, though, is the fact that Kenyan rulers do not act like rat. They openly invest and employ people in their projects. They even pay taxes for their businesses and their properties are known to the general public. They are able to save their Kenya Commerce Bank which has branches in Tanzania. Where is our National Bank of Commerce, that we tomfoolery and madly offered to Boers? Ask Tanzanian ones. Every body will flip flop and come up with bull-and-cock and other wishy-washy tales!
Guys, the guys we used to goofily scorn and holler at are now heartedly laughing at us! What a shame! Shame, shame on you!
What do we do? What do I know? Ni wega muno.

Monday 19 November 2007

Guys, goof not like the government

Everyday almost all media are pregnant with big stories on corruption in our country. This time the formation of the so-called Commettee for reviewing contracts on investments has become an in-thing. This committee may turn out to send Kabwe into committing policical suicide. As the fate would have it, this story is nothing and about nothing except road shows and window dressing.

This government seems to be superficially humble as if it means business! Though I am living far, far away from home, one friend of mine had nothing to tell me except this macabre committee! Among others, this guy was delighted just because the PM, Edward Lowassa assured the general public that his government will comply with the commette! How many time have they promised grandiose things knowingly they have no intention of fulfilling!

This guy, somewhat, is a goon. You may wonder why? Instead of looking at the substance and the truth of the note, he was chest beating, thumbs up, saying at least now the government has succumbed before people’s noises! Has it succumbed or fooled you?

I told him that clarifying or forming this mockery is not a big deal. Instead the big deal is to stop the bad guys who steal our tax money under whatever pretext including the formation of commissions and committees. I insisted that for a common man what matters is to see social services improved and realized.

If anything, this government would not like to see its dirty linens washed on the agora. Given that the current regime was regarded as a quick-fixer of all problems our people were facing, whenever any weakness surfaces, its echo is likely to be huge and widespread.

There is no doubt that there are reports that our government crossed the line regarding how, when and why to spend our money or enter some agreements. Some analysts are blaming this on oil guzzlers whose number and how much they siphon they know. To them oil guzzlers are yet another cementery for a common poor man on the streets.

Others are blaming it on the whole laissez-faire system in which government officials can spend whatever amount of taxpayer’s money or fabricate whatever dubious deals as pleased while the economy of many families is falling into pieces. When all this macabre acts are going on, our sick shilling is cascading down at a rocket speed!

Others are blaming over expenditure on ghost deals cut by corrupt officials whose business in whatever project is ten per cent cut. The famous one being Richmond which also in this may saw a clean bill of health as it was in the hurly-burly byPCCB. Some people are asking as to when PCCB acquired such stature and powers to look into government business as opposed to the norm. We still remember vividly how the Parliament was humiliatingly barred from venturing into this scam.

Now that it is open that our government has spent more than we allowed it to, should we dig deeper in our pockets to pay tax to an irresponsible government without assuring us that this hellish and foolish act will never repeat? Who finances these pseudo-committees? You and I of course.

If indeed one killer point regarding our bad books of finance is huge government is considered, why doesn’t our president do something about it, I mean, trim some of its branches? It is right time that we talk about having a very small but effective and responsible government. For currently the world has changed. Many developed countries consider the government for economic opportunities for the majority instead of political affiliation which award a few people officers opportunities to print and mint money. I don’t mean that this is the only reason of having such huge government in a poor country like ours. But again, may be, it can be one of the reasons probable for our system to change.

The government has nothing to worry about. What it needs to do is to show the people that it too opposes and hates stealing and squandering our hard earned money. How? Simple. You arrest all punks behind this sacrilege and deliver them before the judge and wait to see him doing his part. So simple if the government will understand what I mean here.

Why should a good name of our government be tarnish just because some jackanapes spent our money on their nyumba ndogo and other gadgets which in essence are useless and harmful to them?

If I were President Jakaya Kikwete, I would never budge or wait. Why should I if at all those guys who swindled our money are known as they even know themselves? I would not budge because I would show the people how tired I am as far as allegations about mtandao and technical know-who are concerned.For it is through these creatures some big robberers get away with it.

I would not wait for I promised to give people paradise not hell they think now I am giving them.

I would never care. For I as president I am not that sick to steal petty cashes while even my wife’s NGO has more money than that.

So looking at the above reasons, the government is crucifying itself unnecessarily. They are many Tanzanians on earth. If the villains and culprits are jailed, there is a pool of them where the government can fish others for replacement.

There are those guys blaming the president for his trips abroad. These guys need to be told to their face that without global trotting, dining and winning top shooters and rain makers in European capitals, there will be no msaada.

First of all, people who think the government has miss-used their resources are wrong. In actual fact the money the authorities mess-use belongs to the donors who do not care whether the money is well used of mess-used.

So the government should get out of it cocoon and tell those guys daring it to stop miss-use what they call people’s money to stop their nonsense. It is not foolish to spend madafu money whilst it has all channels to make hard currencies under its disposal.

The accusers do not know that essentially what the government needs from them so as to make money is only votes. There are the local papers which translate into big deals in which huge amount of money is printed. So people should not accuse their good government of misappropriating any money. Their tax money is safer. How can the government spend such money while the money itself is not accepted abroad? Doing this is but goofing like the government has done by forming a goofy committee for "reviewing" contracts whilst the loss has already been made. Fire those punks behind those stinky things then think what to do in lieu of braggadacios and bugaboos.

Hosta entonces

Facing corruption head on.

Brouhahas, rigmarole, denials, altercations, accusations, dicta, lies and what not are still highly looming in our country. Hue and cries are heard. What we wrongly thought to be a passing cloud has immovably clung onto and hovered above our politics! Wananchi are at hammer and tongs to see to it kinajulikana. They crave to know which’s which and who’s who in this tremulous turmoil.

The country is dichotomized-in the on-going allegations of corruption- between those who deny and defend especially in the upper echelons of powers, those whose stand against it as the result of their political affiliation and those living like kine (cows)- their opposition is geared by their melancholic lives. The mwananchi is confused and needs right and reasonable answers. For, in this game of elephants, he is the one that suffers much. It is indeed hecatomb to mwananchi whose money and resources are abused and misused altogether.

There are those who support the government. It is made by their party despite the muggy live they’re living! Others oppose. Because they are in the opposition. Others -especially rural dwellers- are even neutral! It is not because they are foolish or ignorant. They have -for decades- been left out of the business of governing the so-called their country!

In facing corruption, today, I would like to address Buzwagi scandal. For, it still has a couple of potholes which need to be bunged up. We’re told there was nothing illegal even unusual in its signing! Why are we re-opening books on the same if what we were told was true? I think it is a first multibillion contract to be unusually signed in the hotel in the city where we have embassy.Was it sign there (not in the embassy) for fear of perching eyes? Was there any person (s) who did not like the public to know he was there? Who is this person and why didn’t he want us to know? We need to know this person and why he did hide himself and avoid using our embassy to do business of the government.

We know. Nazir Mustapha Karamagi, the minister responsible, is a signatory. Who else was with him? Where was the Prime minister (kingpin), who is the second head of goverment when this contract was entered in? Was he at home or abroad in a neighboring country?Due to the information circulating on-line and partly touched by one Mwanahalisi Weekly, it came to light that one of the top most senior officers of the government-Edward Lowassa, secretly attended the signing of the contract and he did not want the general public to know he did due to his hand in other ghost deals. Should we pooh-pooh these revelations as rumors as the authorities firstly did in the first scandals reminiscent to the recurring BoT and other multibillion-conduits-cum scandals which later turned to be true? Where was the president on the day this contract was signed? Was he at home or abroad even in a neighboring country or in the country?Can our embassies wherever the president or premier was adduce the time tables of these two officials and the activities they were doing?

I am not intending to bring in the vice president. He is not mentioned in the list of shame. The guy is clean so to speak. I am discussing the duo (president and premier). Because they featured high in the list of shame and they are human beings employed by -and accountable to- wananchi among whom I am one. So I don’t hope them to become pugnacious in accepting this. After all they are the government. Can the general public be told of where these two officials were and what their passports say about the material day the contentious and dubious contract was signed?Can those responsible check the records of Churchill hotel where the said thing was signed on the material day? Can they check some banks in London if there was any money stashed there?

If we smartly deal with Buzwagi contract, we can unveil what forced the minister to sign the contract in the hotel and not in the embassy as per standard procedure. For those still remember how the polonium-210- related death of former KGB agent, Alexander (Sasha) Litvinenko in London in 2006, the method MI6 and Scotland Yard used to trace the killer, can help us to crack this puzzle. My take on this is: if the general public still thinks the whole and true story is untold yet, we should then hire Scotland Yard to do this. Why did Karamagi sign the contract in Britain? Is it true that he was there for other businesses than THAT of signing the contract? What does his time table say? What was his mission to Britain apart from that of signing contract which he said was imminently by the way? Did he go on his volition or of the other party (Barrick)? Who was jockeying this road show on this material day between Karamagi and Barrick?

The general public need to know -after the president they expected to take right actions against corruption- caught cold feet. So if he does not want to act, he too should be investigated especially in the business he and his premier were doing on the material day the contract was signed.Why didn’t the parliament want to know such details and facts about Karamagi’s presence in London that coincidentally happen to "collide" with the signing? If we go back to the versions Karamagi and Barrick gave about why it was inevitable to sign the same abroad, are they consistent?

Quering goes on. Did the parliament corroborate these two versions? But who still have confidence in the Bunge which is busy playing bungee? Who can trust the Bunge which convene as party committee to slaughter all bills which have no benefit to the party? Barrick said: if the contracted were entered, there would be negative impact on our economy and reputation to attract investors! But when did Barrick become government machinery so as to be a spokesperson of its?As for, Karamagi he said point blank: Lazima kuchangamkia wawekezaji!There is a very vital question that has never been answered: why did he sign the new contract before reviewing the much complained about old ones-which recently were thrown to the agora again for the same purpose of "reviewing"?

People still wonder! They want to know: how minerals, precious and hard ones, can be accorded treatments worth tomatoes and bananas which go bad quickly? What does this unnecessary hurry tell or imply?Are our minerals so much useless and valueless that they are accorded such desperate treatments? What is it rotten between our minerals and the brains that make them look like trash?By averring that the above officials be investigated should not be taken as targeting anybody.

There are the like of Thomas son of Dydimus who asked Jesus to show him his wounds so that he could believe. Doing this inflates a keg powder in that: it quenches public thirsty for the truth. Who is like Jesus today to doubt why he is doubted? After all, they promised us to be our servants not our masters. They promised accountability and transparency for both sides. We thus fulfill our duty as they do theirs.We need to quench palpable thirsty of the silent public which- as experience shows, when they get tired- can turn tables against anybody. The jeering and agitations reported recently during the "explanation of the budget" should act as reminder for us. And by answering above murky questions about the business of those two officials- which in essence they do on our behalf- we’ll be giving them defense shall time come to for everybody to be counted as it is currently in the case of former president, Benjamin Mkapa in which case some quarters are contemplating to sue.

Again rulers should never rely much on the current powers they command, we can amend our constitution and they can surely find themselves in the purgatory on earth.Who thought Mkapa would become deaf and enfant like so as to depend on the mercy of his junior president to let him off hooks? This is not a good situation for our former presidents to be in. To avoid this embarrassment for the nation, something has to be done. And this is nothing but to create the environment of check and balance in whatever we shall suspect irrespective of the "size" of the office of the person.

We thus urgently need to unravel these mysterious deals creating headaches to our nation while others are making bombs without toiling. Of necessity, it must be our tall order to see to it that we do away from this awkward situation. Mkapa’s tribulations must be an eye-opener. Though the man is not telling us, he wishes he should have heeded the calls by his critics especially when the macabre Net solution group scandal -involving his relatives surfaced. He’s been cornered and squared-off suffering alone whilst those who used him and benefited are safely and coolly enjoying their time and loots!

Off cuff- What does the government say with regards to the recently revealed rip-off of BoT at the time shortly before the 2005 general elections? Instead of catching a cardiac arrests, the government needs to come clean and be counted if at all it still has any legality to rule our country (not misrule and ruin it).

Tolerating corruption and liability outfits is as perilous as dancing with the devil. In the end there will be casualties. Who deserves or wants this?

By the way, why should we die of poverty while some few are chopping our dollars? It can’t be. Can it be? What do I know? Let’s think up.

Saturday 17 November 2007

Aren’t we guilty of institutionalizing and legalizing this anathema?

Looking at awe-inspiring bigwigs smilingly strutting on podia or daises to dish out big sums of money to contribute to whatever project, one can think: they love the development and well being of receivers (poor wananchi)! Sadly, even wananchi swallow this megalomania hook, line and sinker! How many times have you read, witnessed even heard of so-and-so and who’s who in your area, government, church even mosque coughing a huge sum of money as contribution?

More to the point, you’ll see beaming faces: all 32 out smiling and cheering this one minute- pity piety! There is a couple of question, among many, to be pondered upon.
How many do doubt even question why them and at this time in front of cameras and media? Why today-when they have powers- not before? How did they make such money? Is it clean or dirty money? Do they pay tax and stuffs like that?

Presently however, it is like an in-thing to hear somebody-especially the high and mighty, generously, contributing to some public projects. This is not bad: shall it be done genuinely with legally untainted money and resources.

But sadly again, we need to be a little bit wary even tough. For some of those -so generously donating to our projects- are the same goons implicated in molesting and plundering our country.

By and large surely, we need to put our rulers to task on this. For example, you’ll hear: certain minister and his wife even friends have donated six-figure sums to school or church project. You sometimes wonder! Aren’t these spineless tycoons bribing us institutionally? What pains even more is the fact that even religious leaders-whose houses are supposed to be holy and exemplary-, are good fans of this abominable disgrace and robbery!

There is this tainted money I frankly hate. It is taunted one so-called Kikwete’s millions. Have we ever asked Kikwete how he made this money he is robustious dishing out or why now not then? Is it his as Kikwete a person or president, as an institution? If it is given by president as an institution, then, why should it be called Kikwete’s millions in lieu of Presidential fund? Is this act of ridiculing us a solution of itself a problem? How many will it jump start compared to providing worthy services to the whole populace?

Isn’t this money used to bribe us for future political gains of the donor? If he be it president or person, has stonewalled himself against our noises on corruption: how can he love the same guys he ignores?

Going back to the ministers and who’s who, where do they get this money? We need to know. For, we asked them to declare their wealth. Sadly they have kept on ping pong or -purposely for reasons known to themselves- have opted torpidly to pooh- pooh us!

Isn’t this institutional corruption that we are desperately legalizing whether intentionally or otherwise?

I sometimes wonder. How can a thuggee who surreptitiously does not want to disclose say what is in the contracts he feloniously signed on our behalf to love us so as to generously contribute! They think: bribing us, we will respect them. Financially they are giants alright. But morally they are pygmies. They are shining out like graves whereas they are rotten inside. Isn’t this beast in beauty?

I still wonder: how such a person can have any sense of real love! Go to his or her office asking for certain information vital for the public. He or she will slam the door on your face!
Go again when he or she has a nasty side of hers or his exposed and the media has not yet smelt it. You’ll be given the "envelope" full of dosh conditionally that the news should never see the light.

The same guy blocks or tarry the formation of the independent commission to probe Richmond and other sacrileges!

Like chameleon, this type of spices has the members who are smart at changing colors. The other day he will stammer and vomit something undesirable. Quote and report him rightly and accurately. The following: he jumps even if what he does so is a smoking gun! Your entire meticulous job all of the sudden is turned into twaddle!

Dwelling on the same suspicious love, truly, it is too good to be true.
This reminds me of fund raising jamborees during the ruksa era of Mzee Ali Hassan Mwinyi. Many Indian business persons used to exuberantly buy his everything at super exorbitant prices! They were ready to buy even his leso irrespective of his sweat or mucus! Millions were printed in this gimmick. But later it came to light that many of those buying Mwinyi’s everything did even evade paying tax or sought even favors by the back door!

This reminds me of an episode of a shrewd guy who slaughtered a dog. He fried in perfectly and fed its meat to the dogs! Dogs enjoyed the meal and praised it without knowing: they were eating their colleague! These are beasts.

Some religious authorities have it: when you give even the left hand should not know what the right one has offered.

I don’t think the guy who can rig elections or votes has love for those whose rights he tramps and tramples on. I don’t think: the guy who pumps lies to the public to have any love whatsoever. No this is absurd and smattering!

Neither shall I trust this love of the pluralism nor the aid by the same guy who can go to parliament to set aside big salary for himself whilst giving leap service to workers’ genuine demands.

I don’t think the MP who sleeps amidst crucial parliamentary sessions so as to awake when per diem is paid to have any gist of love to anybody so as to dish out the same money he illegally receives.

Guess what. If you invite these smart chaps and tell them the media will be banned -on the occasion of fund raising- they will never show up. Why they should: if at all the wretch of the world will not see and taste their "generosity and love" for the same people they fail badly?

What makes things even worse is the fact that these same guys are the same, same guys who head and man failed governments, ministries, departments, sectors and what not. Ask why are they a failure? Simple, corruption ate them up!

Hither is where the jigsaw is cracked. "The office you’re abusing and ruining -mind you- belongs to the same people you pretend to love." Even poverty that facilitates the commission of this crime is the results of wrong doings and imposed desperation.

If we do them justice by asking what the recipient would like between our "show-offish" ochlocracy and fulfilling our duties diligently, indeed, they would opt for the latter.

Though we may think they appreciate our bagatelle contributions, the truth is they are accepting them due to necessity. We are buying them and corrupting them altogether which in simple terms is degrading and sabotaging them. That is-once again- the whole episode of the dog and the shrewd killer.

Let’s look at yet another episode of hypocrisy. One guy- a good womanizer of course- used to help another guy disguising as a true friend. This other guy loved and respected him very much. All of the sudden, he dolefully discovered that all goodies were on the expense of his dear wife (doll)! He speared him to death. He discovered he was robbed and degraded. Beware those doing the same. One day all stones will be turned and chances are tables will turn against you. Stop it. Si ujanja. Deliver what we agreed upon. Stop corrupting the nation.

If you care to love us, well and good, stamp out corruption even though it prints money for you.

It takes two to tango. Turning to the recipients who know they are degraded and robbed, you too have the role in this dirty game. Stop having simple dreams. They are the reasons why these big shots and rain makers take you for a ride. They know as you do. You can be bought with just peanuts compared to what they have already robbed from you. Never shall you expect responsible leaders if you are not responsible yourselves. In simple terms; you are condoning institutional corruption. But again you are losers. They are the gainers. Why should you-like fish-being fried with your own fat?

The school, mosque, church or whatever they use to bribe you: is supposed to be obtained from the same channels they illegally use to enrich themselves. Ponder on that. You’ll find that the same money you are given was printed either from your tax or resources. It is like allowing a thief to steal your waif like property from you and gift you the same. This is the venue of a chicken that lays eggs and be fed hard corn. The said chicken witnesses her eggs being eaten on the dinning table without resisting even complaining. You know what? The chicken has small brain that can never even fill a teaspoon.

Let it be heard and understood. If they really love us, let them treat us the same way they treat themselves. If they mean business, let them come clean on how they made the money they dish out to contribute for our projects.

In a nutshell, come on guys, we’re being made conspires in legalizing institutional corruption. We’re giving these spin masters carte Blanche which they fill in as they end up getting a lot, lots of money. Thereafter they feed us with dirty left-over. By and large, this is but an anathema Do we know and accept this? What do I know?
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Friday 16 November 2007

Wananchi pingeni Kamati ya kurekebisha Mikataba.

*Kabwe na wapinzani wamepewa kitanzi wajinyonge.
*Wananchi wameletewa kiini macho kingine.
*Kikwete hana udhu wa kuunda kamati ni mshiriki.

Nimesoma maoni ya watu mbali mbali waliohojiwa baada ya Rais Jakaya Kikwete kuteua kinachoitwa Kamati ya kuchunguza mikataba ya madini. Wengi licha ya kumuunga mkono, walionyesha kufurahishwa na hatua hii. Huenda hii ni kutokana na kuchoshwa na unyang'au na hasara vilivyosababishwa na neema hii inayoonekana kuwa balaa zaidi.
Kwa mtu ambaye amekuwa akifuatilia ahadi za Rais tangu aingie madarakani, atakubaliana nami kuwa aliwahi kuwahakikishia Wananchi kuwa:

Mosi serikali yake isingeingia mikataba mipya kabla ya kurekebishwa ya zamani. Ajabu na sikitiko ni kwamba ndani ya miezi miwili ya kutoa hakikisho hili, iligundulika kuwa mkataba mpya na balaa maarufu kama Buzwagi ulisainiwa kwenye nyumba ya kulala wageni huko London Uingereza.
Wengi wameeleza kuwa kusainiwa kwa mkataba huu nje si tatizo bali:
a) Kusainiwa nyumba ya wageni badala ya ubalozi.
b) Kufanywa siri ilhali anayesaini-serikali- hufanya hivyo kwa niaba ya wananchi ambao kimsingi walipaswa kutaarifiwa kilichomo.
c)Kusainiwa mkataba kwa masharti ya zamani ya kinyonyaji ambayo ndiyo hasa sababu ya kutakiwa kuwapo marekebisho ya mikataba yote.
d)Serikali kuonyesha wazi kujua kilichoko nyuma ya mkataba huu kuwa ni ufisadi wa watu wachache ambapo taarifa za hivi karibuni zilimkariri mwandishi wa waziri mkuu akimtetea Waziri Mkuu, Edward Lowassa, baada ya Gazeti moja kudai alikuwapo kwenye kutia saini mkataba huu na ndiyo maana ukasainiwa nje ya ubalozi ili kulinda usiri huu.

Pili, Rais alinakiriwa hivi karibuni wakati wa sakata la mkataba huu kufumka kiasi cha kusababisha Mbunge kusimamishwa, kuwa mikataba ilikuwa inakaribia kuisha kurekebishwa. Bahati mbaya hakutangaza kamati ya kufanya hivyo kama alivyofanya kwenye kamati hii tata japo inaonekana kushabikiwa.

Je Rais aliudanganya umma na kwanini? Je Rais anapodanganya anakuwa bado na uhalali wa kuendelea kuwa madarakani kwa kujenga taaswira ya mtu muongo na asiyemainika?
Kitu kingine ambacho kimsingi kinafanya nioneka kama anachofanya Rais ama ni kupitisha muda, kutapatapa, kurejea uongo au hata kutaka kuwaingiza wengine kwenye uchafu uliotamalaki kwenye serikali yake, ni ile tabia ya Kikwete kuwa na sura nyingi. Mfano Rais amekuwa hatekelezi ahadi alizojiwekea mwenyewe na ambazo ndizo zilizowashawishi wananchi kumchagua.
Je kwa kuunda Kamati ndilo jibu? Je Kamati itafanya kazi yake vizuri na kutoka na suluhu ilhali watuhumiwa waliosababisha iwepo haja ya kurekebisha Mikataba bado wako maofisini wakiharibu na kuficha ushahidi?

Wananchi wamezugwa na kuteuliwa kwa Mbunge wa Kigoma Kaskazini, Zuberi Kabwe ambaye naye ameonekana kushabikia na kuuingia mtego huu! Je Kabwe peke yake atafua dafu miongoni mwa Makada wa CCM? Je Kabwe ana utaalamu gani wa Mikataba hata Madini? Je huku siyo kutaka kumnyamazisha kwa kumpa ulaji? Je kama yeye ndiye alikuwa mlalamikaji katika sakata zima hadi kusimamishwa kuhudhuria vikao, inaingia akilini mlalamikaji awe kwenye jopo la Majaji au wachunguzi? Ushahidi muhimu ambao amekuwa anadai anao atautoa kwenye jukwaa lipi? Kwanini Rais ambaye naye licha ya kutuhumiwa kufaidika na ufisadi uliosababisha kusainiwa Mikataba feki-akijizungushia Marafiki zake anaowakingia kifua-anafaa vipi kuunda Kamati asiwe na ushawishi? Je ni vigezo gani ametumia kuunda Kamati hii? Kwanini Kamati isiundwe na Bunge au hata kutokana na makubaliano ya Vyama vya siasa, Mashirika yasiyo ya kiserikali, Wanataaluma, Watu binafsi na wananchi kwa ujumla? Je hapa haki kweli itapatikana?
Maswali ni mengi kuliko majibu.

Kwa mtu anayejua usiri, ujanja ujanja, ulaghai na kulindana, Kamati hii haitakuja na jipya zaidi ya kuja na kiini macho kama cha Takuru cha kuwasafisha Mafisadi walioko nyuma ya uchafu wa Richmond ambao sasa umezuka upya.

Kwa mfano wakati gazeti la Mwanahalisi lilipokuja na tuhuma kuwa Waziri Mkuu alikuwapo wakati wa kusainiwa Mkataba wa Buzwagi naye akakanusha, ungefanyika uchunguzi haraka kubaini ukweli ni upi? Na kwanini karibu kila kashfa Waziri Mkuu anahusishwa hata kama anakana na bado anaendelea kukaa madarakani tena bila kuchunguzwa?

Suala la Waziri Mkuu linaingizwa humu kutokana na kuhusishwa na Mikataba ya Richmond na Buzwagi. Na huyu ndiye mshauri na msaidizi wa Rais anayesimamia utendaji wa kila siku wa serikali. Je kwa mtu kama huyu kuachiwa bila kuchunguzwa au hata kutimuliwa siyo kufanya viini macho?
Kama Kamati inataka kuwasaidia Watanzania kutafuta suruhu yafuatayo yafanyike.
a)Vitolewe vigezo vya kuunda Kamati hii ambayo inapaswa kuwa huru na isiundwe na Rais. Rejea kilichotokea kwa tume za Jaji Joseph Warioba na Robert Kisanga zilipokuja na mapendekezo na findings zilizomkera Rais.
b) Waliosababisha kusainiwa Mikataba hii na wale wote walioshiriki kwa njia moja au nyingine waondolewe ofisini ili kuchunguzwa vizuri. Mfano Mawaziri kama Andrew Chenge, Nazir Karamagi, Ibrahim Msabaha, Edward Lowassa, Basil Mramba,Juma Ngasongwa na wale wote walikuwa kwenye Cabinet ya Mkapa walioko kwenye ya sasa wafukuzwe ili haki itendeke.
c)Zitolewe hadidu za rejea za kamati husika, mipaka yake, nguvu zake kisheria na vitu kama hivi.
c)Iundwe na wataalamu wa Madini na sheria badala ya Wanasiasa ambao ni hao hao walifanya uzembe au kuendekeza tamaa zao hadi nchi ikaingia kwenye zahama. Hawa tunaowashabikia kuwa wana Kamati ni wale wale wanaoshinda na kukesha Dodoma kwenye vikao vya Bunge wakitaniana na kutumiana ujumbe mfupi wa simu. Namaanisha wanajuana na wanaweza kulindana.

Kwanini serikali hiyo hiyo inayotuhumiwa iwe ndiyo Mpelelezi, Hakimu, Shahidi na hata Askari wa Mahakama? Je Kikwete haoni anajipinga? Maana juzi juzi amekaririwa akiwatuhumu wapinzani kuwa vyote katika yote wakati naye ni yote katika yote. Au alikuwa ana-preempty alichokuwa anadhamiria kukifanya kwa kujijengea mazingira? Pia ifahamike kuwa wengi wa Wajumbe wa Kamati hii tunayoishabikia ni wale wale wanaokwamisha karibu kila Miswada yenye maslahi kwa umma wakisimamia upande wa serikali ya chama chao-Rejea ukaaji kama Kamati ya Chama kuhujumu miswaada muhimu. Je hawa wameokoka lini? Je hawa hawatakwenda kulinda chama na serikali yao ambavyo kimsingi ndiyo vijiko na mashamba ya ulaji wao? Kwa ufupi ni kwamba tunapeleka kesi ya tumbili kwa nyani au ya kasa kwa kobe hata mashitaka ya nundu ya ng'ombe kwa ngamia. Ni ujuha kiasi gani?

d) Kipengele kingine muhimu ni kuhusu mbunge Kabwe. Kama mikataba ina walakini ukiwamo na wa Buzwagi, je Kabwe na Wananchi anaowawakilisha hawakuonewa kwa adhabu aliyopewa na usumbufu uliojitokeza?

e) Je tume ina kinga na mamlaka yapi dhidi ya kuingiliwa na Rais au hata Mawaziri? Ina mamlaka yapi kumfikisha mtuhumiwa mbele yake na hakikisho lipi kuwa mapendekezo yake hayataishia yalipoishia ya tume tajwa hapo juu? Tunaleta siasa kwenye mambo ya kitaaluma!

Tukirejea kwenye ithibati ya Rais na serikali yake ambayo imeonekana kuwa na soft stand on corruption, je ilichofanya siyo kupora madaraka toka kwa wananchi ili kuweza kujisafisha haraka ili kurejesha imani ya wananchi? Hii ni sawa na kituko cha kumuondoa John Malecela kwenye umakamu kwa vile ni Mzee na kumteua mzee tena mwenye umri kama wake!
Kwanini kwanza Rais asibanwe akaeleza ni kwanini aliudanganya umma akijua wazi kuwa kufanya hivyo ni kinyume cha sheria? Kwanini tusiwaulize wananchi wanamhukumuje kwa jinai hii? Pia kwanini waziri mkuu asibanwe naye akaeleza ukweli ni upi badala ya kuridhika na kanusho ambalo kwa wanasiasa ni jambo la kawaida? Rejea Kikwete kuwashambulia wapinzani na kesho yake kusema alikaririwa vibaya.

Je tume hii ya Rais isiyo na meno wala uhalali inachunguza mikataba hii ili iweje? Hasara ambayo tumeishaingia inawekwa upande gani na nani atawashughulikia wahalifu waliotenda jinai hii iwapo kwa mfano rais alishasema wazi kuwa hana mpango wa kuwashughulikia. Rejea sakata zima la Mkapa mkewe, wanae na marafiki zake kwenye kujiingiza kwenye uhujumu wa taifa hadi kuibuka na makampuni kama ANBEN, Fosnik, Tanpower.

Nani anategemea tume iwe huru na stahiki iwapo Rais mwenyewe akiwa Waziri wa mambo ya nchi za nje alishiriki moja kwa moja kuidhinisha na kupigia chepuo mikataba hii? Rejea kusainiwa kwa mkataba wa ovyo wa IPTL chini ya wizara aliyokuwa akiisimamia rais mwenyewe-wakati ule. Tuuchukulie kama mfano mwongozo. Je utakapoletwa mezani kujadiliwa Mkataba wa IPTL unaojulikana kuwa na wino wa Kikwete mwenyewe, wateule aliowateua kwa sababu na masharti anayojua mwenyewe wataweza kumshughulikia ilhali ndiyo amewapa ulaji huu? Je hapa hayatarejea yale yale ya Remmy Ongala: zinaibiwa shilingi mia, inaundwa kamati ya kuchunguza na kula laki?

Kama tumeamua kurekebisha Mikataba hii ya jinai, yafuatayo yafanyike:
Mosi iundwe na watu huru wasiowajibika kwa serikali wala yeyote bali taifa.
Pili iundwe na Wataalamu na siyo wanasiasa.
Tatu waliohusika kwa njia yoyote kwanza watimuliwe wakingojea kuadhibiwa bila kujali vyeo vyao au ukaribu wao kwa Rais.
Nne, kamati ifanye shughuli zake wazi wazi kila mwananchi kushuhudia kinachoendelea. Ifanye kazi kama Mahakama zetu zinavyofanya kazi ili haki ionekane ikitendeka badala ya utaratibu uliozoelekea wa kujifungia kwenye Mahoteli ya kifahari na kugawana mishiko.
Ushauri: Kabwe angekataa kuwa mjumbe wa kamati kwa vile ni mdai na ana ushahidi muhimu unaopaswa kutolewa kwa kamati huru ukiwa na ulinzi wa kisheria. Kama atapuuzia ajue wazi kuwa ushahidi wake utachukuliwa na kuharibiwa na baadaye utamrudi mwenyewe kiasi cha kuharibu kazi yote pevu iliyokwishafanyika.
Kitu kingine kwa uadui na madhara aliyosababishia serikali na walioko nyuma ya jinai hii-ambao ni wazito na wana ushawishi- akae chonjo anaweza kuundiwa hata rushwa ili wammalize. Anything can happen. Asiwe kama panya kuuawa na uroho wa kula punje ya karanga.
Hitimisho, Kikwete wala serikali yake kwa viwango vyovyote vinavyoingia akilini hana udhu wala nia ya kuunda kamati ya kuchunguza uchafu wake na wenzake. Hii ni danganya toto na janja ya kuwamaliza akina Kabwe. Alichofanyiwa Kabwe na upinzani kwa ujumla ni sawa na mtu anayenuka harufu ya chooni kukukaribisha mkaongelee chooni. Utatoka na harufu mbaya ushindwe kumcheka wala kumbaini kuwa ananuka. Ingekuwa ni amri yangu, ningependekeza uitishwe uchaguzi mpya. Maana serikali imeshindwa vibaya sana. Haijulikani ni ya nani kati ya Wananchi na Mafisadi.
Mungu ibariki Tanzania.

Wednesday 14 November 2007

Tutake tusitake nchi imo kwenye wakati mugumu

KWANZA nawasalimia na kuwapa pole kwa matatizo yanayotupata, ambayo kimsingi si mapenzi ya Mwenyezi Mungu, bali watawala wetu.

Kwanza nitoe pole kwa Waislamu waliofunga mwezi mtukufu wa Ramadhani katika kipindi kigumu, ambako bei za vitu hasa futari ni kaa la moto na chanzo cha mahangaiko makubwa. Najua Ramadhani ni nguzo muhimu. Muumini hupaswa kujitenga na dunia akimsabihi Mola na kutafakari maisha yake ya kimwili na kiroho.

Japo wanaoshiba walitushauri tuwe tunapeana hongera kwa kazi, nawapeni pole. Ni kwa sababu kazi nyingi mnazofanya hamzifaidi kama kikundi cha watu wachache kinavyofaidi jasho na damu yenu. Nitawapa hongera kwa vipi iwapo mmekuwa mashahidi wa ufisadi unaonuka na kutisha? Sina mshipa wala kiburi cha kuwatukana tusi hili.

Leo nimelazimika kubadili mfumo wa kuwasiliana nanyi. Badala ya kuandika makala jumla, nimeamua kuandika barua lenga. Ni katika kujaribu kukumbushana wajibu wetu kwetu, taifa letu na vizazi vyetu.

Hakuna ubishi kuwa sasa hivi nchi yetu inajiendea. Huu si uzushi wala uchochezi. Ni baada ya serikali tunayoiita yetu ambayo kinadharia ni yetu na kivitendo siyo, kujitenga nasi kiasi cha kulinda maslahi ya kikundi cha watu, chama hata familia kwa kuhujumu maslahi yetu. Sitatafuna maneno. Kwa mapenzi makubwa kwa nchi yangu na watu wake naandika. Heri kuonya kuliko kushabikia uoza baadaye tukaishia kujuta.

Licha ya kuandika huwa nasoma makala nyingi ninazobahatika kuzipata. Siwezi kuwataja wachambuzi wote, huwa napata changamoto na mori wa kukumbushia haya.

Nchi yetu imo kwenye wakati mgumu.

Kwanza ukiondoa kutamalaki kwa ufisadi na matumizi ya hovyo, tuna ombwe la kukosekana kwa sera na falsafa inayotutawala. Usiniulize ni sera gani tunakwenda nayo. Nikisoma katiba naona kuwa tunajenga nchi ya kijamaa.

Nikitoka nje naona tunajenga nchi ya kichuuzi na kifisadi ambapo wachache tuliowaamini madaraka wanaonekana kushindwa kuongoza wakiwa ‘bize’ kwenye kujineemesha. Huu si uchochezi. Niorodheshee ahadi tulizopewa wakati wa uchaguzi zilizotekelezwa nitarudi chuoni kusoma.

Pili tuna ombwe la taasisi wakilishi za umma. Katiba inaseme Bunge litawakilisha wananchi walio wengi likiihoji serikali na kuikagua. Nikirejea ambayo nimekuwa nikishuhudia ambayo kadhalika nanyi mmeyashuhudia, sioni kitu kama hicho. Bunge letu limetekwa na CCM kiasi cha kugeuka kama NGO ya CCM. Halina tofauti na WAMA au EOTFL ya Salma Kikwete na Anna Mkapa.

Tatu tuna serikali kubwa kuliko uwezo wetu kiuchumi. Wachambuzi wengi wameonya kuwa serikali hii nyemelezi ni mzigo kwa wananchi. Bahati mbaya wahusika wamezidi kushindilia nta kwenye masikio huku macho yao yakipofuka yanapopambana na ukweli huu. Badala ya kuwa na serikali inayofanana nasi, tumekuwa na serikali inayofanana nao hao wanaoshiba kwa jasho letu.

Simchukii Rais Jakaya Kikwete. Nampenda. Ndiyo maana nimejitoa mhanga kumfikishia ujumbe huu. Umma unalalamikia mawaziri wake. Kujua hili anaweza kusoma makala mbalimbali ambazo zinaionyesha hata kuisema vibaya serikali kutokana nayo kuwa mbaya. Wiki zilizopita nilisoma timu ya JK ya Ansbert Ngurumo. Nimesoma karipio la Happiness Katabazi dhidi ya Marmo na Kingunge kutaja wachache.

Nimechukua wachache kati ya wengi ambao wamejitolea kusema ukweli hata kama unauma. Nilisoma makala ya Kibanda ya ‘Kikwete niliyemfahamu’.

Nimeshuhudia makala za waandishi mamluki wanaolipwa kwa kuupamba uoza. Nimesoma hasira za wachambuzi dhidi ya kashfa kama BoT, Richmond, Tangold, ANBEN, Fosnik, Daveconsult, TanPower na Buzwagi ya Karamagi.

Nimesoma mawazo na ushauri hata wa wafadhili kwa serikali wakiitaka ieleze ukweli. Hawa ni wanadiplomasia ambao mara nyingi huzunguka na kutumia falsafa. Ukiona wanasema jieleze, jua wanamaanisha jitoe umechemsha.

Sijasoma mawazo ya wananchi ambao mara nyingi hawana muda wa kuandika zaidi ya kujitokeza kwa umoja wao mitaani kueleza kesi yao. Japo vyombo vya habari vina nguvu ya ajabu, dhima ya kuiokoa nchi yetu isiachiwe vyombo hivi peke yake.

Wakati umefika kwa wananchi kuamua hatima ya nchi yao. Umefika wakati kwa wananchi kuifundisha serikali la kufanya. Wamekuwa wakiishauri la kufanya isifanye. Namna hii inataka nini kama si kwa wananchi kutumia mahakama yao kuu ambayo ni maandamano na migomo ya amani?

Rais ameshauriwa avunje Baraza la Mawaziri aunde lenye watu wenye udhu. Amekataa. Ameshauriwa awawajibishe wote wanaokabiliwa na tuhuma za ubadhirifu, amekataa. Ametakiwa atimize ahadi zake kama kupambana na ufisadi, dawa za kulevya, kurekebisha mikataba ya madini, kurejesha nyumba za umma, kuwajibika yeye binafsi na familia yake, kutaja mali za watawala na mengine mengi. Amekataa! Hii maana yake ni nini? Je, hii ni kuwadharau na kutowajali wananchi? Atajibu mwenyewe.

Umefika wakati wa umma kupata majibu sahihi ama kuyatafuta kwa njia ya pili (Plan B).

Kwanini wananchi ambao kisheria na kikatiba ni wenye nchi wababaishwe na mtu waliyemwajiri? Ni kichaa gani anayeajiri mtu ili amtawale na kuharibu mali zake badala ya kumuongezea tija?

Kuna ulazima wa pande zote kubadilika. Tusitegemee kuhoji na kulalamika peke yake vitaleta majibu. Hii nchi ni yetu. Je, tunadharauliwa hata kupuuziwa kwa sababu tunasema badala ya kutenda? Wahenga walisema, maneno matupu hayavunji mfupa na maji ya moto hayachomi nyumba. Pia matendo hukidhi haja maridhawa.

Wahenga hawakuishia hewani. Wametoa jibu. Wanasema kuwa simbiko halisimbuliki ila kwa mikukuliko na haki haiji kwenye sahani ya dhahabu.

Sasa tumeishajiridhisha kuwa nchi yetu haiko kama ambavyo tungetaka na watawala wameamua kwa sababu binafsi kutupuuzia. Nini kifuate? Tuingie mitaani? ‘Vox populi vox dei’ wakubwa watasikia na kutoka usingizini na ulevi wa madaraka.

Safu hii ni fupi. Je, tufanye nini? Tuanze kuandamana na kugoma tukitaka matatizo yote yanayotukabili yashughulikiwe na walioomba kuyashughulikia. Kama hawawezi wawapishe wenye kuweza.

Serikali ifanye yafuatayo:

Mosi, ipambane na ufisadi kwa kuwawajibisha watuhumiwa tulio nao sasa.

Pili, Baraza la Mawaziri lipunguzwe.

Mali zote za umma zilizomo mikononi mwa wezi zirejeshwe, wao wakifikishwa mahakamani.

Serikali itangaze sera na mipango yake.

Bunge lirejeshewe hadhi yake.

Miiko ya uongozi irejeshwe na katiba iandikwe upya kuendana na matakwa ya umma badala ya CCM.

Mawazo ya wananchi yaheshimiwe na kutumiwa. Ahadi za serikali zitimizwe kinyume chake, serikali iwajibike. Hakuna haja ya kuendelea kuteseka tukingojea 2010.


Falsafa na vijembe

Wajumbe wa CCM wamestuka
Mpayukaji Msemahovyo

KIJIWE kina furaha. Kwanza ni kwa kushinda gilba na hila kwa kutumia bomu liitwalo kuzomea.

Pili ni kwa kutupwa vimbelembele wa nambari wahedi akina Kingungo Ngumburu Mweupe na Tambo Hizo na wengine, hasa wachongaji peni waliojitia uana uongo siasia.

Tumekutana kwa heshima bila kufanya vituko na aibu kama kule Idodomya.

Baada ya kuzima fegi yake, Machungi analianzisha. “Wagosi tijipongeze timeshinda. Timezomea. Timenyanyasa na timetoa taaifa kuwa tinaweza hata bia Kikwekwe na watu wake.”

Mkurupuki anaweka kahawa yake mezani na kudandia mic. “Tilionya waache kimbelembele hawakusikia.” Kabla ya kuendelea, Mgosi anaonekana kuchukia kuigizwa huku kijiwe kikiwa hakina mbavu.

Anaendelea. “Hawa vidhabu hawakujua hata wezi wenzio wamewastukia kwa kupiga domo kaya! Sijui waliboa, anajisikiaje kujitoa udhu kutetea uoza.”

“Wanasiasa wetu hawakujaliwa aibu. Hukumsikia Mgosi akiwapa I love you utadhani anawa-love kweli? Hakuna waliponikuna kama kuwatupa hawa vidhabu.” Anachomekea Kapende huku akiweka vizuri kamera yake utadhani anataka kutoa picha ya upuuzi wa Idodomya.

Mzee Maneno anachumpa na kulamba mic. “Nyinyi hamjui. Ulaji unalevya kiasi watu hujisahau na kujishaua wasijue wote ni vibaka wanaoviziana. Kwa Mkuu huyu Cheka Cheka na wapambe uchwara wake wenye roho mbaya ulitegemea nini? Hata babu mwenzangu Msukwa akae akijua.”

Mpemba naye anatia buti. “Yakhe mie tangu wamgeuke Kamandoo sina hamu na wanasiasa Wallahi. Wasema uchumi unkua wakati wafa!”

Makengeza analamba mic bila kungoja. “Jamaa yangu wa Uhasama wa Taifa amenitonya kuwa mtandao unaanza kuwaengua wanaoonekana kuwa mizigo na wajanja ili ujichimbie. Cheka Cheka kazidiwa. Anataka watu wanaoweza kujituma na kulinda sanaa zake. Huoni Chwenge anayesifika kwa kutuingiza mkenge kwenye mikataba mingi alivyosogezwa karibu? Wajameni chama hicho kinaporwa na mbweha toka kwa makabwela.

“Hata hii ya kujifanya wamentosa Azoza ni gea tu. Nimenyunyuziwa nyuzi atakuwa waziri wa viwanda avimalizie vyote!”

Mchunguliaji anaingilia. “Mzee nakupongeza.” Ananiangalia akitabasamu na kuendelea. “Nakushukuru. Kimbelembele wa Cheka Cheka na Bw. Mdogo hawakugombea. Ni baada ya kuwapaka. Si unajua Bi. Mkubwa anavyopenda ukuu bila kuchaguliwa?”

Akiwa anajiandaa kuendelea kumsiliba Bi. Mkubwa, Mpemba alidaka mic na kutafuna. “Yakhe mie hakuna aliponkuna kama kutomteua Sumaiye au Luwasha. Hawa hawana kitu yakhe. Mie nahisi hii ni kutafuta nanna ya kujisafisha hasa genge lake.”

Mpayukaji sijivungi, natia guu. “Nyuzi nilizo nazo ni kwamba baraza la maulaji litavunjwa na mashoga zake watapigwa chini kuanzia juu hadi chini. Jamaa amezidiwa na anaonekana kuwa tayari kuwatosa maswahiba zake.”

Nikiwa najiandaa kujimwaga vilivyo si Mbwa Mwitu alidakia. “Japo wanasiasa wetu hawaaminiki, je jamaa anao ubavu hata kama amelemewa?”

Mzee nimepata upenyo namchomekea. “Intelijensia yangu inanitonya kuwa wafuatao watatimuliwa. Nakamuaa kombe langu na kuendelea kujinoma huku kijiwe kikiwa kimetulia na kunipa yote mawili na nyongeza ya mimacho.

Naanza kwa manjonjo. “Mkuu atatanua ifuatavyo. Sasa panga linaangukia watu. Atasema Luwasha nje. Sababu? Una rekodi mbaya hata utendaji wako ni wa kiujanja ujanja na isitoshe umetajwa na Dk. Silaha. Pia safari zako nyingi huwa sizielewi elewi.”

Naendelea. “Atakohoa kidogo na kucheka cheka kama kawa na kuendelea. Kadamagi N out, wewe uliniletea balaa na rafiki yako kwa kunizunguka na kusaini Buzwagio.”

Atamkazia macho huku Kadamagi akiinama kwa aibu na mshangao kuona ametoswa haraka kama ilivyotokea kwa Machelani. Ataendelea. “Ndugu zangu, eleweni kuongoza nchi siyo sawa na kampuni zenu. Tamaa za baadhi ya watu zimefanya Kaya isikalike wala kutawaliwa. Kwa tamaa hizi hizi tumewapoteza hata wenzetu wasio na hatia.”

Atakohoa na kufikicha vidole na kuendelea. “Wengine tutakaolazimisha kutokuwa nao ni Miramba BP, Mangai J na Wasiri S. Nyinyi ni vibabu na hamna jipya wala kasi mpya, Chwenge A, wewe ushauri wako mfu umemponza rafiki yangu Tunituni, Membo, Kupuya JA, mmesoma lakini hamna mpya pia, Kingungo NM na Marumaru P, hawa wawili ni kwa sababu ya kupayuka ovyo ovyo.”

Atacheka kidogo na kuangalia huku na huko ili kula ujiko na kuendelea. Msolowa P out. Wewe ulivurunda SUA na kwenye mikebe ya ilmu ya juu. Wengine…”

Wakati najiandaa kuendelea kuwatonya, alipita Tambo Hizo tukaanza kumzomea. Baada ya kumaliza, tuliendelea na stori ya kutupwa kwa waliokuwa wakijiona kama mioyo ya Chama Cha Mapinuzi Mpinduzi.

Mzee Maneno anakula mic. “Jamani hebu wenzangu nisaidieni. Hivi kweli hiki chama kinaweza kurejea hadhi yake ya wakati wa mzee Mchonga?”

Msomi anatia timu bila kungoja wala kutoa taarifa. “Wazee huku ni kutapatapa kwa mfa maji. Kitanusurika vipi iwapo kwanza hakina dira. Na pili kimebinafsishwa kwa wenye nazo?” Anainua kikombe chake cha tangawizi maana tangu arejee toka kuzomea inaonekana si haba amekatiwa kidogo. Hata kisimu amebadilisha ana iPod.

Anaendelea. “Sisi tunaangalia mageuzi mkorogo kwenye chama. Wanakaya wameishaamka na wako tayari kwa lolote. Ndiyo maana nashawishika na maneno ya Mzee Mwenyewe.” Anageuka na kuniangalia akitabasamu na kuendelea.

“Jamaa kweli kazidiwa na anatapatapa. Anatafuta njia ya kujitoa kwenye tope alimozamishwa na maswahiba zake wapenda pesa. Maskini wamemteka na kumpumbaza kiasi cha kuwa kama hana masikio, macho wala ubongo!

Bila kufa na mtu hasa hawa mafisadi, atajikuta akianguka mweleka wa mende. Jamani wanakaya licha ya kuwa na hali mbaya huko madongo poromoka, wana hasira naye. Mapenzi yamegeuka kuwa chuki na zile tambo za ‘ni kipenzi cha watu’ zimegeuka ghafla kuwa adui wa umma!”

Anakatua andazi na kunywa tangawizi kidogo huku akisogeza ki-iPod chake na kuendelea. “Mie nilikuwa Serengeti, Utegi, Mugumu hadi Sirari. Hadi yule jamaa aliyetungua helikopta kwa manati nimeonyeshwa na jamaa wanamheshimu na kumuona mkombozi. Jamaa asipofanya kweli akawatema mafisi waliomzunguka ndiyo asahau ukuu kabisa.”

Anageuka kumkaripia Mbwa Mwitu anayevuta sigara yake ya Kali. “Mbwa, jamani hizo bange zenu zinatuumiza.” Mbwa anazima kisigara chake na Msomi anaendelea kutuguna mic.

“Nijuacho ni kwamba jibu la matatizo ya kaya hii ni kusuka upya kikosi cha mashambulizi. Akiendelea na uswahiba jamaa atajikuta pabaya na kaya inaweza kuingia machafuko. Watu wanawajua mafisadi kama viganja vyao!”

Tukiwa tunajiandaa kuendelea, rafiki yake Msomi alikuja na ripoti ya BoT.

Msomi anaanza kuiponda. “Who pays the piper picks the tune.” Hakufafanua.

Msomi akiwa anajiandaa kutusomea, kunguru aliunganisha nyaya za umeme na kutokea shoti na mlio mkubwa. Nilitimka haraka kuokoa nafsi yangu.


Tuesday 13 November 2007

When will Africa and Africans be free?


THOUGH colonialism, be it political or cultural, took place all over the world, Africa seems to indefinitely languish in it for a very longer time than all continents.
Africa is the only continent still under colonial grip whereby the indigenous inhabitants are still inferior before their invaders. It is only Africans who have never felt at home everywhere at home and abroad. I am writing this article after hearing of the deaths of some ’black immigrants’ on the way to Europe. This sad catastrophe has been repeating itself over and over again. The island of Seuta in Spain has become another Bagamoyo for these modern refugees -who are not being driven as it was before- taking and submitting themselves before their torturers! They risk their lives so as to make it through to Europe.
November 13 here in North America, was Halloween or all hallow saints’- day. On this day, people wear like devils. Their regalia are surreal and devilish. Red is the colour of this day. This has no difference from the ceremonies of Egwugwu in Chinua Achebe’s Umuofia. The difference is that it is not condemned by the church or being referred to as pagan though it is. Legend has it that in the night of Halloween anything can happen. Devils can take a person. In Toronto it was reported that grave symbols and stones were stolen by those who believe that stealing such stuffs in the night of Halloween makes a person so stealing powerful! This reminds me of the diwali which is an Indian holiday associated with god of fire. What is the difference between Ryuba or sun god or other gods of mountains and caves? Aren’t such gods better than gods like cows and idols?
I remember Euro-Afro names, Afro-Arabic names and all stuffs. I remember the love of imported faiths surpassing the love of even our nation. When the opposition unearthed stinky corruption in our country, one would think that our destitute people would take on the street to agitate the criminal behind this corruption be dealt with ruthlessly. Nobody, to this day, has ever done so! But a few days ago when Christopher Mtikila went to the court to seek his constitutional right, many threats were issued to him to the point of even proposing to have his head beheaded! This is terrorism. For terrorism is the act of terrorizing others. How can we sacrifice the love of our country and the harmony we are enjoying so jokingly?
Sadly though, these stuffs we?re agitating for are the same that stood in our way when we were fighting for our independence! Let’s ?heroically- face it. Where do we get the guts to love foreign superimposed culture and forget that after all we are all Tanzanians? Try to imagine -for example- the celebration of mass in which the flesh and blood of the son of God is eaten and drunk. Imagine how cannibalistic would this be branded had it been an African concoction. Try to imagine what the West would have said if homosexuality had its origin in Africa. Or an African sleeping, kissing and eating with a dog. What would the Western media say? Tanzanians are fond of making the Ngoni a laughing stock simply because of their funny names that mean nothing but animals; names like Mapunda, Mbawala, Nguruwe, Nyati, Nyoka and what not are common in Songea. Yet names such as Seif (Panga), Abu Hurreira (The father of cat), Bakar (kine or cow),Fish (Masatu), wall (Jengo), Livingstone (Mwamba), Gibbons (Nyag’au), Bush (Pori) and what have you, are not scorned! Robert Mugabe reclaimed the farms which were stolen by white invaders. He is demonized and cursed; instead of cursing the Boers who for decades killed and tortured Africans because they?re black! America accumulated capital and economic superiority by exploiting slaves from Africa. It has never apologized! Arabs in conjunction with Europeans sold us in slavery. Yet the same are teaching us to love each other! Why didn?t they see this when they were turning us into saleable goods? Africans going to Europe just like explorers, missionaries and other thugs did are barred and referred to as illegal immigrants; whilst in post colonial era Africans still remember dirty names such as Livingstone, Mungo Park, Henry Morton Stanley, Carl Peters and others who are still treasured! What is this if it is not self denial and colonial mentality? What makes matters worse is the fact that when one is intending to travel, he faces corrupt immigration officers who illegally vend our passports to foreign criminals as they deny us the same. You’ll be asked for your grandma’s signature and all nonsense as if you are a foreigner! Guys stop this bulimia, your grand kids will pay dearly the other day. If Carl Peters were alive I?d ask him what brought him to Africa. Was he not looking for greener pastures? Did he posses any passport or visa? Did he go through the electronic checks we are subjected to? African rulers in European regalia, Speakers of our Parliaments with snakes and ostriches decorated on their dresses, judges with European wigs, are still shamelessly proud of this bulimia! Our budgets and political and economic policies are fabricated and determined in Washington, New York, London and Paris! Our rulers are proud of going quite often to Europe to beg! With all this disgrace we still go thumb-up proclaiming that we are free! What a lie and shame! This chronic decadency is even deeper in our brain. How many semi-skilled personnel do we import as experts? Apply for a job with locally obtained credentials along with a person who has obtained his abroad. You will be left in the cold. We need to understand and appreciate the truth that charity begins at home. If we don’t love one another,who will love us? We don?t trust each other. Who then will trust us?
Look at how we complain about fake medicines. Why don’t we heavily penalize those who bring these poisons to our country? How can we do that if at all we even fear our colour? Refer to the brighteners or mikorogo and the way our women, even menfolks spend lavishly on them. Our local workers are humiliated and degraded by Indian and European investors and get away with it by being defended by our colleagues in our offices! Refer to the gunning down of a Kenyan citizen by the grandson of Lord Delamere, and the current killings reported in Arusha by an investor; not to mention Bulyankhulu and Mirerani massacres.
November witnessed child traffic by French so-called missionaries as they were rounded up in Chad. When this happened, the French president flew in. Cameras caught the imageries of the Chadian President, Idriss Derby kissing his French counterpart, Nicholas Sarkozy! Seven out of 17 were expediently released and right away handed over to the guest! What is this nonsense? Imagine if this were committed by Africans in Europe. With dismay and anger, I still remember a Tanzanian woman who was laid by a dog under the order of some German criminals. I still remember the woman killed by American soldiers. I still mourn the girls who were used to make pornographic imageries and others who are doing the same everyday in our guest houses. What do our authorities do, apart from issuing threats and empty talks? Another tenacious and pernicious myth can be witnessed when an African travels to America, Australia or Europe. He or she is required to be medically examined.
Whilst African countries are offering citizenship to Indian and Middle East and European citizens, their countries of origin have nothing of the sort! This is detrimental to our future. Just imagine finding that almost all foreign criminals we award our citizenship have dual citizenship as it happened in the case of the man behind the hiked purchase of the radar. Sadly we?re denying our own citizens dual citizenship!
It is high and right time we started putting our house in order and stop looking for pretexts for our underdevelopment. By begging for, be it money or policies, Africa can never forge ahead. By degrading our ways and adore foreign ones, we’ll still be taken as a laughing stock. We’ll be exploited and degraded to the bone. Because we’re enhancing every misery we’re facing. Indeed the foe number one for our development is an African him/herself. These things we regard as minor wreak us havoc. Like chuckwalla, Africa is our rock. Let us expand ourselves in order to threaten the enemy in lieu of behaving like an octopus which collects fire for its peril. Shall we? What do I know?

Monday 12 November 2007

This is but ‘point of no return’ for all of us


THE point of return or PNR for air takers is the one at which a person aboard an aircraft can never return to the base. At this point, though, one needs to soldier on and stay put to see to it that he makes it even if something unpleasant or dangerous adds up.

Now that ‘Kasi Mpya’ has been in power for over two years, this, if anything, is but almost a half way to the destination. Therefore, the traveller evaluates his journey and easily plans for his landing.

As for the ‘Kasi Mpya’, people everywhere out there in the republic are asking: "How far have we flown as far as delivering the promises is concerned?"

Some say: "Guys wait. Don’t prejudge" .Those impatient or nice at seeing things say: "Nay. Something has to be done now, just now."

Others say: "Yo-Ho, we are in trouble. We have been taken for a ride." They obviously all have the right to their take, so to speak.

Much have already been seen and heard regarding ‘Kasi Mpya’ which some have it that is not but a slow one! What is wrong? From whom shall the answer come really? Kikwete, of course, one would comfortably aver.

It must be appreciated that all quizzing ‘Thomases’ do so not just because they hate the regime. May be they have smelt a rat or sort of stuff. Who knows?

Now that we all have already reached at our point of no return on Jack-Eddie airplane, let us kindly and sincerely ask our pilot and may be the co-pilot. What should we expect and when are we to touch down?

We are asking this because, as passengers, we need to know for our security and plans for the next take off. We are legitimate passengers on board. We duly paid our fares (votes) and we’re assured that we will land timely safe and sound in one piece. You can add, in peace and joy not facing impasse and chaos.

Now that we are half done, we don’t see even air charming hostesses coming to knock off our fatigue by supplying us some eateries and delicacies we were promised before boarding!

Despite being half way, still belted, hungry, angry and untold of what is going on, they seem not to care! Oh my Gosh! Why this? We need to know of the weather (plans and policies) on top of needing yum-yum. We will never let those rump-fed morons chew it alone.

We need to know time for arrival (achievement). We need to know of our speed and height (development and betterment of our lives) and so on. For those in the cockpit tell us we are too near just because they are too near but not us in the back cabins. Let the pilot come seriously clean on that. Or is he afraid to tell us because our plane, when faced with fuselage and flaps problems, he called in the Richmond company to repair it and failed and swindled us? Passengers need to know. I emphasize. It is, but their right in that what is in danger is, but their lives. Is it because the chart he was given by the weather department known as World Bank is archaic and wrong? Why then is he relying on it? More so, we as passengers have fulfilled our duty.

Before going on demanding, let us ask: Does the pilot or the co-pilot, know that we have terrorists on board? These guys can blow our aircraft up and doom it. But someone has whispered into my ear that the pilot knows them and they seem to be his friends and relatives! Wow! How can a good professional pilot conspire with the gang of goons to subject us to torments of dubiety and hurly-burly? Does the pilot really misbehave this way? Nay! It can’t be. Does he know that we know? One thing is obvious. Shall anything evil happen to us or the air craft the one to be held account is the pilot not these self serving goons who foster their wicked ends by preying on us. Why don’t we contain them before they contain us?
By the way, are these braggarts and the pilot made of stone and when our craft perishes in fire balls they will thus survive? What buffoonery and suicide! But my good pilot can never attempt this. What a slam dunk!

It is high time the pilot told us that he is either aware or not of this ensnaring calamity in the making.

Does he know the danger these yaggs pose to his life and ours?

Have you ever felt small and empty? Have you ever listened to your heart reminiscent to which you are? How do you feel when you find that people surrounding you are against you but pretend to be with you? I feel like yelping and hollering when I imagine such a scenario!

Have you ever imagined how the rock sinks? What of the meteor cascading down earth from the sky? Though one has never witnessed it being divorced from its mother planet, chances are that it takes a slow process of weathering to reach its demise that can also cause the demise of others. What lesson does one get from this natural phenomenon?

In this silence and yap-yap, we are facing the same scenario.

Unveiling our take of the whole episode, let us openly say that we are discussing our fate as the country under Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete.

Now that, noises are made by the people that no deliverance, let us courageously and trust worthily face him. May be we can jog his mind, if he is willing to act. We need not to fear or cheat him. Out there people are impatient with his government. Like a plane out of control, they feel like perishing just because he intentionally allowed terrorists to board it along side with us.

Ruling the country into such turbulent oceans is like the episode so introduced above. Do we need to blame or take responsibility? Do we need to seek scapegoats or face the challenge head on? Who is to blame? Those whose responsibility is to fail those who trusted them are as guilty as those who made mistakes of trusting them.

Though praise singers and whiz kids and deal makers have been singing glory in order to get their daily bread that is left by the high and mighty, frankly speaking things are not as rosy as the big man is told. They are but thorny. Corruption is still untouched. Promises he made have not been delivered yet. Expectations have not been realized as expected. So what is left of him at this point of no return? Whose fault is this?

People are openly and frankly telling him that they don’t have any hitch with him. Their worries rest on the terrorists on board and partly his co-pilot. Mind you, not the first officer. This guy is with no scar, so to speak.

Though presently the BoT has stopped to tell us how our sick shilling is doing, we know it is in the ICU. How can it not be there if at all wounds which were inflicted on it have never been attended? Refer to twin-minaret towels of shame. Refer to the congregation of the sons and daughters of the top guns in the upper echelons of powers assigned there to protect their parents’ interests. The passengers know what is going on behind the curtain in the behind-the-scene maneuvering.

We even know that even our journey to Canaan (Promised Land) is no longer featuring high on agenda. We know that air hostesses are feasting on all eateries and gourmets we deserve to be served with. We know that even the gas tank is likely to be half tank even empty. We know that the pilot knows everything but because he is at PNR he fears to tell us the truth. Well, is what we know correct or our mere worries and suspicions?

To save our souls and our plane at this save-our-souls moment, let us tell our pilot that we need to confront the terrorists on board and liquidate them so that we arrive and touch down safely. Without becoming kamikaze and courage enough, we will not make it to the destination make a detour to the base. What we ask of our pilot is to zigzag the plane and perform acrobatics so that we attack the terrorists who are intending to harm us. He too should put down in his memos that when we finally land safely, he will adduce evidence enough to convict them.

Anyway, this is a joke. But it has some truth in it.