Magufulification: Concept That Will Define Africa's Future and the Man Who Makes Things Happen

Magufulification: Concept That Will Define Africa's Future and the Man Who Makes Things Happen

Saturday, 30 April 2011

Is it the begining of the end of Museveni?

The world recently evidenced how Uganda opposition leader Dr. Kiiza Besigye was brutalized and humiliated by Museveni's private army. His sin was just to walk for work so as to voice his anger against escalating costs of living in Uganda.

Besigye was seriously injured in this fracas. Even when he wanted to fly out the country for treatments he was blotted by Yoweri Museveni for hours.

It alleged that after Museveni was ordered by some foreign ambassadors,he, at last, gave in so as to let Besigye be flown to Nairobi where he is admitted.

Museveni seems to day dream that nobody will take his regime to task. Thanks to police and private army Museveni's son Muhoozi mans, at least five people were gunned down. Hundreds were injured. Is it the the beginning of cracking the puzzle for Ugandans or the end of Museveni's tyranny?
For more on the mayhem in Uganda CLICK HERE

Friday, 29 April 2011

Is it Gadaffi's begining of the end or dupe?

Gadaffi's stinging quote on radial prejudice
"We don’t know what will happen, what will be the reaction of the white and Christian Europeans faced with this influx of starving and ignorant Africans," Col Gaddafi said in Rome, August 30, 2010.

Message from Colonel Mu’ummar Qaddafi

Translated by Professor Sam Hamod, Ph.D.

Recollections of My Life: Col. Mu'ummar Qaddafi, The Leader of the Revolution. April 5, 2011.

In the name of Allah, the beneficent, the merciful...

For 40 years, or was it longer, I can't remember, I did all I could to give people houses, hospitals, schools, and when they were hungry, I gave them food. I even made Benghazi into farmland from the desert, I stood up to attacks from that cowboy Reagan, when he killed my adopted orphaned daughter, he was trying to kill me, instead he killed that poor innocent child. Then I helped my brothers and sisters from Africa with money for the African Union.

I did all I could to help people understand the concept of real democracy, where people's committees ran our country. But that was never enough, as some told me, even people who had 10 room homes, new suits and furniture, were never satisfied, as selfish as they were they wanted more. They told Americans and other visitors, that they needed "democracy" and "freedom" never realizing it was a cut throat system, where the biggest dog eats the rest, but they were enchanted with those words, never realizing that in America, there was no free medicine, no free hospitals, no free housing, no free education and no free food, except when people had to beg or go to long lines to get soup.

No, no matter what I did, it was never enough for some, but for others, they knew I was the son of Gamal Abdel Nasser, the only true Arab and Muslim leader we've had since Salah-al-Deen, when he claimed the Suez Canal for his people, as I claimed Libya, for my people, it was his footsteps I tried to follow, to keep my people free from colonial domination - from thieves who would steal from us.

Now, I am under attack by the biggest force in military history, my little African son, Obama wants to kill me, to take away the freedom of our country, to take away our free housing, our free medicine, our free education, our free food, and replace it with American style thievery, called "capitalism," but all of us in the Third World know what that means, it means corporations run the countries, run the world, and the people suffer. So, there is no alternative for me, I must make my stand, and if Allah wishes, I shall die by following His path, the path that has made our country rich with farmland, with food and health, and even allowed us to help our African and Arab brothers and sisters to work here with us, in the Libyan Jamahiriya.

I do not wish to die, but if it comes to that, to save this land, my people, all the thousands who are all my children, then so be it.

Let this testament be my voice to the world, that I stood up to crusader attacks of NATO, stood up to cruelty, stood up to betrayal, stood up to the West and its colonialist ambitions, and that I stood with my African brothers, my true Arab and Muslim brothers, as a beacon of light. When others were building castles, I lived in a modest house, and in a tent. I never forgot my youth in Sirte, I did not spend our national treasury foolishly, and like Salah-al-Deen, our great Muslim leader, who rescued Jerusalem for Islam, I took little for myself...

In the West, some have called me "mad", "crazy", but they know the truth yet continue to lie, they know that our land is independent and free, not in the colonial grip, that my vision, my path, is, and has been clear and for my people and that I will fight to my last breath to keep us free, may Allah almighty help us to remain faithful and free.

c: Col. Mu'ummar Qaddafi, 2011/05/04

Copyright Col. Mu'ummar Qaddafi, - Mathaba.Net

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Obama awamaliza wanaodai hakuzaliwa Marekani

Rais Barack Obama amewakata ngebe wabaguzi wote wanaodai hakuzaliwa nchini Marekani hivyo hafai kuwa rais. Wachambuzi wanaamini kuwa sasa Obama amekata mzizi wa fitina.

Obama amewambia waandishi wa habari kuwa alijua kuwa wabaya wake wasingeacha suala hili lijifie zaidi ya kutapatapa nalo. Kwa habari zaidi

First Families: Blight or Blessing?

What transpired in Ivory Coast recently, luckily, unearthed a great rot in our education system and upper echelons of power in Africa. Laurent Gbagbo, the professor of History, made a bad history for not understanding history. He mindlessly clung unto power so as to cause many deaths and many casualties.

Gbagbo’s saga is a test to our educational integrity and worth for us as a society. Many would think a such highly educated person would know basic things such as human rights, freedom and rule of law, so as to uphold democracy especially elections. But nay, the guy thought though wrongly he was but a king.

After Gbagbo was shamefully dragooned out it came to light that his wife, Dr Simone Ehivet Gbagbo, also the historian, harshly used him to tighten his grip on power and terrorize the country by ignoring all rules in the book.

In this dirty business of dirty politics Gbagbo is not alone. Who knew that a professor of law like Abdulaye Wade (Senegal) would tamper the constitution and extend his term in office on top of grooming his son to inherit his presidency?

Who would risk thinking that a hyper academician like Robert Mugabe, would mess the way he has always been doing. Who would think that Mugabe would be hoodwinked by an illiterate like his wife Grace Marufu, so as to abuse the powers vested on him as president?

The sage has it that when you want to tame a bull, you must know where its strength and weakness lie. For African big men their strength-cum-weakness is in the bedroom. So who occupies and controls their bedrooms, control everything including them and their powers.

This can be seen in, among others, Simone, former political activist, who was able to make or affect whatever decision Gbagbo made. She was like a president, especially acting as an adviser to the president. Many people who know her believe Gbagbo’s decision not to cede power to a constitutionally elected president Alasane Ouattara, was the result of the advice of this lady.

When the world found that Gbagbo had lost his sense of reasoning, it intervened to see to it that he is booted out. Interestingly, UN and Ivorian former colonial master, the French, took a lead in getting rid of the tyrant.

Gbagbo and his wife were humiliatingly bundled before the media, as they were dug out from the bunker they had spent over two weeks hiding. Indeed, Gbagbo once again proved the sage that education sometimes does not emancipate the bearer if he is unable to read the signs of times. So too, was his son, Michel, who was severely beaten before the TV cameras. It was a shame of its own magnitude for the former president and his family to be treated just like common criminals. All this happened just recently. But did our venal rulers make any note of it?

Today’s analysis is based on hidden presidents, namely the first ladies and members of the families of the presidents. Simone was described by many media outlets as the lady that was feared more than the president himself. Moreover, she was implicated in many scandals among which is the case involving the disappearance of her husband’s rivals, prominent one being French-Canadian journalist Guy-André Kieffer. Kieffer is believed to have been hijacked under the instructions of Simone in 2004. Since then Kieffer has nary been seen anywhere.

What was unveiled in Ivory Coast is just a typical replica of what has, for long, been going on in many African countries as far as power greed is concerned. It is more a tip of iceberg. Sadly though, when all this sacrilege is going on, those who oil the cog are encouraged to produce more as they slink to stinking poverty.

Presidency in corruption-rampant Africa is the means to opulence, not only for the holder of it but also his or her family, friends in other cases even the tribe. The capital so much used by hidden African hidden presidents is nothing but sharing bed with the big man plus being able to manipulate him. In today’s analysis we shall try to explore incidents where the “hidden Simones or presidents behind the curtains” are going on with business as usual.

In Uganda, Yoweri museveni’s wife Janet, the first lady and minister is still a legendary when it comes to tame the man. It is alleged that clan and kids are all benefiting from the government of the day and nobody is blotting this nepotism.

In Guinea Bissau the tyrant Theodore Obiang Nguema allowed his namesake son to scoop from the treasury as much money as he deems fit. This tiny country with the population of a half a million, of which over 50% are living under a dollar a day, is like Nguema’s private estate. The son of president, who also is a minister in his father’s government, owns mansions and beaches worth millions of dollars in Malibu and a personal jet worth over $ 30,000,000 is untouchable. To add more flavour, the son of the tyrant spends a million bucks in every trip he makes to the US. Why is the US gagged? Wherever there is trouble, just drop a coin.

Not far from Equatorial Guinea, there is Congo Brazzaville where the son of the tyrant, Denis Christel Sassou-Nguesso, has all it takes even to stop IMF and WB from probing any malpractice involving public funds. Just like Nguema, the boy can spend any huge amount of money without raising any alarm! Remember this is the country of just 4,012,809. The irony is despite having a small population with where 50% lives under a dollar a day, the same has the income of $ 3,000,000,000 annually from oil. Where does the money go? Ask the tyrant, his son and cohorts. Anyway, this is Africa.

In Tanzania, the son of President Jakaya Kikwete, Ridhiwani and the president’s wife Salma, are occupying senior positions in the ruling party to which Kikwete is chairman. One opposition party (CHADEMA) recently alleged that Ridhiwan is a billionaire despite the fact that he just graduated from school recently.

To and more flavour, Salma runs an NGO that mints and prints millions of shillings without auditing report or anything near! So too, most of her friends are in high position thanks to their friendship to this hidden president.

In Kenya, Unga (Flour) scandal that left Lucy Kibaki morally nude, is still reverberating even though it was put to rest just like Anglo-Leasing scam.

In Ethiopia the wife of Prime Minister Meles Zenawi, Azeb Mesfin is known as Queen of Mega, thanks to being alleged to have an upper hand in mega corruption.

The last but not least player is none other than Robert Mugabe’s sweetheart Grace Gucchi Mugabe. This lady is renowned for over spending, especially at the time Zimbabweans are dying in thousands thanks to poverty and mismanagement. Grace stole thunder when she was linked with Bloody Diamond by Wikeleaks recently, before the media uncovered her coveted love with governor of Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ), Gideon Gono. Thanks to her ability to muzzle Mugabe, nothing has ever gone wrong in their convenient marriage despite the leak. Gono is still the governor of RBZ and Grace is still first lady. This can show you how president behind the curtains are more powerful than those you see on the arena.

Going back where we started, what was unearthed in Simone Gbagbo sheds light on a true but grimmer picture of what has been going on in Africa where presidents behind the curtains have inflicted a great deal of sufferings to our people and our economies. Think about that and evaluate your ruler.

Source: The African Executive Magazine April 27, 2011.

Majoka yanapovuana magamba

KITENDAWILI? Tega. Ni chata gani linasifika kwa kuwa chata la majoka? CC. We koma. Hata kama ni Chama cha Majoka (CCM si ile ya Chama Cha Mapinduzi) tuwaache na unyoka wao.

Waweza kuamini kuwa juzi nilikuwa maeneo ya Dom kutaka kushuhudia majoka yanavyovuana magamba? Basi mwenzenu niliingia kinamna tena bila kujulikana. Hata mnoko Makambale wakati anafurushwa akilia lia na kukamia wengine nilishuhudia.

Hata Ewassa, Rostatamu, Endelea Chenge walipokuwa wakipanic niliona. Hata Chekacheka alipowatuma waramba viatu na viherehere wake kina Makarongo walibumburuwe niliona.

Hata wale walevi wa ofisi za chama walipokuwa wakishangilia Makambale kupigwa chini niliona. Kimsingi niliona kila kitu isipokuwa sikuona gamba hata moja likivuliwa.

Waweza kuamini? Niliingia kwenye gwena hili kwa siri kubwa sana. Maana, kama ingejulikana kuwa nilikuwamo kwenye kigwena chao ningezongwa na mashabiki wangu kiasi cha wengine kuona wivu na kuita wale mafyatu wa Fanya Fyoko Ukome (FFU).

Hata hivyo good news ni kwamba wameula wa chuya. Maana sasa tutashuhudia maswahiba wakitaka kutoana roho kwa kutumia njuluku hizo hizo za ufisadi. Hapa taka usitake, amini usiamini ni mbwa kala mbwa.

Maana kilichoitwa kuvua gamba si kuvua gamba bali kugeukana. Wahenga walisema: jinai hailipi. Hata hivyo ni furaha yetu kuona majambawazi yakigeuziana mitutu. Vita ya kunguru bwana! Halo halo! Una dola wewe? Una udhu wewe?

Je, watafanikiwa kuwahadaa walevi kama ambavyo wamekuwa wakifanya kwa kukanusha ukweli ambao hata kuku wanaujua? The gut-wrenching reality is the fact that you can be darn sure. If walevi don't watch these winos and their mealy-mouthed lies, they will be screwed up come high rain come shine.

Samahani, nimepandisha Mwenembago hadi ung’eng’e wa uhakika unanitoka bila kudhamiria. Niseme tena kwa herufu kubwa. Hakuna cha kujivua gamba bali kuwazuga eleweni mtaliwa mwajiona shauri yenu.

Watu wenye akili wanauliza: je nyoka akijivua gamba anaacha kuwa nyoka? Unyoke wa nyoka si magamba yake bali sumu yake. Hivyo, niseme wazi. Nyoka bado ana magamba tena mengi tu. Kama wanataka kumshughulikia nyoka vilivyo kwanini wasimpondeponde kichwa au hata kukikata?

Kama wameshindwa kwa kuoneana huruma si waniambie mzee mzima niwashikishe adabu nyoka wao? Kama hawaniamini mimi basi wawapeleka hao majoka kwa Pilato hata lupango. Wakifanya hivyo tutawaelewa. Hata hivyo kuna swali gumu kuu. Ni nyoka yupi amvue gamba mwenzake wakati wote ni majoka?

Mnaletewa shehe wale wale kanzu tofauti. Wana nini hawa vimbelembele walioletwa? Hebu watazame. Huyu Mape Naye naye ana nini jipya zaidi ya kuimba wimbo ule wa jogoo?

Je, yeye si gamba la gamba sawa na warithi wenzake wa nafasi za baba zao? Asingekuwa mtoto wa joka nani angempa ulaji? Juzi nilimsikia kwa masikio yangu akisema eti wasimsakame joka kuu kwa vile yeye hana magamba! Ebo! Huyu nyoka mchanga hajui tunajua alivyo tunda na matokeo ya nyoka?

Kinachofurahisha ni kwamba akina Mape wa Mapepe wanajihadaa kama walivyofanya akina Kibaraak na Gbadboy. Siku yao ikifika watajikuta pakanga wasiamini. Hata wenzao walijihadaa hivi hivi wasijue mambo yamebadilika na walevi wamefyatuka.

We ngoja hii njaa iliyopiga hodi na maisha kuwa machungu vizidi kukaza uzi. Lazima walevi watachenji na kufanya kweli.Maana wahenga walisema: adui yako muombee njaa. Tuombe njaa na ughali wa maisha viumke tuone kama wataendelea kutukejeli kwa kujifanya wanavuana magamba wakati ni usanii.

Kabla sijasahau, nadhani mliipata ya dokta Silaha ya juzi kuwa kumbe kile kinyoka kichanga kiitwacho Ziliwani ni bonge ya bilionea! Nakumbuka. Tulikuwa wote pale Ikungi kwa wanyampaa. Nani akanushe tumvue nguo. Kwa taarifa yenu tuna data zote za mafisi na majoka. Tunangoja waanze kuchenjiana tuwaweke pakanga bila huruma.

Juzi nilifurahi sana pale Idodomya. Maana yule Jambazi wa visenti, Ewassa na Roasttamu walinywea kama mijibwa iliyoloa chapa chapa. Sikusikia tambo na jeuri za awali. Nyeti nilizopata toka radio mbao ni kwamba Roasttamu ameishauza kila kitu chake na anataka kurejea kwao Uajemini. Je, hawa majoka wetu watakimbilia kwao wapi wakati hawana kwao kwingine?

Tuulize tena kwa upole ili watuelewe. Je kurithishana maulaji siyo gamba? Yupo huyu Andraman Kinamna. Mbona zali lake la nyara haliongelewi? Au wanadhani tumesahau? Kwanini naye asivuliwe? Kwanini ufisadi wa kina Ewassa uwe dili lakini wa akina Kinamna hata Njaa Kaya na sasa kitegemezi chake Riz-One uwe Baraka?

Je, watafanikiwa kuwavua wengine gamba wakati wao wakibaki na magamba yao? Huwa sina uhusiano mzuri na Ewassa na wenzake. Simtetei. Ila nataka haki itendeke na si kuhadaana na kutoana kafara. Kwenye Richmonduli alitolewa kafara. Na sasa mnamtuoa kafara tena! No it can’t be. Ewassa, mwaga tama kuku tutafune ili nao waaibike. Maana huna cha kupoteza. Kama ni kuchafuka ulishachafuka na kunuka sana mshirika.

Usiogope. Mimi ni lawyer wa malawyer nitakutetea kwa pesa kiduchu. Ila sharti njuluku hizi zisiwe zile ulizokwapua. Mie si fisi wala fisadi. Sitetemekei upuuzi uitwao pesa ya mafisadi.

Muhimu uelewe utetezi wako ni rahisi. Maana, List of Shame ambayo ni shame of the nation bado haijabadilishwa zaidi ya kuzidi kupata washikaji wengine hasa wale waasisi wa HEPA iliyogharimia mbio za Njaa kuupata ulaji.

Kabla ya kutimua niseme kitu kimoja. Dk. Silaha ameniudhi kwa kutomtaja Pita Nonihino no ni… Ambaye naye alishirikiana na akina Dugong Benny kukwapua njuluku za HEPA.

Naona kile ki-Makambale Juniya nacho kinazidi kupanda kuchukua nafasi ya kayaya mwenyewe. Hapa kuna jipya au kuhadaana. Ukimtazama yuke Zaakia Mengijii unashangaa mantiki ya mikelele yote ya nyoka kujivua gamba. Huyu nani kasahau aliidhinisha EPA ukiachia mbali kuchafua hewa kwenye wizara ya mahayawani mwitu? Juzi nilimdeku akiwa kwa Joji Kichaka na shoga yake rais mama wa MAWAWA na mwanasheria wa HEPA, Mwana wa Idi Maajaraa wakitanua na kufanya ufisadi kwa kutumia cheo cha jamaa.

Tumeshawashtukia hata mkila jiwe. Nanyi mwapaswa kuvuliwa magamba hayo. Hivi mshirika wangu Anna Tamaa Makapi ameishia wapi? Kweli avumaye baharini papa wengine michosho. Leo upo juu kesho down tunakucheka. Hata mvuane nguo mtabakia kuwa mafisadi.

Naona kina Mape na Makambale juniya wale. Ngoja niwasogelee na kuwaramba vibao majoka hawa. Rais mtarajiwa.
Chanzo: Tanzania Daima Aprili 27,2011.

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Hii nayo imekaaje?

Huyu jamaa kama anaishi Bongo ni kama anawachokoza vibaka. Sijui wakiamua kufanya vitu vyao kama sikio lake litapona. Bahati mbaya sana Morani huyu hajavaa sare na hata silaha zake hana.

Huenda Bongo imebadilika kiasi cha kuwa salama kiasi hiki. Nani ajua? Huenda maisha bora kwa wote yameishawafikia Wabongolalalanders wote. Nani ajua?

Sunday, 24 April 2011

Kikwete atamvisha nani hili gamba?

Breaking news ni kwamba serikali ya Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM) ya Jakaya Kikwete imekubali kuwalipa matapeli wa kihindi wa RITES Dola 20,000,000 sawa na shilingi 30,000,000,000.

Wezi hawa walioingia nchini wakiwa maskini sasa wanaondoka vibopa. Walikuja na mabehewe 50 chakavu ambayo kwa nchi za wenzetu yameishakuwa written off na wanaondoka na mabilioni kutokana na majambazi wa kitanzania kuingia ubia na wale wa kihindi na kusaini mikataba tata.
Pia serikali italipa gharama zote za wezi wa RITES za kuja Tanzania na kwenda India kwa miaka yote minne ya jinai hii!
Je Kikwete anayejidai kujivua gamba atamvisha nani hili gamba? Ama kweli jamaa hafai hata kuwa baba mwenye nyumba kama tutamtendea haki.Maana ukisoma kisa kizima unagundua kuwa kumbe tuna majambazi na mataahira kwenye ofisi zetu hasa zile kuu. Bila kuandamana na kuangusha genge hili la majambazi tutauzwa tunaona. Maana baada ya kumaliza hivi vilivyopo huenda watependa kutuuza sisi kama taifa. Habari hii ya kutia doa ilikuwa itoke kwenye gazeti la Aprili 25 la The Guardian lakini ajabu iliondolewa kwenye mtandao haraka kiasi cha kuibua maswali mengi juu ya seriousness ya IPP kwenye kupambana na ufisadi.

Zawadi yangu ya pasaka toka kwa Salma Kikwete

Hizo hapo chini ni salamu zangu na wengine wenye kutilia shaka wizi wa NGO za wake za wakubwa toka kwa Mama Salma Kikwete first lady wa Tanzania kama ilivyotumwa na mpambe wake kwa maagizo yake.
Maana haiingii akilini mtu awe na taarifa muhimu za ndani kama kabila la mtu na asiwe anafanya kazi chini ya maagizo ya WAMA yenyewe ambayo ni Salma.Tumemstukia atafute mbinu nyingine ya kujivua gamba.

Hapa chini wameorodheshwa wafanyakazi wa WAMA. Hawa wanaojiona wajanja wakati siyo wamesahau kuwa tunachopigia kelele si hawa wafanyakazi bali Bodi nzima ambayo ndiyo mmilki na mnufaika wa WAMA.

Tuwakumbushe. Tunapoongelea WAMA hatumaanishi hawa wafanyakazi wadogo wanaochapa kazi ili kupata mkate wao. Tunamaanisha mapapa wake za wakubwa au wakubwa wenyewe hapa chini:

Mama. Salma Kikwete Chairaperson mke wa rais Jakaya Kikwete
Mama. Sophia Simba Chairperson of the Board waziri katika utawala wa Kikwete
Mama. Zakia Zamdan Meghji Board Member waziri wa zamani wa fedha aliyeondolewa kwa ufisadi
Amb. Mwanaidi Majaar Sinare Board Member balozi wa serikali ya Kikwete nchini Marekani anayedaiwa kusaini mikataba mingi ya kifisadi na asikanushe
Mama. Regina Lowassa Board Member mke wa waziri mkuu wa zamani aliyetimuliwa kwa ufisadi
Mama. Blandina Nyoni Board Member
Mama Hulda S. Kibacha Board Member
Kama kweli nia ya WAMA ni njema na si kutafuta kuchuma kwa kutumia matatizo ya akina mama, kwanini kwenye bodi ambayo ndiyo roho ya WAMA hakuna wanawake wa mashambani ambao ndiyo walengwa na waathirika? Bila kutoa jibu linaloingia akilini kuhusiana na NGO hii ya mke wa rais na mashoga zake bado umma utaendelea kuamini ni ya kiulaji kama ilivyokuwa EOTF ya Anna Mkapa.Mbona siku hizi imedoda? Simple. Mkapa si rais tena. Naandaa makala iitwayo WAMA ni wizara ya mambo yote. Je wizara husika zitafanya kazi gani? WAMA bado itaendelea kuwa kitendawili cha utawala wa kujuana na kuibiana hadi itakapotokomea baada ya Kikwete kuondoka madarakani hapa 2015. Tusiruhusu rais ajaye kuwa na NGO ya mkewe. Ni ufisadi wa kimfumo huu.

Namfagilia mhe mama salma kikwete

Wana jf salaam,

leo najitokeza rasmi kumfagilia kwa sana f/lady wa tanzania mhe mama salma kikwete kwa utendaji wake wa kazi tangu ameingia madarakani mumewe mhe rais jakaya mrisho kikwete .

Wana jf nimekuwa nikosoma mara hapa jamvini. Kadhaa mada mbalimbali juu ya huyu mama nyingi zikionyesha kumshambulia pengine kwa kutojua kazi alizozifanya mpaka sasa. Pia baadhi ya magazeti hasa mwanahalisi na raia mwema zimekuwa zikiandika makala yenye mtizamo hasi juu ya f/lady na taasisi ya wama . Mwandishi mmoja nkwazi anaeishi kanada ktk makala zake nyingi juu ya f/l na wama ameonyesha waziwazi chuki binafsi juu ya wama na f/l

wana jf taasisi ya wama inafanya kazi kubwa ya kusaidia makundi maalum ya kijamii husasani wanawake na watoto wa kike walio katika mazingira hatarishi yaani yatima na familia duni kwa kuwapatia elimu itakayoweza kuwakuomboa .

Taasisi ya wama inayo bodi ya wakurugezi, timu ya menejimenti iliyopatikana kwa njia ya usaili wenye ushindani . Na katika timu ile mama salma hana ndugu hata mmoja aliemweka . Kuna wakati alituhumiwa kwa ukabila na udini katika taasisi yake ufuatao ni ukweli wa timu ya menejimenti ya wama ;

1. Daudi nasib- katibu mtendaji mpare muilslam
2. Neema mhada-afisa afya msukuma - mkiristo
3 gloria minja - afisa tathimini -mchaga-mkiristo
4 philomena marijani -afisa uraghibishi-mpare-mkiristo
5 john mataka -afisa elimu ya mtoto wa kike-mmakonde-mkiristo
6 tabu likoko- afisa uwezeshaji wanawake-mzigua -muislam
7 christina ngonyani(cpa)- mhasibu -mngoni -mkristo
8 subira mgalu(cpa) -mhasibu -mzaramo-muislam
9. Anande munuo -secretary f/l-mchaga-mkristo
10. Veronica -ngulupa -mhudumu-mnyasa-mkiristo

haya hoja ya ukabila na ukiristo ina mshiko ? Watanzania tumuogope molla wetu

hoja nyingine kwamba wama inapata fedha toka ikulu hii sio kweli tangu wama ianzishwe haijawahi kuchangiwa pesa yoyote toka ikulu wala mfuko mkuu wa hazina . Vyanzo vya mapato ni kutoka kwa wasamalia wema wenye kuguswa na shughuli zinazofanywa na f/l kupitia taasisi yake ya wama . Fedha zote zinazochangwa zinatumika kwa matumizi yaliyokusudiwa .

Kila mwaka taarifa hesabu za taasisi zinaandaliwa kwa viwango vya kimataifa na kuwasilishwa kwa mkaguzi wa nje kampuni ya kimataifa pkf iliyopo jengo la amani house floor ya tisa na zinapewa hati . Miaka mitatu mfululizo wama imepata hati safi .

Mafanikio ya wama inayoongozwa na mhe mama salma kikwete ni mengi sana na

yameelezwa katika ripoti ya mwaka ya taasisi hasa 2006/2007 , 2007/2008 , 2008/2009.

Lakini jambo kubwa ni kwa mama salma kikwete kujenga shule ya kisasa ya mfano wa kuigwa wilayani rufiji mkoa wa pwani kwa mchango wa mfadhili hayao nakayama wa japan na wadau wa ndani ya nchi .shule hii mpaka sasa imegharimu zaidi ya billion 1.9 za kitanzania na inasomesha bure watoto yatima na wanaotoka kwenye familia duni toka mikoa yote ya tanzania bara na visiwani. Shule hii ina wanafunzi mpaka kidatio cha pili wapatao 272 na kati ya hao hakuna hata ndugu mmoja wa mama salma au mjumbe yoyote wa bodi au ndugu wa mfanyakazi wa wama

watoto hawa wanachaghuliwa na wizara ya tamisemi bila ya kujali dini,kabila , itikadi za wazazi wao,rangi n.k . Tunaomba wadau waendelee kumuunga mkono mhe mama salma kikwete kwa moyo wake huu wa kizalendo .kupitia shule hiyo taifa la tanzania litapata wataalamu wa kutosha katika maeneo mbalimbali . Shime wananchi/wadau/wahisani tuache kusikiliza maneneo ya mitaani , mhe mama salma ni mfano wa kluigwa .

Saturday, 23 April 2011

HUMOUR: CCM's Kuvua Gamba Philosophy

CCM-like giant snake

When a snake sheds, scutes or moults its skin it doesn’t become a lizard. Scientifically, this is known as Ecdysis. The snake’s always the snake. Moreover, its scales pose no danger except its venom.

Scientifically, a snake sheds its skin to make it difficult for its enemies and preys to see it. And it does so four to eight times annually. Thus, scientifically saying, skin shedding makes a snake more complicated to trace.

Don’t boggle your mind fearing I’ll go deeper in this snake science biz.

I must admit. I don’t know the rationale Chama Cha Mapinduzi used to coin snake-moulting thing to mean self purification. Anyway, that I, so too, don’t know the emics and etics of fisadis; I leave it there as I delve into the whole viperous charade-cum abracadabra.

Importantly, it must be noted. Currently, kujivua gamba is but an in-thing in Bongolalaland. People have ceased to be bin-Adams but bin- Serpentis or something near. Quote me not. That is what kujivua gamba implies.

Again, will the snake cease to be a snake by just shedding its skin? What of its poison? A good thing one can do if one wants to get rid of the snake, is just club or chop its head. Failure to this is nothing but self-cheating and cheating others. It is a crime especially when it is committed by those in public offices.

Just recently ruling party, detractors call bullying party, CCM did exactly the same as what the snake does. I’m not saying CCM belongs to snakes as other fyatus imply. But why shedding a skin ala snake if you are not one? The answer is simple. The used-to-be- gung-ho discovered, though a bit late, it’s a lot of sharks in its ranks especially Politisches Büro des Zentralkomitees.

Remember. When it’s told of the same, it mindlessly denied. But after the wabongo gave it a few ballots so as to end up embarking on chakachua tech, it put some sense by seeing the light.

What do you do when your back is on the wall? Sacrifice some chaps you think can help you to get away with it. Those that recall what happened when Richmond neared rocking the boat will agree with this method of sacrificial lambs.

Go ask Jose Ma-ropes, Eddy Lu-washa or Ewassa, Roasttamu and Andy Chenga will tell you what this mean. You know what. When Dr. Willy Silaha named names in his famous List of Shame or National Shame; the triplets as they are known, were named. But were they alone? Nope of course!

The chair was named too. But who will touch him without being shown the door? Is he clean? Show me your friends. I’ll tell you who you’re. Mr Chair, stop masquerade. Do justice.

Interestingly, in this skin-shedding biz, the skins namely fisadis were given 90 days to willingly hit the road. Shall they stay put what will be done? I have no idea. Why Jose Ma-ropes and his co didn’t were not given even nine hours? Waarabu wa Pemba!

When I was musing on all these brouhaha and abracadabra, Dr Silaha struck again. You know what? He’s saying: the chair should also be given 90 days to quit. For, he, too, was mentioned at Mwembe Yanga grounds! Will he commit hara kiri? Let’s wait and see. But again, this is Bongolalaland where brains of those that can go to Tahrir Square are always in slumber.

Dr Silaha is kamikaze. Who could risk saying that even the son of the chair, Riz-One, who completed his school recently is a billionaire? My foot! I’m not the one saying this. Dr Silaha alleged this in Singida recently and nobody refuted the allegations. Is this the truth or otherwise? Fill the blank or ask homo narrans. This is Bongo where hypocrisy is phenomenon almost in everything.

When a “snake” sheds its scutes preys get ready for being bitten.

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Kujivua gamba kusiishie kuwa kuvuana nguo

Rais Kikwete akimnadi Edward Lowassa mtuhumiwa wa ufisadi wa Richmond na kujilimbikizia mali
Rais Kikwete akimnadi Rostam Aziz (Kagoda) mtuhumiwa wa ufisadi wa Richmond na Dowans
Rais wa nyuma ya pazia Salma Kikwete akimandi Mzee wa vijisenti mtuhumiwa wa ufisadi wa Rada na ndege ya rais
Rais Kikwete akinmadi Amos Makala aliyetimuliwa kwa kutofaa kumshauri

Ukijua kudanganya ujue na kukumbuka. Sijui kama CCM, rais Jakaya Kikwete, mkewe na wapambe wake wana kumbukumbu.Je wanakumbuka picha za madudu haya waliyotenda halafu leo wanajifanya kugeuka? Waingereza husema: show me your friends I will tell who you are au nionyeshe marafiki zako nikwambie wewe ni nani kwa tafsiri rahisi.

Kuna swali moja ambalo CCM, Kikwete na mavuvuzela wake hawawezi kujibu. Swali ni rahisi lenye muendelezo wa mengine mengi: Je tuamini lipi kati ya sifa mliziwamwagia magamba na kashfa mnazowamwagia sasa? Je hao si wenzenu tena washirika wa ndani?
Je unafiki ni upi kati ya mliyosema na mnayotenda sasa?
Je nao wakiamua kusema ya upande wao mtanusurika au ndiyo mwanzo wa kujimaliza wenyewe?
Je kati ya magamba na kichwa cha nyoka nani hatari zaidi? Je hawa watoto wa nyoka akina Januari Makamba na Nape Nnauye wanajua haya kuwa umma unajua zaidi ya wanavyojua wao?
Aliyesimama aangalie asianguke. Je hizi picha za Kikwete na rais wake wa nyuma ya pazia Salma na watuhumiwa wa ufisadi au wale waliotimuliwa kwa kutofaa watazifuta vipi? Mtavuana magamba hadi nguo na bado mtaendelea kuwa mafisadi tu.

Rais Salma, Rahma na Kikwete na walamba viatu wao

Kwa wanaojua urais barani Afrika ulivyo mtaji mkubwa kwa familia na waramba viatu wa kwenye kuwa nao, watakubaliana nasi kitu kimoja. Chunguza picha hiyo hapo juu ambapo Rais wa WAMA, Salma Kikwete yuko ziarani nchini Marekani.
Je Salma amekuwa rais lini zaidi ya baada ya mumewe kuwa rais? Kabla hapo rais wa kutumia NGO hakuwa mwingine bali Anna Mkapa ambaye alitimka baada ya mumewe kuutema ulaji.

Je rais Salma ameandamana na nani? Kwenye picha anaonekana Zakhia Meghji aliyekuwa waziri wa fedha wa mumewe kabla ya kuondolewa kwa kashfa mbali mbali za wizi wa mabilioni ya fedha za umma.

Anayefuata nani? Mwanaidi Maajar ambaye ni balozi wa mumewe nchini Marekani anayetuhumiwa kusaini nyaraka za baadhi ufisadi wa kutisha na mwisho wa yote kuzawadiwa ubalozi. Je aliteuliwa kuwa balozi kutokana na merit au kuwa karibu na bwana au bi mkubwa kama anavyooneka? Je ni wangapi wamo kwenye ofisi za umma kupitia mgongoni mwa ufisadi huu wa kunuka unaoendelea kuvumiliwa? Tuliwahi kuandika makala ya Hidden Presidents of Africa.

Wanaoikumbuka wanaweza kujua ni marais wangapi Afrika inao nyuma ya pazia. Wa mwisho mkumbuke Simone Gbagbo na alivyoisha kabla ya Suzana Mubarak na Leila Trebelsi wa Tunisia. Wakumbuke marais hawa waliopata urais kutokana na kulala kitanda kimoja na rais wako wakati ukiangalia picha ya rais huyo wa WAMA.

Bado rais Rahma al Kharoos Kasiga wa RBP Group ambayo imeota baada ya Kikwete kuingia madarakani.

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Kumbe fisadi mtoto, Ridhiwan, ni bilionea!

Kila uchao orodha ya mafisadi inazidi kuumka. Tangu ilipotangazwa ile ya 2007 pale Mwembe Yanga wengi tulidhani ulikuwa mwisho. Juzi akihutubia wananchi wa Ikungi mkoani Singida, Katibu mkuu wa CHADEMA, Dk Willibrod Slaa alimtaja Ridhiwan Kikwete kama bilionea ambaye anapaswa kuchukuliwa hatua na Taasisi ya Kupambana na Kuzuia Rushwa (TAKUKURU) kupata uhalali wa utajiri wake.

Richa ya Ridhiwan kutuhumiwa kuwa bilionea, yeye na mamake wa kambo Salma wamekuwa wakitumia madaraka ya baba yake yaani Rais Jakaya Kikwete kwa namna inayotia mashaka. Wengi wanajiuliza Kikwete anapopata mshipa wa kuwatuhumu hata kuwafukuza mafisadi wenzake wakati yeye na ukoo wake na mafisadi. Kwa habari zaidi, SOMA HAPA

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

CCM imejivua gamba lipi? sehemu ya pili

Hakuna ubishi. Wanachama wa Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM) wanaendelea kulewa sifa kwa kusema chama chao kimeamua kubadilika. Utasikia viongozi wao wakizidi kuuhadaa umma kuwa wamejivua gamba wakati siyo.

Siku za hivi karibuni kama si salamu za pongezi kwa mwenyekiti utaona maandamano ya kumuunga mkono kwa kukivua chama gamba! Je, kweli CCM imejivua gamba?

Kwa wanaokumbuka kituko kilichoteka hivi karibuni kwenye vikao vya CCM vilivyokwisha mjini Dodoma, watakumbuka mzengwe mmoja. Zengwe hili si jingine bali kudai eti katibu mkuu wa zamani wa CCM, Yusuf Makamba, amejiuzulu wakati alipaswa kufukuzwa.

Sababu ya kujiuzulu? Yeye na wenzake “aliokufa” nao eti ama walishindwa au kumshauri vibaya mwenyekiti yaani rais Jakaya Kikwete! Ni ajabu! Kwani hana uwezo wa kutumia akili? Je, kumshauri mwenyekiti ni kumfanyia maamuzi? Je, ni mara ngapi rais anashauriwa na upinzani na vyombo vya habari afanye maamuzi magumu anadharau na kusikia ushauri wa akina Makamba wa kukana kuwapo ufisadi serikalini mwake?

Ajabu ya maajabu, CCM hawakutaja “ushauri mbaya” aliowahi kupata Kikwete toka kwa kina Makamba!

Zengwe hili lilipewa jina tamu la kujivua gamba. Je, CCM ina magamba mangapi? Wahusika hawakutaka kujibu swali hili. Kwa yaliyonenwa baada ya kikao, ni kwamba CCM inataka kuwahadaa Watanzania kwa kuwaaminisha kuwa imejivua gamba la ufisadi. Hata hivyo haiingii akilini. Maana hakuna siku Yusuf Makamba na wahanga wenzake waliwahi kutuhumiwa ufisadi zaidi ya kutumiwa na mafisadi papa kuwatetea.

Je, kweli CCM imejivua gamba au inajigamba tu? Gamba gani imejivua iwapo imewaogopa hata watuhumiwa wa wazi wa ufisadi?

Eti wanafanya usanii kusema wamewapa siku 90 wajiuzulu wenyewe. Je, wasipotaka kujiuzulu CCM itawachukulia hatua gani? Kimya! Je, wakiamua kufa na mwenzao Kikwete kama ambavyo Makamba ameamua kufa na wenzake Kikwete na CCM watakuwa salama?

Je, CCM wametumia shinikizo la siku 90 kama njia ya kistaarabu ya kugwaya na kutaka kufunika kombe wanaharamu wapite na watanzania wasahau? Maana wangekuwa serious wangependekeza hata hatua za kuchukua.

Ukichukulia kuwa CCM ndiyo inaunda serikali, ingemaanisha inachosema basi wahusika wangefikishwa mahakamani haraka kutokana na kuwapo ushahidi wa wazi unaowahusisha watuhumiwa.

Ajabu CCM hiyo hiyo inayodai kujivua gamba, serikali yake ndiyo imo kwenye mchakato wa kulipia ujambazi wa Dowans! Na hao hao wanaotoa siku 90 ndiyo hao hao waliokuwa watuhumiwa walihusika na ufisadi! Je, hapa nani anamdanganya nani?

Je, hawa watuhumiwa wameanza kuwa gamba lini iwapo Kikwete mwenyewe alizunguka kwenye majimbo yao pamoja na vyombo vya habari kumshauri asifanye hivyo, kuwapigia kampeni akidai ni watu safi tena akilipwa per diem pesa yetu.

Hivi CCM na Kikwete wanadhani Watanzania ni wepesi kusahau kiasi hiki? Nakumbuka akiwa jimboni Monduli, alimuelezea Lowassa kama mchapa kazi hakuna mfano. Je, alimaanisha Lowassa ni fisadi hakuna mfano?

Je, kama Lowassa, Chenge na Rostam wanapaswa kujiuzulu, yeye Kikwete anangoja nini iwapo naye alishutumiwa kuwa fisadi kwenye List of Shame ya CHADEMA ukiachia mbali kuwakingia kifua na kuwapigia kampeni?

Je, hii maana yake si kwamba Kikwete aliwapotosha watanzania wa majimbo wanayowakilisha hawa watuhumiwa wakachagua watu wasiostahiki wala kufaa? Je, mtu wa namna hii anaweza kuaminika au chama chake? Je, akiwalipua wao wataacha kumlipua au tutegemee kushuhudia ambayo hayajawahi kushuhudiwa ambapo kunguru wataanza kupigana?

Je, ni watuhumiwa wa ufisadi upi wanaopaswa kuachia ngazi? Je, na watuhumiwa wa EPA wamo? Kama wamo akina Benjamin Mkapa mbona hawatajwi? Mbona Kikwete mwenyewe hatajwi na kupewa shinikizo ikichukuliwa ndiye mnufaika mkuu wa kashfa hii? Uzuri ni kwamba hajawahi kukanusha zaidi ya kukaa kimya.

Je, EPA si gamba sawa na Kagoda, Richmond, Dowan na Rada na ndege ya rais magamba waliyovaa watuhumiwa? Je, kughushi vyeti kwa baadhi ya mawaziri na wanachama wa CCM si gamba? Wizi wa pesa za umma kwenye wizara na serikali za mitaa si magamba? Je, mikataba ya kijambazi ya uwekezaji si gamba? Uongo nao si gamba?

Uchakachuaji nao si gamba jamani? Sasa kama magamba ni mengi, mbona CCM haijajivua gamba lolote zaidi ya kujigamba kwa kuwatoa kafara akina Makamba? Je, Watanzania wataingia mtego na ghiliba hii? CCM ina magamba zaidi ya milioni.

Ukisema ujadili magamba yote ya CCM utatunga kitabu. Je, CCM inapaswa kujivua gamba au kuvuliwa kama gamba la taifa? Je, CCM imejivua gamba lipi iwapo bado tunaona mengi yakizidi kutuna?
Chanzo: Tanzania Daima, Aprili 20, 2011.

Wao na mashangingi, sisi na Ambulance za Bajaj

Mizengo Pinda akikagua Bajaj ambayo imetengenezwa ili kumudu kazi ya kuzima moto hasa kwenye maeneo yenye barabara nyembamba katika maonesho yaliyoandaliwa na Kampuni ya Spray and Fumigation Services Limited, bungeni Dodoma Alhamisi. (Picha na Ofisi ya Waziri Mkuu).

BAADA ya kuona waziri mkubwa akizindua eti Bajaj ya kuzima moto, mie nimeamua kutumia ndege kuzima moto baada ya kuingia madarakani. Kuna jamaa yangu, baada ya kujua mipango yangu nasikia anataka kuzindua Bajaj inayopaa! Itapaaje? Msiniulize.

Kwanza nilipooana mtu mzima eti anaingizwa mjini na matapeli wanaojiita wawekezaji wakati ni wachukuaji, nilipigwa na butwaa na kujiuliza. Akili zetu zimefichwa wapi kiasi cha kutenzwa hivi kama hatuna ubongo? Hayo ni yao. Tuyaache.

Kweli waliosema kuwa hizi ni zama za usanii, kutapatapa na ombwe hawakukosea. Tangu lini pikipiki ikawa zima moto kama siyo kutapeliwa na kushinda kutumia bongo sawa sawa?

Hawa waliotoa hili wazo na wakatengeneza Bajaj ya kuzimia moto wanatudharau sana. Wanatuona wote tu mataahira. Wanajua tunavyofikiri “kibajajbajaj.”

Ambulance Bajaj, zima moto Bajaj bado treni na meli za Bajaj. Ama kweli mmegeuza kaya kuwa Bajaj. Basi tuiiteka kaya ya Vikombajaj. Hii ikichanganyikana na vikombe ndiyo usiseme. Ama kweli la kuvunda halina ubani. Maana kila tapeli anakuja kuchuma Bongolalaland!

Jamani, kama Bajaj deal kwanini hamzitumii hasa nyie wazito mnaopitisha upuuzi wa kuruhusu zitumike? Kwanini watu wazima mkwepe Bajaj na kuwabambikia wagonjwa tena waja wazito msiwe waroho? Nyie mashangingi na mashangingi yetu wao vibajaj na babaj zao! Mbona kwenye kikombe cha babu hamuweki matabaka mbele kama kweli nyie si wagonjwa?

Wakati nchi za wenzetu wanatumia midege kuzima moto, sisi tunajisifu upumbavu wa kutumia baiskeli kuzimia moto. Kesho sitashangaa kuona mtaalamu wa “kuzima moto” akimwalika waziri mzito kuzindua chupa ya chai ya kuzimia moto.

Hivi kweli hili linahitaji kuwa na shahada nyingi kama zangu kujua kuwa ni utapeli tena wa kipuuzi? Kwanini tusijenge miji yetu kisasa kiasi cha kuwa na njia za kuruhusu magari zima moto kupita?

Hata hivyo, magari yenyewe yako wapi? Yatapatikana vipi na wapi iwapo tumechakachua kila kitu hata uwezo wa kuona na kufikiri? Kwa wale wanaojua lugha ya anga au baharini, tunapaswa kutoa alama ya au mbiu ya “mayday” yaani maafa.

Kwa ufupi baada ya kuanza mbio za kwenda Ikulu hata kabla ya uchafuzi na uchakachuaji, nimeanza mikakati kamambe ya kuukwaa ukuu na kula bure kama maiti. My blueprint is very simple. I shall be tough and honest. I won’t entertain any wanton stupidity. I won’t allow any crooks to do as they are wont.

Sera ninazotumia kwenye kampeni ndiyo nitakazotekeleza bila kupunguza wala kuongeza.

Nitahakikisha Bajaj hazitumiki kuzima moto wala kusafirisha wagonjwa. Badala ya kupoteza muda na upuuzi kama Bajaj nitahakikisha mipango miji bora na ya karne ya 21. Hili ndilo jibu, Mengine upuuzi.

Wagonjwa kwa upande wao nitahakikisha kila hospitali ina Ambulance yake na si Bajaj. Bajaj licha ya kuwa usanii uchwara ni uhuni wa mwaka.

Nilishasema nitapambana na ufisadi hasa wa kiakili. Hakuna ufisadi wa kiakili kama huu ambapo matapeli wachache wanatumia raslimali za kaya yetu kwa manufaa yao huku walevi wakiendelea kusota na kufa malofa. Lazima nipigane vita ya kuwakomboa walevi kifikra na kimkakati tena haraka.

Pia nitapiga marufuku umalaya wa kujiuza kwa wawekezaji wanaokuja kuchukua. Hamtasikia akina AIPITIELO kwenye serikali yangu wala Reitis ya ugabacholini. Lazima kaya ifaidiwe na wana kaya wenyewe kwanza.

Wakuu wa mikoa, wilaya na watendaji wa kata kwenye serikali yangu mwiko. Kama ni ulaji wa bure utokanao na ushikaji basi wakale lupango. Hawa kwangu ni wakoloni weusi wanamwakilisha mkoloni mkuu ambaye kila mmoja anamjua. Ni yule yule ambaye yuko juu ya sheria akitumia nafasi hii kuwakingia vifua mafisadi wake ambao CHAKUDEMA waliwahi kuwaundia kitu kilichoitwa List of Shame (LOSS).

Wabunge wa kuteuliwa au kupendelewa hamnei. Kumekuwapo na huu ufisadi mwingine ambao wakuu hutumia kulipana fadhila-ubunge wa kuteuliwa na ule wa upendeleo. Hivi kwangu ni ufisadi hata ningeambiwa nini. Huu ni ufisadi wa kimfumo ambao mkinichagua nitauzika ndani ya wiki moja.

Kumekuwa na usanii wa muda mrefu na upotevu wa mabilioni ya njuluku kuhusiana na kuhamishia makao makuu Dom. Hili kwangu nalo ni ufisadi.

Nasema wazi. Kuhamia makao makuu mwiko. Kule hakuna maji wala starehe kama vile totos, mishiko ya vikao na makandokando mengine ya ulaji wa dezo. Isitoshe nani anapenda kuishi katikati ya matatizo?

Pia na mchezo mchafu unaanza kukubalika miongoni mwa walevi. Ni pale mawaziri na wabunge wavivu wa kusoma wanapojipachika vyeo vya udaktari, uprofesa na madude mengine.

Nasema wazi. Mawaziri kutumia vyeo wasivyosomea sahau. Atakayeghushi ajue amejifungulia mlango wa gereza. Mie sitazungusha wala nini. Mhalifu huyu atakamatwa mara moja na kufungwa hata akiwa ni kigogo wa chama changu au ndugu yangu. Mie sina ndugu linapokuja suala la uwajibikaji. Walioghushi jiandae naja mkombozi wa walevi.

Bi mkubwa kudandia mgongoni mwangu ndiyo sahau kabisa.

Kuna mchezo mwingine mchafu sana. Si mwingine bali vitegemezi vyangu kutanua kwa ukuu wangu. Hili ni kosa la jinai. Nitafunga mtu hata awe mwanangu mwenyewe. Kila mtu ale jasho na akili yake badala ya kuendekeza ukupe.

Chama changu cha Ugali Nyama na Maharagwe (UNM) hakitashika patamu wala hatamu. Patamu na hatamu si vya vyama bali wanakaya wenyewe. Huu nao ni ufisadi mchafu tena wa kimfumo, lazima nikomeshe haraka mkinichagua.

Chama changu hakitakuwa na kitengo cha propaganda cha kufichia makapi na vihiyo kama Tambo Hizo, Chitambala, Sambuee, Salimia Msabasi, Twaib, Akuilombezi na wenzake.

Watu wenye majina ya Ewassa, Rosttamu, Chenga, Jose, Makambale, Chilimugati, Mpukutika na wengine kama hao wasahau kujiunga na chama changu. Sitaki nuksi kwenye chama. Tangu lini wacheza ngoma na wataalamu wa mipasho wakawa wakuu wa chama? Wakae huko huko kwenye chama cha majoka. Mie si mpuuzi ati.

Angalizo. Nitaahidi pepo. Sasa kama nitawapeleka motoni au Misri msiniulize. Akili kichwani. Kama akili zitakuwa kinywani au tumboni hata kiunoni tusilaumiane baadaye.

Je, wajua kuwa mimi ni rais wenu mtarajiwa? Acha nisiongee sana wabaya wangu wakasikia.
Chanzo: Tanzania Daima, Aprili 20, 2011.

Monday, 18 April 2011

CCM imejivua gamba lipi?

Hivi karibuni Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM) kilikuja na mpya- kinajivua gamba. Ajabu, badala ya kujivua gamba, kiliwafurusha katibu wake mkuu wa zamani Yusuf Makamba!

Makamba na wenzake si chanzo cha uchafu wa CCM wala gamba. Chanzo cha uchafu wa CCM kinaanzia mbali. Kinaanzia siku kilipotekwa na mafisadi hadi mwanzilishi wake marehemu Baba wa Taifa akaonya.

Uchafu wa CCM ulizidi kutoka kwenye doa hadi kusambaa mwili mzima mwaka 2005 ilipoamua kuiba pesa ya umma kugharimia uchaguzi ulioingiza serikali ya sasa madarakani. Wahusika hawajawahi kukanusha jinai hii wala kulitolea maelezo. Hii maana yake nini?

CCM ilitapakaa uchafu pale ilipoanza kampeni za mitandao ya kuchafuana na kumalizana ambapo baadhi ya watu, tena wenye uzalendo uliotukuka kama Salim Ahmed Salim waliambiwa si watanzania.

CCM ilizidi kuzama kwenye uchafu pale sumu ya uzee na ujana ilipoingizwa kwenye vinywa vya wasaka madaraka. Ajabu tulioambiwa vijana tuwachague walikuwa wazee!

CCM ilizidi kuchafuka na kufa pale mwenyekiti wake alipoogopa kufanya maamuzi magumu huku akiwakumbatia watuhumiwa wakuu wa ufisadi ambao hata kipindi hiki alipokwenda” kujivua gamba” aliogopa kuwafikisha mbele ya sheria akaamua kuwavunga wananchi kwa kuwatosa toka kamati kuu. Je angeweza kuwashitaki naye asishitakiwe kutokana nao kujua siri zake? Rejea tuhuma za CHADEMA za List of Shame ambazo hadi sasa inaendelea kushika hatamu serikalini na chamani.

CCM ilichafuka pale ilipobariki kila aina ya jinai kuanzia kutwaa nyumba za umma, mikataba ya uwekezaji ya kijambazi, kuchota pesa tena Benki kuu na kukosa sera na mwelekeo.

Je hadi hapa Makamba na genge lake ndio chanzo cha masahibu ya CCM? Kama hiki ndicho chanzo, wale waliotajwa na mjumbe wa ngazi ya juu ya Umoja wa Vijana wa CCM watawekwa kundi gani?

Hebu tujikumbushe yaliyonenwa kama chanzo cha kuharibika na kuparaganyika kwa CCM. Mrisho Gambo, Mjumbe wa Baraza Kuu wa Mkoa wa Arusha, alikaririwa akisema, “Nani hafahamu ukweli kuwa Lowassa na Rostam ndio wanaokipotezea mvuto CCM? Wananchi watakuwa na makosa gani wakihusisha Dowans na CCM wakati viongozi wake wakubwa ndani ya chama wanahusika na chama hakijawafanya chochote?”

Alisahau kuongezea Chenge. Je kuwavua ujumbe watuhumiwa inatosha badala ya kuwafikisha mahakamani?

Je pamoja na uzito na ukweli wa madai haya CCM imefanya nini kukabili na kutatua tatizo hili zaidi ya ngonjera za “nawapa siku 90,” lililotolewa na mwenyekiti?

Ina maana, CCM, licha ya ukweli huo juu, haijui kuwa kulindana na uenzetu ndivyo vyanzo halisi vya kuharibikiwa kwake? Je kuwatoa kafara akina Makamba kama ilivyotokea kwa Edward Lowassa kuinusuru serikali yake ni jibu mujarabu au chanzo kingine cha matatizo yake?

Huwezi ukawa na chama au serikali inayopewa ushahidi wa wazi kuhusiana na ufisadi kama ule wa rada na ndege ya rais vikauzima vikaendelea kuwa salama. Vyombo vya kijambazi namna hii haviwezi kuheshimika na kuaminika. Hata wakitumia msasa na “jik” kujisafisha –kujivua magamba, hawatatakata kamwe.

Je nyoka anavyojivua gamba anaacha kuwa nyoka? Nyoka ni nyoka na dawa ya kummaliza unyoka wake ni kumpondaponda na kumsigina kichwa. Kata mkia au vua gamba. Nyoka anaendelea kuwa nyoka kiumbe aliyelaaniwa kuliko wote.

Bila mwenyekiti ambaye ni rais wa nchi kufanya maamuzi magumu-kuwachukulia hatua za kisheria maswahiba wake mafisadi, CCM itaendelea kujifia taratibu. Inaweza kuendelea kujidanganya kuwa itaimarika kwa kugusagusa na kupangusa pangusa makovu. Dawa ya jipu ni kutumbua na si kuliosha tu.

CCM inaweza kujipa na kuishi kwa matumaini kuwa itatakata. Lakini haitatakata wala kukubalika tena kwa wananchi wanaokumbuka madhambi yanayowahenyesha kama EPA, IPTL, Richmond, Dowans, Kagoda na mengine mengi.

CCM haiwezi kutakata kwa ngonjera na mikakati haba na mfu. Wakamateni mafisadi papa muone kama umma hautawaelewa. Umma wa watu wetu si mataahira. Laiti CCM ingeamua kujiuzulu na kuitisha uchaguzi halali na si uchakachuaji ndipo ingejipima vilivyo.

CCM imejivua gamba lipi iwapo magamba kama ufisadi, mgao wa umeme, kuzorota kwa uchumi, wizi na matumizi mabaya ya fedha za umma vinazidi kuongezeka?

CCM imejivua gamba lipi iwapo kila mhalifu aliyeko serikalini au chamani anaendelea kuhomola atakavyo? Rejea ripoti ya hivi karibuni ya Mkaguzi mkuu wa hesabu za serikali (CAG) ambapo upotevu awa mabilioni ya shilingi kwenye wizara na serikali za mitaa umeanikwa na serikali ya CCM haichukui hatua yoyote.

CCM imejivua gamba lipi iwapo uongo unaendelea kuwa sera yake? Iko wapi safari ya Kanani ya maisha bora kwa wote? Yako wapi mapambano dhidi ya ufisadi ambayo yamegeuka mapambo? Yako wapi mabadiliko? Inafikia mahali watu wanaikumbuka Misri ya Mkapa baada ya kuikosa Kanani ya Kikwete.

Gamba gani CCM imejivua iwapo mfumko wa bei na kupanda kwa gharama za maisha vinaendelea kuwatesa wananchi wetu? Ni gamba gani CCM imejivua kwa kutuletea sura zile zile za watoto wa vigogo kurithi nafasi za wazazi wao? Rejea kuteuliwa kwa Nape Nnauye, Dk Hussein Mwinyi, Emanuel Nchimbi na Januari Makamba.

CCM haiwezi kujivua gamba kwa kuendekeza utawala wa kurithishana na kujuana. Haiwezi kujivua gamba. Sana sana imeongeza sumu kwenye mwili wake ili kutenda uharibifu zaidi baada ya kugundua sumu ya zamani (akina Makamba) inaanza kuishiwa nguvu.

Japo CCM inaweza kujiridhisha kwa kujidanganya kuwa imejivua gamba, ukweli ni kwamba anayeamini hivyo, hata kama anaonekana mtu mzima, anafanya utoto na ni wa hovyo. CCM imejivua gamba lipi?

Chanzo: Dira ya Mtanzania Aprili 18, 2011.

Saturday, 16 April 2011

Mubarak mkewe, watoto na wakamwana watiwa ndani na chama chavunjwa

Familia ya Mubarak enzi zao

Makao makuu ya DNP yakifuka moshi baada ya kuchomwa moto na waandamanaji wenye hasira
Gamal na Alaa Mubarak zama zao

Mabalaa yamezidi kuiandama familia ya imla wa zamani wa Misri, Hosni Mubarak. Serikali nchini humo imeamuru Mubarak, mkewe, watoto na wake zao kufikishwa mahakamani kujibu tuhuma za ufisadi. Hii ni kutokana na tabia iliyojengeka barani Afrika ambapo mtu mmoja akichaguliwa kuwa rais familia nzima nayo huwa marais.

Tumeyaona haya nchini Tunisia ambapo mke wa rais na kaka zake walihujumu nchi kwa kiwango kikubwa. Nchi za jirani za Kenya na Uganda hali inatisha. Imla za zamani wa Kenya Daniel arap Moi aliwaruhusu watoto wake kulifilisi taifa hilo. Nchini Uganda utawala wote ume mikononi mwa imla wa nchi hiyo Yoweri Museveni.

Nchini Libya tumeshuhudia watoto wa imla wa nchi hiyo aliyemo matatani Muamar Gadaffi wakiwa wasemaji na makomanda wa majeshi ya nchi bila stahiki yoyote kikatiba. Nchini Afrika Kusini Duduzane Mtoto wa rais Jacob Zuma anasifika kujipatia mabilioni tokana na baba yake kuwa rais.
Tukirejea kwa Mubarak ni kwamba watoto wake wawili wa pekee Gamal na Alaa wametupwa kwenye gereza kuu la Tora mjini Cairo.

Familia ya Mubarak inaaminika kuwa na mali za mabilioni ya dola zilizopatikana kutokana na kuliibia taifa. Mubarak na familia yake wanasadikiwa kuwa na utajiri mkubwa kuliko hata Bill Gates tajiri wa pili duniani.
Hiyo ndiyo sura ya watawala wa kiafrika ambao kama makupe, wanajitajirisha na koo zao kwa mgongo wa watawaliwa maskini.

Kukamatwa kwa Mubarak kulipaswa kuwa somo kwa wezi wetu madarakani. Lakini je wanasikia? Watasikiaje wakati hawana masikio na ubongo ambavyo vyote vimemezwa na matumbo yao?

Masahibu ya Mubarak, familia yake na waramba viatu wake hayakuishia kwenye kutiwa korokoroni. Chama Chake cha National Democratic Party nacho kimefutwa. Hakikupewa hata nafasi ya kujivua gamba. Kwani mahakama kuu iliamua kuvunjwe ili kuondoa historia chafu ya udhalilishaji wa taifa.

Baada ya kuvunjwa kwa chama cha NDP mahakama imeamuru mali zote za umma zilizokuwa mikononi mwa chama kama ilivyo mazoea ya vyama tawala, zimeamriwa kurejeshwa serikalini mara moja.
Chama kilichokuwa kinatesa na kunyanyasa, licha ya kunyanyaswa na kuteswa na maandamano yaliyomtoa Mubarak madarakani, hatimaye, kimeuawa rasmi. Je vyama vikongwe na tawala barani vinajifunza somo gani? Je kujivua magamba ya uongo na ukweli inatosha kuvibakiza madarakani? Kwa nchi zenye kutawaliwa na vibaka na mibaka yenye vyeo chini ya magenge yaitwayo vyama tawala zinapaswa kutia maanani na kuamini kila kitu kinawezekana umma ukiamua.

Friday, 15 April 2011

Nani ana haki ya kumchoka mwingine? Muungano au Mgongano?

Pamoja na kuwapa gesi,uwaziri, umakamu wa rais, ukuu wa idara na mikoa ubunge, umeme na vinono vingine bure bure, wenzetu wa visiwa vya Zanzibar na Pemba wametuchoka. Je wanaona kama tunawahonga ili waendelee kuishi kwenye ndoa ya kulazimisha? Je ni wachumia tumbo wasio na shukrani? Je bara ni mabwege tusema akina chumaulete? Je tatizo ni nini na tunapata nini cha mno kiasi cha kung'ang'ania ndoa hii?

Tuliingilia na kuitwaa Zanzibar kukwepa adha ya ubepari kusumbua taifa la kijamaa wakati ule. Je bado tuna tishio hili kiasi cha kujitoa kafara kiasi hiki? Je kila mtu ashike hamsini zake tuone nani atamhitaji nani au tuendelee kunyonywa na kudhalilishwa? Kwanini tusiende zetu tuka-export mchele na nishati kwa bei ya haja? Je wenzetu hili wanalijua? Kwanini tusichukue kila mtu hamsini zake tukawarejeshea mzigo wa watu wao waliokuja kuzaliana na kupata neema bara? Let's try it and see who will become the first person to weep and gnash teeth.
Je huu ni mgongano au muungano wa Tanzia?
Kila mwenye akili atie maanani na aamue.

Thursday, 14 April 2011

kumbe wake za watawala wetu ni vipofu!

Mke wa Rais na Mwenyekiti wa Taasisi ya Wanawake na Maendeleo nchini (WAMA) mama Salma Kikwete akipokewa na viongozi mkoa wa Lindi mara baada ya kuwasili katika uwanja wa ndege mkoani Lindi jana. Mama Salma Kikwete yuko mkoani humo kushiriki na kuhimiza shughuli za maendeleo ya wananchi. Picha: Aaron Msigwa, MAELEZO

Mjumbe wa Halmashauri ya baraza la umoja wa vijana wa CCM Ridhiwani Kikwete aliyevaa skafu) akikagua gwaride la viaja wa CCM, baada ya kulakiwa eneo la eneo la Ngunichile akitokea kufanya kampeni za ndani Liwale kwenda Nachingwea mkoani Lindi juzi, ambapo katika mkoa huo amefanya mikutano ya kuweka mikakati ya
ushindi wa chama hicho. (PICHA NA RICHARD MWAIKENDA)

Miraji Kikwete akiwa amepozi na mmojawapo wa waramba viatu wa baba yake mbunge na waziri wa zamani, Lawrence Masha
Rahma Kharoos Kasiga akitoa zawadi

Kwa walioshuhudia yaliyompata imla wa zamani wa Ivory Coast Laurent Gbagbo, mkewe Simmone na mtoto wake Michel, angeamini kuwa watawala wetu wangetia akilini.
Kwa aliyetafakari yaliyomkuta imla wa zamani wa Misri Hosni Mubarak, mkewe Suzana, watoto wao Gamal na Alaa na wake zao angedhani hili lingekuwa somo kwa watawala wetu na wake zao makupe wadandiao migongoni mwa madaraka ya waume zao. Lakini wapi? La kufa halisikii.
Kama mnavyoona hapo juu, Salma Kikwete mke wa rais wa Tanzania Jakaya Kikwete mpenda safari na dezo amerejea ulingoni kwa upya baada ya kujizuia kwa muda kutokana na mashambulizi ya vyombo vya habari.
Wengi wanajiuliza; anapokelewa kisiasa kama nani? Ufisadi wa kimfumo upogo na upofu wa kutosoma alama za nyakati.
Tunachukua fursa hii kumshauri Salma agombee nafasi ya uongozi badala ya kuishi kama kupe mgongoni mwa rais. Huu ni ufisadi anaoendelae kutenda wakati CCM ikijitapa kuwa imejivua gamba. Kwanini haijivui gamba la ukupe uliotamalaki nyumbani kwa rais?
Leo utamuona Salma akilakiwa kama rais. Kesho utamuona Ridhiwani akipokelewa kama rais. Kesho kutwa utamuona Miraji naye akihojiwa kama rais. Mambo hayaishii hapo. Mtondo utamuona Rahma Kharoos Kasiga naye akilakiwa kama rais.
Tanzania ina marais wengi kuanzia Kikwete, mkewe, watoto wake hata nyumba yake ndogo. Mwe! Hawa watajifunza lini?

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Loliondo: Cure or quackery?

William Lukuvi,(Minister of State in the Prime Minister`s Office (Policy, Coordination & National Assembly), receives a cup from Babu

When Ambilikile Mwasapile (78) announced possessing a “magic cure” revealed to him by God through a dream famously known as “Kikombe cha babu” or Grand’s cup, some of us thought: he would not dupe anybody. But we were dead wrong.

Situated in Samunge village Loliondo Ngorongoro district, Arusha Tanzania, Mwasapile, all of the sudden, has become a legend who steals thunders.

Currently, Tanzania’s government is less influential and active compared to this retired Lutheran Reverend. If anything, Mwasapile runs a show himself so as to outsmart the government that recently hurriedly authorized his concoction.

All ears, eyes, mind and hopes are pinned on this man. Mwasapile has paralyzed everything.

Tanzanians, before the advent of Mwasapile, were crucifying their government for keeping them in dark for over a year thanks to mega corruption in energy investment. There was a mega scandal in which the authorities had already consented to pay Tshs 94,000,000,000 to a dubious company owned by one influential MP who also is President Jakaya Kikwete close friend and sponsor. All national attention was vectored on this scandal. But after the genesis of Babu all these discussions went under!

Many believe this is conspiracy between Babu and government to divert attention from the corrupt government. For, many bigwigs in high corridors of power are heading for Loliondo to sip from the magic cup everyday.

True, bigwigs going to Babu are not only Tanzanians. Recently, the mother of DRC’s president Joseph Kabila, Sifa Maanya Kabila was spotted in this remote area sipping from the magic cup. Many people from all over the world are flocking Loliondo to get this miracle cure-all. At least this mitigates the fact that Tanzanians are superstitious and loony.

While this is going on, some Thomases are revealing the ugly side of Babu. They are many testimonies showing that those that drunk from the cup have not been cured or recuperated.

This mixed with the fable regarding Babu’s defence of his “miracle cure”, makes more sense. When he surfaced, Babu said that his concoction cures HIV/AIDS and other chronic diseases such as diabetes, epilepsy, high blood pressure and cancer within a week. When Babu saw the multitudes doubling, he added another seducing disease-sexual inability.

Thereafter, he shifted gears and goals so as to say that it can take up to two weeks for one to be cured.

Recently, Babu added more controversy by urging people taking his medication not to stop taking ARVs!

Notably, another controversial is the fact that when Babu surfaced disclosed the herb he uses to cure his disciples. He said openly that he uses Carissa edulis. After this disclosure some smart guys thought they can use the same to cure. Knowing that Tanzanians are good at aping and copying Babu came with a condition. This herb can not work until the concoction is given by Babu himself as per “God’s directions.”

But as the days go by, Babu seems to have forgotten “God’s proscriptions-cum-prescriptions.” For, after being tired thanks to the melee of patients that are flocking his compound, he recently authorized his helpers to offer the concoction that God ordered it should be offered by Babu’s hand only!

There are many myths surrounding Babu’s magic bullet. Many Babus, Bibis even Dadas and Kakas are cropping up every day almost in every province of Tanzania. No one knows how many they are currently in Tanzania. Some critics are calling Tanzania Nchi ya Vikombe namely the Country of Magic Cups.

Ironically, what baffles is the fact that the Tanzanian authorities are in bed with this con. For every con man or woman who contending is under God’s instructions to cure, is just allowed to offer his or her unproved concoctions to the people!

More often than not, many sane minds are asking, are Tanzanians more religious than others so as to make God favour them? Is it because Tanzanians are more superstitious than others so as to blindly swallow such nonsense that does not need a college degree to unveil?

There are many more questions. Who would believe that in 21st century of advanced Scientific and technological leap forward the whole country would be captivated by abracadabra? This is Tanzania.
Source: The African Executive Magazine April 13-20, 2011.

Nimelazimika kugombea urais 2015

Baada ya kuona watanzia wanavyopuuzia mambo ya maana na kupwakia yasiyo kuwa na maana, nimejikuta nikilazimika kugombea urais mwaka 2015. Nina uhakika nitashinda.

Leo naandika nikiwa serious. Sitafumba wala kuzungusha bali kulonga na kuzoza vilivyo. Nitagombea urais. Pia nikichaguliwa sitakuwa rais rahisi au kichwa cha mwendawazimu cha mafisadi na mawakala wao. Nitakuwa chuma cha pua kama Mchonga. Sitakuwa rais rahisi wa kutoa ruksa au kuchekachekea mabalaa na mambo ya hovyo. Nitakuwa muadilifu kama Madiba. Wala sitakuwa limbukeni na kayaya wa kutukana walevi kuwa wana uvivu wa kufikiri kama njomba Ben Makapi aliyewatukana akaingizwa mjini na mama la kikishumundu akaishia kuishi kwa kujificha kama bundi. Mie sitatawaliwa na mke wangu wala kaka zake. Kiwila ziiii! Net Group Problems ziii! Uongo na ufichi ziii! Message delivered.

Kwanza ngoja niwamegee sababu zilifanya niamua kugombea:

Mosi, ni ile habari chafu kuwa eti na Eddie Luwasha anajiandaa kugombea kiasi cha kuchukua njuluku toka kwa Roast Tamu eti kujisafisha. Hivi kuna mwendawazimu anaweza kuninyima kura akampa mwizi na jibaka kama Luwasha? Kwa taarifa yenu, mkinichagua namfunga maisha na kutaifa mimali yote aliyojirundikia baada ya kukwapua kwenye asasi zenu.

Pili, nitahakikisha nakuwa rais ili nirejesha nyumba zenu na kuwafunga akina Kagoda na wale wote walioghushi vyeti vya kitaaluma. Siwezi kuwa rais bwege anayeweza kuchekelea wizi wa nyumba za umma unaohangaika na kupanga ilhali nyumba zake zinakaliwa na mibaka. Siwezi kuwa rais juha ambaye yuko tayari kuona nyumba za umma zinapangishwa kwa maponjoro na magabacholi huku umma ukiendelea kusota. Never! It shall nary happen under my watch.

Tatu, siku ya kwanza nikiingia ikulu nitamwita babu wa Loriyondo na kumpiga marufuku aache usanii. Maana naona amegeuka serikali kiasi cha kuacha mambo yote ya muhimu na kupwakia usanii wake. Kama ni kuoteshwa mie ndiyo nilionana na Sir God. Hata hawa matapeli wadogo wadogo waliotamalaki wakitangaza kuoteshwa tiba wakidhani hili ni taifa la ndondocha na wagonjwa nitawapiga marufuku na ikiwezekana kuwafunga. Hata vigogo watakaokwenda kupata vikombe nitawatupa lupango maana ni wapuuzi. Serikali yangu haitakuwa na dini wala duni.

Ndani ya siku mia baada ya kuapishwa, nitaunda jopo la wataalamu kuchunguza madhara hali ya ukimwi ili kujua ni kwanini watu wanapwakia kila upuuzi uitwao tiba. Maana inaonyesha tatizo ni kubwa kuliko lilivyo. Pia nitahakikisha kuwa yeyote atakayetaka kuteuliwa nami anapima na kuweka wazi matokeo ya afya yake. Yes. Huwezi kuwa public figure ukaendelea kuficha status yako.

Ndani ya siku mia nitahakikisha Kagoda, Dowans na majambazi wengine wananyea debe. Lazima turejeshe taifa kwenye mijadala yenye siha badala ya kujadili ushirikina na utapeli tena wa kijuha kama madawa ya kuoteshwa.

Kitu kingine kilichonisukuma kugombea ni kuhakikisha walevi wanapata katiba safi. Hii inatokana na kuanza kuona dalili zote za uchakachuaji wa katiba mpya. Katiba nitakayosimamia ni ile inayotamka wazi kuwa rais lazima atangaze mali zake na mkewe na kuapa kupambana na ufisadi kwa vitendo na si ngonjera. Pia nitapendekeza adhabu ya kifo kwa mafisadi na sitakuwa rahisi mwenye ushikaji na mafisadi maana ni upuuzi. Pia mke wa rais asiwe kupe mgongoni mwake kama ilivyo.

Sitakuwa rais rahisi mwenye kujiruhusu yeye na taifa kufanyiwa majaribio ya kitibabu kiloliondoLoliondo. Never, never on my dead body. My foot! This shall not happen in my presidency.

Nitakuwa rais bora si bora rais. Nitatangaza sera zangu ambazo nimeanza kuzitangaza kwa kuorodhesha sababu za kugombea. Kauli mbiu yangu ni utawala kwa vitendo na si maneno. Sina kazi wala ari za uongo na usanii. Mimi ni rais anayechukia kuunda tume za kijambazi au kuendekeza ndugu na maswahiba zangu kula eti kwa vile nimekuwa rais. Ukifikiria kula mgongoni mwangu kama kupe, uwe mke, mtoto au rafiki yangu, jua umeliwa tena sana tu.

Sababu nyingine iliyonisukuma kugombea ni ile hali ya kuona wapinzani wanafanya mambo kwa majaribio. Wako wapi CHAKUDEMA? Yako wapi maandamano Kaya nzima zaidi ya yale ya kwenda Loriyondo? Au nanyi mmelishwa au kunywesha vikombe na chama cha manonihino kama rafiki zangu Prof na Madevu waliogeuka nyumba ndogo hivi hivi tinaona? Tiambiane jamani.

CHAKUDEMA nawaita itikeni. Mko wapi? Au nanyi mnaanza kuelekea ile sumu ya ufisadi na ubinafsi iliyowanasa ngunguli na ngangari wakaishia kung’ang’aniana kwenye ulaji wa aibu? Je nanyi mna mpango wa kuwekwa nyumba kimada au kufunga ndoa hii chafu na ya aibu?

Nawasihini mchunge sana gwiji naja. Tena nakuja baada ya kufanya utafiti kuwa nitashinda. Siji kimkwara kama akina Lyatongolwa waliokuja wakatikisa wakaishia kuwekwa rumenya na sasa wanaramba matapishi yao. Mie nakuja na uhakika kwa aslimia elfu. Nitashindwaje iwapo walevi wanajua wazi kuwa kuna ombwe na anayeweza kuliondoa ni mimi?

Si uchonganishi. Juzi nilisikia taarifa za ufisadi wa kutisha na hakuna aliyeamka na kutoa lau karipio zaidi ya kuchekeana! Yaani karne ya 22 ya kompyuta na dot com bado mnalipana mishahara hewa hata kwa marehemu! Mie ni mtu makini. Nilishatamka mara nyingi kuwa nachukia kiza na kupenda mwanga. Hivyo chini ya utawala wangu sahauni mgao na kulanguliwa umeme. Chini ya utawala wangu sahau mibanano na upuuzi mwingine mnaoshuhudia kwa sasa.

Najua mtatizo ya wanakaya ni ufisadi, usanii na kutokufikiri sawa sawa. Walevi wanaijua falsafa yangu. Ni simpo. Fikiri kwa kichwa badala ya tumbo na kiuno. Hivyo, nina simpo solusheni kwa matatizo ya walevi. Nitafanya mambo kinyume na sasa. It is that simple so to speak.

Hebu nitoe demo kidogo. Kwa sasa mafisadi wanafugwa. Nikiingia madarakani nafanya kinyume-natwanga shaba. Kwa sasa watu wanaghushi vyeti. Nikiingia madarakani nao nalambisha shaba. Wale wazito wanatumia mashangingi huku wakiwapa wagonjwa bajaj wasahau. Nikiwa rais itakuwa kinyume. Kwanini mgonjwa asipewe shangingi lau akafarijika na bajaj wakapewa waliotaka uongozi kwa hiari yao tofauti na mgonjwa ambaye hana hiari na ugonjwa?

Yule jamaa ananidai. Acha nijikate kisilesi kabla hajanienga.

Chanzo: Tanzania Daima April 13, 2011.

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Somo kwa First Ladies makupe

Gbagbo, mkewe Simone na mtoto wao Michael wakiwa hawaamini arobaini yao imetimu!

Simone Gbagbo aliwahi kuitisha mkutano mkubwa wa maombi na kusema:
"Shame on Sarkozy"
"shame on Ban Ki Moon"
'Shame on Obama"
"shame on Ouattara"
Sasa ni shame on her.
Shame on Simone
Shame on Gbagbo
Shame on Michael.
Simone ndiye alikuwa mshauri mkuu wa Gbagbo kiasi cha kuwa na uvumi kuwa alikuwa na kikundi cha mauaji dhidi ya maadui wa mmewe. Kimsingi, Simone alikuwa ndiye anatawala Ivory Coast baaada ya kumtawala Gbagbo kama ilivyokuwa kwa Leila Trebelsi kule Tunisia na first ladies wengine makupe barani Afrika wanaowatawala waume zao.
Tuliwahi kutoa orodha ya first ladies makupe wanaowatawala waume zao hadi kufikia kutoa kauli kana kwamba wao ni marais.

Aspect nyingine ambayo imegeuka ugonjwa wa watawala wetu ni watoto wao ambao nao hujiona marais wakati ni makupe ya kawaida.
Aibu iliyowapata Laurent na Simone ilipaswa kuwa somo kwa watawala wetu. Lakini kwa vile wengi wanafikiria kwa matumbo, hakuna lolote watakaloambua kwenye kadhia na aibu hii ya mwaka.

Monday, 11 April 2011

At last Gbagbo kwishinei!

Hatimaye,Laurent Gbagbo na mkewe Simone amekamatwa kama Saddam Hussein akiwa amejificha shimoni huku jasho likimchuruzika. Ameondoka kwa aibu, pingu mikononi huku akipewa taulo ajifute jasho. Aliloa kuanzia kichwani hadi unyao. Alionekana kuchanganyikiwa na kunywea akijifuta jasho hata kwenye makwapa bila aibu. Ile jeuri na mbwembewe na midenguo tuliyozoea toka kwake na mkewe aliyewahi kuwatukana viongozi wote maarufu duniani vilikuwa vimetoweka.
Ni furaha iliyoje imla mwingine kuangukwa kwa kila aina ya aibu!Kwa habari zaidi, Bonyeza hapa.

Sunday, 10 April 2011

CCM: Nyoka hata ajivue gamba anabakia kuwa nyoka

Heri CCM wangeweka kichwa na mkia wa nyoka kwenye nembo badala ya jembe na nyundo

Kwa wanaojua tabia ya nyoka, watakubaliana nasi kuwa nyoka ni kiumbe pekee anayeaminika kuwa alilaanika kiasi cha kunyimwa miguu na sura nzuri. Pia, ukiondoa mijusi na baadhi ya wadudu, nyoka ndiye ana tabia ya kujivua gamba ikiwa kama njia ya kuchusha na kujihadaa kuwa ametakata. Hivi karibuni Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM) kilisika kikisema kuwa kinajivua gamba. Hii maana yake ni kwamba CCM inajiona kama nyoka. Je CCM kwa kuja na staili ya kujivua gamba wanataka kutuaminisha kuwa tumetawaliwa na nyoka kwa miongo yote? Kwanini CCM ilichagua kujivua gamba badala ya kujisafisha (kuoga)? Kama ni busara iliyotumika kubuni usemi huu si busara kitu bali kujinanga.

Leo utasoma na kusikia kila vyombo vya habari vikisema eti CCM imeamua kujivua gamba kama alivyosema mwenyekiti wake Jakaya Kikwete. Je CCM ni joka kama wengi wanavyohoji?
Kwanini kujivua gamba na si vinginevyo? Kwanini si kujipanga upya? Joka hili li kati yenu. Je mtaendelea kutawaliwa na joka wakati kuna binadamu? Je kama CCM ni joka kichwa chake si Kikwete wakati kiwili wili ni Edward Lowassa, Rostam Aziz, Andrew Chenge na mafisadi wengine? Wakati umefika wa kumkata kichwa joka na kumzika ili binadamu aendelee na maisha yake mwanana. Je nyoka akijivua gamba anaacha kuwa nyoka? Nyoka ni nyoka hata ajivue gamba mara milioni.

Breaking News Makamba nje Mukama ndani

Wilson Mukama katibu mkuu mpya wa CCM

Habari tulizopokea ni kwamba, hatimaye, CCM imeamua kumpiga kibuti katibu wake Mkuu Yusuf Makamba. Nafasi yake imechukuliwa na aliyewahi kuwa mkurugenzi wa jiji la Dar Es Salaam, Wilson Mukama. Nafasi ya naibu katibu mkuu imekwenda kwa swahiba na meneja kampeni wa Kikwete, Abdulrahaman Kinana. Naye Nape Nnauye amechukua nafasi ya itikadi na uenezi ilikuwa ikishikiliwa na John Chiligati. Inaonekana zamu hii ni ya watoto wa wakongwe wa CCM. Maana Rehema Nchimbi mtoto wa John Nchimbi baba yake Emanuel Nchimbi,kama Nape, amechukua nafasi ya katibu wa organizesheni.

Swahiba mwingine wa Kikwete, Zakhia Meghji aliyetupwa nje kwa kashfa ya EPA benki kuu na anayedaiwa kushiriki ufisadi wa kutisha kwenye wizara ya utalii amerejea kwa kishindo kwa kunyakua nafasi ya katibu wa fedha na uchumi iliyokuwa chini ya Amos Makala.

Wachambuzi wa mambo wanasema kuwa CCM imeamua kujivua gamba kwa kuwatimua vinara na watetezi wa ufisadi hasa Makamba. Hatimaye Kikwete amelitupa jini na jinamizi la Makamba ambaye kimsingi alikuwa akimtawala Kikwete pamoja na uenyekiti wake. Bila shaka akina Tambwe Hiza sasa wanajinonihii kwenye suruali kutokana na muungu wao Makamba kupigwa buti. Je imejivua gamba au ni gamba lile lile la kujuana, kulindana, kufisidi, kuganga njaa, usanii na upuuzi mwingine? Time will tell.

Adui wa CCM si akina Sumaye bali CCM

Hivi karibuni kulizuka shutuma lukuki dhidi ya yeyote anayekosoa Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM) wakiwamo hata vigogo wa chama hiki. Badala ya kupokea mawazo mazuri ya kukikosoa chama ili kijijenga na kurejesha hadhi yake, wahusika ambao nao si wahusika kitu bali wadandizi wamekuwa wakitafsiri kukosoa kama kusakama chama!

Bahati mbaya “watetezi” hawa wa CCM si vyombo husika bali Umoja wa Vijana wa CCM (UVCCM) ambao umejipachika usemaji wa chama baada ya wakubwa wake kugwaya kutokana na kuogopa kuwaudhi baadhi ya washitiri wao. Bahati mbaya zaidi, wamefanya hivyo kwa mtindo wa bomboa leo tutajenga kesho.

Hata chombo husika ambacho ni kitengo cha propaganda kinapumulia mashine tokana na kujazwa makapi yaliyokataliwa kwenye upinzani. Kitengo hiki uhitaji watu wasomi na mahiri na si waganga njaa kama iliyo. Anayebishia hili ajikumbushe majina yanayounda kitengo cha propaganda ambacho nacho kilifinyangwa kupokea makapi haya ya upinzani.

Kitengo cha propaganda ni makapi. Umoja wa vijana nao umegeuka nepi ya mafisadi. Je CCM itaweza kuogelea maji haya machafu na mazito ilimozamishwa na mafisadi waliojazana chamani?

Hakika, ombwe kwenye kitengo cha propaganda na usimamizi mbaya wa chama vimetoa nafasi kwa kila mpayukaji awe mtu binafsi au kitengo kujipayukia atakavyo akidai anakihami chama. Bahati mbaya sana, wapayukaji hawa hawana hata hekima wala ithibati katika kupayuka zaidi ya kujipendekeza kwa baadhi ya wakubwa wa chama ili waendelee kuishi. Ajabu viongozi wakuu wa CCM wameendelea kukaa kimya kiasi cha kutafsiriwa majibu haya yasiyo na akili ni maelekezo toka juu.

Ni ajabu kwamba UVCCM hawajui, au tuseme: wanapuuzia chanzo cha kudhoofika kwa chama chao. Inashangaza kuona kuwa hawajali kuwa ufisadi, ubinafsi, ukosefu wa maadili, ombwe, mitandao, ufisi na ubabaishaji ndivyo vyanzo vikuu vya kuchokwa, kukosolewa na kuchukiwa kwa CCM.

Vijana hawana haja ya kumtafuta mchawi wakati wachawi ni wao wenyewe na wakubwa zao. Je haya ndiyo matokeo ya utawala wa kujichumia au uchumia tumbo? Hata kama hakuna ushahidi wa moja kwa moja wa kuwaunganisha UVCCM kama jumuia au mtu mmoja mmoja na ufisadi, kupuuzia chanzo hiki ni ufisadi tosha na wa kutisha.

Inasikitisha kuona UVCCM, badala ya kutumikia vijana, inaamua kuwatumikia mafisadi kwa malipo ya makombo kwa viongozi wachache wa juu wa umoja huu.

Inashangaza kwa UVCCM kuwa kipofu kiasi cha kutoona mitandao ya kimaslahi ndani ya chama kama chanzo cha mauti yake! Vijana wa namna hii pamoja na umoja wao ni hasara na balaa kwa taifa. Badala ya kujenga madai na hoja za kushirikishwa katika uendeshaji na ukombozi wa taifa, UVCCM imejirahisi na kujiruhusu kutumiwa kama nepi! Wakati vijana wakichakachua ubongo wao, wakubwa wao nao wametelekeza nchi kiasi cha kukimbilia Loliondo kwa babu! Nashauri na UVCCM iende Loliondo huenda inaweza kurejesha hadhi yake kiakili.

Ila UVCCM wajua kitu kimoja: fisadi hana rafiki. Unaweza kuliona hili kwa wale mafisadi papa waliokuwa karibu na mwenyekiti wa CCM wanavyoanza kumpa kisogo baada ya kugundua kuwa uchafu wao hauvumilii tena. Wakishapata watakacho watawatupa mkono hawa vijana wanaoleta kidomodomo kutetea upuuzi.

Leo vijana wanajifanya kuwa na uchungu na chama hata kuliko wazee kama Fredrick Sumaye waliokifikisha madarakani kinaowaona kuwa maadui! Huu ni wizi wa fadhila na ukosefu wa shukrani. Hata anayewatuma anapaswa kulijua hili.

Inafaa vijana waambiwe ukweli kuwa wanachama wakongwe wanaokosoa chama si kwa sababu wanakichukia. Wana uchungu na chama chao na wanajua adha ya kuondolewa madarakani. Wamesoma alama za nyakati kwa vyama vikongwe vilivyotimuliwa madarakani baada ya k utekwa na kumilkiwa na mafisadi. Nchi ya jirani ya Kenya ni mfano mzuri wa hili. Hata pale Malawi ni mfano mwingine wa kuigwa ukiachia mbali Zambia.

Kama vijana kweli wana mapenzi ya kweli kwa nchi na chama chao, wanapaswa kutoa majibu yanayoingia akilini badala ya kufanya utoto ambao si saizi yao. Wanapaswa kuchemsha bongo na kufikiri sawa sawa ili kutoa majibu yanayowajengea heshima badala ya porojo zinazozidi kuwaumbua.

Inasikitisha kuona vijana wenzao katika nchi za Maghreb na mashariki ya kati wakifanya mapinduzi ya kifikra na kuzifurusha tawala kongwe fisadi wakati wao wameshikilia unepi. Mawazo ya akina Sumaye ni ya kisasa zaidi kiasi cha vijana kuonekana kama wazee na wazee hawa kuonekana kama vijana kifikra.

Hii inatukumbusha maneno ya waziri mkuu wa Kenya Raila Odinga aliyewahi kusema kuwa kuna wazee wana mawazo ya kisasa na vijana wenye mawazo ya kizamani. Hili limebainishwa na UVCCM.

UVCCM inaweza kujiona kama inasakamwa bure. La hasha. Haisakamwi kwa vile ni UVCCM bali kile inachosimamia kwa sasa. Kuna maswali machache yanayopaswa kupewa majibu na UVCCM. Je hakuna ufisadi migawanyiko, ombwe na usanii ndani ya CCM?

Je walikuwa wapi mpaka mambo yanaharibika kiasi hiki? Je kwa kuwatisha na kuwadhalilisha wakosoaji ndiyo wanaleta jibu au kukuza mgawanyiko na migogoro? Kinachokera ambacho UVCCM wanapaswa kuachana nacho ni mawazo ya ni zamu yetu kula na kumtafuta mrithi wa Jakaya Kikwete. Hili si muhimu kwa taifa.

Taifa litakapohitaji kuwa na rais mwingine lina jinsi ya kumpata na si lazima atoke CCM ambayo inaonyesha wazi kukaribia kukata roho kutokana na kutokuwa na uongozi na sera makini. Yako wapi maadili ya uongozi? Iko wapi miiko ya chama? Bila vijana kujipiga darubini wakaona ukweli wa hali inayokikabili chama chao, watasaidia kukisindikiza kwenye makaburi kama ilivyotokea kwenye nchi tulizotolea mfano.

Kimsingi, kama kuna maadui wakubwa wa CCM si akina Sumaye wala wakosoaji bali CCM yenyewe na adui mkubwa akiwa UVCCM na mafisadi wake inaowabeba. Kuna haja ya CCM na UVCCM kuangalia ukweli hata kama ni mchungu kuliko kutengeneza maadui wa ndotoni.
Chanzo: Dira ya Mtanzania Aprili 11, 2011.

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Hii ndiyo dawa niliyopewa na ‘Sir God’

WIKI mbili zilizopita nilitangaza nilivyoonana na ‘Sir God’ na akanipa maagizo kuwa niwatibu watanzania na walimwengu wengine ambao wameshindwa kupata huduma hii kutokana na serikali zao kulamba njuluku zote.

Mwitikio wa watu haukuwa kidogo. Naendelea kutoa vikombe hata kwa majini. Hata hivyo, kumekuwa na malalamiko kuwa kuna matapeli wanaiba taaluma hii na kujitangaza kuwa nao wameota. Inabidi ieleweke. Mimi sikuoteshwa bali kuonana na mwenyewe mtoaji ambaye kila mtu anamjua hata kama hakumuona.

Nasisitiza ili muelewe. Mimi sikuota na wala sifanyi mambo ya ndoto wala kutafuta kujaza tumbo na vijipesa vichafu vya mafisadi na maskini wa ulimwengu huu.

Hao wote wanaodai kuoteshwa msiwaamini watawaua bure na miugonjwa yenu hasa miwaya. Tangu lini ndoto za Alinacha zikawa ukweli? Mwaambiwa mara ngapi. Yaani mnaamini mindoto tu! Kweli mna akili nyinyi? Nani aliwaroga nyie Watanzania wapumbavu ambao kila kitu kimewekwa wazi mbele zenu?

Hivi mtastuka lini au mshikwe wapi ndipo msistuke? Hamkusikia yule babu yao akisema eti mkinywa vikombe vyake muendelee kutumia dawa za hospitalini? Mie nasema. Ukitumia dawa yangu hauna haja ya kula, kunywa wala kufanya nini bali kudunda tu.

Kutokana na kuona matapeli wakizuka wengi, nimeamua kuwatajia dawa ninayotumia ambayo ni sumu ya panya, mti uitwao mpayushi na kahawa. Kwa hiyo mimi situmii mimaji bali kahawa.

Siku ‘Sir God’ aliponiambia nitumie sumu ya panya kama tiba nilishangaa sana. Bahati nzuri aliona wasi wasi wangu na kusema: ‘Unanitilia shaka hata mimi?” Nilijibu kwa unyenyekevu: utakalo na liwe.

Nilimuuliza kwanini ameniteua mimi na dawa ya panya? Akasema kuwa dawa ya panya ni sumu tena huu viumbe wenye akili ndogo na waroho.

Hivyo, nikiichanganya na kahawa na mpayushi nitatenda maajabu. Maana itafanya kazi kinyume. Badala ya kuondoa uhai kwenye mwili wa binadamu itaondoa uroho na ujinga.

Unajua panya ni wajinga kuliko viumbe wote? Maana hata wakijificha kwenye shimo lao huwa hawaachi kupiga kelele.

Kwa hiyo adui yao atajua walipo. Pia wakiingia kwenye nyumba ya mwenyewe huigeuza kuwa yao. Wataitana wajomba, shangazi, kila aina ya panya kuja la vya mwenyewe.

Bwana ‘God’ alisema kuwa ametumia dawa ya panya kutokana na wagonjwa wangu kuwa na tabia na akili kama za panya. Alisema: “Panya huguguna kila kitu tena bila kunawa na hunya pale pale alapo sawa na mafisadi ambao ndiyo walengwa wangu wakuu ingawa kwa wasio mafisadi natibu magonjwa yote sugu.

Kuhusu dawa ya mpayushi ni kwamba itatibu kwa kuwafanya wagonjwa yaani mafisadi kupayukiana wakubwa kwa wadogo tena bila kuheshimiana. Hii ni dalili tosha kuwa mgonjwa anaanza kurejea kwenye hali yake ya kawaida kiakili na kiroho. Hili limeishanza kujitokeza kule kwenye chama cha nonihino ambapo mipasho baina ya wagonjwa inasikika na kuandikwa kila siku magazetini.

Hamkumsikia Jose Makambale akipeana vipande na Rozishy Bwanji bila kusahau Mgando akiwapa vipande vyao akina Ewassa na Roast Tamu kuwa ndiyo wanaoidedisha Tanzia?

Nani alitegemea baba zima kama Makambale kudandia mambo ya nguoni kwa kitoto kinacholingana na binti yake Mwaviza? Je, huko si kuishiwa kunakopaswa kushughulikiwa nami? Nawahimiza wahusika waendelee kunywa dawa hadi watakapopona gonjwa la ufisidi na uroho na roho mbaya.

Mtaona na kusikia mengi. Watavuana nguo kuliko ilivyokuwa huko nyuma. Watatiana midole kwenye mimacho hata kutiana ngeu. Laana itawafuata na kuwatafuna hadi dawa itakapomaliza kufanya kazi ya kuiondoa.

Hao wote mnaowasikia nimeishawapa kikombe changu cha kahawa ya tiba. Hayo ndiyo matokeo ya mti wa mpayushi. Watapayukiana hadi wastukie ulaji ukiwatoka na washangae pale watakapoanza kutupwa lupango mmoja mmoja.

Hata hivyo najivunia mafanikio yaliyopatikana haraka. Wale waliozoea kuona sinema za wakuu kuanguka hovyo hovyo wasahau kuziona tena.

Juzi alipita kijiweni kwangu usiku akapata kikombe chake na sasa hali si haba anazidi kunawiri na kurejesha kumbukumbu, aibu na kupunguza kuchekacheka na masihara.

Pia jikumbushe. Kama si kikombe cha kahawa, Freddie Sumuye asingepata ithibati ya kuyaambia mapanya kuwa tatizo si paka bali mipanya yenyewe kuguguna kila kitu ingawa mapanya yanajitahidi kumkatisha tamaa. Sumuye alikuja kwangu usiku na kupata kikombe chake.

Ingawa wote wamekuja na kupata kikombe cha kahawa bado namngoja shehena mkuu ambaye naye siku hizi amekumbwa na ugonjwa wa kuharisha kwa mdomo. Anajipayukia hata bila kufikiria kiasi cha kutia aibu taasisi aliyopewa na genge la mafisadi kuiongoza.

Pia ifahamike. Ukweli wa tiba yangu hautegemei na upuuzi kama ninaosikia. Ukimuuliza mtu kwanini anawaamini waota ndoto na matepeli anakwambia eti hata mawaziri wamekwenda na kunyweshwa kikombe. Kwani uwaziri au ukuu unaondoa upumbavu na upofu na upogo wa mtu?

Ingekuwa hivyo mafisadi wasingehangaikia kula mabaki ya mabwana zao wakati mabaki hayo yanatokana na mali ambayo ni halali yao kama taifa.

Leo natumia maneno yenye kuudhi ili watu wanielewe. Ukuu au elimu ya mtu si kitu.

Nimalizie kwa kuwahimiza wale wanaopwakia kila upuuzi unaowaaminisha kuwa watapona wajikumbushe wachungaji na wahubiri wa uongo kama Paulo Kibwetere na David Kolesh au Vernon Wayne Howell walioteketeza waumini wao wapumbavu walipowahadaa kuwa wana majibu ya matatizo yao.

Nifunge kwa kuwapa mipango yangu ya baadaye. Nitatoa vikombe kwa rahis na mawiziri wote ili waondokewe na pepo la ufisadi, uvivu na usanii wawatumikie vema muondokane na mgao wa umeme, uongo na kuishi kwa matumaini.

Du! Kumbe mbona umeme unakatika wakati wa masika au ni kwa vile wahusika hawajaja kunywa kikombe kuondoa tatizo hili! Khalas kwe
Chanzo: Tanzania Daima April 6, 2011.