Epistle to Afrophobic South Africa

Epistle to Afrophobic South Africa

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Ali al-Megrahi Reception: Shame on the AU!

Megrahi receives a hero's welcome Photo courtesy

The report that Ali al-Megrahi, the alleged Lockerbie bomber (released recently on the grounds of poor health, received ovation from African Members of Parliament in Libya is disgusting and shameful. The 57-year-old was serving a life sentence in Greenock prison for the 1988 bombing of PanAm flight 103 over Lockerbie, which killed 270 people.

The speaker of AU parliament, Idriss Ndele Moussa from Chad, said he and his colleagues had come to "express solidarity." To express solidarity! Alas. This is but criminal solidarity. He’s quoted as saying that Abdelbaset Ali al-Megrahi was a "… victim of international injustice and a policy of double standards."

Legally speaking, al-Megrahi is a terrorist. Giving him a standing ovation is nothing but condoning terrorism and yawing. What AU’s MPs did is conspiracy so to speak. They don’t see the danger today. Time will come when this new marriage with terrorism will flail.

Why did such a respected institution behave this way in the first place? The reason is simple. By attending 40th Anniversary of Gadaffi’s revolution, they’re given gifts; yum-yum even kickbacks that geared them show such suicidal solidarity. Today, in supporting Gadaffi, they’re openly hanouring a convict terrorist! Tomorrow they’ll, likewise, issue a statement supporting even al-Qaeda before the whole outfit flail.

Their presidents recently backed Sudanese Dictator Omar Bashir that is wanted by ICC for genocide in Darfur not to forget how they cowed down before Robert Mugabe. What pains, the same countries whose presidents and MPs support terrorism are the same creatures spending much time in European capitals begging! What I just can’t understand is: why are rich countries being so sheepish and timid before such double faced creatures of Africa ?

By backing al-Megrahi, Gadaffi has shown openly how he’s relegating back to financing terrorism after getting the support from Hugo Chavez among others. Those who know why Gadaffi denounced terrorism and became a ‘good boy’ before the West, still remember. He backtracked after seeing what goons like Saddam Hussein got from their megalomania. Now that the heat is off, Gadaffi daydreams about going back.

Gadaffi is lucky that tough guys like George Bush are no longer in power; otherwise, he’d be manacled and taught a lesson. He’d have been held accountable for this new take on terrorism despite all parody of bringing him back to the fold.

If the West does not want to repeat regrettable mistakes that will cost it a lot, it should not tolerate and trust Gadaffi anymore. It should shy away from being satisfied with the redress Libya paid to the victims of Lockerbie. Middle East dictators did the same. They hypocritically cheated goofed America that they support it on the war on terrorism. But the same dictators apart from allegedly producing many terrorists that attacked the US on September 11, did finance terrorist organizations.

This, to some extent, forced some Americans to think and believe that their colleagues were killed and ignored thanks to saving petrol business in lieu of the livelihood and security of Americans and all that perished on September 11. And truly, this has been repeated in the case in point.

This can be easily traced in the words of British justice secretary Jack Straw’s spokesperson. He was quoted as saying: "And yes, that included trade because trade is an essential part of it and subsequently there was the BP deal." BP’s ambitions are currently causing mayhem in Nigeria where fights over oil have become the order of the day. Refer to how Ken Saro Wiwa and his colleagues were butchered simply because they questioned this sacred business.

Once again this proves how Western countries sacrifice innocent people thanks to their dubious vested interests in poor countries. Just imagine. If Western countries can release a terrorist that killed hundreds of their people, will they pay any damn when it comes to the rights and lives of the people in poor countries? Currently in Tanzania, famous Maasai in Loliondo are being evicted to give room to an Arab investor who decimates animals like crazy. This was recently reported by big newspapers in the Western: The Guardian, Economist and The Financial times after local papers warned but were either gagged, reprimanded or ignored.

In Mara region, there have been reported grave environmental degradation caused by foreign investors mining gold there. Sadly the story is the same almost everywhere in Africa. In Kenya, the murder case involving Lord Delamere’s grandson, Tom Cholmondeley, left Kenyans breathless thanks to stupid protective policy in investment and the leniency of the court towards investors and top government officials. In Uganda, we still remember how Indian tycoon was offered Mabira forest as opposed to the interests of Ugandans. Thank lord they stopped this bulimia.

To halt this new criminal solidarity, several steps must be taken. Firstly, seeking explanations from African countries individually then AU itself. This will help to avert the repetition of this flaw. It they hardened their heads, rich countries should stop helping and supporting them. I wonder how countries whose budgets depend on donors would develop such myopia and criminal solidarity!

Secondly, the citizenry must give their corrupt governments a heck so as to make them ungovernable. By making them ungovernable, the darling investors will never risk to do business in chaotic environment. Refer to how recently the US issued a new directive warning its citizens to visit Zanzibar after it was tarnished by chaos resulting form political unrest thanks to a doctored voter’s registry.

Thirdly, donor countries should stop double standard and favourably hunkering with multinational corporations doing business in Africa. Fourthly, they should stop cast a blind eye on corrupt African rulers that they use to rob Africa’s resources. And this is why stinking dictators and thieves like Denis Sassaou Ngwesso, Teodoro Obiang Nguema and Paul Biya are still in power plundering and ruining their countries. My cry has always been to categorize theft by rulers a crime against humanity. For it kills many especially in Africa.
Source: The African Executive Magazine September 23, 2009.

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Thanks President for meeting-the-hoi polloi strategies though

First of all, I must admit. I’m not the creature that praises others especially the biggies like President. This time, I’ve to break this taboo. Mr. President’s new performance has captured me as much as it waterlogged sitting rooms as people watched him skunking us in this game of empty hope giving.

Though, at this eleventh hour, it needs the courage of the mad to allow the general public turn you into a question-marksman’s target thanks to inquisitive and testing questions resulting from angst and broken hearts. Yeah. It needs the courage of the mad to assure heartbroken populace that you’ll deliver. This needs the art of turning things upside down and downside up.

Interestingly, some fyatus are asking: why Mr. President’s waited for good five years without doing anything. What flapdoodle? Better late than never. Didn’t they know? The good prezzo’s busy traveling to attract aids and investors? And why didn’t you remind him? Don’t you know he’s a lot of things to do that make him neither see nor hear anything till the eleventh hour?

The recent meet-the-people-PR strategy or call it: pretending-and make-believe by ndugu Jakaya Kikwete can not go without receiving my accolades despite his detractors saying: too late too little after messing a lot. I’m not saying he messed even though they say he did. I don’t even upbraid bro Tido Mhando for turning profession into kow tow stuffs -as others say- for watering down their questions so as to allow his man to offer majibu ya kishikaji, or, manipulatively muting and shrewdly, neutralizing those that wanted to put his man on shame-cum-cross. Shame on them that did not get it regarding politics and its acrobatics and theatrics!

Let me ask them. What did you want Mr. President to do after noting that his policies time and strategies are hitting a snag? Don’t you know we’ve elections next year? Who wants to become a sitting duck after being a lame duck?

I know. My enemies will come in with stuffs such as-“he did not lived up to his words vis a vis delivering on his promises. Didn’t you know? That’s politics. To help you understand the lesson, be prepared to be given even more promises so that you dish out your votes once again. And that is it.

Those saying Mr. President did not deliver must have their heads examined. He did deliver a lot more than even expected. He consented to immolate his consigliore Eddie Lowassa to save the outfit. Remember. Recent reports have it. This time, Kagodamn will be truly nabbed after cat-rat meanderings and chasing.

I heard some guys complaining their questions were distorted or not answered. Well and good. Blame not the president but those that shamelessly pushed your questions under.

But you needn’t to worry guys. I’ve spoken with him. He’s concerned. Next time his meeting-the-people performance will be hosted by Chris Mtikila and Augus Lyatonga whilst the supervisors will be Prof Ibra Lipumba and Sayf Maalim. Get it?

And one thing must be twigged. Even though you say the good man whitewashed, at least, he performed and I’m sure the guys in rural areas will subscribe to this as his whiz kids pray.

Going back to delivering, let me tell you my friends. Since he came to power, new and sound investments such as RITES have been attracted so as to become even tough and mightier than the power that be even after messing. Can you blame the president for this or RITES?

Another interesting thing is kicking out Maasai invaders from Kenya . I know. Many are wondering why ‘Maasai from Kenya ’ should be kicked out so as to give room to Arabs to make private kingdoms. Yeah. Maasai have no investment but Arabs have. See. They can not cough ten percent.

Another stuff, sorry, thing, is the whole question of president being upbeat with regards to his so-called successful fight against grafts. Yeah. He persecuted Basie, Son of Jonna and Mgonjwa. Aren’t they sharks? Given that these are the only big fish that embezzled public funds, he’s taken on them. If there would be others, he’d not budge but to take on them as well or keep tabs on them.

To prove his seriousness, he expedited Joe Makamba to go to Urambo and soften Samuel Sitta so that he, too, can soften his take on graft. What’s more, he allowed RCs like Mwakipesile to freely regurgitate on MPs like Mwakyembe that took a hard line on graft. To win over graft one needs to deal with it politely and softly as it is the case currently.

As for fight against larceny, we’re all witnesses. The likes of Zombes are allowed to shoot to kill and do their trigger joy stuffs. And when ignorant and abhorrent guys bay for their blood, the police files cases full of legal flaws as to get them off the hook.

When it comes to democracy Mr. President excelled. He allowed his party to rant and rave on the speaker. What else do you people want? In Pemba , we’ve heard it. The voter’s registry is a unique success.

As for our economy, it’s shriveling, sorry, shriving. If it weren’t, mammoth scams like Richmond , EPA, CIS, Meremeta and others would sink it. But thanks Lord. I can see many oil guzzlers, that’s shangingis, been bought even more despite swearing that they’d be phased out. You banish them by buying more expensive ones as the old ones are sold to top officials at a throw-away price as it happened with Tanesco’s castles.

In a nutshell, Mr. President is now prepared to solve our problems for once and for all. Do you get it?

Let’s wait for yet another performance. Importantly, beware. There’s a fly in the ointment though.
Source: Thisday September 2009.

Thursday, 17 September 2009

Africa's Becoming more Despotic and Nepotistic

"King of Kings" Gaddaffi

The seven-day 40th anniversary of Libya strongman’s autocratic rule and charade elections in Gabon where the son of the former tyrant was declared a winner after a fixed vote, forced me to revisit Africa's political landscape.

In Tripoli, the jamboree-like festival, a posh and king-size celebration- made possible by public coffers- lasted for a week. This does not augur well to a toiling Libyan common man or woman who sees Gadaffi as a dictator and a self seeker that hides behind power and its trappings.

For a good leader, listening to others’ opinions and respecting them or availing others a chance to rule are a cardinal thing. A true leader must respect and uphold democracy. But for Gadaffi, Yoweri Museveni, Hugo Chavez and others, a good leader is the one that rules ad infinitum even if it means to spill blood. To them, democracy is a one-man show.

Gadaffi still hoodwinks Libyans by all good names and promises. Libyans are tired of more-of-the-same stuffs for forty years. How can he become a good leader if what we witnessed on his 40th anniversary was nothing but extravagance and abuse of public funds? He allegedly paid over $ 52,000,000 to performers! This does not include other millions he paid to those that built the stage among other things.

To know that Gadaffi’s time is up, look at the comment by Libyans, "It's been 40 years of the same thing, perhaps 40 years of going backwards not forward," Says a middle-aged man who preferred anonymity.

He goes on, "We are just six million people and our wealth is countless from natural resources and foreign investment, but until now we've seen nothing from it."

Another chips in, "He was a young, handsome, and ambitious man with big dreams for us when he took over," one elderly woman said.

"But then things changed... maybe it is those who were around him, who knows?"

One young taxi driver knows all as he puts it: "We don't care who was responsible for what, we just want to work and move on with our future."

Though Africa is more democratic than it was 40 years ago, its future has nary treaded water with me. How can it make sense if it still has stinking legacy of having dictators that ruined their countries for over 40 years such as Gadaffi, Omar Bongo, Gnassigbe Eyadema and other that have been in power for over thirty years?

How can Africa make it democratically if all we see is the coming back of ruling dynasties hell bent to prolong and extend their stays in power in order to conceal their dirty linens-by the way of passing the batons over to their kids or cronies?

Whilst other continents are boasting of democracy and prosperity, Africa is cascading into despotic and nepotistic rules. In the main, currently, Africa has more sons-of-rulers-of-yore presidents in many countries than any continent all or continents put together.

Africa boasts of four seating presidents in Aman Karume (Zanzibar), Foure Eyadema (Togo), Ian Khama (Botswana), Joseph Kabila (DRC) and King Ali Ben-Bongo (Gabon). As the days go by, new princes will jump into the fray of terrorizing democracy. It is no secret that Gadaffi who likes to be referred to as the leader of the people is grooming one of his sons to inherit his kingdom. Sayf al-Islam is touted to be behind this dubious project. Some say Moatessem-Billah Gaddafi-that once tried to overthrow his father but now holds the post of national security adviser and heads his own unit within the army after being pardoned by Gadaffi, may be the power to reckon with.

In the neighboring Egypt Hosni Mubarak is grooming his son Gamal. The game does not end up hither. In Congo, where mbochi tribe commands everything, Denis Christel Sassou Ngwesso the son of Congo’s tyrant commands immense powers whilst in Zanzibar the brother of the current president, Amani Karume, Ali has already declared his intention to take over after his brother is done!

In Uganda and Rwanda, a clique of related people from the minority communities is ruling the majority. In Rwanda, the Tutsi that comprises of 9% of the population has more top officials than the majority Hutu. And this has been made a sacrilege to touch thanks to genocide. Most importantly, many analysts are afraid of facing this simply because they’ll be told: you’re supporting genocide as it recently happened to BBC when it wanted to shed light on what is going on in Rwanda.

In Uganda, the Ankole are ruling the country whilst in South Africa, Jacob Zuma was supported by Zulu-his tribe-simply because he’s Zulu himself. In Kenya, fertile land and almost all lucrative business are in the hands of the ruling families including some Indians and consigliore from the tribes thanks to their own men being in State House. Kikuyu and Kalenjin-from which three Kenyan presidents hail, have a special place in the commerce of Kenya along with Indians that were brought by British colonialists.

Thanks to land-grabbing policies that Kenya’s first president fathered and fostered, most often than not, almost everybody that comes to power has and thinks about nothing but to rob and grab. If there is no land to grab, they will invent things like Goldenberg, Anglo-Leasing and other dubious wheel deals to see to it that when he leaves the state house he must have immense wealth.

Nepotism is becoming a breeding ground for corruption to shrive. Being a syndicate to ruin and rob the state, no relation can keep tabs on or bring to book any of his tribesmen and women or clan mate. Kaleb Akandwanao aka Salim Saleh (Museveni’s brother) stole billions of shillings. But he has never been brought to book, thanks to being who’s-Museveni. Take for example the clan crooks commanding immense powers and run the show under Museveni.

More on Museveni dynasty, there is Lt. Col Muhoozi Museveni (Museveni’s son). He command his father’s presidential guard unity while Maj. Bright Rwamirama (Museveni’s cousin) is he State Minister for Agriculture in charge of Animal Husbandry. The list goes on. Shadrack Nzeire (Museveni’s step-brother) is involved in youth mobilisation at State House whilst Mariam Karugaba (Museveni’s sister) is employed as an administrator a t the state house. Maj. Sabiiti Magyenyi (Museveni’s cousin) is currently the overall commander of the elite Presidential Guard Brigade.

Others are Col. Kateera (cousin to Janet Museveni) is second in command at the Gulu-based 4th Division. Maj. Gen. Jim Muhwezi (an in-law to the Musevenis; whose wife Susan is a cousin to Janet Museveni) made away with billions thanks to ruining Global Fund.

Justus Karuhanga (cousin to Janet Museveni) is a legal aide to President Museveni. This is but a drop in the ocean of Museveni dynasty that’s milking Uganda whilst the common Uganda is dying of treatable diseases and abject poverty. The situation is worse in Cameroon, Congo, DRC, and Kenya, Libya and Rwanda not to mention the Sudan.

This is what is going on in many African countries where royal families run the show of ruining and stealing from the hoi polloi they have hijacked in the name of democracy. No doubt. Africa is cascading into nepotism and despotism at an alarming speed. Indeed, Africa is becoming more despotic and nepotistic.
Source: African Executive Magazine September 16, 2009.

Saturday, 12 September 2009

Mpayukaji awa mgeni wa Gadaffi

WIKI mbili zliyopita sikuonekana mitaa ya Posta, Magogoni na Kariakoo. Nilikuwa nchini Libya nikijichana mikuku kwenye sherehe ya miaka 40 ya kuadhimisha kusimikwa kwa demokrasia ya kijeshi nchini Libya.

Najua wambea wengi watapinga na kuniona mzushi. Hawa siwajibu. Picha zangu kwenye mitandao ya kijiwe zitawaonyesha nani muongo na nani mkweli.

Tuliongea mengi na mheshimiwa mwana mapinduzi ambayo mengi ni siri kwa ajili ya usalama wa kijiwe.

Ingawa yote ni siri, nitawamegea moja. Kwanza , jamaa pamoja na wakosoaji kumuita imla amejenga nchi yake. Wakati sisi tuna watu wasio na kazi zaidi ya nusu ya idadi ya wana kaya wetu, yeye ana aslimia 13 tu. Wakati sisi tunajenga uhujumaa na kujimegea, mwenzetu anajenga himaya yake vilivyo. Maana anamuandaa mwanae Sayf al-Islam kuchukua ukanda sawa na Ala Mubarak atakavyofanya huko Misri.

Kitu kimoja kilinistaajabisha. Kumbe jamaa huyu ana asili ya Bongo tena Ushoto kwa akina mgosi Machungi wa Sengaa! Maana wao wanamuita Kadhafi. Je hii ina tofauti gani na Kashafi wa Lushoto? Hiyo mtajaza wenyewe.

Jamaa anaongea bwana. Wakati mwingine anavuka mipaka. Unajua alituchamba kuwa tunapaswa kuzitumia vizuri raslimali zetu badala ya kuwa ombaomba kwa wazungu ambao ingawa siku hizi amekubali yaishe, hawapendi. Pia alisema hakuna haja ya kuwa na uchaguzi kama mtawala aliyepo ni kipenzi cha watu na chaguo la Mungu kama mimi. Jamaa ananata anapoelezea mafanikio ya utawala wake ambao, kimsingi, ulituvutia kiasi cha kutaka tuwe karibu naye lau atumegee galoni kadhaa za mafuta.

Najua wabaya wangu watasema nilikwenda kule kuzurura na kutafuta sifa. Nimesikia wengine wakihoji ni kwanini sikumkaripia Hugo Chavez aliyetoa mwaliko kwa jamaa yetu wa Sudan , Omar Bashir anayesakwa na mahakama ya kimataifa kwa kuwadedisha wadafuri. Hawajui kijiwe chetu kinamuunga mkono mia kwa mia na kwa geresha bwege tumetuma jamaa zetu waende kumsaidia!

Mie siwezi kumlaani Chavez wakati ana wese ambalo tunalihitaji kwa udi na uvumba. Upo hapo? Pili sisi AU tunamuunga mkono Bashir kwani ni mwenzetu na anafanya vitu vyake kama sisi. Tofauti ni kwamba yeye anataka kuibinafsisha Sudan kwa waarabu. Sisi tunagawa kwa wawekezaji na wachukuaji.

Kabla ya kuanza maroroso ngoja niwamegee msafara wangu wa juzi kule Tree-pori nilikokaribishwa na kiongozi wa watu mpendwa kwa sifa na kujisikia Kanali Kadhafi alipokuwa akisherehekea mapinduzi yake matukutu.

Ingawa wachambuzi wengi wanatukandia kuwa ombaomba tulijipeleka na kujipendekeza kwa imla huyu huku nchi za wafadhili zikimpiga kibuti, si haba tulitanua. Kwanza kulikuwa na vimwana wa kimanga usisikie. Mie na Mswati tulitaka kuondoka na kimoja kila mmoja lakini si unajua wamanga wasivyoruhusiwa kuolewa na waswahili ambao huwaita watumwa?

Noma nyingine ni kwamba bi mkubwa alikuwapo kiasi cha kunichunga utadhani mbwa kaingia jikoni.

Mambo ya vidosho tuyaache. Wakati wanakijiwe kwa uvivu wa kufikiri kama alivyosema mjasiriamali Che Tunituni wa Makapu, wanasota kwenye nyumba za kupanga na kuishia kubakana, nchini Libya serikali hutoa nyumba na mahari kwa wanaotafuta majiko tena majiko kweli kweli siyo haya yetu ya chuma ulete.

Tulikuwa tukishutumiwa kuwa tunatumia vijisenti vya walipa kodi kusherehekea upuuzi. Jamaa alimwaga bonge ya pati kwa wiki nzima huku akiupamba mji wa Tree-Pori kama bibi harusi. Una habari jamaa kalipa pauni za Uingereza 30,000,000 kwa watumbuizaji tu? Wapo wanaosema kuwa jukwaa tulilokuwamo lilojengwa na kampuni ya kiingereza liligharimu pesa nyingi zaidi ya watumbuizaji. Bado hujaweka makando kando mengine kama zawadi wa watawala wachovu na omba omba. Hizi zikitolewa kwa kijiwe chetu angalau watoto wote wa wanakijiwe na kaya kwa ujumla wanaweza kusoma hadi chuo kikuu huku wakiendesha migari ya bei mbaya kama yetu na wengine kusafiria midege kwenda kufanya mitahani.

Kitu kingine, wapo waliosema eti wamanga wa Kiswahili wa Libya ni wabaguzi. Si kweli. Kama ni wabaguzi basi ni kichini chini. Hata kama wanabaguliwa kuna mtu aliwaita? Mbona niliona waswahili wengi wanaotaka kuzamia zao majuu wamejazana pale Tree-Pori. Mswahili bwana hana dogo. Wakati napita kwenye mitaa ya Sawan bin Adam kuelekea Awlad bin Ahamad kabla ya kwenda kuhudhuria maonyesho ya ngoma za kiasili kwenye mitaa ya Suq al Jum’ah na mingine mingi yaliyotukaribisha kwa kupamba mitaa tukitoka Tripoli International Airport niliona maajabu. Nikiwa nafaidi maraha yangu si nilisikia mzamiaji mmoja akipayuka kwa Kiswahili: “Mzee sisi huku tunasota tupigie debe lau tupate gamba tujichome zetu majuu.” Mie nilikausha. Naye hakunikawiza. Nilisikia akisema Ibn Muthnake huyo hana lolote bali kuzurura na kujilisha pepo.” Jamaa inaonekana anatokea kwenye mitaa ya Saigon na Sinza Sinza kwa washikaji zangu au Makongo na UDSM kwa vidosho. Maana nilivyomuona si mgeni kwangu. Nilipoulizia maana yake nilitaka kupasuka. Tuyaache haya ya waswahili na misoto yao .

Nyakati za usiku tulikwenda kujimwaga kwenye mitaa ya Umar al Mushtar na An Nasir na Jamhuriyah kutaja kwa uchache.

Makazi yangu yalikuwa kwenye hoteli ya kifahari ya Bab al Bahr. Nilipenda sana heshima ya Walibya. Kila anayekuja kukuhudumia utasikia akikuita Basha. Msidhani nawatukana waswahili, Basha kwa ndugu zetu wa Libya na Misri ni bosi na si matusi ya nguoni kama kwenu uswekeni. Hivyo nilikuwa bonge ya Basha yaani Bosi.

Ujumbe wangu ulipelekwa bichi kwenye maeneo ya Bu Sittah ambapo kila mmoja alijimwaga kivyake. Vijana watawasimulia makamuzi na matanuzi ya siku hii. Mshirika wetu Chavez alikipiga kwenye hotel ya Zumit kwa ajili ya usalama wake huku ujumbe wake ukikipiga kwenye hotel za Funduq al Bahar na Funduq an Naher. Si unajua tena anavyowindwa na mabeberu. Hayo tuyaache.

Kuna kitu nimejifunza. Tuache utani. Kumbe ukipambana na ufisadi na ukausikiliza umma hata uwe dikteta, ukiwapa watu riziki zao na maendeleo wanatulia! Kumbe demokrasia kwenye umaskini ni uongo. Maana demokrasia siyo maneno bali matendo. Ingawa jamaa anasifika, kuna tatizo. Sifa zake zote zinatoka upande mmoja yaani serikali yake.

Hakuna upinzani kule. Nani apinge? Hajitaki? Watamzomea.

Loh! Kumbe muda umekwisha!

Thursday, 3 September 2009

Niger’s Referendum to Dictatorship

Tandja casts his vote

Dictator-turned president of Niger, Mamadou Tandja, is at sixes and sevens thanks to the anger and rumpus of the people after tampering with the constitution to illegally secure a third time in office. He is not the first, may be, even the last to embark on such macabre tricks.Tandja seems hell-bent to remain in power contrary to the wish of the people and tenets of democracy.

Africa’s democracy has been receiving a kick in the head from current mumbo jumbos who wrongly think they’re created to rule.The continent is quickly cascading to dictatorship under pseudo-referendum-the votes of manipulated people and cheerleaders. Voix populi is no longer vox Dei especially when the many are evil and dubious. For living potentates, it started with Gadaffi of Libya; Egypt’s Hosni Mubarak and Robert Mugabe in Zimbabwe. Thereafter, Yoweri Museveni, Paul Kagame, Abdoulaye Wade and now Tandja followed.There is no voice of the majority in the voices of criminals and stooges being fed by dictatorship. Tandja won by 92% thanks to having many stooges behind him.

Tampering with the constitution is as futile as coup d’etats. It suffocates democracy and derails the process already put in place at the expense of donors and poor taxpayers. Why should poor countries spend millions of dollars on charades whose results are easy to predict? Why should donor countries support such nugatory regimes if it is not double standard and conspiracy?

In essence, after military coup d’etats which are returning slowly thanks to what recently happened in the Central African Republic (CAR), Guinea and Mauritania, civil coup d’etats are doubling. Refer to the above rulers that amended their constitutions and remained in power. Currently Africa has three novo military rulers in Francois Bozize (CAR) Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz (Mauritania that recently won macabre elections) and Moussa Dadis Camara of Guinea. As it happened for Abdel Aziz, the duo too will convene charade elections and become elected leaders as it happened for Museveni, Kagame and Zenawi. Who knows? Camara was recently quoted saying: "I have nothing more to say, except that I might or might not stand. No-one can stop me."

There is yet another danger-cum-threat for democracy in Africa-rigging. Unfortunately, the international community hates military juntas but not vote riggers! This was seen in Kenya’s flawed elections where the loser ended up being awarded presidency by the same international community. To ‘solve’ the problem (after Kenyans butchered each other in post election bloodbath) the international community sent Koffi Annan, the former UN chief to reconcile the two protagonists: Kibaki and Raila by means of power sharing. The deal was reached and two genies were returned to their bottles.

In the two incidents, the voter’s voice was ignored. The voter was robbed of his right in the name of peace that has never prevailed. How can it prevail if the perpetrators of this carnage are still in public offices destroying evidence and stealing?

Another growing threat for democracy is inheritance by former rulers’ children or their protégés. Currently Africa has two presidents who inherited powers from their parents. These are Joseph Kabila (DRC), Foure Eyadema (Togo) and the third one is in the making in Gabon where Ali Ben-Bongo is expected to inherit his father. Some sons of former presidents use their fathers’ manipulation to ascend to power. President Ian Khama of Botswana is a living example. We currently have people like Kenya’s Uhuru Kenyatta and Musalia Mudavadi; Amani Karume (president of Zanzibar); Dr. Hussein Mwinyi (Powerful minister in Tanzania who is believed to be eyeing presidency in Zanzibar where his father was president before he became the president of the union). Others are appointing their wives as it happened in Uganda where Museveni appointed his wife a minister.

Another threat is suffocating and killing the opposition. This applies almost everywhere in Africa except in a few countries south of Africa. Ruling parties have overthrown the majority and usurped their powers. They’ve taken over from military juntas. In Tanzania, Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM) has been in power thanks to felling, sabotaging opposition and rigging. High rank soldiers are appointed in political capacity to manipulate the army to support this phantasmagoria. Most District and Regional Commissions in Tanzania and Uganda are soldiers. In Ethiopia and Rwanda, ruling parties have become governments. Media and opposition in these countries are harassed and silenced in the name of national security. CCM, EPRDF, NRM and RPF-Inkotanyi wage more powers than even the governments in the countries.

Though Ethiopia Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda are called democracies, in actual fact, they are fascists. As per the definition of fascism hereunder, to me, the duo is ruled by dictators even if they are said to come to power through the ballot box. Fascism comprises a radical and authoritarian nationalist political ideology and a corporatist economic ideology.

Fascists believe that nations and/or races are in perpetual conflict whereby only the strong can survive by being healthy, vital and by asserting themselves in conflict against the weak. Fascists advocate the creation of a single party state. Fascist governments forbid and suppress criticism and opposition to the government and the fascist movement. Fascism opposes class conflict, blames capitalist liberal democracies for its creation and communists for exploiting the concept.

In the economic sphere, many fascist leaders have claimed to support a “Third way” in economic policy, which they believed superior to both the rampant individualism restrain and severe control of state communism. This was to be achieved by establishing significant government control over business and labour (Mussolini called his nation's system "the corporate state").. No common and concise definition exists for fascism.

Going back to Tandja, he and the likes have proved to be politically dangerous to the continent. What pains more is the fact that the same came to power under democratic rungs just like Wade.

Though democracy has failed to bring freedom in Africa, at least, there is a sigh of relief. Slowly, countries like Botswana, South Africa, Malawi and Zambia have proved that if the voices and will of the people are respected, they can add up. Tremendously democratic institutions in the above countries are growing from strength to strength.
Source: African Executive Magazine August 2, 2009.

'Well done' Kingunge dhidi ya kanisa

KWA mtu anayejua historia ya mzee Kingunge Ngombale-Mwiru na jinsi anavyosusurika kujisafisha na kujijengea kinga chamani, hashangai kusikia anayosema kuhusu waraka wa Kanisa Katoliki kuelekea uchaguzi mkuu wa mwaka 2010.

Kimsingi, waraka wa kanisa umetuama kwenye uadilifu na kuchagua viongozi waadilifu kitu ambacho binafsi nadhani kuwa ni kero na ndoto kwa watu wa kada ya Kingunge.

Hawawezi kumpenda mtu anayeuzindua umma, kujikomboa na kuutokomeza ufisadi ambao pengine kwa walio madarakani ni mradi unaowaingizia pesa nyingi.

Nashawishika kuamini kuwa ufisadi ni sera ya kundi la kada ya kina Kingunge aliyeamua kuikamua serikali kupitia Ubungo Bus Terminal!

Badala ya kumlaani na kumshutumu Kingunge, namshukuru kwa kumtoa paka kwenye kofia. Maana chama cha Kingunge (CCM) kimekuwa kikikanusha na kujinakidi kama chama kilichodhamiria kuleta maendeleo ingawa matendo yake ni kinyume.

Hebu fikiria; kama wazee tuliodhani wana busara na udhu, mfano Kingunge, wanaweza kusimama na kuwakaripia watu wema wasihimize wema, hao wengine wakoje?

Matendo na maneno ya Kingunge yakiongezewa na ya CCM ni ushahidi wa uozo usiovumilika. Ni harufu mbaya ya chama kilichochoka kiasi cha kulea na kutukuza ufisadi na mawazo mgando. Ni ushahidi kuwa kinachoitwa maendeleo ni ndoto.

Tulipoambiwa maisha bora kwa wote, tulisahau kuwa wote waliomaanishwa katika hilo ni wale walio karibu na Kaisari. Waliobaki lieni tu. Hamna chenu hapa. Kwangu hii ndiyo maana sahihi ya tafsiri ya karipio na kejeli za Kingunge na wenzake.

Kingunge haoni baya lolote katika sera nyakuzi na nyemelezi za chama chake. Ataona baya gani iwapo anakula mkate ulioloa siagi akiwaambia Watanzania wale mawe?

Kwa kina Samuel Sitta, John Malecela na wengine waliogutuka na kukengeuka kuwa umma unaweza kushtuka na kufanya kweli, wakaona kuwa ufisadi ni mbaya.

Wao ingawa wamo ndani wakishiba na kusaza, bado machale yanawacheza kuwa umma huu si wa mawe ni umma wa wanadamu ambao siku zote ni vigumu kuwatabiri.

Hivyo basi, kwa nia nzuri au mbaya, wameamua kusimama upande wa haki hasa kipindi hiki tunapokaribia uchaguzi ili kuhakikisha hawakosi baraka za wananchi.

Hawa wanaogopa kwa kufahamu ama kuona cheche za mabadiliko zilizo wazi kwenye jamii ya Kitanzania. Hawa si vichwa ngumu kama kina Kingunge na chama chao.

Wanaendelea kuwahadaa Watanzania, kama vipofu, kuwa CCM imefanya maajabu! Kama kuna maajabu iliyofanya si mengine, ni kuendelea kuwa madarakani bila kutimuliwa na umma licha ya kashfa mbalimbali zinazoihusisha yenyewe na vigogo wake.

Kingunge ni kada ya wana CCM wanaowachukulia Watanzania kama wale wa kwenye ‘Pepo ya Mabwege’. Hawa kwao, ni halali kwa kupe kukwea kwenye mgongo wa ng’ombe na kumnyonya.

Hawategemei ng’ombe hata anyonywe na kukonda vipi aasi. Kwa kuwa ni hayawani asiye na uwezo wa kupambanua mambo.

Hivyo, kwa kuonyesha jeuri na kejeli za CCM tuna kila sababu ya kumpongeza na kumpenda Kingunge kwa kutuzindua ili tufanye kweli.

Kingunge ananikumbusha hadithi ya mke wa mfalme aliyesikia watu wakiandamana mitaani kupinga utawala wa kijambazi wa mumewe mfalme kwa kusababisha ukosefu wa mikate.

Mama huyu juha na kipofu aliwajibu waleta habari: kama hakuna mikate si wale keki? Maskini juha huyu hakujua kuwa nje ya kasri lao, maisha yalikuwa ni jehanamu!

Leo CCM, watawala, wapambe wao kama kina Tambwe Hiza, Salva Rweyemamu na wengine wameshiba hadi kulewa kiasi cha kujiaminisha kuwa mambo yataendelea kuwa yalivyo.

Haiwezekani. Haiwezekani kabisa CCM iendelee kuwa madarakani tena kwa usalama huku ikiongozwa na watu ambao ama wao au marafiki zao wanatuhumiwa kwa ufisadi.

Kama kina Kingunge wangesoma alama za nyakati, wangeshinikiza watuhumiwa wa ufisadi wanaotajwa kila kukicha wafikishwe mahakamani na kusafishwa au kupatikana na hatia kutokana na tuhuma zinazowakabili.

Wasingeridhika na matumizi ya mchezo wa nyani kusafishana kwa mawe na vijiti wakati wahusika hawasafishiki.

Watu wenye visheni na misheni wangelaani badala ya kubariki. Wangeonya badala ya kutisha. Wangesuluhisha badala ya kupatiliza. Wangetahadhari badala ya kukejeli.

Ila kitu kimoja ni wazi. Watanzania hata wa mashambani wanaanza kujua kinachoendelea huko juu. Wanajua kuwa deste lao limejaza mikono ya walafi na wachafu wakila bila kunawa tena kwa mikono na miguu.

Kwa watu wanaojitakia mema, wangetumia ukaribu wao na Rais kumueleza ukweli kuwa utawala wake umeshindwa kila upande na kwa karibu kila kitu.

Wangemkumbusha ahadi alizotoa hasa kupambana na ufisadi. Ajabu wameamua kwa makusudi kumuingiza kwenye kila upuuzi. Je, wanafanya hivyo kwa sababu wanajua alikuwamo tangu mwanzo au kwa vile haoni kama wao?

Rais naye ameridhika. Kama mwenyekiti wa chama nadhani amebariki haramu na kulaani halali. Namna hii hatufiki popote. Hatuna tofauti na pweza ajipaliaye mkaa asijue utamuunguza na kumgeuza mafuta.

Hii ni alama na ushahidi wa chama na wakubwa wake kufilisika kisiasa kisera na kimkakati. Kwa nini kupinga watoa hoja badala ya hoja yenyewe?

Ninaamini CCM ipo taaban hasa tunapoelekea mwaka 2010. Haijitambui mbele ya ufisadi kwa kuwa watuhumiwa wakuu wa ufisadi wamo ndani yake, ndio wanaoisaidia kwa namna moja ama nyingine.

La muhimu kufanya si kupambana na ukweli bali kutafuta ukweli ili kuwa huru. CCM ina lipi la kufaa kurejeshwa madarakani? Naamini kwamba kuirudisha CCM kwenye utawala ni kubariki dhambi isiyostahiki msamaha!
Chanzo: Tanzania Daima Agosti 2, 2009.