Liberal Peace Conflict, Gender, and Peacebuilding

Liberal Peace Conflict, Gender, and Peacebuilding

Monday 30 March 2009

How dare you Idris Rashidi?

"THE mistake a lot of politicians make is forgetting they’ve been appointed and thinking they’ve been anointed," remarked US Senator Claude Pepper (1900-1989) Democrat.

Pepper reached this conclusion after finding that many people with appointive positions erroneously turned them into personal estate.

I heard Dr. Idris Rashidi, TANESCO Managing Director, saying: "If we refuse to buy hand-me-down Dowans' generators, our country would sink into darkness".

I thought it’s a joke or just tantrums and anger of being refused some ’ulaji’. What an abhorring idea! True, Rashidi’s threat is real, what, as a nation, shall we do?
Rashidi thundered after their goofy deal went awry thanks to people’s opposition to the idea. He went gaga after the whole saga in which he, together with Energy and Minerals Minister William Ngeleja and his deputy, Adam Malima, tried to hoodwink the nation.

Now that we know: Why our country is in darkness thanks to Rashid-made power rationing? Isn’t this a pure plot aimed at punishing us for refusing to be in bed with ’fisadis’? For how long shall the nation subscribe to this buffoonery? Isn’t it right time to tell Rashidi and his cabal to pack and hit the road? The offices they’re using to hoodwink and threaten us belong to us. This has no discussion.

The first step to take is telling them what they’ve done is nothing but suttee. They’ll end up becoming losers not the nation. And mark my words. Nobody’s ever defeated the nation. If they’re protected today, tomorrow during the elections they’ll never even trace those protecting them.

Another thing to mark is: They’re not smarter than others. Thus, we’d strongly urge Kikwete to boot them down before the damage is done a great deal more. The damage they’ve already caused, thanks to deals like the radar and IPTL, is enough.

Though Kikwete already has his plate full with scam, complaints and what not, this dark the nation is experiencing is his bone. It’s sad and abhorring to note that all this is caused by those he trusted.

Geared by greed, mania, myopia and self-seeking, they’ve turned his tenure a heck on earth. Will JK allow himself to lose just because his confidants want to get away with it come next elections?

It’s important for the likes of Rashidi to know: This country is no longer the one they used to take for a ride. People, for long, have tried to be as civilized as possible so as to offer the opportunity to the biggies to rethink their take of the same to no avail. Believe me. This time around they’ll never stomach this sabotage.

How come the person so appointed (not anointed) to the public office can sabotage the people and think he’ll be left alone to mess even more? Nay! This must come to an end as soon as possible. We’re tired of power hike aimed at covering the mess by the top dogs who fulminate at us as if we’re small kids!

Kikwete has time and again assured us: His mission is to deliver better life for all. But with such self-seekers with backward looking ideas, this is but a daydream so to speak. Shall he ignore or defend them? 2010 is not far. He must underscore this.

How can a public servant issue such threats and go ahead to fulfill them without a hammer falling on his head? Where does he get guts and audacity in the first place? Does this imply: There is someone bigger he is leaning on? If there is any, isn’t this a conspirator in sabotaging our country? Who is this criminal?

Now that we know what is behind the curtains, Idris, now you’ve crossed the line and you’re over your head. One thing to think about as you’re committing this crime is: Don’t you know that power rationing itself is the evidence of failure for those responsible like you?

It’s time to tell the power that be: Whoever day-dreams thinking he’s smarter than the true owners of his office must be shown the door. This is why I strongly urge Kikwete to sack the above officials. They’ve proved him wrong for appointing wrong persons to the wrong job. So, to kick-start the matter as I make it much easier for him, let the president fire them even today.

If I were Dr Rashidi, I’d mount my defence reminiscent to being touched by radar scam especially in bad light. I’d not add another insult knowing what would follow.

The other day I heard, if it is true anyway, that what we recently witnessed on this saga had nothing to do with national interests but personal ones. It was alleged that all those you saw raising embers, as they stole the thunders, were doing so thanks to their vested interests -- greed and selfishness. The informers did not dance around.

They openly said: What was causing all this was nothing but the tug-of-war between Dowans-Richmond and IPTL. Whether it is right or otherwise, this must act as an eye-opener for us not to succumb before the wolves.

We may wrongly think that some people are for us whilst they are for their stomachs!
One question will always surface as far as purchasing power generators are concerned. Why should we always buy second hand loss-making things?

Even if we purchase brand new ones, if the situation remains as it is, some jet-set-smoothies will still print money. Hither is wither the need to put our house in order comes. Under Rashidi, Tanesco has already been as dented as the ministry responsible under Ngeleja and Malima. So, the right thing to do is show all folks behind these macabre acts the door. Other competent and humble servants will come and serve us diligently. If any thing, this is but Kikwete's big challenge, among others.

When it comes to going dark, Idris, tell it to the birds. And our people should never make do with this sabotage. Never shall it happen.

Folks, what are you waiting for after all these blunders? Kikwete, time to act is now, just now and only now.
Source: Thisday March 29, 2009.

Friday 27 March 2009

It's a Looting Spree for Africa's First Families

I saw red when Janet Keinembabazi Kataha Museveni, the wife of Ugandan despot was appointed a minister in charge of the historically impoverished and semi-arid north-eastern Karamoja region that her husband ruined. I sensed something nasty because Idi Amin never attempted this mania.

The husband is President. Sadly, the wife is First Lady, minister and an MP! To add insults to injury, the son’s an army commander of his elite group! Museveni’s younger brother, Caleb Akandwanaho, is senior presidential advisor on defence. His daughter Natasha Karugire, is private secretary to the president. This, among others, is an inner-inner sanctum of Museveni.

Hold your breath.There are still other surprises of other swindlers. When asked why he appointed his wife to ministerial position and if this was not nepotism, Museveni gave hoo-ha and hogwash that no person was ready to take up this post! This is Museveni position. Mrs Museveni, on the other hand says she’s sent by ‘God’ to fulfill this ‘difficult role that others fear'- to serve Karamoja! This is the second time ‘God’ has sent Mrs. Museveni. The first time was when she was running for Ruhaama consitituency. She alleged that she was sent by God to serve the people of Ruhaama. In other words, Museveni is ‘God’ and Uganda is the kingdom of ‘God’ on earth.

In future, she’ll say that she’s been sent to serve the whole country. This is possible. Maybe, this aims at preempting the whole plot. Currently Yoweri and Janet are like yin-yang to Uganda. They are everything and everywhere. After turning Uganda into his private estate, Museveni by appointing his wife, broke the record. Methinks, this is paving the way to appointing his soldier son major Muhoozi to take over as it happened in DRC, Togo and will soon happen in Egypt.

Museveni must have appointed his wife to measure the waters. He wanted to assess the reaction of Ugandans and the world on this. This, though, seems. It’s likely that Muhoozi and his step-mother might be in a power struggle. Maybe, Museveni appointed his wife to assure her of his support or to tell his son: his time is still yet to come.

The story of family empires by African leaders does not end up with Museveni. In Kenya, Kibaki’s empire is in tussle with Paul Muite, a former MP. The game goes on. In Tanzania , Salma Jakaya Khalfan Kikwete, first lady and member of ruling party central committee of CCM and the chair person for WAMA is stealing thunders. Since her husband ascended to power, she has been using her NGO to mint and print money just like her predecessor Anna Mkapa who’s currently under fire thanks to amassing ill-gotten riches.

Like Museveni, Kikwete’s greed for power is an open secret. His son Ridhiwan Kikwete is openly groomed to rule. He is among the top people in the Youth wing of ruling Chama Cha Mapinduzi (UVCCM). He’s also a member of ruling party central committee. Ridhiwani like Muhoozi, Gideon Moi and other sons of dictators, has already proved to be a power to reckon with. Recently his law partner, Lawrence Masha, was appointed minister for home affairs without any gist of experience. Their firm is alleged to have benefited from T Shs 8 billion from the bone-chilling theft at the Bank of Tanzania (BoT) known as EPA. Other kids of biggies in Tanzania currently serving in upper posts are Emanuel Nchimbi (Deputy Minister son of party cadre), Dr. Hussein Mwinyi (Full Minister, son of former president), Amani Karume (President of Zanzibar, son of former president) to mention but a few.

In the president-first-lady-and-kids axis of evil, Anna Benjamin Mkapa scores high marks. She amassed wealth by abusing her husband’s power. Tanzanians are agitating that she should be brought to books. She purchased many government houses at throw away prices. There are unpaid loans involving millions she got from public banks. Some of the banks like National Bank of Commerce were sold to investors. The national power utility TANESCO is bleeding to death after Mrs. Mkapa’s brothers ushered in a bogus company from South Africa-Net Group Solution.

Different from other first ladies, Mrs. Mkapa did not vie for any public office. Instead she used the state house and NGOs to solicit money. Recently one senior former minister, Prof. Simon Mbilinyi and other CCM supremos came forth and required that Mrs. Mkapa be held responsible in lieu of her husband reminiscent to sabotaging the nation.Were it not for the fact that president Jakaya Kikwete has questionable deals too, the Mkapas would be behind the bars.

Azeb Mesfin Meles Zenawi (nicknamed Queen of Mega thanks to heading mega corporations in Ethiopia wraps up our list today. Others call her the Queen of Mega Corruption), a first lady, business woman and an MP representing her home district of Wolkait. Like Salma Kikwete, most of her fortune is made by using the office of her husband.

Conclusion: Although African potentates seem to be smarter and are feared by their people, behind the curtains, they are mere babies before their spouses! Guess what? After former Zambian first lady, Vera spilled the beans; many African thieves-in-chief decided to conspire with their wives in order to avoid this Vera danger. Others are ‘in hand’ just because they are unfaithful in their marriages. So, to calm down their wives, they just allow them to do whatever they want to avoid squabbles at home.
Source: The African Magazine March 25, 2009.

Mwakani tusichague serikali ya buibui

MDUDU buibui anasifika kwa kujenga utando wenye kuvutia. Ni mdudu bingwa wa sanaa. Ukimkuta kazini akijenga, unaweza kudhani atajenga ghorofa. Lakini mwisho wa yote hujenga wavu tu usioweza kusitiri hata maungo wala mayai yake.

Buibui hutumia utando kuwanasa wadudu wachovu kama mbu na inzi wadogo, lakini wakati mtego wake huu akiusifia na kuuona mali, wadudu kama dondora, kereng’ende na viwavi huukata wavu wake na kupeta.

Mfano huu unafanana na serikali ya sasa. Kabla ya kuingia madarakani, Rais Jakaya Kikwete aliahidi angetuondoa kwenye kadhia zilizokuwa zikitusumbua; rushwa, umaskini, ubabaishaji, kichwa maji na mengine mengi. Aliahidi ari mpya, kasi mpya na nguvu mpya huku akisema serikali yake italisafisha taifa tusijue italichafua!

Aliahidi kupambana na ufisadi na wizi wa fedha za umma ukiachia mbali umaskini ambao kimsingi husababishwa na majanga tajwa. Ajabu sasa, kama buibui, badala ya kujenga nyuma tusitirike, amejenga utando (mitandao) wa jinai ulioishia kuyafanya maisha bora tuliyoahidiwa kuwa ndoto na tusi la nguo.

Wale wadudu waletao uharibifu, yaani mafisadi, wanazidi kupeta wakiubomoa utando wa buibui huku mwenyewe akikodoa macho na kutoa kila aina ya visingizio! Hii inaananisha tulikula hasara kwani mtego tuliodhania ungekamata, umegeuka dhihaka ya hali ya juu!

Ukiachia mbali kuwanasa inzi (wala rushwa wadogo), kereng’ende na manyigu yanaendelea kutuumiza huku buibui akifanya nao shirika!

Kutokana na hali hii, mwakani lazima tuje na hoja mpya. Tuchague watu safi na wenye dhamira safi ya kupambana na ufisadi na siyo kuupamba huku wakiwa wanufaika wakuu.

Juzi, ziliripotiwa taarifa kuwa pesa iliyokuwa ikitoka kuchapishwa Ujerumani, ilichotwa. Ajabu habari hii haikupewa hata uzito na vyombo vingine vya habari ukiachia mbali gazeti tafitishi la Thisday!

Kwanza, wapo wanaoohoji kwanini pesa ichapishwe karibu na uchaguzi? Na haya yamekuwa mazoea. Wasipochapisha pesa mpya, watakuja na EPA na Richmond mpya. Kila msimu wa uchaguzi ni wizi mtupu. Inatia kinyaa na hasira kuona wale tulioamini wangelinda na kuiweka nchi yetu kwenye usalama, wameibomoa na kuishia kuwa wezi wakubwa.

Niambie. Hivi CCM ina haja ya kurejeshwa madarakani bila kutukamatia na kufunga Kagoda? Je, itakuwa na kazi gani kwetu iwapo imeshindwa kumkamata Richmond na wenzake?

Nchi yetu imekuwa kama kambi ya wendawazimu au kundi la mainzi ambapo hakuna mpangilio wala matumaini. Imefikia mahali hadi walioko ndani wanasema nchi inatawaliwa kienyeji. Si kienyeji, waliogopa kusema yote. Nchi inatawaliwa kijambazi. Watu wanauawa kwa tamaa ya utajiri huku mamlaka zikija na maigizo uchwara. Jiulize, hivi vikongwe na albino wana usalama ndani ya nchi hii?

Nchi imekuwa ikiibiwa kila uchao utadhani haina wenyewe! Rejea kuendelea kutoroshwa madini yetu kwa kisingizio cha kwenda kupima mchanga. Mbona Afrika Kusini hata DRC hawafanyi hivyo? Kama si ujambazi wa kitaifa, mchanga wetu una nini cha mno zaidi ya wenzetu wenye madini?

Je, tatizo letu ni nini? Bila shaka ni kuwa na utawala mabaka uliojaa walafi na wezi watupu wakitumia madaraka kutufanyia ugaidi. Tanzania ni nchi pekee ambayo mtu anaweza kuiba na akaendelea kuitwa mheshimiwa. Ni nchi pekee ambapo watu wanaweza kuiba halafu wezi hao hao wakaunda tume za kusafishana. Rejea Takukuru ilivyojaribu kuwasafisha baadhi ya vigogo wa kashfa ya Richmond au CCM inavyopigana kufa na kupona kuwaficha na kuwasafisha akina Kagoda, Mereremeta Deep Green Finance, Mwananchi Gold na majambazi wengine.

Wako wapi akina Andrew Chenge na Idris Rashid walioripotiwa na mamlaka za Uingereza kujipatia mabilioni toka kwenye wizi ulioitwa ununuzi wa rada ya usalama?

Yako wapi maelezo yanayoingia kichwani toka kwa CCM kuwa iliasisi EPA kupata mtaji wa kuhongea wapiga kura? Ajabu mwizi anaaminiwa kuwa atamkamata mwizi!

Hivyo basi, hoja kubwa mwakani iwe ni kupambana na ufisadi kwa vitendo na si kauli za kisanii kama ilivyo sasa. Watu wanateuana kwa rushwa na kulipana fadhila huku umma ukizidi kutopea kwenye umaskini wa kunuka, halafu watu hawa hawa wanatuaminisha watatupeleka Kanani wakati wanachofanya ni kutupeleka motoni!

Ukiondoa wabunge wachache wa CCM na upinzani, Bunge limejaa wezi wanaotetea hata mambo ambayo kuku hawezi kutetea. Rejea Mbunge Samuel Chitalilo aliyethibitishwa na polisi kughushi, kumtetea Chenge kuwa hakuvunja nyumba ya mtu hivyo kuiba mabilioni na kuyaficha kisiwani Jersey si wizi wala kosa!

Tunao akina Kingunge Ngombale-Mwiru wanaotetea kila upuuzi wa CCM kwa kile ninachoamini kuwa kufurahia na kulipa fadhila za kuachiwa wachote mapato yetu.

Wapo wengi. Wameteuliwa kuwakilisha matumbo yao huku wengine wakichaguliwa na wananchi wakawasaliti na kwenda bungeni kutetea biashara za Richmond, Dowans na IPTL bila hata chembe ya aibu. Je, hawa wanapaswa kweli kurejeshwa bungeni ili wakaibe na kuhatarisha usalama wetu zaidi? Tukifanya kosa hili hatutastahili msamaha hata kidogo.

Tumejaza wachumia tumbo kwenye maofisi yetu. Hebu jiulize, kwa nini, kwa mfano Mwanasheria Mkuu wa Serikali na Mkurugenzi wa Taasisi ya Kuzuia na Kupambana na Rushwa (Takukuru) bado wamo kwenye ofisi za umma wakati wanatuhumiwa kuhusika na hujuma ya Richmond? Hawa wanaweza kuifanyia nini nchi zaidi ya kuiangamiza?

Ajabu serikali ile ile iliyotuaminisha ingetuvusha na kutupeleka Kanani tupate maisha bora imegoma kuwaachisha kazi licha ya kuandamwa na tuhuma hizo! Je, kuirudisha serikali hii, si sawa na kumkaribisha chatu nyumbani ili amalize watoto wako?

Tujiulize, serikali yetu ina tofauti na mbwa anayerudi vitoto vyake au fisi anayemla mwenzie?

Mwakani tusirudie kosa.
Chanzo; Tanzania Daima Machi 25, 2009.

Kweli hii imepinda, eti turudi na matrekta?

JUZI sikulala kutokana na upupu, sijui upuuzi, sijui pwenti, sijui. Si huyu jamaa wa Mizengwe iliyopinda ambaye hivi karibuni nusu tumnyotoe roho kwa kudai tuwafinishi wanaodedisha matupinkele!

Una habari? Jamaa anaaza kuwa Mpayukaji kama Joe Kamba au Joni Chilingati. Eti anasema tuliojaliwa kukimbia usanii, ufisi, ufisadi na ujambazi mbuzi wa Bongolala tukaishia majuu, tukiamua kutia timu, tuje na matrekta badala ya mishangingi na malaptopu!

Hivi huyu jamaa ana akili nzuri kweli? Kwa nini haya asimwambie Njaa Kaya na Bi Mkubwa wanaomaliza njuluku zenu kwa kuzunguka dunia ili Bi Mkubwa atoe ushamba na kufanya shopping? Hawa kweli wakiamua kila tripu warudi na matrekta si haba, nchi itajaa na kufurika.

Kwanza, wanazo njuluku za bure wanazochota kwenye kodi ya walevi. Pili, wao ndio sera zao zimeshindwa. Maana, walituahidi maisha bora kwa wote tusijue wote ni wao na si sisi!

Viumbe wengine hawana hata huruma. Yaani tunavyosotea gamba (passport) ili kukitoa huku Magabacholi na Wasomali wakiuziwa bure na watu wale wale tunaowalipa njuluku zetu, siwezi kufanya kosa hili msee wangu!

Tunavyowekewa kauzibe na madingi wa kaya hii sina hamu. Bila aibu eti tukiishaula wanataka nao watule! Mmenoa haleti mtu trekta wala harrow. Siku nikitia timu nitakuja na vitu vya maana kama shahada feki nyingi ili kila mtu anione msomi kama akina Mustaafu Mkulu, Imma Mchimbi, Dorora Kamalau, Meri Nangu, Didie Massamburi na wengine wengi wenye kago feki.

Kumbe zamani nilidhani bingwa wa kufoji ni Richie Ndassaa na Sam Chililo! Kumbe mko wengi! Jitu zima linaringia lidigrii la vichochoroni. Eti linajiita dokta. Ingekuwa rahisi hivyo mbona mzee mzima ningeitwa Profesa Emeritus. Unakijua cheo hiki? Ili kupewa sifa hii lazima uwe umepayuka hadi koo lipasuke.

Juzi nilicheka sana niliposikia watu wanaojipendekeza kwa Njaa Kaya wakimuita dokta kwa sababu ya kupewa shahada ya heshima isiyo kuwa heshima. Hizi ndude huwa wanapewa wakuu wa vijiwe vya Kiswahili. Hata Joji Kichaka pamoja na ukihiyo wake asingekubali kupewa shahada ya heshima.

Jamaa baada ya kuona Njaa Kaya anawaminya kwenye jumuia uchwara ya Afrika ya Mashabiki waliamua kumtuliza kwa kumpa heshima isiyokuwapo. Endelea kuzubaa. Kuna siku Ewassa na Rost Tamu watapewa haya madudu, shauri yenu.

Nikirejea kwa wa kupinda, ingawa alichemsha kudai tulioko majuu turejee na matrekta wakati lisirikali lake likirejea na mishangingi, alipatia kitu kimoja; kumwamuru mpiga mahesabu wa serikali kushughulikia familia jizi ya Kimdunge Ngumbaru Mweha pale UBT. Huyu jamaa Bi Mkubwa atamponza kama Annaa alivyomponza Benny. Wanawake wengine kwa tamaa, utadhani Salamaa au Annaa pale jumba jeupe!

Mijitu mingine kwa tamaa hata fisi ana nafuu. Ubunge wa dezo, uwaziri wa porojo, ulaji katika halmashauri kuu ya wizi ya kiama wewe, UBT wewe! Kustaafu ndiyo usiseme. Jitu lina miaka mia nane bado linataka vyeo na biashara haramu! Kwa nini hamkujifunza kwa Musa wa Mchonga?

Kitu kingine nitakachorejea nacho ni nakala ya katiba. Hii huenda itawaamsha walevi wawaijie juu wezi wao waheshimiwa wanaopenda kuiba na kuombaomba utadhani kaya haina madini na samaki wa mabilioni.

Pia nitarudi na jeuri na unywanywa wa kudai kila haki kama jamaa wa majuu. Ukikatika umeme wanatimua serikali. Bei za vitu zikipanda serikali bye bye. Huku hakuna kutishana kama alivyofanya yule daktari wa giza, Idilisha Rushdie. Ukimtisha mwananchi siku inayofuata unatimuliwa hata kama wewe ni mkwewe rais au waziri mkuu. Huku si kama Bongolala ambako utawala ni uungu.

Huku mambo tofauti. Mijitu inaua kilimo kwa kushabikia ufisadi na ulanguzi wa madini wanyama na roho za watu inakusanifu tuje na matrekta. Ili iweje? Nayo yabinafsishwe kama viwanda na mashirika ya umma mliyoyauma bila huruma? Kwanza nani anapenda kulima iwapo kuna michoro rahisi ya kutengeneza mabilioni kama Kagoda, EPA, CIS, CCM, ANBEN, Fosnik, Tanpower, uchaguzi na madude mengine?

Kilimo waachie punda si watu. Nani ana haja ya kulima iwapo uchuuzi na umachinga unalipa hata kama mgambo wa Kondoo wanawaibia machinga wa Kiswahili wakiwaacha wa Kihindi na Kichina?

Najua. Nikija watanigwaya, maana nikianza kumwaga ung’eng’e watajua ni Mjamaica au Mmarekani. Kwanza nikija nitabadili hata uraia ili nisikumbwe na laana inayowakumba wenzangu.

Kwa vile walevi wana njaa sana, kingine nitakachokuja nacho ni unga. Usiniulize kama sembe au bwimbwi.

Ili wakupinda afanikishe azma yake, aliambie lisirikali lake kuacha kununua mitumba ya mitambo kama ile ya IPTELO na badala yake inunue matrekta. Pia iache kuwekeza kwenye uchukuaji uitwao uwekezaji, badala yake ikawekeze kwenye kilimo cha kisasa na si cha kisiasa kama sasa.

Pia nitarejea na bibi kizee wa Kizungu kuwakogea walevi. Lazima nimlete hata kama mzee kuliko mimi. Lazima nije naye hata kama atakuwa akinitumikisha kama mkewe kiasi cha wenye wivu kuniuliza: ‘Mpayukaji, we na mkeo nani kaolewa?’

Lazima hata kama anathamini mbwa wake kuliko mimi, lazima hata kama ni mvivu wa kupika, kufua na kuzaa. Mbona kuna wavivu wengi tena wanalipwa kwa uvivu wao?

Kitu kimoja kiko wazi. Sitarejea Bongolala kabla ya Wabongolala kupelekwa Kanani na kupewa maisha bora badala ya haya yaitwayo maisha ya usanii bora.

Kwanza, kuna jamaa wa Intelijensi amenitonya kuwa nikija nitakolimbwa au kubalaliwa kwa sababu nasikia wakubwa hawapendi mawe yangu. Nasikia mganga wao amewaambia kama wanataka kupata sanaa nyingi za kuwazugia walevi, basi wapate ubongo wangu waule ili wawe na akili. Nilishangaa maana mimi si albino. Kwa nini asiwaambie wale ubongo wa fisi ili ufisi uwatoke?

Kabla sijasahau, nitarudi na meli ya uvuvi haramu. Nimegundua Bongolala sawa na shamba la bibi ambalo unaweza ukaiba, ukatapeli na ukafanya kila utakacho bila kushtukiwa. Walevi wangejua kuwa kila mwaka meli zaidi ya mia zinawaibia samaki kwa tani, wangesimamia ili waweze kuwa nchi yenye kutoa misaada hata kwa Watasha!

Wambie akina Chenga, Liumbaa, Nkapa, Dk. Rushdie na wengine wafanye kazi hiyo si sisi.
Chanzo: Tanzania Daima Machi 25, 2009.

Thursday 19 March 2009

Economic Bailouts or Africa's Betrayal?

The news that the US government is eyeing some shares in Citigroup in what is interpreted as nationalization cannot go unmentioned. Last month, reports indicated that the US government intended to acquire 40% of common stock in the biggest bank in America. All this aims at saving it from going under and enhance cash flow in the country.

To lend as means of enhancing public spending (recouping the ailing economy) banks must have cash to assure credit flow. While this seems to be a good idea aimed at stabilizing financial flow and lending in the US, for many African countries facing the same situation a few years ago, it was totally unacceptable. It was referred to as 'socialism.' This lie depended on which side a particular country was inclined. Those that were inclined to the East suffered a lot more than those inclined to West.

In his state of the union speech, US president, Barack Obama openly said that he intends to do away with archaic non-regulatory system in which the government allowed banks to run freely leading to CEOs paying themselves heftly, thereby impoverishing the banks and leading to among other factors, this mess we’re in.

Shall things be straightened up; it will be Washington’s third effort to aid Citigroup since last fall. In October, the Treasury Department injected a total of $125 billion into eight giant financial institutions, including $25 billion to Citigroup, in exchange for preferred shares and warrants to buy stock.

Recently the House of Representatives passed a $787, 000,000,000 economic stimulus. Before then, George Bush injected billions into the economy. What used to be a taboo is currently a ritual.Contrary to this, many African countries gave away their investments to multinational companies under pressure from international financial and monetary institutions. But when it comes to rich countries, bailout is ideal, judicious and justifiable!

By acting in this dubious way, these so-called international institutions are but colonial-exploitative tools hell bent to see to it that Africa is doing their dirty laundry. What appalls is the gullibility and complicity of our straight edges. Now that the world is facing recession, Africa is likely to slip into depression, thanks to two evils: international institutions and African thievish higher-ups that swallow whatever nonsense from rich countries.

In Tanzania for instance, before the coming of Benjamin Mkapa’s regime, the National Bank of Commerce (NBC) had some financial hitches. When the late father of the nation, Mwalimu Julius Nyerere, argued that NBC be bailed out, he was lampooned by WB, IMF and even Mkapa, the man he wheeled to presidency. They said they’re not ready to help Tanzania in this. It was contrary to their policies.

Rich countries have maintained psychological war against Africa by referring to it as the poorest continent on earth. This aims at making us to believe that without them, we can not do anything. But when one looks at the recently released movie-slum dog millionaire, no doubt, India has more paupers than African countries individually.

The World Bank estimates that a third of the global poor now reside in India; it has over 300,000,000 paupers, almost a half of all Africans! Living conditions in Indian slums are worse than those in Africa. While poverty in Africa is caused by the greed of our honchos and conspiracy by rich countries, in India, it is caused by the exploitative caste system.

Whilst Indians can comfortably live with poverty thanks to their caste system, Africans are forced by parasitic regimes to make do with it. Noise made by rich countries about human rights only address cosmetic matters. For example, while China hangs officials found guilty of corruption, in Africa, thievish regimes stay in power thanks to being supported by rich countries. And when the hoi polloi agitate that they be persecuted, human rights are used to defend them.

Currently in Tanzania, former president Mkapa is under pressure to be brought to book. But his successor does not want to do so. Reason? Mkapa has immunity under the democratic constitution! Is this democracy or burglary? In Equatorial Guinea, Theodore Obiang Nguema, his family, army and friends are openly plundering the majority. Citizens would like to topple this nugatory regime. But they’ve failed, thanks to being supported by the US that exploits and buys all oil produced by this poor African country! The situation is the same in DRC, Gabon, Uganda, Congo and Tanzania.

Our thieves obtain loans from rich countries to end up financing their king-size lives. The farmer and a common worker do not spend even a dime of this money. But when it comes to paying the debt with super inflated interest rates, the paupers are squeezed and made to pay! Nobody is seeing this as gross violation of human rights. We’ve time and again urged the international community to declare mega graft as a a crime against humanity but nobody is ready to subscribe to this for the fear of injuring their vested interests.

Under this donkey-man relationship, Africa is bleeding to death. Western media like to take photo of destitute African begging, scooping dirty water and such. They go home and pummel this nonsense to the mainstream media. You know what. This media missile has shaped our mindset in that we are created to be poor so as to beg the West to help us.

Belgium has bigger per capital than the whole Africa. Ask it. Where did it get this massive wealth? DRC and Congo are but the sources. This tiny country (the size of the smallest region in DRC) has no minerals or anything worth mentioning.

National statistics show that in 2003-2005, Belgium's per capita was 76134.68 whilst DRC's was less than $ 100.But again, the so-called civilized and developed international community does not see this crime! Why can’t they force Belgium to redress DRC for the miseries it caused her? We all know. DRC has been at war since independence, thanks to machination by Belgium. The situation is the same in Rwanda and Burundi where former colonial masters left tribalism and mistrust so as to cause genocide and mass massacre at will. Nobody taxes them!

If you look at the history of Africa, no country has ever escaped colonial legacy-cum-machinations. What makes it worse is the fact that even the flag independence African countries acquired since the late 50s has never saved the common man. But while this crime is in the commission, there is the universal declaration of human rights! Which human rights are these, if they don’t embrace economy and good governance?

We’ve set off with the example of US regulating and saving private business as opposed to what they are tutoring us to prove how Africa still needs to rethink solo and independently. But how, if at all, almost all African countries are ruled by thievish governments or parties?

African youths need to take a leaf from their colleagues in the US that ushered in the first black president to white house regardless of all hidden racism and double standards existing in this nation. True, they’re the very victims of the very myopic, blind and greedy current regimes. Another place to take a leaf from is Russia. After the west demised the then USSR, Russia is currently seeing to it that it gains its lost fief in international community.

OFF CUFF: During the recent conference on economy in Dar es salaam, the head of IMF, Dominique Strauss-Kahn told African beggars in power that Africa needs to use commonsense! What an abuse! But did they get it?
Source: The African Executive Magazine, March 18, 2009.

Kingunge is that Ujamaa you preach?

REPORTS that the family of chief cadre and Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM) MP, Kingunge Ngombale Mwiru, has been ripping us off for so long cannot pass by without being given a look-in. This is how Bongo is made a begging nation.

Indeed, for those in the know, this started many years ago. In 2002 there were grumblings and rumblings as to why the same family of messiah was allowed to build a petrol station in the Ubungo Bus Terminal (UBT) even where the law does not allow buses to refuel with passengers on board.

One reporter who was then working with Habari Corporation took on the challenge. When she went to interview the owner of the petrol station at UBT, upon completing the interview and leaving the office, she was told to accord greetings to two of the then directors of the company she was working with. One of these double-faced creatures is currently in the ranks doing PR business.

She reported back her findings to her editors as usual. She did not convey the regards thinking this would save her story. You know what? The story did not see the light of day. And that was until recently when things got out of control, when PM Mizengo Pinda was forced to become a witness of this crime perpetrated by the high and mighty.

As I know, the law does not allow buses to refill with passengers on board. Such a prohibition is enforced so as to avert deaths and injuries in case of fire outbreaks. How come that the petrol station is built within the always-fully-packed bus station?

Now that the government is aware of machinations and sabotage the Kingunge family has brought on the city, we need action to be taken. Looking at Pinda’s comments that the contract must be rectified, one can smell a rat. Why rectify without dealing with the loss already incurred?

The right thing to do is return the whole money made through criminal means as this whole business amounts to a replica of Richmond, Kiwira, EPA and so on; even though it is conducted in a different style. Theft is theft.

One can now see clearly why Kingunge has always been in the forefront in defending CCM’s nonsense, for he benefits from this conspiracy. His behaviour reeks of hypocrisy for a person who has presented himself as a staunch socialist. He preaches water and drinks wine.

Wherever money can be made there are families of the biggies. They’re at UBT, Harbour, BoT, in political parties and what not. The money that would enable the city, for example in UBT profligacy, to deliver on basic needs of its residents ends up going to a cabal of self-seeking filches.

This money which the Kingunge family is scooping would go towards city sanitation, installing new traffic lights, and other development activities. So those wondering why our country is in a shambles should make a note.

I’ve for long been making noises about the society of hyenas and dogs. Such society normally is ruined by self-helping goons. Yet still, they scramble almost at every opportunity so as to double the pangs and twangs of poverty for those that are not found in their cabal.

Bongo is becoming a private estate of biggies. They are everywhere where money is. Go to hunting blocks, it stinks there. Parking business has also not been spared. Do you remember the former parking company owned by one illiterate? When the former regime packed and hit the road, his business also went under. How could he survive while he leaned on one big minister who retired with his friend at the top of the former regime?

In a nutshell, Bongo is being turned into a begging pauper by such hyena-like biggies. UBT’’s theft is but a drop in the ocean. There are many out there who are taking everything around us! We remind the government not to sit on its lazy bum while it watches thieves sabotage the nation. Doing so will take away its legality, therefore rendering it illegal.

As for Kingunge, is that the Ujamaa you’re preaching?
Source:Thisday March 20, 2009.

Wednesday 11 March 2009

Africa Must Support Bashir’s Indictment

At last, justice has closed in for Sudanese strong man, Omar al Bashir, who has to face the International Criminal Court (ICC) in The Hague. This fare-thee-well move aimed at saving Africa from sinking into dictatorship and massacres committed by those in power has come late.

Bashir killed millions of people in southern Sudan before SPLA emancipated it.Given that the victims of this mania are black Africans, African countries South of Sahara have all reasons to fully support this noble move.

While peace lovers have embraced the arrest warrant, some African countries under pseudo-African brotherhood, have blindly opposed it! Many African potentates are making a grave mistake by teaming up with killers and dictators. Such countries should be told to the face. African dictators have hijacked the citizens of their countries they brutally ruin in the name of ruling. They’ve been using predatory armies to remain in power as opposed to democratic means. This myopia is likely to taint and cost Africa a lot.

Our rulers lack moral authority.They’re products of gimmicks and undemocratic means. So this makes point number two for this criminal solidarity. More than a half of African rulers are in power undemocratically and illegally altogether. Thus, they fear their commonalities and similarities may surface. And the same can happen to them especially if embezzlement of public funds is categorized as a crime against humanity.

Another reason why Africa must support ICC is the fact that when this move was announced, Bashir did not bother to consult with AU. Instead, he asked the Arab League to convene an ad hoc conference to look into how to help him out of this imbroglio.I know. African countries will blindly issue a statement condemning this move. They’re easily fobbed and manipulated by being given empty promises of drops of oil by these carbuncular Afro-Arab mélange.

Though it pains to find that African straight-edges have become such nugatory so as to be tried outside Africa, it still is a fact: shall they not put their house in order, let this happen time and again. So there is no logic to contend that this is neo-colonialism aiming at intimidating them. If they can intimidate their people, why shouldn’t they be intimidated as well?

We still, painfully and with indignation, remember how Ugandan president, Yoweri Museveni in conjunction with Rwanda's Paul Kagame invaded DRC and looted minerals. Shall ICC avoid double standards, it’s high time for Museveni and Kagame to face the same thanks to the crimes they committed in DRC.

Africa needs to avoid double standards and pretext. Those thinking that this is a colonial plot against African freedom as some people are contending should remember that Slobodan Milosevic died in The Hague facing the same. If Bashir is submitted to The Hague, he’ll become a second African dictator to be indicted there after former Liberia killer, Charles Taylor who is still waiting for justice to be done.

It’ll also make more sense shall dictators like Robert Mugabe and Amani Karume of Zanzibar and Benjamin Mkapa (who allegedly killed Zanzibar’s citizenry in 2001) should be added to the list of in capacious African mumbo jumbos to be indicted resulting from the crime against humanity.

I fully support the indictment of Bashir, for it’ll act as a wake up call for those still at large.

Off the cuffs: Rwandan autocratic regime recently passed the law to ban prosecuting ex-leaders! But why should this be done after her former president, Pasteur Bizimungu rot in prison? Hypocrisy ad infinitum.
Source: The African Executive Magazine Feb. 11, 2009.

Bongo, the generous no man's land

WHEN the parliament passed takrima (Generosity) gaffe aiming at bribing voters, we warned that takrima-beneficiaries would become generous enough to act ’hampty-dumpty’.

To prove my words, there, recently, happened an astonishing and saddening episode whereby a Kenyan swindler, Paul Maweu defiled our education system thanks to candle love.

He fooled us like crazy.. The guy was employed as a lecturer by more than one university whilst he had not achieved even a KCSE! Why didn’t police submit this nincompoop to Mnali for drubbing!

And if truth be faced, we’ve many Kenyan impostors in our so-called international academies. Many of them are but Form-Four failures. But given they’re Kenyans and Tanzanian employers and parents are mad about them, they are even illegally (but generously) employed!

One thing Tanzanians don't know however, is, whilst they’re blindly in love with Kenyan quacks; in Kenya parents prefer Ugandan teachers they import before exporting their failures to Bongolala.

Another reason is, many so-called international things are owned and manned by either illiterates or non-professionals just like the one that goes with the name of the female saint whose owner is but a pure illiterate despite having an honorary PhD.

Let’s ask point blank. Why did this happen in the first place? Firstly, Tanzanians are known for their generosity especially to foreigners. But the same pseudo-generous beings hate each other! Kandoro’s mgambo - good at harassing and stealing vitumbua-beating marching guys as they spare Indian and Chinese purveyors!

If anything, this is the secret behind the increase of Indians especially when it comes to mega graft. So too, this is why EPA’s buggers are not arraigned. Doing so will go against our spirit of ’generosity’.

But without planting the spirit of loving our country and shying away from this megalomaniac generosity, one day we'll be ruled by a foreigner as it once happened in Kagera.

Our generosity has offered Indian economic refugees and international criminals to find a bed of roses and green pastures thanks to having ’generous’ honchos. Former Minister for Industry and Commerce, Idd Simba, once said that ten Indian businessmen own the whole economy of the country.

The same guys live almost in all National Housing houses and they control commerce throughout the country. To make it worse, they are implicated almost in all multi-billion scandals. Go to streets with Indian names in the city centre. The street names sound more like Mumbai than Dar es Salaam!

After discovering that in Bongo any foreigner is king, Chinese chingas are now moving into the country in scores to join this fete. Nobody bothers to query. What if the wabongo would go to China or India to do the same illegal businesses or conspire with honchos to ruin and rip their countries off?

Even in Mirerani and wherever minerals are mined, indigenous Tanzanians give room to foreigners to enjoy our generosity. I once put it to a generous politician who carefully digested what I had asked and then shamefully answered ’’Bongo is the country of love and generosity!’’

He added that when a friend pays you a visit, it’s important to let him sleep with your memsahib. The result is we end up with corruption scandals such as EPA and Richmond! Gosh, which love is this that makes you behave like a stupid candle Is it love or corruption and myopia coupled with greed?

It is indeed filial of love where you super-inflate the price of a presidential jet and a defensive radar in order to give these guys mshiko to take back to the country of slum dog millionaire. You let them use Kagoda to steal from EPA so as to stash some cash back home to reduce the number of poor guys.

I'm told India only has over 300,000,000 paupers! If you doubt this, watch the movie slum dog millionaire then you'll see the unthinkable. Currently, they're generously penetrating in politics so as to see to it that they become decision-makers.

There is one thing I’ve never understood. I usually hear politicians tell our people not to make many babies because overpopulation curtails our economic growth. But the same guys generously allow illegal immigrants to make our countries theirs as they fully and generously involve in capital flight.

You know what There are undisputed rumours that the number of Ethiopians and Somalis running away from poverty and wars back home is increasing simply because it is easier to generously purchase Tanzanian passports badly needed to make it to South Africa and elsewhere.

The other day someone told me that even our cops respond generously wherever there is money rather than where there is crime! He said if you call them to rescue a woman from the generous hands of a rapist, it’ll take you a month to get their response!

Even our higher-ups have taken a leaf from this. Don’t you remember how the president generously told thieves to return our money though they generously refused

One generous wino told us not to call fisadis by names because it'll frighten the do-nothing investors like Dowans, IPTL and such.

We must maintain our generosity. For example, when someone invests in our country but does nothing, we must pay him generously as we generously get our ten per cent that we generously bank in Jersey and elsewhere.

More important, our mumbo-jumbos must generously self help on things like Kiwira coal mine, harbour and what not. And indeed, we must generously keep mum to let them enjoy their retirement generously. For those that die generously after serving generously like Daud Ballali must be honoured on heroes’ day.

Before I forget, we recently wanted to extend our generosity to Dowans by purchasing its rotten power generators at a super-inflated price after it generously burned our fingers under Richmond!
Long live generosity. Sophocles says: When wisdom brings no profit, to be wise is to suffer.

Source: Thisday Feb. 11, 2009.

Anna Tamaa na mafisadi wengine mpo?

Juzi nilifurahi na kulia kwa mpigo pale rafiki wa baba yangu rais Bingu wa Mutharika alipoamua kufanya kweli kwa kumtolea uvivu jamaa yangu Elisoni Bakuli Miluzi. Alimfungulia mashtaka ya kuibia kijiwe njuluku zipatazo dola 11,000,000. Aibu ya aibu kumbe jamaa alichomoa njuluku zilizotolewa na wafadhili kwa jamaa zangu maskini wa Maravi! Kumbe nimegundua sababu ya wakuu wetu kwenda ughaibuni kila siku kusaka njuluku kwa kutumia majina yetu.

Pia nilifurahi nusu kuuawa na ulabu kwa sherehe pale mama Regina Chiluwa alipohukumiwa mvua tatu na nusu lupango kwa kupatikana na hatia ya kuibia kijiwe na kununua nyumba mbili ukiachia mbali kupokea runinga ya serikali na kukutwa akiwa na njuluku dola za kimarekani 100,000 ambazo alishindwa kuzitolea maelezo. Pia mali zote zihisiwazo kutokana na ujambazi mbuzi huu zimeamriwa kutwaliwa na sirikali. Maskini Regi. Alipelekwa lupango siku hiyo hiyo kuanza kusotea hukumu huku Fred akiishia kutoa mimacho kama bundi. Atang’atwa na mbu na kupigwa na baridi!

Je wezi wetu akina Anna Tamaa wa Makapu atakuwa amejinyakulia mali na njuluku kiasi gani yarabi? Sijui kama siku ile alilala mama huyu ambaye mzee wake yumo kwenye hati hati ya kufikishwa kwa pilato hata kama Njaa Kaya Kikwekwe amesema hatamfungulia mashtaka kwa vile lao moja na wanafanana. Hata hivyo poa. Ipo siku. Kinachowatia kiburi na upofu-madaraka, kuna siku kitafikia mwisho waionje joto ya jiwe.

Nilikunywa kama sina akili nzuri pale fashsti wa Usudani Omari Aliaye Bashir alipofunguliwa rasmi mashtaka ya kuua, kubaka na kudhalilisha wachovu wa Dafuri. Kwa sasa jamaa yumo kwenye 18 ya Luis Moreno-Ocampo ambaye alikuwa mwalimu wangu wa sheria kule majuu kabla sijafukuzwa kwa ulevi na kuishia kughushi digrii yangu kama jamaa zangu ambao nasikia siku hizi wanachangamkia nafasi kwenye vyuo huria ili kuhonga wapewe za kweli. Huu ni upande mmoja wa furaha.

Upande wa pili wa majonzi na machozi ni pale nilipolia kama kichanga kusikia kuwa Li-sirikali lina mpango wa kununua mikangafu ya Dowani binti Richmonduli! Mwe! Hawa wanatuona sisi mataahira siyo? Mbona ni wao waliotwambia kuwa mashini zile zilikuwa mbovu kiasi cha kutowahi kuzalisha hata voti moja ya umeme! Wameingiwa na nini yarabi? Thanks Lord mwishowe wamefyata mkia.

Kilichonitoa machozi ni kuona jamaa yangu Mzito wa Makabwe naye akilambishwa sukari kiasi cha kuwageuka umma. Kumbe jamaa hovyo! Kumbe waliosema kuwa alipata ujiko kwa kismati ilhali yu fisadi hawajakosea. Tusimlaumu au kumtetea Mzito. Wajanja wanasema kinachogomba pale siyo maslahi ya taifa bali ya binafsi. Ni vita ya mafisi wa Dowani na IPTELO.

Nikirejea kwa Dowani na majenereta uchwara yake, tuambizane ukweli bila kumung’unya. Huu nao ni ufisadi tena ufisi. Hivi mnadhani hatujui hata kama tu walevi? Mngenunua uchafu wa Dowani mngewawapa ulaji akina Ewassa bin Richmond . Jamaa hawa hawatosheki. Wametuibia. Tumeendelea kuwalipa mafao ya ustaafu wakati hawakustaafu. Hawaridhiki bado. Kwanini wanatugeuza shamba la bibi yarabi! Poa. Ipo siku yao iso jina.

Ajabu ya maajabu nilisoma utumbo wa Silva Rwamunyama yule kahaba mkuu wa waandishi aliyewekwa kinyumba na Njaa Kaya. Alikuwa akilaumu vyombo vya umbea kwa kuandika kuwa kukuu kumeingilia kwenye dili la majenereta uchwara ya Dowani! Kwani hatujui? Kwanini kununua mikangafu tena kwa bei zaidi ya maradufu ya mpya kana kwamba tu vipofu na mataahira? Huu ni ulaji na jinai hata kama unawahusu wakubwa. Eti naye Daktari Iddiliisha Rushdie naye anatoa ushauri! Mbona anajulikana alivyokwanyua njuluku kwenye dili la rada yeye na Enderea Chenga? Huyu hana udhu. Ni mwizi hata kama ana ulaji mkubwa.

Huyu na Bill Ngereja hawana maana kabisa. Hawana tofauti na Leo Maasha wa kutaka kutuibia kutumia vitambulisho uchwara. Nasikia anafanya mipango aanzishe dili la vitambulisho vya zeruzeru na faru kwa vile ni viumbe walioko hatarini kutoweka! Naye ipo siku yake.

Kweli waso haya wana mji wao walijisemea watu wa mipasho. Nani angekubali upuuzi wa kuwazawadia Dowani ulaji ilhali waliishatuibia? Ajabu hatujifunzi. Dowani Bin Richmond wajukuu wa Rosti Tamu L’Aziz wamegeuka Lisirikali ndani ya Lisirikali. Uchu mwingine ni mbaya kuliko hata wa mbwa na fisi. EPA wewe, Richmond umo, CIS wewe, Dowani umo, kila kitu umo. Je hii dunia ya Wadudi utaimilki wewe? Itakumaliza kabla hujaimaliza.

Hata hivyo tusishangae sana . Watu wanatafuta takrima kwa ajili ya uchafuzi wa mwakani ili waendelee kutumaliza. Je nasi tutaendelea kujirahisi na kujiruhusu watumalize? Hovyo!

Kweli nimeamini usomi wa mpumbavu hauondoi upumbavu wake. Jitu linajinakidi lina PhD tena ya uchumi linahujumu uchumi! Iddiliisha anaitwa Daktari. Ajabu anatumiwa na matapeli vihiyo kunyea kambi? Hapa msomi nani? Heri yangu najulikana mlevi lakini nina mapwenti. Unadhani mchezo kuchonga kila wiki na usiishiwe? Jaribu uone kama ni mchezo.

Hayo tuyaache. Hivi Dowani imewapa nini hadi inaweka wanaume wazima kimada nanyi mnaridhia? Tunawalipa mishahara minono na marupurupu. Hamridhiki hadi muwekwe kinyumba na tapeli. Ama kweli kunguru hafugiki na fisi ni fisi hata awe na madoa. Fisi ndi fisi walijesemea wanyasa. Mbwa ni mbwa hata kama ni wa kizungu.

Tumalizie tulikoanzia. Tulipotaka kumsulubisha Ben Tunituni Makapu tuliambwa ana kinga. Ana bonge ya tunguli tuliambwa. Je na huyu Bi Tamaa analo tunguli kama la Ben au tunafungwa kamba na jamaa baada ya kunusa upepo wa kitakachomsibu siku akitua mzigo? Tuhoji hata kama tumelewa. Je changa la macho hadi lini? Tutaendelea kuwa shamba la bibi hadi lini? Dawa ya jipu ni kulitumbua. Tutumbue jipu hata kama ni kwa maumivu makali. Baada ya kulitumbua tutalala angalau usingizi kama akina Banda pale Mulungushi na Kalulushi.

Tumalizie kwa kunukuu maneno ya spika Six. Richmonduli na Dowani ni mtu na binamu wake. Na Ewassa na Njaa Kaya na Rosti Tamu ni mtu na kaka yake. Jiandae kulazwa gizani ili mbwage manyanga wezi wetu wale. Je IPTL nayo binamu yake nani? Mwenye akili atie akilini. Ila tufanyieni sanaa zenu. Ipo siku iso jina mtalia na kusaga meno. Na hizi kura za wanaoua matupinkele si ushahid wa Li-sirikali kuishiwa? Mbona hamuandai zoezi la kura za mafisadi? Au mnaogopa mtajinasa kwenye nyavu zenu?
Chanzo: Tanzania Daima Feb. 11, 2009.

Friday 6 March 2009

Dirge for Susan Tsvangirai

We fear death. Yet death steals us. It steals us unaware though. One thing is eminent. We will all die. Susan you are no more. What you stood and fought for is still there. It'll for ever be there. Just like the sun and the moon and the general atmosphere.
Your sacrifice is second to none. For the well being of Zimbabweans. Your contribution is known. For Human Rights everywhere. Your indelible mark on Zimbabwe's well being is forever.Nobody can question this.
Go Susan Go
Though you're gone,
Your legacy isn't gone.
It'll nary go,
Your history will always shine.
You stood by Morgan,
You stood for the nation.

It's still too earlier to speculate on foul play.
But again, who knows?
There are many more questions than answers.
One eminent one why?
We shall ask why?
Why till then we know why.
Anything is possible; very very possible,
Especially in this world full of scarecrows
Being ruined by Tin men and Straw Men.
Who knows especially in this world full of Espinozas?
Tell me who knows; in this world full of Caligulas?
Tell me who knows whereby Claudius is in power?
Nobody knows;especially whereby Jude Iscariot is next to heartbeat.
Go our mom Susan.
Go our Susan our heroin.
You've died for the nation.
We shall always stand by Morgan.
Fare thee well mother for the
job fare-thee-well done.

Wednesday 4 March 2009

Why do our politicians love hypocrisy?

I CAN smell a rat in Dowans power generators’ deal. Whenever we say things are getting worse and are contrary to what we were promised, we’re accused of petty jealousies, bias and lack of patriotism. But what is there to be jealous about in this chaotic situation.

We recently heard supremos saying the same thing we’ve been saying for a long time. Like us, they’re reprimanded and told to shut up or put up! Will they succumb to these cheap politicking.

If you are bickering and tearing yourselves, should we really keep mum? Should we keep mum while things are getting worse. If scandals are surging time and again, should we really keep mum. Nay, it can’t be.

Someone must say it point blank. Failure to tell the truth is as good as corruption. And indeed, failure to accept and face the truth is the most corrupt tendency that has been experienced in the history of this land.
When politicians assured people they were fit for duty, people trusted them. They gave us what we wanted so as to give them what they wanted and expected from us. They promised heavens-most important of all-to fight graft.

Time and again, the electorate have honestly and openly been reminding politicians to do the right thing and deliver. Is this bad really As politicians assured them: This hank is theirs and whoever they entrust running it is their servant. When then did we become masters instead of the humble servants we promised to be.

Is pointing out that corruption is ruining our people a crime that deserves the rants and raves of politicians For example, during Richmond scams we’re told, the power generators they brought were unfit. This is why they did not produce even a single voltage.

That's why we booted them down and those that ushered them in. Edward Lowassa knows this even if he’s still being paid retirement perks for not doing so.

Astonishingly, we’re now told the generators are fit! This way, aren’t we rewarding Richmond and its sister-Dowans for their rip-off? What makes things worse is the fact that those who were telling us how worse the whole deal was are the ones telling us to purchase these loss-making things!

The people who supported the purchasing of Richmond ’s power generators must firstly tell us what has changed for them to make this astonishing U-turn.

What makes everyone have doubts is the fact that some of those who were in the front line in telling us to commit our money to suspicious deals are the same people implicated in radar scandal.

Why should one buy a car that has never moved even an inch?
Why are we repeating the same error every time? It has become an in-thing for a few thieves to steal our money under the pretext of supplying power.

Every year we’re told we need emergency power supply. Unfortunately this started during the second phase administration and billions of shillings have been stolen ever since. When will we have reliable power supply?

I strongly believe that those who say our country is mismanaged and abused base their arguments on this inescapable reality.

For a country with sufficient water bodies like Tanzania , it is a shame to rely on coca-cola-like-means of supplying power to the nation.

During the campaigns we were promised that controversial contracts entered by the former regime would be rectified. Ever since, no single contract has ever been reviewed!

Another killer fact: TANESCO has always complained that many companies commissioned to supply power to it like IPTL, Kiwira, Dowans, Aggrecko and others have become a thorn in a shoe.

Our bills have always been inflated to finance this anomaly resulting from corruption-sired contracts. Tanzania hikes power more than any country in Africa .

Even Burundi , DRC, Rwanda and even Somalia have comparably reasonable power tariffs.
Something must be wrong with our leaders
Source: Thisday Feb.4, 2009.

Liyumba, ufisadi, utawala wa kijambazi na ulioshindwa

HUWA siachi kujiuliza, hivi watu wa aina ya Mwalimu Julius Nyerere wakifufuka leo itakuwaje?

Bila shaka, kwa kihoro na chuki, watajinyonga ili wasiwe sehemu ya utawala mbovu na wa kifisadi tulio nao.

Hivi hawa wanaotufanyia ufisadi na usanii huwa wanajisikiaje wanapokaa peke yao na kutafakari wanayoyafanya kama kweli wamebaki na chembe ya utu na uadilifu wa kufanya hivyo?

Kwa watu wanaofuatilia kufuru na sanaa zinazoendelea Tanzania, si haba, wanatucheka na kutuona kama mataahira.

Watendwa na watendwaji wote katika kapu moja.

Huwa siachi kujiuliza, hivi inawezekanaje nchi yenye kila nyenzo ishindwe kushughulikia wahalifu kama wa EPA na wengineo? Inashangaza licha ya kusikitisha na kuchukiza!

Kwa sasa, baada ya kuona filamu nyingi, kuna filamu moja imetawala, nayo ni ile ya Amatus Liyumba, iliyotungwa na wasanii wetu wakuu waliotuambia kuwa alikuwa ametoroka.

Swali hapa ni kweli alikuwa ametoroka au alitoroshwa; au kuna kikundi cha watu kilikuwa kinapima ujazo wa maji katika sakata hili?

Sasa tuna filamu ya minara miwili, tunapaswa kuwa makini ili isituleweshe tukawasawahau kina Kagoda. Liyumba ashughulikiwe sambamba na Kagoda. Bila hili kufanyika yote ni bure.

Kujibu swali hili nitatoa maelezo.

Mosi, hivi kama Liyumba angetoroka au kutoroshwa, wangetwambia nini? Kwanza, serikali ingethibitisha ilivyoshindwa kutimiza wajibu wake.

Pili hakimu aliyeamua kudhalilisha mahakama kwa kutoa dhamana tatanishi kwa mtu ambaye kisheria hakupaswa kuwa huru hata kwa sekunde moja kama sheria zingetumika bila kupindwa asingekwepa lawama.

Lakini pamoja na Liyumba kupatikana, je, tumejifunza nini hasa kuhusiana na utoaji wa dhamana?

Kosa la kwanza lingeanzia kwa aliyetengeneza hati ya mashitaka.

Mtu anahujumu uchumi unamfungulia mashitaka ya matumizi mabaya ya fedha ya umma na upotevu! Je, wanasheria hawajaliona hili?

Sasa baada ya kutafuta jibu la tatizo letu tunadandia matawi. Ndiyo. Tunadandia matawi kwa kuangalia mhusika wa filamu badala ya mtunzi na mwendeshaji wa filamu yenyewe!

Leo tunaambiwa watu wanamalizana kwa sumu. Je, hadi wanafanya hivi, sheria zetu na serikali yetu ambayo ndiyo msimamizi wa sheria hizi iko wapi?

Watu wanahujumu na kuuibia umma halafu wanapewa nafasi ya kuua! Bado, tunajigamba kuna utawala wa sheria na bora! Hakika haya ni matusi ya nguoni kwa Watanzania.

Ajabu ya maajabu ni pale unaposhuhudia wananchi wakishangaa yanayojiri kana kwamba hayawahusu! Kwanini tusiiulize serikali; kazi yake ni nini kama imeshindwa na kikundi kidogo cha wahalifu?

Kwa jeuri ya mpumbavu bado tunajisifu tutaleta maisha bora kwa Watanzania. Nasi kwa ujuha na upogo wetu tunajifanya hadhira wakati ndio wasanii wenyewe.

Ama kweli maneno ya Hassy Kitine yamekuja wakati muafaka.

Ingawa analaumiwa na maneno yake kupindishwa ukiachia mbali kupunguzwa uzito, Kitine kalenga kwa wakati muafaka.

Tukirejea sinema ya Liyumba, ni ushahidi kuwa hata utawala wa kienyeji haupo.

Kama kuna utawala basi si mwingine ni wa kijambazi na kifisadi.

Nikosoe ukitaka. Kama si wa kijambazi, majambazi kama Liyumba wangepata wapi jeuri ya kutuweka roho juu, sijui kutoroshwa bila kuogopa hasira za umma?

Huu ni ushahidi kuwa tu taifa la hovyo lisilopaswa kuwa kwenye uso wa ardhi. Mungu pishia mbali.

Ingekuwa hivyo, watu kama Liyumba wasingejidhamini kwa mali za wizi ambao wanashitakiwa kwao.

Kama kuna kosa kubwa ambalo litatugharimu tulilotenda, si jingine bali kuwa waoga na wanafiki.

Tunaogopa kuwambia wezi kuwa ni wezi na badala yake tunawaita waheshimiwa. Tunashindwa hata kuwaita waheshimiwa wezi!

Lengo la makala hii si kutukana wala kuzua. Tueleze. Kwanini serikali yenye majeshi, polisi, magereza, mahakama na kila kitu imezidiwa kete na kiumbe kama Liyumba anayesifika kwa ufuska na israfu?

Huu ni ushahidi kuwa tunaendeshwa kipumbavu na kipunda.

Wezi wetu tunawajua ila tunawaogopa utadhani wana uwezo wa kutuhilikisha. Tunaogopa vivuli vyetu. Wahalifu ni wahalifu. Angalia hata kuhimili dola kulivyoshindikana, badala yake vyombo vya dola vinatumika kulibomoa taifa badala ya kulilinda.

Rejea kwa hakimu kutoa dhamana kinyume cha sheria huku akijua. Je, alilishwa nini mwanasheria huyu? Je, alijiamini nini kufanya makosa kwenye mali ya umma kama si kuwa na waheshimiwa wezi nyuma yake?

Hii inanikumbusha ujambazi uliotembezwa wakati wa kesi ya Augustine Mrema akidai mwenyekiti wa CCM taifa kuhongwa sh milioni 500.

Unakumbuka ilikuwaje? Aliteuliwa hakimu mmoja ‘kihiyo’ hivi akavuruga kesi hiyo na mwisho wa yote mtuhumiwa alizidi kupeta.

Jana walimtorosha mtuhumiwa mkuu Daud Ballali, waliyeishia kummaliza ili kumaliza ushahidi.

Kesho wanaweza kumtorosha Liyumba. Mtondo hatujui watamtorosha nani.

Kitu kimoja kiko wazi. Laana ya jinai yao itawaandama waanze kumalizana kama ilivyoripotiwa kuwa wameanza kupeana sumu.

Mungu tusaidie wamalizane badala ya kutumaliza sisi. Laana hii itawakumba kuanzia mfagiaji hadi mungu mwenyewe, baba wa wizi na ujambazi huu.

Sakata la sinema ya kutoroka au kutoroshwa kwa Liyumba inathibitisha tusivyo salama. Ni ushahidi kuwa Jeshi letu la Polisi na idara zote za upelelezi, ulinzi na usalama vimewekwa kwenye mikoba ya mafisadi. Hivi leo tukivamiwa na nchi makini, mbona tutamalizwa kama kuku!

Kinachokera ni wasanii kuendelea kujiaminisha kuwa sinema yao itamalizika wao wakiwa salama. Frederick Chiluba, rais wa zamani wa zambia alifanya maajabu yanayofanana na haya.

Kwa wafuatiliaji wa vituko vya viongozi wa Afrika watakuwa wanakumbuka jinsi kifo cha mtoto wa mzee Kenneth Kaunda, Meja Wezi, kilivyozua utata huku serikali iliyokuwa chini ya Chiluba ikinyooshewa kidole kuhusika na tukio hilo.

Ni Chiluba huyo huyo enzi zake, alijaribu kufanya maajabu kwa marehemu Levy Mwanawasa (makamu wake aliyetokea kuwa rais baadaye na kumshughulikia Chiluba).

Kama wezi wetu, alidhani atawamaliza wote, asijue mwisho wa mchezo atamalizwa yeye.

Sasa muulize yuko wapi? Naye anaugulia akihesabu siku huku roho ikimuuma. Masikini hataishi kutumbua chumo lake la wizi, sawa na vibaka wetu.

Daniel arap Moi, rais wa zamani wa Kenya, yeye serikali yake walishutumiwa sana kwa kifo cha Robert Ouko na Ezekiel Oyugi, aliyedaiwa kutumika kumuua Ouko na wengine wengi.

Ingawa Moi angali akiishi maisha ya raha mstarehe, kwa mabingwa wa kusoma alama za nyakati watakubaliana na mimi, siku zinakuja ambapo hatakuwa salama kutokana na tuhuma mbalimbali zinazoelekezwa kwake, anazodaiwa kuzifanya wakati akiwa madarakani.

Mwaka kesho tuna uchaguzi mkuu. Kwanini tusichukue somo kutoka Kenya baada ya kuonja waliyoonja wakenya? Je, tunaogopa tutachagua kenge wale wale watakaokuwa wemejiweka kwenye kundi la mamba? Kwanini tusiwe makini?

Tuhitimishe hivi. Kuna haja ya kubadilika na kuitaka serikali itueleze wajibu wake ni nini kama wapuuzi na wezi wachache wanaweza ‘kutoroshwa’ mchana? Tuiulize. Ina nini cha mno cha kutufanyia ili tuichague mwakani iwapo kuwapo kwake ni bora kuliko kutokuwapo?

Sinema ya Liyumba, ingawa imetuonyesha kama taifa la wapuuzi na wahalifu, si wote. Lazima itufanye tutafakari badala ya kushangaa na kulalama.

Sinema ya Liyumba ituamshe, tukatae kuruhusu wezi kujidhamini kwa mali za wizi kama inavyoendelea kufanyika.

Kila la heri.
Chanzo: Tanzania Daima Feb. 4, 2009.

Ufunuo Kwa Watu Wote

TAZAMA malaika wa Mungu ananiletea ujumbe maalumu kwa watu wote.

Wengi watahoji, mbona mitume walikwishapita, huyu katoka wapi?

Kumbuka, Mungu habadiliki, hata mkitaka kumbadili hatabadilika. Ukitaka kujua hivyo jaribu kuyasema niyasemayo.

Naambiwa nena. Nami nanena. Uongozi usio na miiko na maadili si uongozi bali ujambazi, maana bila kanuni kutakuwa na mvurugano na mparaganyiko. Je, ni nani awezaye kufundisha usafi ilhali yeye ni mchafu? Uchafu wa roho ni zaidi ya ule wa nguo.

Kuongoza siyo kuwa juu ya watu, bali kuwaonyesha njia ukitangulia katika kila jema. Je macho yangekuwa kichogoni tungeona mbele? Unapoongoza ukikaa nyuma ujue umma utarudi nyuma hata kukusaga wewe uliyeko nyuma. Ukiwa mbele, utakufuata kwa hatua maridadi na mwendo salama.

Jaribu hili uone utakavyopumua badala ya kujifungia nyuma ya walinzi wenye bunduki. Je, nani anaweza kuukimbia umma milele? Huyu hakika ni mpumbavu sawa na mtoto akimbiaye kivuli chake asikiache. Je, ni bora kwa mtu mzima kufanya utoto? Mtoto hufanya utoto akitegemea kukua; je, mtu mzima asiyekua si hovyo kuliko hata mtoto anayekuwa?

Viongozi wa kweli waliandika vitabu na kueleza mawazo na mipango yao, yeyote ajiitaye kiongozi asieleze mawazo yake, si kiongozi bali mzigo na mbabaishaji. Maana kukaa hata kukatiza usingizi kuonyesha mawazo ya kiongozi ni ishara kuwa ana mipango katika uongozi wake. Kwa nini upatikane muda wa kuhudhuria hafla hata kufanya ziara lakini ukosekane wa kuonyesha dira?

Kwa kueleza mipango na mawazo yako ya uongozi ni kutoa fursa pana kwa unaowaongoza kukutathmini, kukulaumu hata kukukosoa. Kiongozi asiye na sifa hizi ni imla hata kama havai magwanda. Hata rubani ama nahodha huwa na ramani ya safari yake, maana bila ramani licha ya kupotea atagongesha chombo na kuua abiria wake ambao uhai wao uko mikononi mwake.

Ni daktari gani anafanya kazi bila rejea? Kwa nini kiongozi ale kwanza kabla ya anaowangoza ambao kimsingi yeye ni mtumishi wao na siyo mtumikishaji? Ni mzazi gani anakula kwanza kabla ya watoto hasa vichanga?

Kuna watawala wapendao kujiita viongozi. Viongozi wa baadhi ya mataifa hawalipi kodi; wanawahimiza walipa kodi maskini walipe ili wao waziibe na kuzitumia vibaya, wanaishi kwa kutegemea kodi za maskini! Huu ni uchu na siyo lazima kila chui awe na madoa au kucha. Kuna kucha nyingine huwa ndani zikifichama. Ni wenye busara wanaoweza kuyaona ila wapumbavu huwa hawawezi.

Kaburi hung’ara kwa juu lakini ndani hujaa uoza na harufu mbaya. Kaburini kumejaa uharibifu usio wa kawaida, nani haogopi ukaburi? Je hawa wanaozini kwenye makaburi siyo mashetani hata kama wana sura na viwiliwili vya binadamu? Hawa siyo makasha matupu yasiyo na mioyo? Je, wawaibiao maskini siyo makaburi? Maana kaburi likishameza huwa halitapiki.

Kipi bora kufanya kazi ya kusafisha kikombe ndani na nje? Je, nani mpumbavu anaweza kupamba mzoga?

Dunia ya sasa imeharibika, imelaaniwa si haba, imejaa silaha za maangamizi kila aina. Zipo za sumu na moto, za kielektroniki, za kibaolojia na nyingine nyingi zitagunduliwa katika mashindano haya ya ukichaa wa kuiangamiza dunia.

Kazi ya silaha ni kuua siyo kuponya ingawa tunazitumia kujilinda. Je silaha bora ni zipi? Leo binadamu wanaogopana kuliko hata simba! Lugha ya sasa ni ya vita tupu. Mhalifu anamhukumu mhalifu saa nyingine mwenye nafuu kuliko yeye! Je, hakimu na polisi waombao na kuchukua rushwa siyo wahalifu? Waulize mshahara wao na thamani ya mali zao utajua kinachoongelewa.

Mtu anaamka maskini analala tajiri na watu wanaona, hata kama hawamwambii wanajua kinachoendelea. Je, haya ni maisha ya heshima?

Kujilisha pepo ni tabia ya wapumbavu sawa na wavuta bangi maana mvuta bangi akiishavuta hujihisi yeye ni yeye wakati si chochote wala lolote bali mhalifu wa kawaida apaswaye kuishi korokoroni. Je, ni wahalifu wangapi wanatanua mitaani ilhali wasio na kosa wanaoza magerezani? Fikiri na upige picha uone hali ikoje.

Binadamu wameukumbatia uhalibifu kiasi cha kuigeuza dunia kuwa kaburi na wao wakiwamo! Je, viumbe wa aina hii wanaweza kumcheka hayawani pweza ambaye kwa mapenzi yake na upumbavu wake hujiteketeza?

Machukizo na makufuru ni mabaya zaidi, ni kichekesho kuwa wanadai waliumbwa kwa mfano wa Mungu! Mungu gani anajiteketeza mwenyewe? Watamjuaje Mungu wakati hawajijui? Kwa nini kumsingizia Mungu au ni kwa vile hawezi kuonekana?

Leo dini kwa dini zinachukiana hata kuwagawa watu! Dini bora ni ile itumikiao utu na kuijenga jamii siyo kuinyonya na kuibomoa. Si njia zote huelekea kuliko kwema, nyingine huelekeza machinjioni na bado ni njia. Kwa hiyo siyo kila njia ni njia ya kufuata.

Kuna vilio kila kona, kila kona kuna vilio. Uchafuzi wa mazingira, uwindaji haramu, utoroshaji wa magogo, madini na ufisadi kwa ujumla. Yote hii ni ukaburi, dunia imechafuka kweli kweli. Nani ataisafisha kama siyo wewe na mimi? Watu wanatumikia leo wakiisahau na kuiharibu kesho utadhani wataishi milele!

Wanadamu wameharibikiwa, wanatumia pesa nyingi kwenye misiba wakati marehemu kabla ya kufa alilazwa kwa muda mrefu wasiende kumuona wala kumlipia gharama za matibabu. Wengine walimfilisi kwa kumfanyia matibabu ya uongo huku bila aibu wakimhadaa kuwa wamemsaidia kutibu ndwele yake wasijue wamemsaidia kubeba dhambi zake kwa sababu ya kutu yao ya kuchuma na kuvuna wasipopanda.

Kwao hawa matatizo ni mtaji, lakini wanasahau kuwa na wao wana matatizo na wakati mwingine makubwa, mengi na magumu kuliko ya huyu wanayemuongezea matatizo wakijidai wanayapunguza!

Watu wapumbavu wanachangishana pesa za kusafirisha maiti lakini siyo za kuuguza! Je, waliwahi kufikiria wangelikuwa ni wao? Ukitaka kujua ukubwa wa mguu wa tembo vaa viatu vyake. Utamchongeaje mtu jeneza la mamilioni wakati kuna umma unataka maelfu bado ubaki mzima?

Wewe huna tofauti na mdudu bungua aozeshaye ubao maana unazika vitu ukijua vitaoza. Mbona hamuwaziki na vyakula na vinywaji walivyovipenda hata watu waliowapenda ambao ni nyinyi?

Ni ukuta gani salama kati ya kuwahudumia wenye shida na kujenga nyumba ukaizungushia mikuta kama gereza?

Hapa ndipo alipo mama wa maarifa. Maarifa si kurusha madege na kuvumbua simu za bei mbaya bali kuugundua utu. Nani anafahamika duniani na kuheshimika kuliko Yesu na Mohamad? Hayupo. Je hawa walileta na kugundua nini? waliugundua utu na kuupalilia. Hakuna mvumbuzi atawazidi hawa kwa sababu waligundua kilicho bora kuliko vitu vyote.
Chanzo: Tanzania Daima Feb. 4, 2009.

Tuesday 3 March 2009

Tunaanza na filamu ya Kagoda

Tunaanza na filamu ya Kagoda bin Fisadi

Wasomaji wapendwa,

Kwanza , kwa ukarimu wa aina yake niwakaribisheni kwenye gazeti lenu jipya la MAWIO. Pia niwakaribishe kwenye safu hii. Kabla ya kuzama kwenye fikra nzito, ningependa niwahakikishieni kuwa jiandaeni kubwaga nyoyo zenu zitakazokongwa kwa hoja nzito na makini tutakayowaleteeni tukilenga kuibua mijadala mikali.

Katika toleo hili kifungua mimba, safu hii licha ya kuwakaribisha na kuwahakikishia uhondo, ingewataka mjongee tufikiri pamoja ili kutafuta jibu ya matatizo yetu sugu kuu likiwa ni ufisadi uandamanao na wizi wa pesa ya umma. Kwanza tunasema. Tusiwe na subira na ufisadi na uoza. Tusijali nani anautenda au kuushabikia ukiachia mbali kufaidika nao.

Leo tutaanza na filamu maarufu kama Ufisadi. Sinema hii inahusu gendaeka wakubwa walioaminiwa madaraka na umma wakayatumia kuutesa na kuudhulumu umma.

Hapana shaka mmeona sinema nyingi zenye kuchukiza. Kama jamii, tumewahi kushuhudia sinema nyingi. Zilikuja na kupita. Lakini tatizo halijapita wala kupungua zaidi ya kukua.

Tutadurusu sinema maarufu ya Kagoda. Ina kila aina ya uchafu na ngoa. Ilitungwa na Njaa Kaya Kikwekwe na Denjamani Makapi. Ila hawataki iendelee kuonyeshwa. Wanazuia isionekane kwa kutunga nyingine. Kwa sababu inawaumbua na kuwaacha uchi. Inaonyesha uovyo na uovu wa jamii ya mafisi waitwao mafisadi. Ni watu kama wewe na mimi kwa juu. Lakini kwa ndani ni wanyama sawa na mazimwi hata nunda mla watu. Wanang’aa kwa juu kama makaburi ilhali ndani ni uoza mtupu!

Viumbe hawa ukiwaona huwezi kuwatofautisha na waja wa kawaida. Kwa sura hawana tofauti nasi. Kwa tabia na hulka tu mbali mithili ya kifo na uhai. Wao hufikiri kwa matumbo badala ya ubongo. Kama mashimo, humeza kila kilichoko mbele yao bila kujali ni chao au cha wengine.

Ni genge la hatari lililojificha nyuma ya utukufu. Husifika kwa ulafu na usaliti. Wako tayari kuwauza hata mama zao tena kwa malipo ya upuuzi uitwao ten percent. Rejea rada na ndege ya rais.

Pia wako tayari kuwatoa watu roho ilmradi uchafu wao uendelee kuwa siri tena kubwa. Laiti marehemu Daud Ballali angefufuka, si haba, angesema mengi. Angefufuka na kuhiari kusema ukweli, ungeshangaa kuwakuta ambao hukuwategemea. Ungeshangaa na kutikisa kichwa kuwa kumbe ulikuwa ukiwaamini na kuwaheshimu nguruwe ukidhani ni binadamu.

Hatutamung’unya maneno. Kama kuna mtihani unaikabili serikali ya awamu ya nne iliyoingia kwa kauli mbiu ya ari mpya, kasi mpya na nguvu mpya iliyogeuka kuwa utata, si mwingine bali kumfichua mnyama aitwaye Kagoda. Hili ni kampuni lililoiba zaidi ya shilingi 40,000,000,000 toka kwenye fuko la malipo ya madeni ya nje.

Wizi huu uliogeuka kuwa donda ndugu unahusisha wakubwa wengi. Ushahidi wa hili uko wazi. Jiulize. Kwanini kila tunapofikia kuwafichua akina Kagoda hutungwa sinema nyingine kama vile ya matumizi mabaya ya madaraka, wizi katika ujenzi wa minara pacha ya aibu pale Benki kuu?

Kwanini tunapokaribia kumnasa Kagoda hutoka kauli zinazopingana. Juzi juzi ilitoka kauli kuwa faili la Kagoda liliondolewa kwenye ofisi ya msajiri wa makampuni na tume ya rais ya kuchunguza kashfa hii. Haraka haraka ikulu ilikanusha kuhusika na faili hili. Baada ya hapo, hakuna ambaye yuko tayari kusema lilipo faili la Kagoda!

Alipobanwa msajili wa makampuni kuhusiana na Kagoda ni nani, alitaja majina ya vidagaa wawili ambao kimsingi ni bangusilo au mbuzi wa shughuli. Taratibu, Kagoda imegeuka serikali ndani ya serikali ukiachia mbali kuwa ugonjwa wa moyo kwa mamlaka zetu. Pamoja na mbinu hizi na zile za kutaka tusahau ya Kagoda, bado umma una hamu kubwa ya kutaka kujua Kagoda ni nani na kwanini hafikishwi mahakamani na kurejesha pesa yetu ukiachia mbali kutupwa gerezani.

Kagoda imegeuza watu wazima majuha kiasi cha kutapatapa wakidhani umma utalewa kwa sanaa na sinema mbali mbali unaopewa uzimeze ili kusahau ya Kagoda. Je ya Kagoda yatasahaulika na kusameheka? Thubutu. Hakuna kufuru na dhambi itakayolingana na dhambi ya kusamehe na kusahau ujambazi na ufisadi wa Kagoda.

Je lipi lifanyike? Kuepuka utoto na kupoteza muda, wahusika waikamate Kagoda na kuifikisha mahakamani haraka sana iwezekanavyo. Bila kufanya hivi, umma utatoa hukumu mwakani kwenye uchaguzi mkuu. Maana umma utauliza: je tulipowaamini madaraka yetu mliyatumiaje na kutufanyia nini? Hapa ndipo Kagoda na mzimu wake vitafufuka na kuwatafuna waliotutafuna nyuma ya pazia.

Sambamba na sinema ya Kagoda, kuna nyingine maarufu kama Richmond . Tofauti na Kagoda, wahusika walikwishatajwa na kuchukuliwa hatua za kisiasa. Je kwanini inakuwa vigumu kuwachukulia hatua za kisheria tena kwa dola linalojinakidi linaongozwa kwa utawala bora na wa sheria?

Kuongeza viungo na vionjo katika sinema yetu ya mawio ya leo, tunaambiwa wahusika bado wanalipwa marupurupu manono ya kustaafu baada ya kuuibia umma! Allah Akbar! Hebu fikiria. Jitu linaiba na kuthibitika limefanya hivyo, halafu linaendelea kulipwa pesa ya wale wale lililowaibia! Juzi bwana mmoja aitwaye Hassy Kitine alishangaa kuona watu wanawajibishwa kwa kufanya ufisadi lakini bado wanaendelea eti kuwa wabunge! Je hawa zaidi ya kuwakilisha maslahi yao machafu wanaweza kumwakilisha nani katika nini zaidi ya matumbo yao ?

Je jamii iwafumbiao macho wahalifu ni ya kihalifu. Je ni kwanini tunakubali kuwa kundi moja na wahalifu? Je woga na upogo huu utatufikisha wapi zaidi ya kuzimu?

Tukirejea kwa sinema yetu, wapo wahusika wakuu wengine licha ya Kagoda. Ni Deep Green Finance, Meremeta, Mwananchi Gold na magenge mengine ya kijambazi tena yenye majina makubwa chini ya mwamvuli tutakaouita Chukua Chako Mapema (CCM).

Kuna wanaosema: sinema yetu ina uhusiano na sinema nyingi inayolindwa na kufichwa sawa nayo iitwayo Kiwira Coal Mine ambapo wahusika wakuu ni akina ANBEN, Tanpower, Fosnik na Devconsult Ltd zote zikiwa ni kampuni zinazomilkiwa na watu wazito waliowahi kuwa serikalini. Kinachochanganya umma ni kwanini serikali imekuwa mstari wa mbele kuhakikisha wahusika hawatajwi wala kuchukuliwa hatua za kisheria? Waziri wa Nishati na madini Willliam Ngeleja ameishaahidi vikao vya bunge mara tatu angewataja wamilki wa Kiwira bila kufanya hivyo. Alianza kwenye kikao cha 12 cha bunge,akafuatia cha 13 na juzi juzi cha 14 kimeisha kwa sinema ile ile-nitataja. Lakini asitaje!

Wakati umma ukitafuta majibu ya maswali haya muhimu unaahidiwa kuwa unaweza kuletewa maisha bora kwa kila mtu! Ebo! Tuache utani. Maisha bora yatapatikana wapi iwapo pesa ambayo ingeyawezesha ndiyo hiyo inayoibiwa na wezi wachache wenye mitandao yao ya kiutawala?

Maisha bora yatapatikanaje wakati wahusika hawajawahi kutimiza ahadi hata moja waliyotoa wakati wa uchaguzi? Au maisha bora kwa wote maana yake ni wao wote? Tuambizane tujue.

Busara ya leo: Si kila ving’aavyo ni dhahabu.

Sinema yetu ni ndefu mno. Leo tunaikatishia hapa.
Chanzo: Gazeti jipya la Mawio Feb. 3, 2009.