Liberal Peace Conflict, Gender, and Peacebuilding

Liberal Peace Conflict, Gender, and Peacebuilding

Wednesday 30 April 2008

Malawi: Will Bakili Muluzi be Recycled?

What is wrong with Muluzi and Malawians? Bakili Muluzi, the former President of Malawi, has been elected to be a flag bearer for his party! He won 1,950 votes against the 30 won by Vice-President and protégé-cum-consigliore, Cassim Chilumpha - his only challenger for the United Democratic Front ticket. This, for Muluzi and his cronies, is a sure way to re-run for Presidency in the 2009 general elections.

How can such abuse be allowed to happen! What’s wrong with asthenophoic Muluzi and other African rulers contemplating this sacrilege? Will Malawians really stomach this insult to their democracy and constitution? What shame and defeat for democracy! It is not forgotten how Muluzi shamelessly attempted to amend the constitution in his favour. However, brave Malawians blotted the genie from getting out of the bottle. They foiled bunkum.

Now that the selfsame Muluzi has stumbled on a loophole in the misconstrued constitution averring he can run again; he wants some more? What new thing will he do for Malawi that he failed to do for two terms in office? If anything, Muluzi seems to be day dreaming. Perhaps, he thinks: Malawi can be deceived by his argle-bargle of ousting Bingu wa Mutharika, current president. Will they commit this deadly sin by swallowing his hook, line and sinker just as the members of his party who voted him? As former President, one would expect him to become a Pan-Africanist contributing to the revamping of Africa from the enemies she’s facing.

Media reports indicate how Muluzi has been manipulating his party’s members to endorse him so as to face off wa Mutharika. His United Democratic Front (UDF) has succumbed to his machinations. When Malawians booted Banda out in a bid to break free from the trauma of dictatorship, the situation, by then, forced Malawians to vote for incompetent Muluzi. Muluzi became a liability and fatal political accident.

We learn through mistakes. But repeating the same mistakes is not learning but committing a sacrilegious sin. Will brave Malawians be this blind? Human rights activists need to go back to the drawing board to bar power-sick Muluzi from destabilizing Malawi.

Muluzi’s attempt has one lesson: corrupt retired rulers who abused their offices fear that anytime, they can be brought to books. They therefore try to destabilize the country in order to busy the government of the day so as to forget their sins. Muluzi must thank God that Wa Mutharika, apart from showing political tolerance and maturity, is a liberal. This civility and maturity should not be mistaken for chicken-heartedness or taken for a ride.

Wa Mutharika has proved to Malawi that he has a mission-cum vision. The economy that Muluzi squandered is now recovering; democracy is shriving. What else does Muluzi, his cohorts and yo-yos want to offer to Malawians? Shall Muluzi succeed to stand, let alone win, the humiliation Malawi will suffer will never recover for centuries. Again, this will be a very nefarious precedent for the whole continent. For this reason therefore, Africans must chip in to help the people of Malawi to navigate and sail through this tumultuous sea.

If UDF is impotent this much to lack presidential material in other persons, it should disband itself and let its members join other competent parties. Ask Muluzi what his mission is. Isn’t it nothing but to unseat Wa Mutharika? Can such bulimia really convince any voter in the first place? Look at Kaunda, Chissano, Nujoma and others. Instead of fanning chaos, they are helping new leaders to brace themselves to power.

One thing that Muluzi needs to know is this: Malawians know how he squandered their economy and they will not stomach this second mockery. How can Muluzi who used to dish money out to every sycophant be allowed even to pick the forms! He should be ordered to return back the monies he stole from public coffers. Have Malawians easily forgotten his concerted efforts to superimpose himself on them by tampering with the constitution? Does he think they have already forgotten the beatings and brutality from his police during demonstrations? Or may be Muluzi wants to be crowned a king of Malawi! Never.

Off the cuffs: Tanzanian government in its desperate face-saving efforts issued a formal note that it will probe former president, Benjamin Mkapa on allegations he abused his office. When will Daniel arap Moi face the music? The wisdom of today is, "It is fitting that a liar should be a man of good memory.

Source: The African Executive Magazine April 30, 2008

Is it right time to probe Mkapa and is government serious?

No joke. Former president, Benajmin Mkapa is in hot soup. His dirty linens are on the agora for every eye to see and assess!

When we wrote agitating that Mkapa be prosecuted, his whiz kids and sympathizers especially his party, Chama Cha Mapinduzi, despised us as being jealous and myopic.

This kit and caboodle of swindlers has been issuing threats that if we bring the former head of state to books, our country will cascade into witch-hunt and anarchy! Shall we foolishly create argle-bargle and white wash matters pertaining to the rights of our people so as to protect an individual really? Are we going to be the first? Big nope.

Now the heat is on. The Member of Parliament for Vunjo (CCM), Hon. Aloyce Kimaro, decided to take a bull by its horns. Fortunately Kimaro is a CCM member per se and MP altogether.

What does this mean really? Corruption does not pay.

If you ask me the above question whether in bed or in bibs, I shall reply proudly and loudly, yap. The time is very right to do so urgently.

We used to laugh at Zambians when they were prosecuting their corrupt rulers-cum-looters. Now look! The same shame-cum-imbroglio is amidst us testing our tenacity and accountability regarding our mumbo-jumbos.

Though president Jakaya Kikwete has been feeding us with some ballyhoos and ballycraps, that he shall never probe his predecessor just because he is on retirement that we should not disturb.

The president goes a mile ahead that Mkapa enjoys immunity. But again, this badly construed and abusevely used immunity does not provide or cover Kiwira, Mkapa’s wife, son, in-laws and friends. Because they were not president. So in a simple logical parlance, these can be brought to books without breaking any law. Kiwira was not the part of Mkapa’s presidency and Mkapa was not even the minister responsible for business. After all, we elected Mkapa to rule our country not to ruin and loot it. This is why we would like to see Mkapa and his associates behind the bars shall they be found guilty.

Accountability and rule of law Mkapa used to sing day in day out, require us: to do so for the good of our country and future. What a nice precedent that will save our sickened economy!

Let’s face it point blank. Mkapa abused and misused the office of president and the country altogether. Refer to how we suffer from the anathema of hiked powers simply because Mkapa and his cronies brought a bogus company in which they had their vested personal interests as opposed to all codes of conduct.

My major questions today are, what precedent we are setting for current and future heads of state shall we let Mkapa off-the hook and let him get away with it? I am not intending to get a dig on him or his family. But do his wife, son and friends as well deserve and enjoy immunity? Let me emphasize. They were not president of Tanzania.

Apart from being unpardonable, sacrilegious things Mkapa did can not be treated just like common managerial slip-ups. Nay. They are serious offense involving sabotaging the nation.

Hither is where slapping Mkapa on the face so as to send clear signals to all those contemplating to commit the same buffoonery, is sine qua non.

Silence is gold. But this is relative. There are issue that do not need silence. Mkapa has arrogantly and shamelessly maintained silence! Phew! Why shouldn’t he be presumed guilty because of his silence? I know Mkapa very well. He is an orator, tough and argumentative. If what is alleged would have been mere lies and jealous as he would put it, he would have not maintained such unreasonable silence. He would have called people names and what not.

The urgently right thing for Kikwete to do is to distance himself and let Mkapa face the music as a reciprocation for abuse of power. I strongly urge Kikwete to back off from Mkapa.

On the same footing even the parliament should strike off the much touted immunity that Mkapa has so as to let the judicial process take its course.

As for Anna Mkapa, their son Nicholas, daughter-in law, Foster, former minister and associate, Daniel Yona and others, must be brought to books as soon as possible. They must be separated from Mkapa so as to easily and expediently deal with them.

Better with the nation that lives on the spirit of the law than the one fears to do justice just because it fears some bigwigs.

Tanzanians have proved to be tough when it comes to corruption. It has caused them a lot of miseries. They are not mincing words. They are saying it loudly: we want Mkapa and his company before the court. They want their Kiwira back. They want their country back as well. They, too, would like Kikwete to expediently and transparently set records straight in that shall he stay put to see to it that his friend-cum predecessor is not brought to books, he’ll be sending mixing signals that he aims at what Mkapa committed. Will he allow such wrong perception of himself just to spare his friend-cum predecessor? Time is there to rightly tell. What a baptismal by fire and a test to his seriousness and cleanliness!

Though prime minister, Mizengwe Pinda told the nation that Mkapa will be probed, he must mean this not mizengwe we are tired of.

To cut a story short, let the nation stand together in the war against corruption. Let us face whoever take part in corruption be he big or otherwise. Indeed the time is very ripe for Mkapa to come clean on the allegations. Failure to this, he should be brought to books even today.
The wisdom of today is Truth is incontrovertible. Panic may resent it, ignorance may deride it, malice may distort it but there it is – Winston Churchill.

This will sufficiently help Daniel Yona who ranted and raved at those agitating that he should be prosecuted. He challenged anybody with the gut to take on him to do so. Let us do so by telling the people that this case is theirs and they are the highest court on the land.
Let us face the moment of truth as far as Mkapa's legacy and deeds are concerned.

Source: The Thisday April 30, 2008

Wednesday 23 April 2008

Africa Tired of Re-Cycled Rulers

I am an environmentalist by choice and force. When I go to the convenience store, I always go for re-cycled items. I’m even teaching this to my kids. But when it comes to ideas, nay, I am not and I’d never urge any person to become one.

The two stalemates in Kenya and Zimbabwe forced me to do something about re-cycled rulers that are everywhere in Africa. Africa needs to come of age and shy away from archaic and re-cycled rulers. Who are these? All rulers above 60 are. All rulers under 60 who have been in power over two terms or eight to ten years are. All whose raison d’etre regarding their legitimacy depends on rigging or such like are re-cycled. How many does Africa have? Several!

Many African countries are ruled under re-cycled constitutions. Besides South Africa, Ghana and Senegal, all African countries have re-cycled constitutions made by their rulers or their parties to see to it they stay in power.

Many African countries have even re-cycled armies. Take Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Congo, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Somalia, to mention but a few. They are all under the former rebels and those we used to refer to as terrorists!

I am puzzled and annoyed. When I look at injustices and flapdoodle going on in Africa, I sometimes feel worried. Tell me. What proves that rulers who have been in power for over two terms can contribute as in-puts to the making of the countries they have already ruined? What can they add up to Africa with their frozen and backward looking ideas? To know what I mean, consider leaders like Yoweri Museveni and Muammar Gadaffi who always refer to their revolutions decades ago in lieu of what Africa needs now.

Show me an African country free of cheap enemies like hunger, diseases, ignorance and lack of human rights. When the citizenry are dying of such treatable diseases and languishing in penury, their leaders are living like kings amidst chattels!

The other day I was following the scam-laden regime in Tanzania that has been in power for three years. I discovered that Africa suffers more from corruption and tawdry politics than natural calamities.

Mwalimu Nyerere of Tanzania once said: "If you ask me the grave yards of your money, I will show empty schools and hospitals and other national projects to which your money went to."

Well, Nyerere had infrastructures to show. What can current African rulers show us? Their private armies which keep them in power? Their Saudi-King-like motorcades and overexpenditure which have ruined the lives of the citizenry?

Going back to re-cycling, I can comfortably aver that even multi party politics is another aspect of re-cycling. If anything, when multi party politics were introduced in Africa, we thought it would emancipate us. True, they have achieved nothing but stopping coup d’etats. But too, they have introduced another type of coup in that the ruling parties are using them to illegally to stay in power through masquerade known as elections they rig and organise. Wherever they proved to work is a coincidence altogether.

Whenever anything goes wrong, the said parties run to Europe or America to seek remedy in lieu of going to the voters whose votes are always abused and stolen to enhance dictators and other freebooters cling unto power. In many countries, even the names and emblems of the parties are borrowed from foreign countries. Can such dwarfs in thinking do anything meaningful for Africa?

The other day I saw the speaker of Tanzania parliament being led into the house behind a golden staff and donning a gold necklace. Others go as far as donning on artificial white hairs to look like the speaker of the House of Commons! Can such faint-hearted beings have any in-puts to the development of their countries? Aren’t they lazy at thinking?

Aren’t all those aspects above signifying how re-cycled Africa has been and remained ever since the make-believe independence that has grown bigger and bigger in dependence? Without Africa doing away with re-cycled ideas and rulers, indeed, she will remain doomed. Something needs to be done to do away with these ballyhoos.

By Nkwazi Mhango
Mhango is a Tanzanian living in Canada. He is a Journalist, Teacher, Human Rights activist and member of the Writers' Alliance of New Foundland and Labrador (WANL)

Source: The African Executive Magazine

Monday 21 April 2008

Mihimili ya uovu yaanza kumomonyoka bado wa Kikwete mwenyewe

Iliangushwa Babeli itakuwa mhimili huu wa kujuana kulindana katika jinai?

Mihimili wa utawala wa rais Jakaya Kikwete yaani marafiki na washirika wake inaanza kumomonyoka kwa kasi na ari ya ajabu!

Alianza baba lao, Edward Lowassa na wenzake, Nazir Karamagi, Ibrahim Msabaha. Walifuatia Basil Pesambili Mramba, Kingunge Ngombale Mwiru, Rostam Aziz na wengine waliokumbwa na shoka la Mwakyembe.

Sasa tunashuhudia, Andrew Chenge akiwekwa uchi hadharani kama ishara ya unafiki, uroho, roho mbaya ufisi na upanya wa watawala wetu.

Tulionya na kusema. Tulionekana wachochezi na wambea. Yako wapi? Bado mhimili babu lao. Huu ni Benjamin Mkapa, Fredrick Sumaye, Anna Mkapa, Daniel Yona, Juma Ngasongwa, Abdallah Kigoda na wengine ambao mikono na saini zao vimeiweka nchi yetu utumwani.

Na bado. Kuna mhimili muungu wa mihimili yote ambao si mwingine ni Jakaya Kikwete, Lawrence Masha, Yusuf Makamba na wengine.

Mhimili wa kwanza ulisifika kwa kuwa king maker kwa maana ya kuchangisha pesa ya kumuwezesha muungu wa mihimili kukaa kwenye kiti cha enzi baada ya kutembeza takrima aliyokuja kuifuta baada ya kufanikisha malengo yake.

Mhimili wa pili unasifika unajulikana kwa kujenga mazingira ya kukusanyia ngawira ya kumwezesha muungu wa mihimili kwa makubaliano ya kuulinda pale ulipotoka kwenye kiti cha enzi ulichokiacha kimejaa uchafu hakuna mfano.

Kwanini nimeamua kumuita Kikwete muungu wa mihimili ya waovu wanaoipeleka Tanzania kuzimu? Si kwa chuki wala chuku bali kumuonyesha umma unavyomuona baada ya kutamka wazi wazi kuwa hatamchunguza wala kumfungulia mashitaka rais mstaafu Benjamin Mkapa anayetuhumiwa karibu kuwa nyuma ya kila wizi alioozoea kuuita ubinafsishaji tusijue ni ubinfsi na ufisi-Ufisadi.

Sasa kumekucha. Ngoma hii siyo ya watoto. Ni ngoma ya wakubwa na wakubwa hasa.

Umma ulionya kuwa serikali ya Kikwete licha ya kujaa makapi ya serikali iliyopita, umesheheni kila aina ya mapanya, fisi na mapapa wanaoitumia nchi yetu kwa faida binafsi. Bahati mbaya sana. Kikwete hakustuka. Bado wachambuzi wanajiuliza kwanini? Je naye ni mshirika wa mihimili hii? Wapo wanaosema huwezi kugusa kidevu bila kugusa shavu. Wanasema wazi jinsi Kikwete na chama chake cha Mapinduzi-CCM wanavyotajwa karibu katika kila jinai ya kuliibia taifa. Hajakanusha wala kutoa maelezo. Kwanini? Nani anajua?

Kikwete amekuwa utata wa ajabu. Alipokuwa akiingia madarakani alijionyesha kama mkombozi tusijue kilichokuwa nyuma yake!

Kuna kisa kimoja cha askari wa kimarekani. Waliingia kwenye nchi moja wakiwa wamevalia fulani zilizoandikwa kifuani Messenger of peace. wakati wakiingia wananchi wa nchi ile walifurahi sana kuona walivyokuwa wamepata walinzi wa amani.

Baada ya kuingia kwenye malango makuu ya mji mkuu wa nchi ile, umma ulichanganyikiwa na kuanza kujilaumu kwa kutokuwa makini. Kwanini fulana zile zile zilikuwa zimeandikwa mgongoni Lincenced to kill au tunaruhusiwa kuua!

Ebo! Wenye akili walianza kustuka kuuingia mkenge.

Ukiangalia kauli mbiu ya Kikwete ya kasi mpya nguvu mpya na ari mpya na kuwapeleka wananchi Kanani unamuona messenger of development. Lakini ukiangalia kinachoendelea hasa masuala ya kuachiwa na kubadilishiwa kesi ya mauaji ya best wa Kikwete aitwaye Ditopile Mzuzuri, kutorejeshwa kwa nyumba zetu zilizoibiwa na Mkapa,kutotimiza ahadi hata moja ya zile alizoahidi, kufumka kwa kashfa kama Richmonduli, EPA na sasa ya Chenge na pauni zaidi ya 500,000 unaanza kujua nini maana ya lincenced to steal. Ndiyo. Kwanini isiwe hivyo iwapo Kikwete amekuwa kama kasri la wezi?

Tumkumbushe. Alipoingia madarakani tulimtahadharisha na kumteua rafiki yake Edward Lowassa kuwa waziri mkuu baada ya kuzagaa uvumi kuwa angemteua. Alitudharau kwa sababu anazojua na kumteua.

Tulionya kuwa alivitumia vyombo vya habari malaya kumpamba na kumlazimisha kwa wananchi. Alitudharau pia akamteua kiranja mkuu wa kundi hili shawishi, Salva Rweyemamu.

Baada ya siku 100 ikulu Kikwete alianza kujifunua. Tulianza kupata kihoro kama wananchi wa nchi ya kwenye mfano. Tulianza kumuona mtu asiye makini wala msimamo. Mara tukaona mambo yaliyokuwa yametuchusha na kutukera chini ya utawala wa Mkapa.

Hakuna ubishi kuwa Mkapa alijikuta alipo baada ya kupewa tunda na mama. Mama alianza na kampuni ndogo iitwayo Economic Opportunities For The First Lady. Mara mama wa sasa naye akaja na sumu ile ile ya kuanzisha MAWA au Maulaji ya Wake wa wakubwa.

Tulihanikiza. Mambo si mambo. Mwenye mapenzi haoni. Mara tukasikia mke na mtoto wa Kikwete wakigombania vyeo chamani! Lahaula! Waliosali wakaanza kusali, wa kulalamika tukalalamika, wa kumkumbuka Nyerere wakaanza kumkumbuka. Na mwisho wa yote tukajikuta hatuna nchi kitu bali jina. Niambie iko wapi Tanzania ya watanzania zaidi ya Tanzania ya mafisadi?

Nchi ya mafisadi: kwanini ufisadi hauishi Tanzania?

Tukirejea kwenye mhimili muungu wa mihimili, ukweli ni kwamba nao utamomonyoka. Kwanini? Kwa sababu utasababisha nchi kutotawalika wala kuaminika kwa washitiri kiasi cha kuamua kuuporomosha. Na ushahidi katika hili uko wazi. Tunaambiwa Uingereza imeamua kumchunguza na kumuanika king maker mwingine wa Kikwete, Chenge. Hii maana yake ni kutaka kuusutua umma wa watanzania kufanya kweli.

Hili ni suto la kiutu uzima. Je watafuata wangapi? Time will surely tell.

kitu ambacho wahusika wanashindwa kuelewa ni kwamba huwezi ukapendwa na kulindwa na wafadhili kama huna ubavu wa kulinda maslahi yao. Rejea juzi juzi wananchi kuvamia mgodi wa Buzwagi na kuporomosha ukuta mgodini.

Hii ni ushahidi kuwa wafadhili hawa imani na usalama wa mali zao hapa nchini. Na kweli hakuna usalama. Ukitaka kujua nchi inakwenda wapi, soma maoni ya watanzania mbali mbali wanaposoma makala zenye kupiga kwenye donda. Wapo wanaodiriki hata kuomba silaha waingie msituni. Japo hili si jibu lakini wapo wenye hamu ya kufanya hivyo baada ya kugundua wamesalitiwa.

Leo Tanzania inaongoza kwa kuwalangua wananchi na watumiaji umeme. Kisa? Mkapa na akina Chenge walileta Net Group solution kuihanithi Tanesco. Je hapa wafadhili wataridhika na jinai hii inayogusa maslahi yao moja kwa moja?

Laiti Kikwete angekubali yaishe akawasulubu mafisadi hata kama ni marafiki zake angeweza kunusuru utawala wake. Lakini inavyoonyesha hana mpango huo. Anaogopa wasimsulubu maana wanamjua kuliko tunayemjua sisi. Je ataendelea na kigugumizi hiki wakati mambo yanaharibika hadi lini? Ni suala la wakati.

Kikwete amekuwa kibri tu. Amepewa mifano ya akina Bingu wa Mutharika walioingizwa madarakani kwa mbinu chafu wakaamua kujifua na kujiosha kiasi cha kuwavutia wamalawi. Hata Levy Mwanawasa aliingizwa na Fredrick Chiluba akitegemea amfanyie yale anayofanya Kikwete kwa Mkapa.

Baada ya kuchemsha bongo na kuona hawezi kushindana na umma akashinda, aliamua kumtosa Chiluba na kurejesha heshima ya nchi yake na yake.

Kikwete yote haya hayaelewi. Asiyesikia la mkuu? Je umefika wakati wa wananchi kurejesha hadhi, mali na nchi yao hata kama ni kwa migongano?

Inawezekana. Maana wamejitahidi kuwa wavumilivu. Sasa wanaendelea kulishwa mbovu. Je wataendelea kuwa majuha hivyo? Thubutu!

Tumalizie kwa kumtaka Kikwete afanye kile waingereza huita U-turn vinginevyo baada ya mihimili yake mikuu kumomonyoka naye atamomonyoka. Maana wahenga walisema; mwanzo wa ngoma lele. La Chenge laweza kuwa kifyatuzi (trigger) cha hasira za watanzania kapuku wanaokula mlo mmoja kama komba. Kwa ufupi umaskini wa Tanzania siyo wa kuumbwa na Mungu bali wa kuchongwa na waroho wachache wanaoanza kuumbuka mmoja mmoja. Kutegeua kitendawili ni kumchunguza baba wa mihimili, Benjamin Mkapa kabla umma haujaamua kuwashughulikia wote mbebwa na mbebaji.

Ya Chenge na Kikwete, tulisema utawala wa panya

NIMELAZIMIKA kurejea makala niliyowahi kuandika huko nyuma iliyokuwa na kichwa cha habari; ‘Bunge lisiwe kapu la makapi na cabinet haina mpya.’

Hii ni baada ya Rais Jakaya Kikwete ‘kulivunja na kulisuka’ upya baraza la mawaziri tata na kulirudisha kwa mlango wa nyuma. Ni pale alipoachia ngazi Waziri Mkuu wa zamani, Edward Lowassa.

Hakuna ubishi, Andrew Chenge, ni mmoja wa vigogo katika Serikali ya Kikwete waliozusha utata baada ya kurejeshwa katika baraza la mawaziri badala ya kuchunguzwa.

Pia hakuna ubishi kuwa Chenge amekuwa kitendawili kwa wengi kiasi cha kumtaka Rais Kikwete amtimue. Wapo wanaomshangaa rais ni kwanini anamng’ang’ania wakati wenye nchi wanamtuhumu kuiingiza kwenye matatizo kwa kutoa ushauri mbaya kuhusu mikataba ya uwekezaji chini ya serikali ya Mkapa.

Chenge, mwanasheria mkuu wa zamani katika serikali kitendawili ya Mkapa na sasa waziri mwandamizi mara mbili kwenye serikali ya Kikwete, amevuta hisia za watu wengi kuhusu ufisadi na usaliti kwa taifa.

Nakumbuka, Chenge alipoulizwa sababu ya kurejeshwa katika baraza la mawaziri alijibu kwa nyodo; muulize Kikwete. Sasa tunamuuliza Kikwete kama alivyotutaka Chenge: Kikwete, ni kwanini ulimrejesha Chenge?

Na kwa kashfa iliyomuandama utazidi kumlinda? Je, umma utakuelewaje? Je, huku siyo kutumia vibaya ofisi ya umma na mamlaka ya urais? Je, utamlinda hadi lini? Una masilahi gani na uchafu wa Chenge na hata Mkapa?

Nadhani Rais anapaswa kurejea kwenye uzembe wa Mkapa ambao unamgharimu kwa kuwalinda watu waliokuwa wakitiliwa shaka katika uongozi wake.

Rais ameambiwa bila woga na wanaompenda kuwa amejaza mapanya nyumbani kwake. Lakini kwa sababu anazojua mwenyewe, amekuwa akitudharau kwa njia ya kunyamaza.

Vyombo vya habari kwa muda mrefu vimekuwa vikimshauri hata kumshinikiza Rais Kikwete kuwatimua na kujitenga na watu wote wanaokabiliwa na tuhuma za ufisadi akiwamo Chenge.

Lakini kwa sababu anazozijua mwenyewe, amekuwa mgumu kufanya hivyo wala kutoa maelezo. Hiki nacho kimegeuka kuwa kitendawili.

Lakini hakuna kitendawili kisicho na mteguaji. Wazungu wana msemo wao usemao kuwa, ‘even the busters can be busted.’

Ndivyo ilivyotokea hivi karibuni kwa Chenge ambaye amekuwa akijichukulia kama mtu asiyeweza kugundulika ujanja wake wala kuguswa kwa vile ana kinga kutoka kwa rais.

Nani alijua kuwa ungefika wakati wa Chenge kuwekwa hadharani ili wanaojitahidi kumsitiri nao waone kuwa umma sasa unajua ambacho hawakutaka ukijue?

Tuwe wakweli, madhambi yanayofanyika na kupewa kinga ya rais yamezidi kipimo. Kiwango cha uvumilivu hata ukondoo wa umma inabidi kikaripiwe.

Kwanini rais hataki kusikia kilio cha Watanzania, anaendelea kuwalinda waharifu huku nchi ikizidi kuteketea? Je, kimetimu alichosema Mwalimu Nyerere?

Mwalimu alisema hawezi kuacha nchi yake kwenda kwa ‘mbwa’, alipoambiwa upinzani ungeiondosha CCM asijue hata huko alikokuwa akiikabidhi chini ya utawala wa mwanafunzi wake, Benjamin Mkapa, ilikuwa sawa na kule alikokuwa akikataa! Ama kweli usilolijua litakusumbua!

Iwapo watu kama Chenge hawatashughulikiwa ipasavyo kama ilivyokaririwa hivi karibuni kutoka kwa Waziri Mkuu, Mizengo Pinda, kuwa wanaogopa kulipua nchi, basi wananchi wanaodhulumiwa na kulalamika kwa rais asiwasikilize watailipua nchi.

Rais na chama chake wamekuwa wakiwekeza kukaa madarakani kwa vile upinzani nchini umedhoofishwa.

Lakini hali ilivyo, kama rais hatachukua hatua za makusudi kuiondoa nchi kwenye kujuana, kulindana, ufisadi na kutawaliwa na ombwe, ufisadi utamtoa madarakani.

Lazima aambiwe, nchi inanuka na inateketea mikononi mwake.

Rais amegeuka mzigo kiasi cha kututia kwenye majuto huku tukibakia kama yatima tusio na pa kukimbilia wala wa kumkimbilia.

Akitaka kujua hali ikoje, asome makala mbali mbali kwenye magazeti huru atauona ukweli ulivyo.

Rais sasa umaarufu wake unashuka kwa sababu ya ukarimu wake kwa watu wachache wanaojifanya marafiki zake wakati vitendo vyao vichafu vinaonyesha walivyo maadui zake wakubwa. Wanamchekea na kujifanya wanamheshimu ilhali wanamdharau na kumtumia.

Hili nimelijadili sana kwenye kitabu changu cha ‘Nyuma ya Pazia’ ambacho inshallah akipatikana mchapishaji wa kufaa kitakuwa mitaani siku moja.

Heri kuilipua nchi katika kutenda haki kuliko kutofanya hivyo kwa kuwalinda waharifu wachache. Kuna utata kwenye kitendawili cha jinsi mamlaka zinavyoshughulikia ufisadi. Kuna swali kubwa linaloanza kutusumbua vichwa:

Je, nchi hii ni yetu, rais au mafisadi? Je, rais alichaguliwa na mafisadi? Hata kama wahusika walimpa ‘tafu’ kwa kuchangia kampeni zake, bado nchi hii ni ya Watanzania. Na rais yupo kwa ajili ya kuwatumikia Watanzania na si kuwatumia kama ilivyo sasa.

Muulize rais, sakata la Richmond na EPA yameishia wapi? Serikali imefanya nini zaidi ya kujifanya haihusiki huku ikitoa maneno makali yasiyo na ukweli wala maana?

Zaidi ya kuachia ngazi kwa Edward Lowassa na wenzake, nini kimefanyika kuonyesha kuwa serikali iko makini? Ajabu wahusika waliokiri wenyewe kwa kuachia ngazi bado wako bungeni!

Niliwahi kuandika kutahadharisha kuwa Bunge letu lisigeuzwe pakacha la kutupia makapi ya kisiasa na mafisadi. Nani anajali na kuchukua hatua.

Kinachokera zaidi, rais aliwahi kuwataka wananchi wampelekee ushahidi wa ufisadi aufanyie kazi. Sasa kama hili la Chenge anataka ushahidi gani?

Kwanza ni aibu kwa vyombo vyetu vya usalama na TAKUKURU ambayo badala ya kupambana na kuzuia rushwa imekuwa mstari wa mbele kuwalinda wala rushwa na mafisadi. Ingekuwa amri yangu, ningeivunja hata leo bila kutoa maelezo.

Yaani tumekuwa wa hovyo hadi ulinzi wa pesa na mali zetu ufanywe na wafadhili? Tuliishazoea. Kuna kipindi waziri fulani aliwahi kujisifia kuwa alikuwa amepata wafadhili wa kuchimba vyoo! Inawezekana huyu aliingia madarakani kwa bahati mbaya.

Kama hali itaendelea hivi, hakuna haja ya kumung’unya maneno. Nchi yetu imeporwa na kikundi cha watu wachache. Tumegeuzwa watwana na walamba makombo kwenye nchi yetu wenyewe!

Tujiulize, Je, sisi ni wa hovyo kiasi hicho sawa na wao kuwa mashahidi wa maangamizi yetu tena kwa kutumia mamlaka zetu?

Kikwete ameambiwa kuwa nyumba yake imejaa mapanya aliyoacha Mkapa. Amekuwa mgumu kuelewa na kuchukua hatua! Je, anangoja yaanze kumguguna yeye kama ilivyo kwenye sakata la kuzimwa Rostam Azizi ndipo atie akilini?

Huwa sina kawaida ya kuandika makala ndefu kwa vile zinachosha. Lakini hili la ukimya wa rais limenikera kupita kiasi.

Sasa pazia limefunguka. Yaliyopo nyuma yake kuhusiana na Chenge yameanza kuonekana na hadhira. Je, ya wale tuliouliza yataletwa lini mbele ya hadhira?

Turudie swali letu. Je, ni siri gani ya kuwarejesha mawaziri kama Juma Kapuya, Peter Msolla, Lawrence Masha, Juma Ngasongwa na wengine wanoonyoshewa kidole na umma?

Na kama waziri wa jana kama Chenge ana mabilioni, hivi hawa wazee kama Pesambili, Kapuya, Kigoda, Ngasongwa, Kingunge, na wengine wana matrilioni kiasi gani?

Je, kina Mkapa, mkewe na Sumaye wanayo matrilioni kiasi gani? Kweli adui wa Watanzania si mwingine isipokuwa watawala.

Hakika nihitimishe. Ya Chenge, Kikwete na vita dhidi ya ufisadi ni kero kwa umma. Je, Kikwete ataendelea na ujasiri ule ule unaohitaji roho ngumu huku mambo yakiharibika naye akiwa shahidi?

Je, wapo kina Chenge wangapi nyuma ya pazia? Je, hii pesa pauni 507,500 ni hiyo tu au kuna akaunti nyingine nyingi tu?

Mungu ibariki Tanzania.

Source: Tanzania Daima Aprili 20, 2008

Thursday 17 April 2008

Chenge, please tell us about your billions

I WENT totally berserk and ballistic when I read the story that Andrew Chenge, the Minister for Infrastructure Development, owns a million bucks in a foreign bank! The history of socialist Tanzania tells me: Legally nobody can own such a large amount of dough!

First of all the big question is: If indeed Chenge got this money legally why should he stash it in off-shore banks? I may be regarded as ka-mai even a dodo for posing such a question. But again, if such a large amount of money is stashed abroad whilst we have reliable banks here at home, what does patriotism mean to such person in the first place?

If indeed this money is legally acquired, why stash it abroad? It does not make sense, does it? The same person is the minister for infrastructure development. Doesn’t he know our banks also are part of economic infrastructures he heads; how come he does not trust them?

Many times, Chenge has been accused of wrong doings when he was the chief government lawyer. The despoilers are speaking volumes. They have it that he gave bad advice to the government during the bovine privatization under Mkapa which ended up being ’ufisadi mtupu’ or sheer corruption.

Now the beans have been spilled. What will President Jakaya Kikwete who, in essence, has become another castle for Chenge, tell us? How many parsimonious ministers, former ministers, principal secretaries and who's who like Chenge are still at large?

Now I can aver comfortably that I have traced the reason why Tanzania, with all the abundant natural resources, is wallowing in abject poverty. While a few self serving goons are feasting on our sweat living such slap-up lives, we suffer in penury. Latin sage has it that ’’Verbum Sapienti Satis’’ or in the language many of us understand, ’’The word of the wise suffices.’’

I think. The revelations about Chenge’s billions speak volumes to Kikwete, who I believe this time will do something he has always hesitated to do. I am not blaming the president. But looking at how he has been ’dealing’ with the culprits, his behaviour leaves a lot to be desired. Now that what has been said for a long time about the minister has proved to be true, it is high time for Mr president to listen to us by taking prompt action against the minister and other people of the minister’s like.

I think. The majority of Tanzanians are now tired of being given a raw deal. I still wonder! How Chenge can still be a Cabinet minister amidst such stinky allegations? The time for the wise monkey to see nothing and say nothing is now over. This attitude will never do us any good.

If an individual we entrusted with our office can shamelessly steal from us in this way, what of the hundreds we suspect and know? How many of the likes of Chenge do still exist in our midst? It is likely that we have a large number.

Source: Thisday April 17, 2008.

Wednesday 16 April 2008

Mandela: A Terrorist?

I was shocked and appalled to read that Nelson Mandela, the father and founder of true South Africa is still blacklisted as a terrorist in America! I could not believe that such sacrilege could be committed by a country that prides itself to be the champion for democracy in the world. How can America hold Mandela as a terrorist without considering George Bush’s war atrocities?

"It is frankly a rather embarrassing matter that I still have to waive in my own counterparts - the foreign minister of South Africa, not to mention the great leader, Nelson Mandela," Ms Condoleezza Rice told lawmakers in Washington.

Look at America’s double standard. How can America have Mandela in its black book whilst ignoring the killers in Rwanda? Refer to the allegation that Swiss ambassador to Argentina Carla Del Ponte is facing pressure from her government not to publish her book "The Hunt: Me and War Criminals" telling how America stopped her from persecuting genocide perpetrators in Rwanda. According to the Swiss newspaper La Liberte, the former chief prosecutor at International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda’s book is to be published by an Italian publisher, Feltrineli.

If America had any sense of reasoning, it would have agitated to see to it that these suspects are put behind bars. America needs to be told to its face that Mandela is the symbol of Africa’s struggle against injustices and inhumanity altogether.

Importantly though, leaving Mandela’s name in America’s black book is the living evidence how America used to support apartheid. If anything, this is the sign of hypocrisy. That is why many people would like to see China taking over the crown of superpower-ship.

Going back to the blacklist of terrorists in which the name of Nelson Mandela still features, South Africa's apartheid government banned the ANC in 1960, imprisoning or forcing into exile its leaders. America, it’s chief ally then, followed the suit by blacklisting Nelson Mandela!

South African authorities must petition to the UN to see to it that such mania should not be repeated.

By Nkwazi Mhango
Mhango is a Tanzanian living in Canada. He is a Journalist, Teacher, Poet, Human Rights activist and member of the Writers' Alliance of Newfoundland and Labrador.

Source: The African Executive issue no 156

Hivi Yuda na Pilato nani hakuwa na dhambi?

BAADA ya jamaa mwenye majina yaliyopinda pinda kukiri juzi kuwa lisirikali limeshindwa kuwakamata na kuwasulubu vyangudoa na majambazi wa EPA na Richmond eti kwa vile wanaweza kulipua linchi, Kijiwe kimekuja na kauli rasmi ya kulaani upuuzi huu.

Mkuu sasa si siri amechoka, amechanganyikiwa. Hata huyu wa Kupinda naye choka, tena mapema. Hoja hii imeletwa na Mgosi Machungi baada ya kushuhudia matusi ya Butiama asiamini. Mgosi akiwa anamalizia kipisi chake cha bangi, analianzisha.

“Wagosi mnajua kwanini nimeamua kuvuta bangi?” Kabla ya kuendelea tunatikisa vichwa kuonyesha kutojua.

Anakwanyua mic. “Nimegundua: katika kaya hii ni haamu na haamu ni haai, nimeamua nivute bangi lau inibangue niwatoee uvivu mafisadi wetu. Juzi tiiambiwa na huyu jamaa mwenye majina yaiyopinda pinda eti siikai imeshindwa kuwakamata mafisi na mafisadi? Eti wataipua nchi! Kama anadhani tu wapumbavu titaiipua wenyewe tilioibiwa. Ebo, kazi ya siikai ni nini? Je, kazi ya usaama wa taifa aikotokea jamaa ni nini? Je, kazi ya mkuu ni nini?"

Mbwa Mwitu anamkatisha. "Hee Mgosi unahoji utadhani pilato! Mbona ya kupeleka mamluki Zimbabwe huitaji? Kweli hii kaya inaendeshwa kimshumaa! Yetu yanatushinda tunafakamia ya wengine!"

"Mbwa niache. Yaani kaya inavyonajisiwa unategemea kwei nikoshe la kusema hata kuaaani?" Anajibu Mgosi kwa huzuni na mawazo kibao kuona kaya yake inavyogugunwa na mibaka na mifisi na mafisadi. “We acha tu ingekuwa zamani ningeenda Ushoto kutafuta tungui na kuwamaizia mbai.”

Makengeza ambaye alikuwa amejiinamia kwa simanzi anaonekana hakupenda kinachoendelea.

Anakatua mic. "Mgosi mbona kama ni ufisadi kushindikana hili si siri wala jipya?” Mgosi anakatua mic bila kungoja Makengeza aendelee kujinoma na mic. “Siongeei ufisadi tiliozoea. Naongea hii biioni 155 tiiyoambiwa iliibiwa na Meemetameta na Tunituni.”

Makengeza. “Unataka kuniambia zaidi ya ile bilioni 133 ya EPA na milioni 365 tunayowalipa akina Richmond kwa mwaka kuna tena bilioni 155.” Machungi. “Kumbe sasa? We unaishi nchi gani ndugu yangu au na umepofuka kama ndugu zetu wa Butiama?” He mbona Tunituni na Lwasha wamevunja rekodi kwa wizi! Tena umenikumbusha. Umeiona taarifa ya katibu wa Mchonga Sam Kasorisori kwa vyombo vya habari?

Machungi anatikisa kichwa kuonyesha hajainyaka. Makengeza anaendelea. “Mzee kaamua kuweka mambo hadharani. Nimeinyaka Bwana. Kumbe Mchonga aliposema jamaa alikuwa amejilimbikizia mali nyingi za wizi haikuwa vijembe!

Jamaa anasema: “Lwasha alipobanwa na Mchonga akahofia angeukosa ubunge hivyo akataka eti Mchonga aende kwa kina Ole kumsafisha!”

Mara Mpemba anaingilia: “Huyu mpuuzi kweli. Yaani Nchonga ende kujivua salawili kwa ajili ya jizi moja?”

“Kama ulikuwapo Ami!” Anasema Makengeza huku akitabasamu na kuendelea. “Bwana we. Nasikia Mchonga aliendewa na rafiki yake mzee Rashidu baada ya jamaa kumtaka amtetee. Mchonga alitaka viitishwe vijiwe vya chama amsafishe kwa sharti Lwaasha awepo. Kwanza kabla ya hapo eti alimwambia katibu wake amwambie mzee Rashidu wa Lioni kuwa asiwe mjinga.”

Anainua kombe lake na kulipiga busu na kuendelea. “Jamaa anasema hadi Mchonga anarudisha namba alikuwa bado hajajibiwa swali lake kuu la ni kwanini kijana mdogo mwenye miaka kiduchu kwenye utumishi wa umma alikuwa na mimali kuliko yeye tena bigi wa Kaya?”

Anakatua kashata na kupiga tama kama mbili, tatu za kahawa.

Kabla ya kuendelea mara Mkurupukaji analamba mic. “Enhe na ikawaje?"

“Kijana tuliza boli wakubwa tukupe vitu.” Anasema Makengeza huku akijifuta jasho na kuendelea. “Nasikia mambo yalikuwa mazito. Mchonga alitaka wakutane wajumbe wa kamati na halmashauri kubwa popote kwa gharama yoyote angelipa yeye ili ‘amsafishe’ Lwaasha kwa sharti kuwa Lwaasha awepo. Enhee nilisahau. Kwanza aliwaita kwake Msasani mzee Rashidu na Lwaasha mwenyewe, lakini Lwaasha aliishia mitini. Nasikia aliposikia kichwa maji Tunituni kamteua kwenye genge lake la ulaji aliguna na kushangaa akajua alivyoukanyaga mkenge kwa kumuunga mkono kibaka.”

Kabla ya Makengeza kuendelea, mzee Ndomo anakumbushia: “Jamani mada ya leo ni kujadili ni kwanini jamaa ameshindwa kuwanyaka na kuwasulubu majambazi wa EPA?”

“Kweli hii ndiyo mada ya leo ingawa na taarifa ya mjumbe ni muhimu.” Anaingilia msomi huku akijikuna kichwa kutafuta mapwenti na kuendelea. “Kimsingi wanaodhani jamaa anaweza kuwakamata wenzake wanakosea sana. Nani amkamate nani iwapo hatujui nani ni nani katika hili?”

“Msomi umefumba sana na kuniacha nje,” analalama mzee Maneno. “Pole sana mzee wangu.” Anasema Msomi akitabasamu.

Anaendelea. “Nimaanishacho: tunamuuliza kambale kama ana masharubu. Siku zote nawaambia institutional corruption sorry uoza wa kimfumo. Ukiona sirikali inakiri imeshindwa mafisadi jua nayo ni fisadi na haina maana wala haki ya kuendelea kutawala. “Res clamat domino ad dominum” au mali humlilia mwenyewe. Mwenye mali nani? Naomba niwaulize swali. Hivi Yuda na Pilato nani hakuwa na dhambi? Acha niulize jingine. Hivi nguruwe na ngiri wana uhusiano gani? Hilo nalo naliacha. Je, ni ngamia gani amuue nundu kisa eti ana nundu?" Mzee Ndomo anaonekana kutoelewa kabisa.

Analalamika.“Msomi leo kusema ukweli umeamua kutufumba. Unataka kuniambia jamaa ana nundu kubwa kuliko jamaa wa EPA?”

“Ewaaa! Sasa kumbe?” Anajibu Msomi huku akikatua kitumbua chake.

Anaendelea. “Mfano Lwaasha alivyopigwa buti na kuletewa wa kupinda, watu walikenua wasijue ni wale wale! Nenda wizara ya serikali za shambani na mitaani ukaulizie jamaa kaacha harufu kiasi gani? Hata huko uhasama wa taifa alipokuwa si salama. Sana sana hawa ndio wamekuwa vinara wa kulinda uoza tunaouona na kuhangaishwa nao.

Akiwa anajiandaa kuendelea, kinokia chake kinalia. Anapokea na kuongea kwa haraka na kuendelea: “Jamaa yangu wa intelligence ananitaarifu sasa hivi kuwa jamaa yetu mmoja amehojiwa na usalama wa taifa!” “Nani huyo?” anauliza Mkurupukaji. “Si yule Enderea kuchenga.” Anajibu Msomi.

“Aaa! Kwa amri ya nani? Kama ni Cheka cheka, usanii. Kwanini alinteua kwenye genge lake la ulaji baada ya sie kumpinga? Hapa ni kufungana kamba tu kupitisha nnda,” alilalamika Mpemba.

Msomi anaendelea: “Iwe kweli iwe geresha ipo siku watawajibika. Leo nimeudhika naongea Kilatini samahanini. Upo msemo kuwa vita vivenda non vitanda, yaani maisha ni kuyaishi siyo kuyaepuka. Hivyo wanaokwepa au kutia zengwe kwenye kupambana na ufisadi ipo siku yatawarudia wanayofanya, watake wasitake, tulale tuamke au vinginevyo. Na isitoshe si kila siku ni Jumapili.”

Kabla ya kuendelea, mzee Maneno anachomekea. “Kweli Walatini kiboko; kumbe kwao maisha ni vita na kutoyaishi ni vitanda! Ndiyo maana waligundua salsafa.”

“Falsafa mzee siyo salsafa.” Anakosoa Mbwa Mwitu. Kijiwe hakina mbavu kwa wanavyokosoana na kutafsiri mambo.

Msomi hajali anaendelea. “Ukitaka kujua Kaya ilivyoishiwa hasa kimkakati na uongozi angalia wanavyoanza kuvuana nguo hata kwenye kijiwe cha Idodomya. Kuna nini pale? Angalia walivyompiga stop jamaa yao kutoka Iran. Siku si nyingi kilichomtoa nyoka miguu kitathibitika tena dhahiri. Hatuwezi kuendelea na upuuzi huu ambapo mibaka michache inataifisha kaya yetu sisi tukifa kwa ulofa. Si karne ya 21.”

Akiwa anajiandaa kumwaga falsafa, wale vibaka migambo ya Kondoro si walivamia wakitafuta ubwabwa wa kupelekea wake zao. Tulitimka wasitutie adabu, tukaamua kujibu na kunyotoa mtu roho. Ipo siku, ipo siku, ipo siku tutaanzisha mambo yetu yaleeeee, mtayajua wakati huo.

Source: Tanzania Daima Machi 16, 2008

Sunday 13 April 2008

Butiama na CCM mpya ya kale

WENGI tulitarajia kufanyika kwa mikutano ya siku mbili ya Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM) katika kijiji cha Mwitongo, Butiama, mkoani Mara, mahali alikozikwa Mwalimu Julius Nyerere, mwanzilishi wa taifa hili, kungeleta changamoto na nafuu kwa siasa za nchi yetu. Kumbe tulikosea sana.

Haikuwa na haitakuwa kwa CCM hii na utawala huu. Hii ni fursa ilipotea na kama ni tumaini, basi limekufa na halitafufuka.

Tulitarajia angalau, CCM, kama nyoka wa kuchusha na kutisha, ingejitoa ngozi yake ya zamani na kuja na mpya ili kuanza upya kuipelekea mbele nchi yetu. Kadhalika tulikosea!

Hapa kuna tatizo tena kubwa tu.

Sasa mikutano ya CCM kule Butiama imekwisha. Hakuna cha mno wala cha maana kilichofanyika!

Ni hasara kiasi gani? Je, kwa nini imekuwa hivyo? Je, ni kutokana na ile tabia mbaya na sugu ya watawala kuichukulia nchi kama shamba lao au mali binafsi?

Je, ni kukosekana kwa visheni na uongozi wenye kuona mbali? Je, ni kichwa ngumu tu au bahati mbaya?

Sijapata jibu kwa nini CCM imeshindwa kujitenga na ufisadi kiasi cha kuupamba badala ya kupambana nao. Bado nalisaka na kulitaka jibu tena lenye kuingia akilini, si ‘gereshabwege’ tuliyozoea. Je, wahusika wako tayari kutoa jibu au kukubali kushindwa na kuwajibika?

Hatuelewi ni kwa nini CCM imeshindwa hata kutoa karipio dhidi ya mafisadi wanaojulikana, acha kufukuzana kwenye chama kama tulivyodhania.

Je, mafisadi wameshinda? Wameiteka na kuikalia nchi yetu?

Je, kwa mara nyingine, CCM imejibainisha kuwa ni ya kina nani? Je, ni kwa nini ilikwenda Butiama alikozaliwa gwiji wa siasa za ukombozi wa kweli wa Mtanzania na Mwafrika kufanya mambo iliyofanya?

Kwa nini kwenda kule kufanya kinyume naye au ndiyo kumdhihaki kwa vile hatafufuka? Je, madhara ya hili ni yapi kama wananchi wataamua kuyatumia vilivyo hasa kwenye uchaguzi ujao?

Uko wapi mwafaka na serikali ya mseto tuliyopigiwa upatu? Tunaambiwa Karume na kundi lake wameupiga teke na kukataa katakata! Je, Karume, CCM na Kikwete nani zaidi?

Wataalamu wa uhai wana kanuni kuwa kitu chochote kikikaribia kufa hujenga chembe chembe za kukiua ndani mwake. Wazungu husema, ‘arrogance creates the source of destruction within itself so as to die.’

Hatuna tafsiri ya moja kwa moja ila ni kwamba: ujanja ujanja huwa na tabia ya kujenga kiini cha kujiua wenyewe. Je, CCM nayo inatii kanuni hii ya maumbile?

Je, ni kwa nini CCM inaamua kujimaliza yenyewe kirahisi hivi? Je, imepitwa na wakati kama wanavyosema baadhi ya wachambuzi wa mambo? Maswali ni mengi na tata kuliko majibu.

Kama kuna aliyepata pigo kipindi hiki kwenye mkutano wa Butiama si mwingine bali Mwenyekiti wa chama na Rais wa Tanzania, Jakaya Kikwete.

Maana, umma ulidhani kwa kutumia ushawishi wa Mwalimu angeweza kubadili sura ya hali ya mambo nchini. Hii ilikuwa ‘second chance’ iliyopotea bila sababu za msingi.

Lakini bahati mbaya hakufanya hivyo. Je, ni kwa nini?

Je, amezidiwa na wahafidhina waliomzunguka au ameshindwa kuliona hili? Amekubali kutumiwa na mafisadi kiasi cha kuhatarisha madaraka yake? Na hatima ya hili ni nini ndani ya chama chenyewe kinachoonekana kuanza kumeguka makundi kutokana na mitandao yenye maslahi na vinara tofauti?

Je, Watanzania bado wataendelea kuwa na imani na chama kisichokidhi matarajio yao? Wataendelea kukipenda?

Kukiamini na kukichagua huku kikionekana kulalia kwenye maslahi ya wachache kikiwatelekeza wengi? Je, ni wakati wa upinzani kujiandaa kuziba ombwe hili?

Tulitarajia litolewe tamko dhidi ya ufisadi. Halikutolewa! Tulitarajia mafisadi washughulikiwe huku mbinu na mikakati mipya ikitangazwa ya kufanya hivyo.

Haikuwa! Je, tumuulize nani? Nani atapambana na ufisadi iwapo tuliotarajia kufanya hivyo wametugeuka?

Je, huu si ushahidi tosha kuwa Kikwete ameishiwa na hatatufikisha popote zaidi ya kuturudisha nyuma? Hili ni swali kwa Mwenyekiti CCM na Rais wa Tanzania, Kikwete.

Je, umma nao utakubali uendelee kuteseka ilhali mali na rasilimali zao zikitumiwa vibaya na kikundi kidogo cha watu?

Hapa ndipo wapinzani wanapopaswa kujifunza. lazima jibu lipatikane vinginevyo tuendako ni kubaya zaidi.

Sasa vikao vya Butiama vimekwisha bila mafanikio yoyote kwa umma. Je, huu ndiyo mwisho? Hili swali linakwenda kwa Watanzania wote na wapinzani hasa wasioshiriki vitendo vya ufisadi na usaliti kwa taifa.

Je, tuendelee kulialia au tuchukue hatua ambazo kimsingi ni kutangaza mgogoro wa umma dhidi ya watawala.

Hivi tukiamua kuitisha migomo isiyo na ukomo kitaifa, hawa wanaotuchuuza na kutugawana watapa nafasi ya kuendelea kutanua kama wanavyofanya?

Kwa nini tuendelee kushuhudia maangamizi ya kutengenezwa na wanadamu kama yaliyojiri Mererani? Natuma rambirambi na kuwataka wananchi wajifunze kutatua matatizo kwa njia muafaka badala ya kubabaisha.

Hakuna haja ya kuhilikiwa mashimoni kama muhanga ilhali watu wachache wanafaidi matunda ya uhuru wetu. Hii ni dhambi kubwa na ya mwisho kutendwa na binadamu wenye akili, tena taifa.

Haya ni machukizo ya machukizo kufanywa na binadamu kwenye karne ya 21.

Tusimung’unye maneno. Adui yetu mkuu sasa ni CCM na watawala ambao wameshindwa kutafuta suluhu ya matatizo yetu. Walituahidi wangefanya hivyo.

Tuliwaona wakiapa kufanya hivyo. Kwanini leo watugeuke tena bila sababu isipokuwa uchoyo na upogo na upofu? Je sisi ni wa ovyo kiasi cha kufanyiwa haya na kuridhika?

Tumekuwa wanafiki na wapumbavu. Kwa nini tuweze kutatua migogoro ya Kenya tushindwe yetu?

Kwa nini tuwe na uwezo wa kupeleka jeshi Comoro tushindwe kuleta suluhu kwetu wenyewe?

Yanayowasumbua Wakenya na Wakomoro hadi wakafikia walipofikia ni sawa kabisa na yanayotuhangaisha sisi.

Je, kwa nini hatuelekei huko ili haki itendeke? Maana wahenga walisema haki ni haki daima huvunja hata milima. Na amani haiji ila kwa ncha ya upanga.

Je, tuanze kuutafuta upanga? Na kwa nini wahusika watufikishe hapo? Je, nani atanusurika kama tutaamua kutumia nguvu kupata haki yetu?

Je, haki yetu inawezekana kuletwa kwenye sahani ya dhahabu au kupitia sulubu ya baadhi yetu?

Hapa ndipo tunaporejea kisa cha Ansbert Ngurumo cha kuoza na kuota ili kuzaliwa upya tena kwa mamilioni.

Hivyo ifahamike kuwa hatutetei vurugu. Vile vile hatuungi mkono wala kutetea amani ya ukondoo.

Ni amani gani inayoweza kushamiri bila kutenda haki? Ni haki gani inaweza kuwa na maana bila kutendwa na kutendeka wote wakaona?

Mficha uchi hazai.

Na mtaka cha uvunguni sharti ainame. Je, umefika wakati wa kuinama ili tukipate cha uvunguni au kuendelea kujidanganya tukisimama na kutegemea cha uvunguni?

Wakati baadhi yetu wakijipiga vifua na kushabikia upuuzi wa kutatua migogoro ya Comoro na Kenya, wenzetu wanatucheka na kutuona kama majuha au hata manyani.

Nani kasahau kisa cha mtoto wa nyani aliyechekea kuungua kwa msitu asijue atalala wapi?

Ni kwa nini tunahamanika kutatua ya wenzetu wakati sisi kwa sisi tukiumizana. Hivi kuna amani pale Pemba? Hivi wananchi wetu vijijini wana amani?

Mererani, Buzwagi, Geita, Kahama, Kiwira na kwingineko wana amani?

Kwa nini wenzetu waweze sisi tusiweze? Wapi kuna tatizo kati ya watu wetu na watawala wao?

Je, na watawala wetu wanatuchukuliaje?

Je, sisi tunawachukuliaje? Kikwete, CCM na Watanzania wote tutafute majibu sahihi ya hali na maswali haya tena haraka bila kuchelewa wala kuzungushana.
Source: Tanzania Daima Machi 13, 2008

Wednesday 9 April 2008

Truth about Genocide still Haunts Kagame

Rwandan strong man, Paul Kagame was incensed by Spanish Judge, Fernando Andreu’s arrest warrant for 40 of the top brass in Kagame's regime. This did not go down well with Kagame who described the judge as arrogant and asked him to go to hell.

His was, as usual, to jump the smoking gun. He’s been hollering to the international community for its declension to give over genocide that he "stopped" his way by taking over and ushering in a draconian regime.

But again, looking at how genocide was perpetrated in Rwanda, Kagame will one day be implicated. He has been using the media and international fora to push the mess under the carpet. But, unfortunately for him, it does not go away or under.

The international community has been dealing with this case exparte in that all Hutu (both adults and minors) are regarded as killers! This is not the first or last time such international concerns have surfaced after Kagame succeeded to gag the media in Rwanda. This has been oft-reported and condemned by Human Rights Watch.

The world deserves to know what transpired in Rwanda in 1994. Prime questions are: Who brought down the presidential jet that killed two presidents, Juvenal Habyarimana of Rwanda and Cyprien Ntaryamira of Burundi? Why is the figure given by Rwandan authorities bigger than the actual number of the ethnic Tutsi said to have been killed in the genocide?

Statistics shows that by then, Rwanda had the composition of 9 percent of Tutsi. The population then was 8,206,450 (Source: 1993 CIA World Fact book) If this is what it actually was, the whole Tutsi population would have been wiped out. This means ten percent of Rwandese was Tutsi. This is approximately 820,000. We're told 1,000,000 ethnic Tutsi were butchered. Where did the difference come from? Many questions still beg answers. What does the history of military confrontations between Tutsi-led RPF and the then authorities in Kigali say?

Going back to the Spanish Judge, He investigated the matter after a human rights group filed a complaint. Under Spanish law, a court can prosecute alleged human rights crimes, even if they take place abroad. The judge said that, after taking power, the army under Kagame carried out mass killings of Hutu in Rwanda and in refugee camps in neighbouring DRC, then Zaire.

The Judge also indicted the Rwandan officers for the murder of 9 Spanish citizens, including six missionaries. He said he had evidence implicating President Kagame, who has immunity from prosecution. In 2006, a French judge, Jean-Louis Bruguiere, issued indictments against nine close aides of Mr Kagame, sparking a huge diplomatic row.

But again, is it fair for a foreign power to indict a head of state? Can any of African judges do this to a western leader? Why not? It is a shame however. But if African rulers have rebuffed from putting their houses in order, what should we expect? Charles Taylor knows this too well. Kagame ought to borrow a leaf.

Though the dead tell no tales, chances are one day the so-called genocide in Rwanda will surface so as the truth to be known.

OFF THE CUFFS: Kagame is not short of controversy. Early this year he was quoted urging the Kenyan army to "intervene" during the impasse resulting from the rigging of elections that saw Kenya plunge in carnage and anarchy.

Not before long, he was accused of invading the DRC where his army alongside that of Uganda killed people and stole wealth. In other development, some journalists-cum-activists will meet in Montreal Canada to deny the occurrence of genocide in Rwanda!

By Nkwazi Mhango
Mhango is a Tanzanian living in Canada. He is a Journalist, Teacher, Poet, Human Rights activist and member of the Writers' Alliance of New Foundland and Labrador (WANL)

Source: The African Executive Magazine-Nairobi.

Wanakijiwe, njooni msikie kali ya Butiama!

WANA Kijiwe wapendwa na wapondwa, wiki mbili zilizopita niliwaaga nikielekea Butiama alikozaliwa Baba wa Taifa, Mwalimu Mchonga (Mungu amrehemu).

Pamoja na kuwapa ratiba ya shughuli, sikuwapa namna ya kuzifanya. Nawajulisha kwa ufupi niliyofanya huko. Namshukuru huyo Bwana sijui Bi aliyepo mbinguni kwa kunitangulia kwenda, kurudi na kunionyesha niliyoyaona ambayo sasa nasimulia. Kwanza vyangu walikuwa wa kumwaga kuanzia wa kisiasa na kisasa. Ngoja niongee taratibu Mama Kidume asije kuzinyaka akanisotesha na baridi. Nilipata wangapi? Usiulize.

Kitu kingine ni kwamba tulimuenzi Mwalimu vilivyo. Niliongoza wachovu kwenda kwenye kaburi na kuweka bonge ya shada la maua baada ya watukufu kumaliza. Wachovu walikuwa wengi. Mbwa Mwitu alikuwapo. Kama mimi, bila aibu naye aliandamana nami kuweka shada asijue umma unajua alivyo kibaka na Mwalimu hakupenda vibaka! Baada ya hapo tulinangwa picha kibao tukiwa na Mama Maria Nyerere aliyetukaribisha kwa sana.

Baada ya kupiga picha na kumfunga kamba Mama Maria na walioshuhudia kuwa nilikuwa niko pale kumuenzi marehemu mumewe, niliwaita wachovu wenzangu kufanya kikao chetu sambamba na cha CCM. Mpemba bila aibu eti alitaka tutoe msimamo kuhusiana na muafaka wa mashaka. Hata kabla hajamaliza nilimwambia aachane na mambo ya kizamani. Nani aliona kondoo na mbuzi wanachanganywa? Nani anaweza kunieleza kama mashangingi ya vigingi na vigogo ni madume au majike? Utadhani tulikuwa tumeambiana. Na wenzetu waliamua kula jiwe na kukataa kujiingiza kwenye miafaka baada ya Karumekenge na genge lake kutia ngumu. Aliwataka waende kwa wanachi! Ajabu! "Kama alikuwa anaona hiyo ndiyo njia kwanini hakuipendekeza mwanzo akangoja muda, matumaini na pesa zetu viteketee?" alihoji Mpemba nami nikamzima. Hayo ni ya CCM na CUF. Hayanihusu. Watajijeijei. Halo halo!

Kikao chetu kikiwa kinaendelea huku mie nikicheka cheka, mara zilikuja taarifa kuwa wenzetu walikuwa wakikabana makoo kutafuta zengwe la kuondolea aibu. Maana tulijuzwa: mtoto wa mwanzilishi wa mapinduzi ya mawe na mapanga aliamua kuwatolea nje! Tulijuzwa kuondoa aibu, wenzetu waliiba mpango wetu wa kurudisha hoja kwa wanakijiwe! Hivyo ndivyo tulivyonusurika kuvuana nguo ingawa zilivuka tukabaki bila hata Godfather, yaani …! Ashakum. Tustahimiliane ndiyo hali yenyewe. Azimio la kukataa kutoa tamko la jibu la muafaka lilimkera Mpemba akasema akizidaka lazima azamie majuu kutushitakia, asijue hao watasha ni washirika wetu! Tutawapa kahawa na kashata watanywea.

Mchunguliaji ambaye anaonekana kuanza kuasi Kijiwe alikuja na hoja yake kuwa tuwalaani kina Mbwa mwitu vibaka kwa kuiba pesa ya Kijiwe! Hapa nusu tuchenjiane wenyewe kwa wenyewe! Mie kama mkiti nilitia ngumu. Ningeruhusuje upuuzi kama huu wakati nami nilishiriki kwenye kuponyoa njuluku za Kijiwe? Hivyo, wale viherehere waliotaka tuumbuane na kufukuzana waliambulia wa chuya. Hawajui siasa zetu za mizengwe zengwe. Hawajui. Katika siasa hakuna rafiki wala adui wa kudumu. Hawajui sisi tunapanda maneno na kuchuma mapesa! Washindwe na kulegea na kuumbuka kama Daktari Rwakatarehe alivyoshindwa kuuingiza umma mkenge kwa miujiza na maombi uchwara. Hawajui siasa ni kama ndoa. Mkiwa nje mnachekeana lakini ndani moto wa kuotea mbali! Wapuuzi hawa. Hawajui mchezo huu ni sawa na karata tatu! Ni mhuni gani wa karata tatu anaweza kumwadhibu mwenzake wakati lao ni moja? Ni muuzaji gani bangi anaweza kumfungulia mwenzake mashitaka kwenye mahakama ya sheria? Thubutu! Hata kama tumeishiwa hatujafikia huko. Hawa ni wapuuzi kweli. Hawajui kuwa kambale wote wana sharubu? Inaonekana wanaanza kuehuka! Nani alitegemea kutafuta uhai katika ufu? Eti wapo waliopendekeza niwafukuze kina Mbwa Mwitu! Ebo! Hawajui ndio walioniwezesha kupata uchache kuwahonga wanakijiwe nikapeta?

Kwanza acha niwapayukie hawa wapuuzi. Stupid you. Stop your nonsense of ufisadi kijiweni. Nani ambaye si fisadi? Mngekuwa si mafisadi mngenivumilia niendelee kuwaibia kashata na kahawa? Mngeshuhudia mimi na kina Kanji tunavyokatua msitutolee uvivu? Acheni uvivu wa kufikiri kama mjasiriamali fulani na mkewe waliouza dhamana zao wakajiuza na wao wenyewe!

Basi Bwana. Baada ya kumaliza zoezi la kuwekana sawa, nilipata bahati ya kwenda kuongea na Mwalimu. Alifurahia kwa kwenda kwetu kumtembelea na kumuenzi kwa namna ya pekee! Pia alifurahi sana kusikia wanakijiwe wanavyo furahia mafanikio baada yake. Alinipa hata salamu za mjasiriamali ambaye aliogopa kufika Butiama.

Kuhusu salamu zangu za kitaifa ingawa haukuwa ni wajibu wangu, sikuwa mjumbe wa mikutano ya CCM, alieleza kufurahishwa na uwajibikaji hasa kukuza uchumi na kuboresha hali za wanakijiwe. Alifurahi sana nilipomwambia kuwa jamaa sasa ni bilionea kutokana na kujiwekezea makampuni fulani fulani. Alisema huu ndio uzalendo wa kupigiwa mfano. Pia alifurahia kukataa suala zima la muafaka. Maana lingeligawa taifa.

Pia alifurahishwa na wapiga kura kuzingatia ushauri wake wakati wa uchaguzi wa 2005 kwa kuchagua watu makini na wazalendo, pia chama chake cha Mapinduzi ambacho kinavutia hata wenye nazo kiasi cha kukipiga tafu.

Baadaye lilifuata zoezi la kutambulisha miradi ya kitaifa kwa Mwalimu. Alifurahi sana kusikia kuwa kumbe kampuni za ANBEN, EPA, Richmond, Fosnik, Deep Green Finance, Kagoda, Net Solution, Consortium of Colluders and Managements (CCM) yalililetea taifa mafanikio makubwa kiasi cha nchi kujulikana kimataifa. Mwalimu pia aliwaonya wanaoleta umbea na fitina kuwa BoT kulikuwa na ufisadi. Alionya. Wanaweza kuigawa nchi.

Alisifia sana kampuni zilizotajwa hapo juu na kusema zizidi kupewa ushirikiano ili kuikomboa kaya. Alipendekeza wanaozusha na kuziona kama za mafisadi wanyongwe na si kuonewa huruma. Pia Mwalimu alishauri rais ambaye ni chaguo la Mungu, aendelee kuchapa kazi na watakaojitia kumpinga wafungwe maisha huku wakikatwa ndimi zao. Mwalimu alisikitishwa sana na wasioona haya maendeleo. Alishauri watu kula mlo mmoja kwa siku kwa ajili ya afya zao. Alionya wanaokula sana. Ni hatari kwa afya zao. Pia alishauri tutafute utajiri wa ahera kuliko kumalizana kwa utajiri wa duniani. Ila Mwalimu alitushangaza kwa kitu kimoja. Nilipomwambia kuna watu wanataka kumpa daraja la utakatifu alisema eti hautaki. Maana utakatifu hutolewa na Mungu na si binadamu, tena wachafu! Alihoji utakatifu ni wa nini kama alitimiza wajibu wake?

Nilipompa salamu kutoka Zimbabwe kwa rafiki yake Mugabe, alitikisa kichwa na kushangaa kwanini Mugabe hakuja Tanzania kuazima ‘mbinu’ za kushinda kwa kishindo!

Kuhusu vifo vya Mererani, alisema vijana waache tama, badala yake waiachie serikali yao tukufu na aminifu ilete Wazungu wachimbe madini, wao wapewe chao, tena kwa haki kama ilivyo. Kuhusu usalama wa nchi, Mwalimu alisema vitendo vilivyoanza vya kuwaandama watu kuwa ni mafisadi hata kuwachomea nyumba viachwe mara moja. Kwani wanaofanya ufisadi ni wale wanaowafichua mafisadi. Watuhumiwa inapaswa ‘walindwe.’ Kwani ni watu wakubwa na ‘muhimu’ kwa taifa. Na isitoshe matumbo yao ni bora kwa kuliletea ‘sifa’ taifa.

Alisema kama watu wana ushahidi au wanauchukia ufisadi wasichomeane nyumba wala kulalamika ‘waandamane kuwapongeza.’ Tukiwa tunaendelea kuchonga na Mwalimu, mara mashangingi ya vigingi na vigogo yalitutimulia moshi na Mwalimu akayeyuka ghafla! Wewe acheni hizo, Mwalimu hawezi kutoa upuuzi kama huu. Mtajijeijei.

Source: Tanzania Daima Aprili 9, 2008

Tuesday 8 April 2008

Mkapa come clean on Kiwira deal please

I once wrote taxing the environed former president, Benjamin Mkapa, his wife, son, daughter-in law, in-law and friend to come clean reminiscent to Kiwira deal.

I did this after noting Mkapa is totally out of touch. He keeps mum over, and sits on allegations that he misused and abused our resources and the state house altogether.

Now once again, the media seems to stay put; to see to it that the mystery surrounding Mkapa’s improper behaviors is unraveled so that it can set us free. It revealed yet other damning truth that Mkapa and his Tanpower outfit illegally acquired Kiwira mine at a throw-away price of million Tshs. 70 in lieu of billion 4-odd! My foot! This is stupidity and insanity! Why this mess? Absolute power corrupts absolutely!

How will the hoi polloi languishing in penury receive this sacrilegious news? This is a bloody theft even if it is committed by the high and mighty.

This becomes worse especially when the person implicated answers to the title of president.

Though the-chimerical-power-that be told us to stop bothering the big man in his retirement (he’s entitled to enjoy on top of immunity shall he pack up without committing any crime as the case in point), we need explanations. Though this is wrongly conceived as disturbing peace and tranquility of the Island of peace, we’re not dodos. No peace can be there without justice.

What of his wife, kids and friends? Were they as well presidents behind the curtains so as to enjoy this bloody immunity?

Looking at the value of the property so stolen, it does not cross my mind that this bulimia would be committed by such high profile people in the first place! Shall this go uncorrected as some myopic drivelers think; the future of our ICU economy is grim. Even all primordial songs and brouhahas I hear of its rejuvenation and resurrection are but mockery!

This reminds me the tale of self serving goons. They sold all of their belongings including themselves and their kids and parents.

Given that these goons did not reckon with the future, later on, the mass rebelled and turned tables against them. How it ended? Chaos of course! Nicolae Ceausescu even Ferdinand Marcos and such can tell.

Though the king has opted to keep mum; thinking the allegations would vanish, chances are things change every moment of their lives. Even those protecting them will never die in the-power-that be. Those hoi polloi dying of penury will one day wake up and give them a heck.

Though the king may wrongly think the mess will clean itself, the truth is the king is naked. For a reasonable mind this is but the time to mount defense. It is sine qua none to do so. Otherwise this is bloody theft even if it has been committed by the high and mighty.

Even those abetting with such freebooters are themselves guilty of the same offense even if they are above the law. Too the owners be they Wananchi or the-power-that be consenting to this sacrilege must be zany, yahoos, yo-yo, zombies and nitwits not matter who and what.

I highly respect Mkapa. But I vehemently abhor his silence. For it does not do him good. I still wonder a firebrand and tough gong like him to end up becoming like a kid who depends on the parents to defend him.

Though nobody is pushing the punk, he lives like a rat. Why shouldn’t he if at all the ball is in his court and he does not want to put his house in order?

I will holler again and again. The groveling Kiwira deal will never be put to rest until all stones are turned. And those day-dreaming it will die a natural death; are dead wrong.

By the way, which type of wisdom was applied to vend a property worth Tshs. Billion 4-odd at the throw away price of Tshs. Million 70!
By the way is this fool-them-by-empty-words uwazi na ukweli we were told? My foot! What a bad augury and precedent for yet other to come freebooters!
May I submit?

Wednesday 2 April 2008

CUF hiyo ndiyo CCM na huyo ndiye Kikwete tangazeni uasi mtakatifu

Anguko la Butiama kuhusiana na muafaka na hali ya mambo nchini linakatisha tamaa, kutisha, kusikitisha na kuchukiza. Chama Cha Wananchi-CUF, kwa mara nyingine, kimekula mbichi tena kwa aibu na fadhaa.

Kwa wanaoijua CCM vizuri na mwenyekiti wake, Jakaya Kikwete, hawakustushwa na kilichotokea baada ya CUF kujipiga kifua na kutoa tamko kuwa sasa mambo safi.

Kimsingi ambacho kimekuwa kimefanyika ni gereshabwege na kupoteza muda ili hatimaye tufikie kipindi cha uchaguzi mkuu wa 2010. Bahati mbaya CUF hawakulijua wala kulibaini hili mapema.

Sasa mambo si mambo. Kilichofanyika ni kutaka kuigawa CUF ionekane ya ovyo kwa wapenzi na wanachama wake. Ni mkakati wa makusudi wa kuzima madai ya haki ya CUF.

Kama CUF hawatatia akilini na kubadili mikakati na shinikizo dhidi ya hujuma na dhuluma ambayo wamekuwa wakifanyiwa takribani miaka zaidi ya kumi sasa, itabakia kuwa historia, hata kama ni chungu, kuwa kilikuwapo Chama Cha Wananchi.

Kwa anayejua jinsi Salmin Amour alivyowadhalilisha na kuwahadaa CUF, bado ataendelea kushangaa ni kitu gani kilikuwa kikiwafanya CUF waiamini CCM tena chini ya uongozi uliobainika kukosa bongo zinazochemka, nia na utashi wa kumaliza mpasuko wa Zanziba.

Kikwete, tulisema. Hana jipya na wala hatakuwa nalo. Hana nia wala uwezo wa kutatua mpasuko uliopo. Hawezi. CCM haiwezi. Watawezaje iwapo wanaitawala Zanziba kwa kutumia kibaraka wao kwa ajili ya maslahi ya chama na siyo nchi? Anayeshuku hili ajiulize Karume anapata wapi jeuri ya kukataa mchakato mzima na yaliyokuwa yamefikiwa.

Kitu kingine cha CUF kutia akilini ni kuangalia namna ya majadiliano yalivyofanyika. Siyo uzushi. Mimi nilikosa imani tangu mwanzo ilipotangazwa tume ya CCM ya majadiliano. Nilishangaa. Mtu kama katibu mkuu wa CCM, Yusuf Makamba anaweza kuwa na jipya gani zaidi ya mipayuko na hadaa za wazi?

CUF ilipoteza kete yake ilipoburuzwa kwenye mjadala baina yake na CCM bila kuwapo msuluhishi mwenye kuheshimiwa kama ilivyofanyika nchini Kenya baina ya Mwai Kibaki na Raila Odinga. Bahati mbaya, CUF na watanzania walidhani wangefikia kile kilichofikiwa na Kenya bila kuangalia namna walivyokuwa wakifanya majadiliano ambayo kimsingi hayakuwa majadiliano kitu bali mkenge. Hapa ndipo unapoona uzembe wa kumpoteza chifu Anyauko Emeka, katibu mkuu wa zamani wa jumuia ya madola.

Sasa kuchele. CUF iachane na kulaani na kutishia. Itafute jibu sahihi hata kama ni kwa machungu. Bila kufanya hivyo muda utapotea na itafika 2010 na CCM itapeta kama kawaida chini ya nyenzo zake za wizi wa kura na vurugu.

Hapa ndipo Maalim Seif anapopaswa kutofautisha ahadi za midomoni na masuala ya kisheria. Masuala mazito kama haya hayawezi kuendeshwa kwa kuaminiana na kauli tamu kama ambayo imekuwa. Na isitoshe, CUF wanachezea kwenye nyavu za wataalamu wa mizengwe, hadaa na jinai. Kama wataendelea na kujipa matumaini ya paka kukalia mkia akaamini yuko kwenye kochi, chama chao kitavurugika na kusambaratika.

Wasi wasi wangu mkubwa ni uongozi wa CUF kugeukwa hata na wanachama ambao kwa muda mrefu wamepewa matumaini yasiyo na tija wala matokeo yaliyokusudiwa. Kinachoendelea ni utoto na upuuzi. Haki haiji kupitia meza ya mazungumzo kama mazungumzo yenyewe yanafanyika kienyeji. Na hapa ndipo CUF ilipobanwa ukutani. Maana haina pa kukimbilia hasa mahakamani kutokana na mahakama zetu kutumika kisiasa.

Kumuamini Kikwete na CCM ni makosa makubwa. Utamwaminije mtu asiyejiamini wala kuaminika? Rejea anavyojipinga kila uchao kwenye maamuzi na ahadi zake. Rejea anavyogeuza mambo mazito kuwa mepesi na mapesi kuwa mazito. Nani alitegemea, kwa mfano, serikali na chama vilivyokithiri kwa ufisadi kujipeleka Mwitongo kuaibika kama ilivyotokea? Mwalimu alizoea kusema: kitu kama hiki kinahitaji roho ya mwendawazimu. Na kweli inahitaji roho ya chizi kufanya yanayofanyika Tanzania. Nani angedhani kuwa CCM na serikali yake vingediriki hata kuwasafisha mafisadi? Wamefanya hivyo bila hata wasi wasi kuwa umma unaweza kuasi. Na bahati yao umma haukuasi. Hivyo basi, kwa mtaji ambao CUF iliishaukusanya Pemba, kinachotakiwa kupata suluhisho na haki ni kuasi kweli kweli bila kujali nani atasema nini.

Bila kuasi CUF watakuwa sawa na fisi wanaofuatilia binadamu anayetingisha mkono wake wakidhani utaanguka wenyewe. Dawa hapa ni kuurukia mkono na kuukata ndipo fisi aule vinginevyo fisi atakula ujuha wake.

Wananchi na wanachama wa CUF, bila shaka watakuwa wamechoka ahadi zitolewazo na uongozi wa CUF. Hesabu miaka iliyopita na mara ambazo ahadi na matumaini vimetolewa. Nini kimetokea zaidi ya taarifa kwa vyombo vya habari huku CUF ikifanya waingereza waitacho to go back to the drawing board? Kweli umma wa wanachama, mashabiki na wananchi wataendelea na kuanza na alifu na ujiti kila mwaka kila msimu kila uchaguzi? thubutu!

CCM Zanziba wako wazi. Waliwahi kusema tena mchana kweupe kuwa hawawezi kuachia madaraka (ulaji) kwa vipande vya karatasi-kura! Hawa ni vichwa ngumu na mahabithi wasiopaswa kuaminiwa hata kwa sekunde moja. Kuwaamini ni sawa na kujidunga kisu tumboni ukidhani ndiyo unamkomoa mbaya wako.

Kwa sasa Kikwete na kundi lake watakuwa wanachekelea walivyofanikiwa kuwalamba CUF chenga la kisigino. Leo tunaambiwa kura ya maoni! Ebo! Ni kura gani ya maoni iliwahi kuheshimika na kupitishwa kwa haki Tanzania? Rejea white paper ya Sumaye zama zile za imla ya Mkapa. Rejea maoni ya kuanzishwa kwa mfumo tasa wa vyama vingi visivyo vyama vingi kitu. Rejea matokeo mbali mbali ya tume ukiondoa tume moja tu ya Mwakyembe. Sasa CUF ni nani hadi CCM ijipinge na kujihujumu? Hata hili la Richmond limewezekana kutokana na ugomvi wa kimaslahi wa mitandao ndani ya chama kwa manufaa ya CCM yenyewe. Hivyo tusifanye makosa kudhani kuwa hata ikipitishwa kura au kuundwa tume itakuja na kile tulichotarajia.

Yote haya yakichanganywa na uwezo mdogo wa Karume na Kikwete ndiyo basi tena.

Vitu vingine vilivyochangia anguko hili ni ile hali unafiki na ujuaji wa pande zote. Kikwete anaona fahari kusuluhisha ya Kenya lakini haoni aibu kushindwa ya nyumbani kwake!

Kwa upande wa CUF uongozi uliteka majadiliano huku ukipuuzia ushauri na mawazo vya wanachama. Nambie ni wapi wanachama wameshirikishwa. Hakuna! Rejea vijana wa CUF walipotaka kuasi pale alipotangazwa Karume mwaka 2005 uongozi ukawazuia ukiwataka wawe na subira. Subira sasa imezaa nini zaidi ya mparaganyiko na kukata tamaa?

Tuhitimishe kwa kuitaka CCM iache dana dana na unafiki na mizengwe. Nchi inaweza kutumbukia kwenye maasi kiasi cha kutotawalika.

Kwa upande wa CUF ni kuachana na mbinu na mikakati ya kizamani ya kutaka umaarufu. Badala yake ni kutia ngumu na kufanya visiwani kusitawalike ili CCM watie akili na kusalimu amri. Simbuliko halisimbuliki ila kwa mikukuliko. Wahenga waliasa. Na ni mpumbavu ang’atwaye na nyoka kwenye tundu moja. Na isitoshe ni upumbavu kuweka mayai yote kwenye pakacha moja. CUF wameona hasara ya kukinzana na hekima hii.

Umefika wakati wa maasi matakatifu dhidi ya kichwa ngumu, mizengwe na jinai za CCM na watawala wake wanaoichukulia nchi kama mashamba yao binafsi. Alluta continua.

Kikwete ni mugumu wa kujifunza

Yameandikwa mengi kuhusiana na mikutano ya chama cha mapinduzi-CCM iliyokwisha hivi karibuni kule kijijini Butiama alikozaliwa na kuzikwa mwasisi wa taifa hili, Mwalimu Julius Nyerere.

Nyoyo zote za watanzania zilikuwa zimeelekezwa Butiama pindi tu CCM ilipotangaza ingefanyia vikao vyake muhimu na vya juu kijijini pale. Wapo waliodiriki hata kusema kuwa CCM ilikuwa inakwenda Butiama kujipanga upya ili angalau kurejesha heshima yake iliyokwisha kumomonyoka. Walikosea sana.

Wapo waliosema kuwa kwenda kwa CCM Butiama ilikuwa ni kwenda kutafuta laana zaidi. Hawa kiasi fulani walipatia. Maana ingawa hayasemwi, kilichofanyika na kutokea Butiama ni aibu na hasara kwa taifa, Mwalimu Nyerere na waliokwenda kule.

Tulitegemea angalau Rais Jakaya Kikwete angewakaripia hata kuwavua uanachama, nyadhifa na kuwachukulia hatua mafisadi wanaojulikana wazi. Lakini halikuwa? Kwanini? Kwa sababu tangu itoke list of shame imekuwa vigumu kumtofautisha Kikwete na mafisadi.

Baya zaidi hata madai dhidi yake ameyanyamazia akijenga hisia kuwa kilichodaiwa ni ukweli kama ilivyokuwa kwa Daudi Ballali, Edward Lowassa, Nazir Karamagi, Ibrahim Msabaha, Basil Mramba na mafisadi wengine bila kumsahau rais mstaafu, Benjamin Mkapa ambaye umma ungemtaka mahakamani yeye na familia yake na marafiki zake.

Katika utani wangu kwenye gazeti hili chini ya safu ya kijwe nilisema tunakwenda Butiama kuwatambulisha wajasiriamali,wezi na wafanyabiashara wanaoiua CCM na Tanzania.

Hii maana yake ni kwamba hakuna ambalo lingefanyika la maana. Na kweli imekuwa hivyo. Ni kwanini? Kwa sababu:

Mosi, kwa mtu anayemjua Kikwete vizuri na jinsi alivyofika alipo, hakutarajia Kikwete achukue hatua yoyote ya maana zaidi ya kutoa maneno matamu na viapo vya kusogezea wakati. Wapo wanaosema Kikwete ni mwororo mno kiasi cha kutoweza hata kuua inzi. Hawa kimsingi wanaitanabahisha jamii kuwa rais wao siyo jasiri.

Pili, ukiangalia CV ya Kikwete tangu akiwa hana madaraka na upenzi wake wa kwenda dansi na mambo mengine ya starehe, ungeshangaa kumuona anachukua hatua ambazo angezichukua mtu kama Marehemu Nyerere, Sokoine au hata Mrema.

Yeye ameonekana mtu wa utani utani kama alivyo kiongozi wa zamani wa waasi wa Msumbiji, Alphonso Dlakama. Kikwete hatumsemi vibaya. Ni mtu anayeweza kuimba msibani. Hebu jikumbushe alivyotoa majibu dhidi ya kumtaka amshughulikie Mkapa. Alitoa majibu rahisi na kwa utani utani alipokuwa ziarani Sweden kuomba misaada ambayo kimsingi kwa mtu makini ilikuwa ndiyo ilikuwa imeibiwa na mtangulizi wake.

Tatu, ukiangalia jinsi Kikwete amekuwa akitawala Tanzania, unagundua kuwa amekuwa na tabia na sifa ya kurudia yale yale anayokatazwa. Rejea kumteua rafiki yake mkubwa na mshirika wake, Edward Lowassa kuwa waziri mkuu dhidi ya upinzani na kelele za wananchi. Ameishia wapi?

Rejea pia kuendelea kurudia makosa aliyotenda mtangulizi wake. Ameweza kuwabakiza serikalini watu wachafu waliosaidiana na Mkapa kuifilisi nchi hadi juzi juzi maji yalipozidi unga alipofukuzwa Lowassa ambaye alikuwa akionekana kama ndiye mkuu wa nchi. Rejea utani wangu kuwa nchi haihitaji rais anayekuwa remote controlled kama Joice wowowo. Je Kikwete ameacha mchezo wake huu ambao ni hatari kwa taifa letu?

Bado hajaacha. Rejea kwa watu kama Andrew Chenge, Peter Msolla na Juma Kapuya kurejeshwa kwenye baraza la mawaziri ilhali wanakabiliwa na shutuma za ufisadi. Rejea kushindwa kuwawajibisha watu kama mkurugenzi wa TAKUKURU, Edward Hosea, mwanasheria mkuu wa serikali, Johson Mwanyika, mkurugenzi wa kituo cha uwekezaji, Emmanuel Ole Naiko na katibu wa wizara ya hazina, Gray Mgonja na wengine ambao ni vinara wa wizi na ufisadi wa Richmond na EPA.

Nne, Kikwete alionywa kuhusiana na makundi katika chama chake maarufu kama mitandao. Hebu angalia wanavyoanza kuvurugana na kupakana matope. Rejea kashfa ya hivi karibuni ya matumizi wa spika wa Bunge, Samwel Sitta.

Rejea matamshi ya Kikwete kuwa CCM ndiyo chama kilichobainika kuleta amani na kupigania haki wakati kwa sasa ni chama cha vurugu na chenye kupinda haki tena mchana kweupe.

Tano, Kikwete amekuwa mugumu wa kujifunza na kujirekebisha. Siku mia moja za utawala wake, aliwaahidi watanzania kuwa serikali yake isingeiruhusu Tanesco kupandisha bei ya umeme. Baada ya muda kidogo tu ndani ya wiki tatu alijipiga mtama na kuridhia Tanesco kupandisha umeme kwa zaidi ya asilimia 40! Hii ni baada ya kugundulika kuwa Tanesco ni mkangafu-kwa mujibu wa maneno ya mkurugenzi wake mtendaji, Dr. Idriss Rashid. Hivyo kwa kujua kuwa Tanesco ilikuwa imefikishwa hapo na mtangulizi wake aliyelazimisha kuingizwa kwa menejimenti ya kijambazi kwa mtutu wa bunduki ya Net Group Solution, aliufanyata mkia?

Sita mtathmini Kikwete kuhusiana na muafaka wa mtafaruko wa Zanzibar ulioanzishwa na Mkapa na Salmin. Anazidi kutenda makosa yale yale! Je ni kwanini hajifunzi? Rejea alivyopoteza fursa ya Butiama katika hili.

Kitu kingine kinachoonekana kuwa Kikwete ni mugumu wa kujifunza ni kudanganywa kuwa CCM ifanyie mikutano yake Butiama bila kuwa na ajenda zinazofanana na Butiama. Alichofanya ilikuwa ni sawa na mlevi kwenda kunywea ulabu msikitini au changudoa kwenda kufanyia uchafu wake makaburini. Samahani msomaji tunatumia maneno na mifano mikali ili ujumbe ufike. Hivyo utahadharike kuwa maneno haya yanatumika kama mifano tu ili kufikisha ujumbe na siyo kumshambulia mhusika ambaye pamoja na mapungufu yake tunamheshimu maana ni rais wa nchi.

Kitu kingine kinachoonyesha kuwa Kikwete ni mugumu wa kujifunza na kubadilika ni kuendelea kujizungushia watu wachafu. Rejea maneno ya Kikwete alipokuwa akikubali waziri mkuu wa zamani kutimuliwa. Alisema anapokea taarifa hizi kwa masikitiko makubwa sana ilhali anaowatawala walikuwa wakipokea kwa furaha ya ajabu. Na hii inaonyesha usugu katika tabia hii. Maana kwa mtu aliyekuwapo wakati wa serikali ya mabavu ya Mkapa alipokuwa akikubali kuwajibika kwa mawaziri wake waliokuwa wamebainika kwenda kinyume alitumia maneno kama haya. na umma ulimgunia na kumchukia kwa kufanya hivyo. Kwa mtu mwepesi kusoma hali asingerudia kitu hiki.

Kitu kingine cha wazi kinachobainisha usugu wa kutojifunza na kubadilika ni kitendo cha Kikwete aliyeshuhudia madhara na hatari alivyopata Mkapa kutokana na mkewe mpenda pesa. Nake ajabu amemruhusu mkewe kufanya yale yale yenye kutia shaka aliyofanya mtangulizi wake. Hili japo haliandikwi, halipendezi kwa watanzania. Maana wameishaona jinsi Mkapa alivyoletewa tunda na mkewe kiasi cha kuishia kuwa kituko kwa nchi na wananchi wake. Wapo wanaosema mazingira aliyojenga Kikwete yanaonyesha atakapokuwa anaondoka madarakani atakuwa ameleta madhara makubwa kiuchumi kuliko hata Mkapa. Maana mambo yanajiendea ovyo ovyo tu.

Anayebishia hili atueleze ni nini sera na falsafa ya utawala ya serikali ya Kikwete. Aende mbele afanye tathmini ya utekelezaji wa serikali ya Kikwete ndani ya miaka mitatu ya kuwamo madarakani. Hakuna kitu zaidi ya maneno yasikuwa na vitendo.

Kitu kingine ambacho kimempiga chenga Kikwete na kumuangusha vibaya sana ni ile tabia yake ya kutoa ahadi hata kabla ya kutimiza na kutekekeleza zile za mwanzo za maisha bora kwa watanzania alizozitoa wakati wa kampeni za uchaguzi.

Alituahidi Kanani lakini hali inavyoonyesha tumerudishwa Misri tena kwa kasi mpya, ari mpya na nguvu mpya na staili mpya vya ajabu! Je kwa yote haya kweli Kikwete hajawa mugumu wa kujifunza na kubadilika?

Kijiwe kiliposhuhudia maajabu matatu

Wiki hii kijiwe kimeshuhudia maajabu matatu. La kwanza ni kufanyika kwa mikutano ya kufuru dhidi ya misingi aliyoweka mzee Mchonga, kule Mwitongo ambapo kama kawaida CUF iliishia kutapeliwa. Pili, Mkuu kuanza kuwageuka makanjanja waliomsaidia kuangusha bonge la Tsunami kwa wabongo walipotwishwa bonge la mkenge. Mwisho, kuingizwa mjini kwa tapeli wa kiroho na watoto wadogo mchana kweupe na mbele ya runinga. Hapa hatujaongelea ule wa Comoro tukiiacha Zenji na kusuluhisha Kenya.

Tumeamua kukutana Mikocheni baada ya Kariakoo kujaa vinyesi vya mafuriko, mara zilikuja nyuzi kuwa maombo ya kiroho ya Dr. Ulaji Rwakatarehe yamesababisha misukule kuanguka kanisani!
Hao! Tulitimka kuona kulikoni.
Endelea na stori toka kwa washikaji wenyewe.

"Huyu mama daktari wa ulaji kama Komandoo feki ashazoea tapeli watu kuwa yu aombea watu. Mie nilinstukia alipopwakia ubunge uchwara wa ubuge wa Nambari wani. Yakhe umeona vichanga vilivomtoa nishai? Ama kweli mwezi huu umekuwa wa utapeli mtupu sawa na Nkuu alivyohadaa watu eti amuenzi Mchonga ilhali abomoa kila jema alilofanya!" Alilianzisha Mpemba.

Mara Mgosi Machungi anadandia akiwa na jazba sina mfano. "Tiishasema maa nyingi. Hawa wachungaji wanaochinja mifuko ya watu wa Mungu watakuja kuumbuka vibaya. Sasa ona daktai wa kupachikwa anavyohaziika jamani. Ingekuwa Ushoto huyu angepigwa zongo nasema."

Mkurupukaji hangoji. Anakurupukia mic. "Hawa wanadhani Mungu ni kama Chama lao na wadanganyika. Na bado watazidi kuumbuka tena kabla ya kufa hapa hapa duniani. Kama wanajua kuombea miujiza mbona hawakuzuia mafuriko wala wizi wa EPA na badala yake wameushiriki na hizi hadaa za Butiama? Hawa nao ni matapeli sawa na wenzao. Hawa nao ni mafisadi tena wa kiroho. Ni wa kuogopwa kama ukoma yakhe na Mgosi."

Mzee Maneno naye anakatua mic. "Mie ya Butiama hainistui. Maana Mchonga mwenyewe ndiye aliyetuachia Mjasiriamali asijue ni kibaka wa kawaida. Hili la huyu Daktari Ubwabwa bin Ulaji wa Mikocheni nalo linafurahisha. Hivi wana hizaya hawa wangekuwa wanaombea watu Kaya yetu ingegeuka jamvi la akina Jeetu Patel na Malegesi kujikombea? Naona tungewatolea uvivu hawa. tuwalambe bakora. Hongera watoto wadogo: kuwaumbua watu wazima wanaofanya mambo ya kitoto."

Leo Mchumia tumbo hayupo. Yupo Butiama kula makombo ya mafisadi.

Mbwa Mwitu anatia buti kwa mbwembe. Anakwanyua mic. "Mnashangaa hili la watoto kumuingiza mjini daktari Ujuha! Kwanini hamshangai la Mkuu kujitia mwalimu wa maadili ya uchonga peni! Eti leo anakaripia makanjanja wakati ndiyo hao hao waliotuingiza mkenge tukampa ulaji! Mbona anao tena kwenye ofisi yake! Au mmemsahu Nshomile wa Richmond anayefanya uchafu wake pale Ikulu? Kama yuko serious mbona hamtimui wala kutoa sababu za kumteua kwenye sehemu nyeti kama hiyo?"

Anakamua kombe lake na kuibusu kashata na kuendelea kumwaga cheche. Sijui leo aliamkia baa gani? Maana anavyopokoma utadhani naye ni Daktari!

Anatongoa. "Mie naona Kaya hii imegeuzwa uwanja wa matapeli. Hukusikia yule Ole Naikose alivyokuja na mpya kuwa Ewassa Mmeru alitimuliwa ili kuwapuga akina Ole?
Mungu huyu! Unajua ameishaumbuka baada ya kuunganishwa kwenye kashfa ya TICTS? Na bado. Mama wa utapeli ni EPA ambapo waliohomoa eti ndiyo wanaowakamata waliohomoa nao! Wajameni. Nahisi aibu kuitwa Mbongo sasa."

Makengeza naye hajivungi. Anamwaga radhi. "Tukubaliane. Kaya hii imewashinda kiasi cha kujipeleka Butiama ili wavuane nguo. Umelisikia zengwe la Mr. Six na viwango vyake vya kula njuluku milioni mbili kwa wiki kwa kununua madawa? Sijua anaumwa gonjwa gani aghali hivi?"

Mara mzee Ndomo naye anaamua kutoa zake. "Huyu mama aliniacha hoi alipokuwa akijinadi kuwa anawajaza watu ukwasi ilhali anausaka kwenye nambari wani tena wa EPA! Hakuna siku aliniua kama alivyodai anaombea ndoa wakati yeye hana! Hujamsikia tapeli wa kiroho aliyebanwa akasema atashitaki mahakamani badala ya kwa Mungu?"

Mara Mgosi anachomekea. "Tinamjua ni Katortoise huyu. Hata huyu Gamanyuwa naye ni tapei. Pia nimewasikia wa kule Zenji waliompa kibuti Owassa aipomwagwa nonihino. Ni vituko kwei kwei Kaya hii!"

Naona Msomi Mkata tamaa hataki apitwe. Anatia guu baada ya kupiga busu kwenye tangawizi lake. "Nyinyi kumbe mlikuwa hamjui kuwa Kaya inapokaribia kusambaratika, kila mtu hutumia kila mwanya kuiibia! Hawa watu wa Bwana ni washirika wa mafisadi. Wanawaibia kwa kuwakaribisha kwenye harambee za kuchangia maduka yao yaitwayo makanisa. Hawa ni sawa na fisi mbele ya simba. Kila alipo simba fisi wapo kula mabaki. Huyo mama angekuwa mtu wa Bwana asingeingia kwenye ubuge wa nambari wani iliyokosa mwelekeo hadi ikajipeleka kujidhalilisha Butiama."

Mara kinokia chake kinalia. Anapokea simu na kuanza kuchonga. "Yes tuko huku Mikocheni kushuhudia upuuzi wa miujiza ya matapeli. Tumekimbia Kariakoo maana kuna furiko la vinyesi vya magabacholi pale. Kumbe wale watoto siyo misukule bali wabaini wanafiki. Mwenzangu nipe za Mwitongo."

Upande wa pili wa simu unachonga. "Huku mzee ni vituko. Bia zimepanda bei hata ngono. Vyangu wote wa kisiasa na kimaadili wamekusanyika hapa. naona kama umefika wakati wa makaburi ya watakatifu kufagiliwa na walevi, mafisadi,wezi na wazinzi. Hakuna cha muafaka wala serikali ya mseto Zenj? Sijui madevu atawambia nini CUF! Upo hapo msomi?"

Msomi anaendelea. "In principle yanayotokea ni ishara ya kuishiwa na kuharibikiwa. Leo hii tunaletewa majina mawili ya vidagaa wa EPA ilhali mapapa yakibakia maofisini kuharibu ushahidi. Juzi nilishangaa kusikia eti huyu Pinda pinda atawashughulikia ilhali wameishamzidi kete. Mbona hawawajibishi akina Hoseya na Mwananyika waliohusishwa moja kwa moja na Richmonduli? Mbona hawamuhoji Mkuu wala Nambari wani na kampuni lao la Deep Green Fisadi? Hivi nani anamdanganya nani hapa?"

kabla ya kuendelea, Mchunguliaji ananyaka mic. "Msomi naomba nikukosoe ila sikukosei adabu. Hivi mnamtaka Mkuu aeleze nini kuhusiana na EPA na Makanjanja ilhali ndiyo nyenzo zake za kuukwaa? Mie naona wamempa ulaji huyu mama tapeli wa kiroho wakidhani anadili ili awaombee wakati naye ni wa kuombewa. Mkuu kaishiwa kweli kweli. Hajui kuwa kuna makanjanja wa kisiasa, kitaaluma na waganga njaa sawa na madaktari wa mazingaombwe waliotamalaki Bongo? Nadhani hii ni Kaya pekee duniani ambapo majuha yanaweza kuwatangulia wajanja walioharibiwa na njaa ya kutengenezwa."

Msomi anamuunga mkono Mchunguliaji. "Mzee kwa mipwenti sina hamu. Hivi jana ulikunywa ulabu gani kiasi cha kuwa na mipwenti kama Mchonga nami?" Mchunguliaji anakenua kwa kupewa maujiko.

Msomi anaendelea. "Hivi mnadhani ni mchezo kwa watu walio hai kuishiwa hadi wakajificha nyuma ya umaarufu wa marehemu? Yesu alisema: waache wafu wazike wafu wenzao. Nami nasema wanakaya tuanze kupambana na kuachana na wafu wazikane iwe katika jina la chama au Yesu wanayemtumia kuubia umma wa wachovu wenye matatizo. Nimalizie na hili la makanjanja. Hivi ni kanjanja gani anamsema kanjanja gani. Kanjanja ni kanjanja. Awe wa kisiasa au kiroho na kiuandishi wote ni makanjanja. Huyu Rwakaterehe amethibitisha umbumbumbu na utapeli wake kwa jina la Yesu . AMINA."

Anakoha kidogo na kuendelea. "Nyie ngojeni muone aibu ya Butiama. Hakuna mzimu utakaowaua kama ule wa Richmonduli na BoT."

Akiwa anajiandaa kumwaga sera mara tuliona gari la mandata likiwapitisha wale watoto nasi tukatimka kuelekea kituo cha polisi.
Yaliyofuatia usiulize waulize CCM na CUF.

Source: Tanzania Daima Aprili 2, 2008