Epistle to Afrophobic South Africa

Epistle to Afrophobic South Africa

Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Gene Study: Are Africans Guinea Pigs?

When I read the article: “Huge genes study shines new light on African history,” I was baffled and appalled altogether. To this moment, I don’t know what the real motive is. Why Africa but not Asia with such bigger diversity than Africa if indeed the reason is diversity?

Is it because Africans are a minute population thus easier to ‘fix’ and ‘deal’ if need be? Is it because Africans are the most exploited, vulnerable and looked down upon earth thanks to historical evils perpetrated by the West? Is it because stupid, greedy and myopic Africa potentates allow whatever nonsense to be conducted on her people by their heartless masters? Is it because Africa is the only major source of raw materials the West dies for so manning her is the safest way of assuring an easier and steady supply ? Is it because of advancing the history of brutality others committed to Africans?

Why is the West bent on studying Africans but not other people? This is the major question this charade called scientific-break through poses. To me, it does not make any sense despite the sexed up connotations the so-called research is given.

Everybody knows how Africa is demonized. Africa is presented as a continent with nothing good to offer except poverty, internal wars, diseases, backwardness, guinea pigs---- you name it. Looking at how endangered spices especially animals are manned and researched on, chances are Africans will soon fall in this category if this megalomania is not thwarted. Does someone somewhere want to finish Africans?

The West has always tried to keep an eye on Africa to see to it that it manipulates and exploits it for ever. It wants to know whatever Africans do and think. How on earth can one collect people’s DNAs without feeling any guilty of turning them into beasts of burden or stealing their livelihood? Isn’t this turning innocent Africans into guinea pigs for pharmaceutical companies to print and mint money at cheaper expenses? Isn’t this gross violation of Africans? Are we repeating what transpired in Boer South African where the West supported racism openly, or what is going on in Palestine?

Athough Africans are referred to as human beings, in this case, practically, they are but animals. Do those whose DNAs were collected know what is to come from it? Even the explanations given by the sample collectors do not cross mind so to speak.

Look at this. "By knowing the population structure, we can use this information to facilitate our search for rare variants," says Scott Williams of Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee, who worked on the new study and is investigating the genetics of hypertension in a population in Ghana.

They talk of variants. Nonetheless, in the end, their hidden agenda surfaces! Williams is said to have worked on new study and is investigating genetics of hypertensions in a population in Ghana.

Is this true love for solving Africans’ problems? Why should they be interested in tackling diseases Africans suffer just like any other people but pay a blind eye on poverty and corruption promoted and supported by rich countries? Does Africa have more diseases than other continents? Africa seems to outshine others when it comes to diseases thanks to western media and NGO using her to solicit money from their population that knows nothing about Africa but diseases and evils.

For over two decades, lies have been advanced that HIV/AIDS will soon wipe Africans out. But why is the population of African countries ever swelling so as to become a time-ticking bomb if this is true? Let the truth be told. African governments and foreign NGOs like to inflate HIV/AIDS statistics so as to attract donors.

I am living in Canada. I once wrote about this. I don’t see degrading and uncultured adverts pertaining HIV/AIDS. Even when I look at sexual activities here compared to Africa, I found that African cultures and environment do not support and enhance sexual activities easily as it is here. While sex is a taboo for unmarried young people in Africa, it is a human right here. Though Africa be said to be intolerant when it comes to some sexual orientations like homosexuality, it makes immorality and promiscuity more impossible than it is in the West.. Let us face it.

Going back to turning our people into guinea pigs, there is a living example in what happened in DR Congo (then Zaire.) British journalist Edward Hooper publicized a hypothesis that AIDS was inadvertently caused in the late 1950s in the Belgian Congo (now DRC) by Dr. Hilary Koprowski’s research into a polio vaccine.

He’s quoted thus: "The earliest cases of AIDS occurred in central Africa, in the same regions where Koprowski's vaccine was given to over a million people in 1957-1960. I think that what we have here is the route whereby this chimpanzee virus arrived in humans."

Koprowski rejected the claim but declined to sue Hooper. In a separate case, he won a clarification and money in a defamation action against Rolling Stone which had published an article making similar allegations. A concurrent defamation lawsuit that Koprowski brought against the Associated Press was settled several years later, but the terms were not publicly disclosed.

Why such a famous person did not defend his name if what Hooper alleged was trash raises eyebrows. Is it the same saga just like Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq and George W Bush or how British authorities made Uganda’s Idi Amin and other tin pot dictators but do not accept liability for the calamities they caused?

Though pharmaceuticals have always denied this, they've never given an understandable thesis to dislodge this. What is clear is, African monkeys were used ,on top of Africans, to enhance Koprowski’s success.

Another living example to allow as cast doubts on this ‘love’ is the fact that whilst the US and other western countries ruin Africa’s resources, the super profits they make out of Africa is spent on outer spaces in their quest to know if there are extraterrestrial creatures whereas the same Africans are dying of treatable diseases worth just a fraction of what they spend in this mad experiments! Can we trust such brutal beings really? Can we trust those who downgrade, devalue and boycott our produces not to mention selling us guns so that we can finish each other?

For how long will Africa be an experimental laboratory? We need to muse on this question shall we aspire to put records straight and water down being referred as the race with less intelligence as racist James Watson recently put it. Ironically, Watson’s Nobel Prize was not struck off and declared null and void! To prove how conspiracy against Africa is and promoted, Watson’s poisonous and blimpish views were highly publicized by almost all international media! Nonetheless, Watson forgot one thing: that Barack Obama, despite being black, commands higher intelligence than white George W. Bush.

We’re taught to curse and abhor Adolph Hitler for killing Jews but not afraid of doing the same to those that sold and used us during slave trade just because they came with the lie that Africans were selling Africans! Records vividly show Arabs, Europeans and Americans conspired and traded Africans. To add insults to injuries, some European countries banned some people they think advocate hatred and racism against others without including Watson! It is time to tell the West to stop preying on Africa. Enough is enough!
Source: The African Executive Magazine May 27, 2009.

Gordon Brown, borrow a leaf from Bongo on corruption

I USED to adore and ape the British ways of administration be it at home or abroad in the colonies then.

What transpired recently pissed me off. Who could believe MPs and ministers would be grounded about their expenditures?

I now hate and trash the way MPs and ministers are suspended not to mention those that have already stood down.

I got it that the speaker of the House of Commons, Hon. Michael Martin, has written history for becoming the first to stand down in 300 years. He made a very big mistake. He openly admits that ’’we’ve let you down’’ instead of chest beating and saying ’’we�re voted to eat and spend lavishly; and if you doubt this go to Bongolala and see how our colleagues do it’’.

My heart goes out to Shahid Malik, Junior Minister of Justice, Martin (the speaker) and MPs that fell simply because they spent wisely on their mortgages.

How on earth can you suspend an MP for just spending say 13,000 pounds or presenting fake claims?
Methinks Mr Brown, you’d commit suicide if you realized that 25% of the MPs and 33% of the cabinet consists of people with fake degrees.

Mr Brown, won’t you lose your head if you come to Bongo where a mere BoT officer can inflict the loss of 200bn/-?
I still can understand you. Why did you suspend honorable MPs for spending such peanuts?

What if they would have done like Uncle Ben and his cabinet that took public houses and he’s still called a hero worth of being protected by the high and the mighty?

Now, to help you, never again crucify your MPs for no reason or attempt suttee. Do this; form the Promotion and Condoning of Corruption Bureau (PCCB). This mock-up will help you to ’investigate’ the biggies and find nothing wrong in their actions and omissions.

On top of it, form a monkey committee consisting of your cheerleaders and friends to probe the allegations. Then sit on its findings. Never allow a parliamentary select committee to be formed.

I’m afraid it can do stuffs it did to my consigliere Eddie Ewassa. Never ever again allow this! Even birds and insects will heckle and laugh at you.

Another right thing to do is act like the wise monkey. Pretend not to hear all noises and brouhahas the public make about corruption.

Also make sure you oft-visit a heart-attack-free Bongo so as to avoid committing suicide. We're experienced guys who wisely braved Kagoda, Meremeta, Deep Green Finance, Mwananchi Gold, Kiwira Mines, ANBEN, Tanpower etc. These, sir, are the projects we successfully ran and manned so as to make our hank proud.

What’s more, whenever damning allegations surface, term them as fabrications and lies by opposition. Politicize everything. And don’t forget to maintain a broad smile wherever you are as you brave them.

I know you’re currently worried your party might lose elections. Worry not sir. Instead of committing suicide or crucifying your buddies, just tell them to enact a law allowing bribery during the elections. Call the same takrima or generosity. This law has proved to be miraculous when it comes to ushering in good chaps for deals.

If voters harden their heads so as to avoid the bait, just dispatch police to knock sense into their empty heads.

So when you’re waiting to fulfill your traveling arrangements, rest assured that you’ll get free tuition on how to combat corruption without torturing your head or sacrificing your buddies. Welcome to Bongolala.
Source: Thisday May 27, 2009

You’re assured of getting a free tuition that will enable you to do and get away with it in this corruption kerfuffle.

Mpayukaji atinga White House kwa mlango wa nyuma


Naomba usome taarifa hii kwa sauti ya chini. Kwanza , sitaki kunguru na wabaya wangu wanizomee na kuniona limbukeni, mshamba na mzururaji.

Kwa taarifa yako Mzee Mzima nilitinga kwenye White House ya Barack Obama. Si utani. Jumba kubwa na kazuri! Kwa yale maua niliyoona, kama ingekuwa Bongolala, vibaka wangetembelea kila siku!

Huwezi kuamini. Nilitamani Bro Obama aniruhusu lau nilale kwenye Oval Office. Maana hilo zuria ni kama peponi!

Mtake mstike, amini msiamini nilitinga kwenye jumba jeupe japo kwa kupitia japo mlango wa nyuma na usiku. Hapakuwa na haja kutangaza kwa sababu Obama alikuwa anasumbuliwa na mafua. Hivyo, tulikutana kwa muda mfupi sana . Aliniomba msamaha sana kuwa angetaka tuongee kwa siku mbili. Kwa kujua uzito wa urahisi nilimkubalia nikaendelea kuzurura kwenye mitaa mingine ya majuu.

Pia naomba usome halafu uchane. Bi. Mkubwa akijua nilivyojinoma, kwanza, atachukia. Na pili siku nyingine nikitaka kwenda kule ataniganda bure na kuzidisha kichunvi tokana na uzuri na ulimpyoto wa vimwana vya White House.

Najua wengi wataniita mzushi kwa kutoniona kwenye runinga ya Teddy Turner ya CNN au FOX, ABC AFP, BBC, na runinga nyingine kubwa. Amini usiamini wakati napiga soga na Obama, runinga nyingi hazikuweza kurusha habari hewani kutokana na kuwa na tishio la shambulizi la kigaidi.

Pamoja na kufaidi maraha White House, nilifaidi uhondo wa mibarabara mipana kama uwanja wa mpira. Nimeamini Marekani ni wezi. Wamewezaje kujenga mibarabara mikubwa hivi bila kuiba? We fikiri daraja la San Francisco ni pana kuliko state house yangu! Hawa jamaa wanakufuru! Pia nilikula kwenye hoteli ya Beverly Hills Hilton, Los Angeles baada ya kuvinjari Hollywood na kuchonga na akina Eddie Murphy.

Unajua ilikuwaje? Niligundua kumbe Obama hana adabu! Nilimbomu misaada akanitolea nje na kunizodoa eti kwanza nikamate jamaa zangu mnaowaita mafisi ahadi!

Jamaa kanaonekana hakana raha tokana na kuongoza taifa kubwa. Ukikaangalia vizuri, kameanza kukonda na kuzeeka tokana na madai yasiyokwisha ya Wamarekani. Kumbe kuongoza ni hatari siyo kama kutawala ambako ni kula salama!

Nilimpa ushauri afanye kama sie Kijiweni. Twala hatuongozi. Kukwepa kuitwa watuwala watu, twaitwa watawala. Upo? Fanya iwe siri. Tusiwastue walevi wakaharibika na kuanza kudai mambo mengi kiasi cha kutukondesha na kutuzeesha.

Huwezi kuamini! Nilionana na Michelle. Mama anajua kupika na kuandaa chai sina mfano! Aliniandalia chai na pizza na turkey. Kwa wasiojua turkey, huyu ni bata bukini anayeandaliwa kwa wageni maarufu na maalumu kama mimi.

Sikuvutiwa na Michelle. Pamoja na kuwa mke wa mwenye nchi kubwa, hajisikii wala hali nchi kama kwetu .Hana hata mkufu wa dhahabu kama Bi. Mkubwa wangu wa bosi wa Maulaji ya Wake wa Wakubwa (MAWAWA)!

Nilimdodosa ni kwanini hana NGO ya kutafutia pesa ya kutanua baada ya mumwe kustaafu. Mama kweli fyatu! Unajua alinijibuje? Eti hana haja ya kuwa na NGO. Maana Wamarekani ni vichaa wanaweza kumfunga yeye na mumewe baada ya kuachia ngazi! Kumbe Wamarekani fyatu na hawana akili siyo!

Ila kamama kamesoma! Ajabu hakajifichi nyuma ya Barack kuishi! Kanapayuka utadhani kana ukoo na Mpayukaji! Kalisema NGO ni ufisadi. Kenyewe kana mission na vision wala hakategemei kudandia mgongoni mwa Barack. Inaonekana kana mpango kama ule wa Hill Bill Clinton. Kanataka kagombee urahisi baada ya mzee kumaliza ngwe zake.

Tuachane na Michelle. Acha niwamegee nilivyofanya matanuzi ya kufa mtu.

Nilianzia San Francisco . Niliweka kambi yangu kwenye mitaa ya Anza baada ya kukosa vyumba Masonic street . Nilikwenda kushanga shangaa daraja na mambo mengine kabla ya kutimka zangu Washington.

isamehe. Siwezi kueleza matanuzi yote. Wenye wivu wanaweza jinyonga. Hivyo kiduchu hiki kinatosha. Habari mbaya, safari hii sikuandamana na Bi. Mkubwa. Alikuwa Mkuranga akiandaa kura za kula mwakani. Hayo tuyaache.

Pia niliamua kutia timu kwa Obama kuepuka upuuzi wa kuzomewa kuwa nami nimo kwenye ulaji wanaoita ufisadi wa njuluku za Kijiwe. Na hii ndiyo maana hamkuniona Busanda kwenye kampeni za kampani ya kuzomea zomea. Sikupenda kuzomewa kama Joni na Pius. Huwa nina hasira naweza kuwavunja watu mbavu kama Makomandoo uchwara wa Nambari one.

Ingawa walevi wananiona kama limbukeni mshamba na mtaradadi, hawajui kiranja wa kwanza wa walevi kukutana na Obama ni big deal. Nimeweka historia. Naye alifurahi sana na kunipongeza kwa kuwa mlevi wa kwanza kukutana naye.

Pamoja na kwamba alikataa kunikatia misaada, alisema: anawaomba walevi wanichague mwakani. Na amesema wakichagua, atamwaga misaada kama hana akili nzuri ili nasi tuweze kujenga bara bara ya pale Kijiweni iwe kama zile nilizoona San Francisco , Washington na New York . Pia aliisifa ndege yangu ya Air Force Zero. Alisema ni ndege ya hadhi hata kama wale wasiojua mambo ya ulaji wanaikandia na kusema ina mafua. Hata kama ina mafua bado ni ndege na mtake mistake itazidi kuwaumiza nyoyo zenu.

Safari yangu Marekani imezaa matunda sana . Baada ya kunichagua mwakani, kwanza, nitaanza safari ya kuwapeleka walevi wote Kanani (Marekani). Pili, walevi wote wataruhusiwa kutumia dolari badala ya madafu. Nitaanzisha viwanda vya kupika pizza kwa kumkaribisha MacDonald afungue maduka yake kila kijiji.

Tuliongelea nishati endelevu au renewable energy. Kuanzia mwakani, serikali ya Kijiwe itakuwa haitumii mikangafu. Tutaanza kuagiza Dodge, GMC, Chevy na madudu mengine ili tufanane na Wamarekani.

Kitu kingine ingawa hatukukijadili, Bi Mkubwa itabidi atafutiwe shahada hata kama ya kununua ya sheria ili awe kama Michelle. Isitoshe itasaidia kuwatisha watakaoendelea kustukia ulaji wake yaani NGO. Pia nikimaliza muda wangu, nitamshauri agombee urahisi ili aweze kuendeleza mema yote nitakayofanya.

Yote katika yote, zile ahadi nilizotoa kwa walevi bado ziko pale pale. Nitaanza kuzitekeleza mwakani baada ya kuchaguliwa tena.

Hakika safari yangu Marekani ilifana. Pia nilipata nafasi tena ya kutumbuizwa na BoyzII Men.

Here we go, to the end of the road, you belong to me I belong to you ni ulaaaaaajiiiiii.
Chanzo: Tanzania Daima Mei 27, 2009.

Amri ya Pinda juu ya UBT Kingunge vipi?

BAADA ya kugundulika wizi na hujuma vya kutisha kwenye Kituo Kikuu cha Mabasi cha Ubungo vilivyokuwa vikitendwa na familia ya kada maarufu wa Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM), Kingunge Ngombale-Mwiru, waziri mkuu alitoa amri kwa mkaguzi mkuu wa hesabu za serikali kuchunguza na kuutangazia umma alichogundua.

Ajabu siku zinazidi kuyoyoma. Umma haupewi taarifa wala chochote kuhusiana na kadhia hii. Kwa ukumbusho, kashfa ya wizi wa mabilioni ya pesa toka UBT iliibuka mwezi Machi na waziri mkuu Mizengo Pinda alituaminisha angavalia njuga ufisadi huu.

Lakini kadiri siku zinavyozidi kwenda, tunaletewa sanaa nyingine kubwa ikiwa ya hivi majuzi baina ya Reginald Mengi na Rostam Aziz kiasi cha kufunika kashfa hii pamoja na nyingine kama vile Kagoda. Je waziri mkuu anaweza kuupa umma taarifa juu ya alikofikia katika kupambana na kushughulikia kadhia hii?

Wengi walingoja Kingunge ajitetee angalau wasikie hoja zake. Ajabu hadi sasa ni miezi miwili, Kingunge, kama Benjamin Mkapa, ambaye naye anahusishwa kwenye ufisadi mwingi tokana na tamaa za Bi. Mkubwa, hajajibu. Je ni kiburi kama cha Mkapa kwa vile anajua chama kitamlinda? Je hana cha kujitetea, hivyo kimya hiki ni ishara ya kukiri kuwa yaliyodaiwa ni kweli, hivyo ni kubali yaishe? Je anatumia mbinu ile ile ya mwenyekiti wake rais Jakaya Kikwete ya kukaa kimya na kujifanya hasikii wala hajui kitu ili hatimaye mambo yajifie?

Je na kimya cha waziri mkuu kinamaanisha nini? Je ameitwa na kukaripiwa naye akaamua kuufyata na kuishia mitini? Je waziri mkuu amevutwa shati na kuambiwa sera ya CCM ya kulinda hairuhusu watu wazima kuadhiriana?

Wakati maswali yote haya yakingoja majibu, haijulikani kama mtuhumiwa amesimamishwa kuendesha hujuma yake pale UBT!

Hii maana yake ni kwamba watawala wetu wanaendelea kutufanyia usanii ili muda uende waendelee kuchuma. Kuna haya ya kuzidi kulidurusu na kulinusa nusa sakata zima la Ubungo kuanzia kwa familia ya Kingunge, waziri mkuu, mkaguzi mkuu wa fedha za serikali na popote penye harufu ya jinamizi la Ubungo.

Kuna tabia chafu inaanza kujengeka na kuota mizizi. Watawala wetu wamethibitisha kuwa na vinywa vikubwa lakini wasio na masikio wala ubongo. Ni maangizo mangapi yalikwisha kutolewa nao yasitekelezwe? Je huwa wanafanya hivyo kuturidhisha wakijua fika hayatatakelezwa? Je hawa wasiotekeleza maagizo ya wakubwa wao wanapata wapi kiburi kama siyo karata tatu?

Ndiyo. Maana ukiangalia hata ujambazi wa Kagoda unavyozidi kufumbiwa macho na kupigwa tarehe ili uchaguzi ujao ufanyike halafu ngoma itoke, unaona dhahiri kuwa kama umma hautaamka na kukumbushia hata kuchukua hatua nyingine mujarabu, uwezekano wa mibaka kuendelea kutuibia na kubaka uchumi wetu ni mkubwa. Kwa hali ilivyo, wananchi wanachezewa sawa na kile kinyago cha Joyce Wowowo. Kila tukikaribia kumtia adabu fisadi yeyote, ima tunasahaulishwa kwa kuletewa sanaa nyingine au kutokumbushia. Leo rasmi nimeamua nimkumbushie waziri mkuu. Najua halazimiki kutoa maelezo kwa msukumo wa makala yangu. Lakini bado hii inaweza kurjesha kashfa ya Kingunge kwenye mjadala. Na saa nyingine wahusika wanaweza kuona haya wakaamua kuchukua hatua mujarabu kwa wakati na uzito unaostahili.

Imeishia wapi kashfa ya wanyamapori ambapo hata walinzi wa mbuga walilalamikia wakubwa wao wanaoshirikiana na majangili? Iko wapi taarifa ya waziri wa nishati na madini Williama Ngeleja kuhusiana na wamilki wa Kiwira? Sasa ni karibu mwaka, Ngeleja amekuwa akilidanganya Bunge angewaweka wazi bila kufanya hivyo. Je amenyamazishwa au katumwa na wahusika asifanye hivyo?

Wakati kufuru hii ikiendelea, CCM na serikali yake, bila aibu eti inawaaminisha watanzania waipe kura kwa vile imeleta maendeleo! Hivi haya ndiyo maendeleo ya watawala kuwa vidhabu wakisema mengi na kutotenda hata moja? Rejea ahadi alizotoa Kikwete akiingia madarakani. Ametekeleza ngapi? Hakuna hata nusu! Lakini bado anazidi kujiaminisha kuwa lazima apewe muhula wa pili akazidi kuvuruga! Je tutaendelea kugeuzwa mazezeta na kutumiwa kama vijiko tusiambulie kitu?

Tunatembezewa ujambazi mchana kweupe nasi tunanyamaa kana kwamba hii nchi si yetu! Hebu jikumbushe alivyotoroshwa gavana wa zamani wa benki kuu Daud Ballali hadi kukolimbwa kuficha ushahidi ambao ungeweza kuumbua mnaowaona watukufu na wasio na hatia. Nini kimefanyika zaidi ya kuchukuliwa kama tukio la kawaida? Tulipaswa kuwabana watawala waunde tume. Maana pesa iliyoibiwa si yao wala mama zao. Ni pesa ya watanzania wanaoendelea kuteseka sawa na pale Ubungo.

Mheshimiwa Pinda, je umefikia wapi na kuchunguza na kushughulikia kashfa ya Kingunge na familia yake pale Ubungo? Tumechoka kusubiri na maneno matupu bila vitendo. Shughulikia kashfa ya UBT kwa ipasavyo badili ya maneno matamu.

Nangojea jibu lako haraka na kwa udi na uvumba.
Chanzo:Tanzania Daima Mei 27, 2009.

Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Chavda and fellow bilkers, welcome to Bongolala

I WELCOME good news that honourable V.G Chavda is back to Bandar ul Salaam despite being erroneously repatriated. This is the only reason that has forced me to write this welcoming note for him and other bilkers.

First of all, be assured sir, there are many deals out there waiting for shakers and movers like you. So rest assured that your brain, worth millions, will nary become dormant.

Welcome to the country of selfless heroes and heroines who command immense power and know how to exploit. Hither is where being a chameleon, like you, pays. You just approach one zombie in power and feed him or her with whatever lies and then he bravely and watchfully consents to them. You know what? How can he avoid the bait whilst he possesses an empty head and a dog’s heart?

Mentally bankrupt and redundant, pardon me, rich rulers and greedy crooks make it much easier even if you want to take their wives. They’re ready to sell their people to dogs, wolves and hyenas little knowing in the future, the same vampires will devour them!

Our economic oodles used you and retire and now you're a hero (that saved their faces and reputations); ready braced to be used by the new ones. So why shouldn’t you come back to enjoy and push for other deals?

So it is not bad to extend a welcome hand to brother Chavda to come and join his colleagues that are behind the mighty and untouchables like Kagoda, Meremeta, Mwananchi Gold, Deep Green Finance,ANBEN, Richmond and such.

Kindly, welcome to the hank of zombie, sorry, the brave sir.

Another thing, don't you worry for the media to blow your cover. No police can touch you. You are not a political activist or in the opposition but a money maker. So, as long as you keep allied with us, worry not sir. We’ll protect you ad infinitum. We’re philanthropic extraordinaire especially to foreigners.

Let all trouble makers be warned. Shall any of you touch Chavda or other investors who are, in essence, our guests; we’ll show you why birds do not urinate or cows lay eggs.
Back to Chavda, take it from me brother. Our poets, thinkers, authors and leaders will glorify your name. The judges, lawyers, Human Rights activists and heroes will stand on your side.

Given that a great many like you are making their voices heard in the parliament, I’d strongly urge you to run for parliamentary seat so that you can represent us as you teach us how to print money.

You can even go to India and import others like you so that they can come and invest in this hank. You indeed will go down in the books of history as your name will be emblazoned in gold and diamond.

I understand you’re smart. If economic vultures, cheetahs, hyenas, ticks and all creepy creatures of the night, however stupid they’re, can easily make a kill in Bongolala, what about you? Shall the wabongo wag their tongues; your partners in upper echelons will mercilessly take them on.

Mad detractors say in this hank all buggers become VIPs and opulent, thanks to consenting to be in bed with foolish and mad crooks in power. If they touch you, though they call us crooks, we'll rush at them baying for their blood. Yeah.. If you want to know to whom the dog belongs, throw a pebble at it. But ignore these mad creatures and take my word. You'll forever be protected.

Though blind and myopic people think you’re such bad news, they horribly miss the point. Who knows? Are you the brain behind radar and presidential jet scams? What of EPA and NSSF deals? I’m asking this because it needs the brains like yours to commit such sacrilege.

Tell me. How did you survive Mengi’s cull when he took on sharks? Can you please tell how special were your ties with the second phase regime especially with the then Premier JSM?

Are you the one that coached one lamenting shark to gang up with the former PM who was shown the door thanks to his sabotage to the nation through Richmond?

In brief sir, welcome and feel at home in this fools’ paradise. And rest assured, we’ll protect you till the last drop of our blood and not to mention the last cent of our wealth.
SOURCE: Thisday May 26, 2009.

Kifo cha rais Roh Moo-hyun na somo la ufisadi

TAIFA la Korea ya Kusini lilighubikwa na vilio, ghadhabu, lawama na mishangaa. Ni kutokana na kujiua kwa rais wao wa zamani Roh Moo-Hyun (62) baada ya kushindwa kuvumilia tuhuma na aibu ya ufisadi anaodaiwa kuufanya alipokuwa madarakani.

Ingawa kujiua kunaweza kuchukuliwa kama ukatili, Roh alikuwa mwanaume na nusu. Aliripotiwa kuwa alijitupa kwenye bonde karibu na milima ya nyumbani kwake. Na kifo chake kilisababishwa na majeraha makubwa kichwani.

Roh anakuwa rais wa kwanza katika muongo huu kujiua. Kujiua ni kubaya. Lakini marehemu rais Roh amehakikishia dunia; alikuwa na moyo mkubwa. Angewezaje kuishi kwa aibu na ngoa ya uchafu kama fisi? Hakika hili ni suto kwa mbweha,mbwa na fisi wetu waliojazana katika bara la Afrika wakiiba na kudhulumu mchana kutwa huku umma ukiteketea. Amejisuta na kujihukumu baada ya kukiri kuwa alichofanya si sawa.

Mwezi uliopita , Roh aliomba msamaha kutokana madai kuwa familia yake ilipokea rushwa ya dola milioni sita. Kiasi hiki kikilinganishwa na wizi unaofanyika Afrika ni sawa na punje tu. Ajabu pamoja na ujambazi huu, hakuna anayekiri wala kuomba msamaha hata kujinyonga kama Roh!

Dola milioni sita ni punje ni pesa kidogo kwa wezi wetu ambazo zinaweza kutapanywa na wake au watoto zao kwa siku moja bila kujutia wala kuona aibu! Nani amesahau jinsi rais wa zamani wa Zambia , Fredrick Chiluba alivyotumia dola milioni moja kwenye duka moja nchini Uswizi kwa siku kununua upuuzi ilhali wazambia wakifa kwa magonjwa yanayotibika?

Kwa roho, kutenda ufisadi ni kuwatwisha mzigo watu wasio na hatia. Ni kosa lisilosameheka wala kuhitaji msaada zaidi ya kujinyonga hata kunyongwa ikibidi. Kama angekuwa barakara kama wetu basi angeweza kukana au kutafuta ulinzi wa wakubwa hata kutumikia kifungo. Kwake heshima yake ilikuwa bora kuliko pesa na ukwasi. Kwake kifo kilikuwa bora kuliko maisha ya kukana na aibu. Bahati mbaya nguruwe na mbweha wetu hawana moyo wa namna hii.

Sipati picha jinsi Roh alivyokuwa akiugulia na kuteseka rohoni. Je angekuwa rais wa Tanzania wizi wa EPA, Richmond , TICTS, ANBEN, Deep Green Finance na mwingine ungemsukuma ajiue kifo cha namna gani?

Hata hivyo Roh hakufa kimya kimya. Aliacha ujumbe. Aliandika: “Siwezi kuhimili mateso ya maisha ambayo huko tuendako yangekuwa mzigo kwa wengine. Siwezi kufanya chochote. Kwa sababu nimedhoofu. Siwezi kusoma vitabu wala kuandika. Misisikitike. Je maisha na kifo si sehemu ya maishaa? Msimlaumu yeyote. Ni majaliwa. Tafadhali nichemeni. Na tafadhali wekeni mnara mdogo karibu na nyumbani. Nilifikiri juu ya hili kwa muda mrefu.”

Wakati wezi wa kiafrika huwaza wanawake na madili, Roh aliwazia vitabu na kuandika. Aligundua kuwa kuishi bila kuandika na kusoma ni bure. Wetu huwa hawaandiki wala kusema isipokuwa kuwazia mali na kusema uongo. Nyoyo na bongo zao zimetawaliwa na dhuluma na mali matanuzi na upuuzi mwingine. Na hii ndiyo maana hatuna vitabu vilivyoandikwa na watawala wa kizazi hiki kwa sasa. Hawana cha kuandika wala kutueleza zaidi ya uongo na ufisadi. Ni wavivu wa kufikiri kwa kijimbe alichojipiga Ben Mkapa zama zake kabla ya mambo kubadilika.

Roh aliona makosa yake. Hakutaka kuruka kimanga wala kutafuta sababu ya kuficha sura yake zaidi ya kujihukumu kifo. Wala hakupenda kuwalaumu wengine kama wetu walivyo. Wala hakufikiria kujificha kwenye kinga za kwenye katiba za uongo. Kwa Roh, ufisadi unapotendwa na wakubwa tena walioaminiwa madaraka, adhabu yake ni kifo. Ingawa tunalaani kujiua, kifo cha Roh ni somo na mfano na aina ya pekee ya kutubu ambavyo tunapaswa kujifunza kama tutataka kufikia ukamilifu wa maisha yenye kicho.

"Shutuma kuhusiana na wanafamilia yake zilivujishwa kwa vyombo vya habari kila uchao.” Rais wa zamani Kim Dae Jung aliyemrithi marehemu alikaririwa akisema. Hili ni onyo kuwa pamoja na kuwa madarakani, bado watu wanajua mambo yako na wanaweza kumwaga mtama.

Aliongeza. “Yawezekana hakuweza kuhimili shinikizo na ghafiliko zaidi. Natoa pole kwa familia yake.”

Habari za kifo cha Roh zilipotangazwa, nilikumbuka. Je wezi wetu wa Kiwira walizichukuliaje. Nadhani. Huenda kwa upumbavu na ufisi wao walimcheka kwa kujiua kwa vijisenti kiduchu hivi!

Rafiki yangu alinisimulia hadithi ya mawaziri wawili wa maendeleo toka Ahaha na nchi ya Malaya . Nchi hizi mbili zilipewa pesa na benki ya dunia kwa ajili ya maendeleo. Baada ya kitambo walikutana.

Maongezi yalikuwa: “Umepata wapi pesa ya kujenga hekalu hili waziri? Waziri wa Malaya alimuuliza waziri wa Ahaha.

Waziri alijibu: “Hukumbuki pesa tuliyopewa na benki ya dunia?

Mwenzie aliingilia: “Ina maana hukujenga barabara na badala yake ukajenga hekalu lako! Mimi nilijenga bara bara nyingi sana na naishi kwenye kijibanda kidogo tu.”

Waziri wa Ahaha alijisemea moyoni: “Jamaa fala kweli!”

Kwa ufupi ni kwamba mpumbavu wa Ahaha alimcheka shujaa wa Malaya asijue alikuwa akijicheka!

Tukirejea kwa Roh, aliyeacha urathi unaong’ara, nina kila sababu kumkumbuka shujaa huyu hata kama amekufa kwenye mazingira mabaya.

Nenda salama shujaa Roh kwa kuacha urathi wa mfano. Umekufa kwa ajili ya ukweli kama alivyosema Plato. “Tunastahili kuufia ukweli.”
Chanzo: Gazeti la KULIKONI Mei 26, 2009.

Thursday, 21 May 2009

Museveni Soiled Julius Nyerere's Legacy

LAST month, a symposium to commemorate Mwalimu Julius Nyerere's scholarly legacy was convened in Tanzania. Among the attendees was a less known Nahashon Gacheke Gachihi from Kenya's Bunge la Mwananchi. When I met this young man in Nairobi a few years ago, he invited me to Jevanjee Gardens for the Bunge la Mwananchi meetings.

Whilst Nyerere is taken for granted at home, in foreign countries, some smart people still take him heartily and seriously. Perhaps this is a fulfillment of a saying by Latin sages nemo profita in patria (a prophet is not accepted at home.)

For my friend Gacheke attending and speaking in Nkrumah Hall at the University of Dar es Salaam about a great man, was not only a milestone but also a life-long treasure. Who knew that he’d share the same rostrum with bigwigs like Akinwande Oluwole and Issa Shivji, among others?

Since the theme of the commemoration was Nyerere’s exemplary scholarly legacy, we would do well to look at his philosophy of the unification of Africa- that is currently sabotaged and abused by some of the people priding to be Nyerere’s disciples.

Uganda's Yoweri Museveni stole thunders at the University of Dar es Salaam (UDSM) during the inauguration of the College of Arts and Social Sciences (CASS). Although he wrongly thought he’d have a smooth ride at UDASA, he ended up awakening sleeping lions! He was cornered on the Migingo Island issue and despite dancing around the point, he openly admitted that the highly disputed Migingo Island is Kenya’s but its water Uganda’s! This proves Museveni’s megalomania and lust for annexing Migingo.

Listen to what Museveni said: "When Mwalimu was retiring, I came here and asked him why he was resigning instead of developing the first East African Community because we’d already overthrown the person that wanted to destroy it. He answered me that "you’ll all develop it." Now, I ask my colleagues to develop this union."

Why is Museveni using Nyerere’s popularity for his advantage despite the fact that he contradicts himself? Whereas Nyerere wanted a united East Africa, Museveni wants to rule and usurp its power. How can he step or fit in Mwalimu’s shoes whilst he’s hell bent to annex Migingo? Mwalimu was not bully and assumptive. He was humble and visionary. He lived for others but not others living him as Museveni does. Museveni lives a king's life while common Ugandans suffer. He spends much hard-earned taxes financing his private army as Ugandans grapple with how to make ends meet.

Look at another goofy and controversial statement by a self-defeating expansionist, Museveni, during the interview with BBC. He was quoted thus, “The Island is in Kenya, the water is in Uganda. But the Wajaluos are mad, they want to fish here but this is Uganda... hii nchi huru (this is a sovereign country). It is written here in English.... from this point; the border will continue to go in a straight line to the most northern point of Suba Islands. Mpaka inazunguka kisiwa (the border surrounds the island)... one foot into the water and you’re in Uganda.” Logically speaking, Museveni’s statement totally shows him glossing things over. It’s but an outright lie. Migingo, including its waters, is in Kenya.

Back to Mwalimu. He fought for all people, but not his tribe, clan, family or greed like Museveni. He was not a power-hungry monster. He willingly relinquished power when he was needed most and two years younger than Museveni. Nyerere believed in people-centered politics whilst Museveni believes in militancy and manipulation of the constitution. Refer to how he manipulated and abused Uganda’s Constitution to illegally secure the current term in office.

For Nyerere, Africa came first, then Tanzania followed. That’s why he was able to mentor and offer free university education to Museveni, the late John Garang de Mabior (Southern Sudan) and others like Eduard Modlane, Samora Machel (Mozambique), Sam Nujoma (Namibia) and many more. For Museveni, power comes first and is an end in itself. If Nyerere were a mountain, Museveni is a termite hill.

Whilst Nyerere was a nationalist-cum-Pan-Africanist, Museveni is tribalist. Museveni does not fight for either Uganda or East Africa but for his survival. How can he unify others whilst his regime is widely known for its being Nyankoles from Ntungamo?His venomous attack to innocent Luos of Kenya for fishing in their territory suffices to prove this. How can he refer to them as 'mad people' and yet unify them?

This is the double-faced Museveni that deceives others that he can unite East African states! How can Museveni unify East African states whilst he and Rwandan president Paul Kagame destabilize and plunder DRC? How can he do that by attacking Luos?

Museveni is no different from current rulers in Tanzania. They not only betrayed Nyerere, but also pull down and tear his legacy. Under Nyerere, education and other social services were free. He saw to it that all Tanzanians got them equally. But currently, in Tanzania, if you don’t have ill-gotten money or are connected to the ever-thieving Chama Cha Mapinduzi, your fate is sealed and nobody bothers. Tanzania is currently one of the most corrupt countries in the region. It boasts of immense land and a mammoth share of minerals. But her people are ranked last when it comes to development in the region. It is the only country in which a few elected thieves can rob the central bank to finance their political project and get away with it!

One famous writer once equated Tanzanian rulers to dogs sired by a lion (Nyerere). If we visit the legacies of the founders of East African states, we’ll find that Nyerere was ahead of time. Whilst Jomo Kenyatta grabbed land and Milton Obote wasted money building his hegemony, Nyerere fought for other countries to see to it that they attain their Independence.

You can easily look at the legacies of our founders today. Uganda has never healed from the tribal hatred Obote cultivated. Kenya has never healed from the land grabbing that Kenyatta sired. As for Tanzania, at least, there are some gains to show as far as the unification of Africa is concerned.To emulate and fit in Nyerere’s shoes, Museveni should do one thing; retire willingly and back off from Migingo.
Source: The African Executive Magazine May 20, 2009.

Watch your laptop, Mr President

WHEN it was announced that the DPP's laptop or electronic notebook was stolen, many thought it's just because it had government top secrets, especially those concerning Kagoda and the like. So the buggers behind it wanted to get rid of them and get away with it.

Others thought it was a normal incident involving ’vibaka’ who make away with whatever they put their hands on thanks to ’mtaji wa maskini’

Some thought, suspiciously though, the victims were lacking and wanted to get the pretext of getting rid of some itchy cases like the EPA stuff. Who knows?

Before long, we’re told, this time the laptops belonging to other two senior public officers, IGP and Chief Chemist were stolen! What’s up out there?

Are biggies targeted simply because they keep crucial documents or just because they're as lazy or vulnerable as any person? Is it true that their laptops keep top secrets and once they’re stolen everything goes under? What about back-ups?

Why should they keep such crucial documents on their personal notebooks or laptops in the first place? Is it fair for, say the president, to keep national documents on his personal computer to begin with? Methinks.

He cannot be such irresponsible when he knows that anything can happen especially in this hank full of abracadabra and sideshows.

I know in this country full of official government swimming in oodle, to have a laptop is an in-thing even if it contains nothing.

I’d strongly recommend that important public files should not be kept in private laptops. For our country has become indescribably reckless and unsecured. Do you remember the ’kibaka’ that outsmarted others at ’Ikulu’ as he made away with a five-thousand-worth flower?

Little bird told me the guy was looking for the president's laptop. This means our enemies, real and imagined, can use ’vibaka’ to, God debar, even topple our good government. Why did they get such easy access to ’Ikulu’?

Is it because many people, especially business ones, are nowadays easily allowed in to do some unknown biz? Remember Mwl. Nyerere warned that ’Ikulu’ is a sacred place!

Little bird added that soon the president's laptop will be stolen to make sure that his enemies get his secrets and turn tables against him. So too, the first mom must watch hers. Should ’vibaka’ get a hand on it; they’ll leak it to opposition especially after seeing WAMA’s secrets and how much it prints thanks to her connection to the seat of power.

So, Mr President, you need to keep tabs on your assistants if you think about surviving this purge. For, it came to light that those gadgets are not actually stolen. Instead, disgruntled and underpaid employees witnessing all blunders and sacrilege being committed in our offices leak the secrets to punish their greedy and dirty bosses.

You know what? Even the guy that was apprehended after stealing a flower was sent to steal your laptop. Though goons are saying your State House comptroller must resign, you need to promote him.

When the bomb exploded and killed innocent paupers of Mbagala slums, nobody was tasked to let other competent guys chip in. Look at how those manning aid for the victims are behaving. Little bird has it that they’re self-helping and nobody is being held accountable!

Our country is renown for loving peace. One guy told me that even if someone comes and takes our wives, we cannot hate him or deal with him! Even when sharks eat us, our ministers stand and defend them thanks to not wanting to spoil our good name.

So in a nutshell, good President, be informed that your enemies, especially in the opposition, are scheming to steal your laptop. They want to see how and why you appointed some biggies like district and regional commissioners, judges, and other top guys so as to fault you.

They, too, want to steal your strategies on combating drug trafficking, reviewing bogus contracts of investments, returning public houses the former regime stole and so on.
Anyway, don’t take me seriously. I am just kidding.
Source: Thisday May 20, 2009.

Kuna kila sababu upinzani kuchukua Busanda

SIKU njema huonekana asubuhi. Na mwanzo wa ngoma lele. Kwa mchunguzi makini anayeangalia yaliyokwishajir kwenye kinyang’anyiro cha uchaguzi mdogo jimbo la Busanda mkoani Mwanza, atakubaliana nami:CCM ina kila sababu ya kulipoteza kama ilivyotokea Tarime ukiachia mbali mizengwe ya Mbeya.

Tumesikia zomea zomea za vigogo wa CCM, Makamu mwenyekiti Pius Msekwa na Makamu mwenyekiti wa zamani John Malecela-Kibajaj, mkewe Anne Kilango na waziri William Ngeleja. Hata wanafunzi wameingia! Rejea kupigwa bakora sita sita kwa wanafunzi wa shule ya Butundwe!

Hii inafanana na kisa cha Mfalme mzee mpumbavu na kijana maskini jasiri. Ingawa upinzani wetu una upungufu wa kutoungana kutokana na ama tamaa au kurubuniwa na CCM, dalili ni kwamba CCM inaanza kupoteza ushawishi wake.

CCM imekuwa ikitumia kampeni chafu na za kizamani za fitina kuwa wapinzani hawana cha kuonyesha kana kwamba wamewahi kutawala na kushindwa kama CCM!

CCM imekuwa ikitumia mtaji wa zama za Julius Nyerere bila kujua kuwa umma umeishabaini uoza na uovu wake na jinsi ilivyoufuja na kumwaibia Nyerere aliyekufa akiwasikitikia wananchi wake.

Je, sasa, CCM ina nini cha kujivunia au kuwaonyesha wananchi? EPA, ANBEN, Tanpower, Meremeta, Richmond , Dowan, IPTL na matumizi mabaya ya fedha za umma?

CCM imekuwa ikitumia mauaji ya kimbari ya Rwanda na machafuko ya kikabila ya Burundi bila kujua haina tofauti na nchi hizi! Hivi karibuni jina la Tanzania limechafuka tokana na mauaji ya watu wenye ulemavu wa ngozi, vikongwe, polisi kwa watu wasio na hatia-rejea mauaji ya hivi karibuni huko Musoma na wizi wa fedha za umma bila kusahau ufisadi unaokingiwa kifua na CCM. Rejea karipio la mawaziri wawili wa CCM kwa Reginald Mengi alipowataja mafisadi papa.

Kimsingi, CCM imechakaa na kuchanganyikiwa kiasi cha kupoteza mvuto na mwelekeo. Haina cha maana kuwaonyesha watanzania. Imekuwa ikiwachukulia watanzania kama mataahira vipofu na wapumbavu wasioweza kuona uovu wake. Sasa mambo yamebadilika. Umma umeanza kujitambua. Umeanza kuzomea,kuponda mawe hata kusema enough is enough-imetosha.

Watanzania hasa wale wa vijijini wanajua kuwa makada wa CCM na watawala wake waliiba pesa yao toka kwenye Fuko la Madeni ya nje-EPA. Wanajua kuwa CCM chini ya Benjamin Mkapa iliiba nyumba zao na kuingia mikataba mibovu ya uwekezaji hasa kwenye sekta za madini, nishati na utalii. Watanzania wanajua kuwa viongozi wa CCM wamewakumbatia matajiri kiasi cha kukibinafsisha hata chama kilichoanzishwa na wanyonge kujikomboa. Wanajua CCM ni mzigo mzito kwao. Wanajua kila kitu.

Kutokana na uhuru wa vyombo vya habari ambao umepatikana baada ya mapambano makali na utawala wa CCM, wananchi wanapata taarifa zote muhumi. Wanajua kinachoendelea Dar es salaam na Dodoma.

Wanajua kuwa kama si takrima, CCM isingeshinda kwa kishindo mwaka 2005. Wanajua jinsi walivyotapeliwa kwa kuahidiwa maisha bora kwa kila mtanzania chini ya usanii ulioitwa Safari ya Kanani ambayo imegeuka safari ya kuzimu. Wanajua vyote hivi.

Kinachoonyesha wazi jinsi CCM ilivyoishiwa na itakavyopoteza Busanda ni ile hali ya Busanda kuwa kwenye eneo athirika la mikataba mibovu ya uwekezaji. Waulize wananchi wa Busanda kama wanafaidika na dhahabu yao.

Waulize mantiki ya kupitia Nairobi Kenya wakitokea Tanzania kwenda Tanzania . Waulize kama wabunge wao wanawatendea haki. Hivi karibuni baada ya CCM kuzidiwa eti iliwaita wabunge wa mkoa wa Mwanza kuja kuongeza nguvu wasijue hawana lolote la kuwambiwa wananchi. Hivi mbunge kama Samuel Chitalilo aliyesamehewa makosa ya kughushi na kuudanganya umma anaweza kuongeza nguvu gani? Hivi mbunge kama Anthony Dialo aliyetuhumiwa kumhujumu aliyepaswa kuwa mgombea halali wa CCM anweza kuongeza nguvu gani? Hivi mbunge kama William Ngeleja anayeendelea kuficha madhambi ya Mkapa kwa kushindwa kumtaja kuwa ndiye mmiliki haramu wa machimbo ya makaa ya mawe ya Kiwira kama alivyoliahidi Bunge na wananchi mara nne asifanye hivyo anaweza kuongeza nguvu gani zaidi ya kuwa kichekesho?

Sasa umefika wakati wa wananchi wa mashambani kuwaonyesha watawala kuwa wao si wapumbavu wala punda wa kubebeshwa kila upuuzi. Kufanya hivyo ni kuinyima kura CCM.

Ingawa CCM imekuwa ikipayuka na kuongopa kuwa imeleta amani Tanzania , kuna haja ya kuiuliza kama kweli kuna amani ya kweli Tanzania ambapo tofauti ya kipato kati ya watawala na wageni wao matajiri inazidi kuwa sawa na mbingu na ardhi.

Hivi kweli wananchi watatenda dhambi isiyo sameheka wairejeshe CCM amabayo imeshindwa kusimamia raslimali zao na kutumia vibaya pesa kidogo ipatikanayo kwa taabu. Rejea ripoti ya hivi karibuni ya Mkaguzi mkuu wa hesabu za serikali ambapo matrilioni ya shilingi yameliwa chini ya uangalizi wa CCM?

Watu wa Busanda, iulize CCM walipo akina Richmond , Kagoda na majambazi wengine walioshirikiana na hao hao wanaowaaminisha kuwa wameleta amani na maendeleo wakati ukweli wameleta maafa na kurudi nyuma.

Waulize yalipo maisha bora kwa kila mtanzania iwapo watu wa kanda ya Ziwa wanaishi Tanganyika ya kabla ya uhuru. Waulize hao wabunge wao ni kwanini wanajilipa mishahara mikubwa huku umma wa walimu, madaktari, wafagia barabara na wengine wakilipwa mishahara ya matusi ukiachia mbali wakulima kulanguliwa na kukopwa mazao yao.

Waulize maana ya maisha bora kwa wote. Waonyeshe kuwa mnajua kuwa wote kwao ni wao si wote watanzania.

Kuitia adabu CCM kwa ulaghai, ufisadi na uzembe wake, watu wa Busanda hakikisha hamuipi kura ili ile kama mlivyobainisha kwa kuanza kuwazomea. Msiishie kuzomea. Hakikisha mnazomea hadi kwenye sanduku la kura ili siku ya kutangaza matokeo mzomee zaidi.

Tuhitimishe kwa kuwatakia kila la heri wapiga kura na wananchi wa Busanda ambao kwa hali ilivyo, kama wenzenu wa Tarime, mmepata nafasi ya kuwa waanzilishi wa ukombozi halisi wa mtanzania toka kwenye chama nyemelezi na nyang’au kinachowachukulia kama hamna akili.
Chanzo: Tanzania Daima Mei 20, 2009.

Busanda ilipogeuka sanda ya makada

BWANA we, Busanda ni kuzomea kwa kwenda mbele. Pati ya zomea zomea ilianza na Pio Mchekwa, Jo Malisera (si maneno na bila shaka) na walifuatia vimbelembele wengine. Hakuna kitu kilinifurahisha kama yule mama niliyezoea kumhusudu Annae Kilanga kuzomewa na kilanga chake sambamba na yule waziri tapeli kibaraka wa Tunituni Ben Makapi, Bill Ngereja na Joji Mkwichika.

Mambo yalizidi kunoga pale alipoingia Apeche Alolo ajiitaye Bwana Mapesa. Huyu aliufyata kama jibwa lililokwapua mafuta. Hakujua watu wanamjua. Tangu ulipofichuliwa utapeli wake na hekalu lake kuwekwa rehani ameishiwa hadi sera!

Mie nilipiga kambi maeneo ya Butundwe, Chikobe, Chigunga, Kabuguzo, Chankorogo,, Chibingo, Katoro, Nyamigota, na Nyakagomba na kwingineko.

Nikiri. Nilitenda kosa kubwa kuhusudu kimama fisadi. Huwezi kuolewa na fisadi usiwe fisadi. Huwezi kuwa mwanachama wa chama fisadi usiwe fisadi. Kweli walisema Nonihino ni Chama Cha Mafisadi. Nimeamini.

Ngoma ilinoga pale wale Mbwa mwitu akina Tambo Hizo na Salimu M7ha waliojipendekeza kwenda kueneza umbea wasijue umma unawajua walivyo vyangudoa wa kisiasa ambao mlo wao hutegemea fitina na salata. Mara nilisikia, “tunawajuaga nyie ku….nina zenu.” Matusi yalitembea kweli. Mengine siwezi kuyaandika hapa .

Mijitu mingine hovyo kabisa. Yaani inadhani wadanganyika na walevi bado wanaishi kwenye miaka ya ujima ambapo iliwajaza kila uongo? Miaka mitano sasa inaisha. Hakuna cha maana kilichofanyika zaidi ya kuongeza jitihada za kuvunja mabenki na mashirika yetu. Mnadhani hawajui? Badala ya kuwaneemesha watu mmewaneemesha mapapa mnaowatumia kudhulumu nafsi za waja wa Mungu! Aiwee! Oneni japo aibu na mkubali hamna sera wala lolote bali wizi mtupu. Wizi wizi wizi mtupu!

Wambieni miaka yote hii mmefanya nini na siyo kutoa ahadi uchwara zisizoingia hata kwenye akili ya kuku wala mbuzi. Hawa ni watu si samaki ambaye huwekewa kijinyama kwenye ndoana akapoteza maisha yake. Wala hawa si panya kama nyinyi mhongwao upuuzi kuuza roho na miili ya ndugu zenu.

Mwongo uliopita mlijipitisha pitisha mkawaahidi safari ya Kanani. Badala yake mmewakabidhi kwenya midomo ya mapapa! Wanajua sana . Na sasa eleweni. Wameamua kusema ‘sasa basi yatosha’. Imetosha jamani.

Huwa siachi kucheka nikifikiri kichapo mtakachopata mwakani kwenye kipute chenyewe. Halo halo mtajijeijei! Mtambe mna dola nyie?

Mijitu inajulikana ilivyonufaika na ujambazi wa EPA eti inakwenda Busanda kudanganya italeta maendeleo na maisha bora kwa wote. Inajulikana ilivyo mijizi ya kutupwa ukiachia mbali uongo. Eti inakuja na rongo rongo za ‘tuchague muhula huu tutabadilika’. Komeni na mkomae. Mna bahati mmezomewa hamkupondwa mimawe. Ila kaa mkijua mwakani tutatoana roho.

Watu wa Busanda si majnuni kama mnavyokosea kuwadhania. Wanajua mliiba nyumba zao. Wanajua mliiba Kiwira yao . Wanajua mlikopa mabilioni na hamlipi. Wanajua mlivyo mibaka wa kunuka. Wamechoka na siasa za upanya na ufisi. Wanataka maendeleo na heshima na siyo kugeuzwa zana za mapapa kuneemekea.

Pia eleweni. Wanajua mlivyo na mishahada ya kughushi. Ajabu eti walimpeleka na Chitaahira kuimarisha kampeni wasijue wana Busanda wanamjua alivyo kihiyo wa kutupwa. Hata mngempeleka Njaa Kaya asingefua dafu. Watu wememchoka hakuna mfano. Jitu linaishia kuzurura likitumia pesa yao wao wakisote eti walipende. Thubutu yako! Wanjua fika msivyowapenda ingawa mnajitia kuwapenda. Wanajua mnawaongopea na msemayo hayatoki moyoni bali kwenye matumbo yenu yasiyoshiba kama shimo la choo.Wanawajua nyinyi ni karata tatu. Utapeli utapeli utapeli mtupu! Wanajua mmewauza kwa mafisadi tena papa. Bahati mbaya, kwa uroho na upofu wenu, nanyi mmejiuza tena kwa bei ya kutupa na aibu ya ten percent.

Baada ya Tarime kuilima chini CCM, nani angedhani Busanda ingegeuka sana ya makada na urongowao? Hayawi hayawi! Sasa yamekuwa! Watu wemeishazomewa hakuna mfano. Wanaficha aibu zao kwenye vitisho na rongo rongo za magazetini. Ukweli unabakia pale pale umesimama kidume-wameumbuka na wamekwisha.

Hii inanikumbusha wakati wa ujuhani ambapo jamaa walikuwa hawaguswi. Sasa si kutoguswa tu bali hata mawe hutembea na sauti za kuzomea husikika wazi wazi bila kuchelea kitu. Kweli kila kitu na zama zake.

Harakati za zomea zomea zitaifanya KISHIPA au MSHIPA (Kikwekwe+Shaini+ Pindua) au (Mirisho+Shaini+Pindua) kujua mbivu na mbovu. Watu wameamka na wamechetuka hakuna mfano wala msalie Mtume.

Wamestukia usanii ngonjera na nyimbo zenu. Kazi kwa Kishipa. Mijitu hii kweli laanifu. Jitu linasimama mchana kweupe bila hata chembe ya aibu eti linakana kuwa ujambazi wa EPA hakufanyika! Baya zaidi, tena likenua linawageuza watu majuha lisijue wanajua kuwa lenyewe ndilo juha la majuha na marhuni wa marhuni. Wizi wa EPA ulifanyika na walioutenda ni wakubwa piga ua.

Huwezi kuwatia madole watu wa Busanda ambao miaka nenda miaka rudi wamekuwa wakishuhudia midege ya kukodisha ikitua na kuondoka na madini yao . Kama vile haitoshi, wamekuwa wakishuhudia mabehewa kwa makumi yakiiba dhahabu yao kwa kisingizio cha kupima mchanga nje.

Hakuna mtu alinifurahisha kutokana na alivyokuwa akiubuka na kujivua nguo kama kibaraka wa Tunitunim Ngereja alipojitia kurap wimbo wa jamaa wa “ndiyo mzee”.

Watu wameishachoka na ngonjera na nyimbo zenu. Wanataka sera. Wamechoka na sera za kulindana na kujuana na kulipana fadhila jasho lao. Wamechoka kugeuzwa shamba la bibi na mapimbi.

Busara ya leo; kiburi alikwezwa akapanda kwenye mgongo wa farasi. Alijisahau akafanya kiburi chake na farasi akamshusha kwa mateke akaishia kumlaumu farasi wakati kiburi ndiye chanzo cha yote haya!

Yaliyojiri Busanda ni mwanzo tu wa yatakayojiri mwakani kaya nzima. Waliozoea vya kunyonga kweli vya kuchinja wataweza? Leteni taarifa ya utekelezaji wenu badala ya rongo rongo. Watu wamekomaa. Hawataki utani wala utoto. Hawataki wala kuvumilia urongo na fitina. Hapa akina Tambo Hizo walie na ofisi za kufinyangiwa na Joe Makamba.

Kila la heri kwa mashujaa wa Busanda. Tuendelee kuzomea hadi kieleweke.
Chanzo; Tanzania Daima Mei 20, 2009.

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Karibu tena Bongolala mh.Chavda

Nakaribisha habari njema kuwa shujaa VG Chavda, hatimaye, amerejea Bongolala hasa kwenye jiji la Bandari Salama baada ya kufukuzwa kimakosa. Na hii ndiyo sababu iliyonisukumu kumwandikia waraka huu wa kumkaribisha pamoja na wenzake.

Awali kabisa mheshimiwa unahakikishiwa usalama na mafanikio. Kuna dili nyingi zinangoja watu shapu kama wewe. Kwa ubongo wako wenye thamani ya mamilioni, hutakereka wala kukaa bila dili hasa kwenye ukwasi huu na pepo ya mabwege.

Karibu tena kwenye nchi ya wapenda amani na watu ambapo mashujaa watawala wanajua jinsi ya kutumia madaraka yao kwenye dili. Kwa mtu mwenye rangi nyingi kama wewe, nchi hii inalipa. Kwani unamwendea bwege, sorry shujaa mmoja na kumpa urongo sorry tena, mipango yako. Mambo yanajipa. Wajua? Kiumbe kama huyu hawezi kukwepa chambo na uroho na upofu wote huu. Ana kasha la moyo na ubongo mtupu sorry akili nyingi.

Kwa mufilis kiakili namna hii, sorry tajiri, watawala walafu, oh samahani wasio walafu na vipofu, hufanya mambo kuwa rahisi hata ukitaka kuwachukua wake zao. Wako tayari kuwanadi watu wao hata kwa mbwa, fisi hata mbwa mwitu bila kujua kuwa huko tuendako watawararua hata wao.

Vinyamkera wetu wa kiuchumi walikutumia kabla ya kustaafu. Na sasa tazama wewe ni shujaa aliyewaepusha na aibu uliye tayari kutumia na hawa wapya. Kwanini usirudi na kutanua na kutengeneza dili nyingine?

Hivyo kaka, si vibaya kukukaribisha tena kuja kujiunga na wenzio wasioguswa na mashaufu wa Kagoda, Meremeta, Mwananchi Gold, Deep Green Finance, Richmond na wengine wengi kama wewe.

Hivyo kaka, kwa unyenyekevu, karibu kwenye nchi ya mataahira, sorry mashujaa.

Kitu kingine, wala usitie shaka wala kuwa na wasi wasi. Hakuna kinyamkera wa kukugusa. We si mwanasiasa wala mpinzani. Tutakuhakikishia ulinzi milele. Sisi ni wapenda watu hasa wangeni.

Nichukue fursa hii kuwaonya wapenda ghasia. Atakayemgusa Chavda ambaye kimsingi ni mgeni wetu maalumu, tutamshukia kama simba jike au mfalme Joji Mkuchi alikiwapatiliza maadui zake. Kwa ufupi tutamuonyesha kilichowazuia ndege kukojoa na ng’ombe kutaga mayai.

Hapa Bwana Reginald Mengi tuelewane. Ukimuita Chavda papa tutakupakazia u nyangumi.

Kaka Chavda, amini maneno yangu. Washairi wetu, waandishi, viongozi, majaji, wana sheria na wapigania haki wote watasimama nyumba yako na kukutetea.

Kwa vile wengi kama wewe wanapaaza sauti zao bungeni, basi ningekushauri kwa unyenyekevu ugombee ubunge ili utuwakilishe na kutufundisha jinsi ya kutengeneza pesa hasa kipindi hiki cha ukapa. Unaweza kurejea India na kuleta wengine wengi kama wewe ili kufufua uchumi wetu. Amini kaka. Vitabu vyote vya historia ya kipande hiki vitakuandika kwa wino wa dhahabu na kwa kicho kikubwa.

Nafahamu. Wewe ni jasiri. Kama uchumi wetu unaweza kuneemesha vicheche, mafisi, kupe hata vinyama vya mwitu vya usiku, utashindwa kukufaa wewe? Kama wabongo watafunua vinywa vyao, tutawashukia kwa ukali na ukatili unaopaswa.

Wakosoaji vichaa wanasema: hapa ni rahisi kwa kila mseng… ashakum! Anaweza kuukata na kuwa mtu maarufu kirahisi hasa akilala kitanda kimoja na majambazi wenye madaraka. Jua fika. Hata watuite vichaa na mafisadi, atakayekugusa, tutakufa na shingo yake. Ndiyo. Ukitaka kumjua mwenye mbwa, mtupie mawe. Tutakulinda milele. Narudia kwa msisitizo.

Ingaw vipofu wanakuona kama mtu mbaya, wanakosea sana . Kutoka kwenye omba omba mwenye akili wanayekuita tapeli mwenye ubongo wa thamani kwa kutengeneza pesa kiharifu, hakika wezi wetu wa ngazi za juu watakuhitaji sana .

Hebu niibie siri. Je ni wewe uliyewafundisha jamaa zetu dili kama zile za ununuzi wa rada feki na dege la kulanguliwa la rais? Nauliza hili kwa sababu bila ubongo kama wako sakliligo hili lisingewezekana. Je na vipi ile michoro ya EPA, NSSF na Richmond nayo ni vitu vyako?

Pia niambie uliwezaje kuponyoka kuitwa fisadi papa na Mengi? Je unaweza kueleza ulivyokuwa muhimu kwa utawala wa awamu ya pili hasa kwa rafiki yako waziri mkuu JSM?

Je we ndiyo ulimfunza fisadi papa mmoja mlalamishi rafiki wa waziri mkuu wa zamani ENL aliyetimuliwa kwa uchafu wa Richmond ?

Kwa muhtasari, unakaribishwa kwa mikono miwili kwenye pepo ya mabwege sorry nchi ya mashujaa. Tutakulinda hadi tone na senti yetu vya mwisho. Tafadhali, karibu mheshimiwa V.G Chavda.

Tafadhali mpigieni makofi ndugu msomaji.
Chanzo: Gazeti la Kulikoni Mei 19, 2009.

Thursday, 14 May 2009

The Soap Opera From Busanda

BUSANDA is becoming the Hollywood of Bongo. The other day I was watching some performance from Busanda and I saw things unfolding in a very interesting style. People were jeering and cheering at the same time!

What captured my attention really was nothing but the jeering at the current and former CCM’s mini biggies such as Pius Msekwa and Jean Malecela aka Bajaj (that was heretofore Tingatinga) respectively.

Let's face it. I am not trying to make a dig on them, but they took a beat. Looking at the shame that goes with this; the guys were humiliated through and through. One thing that is obvious is the fact that we’ve overlooked the signs of times. We wrongly thought our people are still in slumber, in that they don't know anything.

I did not know people know all that stuff such as Kagoda, ANBEN, Tanpower, Richmond, Dowans, EPA and what not! One question that has to be answered is whether this is what our leaders are going to show them as their achievements.

The citizens know who eats what and who tells lies. They, as well, know who did not deliver or fulfill his promises!
Nonetheless, when this moment of truth is mused on, there are those that are still day dreaming by wrongly thinking they can cheat the same ’much-knowing’ people! If you go to Busanda and repeat the lies you told them in 1947, they'll jeer at you and call you names no matter how heavy you are.
One teacher stole thunder though as he whacked students for jeering at CCM supremo’s importantly a candidate.

What this goon needs to know is that Tanzania is a democracy. This so-called teacher needs to be dismissed summarily so that he can find a worthy job for his backward way of thinking. Down with gawks especially those that turn public institutions into their party’s propaganda machines.

Jeering and cheering are the rights of people. Why should lies be the rights of politicians but jeering at them become a sin? You tell me lies, I jeer at you. You convince me, I cheer for you. This is what democracy entails.

What’s more, this reminds me of the dark days when con-men and women used to bomb us with pictures from the Rwanda genocide so as to drive the point home not knowing that Bongo is currently no different from Burundi and Rwanda.
Look at how people with albinism and elderly are ruthlessly butchered whilst the power-that be is watching!

People know their leaders have let them down. How could they fail to know when they travel via Kenya just to go to another part of the country? How dare you tell them you brought development whilst you actually ushered in miseries thanks to your greed?

Where is the reviewing of thievish investment contracts you promised? The Busanda people evidenced chartered planes coming and going as they made away with their gold. They know you’ve conspired with those thieves that pay you ten percent. They know that you are but self-serving on their backs and shoulders.

Where are the houses that Ben and his whiz kids stole? Where is the promised journey to Canaan? Where is the better life for all?

We need to face it point blank. Guys, you banked on Kambarage’s achievement that you’re now plundering. But people know everything. They know that you betrayed Kambarage so as to die weeping for them.

So too, they know how you goofed in 2005 thanks to takrima. But this time around, as it seems, they’ll not subscribe to any lie or failure.

I remember seeing a similar soap opera in Mbeya. Had it not been for foul play, what transpired in Tarime would be repeated in Mbeya. Our people are not zombies and yo-yos as we wrongly think. They’re aware the opposition is weaker but better than those guys that have, for long, given them empty promises and raw deals.

They know how public money is stolen, squandered and even read CAG reports between the lines. They know everything and this time, they’ll never let anyone reap where he did not sow.

A little bird told me that some MPs are being called in to save the ship. What will they do if they too are smelly? What can an MP like the one who forged his certificates add up? What can a minister that has maintained silence and lies regarding who owns Kiwira add up? You’re kidding guys.

Instead of capitalizing on lies and pretexts, show the people what you delivered. Show them the promises you fulfilled or otherwise. Treat them as mature and sane people instead of the yahoos you used to take for a ride. They know you’re mega liars and thieves.

Interestingly, people in rural areas know and hate the sharks and their conspirators!They know your days are numbered.
Source: Thisday May 14, 2009.

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Sarkozy’s Take on African Fat Cats a Welcome Move

At last the chicken are coming home to roost! French authorities made a groundbreaking decision by culling three most corrupt African presidents, Denis Sassou Ngweso (Congo), Omar Albert Bongo (Gabon) and Teodoro Obiang Nguema (Equatorial Guinea). The Yom Kippur for thieves in France is now over.

It is a shame that soon after attaining flag independence, many African countries elevated thieves in the name of rulers and liberators. We still remember the like of Felix-Houphet Boigny of Cote d’ Ivoire that scooped country’s coffers to build the largest cathedral in his home town. Again, there was Joseph Desire Mobutu of DRC then Zaire. He spent on jewels, houses, expensive cars and what not whilst the citizens were perishing. Also there was Jean Bedel Bokassa of Central African Republic who later died a pauper after being pulled down as he squandered his loot in merrymaking activities in European capitals. In a nutshell, Africa has seen many powerful looters.

French authorities are now sagging off from the ‘business as usual’ stance. President Nicholas Sarkozy has decided to put his house in order by taking on African thieves in power that stashed billions of dollars in France. French anti-corruption activists are pressing hard to see to it that the wealth these enigmas and their families amassed is brought under scrutiny.

It came to light that the named parasites, just like others, spent much money on toys like Bugattis, Ferraris, Maybachs, Maseratis and a Rolls-Royce Phantom besides owning dozens of bank accounts and properties worth tens of million of euros in rich and chic districts of Paris and Riviera.

African youths are going without sound education as the children of these parasites spend tens of millions of dollars obtaining toys and other nonsensical things! While our people are living without safe water and sound medical services, the west is at home with robbers! What aggrieves even much is the fact that our rulers steal our hard-earned taxes to finance such megalomania!

Sarkozy, a no-nonsense guy has decided to keep tabs on African thievish parasites. As it seems, no stone will be left unturned. Many would like to see this noble move emulated by other leaders in European countries where much ill-gotten wealth is hidden. Former African heads also need to be scrutinized.

African Human Rights campaigners need to raise their voices. By doing so, African economies can be revamped. Importantly, rich countries should stop pumping aid and grant money to corrupt and undemocratic regimes. This money ends up being stolen and stashed abroad as it recently happened in Malawi where former president Muluzi allegedly stole over $ 10 million of the same.This unravels why African rulers like begging: to stash the donated monies in their offshore accounts as the hoi polloi go on perishing of treatable diseases.

To do away with corruption in the upper echelons of power in Africa, theft of public money should be categorized as crime against humanity. How can it stop being if many people are dying of treatable diseases and lack of sound services whilst their money is stashed abroad by powerful parasites?

Sarkozy’s move is a challenge to leaders of rich countries that tutor Africa on development, accountability, openness, self-reliance and what not without reckoning with how they support dictators and thieves. Africans are not stupid and mentally moribund as the West wrongly thinks. They can forge ahead without donor handouts if the West stops conspiring and abetting with corrupt regimes. They’ll make a leap forward shall west emulate France’s take on stashed money.

Recently, British Serious Fraud Office (SFO) implicated two Tanzanian bigwigs behind the hiked presidential jet and military radar purchase. Although the former governor of the Central Bank, Dr. Idris Rashid and former minister and AG, Andrew Chenge were water-tightly implicated, the government has dragged its feet thanks to complicity and conspiracy.

It’s an open secret. In Kenya, Malawi, South Africa and Tanzania, Indian businessmen are preferred by our leaders when it comes to doing their dirty laundry. Refer to Goldenberg and Anglo-Leasing in Kenya and EPA in Tanzania. Though such a conspiracy surfaced in Uganda in the Mabira forest kafuffle, it is still low thanks to Idi Amin’s purge that flashed Indians out of Uganda. Refer to last year.

If the West could see the light and order that money stashed in their banks be returned to Africa, the economies of African countries that have been profusely bleeding to death (thanks to this conspiracy and indifference) would revive. Sarkozy has set everything in the motion, African Rights campaigners must see to it that other countries follow the suit.

The US is currently looking into how to foil tax heavens for its mega corporations. Obama’s administration and EU have squeezed Swiss authorities to drop the confidentiality they have maintained for years. Methinks. African Human Rights family must agitate for the same. Isle of Man, Gibraltar, and Switzerland among others, have proved to be a nest for thieves avoiding taxes.
Source:The African Executive Magazine May 13, 2009.

Isn't Dar a time-ticking bomb?

MBAGALA bomb blasts are still hogging headlines in our gaffe-and-flaw-prone hank. Also, Mengi-Rostam blasts are still hovering, not to mention Simba-Mkuchika thunders. Today I am not going to dwell on how Reginald Mengi culled five sharks from the ocean.

I’ll go straight to the basics. Tanzania is still gripped by the pangs and twangs of losing loved ones. Though this is wrongly said to be an accident, we’d not blame it on God but our archaic infrastructure and poor city planning and thinking.

Knives are coming out from the victims alleging that some unscrupulous government officials in the catbird seat are doing away with tents and mattresses meant to help victims! Others are saying that politics is also played when it comes to whom to serve first. What on earth have we become? Such corruption, for those with human consciousness, creates enough headaches to warrant seeing the doc to cough money for just seeing him; not to be given any medication.

This means, the government, whose name is currently mud, does not do its homework well despite being behind this entire calamity. Also it is said the number so given by the government regarding the deaths is dwindled.

Though we can rest assured that this will nary be repeated, we need to knock some sense and take bold actions reminiscent to averting yet another danger or dangers on a go-forward basis.

There are questions we need to address and arrest. Why should barracks be allowed near residences? And above all, why should bombs be stored in such areas knowing anything can happen as it did? We need to change the way we keep our weaponry by making the lives of our citizenry the first priority.

More so, though, it may be regarded as madness and moroseness, we need to think about doing things the other different way we’ve always maintained to avoid; to totally avoiding lawlessness and corruption.

For example, we’ve allowed so many bogus and greedy investors to build their factories in residential areas. Look at Karibu Textile and Murzah Oil. They’re in residential areas posing the same danger of what occurred in Mbagala, thanks to using dangerous chemicals.

We’ve so many telecommunication cancer-producing towers almost everywhere in our country. I remember the one I see at Mtongani in Kunduchi. It is killing many innocent Tanzanians!

There are Kurasini oil tanks. They’re, as well, but a ticking bomb, if we look at it without the inducements.
Going back to military hardware; we’ve Lugalo barracks. I don�t need to know what is in there. But looking at what occurred in Mbagala, one can comfortably smell a rat and predict the doomsday one day. Why don’t we move Lugalo barracks to some remote area in Bagamoyo as well as Mbagala?
After Lugalo there comes Ukonga Airbase and Mwl Julius Nyerere International Airport. My experience is that airports should be built away from city centre. Given that when JKIA was built as Dar was still a toddler, now it’s expanding. We too need to expand the way of looking at things and appreciate the danger it poses.

Also there are many substandard buildings waiting to fall on innocent residents, by-standers and whoever will be near when they crumble. On this, Kariakoo is a chief suspect thanks to having many houses built illegally or by means of inducements.

The epistle cannot end without pointing a finger on sealed fire lanes, sewages almost everywhere in Kariakoo. For the rust and greed for money; all fire lanes no longer exist! Greed and myopic landlords erected buildings on them so as to clog and suffocate the city. To do away from this, the city fathers need to close their eyes and order all clogged fire lanes be demolished.

I know how our rulers love Dar es Salaam . This blind love is the only obstacle for not moving to Dodoma that sunk a lot of taxpayer’s money. This being the case, why shouldn’t baste this by diversifying services? There’s a room for this save our myopia, unwillingness and laziness that curtails it so as to put our lives in danger’s path unnecessarily.

Otherwise, Dar is no longer Bandar ul salaam or haven of peace, but a time bomb especially in this time warp.
Source;Thisday May 13, 2009.

Thursday, 7 May 2009

EAC: Why East Africa Heads Cannot be Trusted

Tanzania is a hard nut to crack. It recently trashed some proposals made in a meeting for the unification of East African Countries and stated clearly that it would never allow East Africans to enjoy the right of movement and permanent residence on its soil as proposed by other countries in this loose outfit.

To prove Tanzania's muscle, the just ended summit of East African heads of state issued a communiqué to the effect that the draft on the common market shall not contain provisions which authorise overriding of national policies and laws.The communiqué further stated that “The granting of related rights to access to land and establishment should not be automatic but should lay a basis for eligibility.” This, if anything, is the last nail to the right of permanent residence. If anything, this is a slap in the face on Kenya and Uganda that felled the former East African Community (EAC).

Being Tanzanian, I've always supported some of Tanzania’s stances on land matters. Other countries, especially Kenya, must first harmonize their land policy before prevailing upon Tanzania (the only Easern Africa country with massive land ) to let go of her massive land. Kenya (a country with many landless citizens) as well as Rwanda and Burundi have never taken this as a pressing issue!

Tanzania should however stop being hypocritical.I have concluded that she is hypocritical owing to the fact that president Jakaya Kikwete has invited Saudis to come and invest in agriculture with a view of feeding the Saudis! Why is Tanzania, a country that’s portrayed itself as the model of good land policies cascading into the same sin it’s been castigating others like Kenya and Sudan for! What hypocrisy!

This means that our rulers are not eying the unification of our countries for the good of their people. How can Tanzania commit such a sacrilege and still have moral authority to deny other access to its land? Isn’t this racism whereby Africans from Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi are regarded as a danger to Tanzania’s land but Arabs aren’t? Isn’t this enough hypocrisy and double standard to let Tanzania go solo with its new Arab partners?

What transpired between Kenya and Uganda over a tiny and barren island of Migingo demonstrates how myopic and short-term minded our rulers are. Who’d think such tail wagging would consume a lot of time and resources?

One would think. Conventional wisdom would prevail -as one of the protagonists to knuckle under and set a precedent for unification. But nay! What’s all this knuckle-dragging about if the tax and income so obtained from Migingo is not at par with the expenses of bargaining and scheming? Our rulers are breathing fire to show their ‘passion and fire’ for the good of their countries whilst they’re the same creatures stealing from them.

Why should neighbouring countries live under suspicion and differ over a tiny island? Isn’t this an assault on unification and prosperity ? How genuine is this unification project? When the Rwandans were bearing the brunt of genocide-where were these good neighbours? They did not help. They did not even bother to hold to account the current Rwandan regime that’s alleged to have perpetrated it. Sadly, East African countries condoned it. And now they’ve already incorporated those behind it!

Kenya never bothered to ask Yoweri Museveni and Tanzania why they supported Rwandan Paul Kagame to ascend to power. Why make noise on unification without enhancing democracy? How can you unite people ruled by dictators and poll riggers?

It is not bad to ape the European Union on unity- but we should not forget one thing: this union was enhanced by democratic leadership that listens to the people. We still remember how the French and Dutch voters smashed the referendum in 2005. They did. For, the union is theirs- not their leaders.’ Those emulating the EU do not want to face this!

Let us face it. If we need the unification of East African countries, we must play our part instead of leaving all decision-making powers to our failed gluttonous and myopic rulers.Their interest has always been flocking to East African capitals or other cities to get per diem as they do their shoptalk.

The East African Union will never materialize as long greed rules over concerned partners. Recently, for example, there were rumours that oil reserves had been discovered in the Indian Ocean on Zanzibar’s side were enough to threaten to tear down the union between Tanganyika and Zanzibar! The islanders started agitating for the secession of oil matters from the union. The dust only settled when counter information emerged that there was no oil after all!

For over 40 years, Zanzibar has been breastfed by mainland Tanzania. But on rumours of oil, it wants to break away from the mainland. If Zanzibar cannot share oil with mainland Tanzania, how will it share its resources with other East Africans? If East African countries cannot contain the internal wrangles within themselves, how shall they handle regional matters?

In a nutshell, either Tanzania should be left to remain solo as other countries seek advice from their people to see to it that whatever is reached at must come from the hoi polloi instead of the cabal of myopic pretenders.
Source: The African Executive Magazine May 6, 2009.

Rostam, will you address Kagoda please?

Honourable Rostam Aziz, MP,

FOR long I’ve been reading much stuff about you. Forgive me for writing this epistle purposely and specifically addressed to you.

When you faced the media, many thought you would come up with something reasonably convincing and new with regards to being named among five sharks as far as sabotaging our country is concerned. But nay!

Let me humbly admit, I heard Reginald Mengi’’s damning allegations that you’re one of the most notorious economic sharks the country has ever seen, thanks to being behind almost many stinking wheel deals. Why didn’t you address this when you faced the media? Do you think calling Mengi a whale will make his denting allegations do away?

I, too, heard your ballyhoos and hoo-has regarding these allegations. Can I ask you a few questions if you don�t mind? Why do you want to jump a smoking gun with regards to the allegations fired by Dr Harrison Mwakyembe, MP that you are vampiric Kagoda, to begin with?

I understand sir. When Mengi named you, you said you�d never take it with him given the fact that he is as old as your father. Well, now that you surfaced with such much damning allegations that Mengi said are devoid of any convincing truth. Does it mean Mengi has ceased to be of your father’s age?

Secondly, you said Mengi’s criminality is to loan money from the late NBC. Perfect. �Is loaning a crime to deserve calling Mengi a whale really? Was the issue whether Mengi is a whale or whatever; or you being corrupt and behind Kagoda fake company that stole money from BoT (EPA)?

Also before I forget, what have you to say with regards to what one of the former TANESCO bosses referred to as PM's partner in Richmond scandal that showed Edward Lowassa the door. Do you remember? Do you remember Richmond’s address was symmetrical to that of your Caspian company?

Let me remind you. Facing the parliamentary select committee, this person said the 'partner' behind Richmond theft is you. And given that you know the owner of Dowans which is the sister to Richmond as Speaker Samuel Sitta once put it, how connected is he to you? Will you please shed light on this?

Another question sir, you admitted to have loaned the money that you’re still paying. What's wrong with Mengi doing the same? Is this an indirect admission-cum-implication that Mengi does the same as you do? So he has no moral authority to accuse you? Can you tell us the banks or government institutions from which you loaned the said money, when and how much.

More on Kagoda theft and Mengi's debts, don’t you see that the debtor is entitled to obtaining debts but not the thief as in the case of Kagoda and Richmond?

Another question sir, why did you dance around instead of shedding light on Kagoda? What have you to say regarding the allegations by Dr Mwakyembe? Let me remind you.

Dr Mwakyembe said you’re using your media empire gotten by the money stolen from BoT by using Kagoda to tarnish the image of others, specifically those who point fingers at you just like Mengi and Dr Mwakyembe. Is it true or false?

I know, you brought Anche Mwedu Company to the agora. Did you intend to show that whilst Mengi says you’re Kagoda, he too is unknown of Anche Mwedu?

Let me emphasize hither. Will Mengi’s wrongs cleanse yours really? Can Anche Mwedu take away Kagoda?
If you’d be serious and sincere, you firstly have to dwell on cleansing yourself instead of using tarnishing tactics as means of doing so. True, what you're doing is ’’he says I am this, he, too, is that’’.

Otherwise it does not make sense. For this is not what people want to know. They would like to see you putting records straight as far as Mengi’s allegations are concerned by putting your house in order. The ball is still in your court, sir.

Another denting thing, if you knew Mengi swindled the late NBC so as to ultimately fell it, why didn’t you divulge this before so as to wait till he named you? Isn’t this vengeance?

I should also remind you sir. Your defenders-cum-partners averred that Mengi erred (in their eyes) to have named holy names. But again, you’re doing exactly the same! I’m anxiously waiting to hear what Sophia Simba and George Mkuchika will say. Did you consult them before thundering and stealing thunder?

Sir, you remind me of childish tricks I used to employ when I was cornered. When I was a kid, I used to steal sugar. Whenever I was caught or suspected, I would jump on witch-hunting for the one that reported me. After knowing who it was, I would tell mom, ’’He, too, has stolen sugar. Mom then used to tell me. Why haven’t you reported him or her before?’’ I used to end up in shame and being punished.

You know what? When cornered, the vulture cries wolf.
Sir, allow me to wrap up hither as I avoid making a missive. I know. You’ve a lot to do especially at this pressing time of saving the face. But importantly, please say something about Kagoda and who you are to it.

Mind you, our people are not stupid. They cannot subscribe to every nonsense and lies. I thus strongly recommend that you hit on the point.
Source: Thisday May 6, 2009.

Beware it’s sell out time

HAVE you ever asked yourselves why new newspapers and bogus writers and analysts mushroom whenever general elections approach? Mind you, times for mortgaging our bodies and souls by signing our own death certificates- vote for yet more five years are on.

Always, this is ’youm kippur’ for quacks and swindlers. Like ticks on hyenas’ backs, they’ll bang and hang around spreading lies and hatred. For these heartless goons, it's time for chopping fisadis’ money and being caught in their traps, though. For in the succeeding future, they found themselves weeping along with those they vended and betrayed!

Always, the pressure is on for ’fisadis’ to, once again, infiltrate and use every media.
How many new newspapers do you see on tables with all types of names?

Of course, they are so many. When you see this, beware. It’s time for reaping where nobody sowed. We’re not saying all new newspapers are in this category. But many are. No doubt about this. I’ll call these papers ’mimosa pudica.’ Do you know this plant.

It dies and comes to life every time. They’ll thrive and bog off after elections. They only live during the campaigns. Thereafter, they die and go back to the pockets waiting to bounce back in the following elections.

Those who used to finance them will no longer need them. So, they’ll kick their asses and let them die a natural death after being used to do dirty laundry.

A few days ago, I was approached by over three new briefcase-newspaper owners. They wanted me to contribute to their disgraceful papers. Hacked off, I asked what their policies were. They told me I would write anything except taking it out on the system. You know what I mean.

I then talked back asking: why. And why should they teach me what I am good at so as to attract them. They said. ’’You know Kamanda, if you hit the system, our donors will ditch us.’’ Shame on you! You’ve established a newspaper to do dirty laundry. And you want me to be abused, just like you, to dry-clean the air for fisadis! Shame on you again!

Looking at them, you could not expect them to be heartless prostitutes. Now to let them off and shame them, I’ve decided to spill the beans. Let the readership know those ’betes noirs’ and bastards are out there.

So the first thing to larch on to is there are spineless swindlers using journalism as their means of tapping for money from desperate ’fisadis’ who would like to put their people in power in order to safe guard their dirty interests.

Secondly, you’ll wonder to find that even those you did not expect to become prostitutes in this game, are there making their noises. The job they’re assigned for is to decorate fisadis as they tarnish good names of good people.

It�s like a pond full of frogs. Every frog will make noisily croaking in order to entice you. Beware. Not all that say we’re journalists are. Some are shameless vampires used by ferocious ’fisadis’ to deceive you.

If we are not going to be watchful, this noble profession will end up becoming another disastrous nest for ’fisadis’ to blossom. Do you remember certain respectable gawk then. He wrote a very dressing down fictitious book.

He over-praised a certain rotten candidate hoping, after he wins, he would make him an ambassador. You know what, politicians are smarter and shrewder than others think. The guy ended up being bogged down.

He, in lieu, was given a dirty job by a certain fisadi-media mogul. He has always been their doing dirty laundry till now.

His friend and tribe sake got a dirty job in the top office. All the same, though, he’s a first dog as far as media is concerned, his future hangs in balance shall he be booted out. For, he has proved to be a liability to his boss.

Many who seem to be respectable people are used by ’fisadis’ to turn truth upside down and downside up. Like hyenas; they are ready to munch anything provided it can sink in their unthankful tummies. ’Fisadis’ have already targeted those they think stand in their way by using these cheap laundry machines. Prominent people like Dr Harrison Mwakyembe, Reginald Mengi and others have already been preyed on.
Others are in party propaganda offices where they link up with ’kanjanjas’ in the media houses. We recently heard one of them accusing political parties of tribalism and ineptness whilst the party that feeds him stinks!

Now that we know that spooky gutter press is at work to cleanse ’fisadis’, will you throw away your hard-earned shilling to purchase their lies. Will you subscribe to their affair. I am wondering why the mighty government does not bother to descend on them!

Beware, whilst it time for you to make good decisions, it’s a ’yada yada’ and ’youm kippur’ for cursed demons calling themselves journalists. How can they be without living up to ethics and emancipation of the great unwashed.

How will you know them? Whoever entices you to be in bed with fisadis, is but doing quackery. He wants to suck your blood and steal your future. Say big nay to them.
Source:Thisday May 5, 2009.

Mfumo wetu ni wa kifisadi na kinyonyaji

SAFU hii huwa haiachi kujiuliza. Inawezekanaje rais wa nchi kuwa mwenyekiti wa chama tawala lakini mkuu wa mkoa akashindwa kuwa mwenyekiti wa chama hicho hicho tawala?

Kwa nini na wakuu wa wilaya wasiwe ni hao hao wenyeviti wa wilaya badala ya wanajeshi wastaafu na wengine ambao rais hutujazia maofisini wakifilisi hazina yetu itokanavyo na kodi na kuomba omba?

Bado kuna makatibu wa CCM wa wilaya na mikoa ambayo ukiuliza mishahara yao itokako hutapata jibu la maana zaidi ya longo longo tu.

Kwa nini mawaziri wasitokane na ajira huru badala ya mafungamano ya kisiasa kama ilivyo sasa ambapo hali hii inasababisha kujuana na kulindana ukiachia mbali uzembe kazini?

Mawaziri wetu karibu wote ni makada wa chama ambao hutumia pesa ya serikali kufanya kazi za chama ambazo ni kuhujumu vyama vingine huku wakikibeba chama chao.

Hii ni kinyume na utawala bora na wa sheria. Ni mgongano mkubwa kimadaraka ukiachia mbali kumtwisha mzigo mwananchi maskini.

Hiki ni chanzo kizuri cha ufisadi na umaskini nchini. Kwa nini kwa mfano, rais aweze kuvaa kofia mbili ilhali wengine hawawezi?

Ukiangalia hata utitiri wa wilaya na wizara na viti maalumu tulivyo navyo unagundua jinsi gani mfumo wetu ni wa kinyonyaji na kifisadi ukiachia mbali kuwa wa kikale na kikoloni.

Watawala wanawanyonya wananchi maskini licha ya kulipwa marupurupu mengine kwa kazi zisizokuwapo au kama zipo hazina umuhimu kwa wananchi. wamepewa hata mamlaka ya kumegeana na kutengenezeana wilaya na majimbo ya uchaguzi!

Je, mfumo wetu unakubalika kwa wanyonywaji au wanyonyaji tu? Kwa nini, kwa mfano, rais asilipe kodi ya pango lakini daktari, mwalimu, karani, rubani na wengine wafanye hivyo?

Nani analitumikia taifa kuliko mwingine? Kwa nini aandamane na mkewe kila aendapo lakini watumishi wengine wa umma wasifanye hivyo?

Kwa nini mbunge awe na mshahara na marupurupu mengi na makubwa kuliko daktari, mwalimu, na watumishi wengine wa umma na pia asilipie kodi kitita hiki?

Ukipata majibu sahihi kwa maswali haya, utajua ni kwa nini nchi yetu itaendelea kuwa maskini na kichaka cha mafisadi kila namna.

Kwa nini polisi na askari wengine wasafiri bure huku wanafunzi wasio na ajira wala posho ya nauli walipe? Nchi zilizoendelea, hujali sana watoto na wazee (senior citizens).

Kwetu, kutokana na mfumo na utawala wa kinyonyaji tunawajali askari kuliko hata vichanga na wajawazito! Aibu. Na huu ni ufisadi.

Kwa nini iwe suala la hiari kwa rais wabunge na mawaziri kutangaza mali zao ilhali wakiwataka wafanyakazi wa chini yao wawajibike hasa kulipa kodi wakati wao hatujui kama wanalipa kodi au la?

Kwa nini tupate pesa tena kwa mabilioni ya kununulia mashangingi ya wabunge, mawaziri, wakuu wa mikoa na wilaya bila kusahau wakuu wa wizara ilhali hatuna pesa ya kuwakopesha wanafunzi wa elimu ya juu?

Kwa nini tuwe na mashangingi mengi ilhali hatuna barabara za kutosha wala madawa hospitalini na vifaa vya kutosha mashuleni? Kwa nini tufikie mahali hata tuishiwe akiba ya chakula ilhali tuna watawala wanaoishi kikwasi kama wafalme wa Nchi za Kiarabu?

Kwa nini wabunge watutungie sheria za viwango vya mishahara lakini sisi tusiwapangie mishahara na marupurupu yao? Haya ni maswali wanafalsafa waanzilishi kama Plato, Socrates, Democritus, Heraclites na wengine walijiuliza na kuwauliza watawala.

Haya ndiyo maswali yaliyosababisha magwiji wa falsafa kuchukiwa hata kuuawa. Hata hivyo hawakuacha kuuliza wala kumgwaya mtu zaidi ya nafsi zao.

Je, ni nani leo yuko radhi kufa kwa ajili ya kuuliza maswali haya adhimu ya ukombozi iwapo wachache kama Dk Slaa waliojaribu wanaitwa wezi wa nyaraka za serikali? Lazima tusemezane na kusemana.

Tumerithi mfumo mchafu wa kikoloni ambapo tuna msururu wa utawala unaotunyonya na kuzidi kutudidimiza. Ukiangalia ngazi ya taifa ni balaa tupu. Nenda kwenye ngazi za mikoa na wilaya nako kadhalika ni balaa.

Kuna maafisa wengi wasio na kazi isipokuwa kulipwa posho na mishahara bila sababu. Mfano leo utakuta kuna maafisa wa kilimo kuanzia mikoa hadi kata. Hawa wanafanya kazi gani iwapo kilimo tuliishakizika na kupapatikia uwekezaji, uombaomba na umachinga?

Rais wetu anafanana sana na gavana wa kikoloni. Anakula bila kulipa. Anaishi kama Malkia wa Uingereza akiwa juu ya sheria. Anateua na kufukuza atakaye bila kutoa maelezo. Namna hii hatuwezi kusema tumejikomboa bali kujikomoa.

Hata ukiangalia kwenye ofisi zetu ambazo zimegeuka vijiwe vya kupanga jinsi ya kuliibia taifa utakuta kuna wafanyakazi wengi wasio na sababu ya kuwapo.

Tunaendesha nchi kama daladala. Maana kwenye daladala unamwajiri dereva naye anaajiri kondakta ambaye naye humwajiri mpiga debe ambaye naye huwaajiri wapiga debe wa kituoni.

Mfumo huu mchafu umetambaa kwenye mishipa yote ya taifa. Hata kwenye mabaa kuna wapiga debe. Nenda kwenye kila kitu kuna wapiga debe. Hiki ndicho chanzo cha ufisadi kimfumo.

Hamkusikia wapiga debe wa rada waliokamua taifa mabilioni ya shilingi wakiliuzia rada feki. Kwenye dege bovu la rais kadhalika bila kugusia uwekezaji wa kijambazi unaotuhangaisha. Mbona tunageuka taifa la wapiga debe!

Kuna haja ya kuuasi na kuutokomeza mfumo huu mfu na kifisadi kama tunataka kusonga mbele. Njia moja wapo ni kuuliza kwa nini? Baada ya hapo ni kutenda kwa njia ya kupigania mabadiliko ya katiba ili tuwa na katiba itokanayo na wananchi.

Vinginevyo tutaendelea kutawaliwa na mafisadi na mabwana zao. Sitaacha kuuliza kwa nini; na kwa nini; na kwa nini; na kwa nini!
Chanzo: Tanzania Daima Mei 6, 2009.

Mpayukaji kugombea ubunge 2010

KWANZA nitoe pole kwa waathirika wa mabomu ya Mbadala. Nyumba yangu ilikwenda na maji. Sijui nitalipwa au wajanja watanifanyia kama wazee wa Jumuia ya Afrika Mashariki!

Kwa vile msimu wa ulaji kwa njia ya kura umeanza, mzee mzima nina mpango kamambe kugombea uheshimiwa hata kama sina heshima. Kama wezi wengi wameweza kujipenyeza kwenye siasa ambayo ni ulaji wa urahisi, kwa nini mjanja nijivunge au kushindwa?

Nimeishaandaa zana zote. Nina digrii za kughushi saba toka vyuo vya Commonwealth, Havard, Edinburg aliposomea Mchonga, na Open University of the World (OUW) mjini New york na Bangarole India .

Nimeishaongea na madigara wa Kigabacholi na Waarabu kunidhamini ili nikiishaukwaa niwapigie debe wawekeze na kuchukua nchini. Hapa tutadhamini timu za mpira wa miguu na kutoa misaada mashuleni.

Yule Mwarabu wangu wa Dubai atashusha Dolari za kuhonga wajumbe wa mkutano wa uteuzi. Kila atakayehudhuria na kukubali kunipa kula lazima nimpe ulaji wa madafu 500,000.

Ingawa sijatajwa kwenye kashfa sugu za Richmond na EPA, Deep Green Finance, Meremeta, Kagoda na madudu mengine, nilipata mgao wa pesa kwa ajili ya kuwahonga walevi wanaopenda ulabu na wake zao wapenda vitambaa, khanga, T-shati, nyama choma na upuuzi mwingine. Mi si fisadi papa wala nyangumi.

Pia nimeishapata makanjanja wa kunifagilia kwa sana ili walevi wajue mie ndiye mkombozi yule waliyeahidiwa kuja kuwapeleka Kanani kwenye nchi ya nyama choma na divai.

Mie bonge la mjanja. Nimeishaingia ubia na makanisa na misikiti fulani kunipigia chapuo tayari kutawazwa kuwa mheshimiwa Mpayukaji Msemahovyo PhD Phil, MA in lies and hypothetical thinking, BSc. Umbea, Dip in Corruption and mafia. Cert. in Mass mobilization, MBA, Masters in Money making etc, mbunge wa jimbo la Tumboni kwenye Mkoa wa Ulaji.

Kwenye digrii zangu, hakuna digrii inahitaji kuwa na akili sana kama ile ya MA in lies and Hypocrtical thinking. Duniani wanazo watu wachache. Kwa Bongo ni mimi, Ben Makapu wa Mkapaa na Joe Makamba tu na katika Afrika ni mimi Robert Mugabe, Jack Zuma, Yoweri M7, Joe Makamba na Moi Kibaki.

Mipango yangu mikubwa kuliko tembo. Nitaingia na kauli mbiu mpya ya Usongo mpya, Mapenzi mapya na Mambo mapya na makubwa. Hapa sina shaka walevi wataniamini.

Nitaanza kula na kunywa nao. Nitawasalimia kwa kuwataja majina huku tukikumbatiana kama vile ni washikaji wa siku nyingi. Pia nitahakikisha shangingi langu linakuwa dala dala la kusafirishia walevi kila watakapotaka kwenda.

Mke wangu ataanzisha NGO ya kutetea maslahi ya wanawake. Atahakikisha anapigana hadi wanawake nao wanaoa na wanaume kudeki na kuosha watoto.

Ili kunogesha mambo, nitaanzisha foundation ya Mpayukaji Anthropological Society of Mawazo (MAS) kwa ajili ya kutetea haki za viumbe wote. Pia nitaanzisha mfuko wa kutetea watu wenye ulemavu wa ngozi na vikongwe.

Ingawa nina miaka lukuki tangu niingie nyumba za ibada, nitaanza kusali kama mtu aliyempokea Yesu na mtume jana. Nitaanza kuandaa harambee kwa ajili ya kuchangisha pesa za kusomesha watoto wa maskini na kugharimia matibabu.

Hapa lazima ninunue vyandarua kama 500 na madawati 200 kwa ajili ya kusaidia hospitali na shule za Uswekeni.

Pia nitanunua mipira kibao kwa ajili ya kusaidia timu za Uswekeni jimboni kwangu. Nitaongeza na jezi ambapo nami nitavaa moja na kucheza na watoto wa mtaani ambao kabla ya kugombea nilikuwa nawaona wote vibaka.

Ila huu msaa wangu wa milioni tano nitauvua na kuvaa mweku mweku. Maana walevi hawaaminiki wanaweza kukuliza.

Pia wale wazee wa kikabila nimeishawaandalia dawa yao. Nitawahonga viongozi wao wanivishe nguo za kijadi na kunitawaza kuwa mzee wa kabila bila kusahau tukio hili kwenda sambamba na kutawazwa kuwa kamanda wa vijana wa Mkoa wa Ulaji.

Pia ile nyumba ndogo niliyozaa nayo nitaihonga ili isilete kidomo domo ikatibua. Mwanaharamu niliyemkana lazima awe mtoto kipenzi ila kwa siri.

Kumfunga kamba mama yake, nitamtafutia shule ya kimataifa ili ajue mwanae anaandaliwa kuwa msomi na kiongozi. Nitamuahidi kuwa akimaliza shule ya msingi, nitampeleka London kusoma sekondari.

Pia kuna hawa wafa na nguna au wakulima. Nitawaahidi kuboresha bei za mazao yao . Pia nitakopa mbinu toka kwa jamaa yangu Pita Pinda wa Kupinda.

Nitawaambia kuwa kuanzia sasa kila kijiji jimboni Ulaji kitakuwa na trekta na Hallow. Pia nitaahidi kusambaza maji kila kijiji. Hapa ndipo Mwarabu wangu wa Dubai atanipiga tafu. Nitaleta vijana toka chuo cha maji kufanya tathmini ya mradi mzima.

Kwa vile mimi ni bonge la msanii, nimeishaanza kumtetea mwenyekiti wa chama chetu cha Mapinduzi (attention! Siyo CCM) kwa kila upuuzi anaofanya.

Kumshawishi asinisahau kwenye baraza la mawaziri, nimeanza mtindo wa kutishia kuwafikisha mahakamani wale wote wanaompinga. Katika kufanya hivyo, napandisha mwenembago na mori kama morani wa Kimasai nakuapia mizimu na miungu yote ya kweli na uongo.

Juzi nilipata habari njema toka kwa mwenyekiti. Nilipojiunga na mtandao maslahi wa adui zake waliokuwa rafiki zake alichukia sana.

Nasikia. Tangu ajue nimerejea kwenye mtandao wake amefurahi na ametuma ujumbe: kama nitaendelea kuwa mtoto mzuri, nisiwe na wasi wasi baada ya uchaguzi.

Kama waliwa wa DECI, sasa nina kazi moja-kupanda ili hatimaye nivune ingawa kwenye siasa hakuna kuaminiana. Tofauti na DECI nina uhakika. Kwani mkurugenzi wa upatu huu wa kisiasa ana rugu la dola tofauti na wale wahuni na wachungaji wapuuzi wa DECI.

Ingawa wapuuzi wanaweza kuona mipango yangu kama ndoto za Alinacha, wajue mimi naipendwa sana. Kwanza mimi ni ‘beautiful’ kama Njaa Kaya Kikwekwe mwenyekiti wangu. Pia mimi ni kijana mwenye miaka 65.

Tatu uzoefu umeonyesha. Hakuna tapeli au msanii anaweza kuchukiwa kutokana na kuwa na lugha tamu iwatoayo walevi kwenye chuki.

Nne, mimi ni chaguo la Mungu kama bosi wangu. Tano, mimi ni mtu wa watu. Je, kuna mtu wa fisi? Hayo tuyaache!

Sita, nimeleta amani kwenye jimbo langu kutokana na biashara zangu. Saba, nina uzoefu wa kuwaweka watu sawa kwa kutoa ahadi nyingi kemkem na za kusadikika.

Du! Kumbe ukurasa umejaa. Tuonane kwenye uchaguzi. Ila chunga mipango si matumizi na si kila ving’aavyo ni dhahabu. Nyingine hugeuka adhabu na ghadhabu.
Chanzo: Tanzania Daima Mei 6,2009.