Epistle to Afrophobic South Africa

Epistle to Afrophobic South Africa

Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Taylor Jr.'s Conviction: Ringing Alarm Bells ?

Major Keinerugaba Museveni(centre) with his parents.

During his father’s heydays, Charles Taylor Jr. was renowned for being ruthless. Being the son of the former Liberian President Charles Taylor, he violated human rights. He diabolically thought about making a name in his own sacrilegious way and did not think about the future.

And this is the mindset of the children of African leaders. Kenyans still remember Gideon, Jonathan and June Moi, the children of former president Daniel arap Moi who were involved in corrupt deals.

Differently from Taylor, Moi’s children have never faced the music. How could they if at all Moi’s successor just become his typical replica with grand corruption rocking NARC regime?

In Uganda Major Keinerugaba Muhoozi Museveni commands and mans his father’s elite army. The scandal in which his sister Natasha Keinembabazi Karugile used a presidential jet to deliver in Germany has never escaped from Ugandans sad memories. The country has now been turned into a private estate in which any of Museveni’s children can take whatever they like.

In Congo Brazzaville Denis Christel Sassou Ngwesso the son of the president of that country is a rain maker that can tell even World Bank to shut up after it poked its nose in his affairs. While most of Congolese citizens earn less than a dollar a day, in August 2006 alone, Nguesso, the head of Cotrade the marketing branch of the state oil company SNPC, spent $35,000 on purchases from designers such as Louis Vuitton and Roberto Cavalli.

In Eqatorial Guinea, Teodoro Nguema Obiang Mangue, the quasi-prince of Equatorial Guinea as he is known, quietly purchased a 16-acre estate at 3620 Sweetwater Mesa Road in April 2006 for $35 million in cash — (as per 2007 California state records).

One important thing to note is the fact that this money abused and squandered comes from poor taxpayers. Isn’t this crime against humanity?

Going back to Taylor Jr., he was recently sentenced to 97 years on account of his brutality to the people of Liberia and Sierra Leone. Judge Cecilia M. Altanoga imposed this heavy sentence to send the signal that things have changed. When will others face the same?

Though what befell Taylor Jr. is victory to the victims and peace lovers, how many are still at large? All the mentioned children of presidents are criminals that are supposed to be brought to book expediently. But given that they’re not venturing out of their countries and if they do, there are no pending charges, they are free people. By allowing them to enjoy and benefit from democratic opportunities in their ruined countries, Africa is condoning their dirty deeds.

Many people wonder why social services like schools; hospitals and what not are all time in tatters. Simple answer is because our leaders can always get whatever they need abroad.

Currently in Tanzania, the government is denying loans for students of higher education saying it has no money. But the same government is able to purchase hundreds of VX fuel guzzlers not to mention to sit on scams involving over a trillion Tanzania shillings. It is only the children of Tanzania founding father Julius Nyerere who never went abroad for their higher education. They too have never served in any political capacity.

So to cut the story short, African youths who in essence are the victims of this anathema, need to come together and fight this degradation perpetrated by their rulers and their family members. What happened to Taylor Jr. should ring an alarm to children of our leaders who are involved in corrupt deals and crimes against humanity that justice will catch up with them.
Source: The African Executive Magazine January 28, 2009.

Kikwete beware of hypocrites, freebooters and freeloaders

THE other day I was forced to concur with my late grandpa. Though his
 perception of modern education was negative and I strongly opposed him,
what happened recently forced me to swallow my pride.

My grandpa used to condemn modern education. To him it was the tool of 
corruption and colonialism. In 1980s when I was doing my ’O’ level he
 asked me why current (then) leaders, excluding the late Mwl. Julius
 Nyerere and a few, were thieves and corrupt. His rationale was simple. 

Before the coming of the white man African chiefs saw to it that 
everybody got his daily bread. Do we do that now?

When it started raining on us, the mzee did not barge to ask this
 tormenting question.

This proved how his trust in our elites was eroded by our dirty deeds, especially in public offices. Thank Lord the
 man died many years ago before the conscription of EPA, Richmond,
TICTS, CIS, Meremeta, Tangold, ANBEM, Fosnik, Kagoda and such.

True, the man would have committed suttee, so to speak.

Cutting the story short, the proposal by one MP that answers to the title doctor, left me appalled so as to go back to the history and the whole educational philosophy.

This boot licking MP was quoted as saying he would present a private motion 
before the House to ask it to look at how to expand President Jakaya

Kikwete’s term in office from five to seven years. Alas! Isn’t this a
sort of elite that bewildered my late grandpa to hate modern education?

This money-maker-like guy thinks he can easily entice President Kikwete 
by averring that he'd be given more years as opposed to the
Constitution. Does he think Tanzanians are such goons that can
 subscribe to such nonsense all meant to usher in draconian mode of

Does he think his self-seeking and serving can convince Kikwete to offer him a
ministerial post?

To this bugger, president is infallible. Mark my words. And this has
 become another anathema. Before long, we heard another wino in the
 ranks saying that EPA’s discussion was over.

He said this aiming at
 pleasing President Kikwete who for long, has been asked to fire the brigand to no avail.

And the other freeloader, when our economy was cascading, said that
Tanzania’s economy was flying like a plane, little knowing people knew
 how he ushered Richmond in to sabotage the same.

Thank Lord this
 freebooter was booted out, thanks to his hyena-like greed.

Mind you. One thing is obvious; in that former president Benjamin Mkapa
 landed in trouble thanks to being taken for a ride by hypocrites and 
power brokers who made him believe he was infallible.

Whatever he did 
be it right or wrong, they organized party-backed demonstrations to
 support him. Gradually, the man cascaded down to tyranny and now he is

Who wants such a president whose eyes and ears are sealed so as not to
hear and see what is going on around? Looking at the number and size of self seekers surrounding President 
Kikwete in his party and government, shall he not look back upon which
 Mkapa fell; he'll end up being taken for a ride.

We’re currently trying to find how to amend the Constitution to make
 our president answerable and responsible to the people; little knowing
 that there are a people that would like to see it tarnished and abused!
We should nary subscribe to such stupidity even if it is contemplated 
by the so-called waheshimiwa with PhDs.

Aren’t these the mamluki Liundi was pointing fingers at? Aren’t such
 creatures suffering from backward looking malady? How dare they
 stand for the disgrace of the nation!

Two years ago the then most 
respected democrat, Prof. Abdoulaye Wade, the president of Senegal
 extended his tenure from five to seven years.

The blow his reputation
 suffered will never be repelled. 

Those who think Kikwete can attempt this sacrilege do not respect him. But instead, they look down at him. They wrongly think that Kikwete is
 stupid just like them. Instead of depending on singing praise to get 
promotions, we'd urge them to work harder and diligently.

To know how dangerous boot licking is, they should look at one of the top presidential
 press guy who made his way to the top by betraying his profession apart
 from boot licking. He's now becoming another shame to himself and his 

To jog the mind of these doomed creatures that do not use their heads,
but use stomachs instead, to date our country is an economic log jam thanks to
 Mkapa’s senseless privatization.

It all started when they started their
 cheer-leadership that intoxicated Mkapa so as to squander our economy
as he recently admitted regrettably.

More on self seekers: What's wrong with Lake Region whose MPs break 
the record when it comes to messing? I still vividly remember how
 Buchosa MP Samuel Chitalilo shamelessly stood before the House and
 defended Andrew Chenge when he was implicated in the pilfering of over
a billion shillings he stashed in off-shore accounts in Jersey.

Such MPs are a let down, apart from betraying their voters. Do their
 voters really send them to jabber such nonsense in the first place? My
foot! If this is the crop of academicians we have, we sadly are doomed.

Importantly, President Kikwete should not buy this nonsense. Instead he
 should tell them point blank: We now need to think forwardly not
Source: Thisday January 28, 2009

Wednesday, 21 January 2009

UDSM should not be run like a primary school

IT was appalling to read the report that the Dar es Salaam University Students Organization (DARUSO) has been abolished. I tried to go through the papers to see if I could get a convincing reason for this onslaught, but to no avail.

Instead, I saw what the guy known as Makenya Maboko (Deputy Vice Chancellor) dictated.

Now that DARUSO is no more, is it fair and reasonable to leave such avacuum? There must be an alternative. Sadly though those that are goodat dictating others didn’t tell us what an alternative could be! 

If anything, why don’t the university’s biggies tell us why they took such unreasonable and undemocratic measures?

It is surreal and outrageous though.

After reading all stuff, I found that what used to be the University of Dar es Salaam would soon look like another Kilimani Primary School. Or put it this way: It’ll be referred to as University of Dar es salaam that is run like a primary school.

Isn’t this a shame in the first Let's face it. Looking at how the administration (at the Hill that used to be the Mecca of education and liberation) has been dealing with problems resulting from boycotts; you find that there is a missing
link. They are dictated by the government without even thinking.

They are doing things commanded by the guys who run the university by proxy 'the minister for education and other gods of course'.In the1990s when I was teaching at one secondary school in Dar es Salaam, we had a similar problem. We had a silly headmaster who used to receive all orders from the owner of the school.

This owner in point was an illiterate tycoon, who invested in education to mint money. He could subscribe to any nonsense without reckoning that he didn't have any clue as far as running the school was concerned. Apart from being dubious, our school owner was corrupt and myopic. Guess what? This guy used to sit on teachers’ rights. Given that teachers were sidelined and divided, he did this for sometime.

His bulimia grew bigger so as to sit on the rights of students. They decided to take on him. To cut the story short, the guy survived a machete blow by one of the agitated students.There is also this aspect of introducing new IDs for university students as it was reported by Maboko without dwelling on the basics and specifics. What is wrong with the current ones?

Isn’t this another loophole to swindle our money apart from abusing it? The University of Dar es salaam is a public institution. It is run by our money. We thus, as stakeholders, need to know what is going on in lieu of a cabal of bureaucrats that sit down and make up things we don’t appreciate. Oddly enough though, nobody wants to ask these guys why they’re doing these madudu!

Tanzania is a democratic country. Its universities as well need to be run democratically and academically --not high-handedly. For, they are part and parcel of this land. Apart from being democratic, all universities the world over have their own independent rules governing their governments.

By felling DARUSO, the administration aims at either running the university autocratically or introducing its stooge outfit for the detriment of students and their rights. Will they goof and subscribe to this?

This should never be accepted anyway. It is contrary to even elitism so to speak. Education dispels fear and inculcates savvy and valour for fighting for human rights. The students are among the Tanzanians who President Jakaya Kikwete promised good and worthy life. Introducing aimless things like those stated by Maboko is, but slapping Kikwete in the face.

Will he subscribe to this? Why are we becoming prone to solving nonexistent problems and shying away from reality? Two years ago there were allegations by an American lady that she terminated her studies thanks to not consenting to sexual kickbacks.

Nobody has ever come clean on this! We know. Bad blood between students and the administration started when the government refused to offer them a 100 per cent loan for their education. Now to teach them the lesson, bad measures have been introduced! This is totally unreasonable and unfair.

Students are not yo-yos or zombies that can be treated stupidly. They know their government is rich. How can it stomach purchasing oil guzzlers for its officials and fail to offer loans to students?

They know there is corruption in the upper echelons of powers. They know Richmond, EPA, TICTS (Ticks), CIS, and what not. What pains a great deal more is the fact that the same people making up draconian rules are the same that used to give the government hard time when they were students. A self-serving and self-centred evil spirit will soon ruin the nation. Given that the root cause of all this megalomania is higher education loan, let's face it.

Those that are squeezing our children to swallow all and bow before whatever nonsense went to same level even higher, thanks to free education under Mwalimu Julius Nyerere. Most of them are sons and daughters of paupers that have forgotten what being poor is. Nobody wants loans. But given that Tanzanians invested everything in an Ujamaa state pulse, they’ve no alternative.

Otherwise, they would have footed the bills for the education of their kids. If we don’t stop this bulimia, we’ll soon and just soon become the nation of hyenas that does not care for others. And, if anything, this
is a very nasty stage of corruption.

Decision and policy-makers should do some soul-searching and ask themselves: ’’Are we doing this simply because our own kids are studying abroad thanks to free money we squeeze from the parents of the same guys we’re vexing?’’ Sophocles (Greek dramatist) said: ’When wisdom brings no profit to be wise is to suffer.’

I doubt the wisdom behind these sideshows.

In order to do the right thing reminiscent to what should and what should not be done at the Hill, try to step in the shoes of the students. Try to imagine if your child or you were the one to bear this raw deal. Methinks. Instead of bulldozing the students we'd bulldoze the fisadis whose crimes have caused all this hell.

How come the country that is selling gold in tonnage fails to provide for its people? Where does this money go? In East Africa, Tanzania is the only country with a small number of college students.

But looking at the endowment in natural resources the same is a head of others. 
And mark my words. Since the new regime under Rwekaza Mukandala was wheeled to power, things have taken a U-turn from bad to worse. Who is wrong here, the students or the new regime?
Source: Thisday January 21, 2009.

Kikwete, Kagoda na matumaini yaliyopotea

Kazi na wajibu wa serikali yoyote halali duniani ni kuhakikisha usalama wa raia na mali zao.

Serikali isiyoweza hili si serikali chochote bali kikundi cha watu kisichofaa kinachojipachika jina la serikali. Kinaweza kikawa na sura ya serikali kwa maana ya kuwa na mihimili mitatu ya dola, bila kutimiza wajibu wa kuhakikisha usalama wa mali na raia wa nchi inayoongozwa hata kutawaliwa na hiki kinachoitwa serikali, si chochote na haifai kujiona wala kuitwa serikali.

Ukiiangalia serikali ya awamu ya nne tangu iingie madarakani, unagundua: haijatimiza matarajio ya wapiga kura. Na ukiangalia wakati unavyoyoyoma ndiyo basi tena. Kile watoto wa mjini hukiita changa la macho kimeishajiri. Rais Jakaya Kikwete akiwa mgombea wa Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM) aliwaahidi watanzania mambo mengi.

Na hii ilifanya wamwamini na kumpa kura zilizomwezesha kuwashinda wapinzani wake. Lakini ukiangalia utendaji wake, kwanza hakuna ahadi hata moja aliyokwisha kuitekeleza wala dalili za kufanya hivyo hakuna ukiachia mbali kukumbwa na kashfa lukuki zilizoliingizia taifa mabilioni ya shilingi.

Kila mtanzania amekata tamaa sasa. Kikwete aliyetoa matumaini wakati ule siyo wa sasa anayekatisha tamaa na kutia kila aina ya shaka.

Kikwete aliyepagawisha watu hadi kuitwa kipenzi cha watu na chaguo la Mungu siyo huyu wa leo ambaye serikali yake inaanza kubeba sifa ya kutenda madudu kuliko hata ile ya hovyo ya aliyemtangulia.

Kikwete mwenye ushawishi na urahimu taratibu anaanza kuwa mtu wa vitisho hata kuonekana wazi kukanganyikiwa na kujihami ukiachia mbali kujitetea hata kuzidi kudanganya na kutoa visingizio.

Wazungu wanasema unaweza kumwamini mtu yeyote duniani lakini si mwanasiasa. Kikwete anaanza kulithibitisha hili kwa kasi ya ajabu kuliko hata mtangulizi yake ambaye angalau awamu yake ya kwanza alifanya si haba akaja kutibua awamu ya mwisho ya utawala wake unaosifika kuiingiza Tanzania kwenye matatizo makubwa.

Kikwete amehangaika kuweza na kutaka kuwaridhisha wananchi. Lakini ameshindwa kutokana na kujikuta katikati. Huku ana wananchi. Kule ana kundi dogo la mafisadi wenye madaraka wanaowahujumu wananchi.

Ahadi zake zote zimegeuka kuwa ndoto za Alinacha kiasi cha kutotoa matumaini.

Hakika chanzo cha maanguko na kushindwa kwa Kikwete kinajulikana kwake na kwa watanzania. Kwanza ni historia: uongozi na ushindi wake vilipatikana kwa hila ya kuchafuana na kutumia hongo. Amejitahidi kukaa kimya kila zinaporushwa tuhuma kuwa CCM iliiba pesa na kura bila mafanikio. Ameshindwa kutoa maelezo ya kina kuhusiana na ushindi wake kuhusishwa na hongo iliyokusanywa kwa njia ya kuuibia umma. Kashfa mbili kuu kati ya nyingi zilizogeuka majinamizi kwa Kikwete zinajulikana kuwa ni EPA na Richmond .

Alitumia vyombo vya habari vilivyonunuliwa na mtandao wake kuwabomoa wenzake huku vikimjenga. Sasa hana mbinu. Kwani umma umeishastukia vibaya sana ingawa anajaribu kuitumia tena kwa kupenyeza watu wake kwenye baadhi ya vyombo hivyo.

Chanzo kingine cha kushindwa na maanguko ya Kikwete ni aina ya watu aliojizungushia. Licha ya kurithi makapi ya watu fisadi wa utawala wa Mkapa, Kikwete aliongeza watu wake chini ya dhana ya mtandao. Hawa ni wawezeshaji ima kwenye wizi wa kura au wa fedha. Na hii ndiyo imekuwa sababu kuu ya Kikwete kushindwa kuwakamata na kuwafikisha mahakamani waliowezesha wizi wa mabilioni ya pesa ya umma. Akifanya hivyo watafichua hata mwingine ambao umma hauujui kama ule wa bilioni 155 za Meremeta na nyingine nyingi ambazo hazijaanikwa.

Kukwepa hili Kikwete alifungua kesi zisizo na mashiko za matumizi mabaya ya madaraka zilizowahusisha wakubwa wachache. Wengi waliichukulia kesi hii kama danganya toto na njia ya kupoteza muda ili liende na umma usahau.

Ukiondoa hayo juu, serikali ya Kikwete licha ya kutotimiza ahadi, imebainikia kuwa na matumizi mabaya na makubwa ya pesa ya umma. Rejea kugundulika upotevu na utumiaji vibaya wa pesa za umma ifikiayo trilioni moja uliofanywa na wizara mbali mbali.

Kinacholipa nguvu hili ni ile hali ya Kikwete, serikali yake na chama chake kushindwa kutoa angalau maelezo zaidi ya vitisho na visingizio.

Kitu kingine kinachoonyesha kushindwa vibaya kwa Kikwete ni ile hali ya kutokuwa na falsafa wala sera za kutawalia. Ukimuuliza Kikwete hata watanzania wengine nchi yao inatawaliwa kwa sera zipi, hakika, hakuna atakayekupa jibu sahihi zaidi ya kupiga siasa.

Kikwete aliwapa ahadi watanzania kuwa angewaletea maisha bora kwa wote kwenye kile alichokibatiza kuwa safari ya Kanani ambayo imegeuka kuwa safari ya kwenda Misri au jehanamu. Kwani maisha ni magumu kuliko hata yalivyokuwa wakati akiilinganisha hali ya mambo ya Misri.

Mfumko wa bei umefura kiasi cha kutisha ukiachia mbali ufisadi na wizi mkubwa kuzidi kuongezeka huku serikali ikihusishwa na kujikuta haina cha kufanya.

Wakati haya yakiendelea, Kikwete anajikuta akikabiliana na matishio makubwa matatu.

Mosi kushindwa kutimiza ahadi zake.

Pili kutoonyesha ushawishi kwa kubadili maisha kiasi cha kuhofia kupoteza kwenye uchaguzi ulioko mlangoni sasa.

Na tatu ufisadi ukiachia mbali kukata tamaa kwa wananchi na migawanyiko kwenye chama tawala. Rejea migomo na migongano ya mara kwa mara baina ya serikali na wanafunzi wa vyuo vikuu na wafanyakazi wanaodai malimbikizo na kuongezwa maslahi mengine.

Hali hizi zimefanya watanzania kukosa imani na serikali ya Kikwete na Kikwete mwenyewe. Vitu hivi vinamchanganya Kikwete ambaye watani zake wamempa jina la Msanii huku kila asemacho wakikiita ngonjera. Na kweli ni hivyo. Kwa mfano alimwaga pesa isiyo na maelezo ya jinsi ilivyopatikana maarufu kama mabilioni ya Kikwete. Haikufua dafu. Hadi leo ukiuliza imeleta mabadiliko gani, hakuna jibu la maana utapewa.

Kipindi kuelekea kwenye uchaguzi baadhi ya wachumia tumbo walitunga vitabu kumwonyesha Kikwete kama tumaini lililokuwa limerejea. Waulize sasa wanasemaje. Ni aibu. Hawaongelei hili. Nadhani hata vitabu vilivyoandikwa vimeishatolewa kwenye shelves. Kwani licha ya kutokuwa na maana ni uongo na kujikomba vikilenga kumhadaa Kikwete na wananchi.

Kusuasua na kusogezwa sogezwa kwa kashfa za EPA (Kagoda) na Richmond ni ushahidi tosha wa kushindwa Kikwete kiasi cha kutofaa kurejeshwa kwenye uchaguzi ujao. Hili litategemea na umakini na uchungu wa wtanzania waathirika.Hakika Kikwete ni tumaini lililopotea.
Chanzo: Tanzania Daima Januari 21, 2009.

Niliwaonya kuhusu Kagodamn

Kikundi Abtari na Gendaeka, Ogofyo na Dumuzi Angamizi au Kausha, Goma na Danganya kijifichacho nyuma ya ukuu na wakuu; ni kampuni lililoundwa na mbweha na vyangudoa wa kisiasa kuwahonga walevi ili waukwae mkenge baada ya kufakamia takrima na hongo kila aina.
Hawa jamaa ni rafiki zangu wa damu. Ajabu eti walevi walitaka niwakaange wasijue sote dugu moja. Ingawa fisi anasifika kwa uchoyo na ulafu, hawezi kumla wenzake wakati aongoza kundi la kondoo. Nani mpumbavu aukate mkono unaomlisha?
Mimi siyo kama yule shehe ubwabwa atabirie uongo ili apewe njuluku. Nilitabiri na kutabiri kuwa Kagoda na Richmonduli ni vitendawili ambavyo hakuna mteguzi atavitegua akawa salama. Nilionya mara si moja. Hakuna upumbavu kama kutegemea mkulima ashinde kesi yake inapokuwa mikononi mwa ngedere. Nilionya: haiba zetu zinawadanganya wengi. Tupo wengi majambazi lakini huwezi kututambua kutokana na majoho tuliyovaa. Mnashangaa nini mlevi kuwa shehe au shehe kuwa mlevi? Hakuna uzembe kama kumwachia nguruwe kitani cheupe akifue ukategemea kitatakata. Kwani kazi ya mchwa nini hata kama kanenepa? Muweke mchwa kwenye bunda la makaratasi utalia wewe na kuonekana juha. Kwani hamkuonywa?
Kinachonikera ni ile hali ya walevi kuchangamkia mvinyo ule ule baada ya kubadilishiwa chupa! Tena mvinyo uliochanganywa na mikojo kwenye maabara ya mlevi! Kwani hamkujua? Mbona mzee wa Kuchonga alionya na kuonya msimuelewe? Mlitegemea nini kama wafuasi wake walimfanyia kile Yuda Iskarioti alichomfanyia mwana wa Adam?
Basi waliwa na wanyonywa msijihangaishe kuwatafuta Kagoda. Jamaa wanaishi mtaa wa pili wakiwafadhili wakubwa na wadogo. Mambo yaliharibika mlipouza ukuu ukaanza kupatikana kwa hongo na ukubwa wa fuko la mwizi. Kumbe hamkujua jamani?
Hamkujua kuwa Kagodamn wana nguvu za ajabu! Mtu alambe madafu milioni arobaini halafu makapuku wamsurubu! Thubutu. Atahonga hata wale msiowategemea. Ila huyu hakuhonga bali alitumiwa na wale mliowaamini na kuwategemea msijue mbwa ni mbwa. Mliishaambiwa penye udhia penyeza rupia. Mambo yalianza zama zile kabla ya abracadabra kutembezwa. Na kwa taarifa yenu hii ndiyo siri ya Tunituni kujikalia kimya akijua wazi atakayemgusa naye atamuumbua. Yeye si mpumbavu ingawa ni mpuuzi. Alifanya mambo akijua hatima yake.
Unakwenda pale Brelia unachomoa nyaraka mambo kwisha. Unawadedisha akina Balalii na kuona nani mwenye ubavu wa kukufichua.
Mlionywa patakatifu pa patakatifu siyo sehemu ya wabadili pesa na wasasi wa ngawira hamkung’amua. Sasa yamewakuta mnaanza kulalama!
Hivi jamani nani aliwaroga nyie walevi kujiona mwajua kuliko mzee Musa hata kama alikuwa bingwa wa kuchonga? Nani aliwaroga nyie kudhani kuwa Mpayukaji anaweza kuwatosa washhirika zake akina Mbwadogi?
Kama mnawataka akina Kagoda basi mwambie mkuu wenu aje nimpe orodha na jinsi mchezo ulivyochezwa. Mwambie aje tuongee vizuri na ahakikishe usalama wangu muone kama sitawataja. Ningewataja hata leo. Lakini nami ni binadamu naongopa kukolimbwa na kubaliliwa au kuambiwa mimi si raia bwana. Nitaelezaje iwapo jamaa haaminiki. Anasema hili anatenda lile. Siwezi kufanya uzembe huu kumwamini kama nyinyi mlivyofanya msijue mtajuta. Ajabu mtazidi kudanganywa na ikifika taimu ya kufanya kweli mtaletewa mikagoda mingine.
Msingekuwa mafisadi wa kimawazo mliozaliwa na mama yenu woga na kulalama ningewataja potelea mbali liwalo na liwe.
Kwa vile utabiri wangu huwa siyo kama wa shehe Yoyo wa Ubwabwa, natabiri balaa jingine. Huko tuendako jamaa zangu akina Rambaramba na son of Jona wa Upare watapeta na kulipwa njuluku zenu mbaki vinywa wazi mkilalama kama mainzi mafu kwenye mzoga yatimuliwapo na mbwa.
Mlizidiwa kete pale jamaa alipoonyesha uchungu na madafu milioni milioni 12 huku akiwaandaa kisaikolojia kuzika milioni milioni 40 za Kagodamn. Wajinga ndio waliwao. Badala ya kuhoji mlimwagia sifa msijue alikuwa akiwakaanga samaki kwa mafuta yao ukiachia mbali kuwaandalia kiama cha Kagoda kupeta kama hana akili nzuri.
Asubuhi niliongea na mwanzilishi wa Kagoda Rost Tamu L’Aziz akanizodoa kuwa yako wapi sasa. Kabla ya kumpaka nilipokea simu toka kwa Malengesi mwezeshaji mkuu wa Kagodamn aliyenionya niache kujitia tia!
Ila niliwaambia kuwa siku ulevi ukiwatoka walevi yanayotokea kwa Bob Mugabe yanaweza kujiri kayani.
Huwezi kuamini kuwa majambazi hawa wawili walinitia hasira nikaenda hadi kujaribu kuingia sehemu sehemu au patakatifu pa patakatifu ili nimrambe vibao Chekacheka. Utaamini nikikwambia kuwa wakati natia timu langoni niliona magari ya Rost Tamu na Malengesi, Ewassa, Enderea Chenga. Joe Makambako na majambazi wengine wakiingia kuangusha party ya kujipongeza. Hata yule Fenesi aliyetumiwa kutoa habari mbaya alikuwapo akichekacheka na kujiona mjanja asijue hatima ya vitegemezi tumeiweka pabaya.
Nilikuta walinzi wakihoji inakuwaje makabrasha yanayotunzwa na watu wanaolipwa mishahara tena wakajulikana yapotee hivi hivi. Mmoja wao inaonekana anawajua walevi na wagema wao. Alijibu hoja hii kwa swali. “Nani mkuu wa hiyo Brelia?” alijibiwa mdogo wake Tunituni aitwaye Ben.
Naye akamalizia. “Nani alitegemea mbweha amuumbue fisi wakati wote ni hayawani wapenda nyama ukiachia mbali kuwa ukoo mmoja?
Hakuna kosa kama kuwachia paka maziwa au ngedere mahindi halafu akafanya kweli ukaanza kujiliza na kulaumu. Yametokea ya Kogodamn. Kwani kesho kutwa ni mbali ambapo kila mmoja atakuja mbele ya baraza kujigonga ili apewe ulaji? Je walevi wana kumbukumbu na ithibati ya kufanya kweli kama pale kwa Nyayo hata kama nako kumeishia kuwa yale yale?
Hakuna dhambi kubwa kama kulalama wakati uwezo wa kuondoa kwa mkono upo. Sasa mmetiwa madole machoni. Tutaona mtafanya nini kuonyesha kuwa nyie si mazezeta mateka wa wezi wale washirikianao tena kwa kutumia madafu yenu wenyewe na kila kitu chenu kuwaumizeni.
Kile kizee chenye jina kama Kamba kiliposema EPA ilikuwa imeisha kilikuwa kikijua kinachosema. Kilikuwa kikiwaweka sawa tayari kwa kupokea fumbo la imani Kagoda hakamatiki, Kagoda amepotea, Kagoda yumo miongoni mwenu. Kagoda ni mkuu kwenu. Kagoda ni mwajiri wenu na Kagoda ni yote katika yote.
Hekima ya leo. Maiti ni maiti hata avishwe suti na kutonwa madini ya thamani. Je mpo? Tieni akili mjikumbushe maonyo yam zee Musa wa Kuchonga aliyelala kule Buti Ama! Ila kilicho na mwanzo….malizia. Tuliwaona akina Mabutu na Bokassa. Wamezikwa kama mbwa kusiri tena aso mwenyewe.
Chanzo: Tanzania Daima Januari 21, 2009.

Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Hongera padri Karugendo kukata mikatale

Uamuzi kuwa padri Privatus Karugendo kavuliwa upadre umejadiliwa sana na watu wengi. Wengi wameupokea kwa hisia tofauti kulingana na imani na maoni yao . Ila kuna kitu kimoja wengi hawa wanakubaliana-KARUGENDO ameonewa. Mimi nilimtumia ujumbe wa kumpongeza na kumwasa asijione kama kashindwa bali kashinda kifungo cha ukimya na unafiki.

Kinachotusukuma kuamini hivi ni ile hali ya kuhukumiwa bila kusikilizwa. Kisheria husema uamuzi huu ni exparte. Mara nyingi hii hufanyika pale mshitakiwa anaposhindwa kuwasilisha utetezi wake. Je padri Karugendo alitakiwa afanye hivyo akashindwa au kugoma? Hasha. Kama alivyoeleza kwenye makala yake yenye kusikitisha na kufikirisha, ametumikia kifungo cha miaka ziaidi ya tisa bila kupewa nafasi hii ambayo ni haki ya binadamu bila kujali ana dini au la.

Na kwa msingi huu basi ndipo wengi wanaona ameonewa. Na hakika uamuzi huu licha ya kumwaibisha papa Bendikto XVI ambaye ni gwiji la mabadiliko katika kanisa. Je papa alipitiwa au ametumiwa kama mhuri kumaliza ngoa na visa vya bosi wa Karugendo, askofu wa jimbo la Rulenge Severin NiweMugizi? Je hatu hii inalijenga kanisa au kulibomoa? Mbona Yesu alipoletewe yule mwanamke aliyetuhumiwa kwa uzinzi alimtaka maelezo na ndipo akaamua-ASIYE NA DHAMBI AWE WA KWANZA KUTUPA JIWE.

Hadi tunaandika, Kanisa la Vatikana chini ya Rais wake, Papa Benedicto XVI linafanya mashauriano na baadhi ya wanamapinduzi ya kiroho juu ya sakramenti takatifu ya ndoa. Harakati hizi kwa upande mwingine zinaongozwa na Askofu mwenye mke, Emmanuel Milingo toka Zambia ambaye ameunda jumuia yake iitwayo Married Priest Now (MPN).

Ulimwengu unakumbuka jinsi gwiji huyu wa theolojia na uponyaji alivyolitia kanisa msambweni pale alipoamua kuachana na ukapela na kumuoa Daktari Maria Sung (48), toka Korea ya Kusini. Ndoa hii iliyofana ilibarikiwa na Mchungaji Sung Myung Moon wa kanisa la Unification mwaka 2001.

Kanisa kwa nguvu zake zote lilifanikiwa kumrubuni na kumrejesha Milingo kwenye kundi. Katika hatua hii mwezi Augusti 2001 alimkana mkewe na kurejea Vatikan alikofanya maombi na kufunga kabla ya kupelekwa uhamishoni nchini Argentina .

Kwa mara ya kwanza wakati huo, kanisa na Bi Milingo waliingia mvutano usio wa kawaida hasa pale Mke wa Milingo Daktari Maria Milingo alipodai kuwa kanisa lilikuwa limemteka mumewe.

Kwa kitambo kidogo kanisa liliona kama limeshinda kumbe wapi. Maana baadaye Milingo alimrudia mkewe na kuendelea na kazi yake ya uponyaji na kuishi maisha ya ndoa.

Mlingo mwanamapinduzi na mwanatheolojia asiyeshindwa na anayejua anachofanya, ameibuka upya jijini New-York akiwa na mkewe. Amekwenda maili moja mbele kwa kuanzisha jumuia inayoitwa "Married Priests Now".

Kanisa limemtimua tena baada ya kuwapa daraja la uaskofu mapadre wanne waliooa nchini Marekani. Ambao ni Rev. George Augustus Stallings Jr wa Washington, Peter Paul Brennan wa New York, Patrick Trujillo wa New wark New Jersey na Joseph Gouthro wa Las Vegas Nevada.

Katika kutaka upatanisho Milingo alikaririwa akisema : Hakuna upatanisho mzuri kama na kulinusuru kanisa kama kuangalia familia na ndoa. Kuna mapadre zaidi ya 150,000 waliooa.

Milingo ameishaitanga jumuia yake na ameishakutana na mapadre waliiooa zaidi ya 1,000.

Tukirudi kwa Karugendo, kuna haja ya kanisa kuanza mchakato wa kujali upya useja kwa kuzingatia maneno mtume Timetheo ambayo tutayakariri huko mbele.

Wale wanaopinga useja kwa makasisi wanadai kuwa hata Papa wa Kwanza, ( kama kanisa linavyotuaminisha),Petro alikuwa ni mtu aliyeoa. Vile vile ukisoma Biblia hakuna sehemu hata moja Mungu anapozuia Mapadre kuoa wala Masista kutoolewa.

Kitu kingine kinachofanya wanaopinga useja wa kulazimishwa kwenye kanisa la Roma ambao umekuwapo kwa takribani miaka 1,000, ni kuongezeka kwa kashfa za uzinzi na ulawiti miongoni mwa Mapadre na uzinzi kwa Masista. Karugendo amekuwa muwazi na kuepuka dhambi ya unafiki. Je ni mapadre na maaskofu wangapi wana vimada wao hata watoto? Kuna padre mmoja mwenye majina ya SNM ana mtoto Arusha.

Tukariri maneno ya Timotheo kwenye 1 Timotheo 3:1-12 anasema ukiitaka kazi ya uaskofu umetaka kazi njema.

Askofu awe mume wa mke mmoja,mtu wa makamo,asiwe mpenda mvinyo na pesa na mtu anayeweza kuitiisha familia yake. Je maaskofu wa Kikatoliki wanazo sifa hizo?

1 Timotheo 4:1-4 roho asema wazi kuwa kutakuja wakati wengi wataanguka wakizitii roho chafu na itikadi za kishetani.

Kwa kutumia unafiki wa waongo tena kwa ugumu wa chuma. Wanaozuia ndoa na kutetea kuacha kula baadhi ya vyakula....

1 Timotheo 5: 9-11 kwa watawa au masista awe na umri si chini ya miaka 60 kwani chini ya hapo bado anahitaji kuolewa na kuzaa watoto.

Je masista wetu wapo?

Kwa vile wengi wameishatia mikono kwenye kesi ya Karugendo, tutatumia historia kama shahidi ili umma na kanisa viamue upya na vizuri.

Papa Paulo V (1605-1621) Alipotaka madanguro yote ya Roma iliyokuwa na watu 100,000 na madanguro 6,000, waumini walikuja juu wakisema kuwa kufanya hivyo kutafanya mapadri wawatongoze wake zao.

Papa Grigori XV (1621-1623) Alipoamru kisima karibu na nyumba ya watawa kikaushwe, alishtuka kukuta mafuvu ya vichanga zaidi ya 6,000.

Kardinali Peter D'Ailly aliwahi kusema kuwa kuvaa joho la usista ni sawa na kutangaza kuwa u kahaba wa jamii.

Albert The Magnificient wa Humburg Ujerumani, mnamo mwaka 1477 alipigwa na butwaa baada ya kugundua kuwa wanawake wapatao 11,000 kwenye jimbo lake walikuwa wamewekwa kinyumba na watawa. Msemo kuwa Padre ni kuwa mume wa wanawake wote ulianzia hapa na ukawa na maana zaidi ya inayoeleweka.

Akiwaonya Mapadre wake Albert alisema "Si non caste,tamen caute" yaani kama huuwezi utaua basi uwe mwangalifu. Yaani ufanye mambo yako kwa usiri. Je huu ni usiri au unafiki? Karugendo kalishinda hili.

Hivyo basi ni wakati muafaka wa kulirudisha kanisa kwenye ukweli kwa kuruhusu Mapadri waoe na Masista waolewe. Tena itakuwa rahisi maana wawili hawa wanajuana vilivyo ni suala la kutangaza kuachana na usiri na unafiki vinginevyo tendo lipo na halina ubishi.

Kufanya hivyo kutarejesha hata imani ya waumini kwa watumishi wa Mungu ambao kusema ukweli kwa sasa ni hatari na uzembe kuwaamini hasa katika masuala ya ndoa au kuwa karibu na wapendwa wetu.

Kwa machache haya kuna haja ya kumpongeza ndugu yetu na padri wetu Privatus Karugendo kukata mikatale na kuushinda unafiki. Na isitoshe, huu siyo mwisho wa maisha na ajuaye nini kitatutokea siku ya mwisho si mwana wala nani isipokuwa baba mwenyewe. wengi.

Amwachie baba baada ya kanisa lake kumuangusha . Asirudi nyuma. Aandike na kuelezea aliyoona ni dhambi kuyaeleza. Atasaidia. Mwanzo wa kushinda mawazo mgando ni kuasi na haya ndiyo matokeo ya kuelimika vilivyo. Akina Yesu, Plato, Sophocles, Martin Luther na wengine walikuwa waasi walioshia kuwa wateule.

Rombo party is but a useless act and people

NEWS that Rombo voters have an idea of throwing a party for their embattled MP, former minister Basil Mramba is sad and abhorring.
When such megalomania occurred in Bariadi as the millionaire of
Vijesenti Andrew Chenge went there to ‘visit his voters, I wrote reprimanding this bulimia and myopia. I thought that would be the end.
Nope. I was dead wrong!  For recent news said Mramba is expected in Rombo where ‘his people’ will give him a very big ‘pole sana mzee’ for being thrown to Keko prison. This happened when he was accused of misusing public office as a result which over shillings 12 billions was lost.
I find myself in circles. How can a person suspected to have caused the nation such huge loss be welcomed as a hero in the first place? Isn’t this conspiracy even abetting even if not to the degree of constituting a felon?
In my recent article I warned about being taken for a ride by fisadis.
I overlooked this aspect however. Now that this thing is being repeated, we need to note: it is another method fisadis are using to bully and abuse us.
You know what? The so-called voters are not but bootlickers and hooligans geared by greed for free foods and drinks. Period. If not these are the enemies of the nation.
These used people apart from being poor and ignorant are corrupt and insane through and through. How can citizens of a begging nation stand behind the person suspected to have caused such big hole?  Isnt this a self-inflicted wound?  Arent those people slaves even if they don’t have shackles with them? Arent they thieves even if they did not actually commit the said offence?
Lets dig deeper. Why are these people making themselves cheap so as to be used as hand-me-down stuff? Uchangudoa mwingine! Are they supporting the suspect simply because he comes from the same community?
What has never crossed my mind is the silence by the government! When
Chenge did his side shows he called supports, the same good government did not reprimand him!
Now that it is clear that the same sacrilege is to be committed again, and chances are the good government will never bark! Is it sanctioning such systemic corruption? Are we becoming such big time hooligans?
Though for some of tribes in our country, when it comes to money, even souls are sacrificed, this should not go to national level. I know.
Mark my words. Such people can even be behind the indiscreet killings of Albinos.
I remember. There was a joke from a Sambaa friend to a Chagga one. The
Sambaa was known as Shekifu and the Chagga Kimaro. Shekifu used to tell
Kimaro this pretending he was his father. 'Kimaro umekataa kuiba
utakula mafi yako?', namely Kimaro you don't want to become a  thief, will you feed on your shit? Rombo people should not allow this to be true.
Anyways, this was a joke.  Take it so. But again, looking at what is to happen in Rombo repeating what once happened in Bariadi, there is truth in this.
Let’s ask more questions. Why our government that makes us believe, it is fighting graft is not reprimanding this? Doesnt see that this is a blow to its efforts if truly it means business?
Prove me wrong if you can. This is but systemic corruption. It should not be tolerated even if those committing it are bigwigs.
To jog the mind of all those supporting this rot, let me remind them that the money alleged to have been abused and of course being stolen by a few individuals in power, would have provided good schools, hospitals, roads and what not to those victims celebrating their demise.
Your president is spending much time abroad begging. So you need this money more than anybody. Dont be goof and be fooled by a few thieves just because they come from your community. When it comes to corruption, corrupt elements have no religion, region even friends and relatives except their greed and money. In other words, theyre abusing you the same way they abused the power you entrusted them.
Now I agree that Tanzania is going to dogs. It is negatively changing.
I used to read about the demonstrations to support Mwl. Julius Nyerere when he survived from going to jail thanks to fighting for our independence that we’re now abusing.
If Nyerere and other heroes that fought and died for our freedom would be brought to life again, no doubt, they’d commit suttee to avoid being a part and citizens of such corrupt country they used to call theirs!
President Kikwete, you have for long been making us believe you aim at fighting graft. Please come out of cocoon and say something against this collective criminality.
Though people have right to assemble and acclaim their MP, it should not be when he is alleged to have erred. Reasonable and respectable people support each other in doing good things but not in bringing shame or committing crimes. Indeed, this is a bad augury to our country. If we dont watch, a certain tribe will one day throw a party for a hero that has felled an albino so as to increase his wealth that is regarded as a community one while it actually isn’t.
As a victim of abuse of power, greed, egoism and corruption, I am appalled. Yeah. The money so stolen is yours and mine.
Indeed, this is a shame for our nation, Mramba and his cohorts.Something to arrest it must be done. Do they do this in their dire efforts to convince the courts that they are innocent?

Wednesday, 14 January 2009

DR Congo Crisis: Tanzania's Hand

Benjamin Mkapa

I was shocked when I learnt that Benjamin Mkapa, Tanzania’s former president, is one of the peace mediators in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

Historically speaking, Tanzania has a hand in the crisis in DRC. Had Tanzania not supported Ugandan president Yoweri Museveni (who in turn cloned Rwandan Paul Kagame) there wouldn’t have been this crisis in DRC and genocide in Rwanda.

It all started when Idi Amin deposed Tanzania’s then great friend, Milton Obote. Tanzania overthrew Amin and reinstated Obote who later, proved to be bogus. That is when Museveni, groomed by Obote, entered the big picture.

Tanzania also features in the Rwanda genocide which started with the downing of the presidential jet. By then, Mkapa was minister for foreign affairs and major player in the Arusha Conference. The deaths of former Rwandan President Juvenal Habyarimana along with his Burundian counterpart, Cyprian Ntaryamira have something to do with Tanzania. These two died on the way from Tanzania to attend a botched peace conference in Arusha. Tanzania must have known what was going on. That’s why it lulled Habyarimana into the ploy of bringing all his top brass with him in the conference, knowing they’d not make it back to Kigali. And indeed, they were felled by pro-Uganda Rwandese Patriotic Front (RPF). Instead of condemning and barring RPF from taking power, they hurriedly supported it. The whole meaning of peace was lost ever since.

Whilst Rwanda and Uganda are arrogantly pushing DRC to the limits to (talk with Laurent Nkunda), they don’t want to hear anything with regards to Kigali talking with Rwandan Hutus! They don’t. For their pretext to plunder DRC is ‘fighting’ Interahamwe. This is double standard and hypocrisy, just like the one of Israelis pounding Palestine. This has become a norm for all artificial and illegal regimes in the world. They are favoured because of their fabricated history. Rich countries would like to see Israel do whatever it likes as this helps them steal from Arabs. If peace prevails in the Middle East, Arabs will no longer need ‘protection’ from rich countries. The threat will be gone.

Another fact that disqualifies Mkapa is the fact that Nkunda and his killers have been receiving weapons from Rwanda imported via Dar es Salaam. The authorities are aware of this and they have never done anything about it.

The solution for DRC crisis is simple. Dispatch seven battalions as Tanzania did in the Comoro recently and Nkunda will be netralized. Why should we waste time and money for no reason? If Africa goes on discussing with terrorists, every hooligan will cause mayhem unnecessarily. We witnessed such tribal megalomania in Mount Elgon in Kenya.Where are the so-called rebels?

Is it because rich nations are benefiting from minerals stolen from DRC making it difficult to descend on Nkunda? If Bush went to Iraq, why should the great lakes region fail to descend on Nkunda?

And to make sure that this cover is not blown up, Tanzania and Uganda lulled Kenya to admit Rwanda in the East African Union by bending the laws. The coming of Rwanda and partly Burundi was illegally fast -racked for no logical reasons. This is against the will of the citizens of original member states.

If getting market is the reason gearing the illegal admission of Rwanda and partly Burundi into the East African union, why haven't East African countries ever invited Mozambique whose economy is bigger and more vibrant than those two countries put together? If unity which means strength is the cause, why haven’t they ever considered Malawi and Zambia?

Tanzania has interests in the deterioration of DRC. To date, most of Joseph Kabila’s security advisers are from Tanzania People’s Defence Force (TPDF). And Rwanda and Uganda are aware of this save that all are getting a share on DRC minerals and other resources; nobody is raising eyebrows in this conspiracy.In other words, Kabila is in power not to emancipate the Congolese but to plunder them in conjunction with these dubious masters. His father tried to get himself off the hook and was butchered.

Mkapa is corrupt: he has never disputed the fact that he and his wife, family and friends amassed much wealth and illegally acquired Kiwira Coal Mine using the office of the president. Should Mkapa be stripped of presidential immunity, he would face numerous corruption charges. He thus, cannot feel the pains the Congolese feel. True, this anomaly cost Mkapa. He lost the Mo Ibrahim prize for Africa’s good leader of year. Indeed, this was caused by Tanzanians after they were appalled.

Mkapa squarely failed to resolve the crisis in Zanzibar. Up to now, President Jakaya Kikwete is in dilemma. He does not know what to do about it. As president, Mkapa dispatched the army that killed many people making Tanzanians to be refugees in Shimoni-Mombasa and Europe for the first time of her history. Such a person does not get it when it comes to promoting peace.

Uganda and Rwanda are, among others, the root cause of all miseries we’re witnessing in DRC. Mkapa is a great friend of Yoweri Museveni who also is a great friend and mentor of Rwandan strong man Paul Kagame.

If we seriously are aiming at helping DRC, we should take a leaf from Kenya and Burundi. When Nelson Mandela stepped in to seek peace in Burundi, the results were tremendous as it was for Koffi Annan when he descended on Kenya’s post-election megalomania.

Competent mediators assure both sides to reach a conclusive end. Though Mkapa is not a chief mediator (I know it is Olusegun Obassanjo) still he can hamper the reaching of the conclusion and shall one of the parties discover this weakness, he surely will use it to shy away from the round table.

Retired presidents like Bakili Muluzi (Malawi), Daniel arap Moi (Kenya), Fredrick Chiluba (Zambia) and Pierre Buyoya (Burundi) are but a disgrace to their countries and cannot stand on the same rostrum as Nelson Mandela, Ketumile Masire, Joachim Chissano, Thabo Mbeki and John Kuffuor. Nay, never shall they dare even accidentally. They are elders. Yes we agree, but they left bad legacies and are not supposed to go anywhere near a mediation table especially in DRC.

Source: The African Executive Magazine January 14, 2009.

Mipango ya Mpayukaji kuombea Kijiwe

BAADA ya maji kuzidi unga na sanaa kushtukiwa, mkuu amekuja na mpya. Eti anataka kuwe na siku maalumu ya kuombea kaya! Mwe! Dawa ya matatizo ya kaya si kuomba bali kuwajibika na kuwa waadilifu. Hamjui: hakuna laana kayani ila tamaa, ubinafsi, ufisadi, upofu, upogo, ujuha, ukondoo, ukuku, upanya, ukijiko n.k?

Hata shehe Yoyo Ubwabwa na utabiri mfu kawageuka. Asema mtameguka asijue mlimeguka zamani bado kufa tu. Mwasema yeye si Mungu. Mbona upuuzi wake mliupwakia kila mwaka? Hamkujua alikuwa akiwahadaa ili awaibie kama muwaibiavyo walevi? Eti si Mungu. Amekuwa Mungu wenu kwa miaka.

Hivi kukamata mafisadi kama Kagodamn na Richmonduli kunahitaji kushirikisha Godi! Tumekula kunywa na kulewa na kujisahau kiasi cha kumtia madole Godi! Ama kweli nao ni uvivu wa kufikiri aliosema na kutenda Tunituni na Anna Tamaa wake!

Hii mijitu nani kairoga kuacha kuuenga ukweli na kuenga mawenge? Mnadhani mzee mzima nitaingia mkenge wakati ni bingwa wa kuingiza watu mikenge? Mmenoa sana.

Kuna mnoko amenitonya kuwa baada ya kuona Rost Tamu L’Aziz kafanikiwa kupeleka chumo la wizi kanisani kwa mchunguji mbweha huko Kindononi, mkuu naye ameona atumie janja hiyo ili ionekana ufisadi ni laana ilhali ni matokeo ya michoro yake! Hivi walevi watakubali matusi haya huku wakijua fika: ni matokeo ya takrima ilivyokusanywa na nambari wahedi?

Japo mkuu na washikaji zake wamejiridhisha wataiepa EPA, tuendako watajaribu kila mbinu hawatafanikiwa. Za mwizi arobaini. Amefungua kesi uchwara za kina Rambaramba, Mgonjwa na Dan Jona akidhani tutaingia mkenge, hola. Kama hamjui jueni. Kinachofanyika ni kusogeza muda ili msahau mzidi kuliwa na zaidi.

Kuonyesha alivyo kanyabwoya amejiunga na wezi wa majoho kutaka kutuingiza tena mkenge! Jamaa hovyo. Alijisemea Mchonga.

Ili mjue kuombea kaya ni dili au la, angalia mipango yangu ya kukiombea kijiwe. Mkiridhika, swadakta salini hata mkeshe uchi muone hasira-sorry-- neema za Mungu zitakavyowashukia.

Kama mkuu, baada ya kuishiwa mbinu zote za kuwaweka sawa walevi, nimegundua mbinu mpya. Niliipata kwa rafiki zangu Zeki Ka-tortoise ambaye alikuwa jambazi ‘akaokoka’ na kuwa mtu wa dini. Kwa washikaji wake tunaomjua, tunajua hili ni gwanda tu la kazi. Anatumia dini kuficha madhambi na makucha yake. Bado anaiba sadaka kama kawa ukiachia mbali kuwa bingwa wa totoz.

Pia wapo kina wezi na vyangudoa wengine kama Gettie Rwakatahe, Silver Gamanyuwa, Chris Mwakasenge, Fau Mnihisi na mbweha wengine wawaibiao na kuwala kondoo wa Bwana.

Nitaarika wachungaji na mashehe na mashehena bila kusahau, nyumba zetu ndogo. Tutahanikiza kwa kelele tukitumia vipaza sauti vikali kuwachanganya. Tutaongea kwa ndimi.

Tutafadhiliwa na Jitu Kanji, Enderea Chenga, Rost Tamu L’Aziz, Eddie Ewassa na majambazi wengine wengi. Mgeni wa heshima atakuwa Njaa Kaya Kikwekwe.

Tutaomba wana kijiwe waendelee kuwa ndondocha ili kuwe na amani ambayo, kimsingi, si chochote si lolote bali shibe yetu, wake zetu na nyumba ndogo zetu.

Tutaomba maulaji yetu yaongezeke huku wana kijiwe wakiendelea kuwa kondoo wa Bwana waliwao na watumishi wa Bwana. Kwani mtume Paulo alisema; mchungaji hula vya zizini. Tunawapa vya rohoni. Je ni vibaya nanyi mkatupa vya mwilini? Msije nielewa vibaya, vya mwilini ni dhahabu, nyama za wanyama mbugani, mazao na fweza bila shaka.

Tutaoamba shibe yetu iongezeke huku wanakijiwe wakitubomu kahawa. Lazima mashikamano wa ulaji na uliwa yaendelee na kudumu milele.

Kijiwe kina amani. Unaiba kahawa hata kashata hakuna wa kukuletea za kuleta.

Ngoja nianze kufanya mazoezi ya sala takatifu itakayosaliwa siku hiyo.

Ewe Mungu uliyenichagua kuwa kiongozi wa kijiwe ukakiaminisha kuwa mimi ni chaguo lako, naomba usiangalie nitendayo bali nipangayo.

Nipo hapa mbele yako kuombea kijiwe chetu kiwe na amani, mshikamano na uvumilivu. Waepushe wana kijiwe na tamaa za kupenda ukuu na makuu. Wape imani ya amani wajue kuwa ulinichagua mimi pekee na hawa watumishi wako. Usizitazame dhambi zao bali neema na amani ya kijiwe.

Mungu uliye juu ya vyote, naomba uepushe laana iliyokumba kijiwe ambapo wanaitana mafisadi badala ya wapendwa. Naomba uzidi kuwafunulia wana kijiwe hekima yetu ya ajabu. Wajue kuwa pepo ni kwa walio maskini. Wajalie wauchukie utajiri. Maana utajiri unapoteza.

Imeandikwa. Heri walio maskini watauona ufalme wako. Nami ingawa naonekana mkuu ni maskini. Sijui kitu wala sina kitu. Ni mtupu kama kichanga.

Mungu zidisha neema kama mwaka uliopita. Tuuze kahawa nyingi nje hadi kuweza kununua mashangingi. Kijiwe kilikuwa na amani tele. Kama si mdudu wa kuitana mafisadi, kilikwenda vizuri. Mungu wape moyo wa subira watu wangu. Watii mamlaka. Kwani mamlaka zote hutoka kwako. Mimi ni chaguo lako ingawa walinipigia kura zao.

Usiwazindue kwenye usingizi wakanilaza mimi. Endelea kubariki ujumbe wako toka CCM au Chuo Cha Manabii uendelee kuwatuliza wana. Nipe kauli tamu ya kuwaliwaza na kuwaweka sawa ili amani iendelee kuwepo. Pia wasiangalie mezani kwangu na bi mkubwa.

Nakuomba uongeze idadi ya wawekezaji kwenye kahawa yetu inayosifika duniani. Pia uwape subira wana kijiwe wasiwabughudhi hata wanapokunywa kahawa na kula kashata kidogo. Uwape subira wangoje wakati wao huko tuendako.

Naomba uwajalie maisha bora wana kijiwe ambayo ni kukipenda kwa mioyo yao yote bila kujali kinawapa nini. Tuongezee mbinu za kuleta amani mshikamano na utulivu katika ulaji huu. Pia wape moyo wa kutupenda, kutuheshimu na kutusikiliza sisi viongozi wao bila kututilia shaka wala kutaka kutuchunguza.

Tunaomba uwape roho mtakatifu si mtakakitu. Watuamini tuwaongoze popote kama mchinjaji amuongozavyo kondoo kwenye machinjio. Wajalie wasiogope kuitwa kondoo. Kwani hata mwanao kipenzi aliitwa mwana kondoo.

Wote na tuseme HAMNA.

Hapa najua rafiki yangu shehena atapiga audhubillahi mina sheitwan rajiim.

Busara ya leo. Nani aliwahi kuona kupe aliyekonda hata kama yupo maungoni mwa mbuzi aliyekonda? Je ni kazi ya kupe kujali kuwa mbuzi hakondi wakati yake ni kunyonya damu? Fikirini.

Ha! Kumbe sijala!

Chanzo: Tanzania Daima Januari 14, 2009.

Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Africans must Brace for Neo-agro-Imperialism

Long Queues for Food aid in Sudan
“When will Africa catch up with others?” This is a disturbing question. In the 18 and 19th centuries, Africa witnessed the coming of colonialism and slavery. In the 1960s, many African countries attained their political (flag) independence that ended up in dependence.

Things are getting worse in Africa. The post-colonial rulers have become more nefarious than those they showed the door. They have plundered and ruined their countries so much that among 50 odd African countries that attained flag freedom, a few can be singled out to have at least liberated their people in the real sense. The rest is a bunch of let downs.

Currently there are grumbles in Kenya thanks to government’s greed and myopia to privatize a chunk of fertile land to some gulf countries so as to produce food for their citizens. Before the dust settles, Sudan is doing the same at an alarming magnitude! Whilst Sudan is ushering in Arabs to produce food for their people, her own in Darfur depend on humanitarian organizations to feed them! This megalomania has become another thorny issue for Africans. Yeah. Farmers sell good products so as to get money as they eat weak ones!

Who could believe that Kenya, with her population fighting over food and thousands others landless, would attempt to lease over 100,000 acres in the Tana River delta to Qatar to grow food for its population? This greed-cum-shame must be eradicated. This is what the Director General of the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO), Jacques Diouf, called “neo-colonial agricultural system.”

Why is Africa always taken for a ride? Currently, the Egyptian government -using colonial laws and dictates- is agitating to have an upper control over the Nile waters! Tanzania has categorically condemned this imperialism. Why should a country (that does not own the source of Nile) aggrandizes itself to dictate the use of Nile?

Though we’re welcoming Arabs to ‘invest’ in our land, back home they’ve laws barring sale of the land. They do so for fear of letting other nations into their oil. When it comes to offering citizenship, Arab countries do not offer their citizenship to other nationals. The Indians and Chinese do not allow this too. My foot!

Though our naive and myopic rulers pretend to own and know everything, a French sage has it that C'est la Pitié / l'hôpital qui se moque de la Charité, (meaning literally meaning: It's Pity / the hospital that mocks Charity). True, our rulers are doing things as if the world is ending! This shame should not be tolerated!

During the coming of explorers and missionaries, at least those that enhanced colonialism were illiterates by today’s stands. Sadly though, those conspirators ushering in this neo colonialism in point are people with masters and PhD degrees! Why don’t these degrees make our rulers see right things rightly? This is why the East African integration bid is becoming impossible.

Kenya’s fertile land was grabbed by elites and white settlers. The wananchi were left squatting. Instead of the government thinking about empowering the wananchi by giving them land, they’re leasing it! This is crime against humanity. At the colonial time, the target was our resources. Things now have changed. Soon, scrambles will be over our land and waters. If we are suffering thanks to oil hikes, then we should think of doing the same on our waters and land. Tit for tat. Should we call this scramble and partition of African of the 21st century? This is where the question “When will we catch up with others?” resurfaces.

Last year, President Museveni of Uganda wanted to offer Mabira forest to his Indian friends. Brave Ugandans took to streets and stopped the sabotage. Kenyans and Sudanese likewise must stop this megalomania. The move to stop vending our land and souls must be supported by all Africa. This being the new way of colonizing other country through “investments,” nobody will be spared. Those whose land has not been invaded should not leave the war of blotting this neo-colonialism to countries that have already been preyed on.

Our rulers have made us believe that investors are our economic saviours. In essence, they’re not. They’re ‘investing’ in our countries for the benefit of their people. We’re duped in the name of free trade and free investment under globalization. But if you look at the current economic recession the world is facing, you’ll find that the developed countries are re-thinking the terms.

In 2007 Sudan exported foodstuff worth billions of shillings whilst it is still depending on humanitarian organizations to feed its desperate and hungry population of over 2.5 million. Which type of investment is this that can not feed these citizens? Whom does the money from this investment feed? Reports have it that Sudan exported sorghum-its staple food. In 2007, the United States government, as part of its response to the emergency in Darfur, shipped in 283,000 tons of sorghum, at high cost, from as far away as Houston. Oddly enough, that is about the same amount that Sudan exported, according to United Nation’s officials.

Last year, Sudanese companies, including many that are linked to the government in Khartoum, were on track to ship out twice that amount, even as the United Nations is being forced to cut rations to Darfur!

Many donor countries are pouring money to help buy food for displaced Sudanese. In 2007, the World Food Program bought 117,000 tons of sorghum from Sudan. But again, this is facing many red herrings. Exporters get more money from exporting. This causes the price hike that discourages World Food Program from buying locally produced sorghum.

For now, Sudanese officials seem more interested in doing business with their new partners in the Middle East. This biggest country in Africa with nearly one million square miles has 208 million acres of arable land. It is only a quarter of all this massive land that is cultivated. The Sudanese government is striking deals left and right with Arab countries just across the Red Sea: the Arab countries bring the money, the soil scientists and the $200,000 tractors. Sudan supplies the land. Had all this aimed at feeding Sudanese, they’re would be no problem. But the evidence is clear that hungry Sudanese are fed by humanitarian organizations.

Generally speaking, rulers in Africa have hijacked their citizens. Currently in Tanzania for example, there is bad blood between the government and teachers. For long, teachers have not been paid their arrears. Why? The government has no money. Funny enough, the same government is able to plow billions of shillings to purchase oil guzzlers for its bigwigs!

Another sadistic episode dwells on the former East African workers. For over three decades, these retirees have never received a dime. But again, the same regime playing ping pong on them is sitting on scams involving over a trillion shillings! Schools, hospitals and roads are in bad shape. Whilst this is going on, the government is saying that a gold production is rising from ounces to tones. Whose gold is this really? There are many examples. Importantly, Africa be warned. Shall this ‘stomach thinking’ not be stopped, Africa has no future.

Source: The African Executive Magazine January 7, 2009.

Nini kitafuatia baada ya mawe?

WAHENGA walisema: Kila ufukapo moshi kuna moto, na mwanzo wa ngoma ni lele.

Hivi karibuni nchi yetu - ijiitayo kisiwa cha amani-imeshuhudia majigambo haya yakitiwa mitihani. Watanzania waliosifika kwa upole na upenzi wa amani walianza kuchoka. Wale waliozoea kutaniwa na majirani zao kuwa ni kondoo, walianza kuamka kwa kasi na namna ya ajabu.

Siku za hivi karibuni, tumeshuhudia matukio yanayoonyesha wazi kuwa Tanzania si kisiwa cha amani, bali kisiwa chenye imani ya amani.

Vilianza vitendo vya kuchoma moto nyumba za waliodhaniwa kuwa ni mafisadi huko Tabora. Baadaye kulifuatiwa na kuzomewa kwa mawaziri waliokwenda mikoani ‘kuelimisha’ umma juu ya bajeti.

Mambo yalienda yakiongezeka. Mara ghafla msafara wa Rais Jakaya Kikwete ukajikuta kwenye mashambulizi makali ya mawe kwenye Kijiji cha Kanga-Chunya Mbeya.

Funga mwaka ilitokea tarehe mosi Januari, 2009, ambapo msafara wa Waziri wa Kilimo na Ushirika, Stephen Wassira, ulishambuliwa kwa mawe wakati ukitoka kwenye mkesha wa mwaka mpya huko Bunda. Bunda tuliyoizoea, mara iligeuka ‘Bonda.’

Je, nini kitafuatia baada ya umma kuonyesha wazi unavyoichukia serikali na ufisadi? Je, bado tuna ithibati ya kutamba kuwa tu kisiwa cha amani? Je, kweli tulikuwa kisiwa cha amani kimatendo au kinadharia.

Je, nchi yetu kweli ina amani iwapo kikundi kidogo cha wezi kinaweza kuuteka na kuutesa umma kikitajirishwa kwa jasho lao huku umma ukitopea kwenye umaskini?

Ni bora tukaambizana hasa watawala kuwa mambo yamebadilika. Tubadilike kabla hatujabadilishwa kwa nguvu na namna ambayo hatutaipenda, ukiachia mbali kutuacha msambweni.

Tuambizane tena na tena, haya yote tunayoshuhudia yakimong’onyoa ‘amani’ yamesababishwa na uongozi mbovu uliotanguliza tamaa na ubinafsi wa hali ya juu yamesababishwa na upofu na upogo wa walioshika usukani.

Haiingii akilini nchi inapata pesa ya kununua mashangingi ya wabunge lakini nchi hiyo hiyo ikakosa pesa ya kuwasomesha vijana wake, ukiachia mbali kuwa na hospitali, shule na barabara visivyolingana na kipato cha taifa.

Taifa limetekwa na wanasiasa na mafisadi. Wanalipokezana kama mpira au kijiti. Wanalielekeza kwenye maangamizi bila kuchelea lolote. Watu wanajifanyia madudu utadhani ni mwisho wa dunia. Ufisadi umepanda chati, hakuna anayekemea wala kuchukua hatua ukiachia mbali kesi za bora liende.

Kwa taifa makini, kashfa kama Richmond iliyomfukuzisha kazi Waziri Mkuu wa zamani, Edward Lowassa na mawaziri wengine, ingekuwa angalau imefikishwa mbele ya vyombo vya sheria. Je, kinachongojewa ni nini kama si aina nyingine ya ufisadi wa kimfumo?

Kumekuwa na kansa ya IPTL. Serikali ya Awamu ya Tatu imelikalia hadi ikamaliza muda wake, sasa Awamu ya Nne imo madarakani, nayo ikilisogeza chini ya busati. Je, nani atalishughulikia balaa hili na lini?

Taifa lipo msambweni, kuna mauaji ya watu wenye ulemavu wa ngozi. Vyombo vya habari vya ndani na nje vimeishahanikiza na kuchoka.

Je, serikali imefanya nini cha kuridhisha kuhakikisha usalama wa viumbe hawa? Je, hapa kuna amani iwapo baadhi ya Watanzania wanauawa kama wanyama huku serikali ikiwaridhisha na kuwaaminisha kuna amani?

Amani gani ambayo Watanzania hawa hawaioni ambapo uhai wao umegeuzwa bidhaa dukani?

Mwalimu Julius Nyerere aliwahi kusema: Afrika haiwezi kuwa huru iwapo kutabakia nchi hata iwe moja chini ya mikatale ya ukoloni. Kadhalika Tanzania haiwezi kuwa na amani iwapo kuna Mtanzania mmoja anauawa kama swala porini.

Kuna tatizo sugu la Zanzibar, mtafaruku wa Zanzibar sasa umekuwa ugonjwa sugu na kurithishana.

Mtafaruku ulianzia awamu zillizopita. Awamu ya Nne kabla ya kuingia madarakani iliahidi ingeumaliza. Waulize. Wamefikia wapi na kama hawajafika popote wana mipango gani inayoingia kichwani? Hakuna! Je, hapa bado kuna amani?

Leo hii Tanzania ni nchi pekee iliyoridhia ulanguzi wa mafuta na nishati, ajabu kisiwa hiki cha amani hakina muda wa kutenda haki sawa kwa wananchi wake. Wafanyabiashara wenye uchu na tamaa sasa wanafanya watakavyo kana kwamba hakuna serikali! Je, kunani? Je, kuna amani hapa? Kuna mshikamano hapa au mshikwamano?

Hali za maisha za Watanzania zinazidi kuwa ngumu. Gharama za maisha zimepanda sana. Je, haya ndiyo maisha bora tuliyoahidiwa na Rais Kikwete? Hii ndiyo safari ya Kanani tuliyoahidiwa tena kwa kasi mpya, nguvu mpya na ari mpya? Tutaanza lini safari ya maisha bora iwapo rais ameishakaa madarakani kwa zaidi ya nusu ya muda wa utawala wake?

Tumuulize rais bila kumuogopa, katika ahadi mia na kidogo alizotoa ametekeleza ngapi? Hakuna? Je, analipwa kwa kazi gani?

Ziko wapi nyumba zetu zilizonyakuliwa na utawala mbovu wa Benjamin Mkapa?

Tuulize bila kumung’unya maneno wala kuogopa kwani nyumba hizi ni mali yetu. Wako wapi kina EPA, hasa kampuni la Kagoda, Deep Green Finance, Meremeta na majambazi wengine? Serikali inangoja nini iwapo rais alituaminisha kuwa serikali yake si ya ubia na mtu?

Yako wapi maazimio ya kupunguza ukubwa wa serikali? Iko wapi mikakati na matendo ya kupunguza matumizi ya magari ya bei mbaya maarufu kama mashangingi? Ni hivi karibuni Waziri Mkuu, Mizengo Pinda, alifanya mizengwe na kutuhadaa kuwa serikali ina nia na mipango ya kupunguza magari ya bei mbaya.

Kabla ya mate kukauka inagundulika kuwa kumbe serikali ile ile imeishaagiza utitiri mwingine wa magari hayo hayo! Je, hii biashara ya kuchuuza roho na rasilimali zetu bado inaacha mantiki ya kisiwa cha amani au kisiwa cha hayawani?

Umefika wakati ambapo kila muathirika aamke na kutetea uhai wake. Tuachane na kuishi kwa matumaini kuwa mambo yatanyoka na waliotuhadaa watatutendea haki.

Wameishachoka na kuishiwa, wameshiba mahajumati yatokanayo na jasho letu. Hamkusikia ya wahenga kuwa njaa ni mwana malegeza na shibe ni mwana malevya? Hamkuambiwa kuwa mwenye shibe hamjui mwenye njaa? Sasa nini kifanyike? Aliyeko juu usimngoje chini, mpandie na kumporomosha kwani huna cha kukosa ulikwisha kuporomoshwa naye.

Hapa ndipo umma unapopaswa kuacha masihara na mafisadi hata kama wako madarakani. Tutaendelea na kuganga njaa na kujikomba hadi lini? Tutaendelea kuwa mashahidi wa maangamizi yetu na vizazi vijavyo hadi lini? Mbona imetosha?

Tumechoka kudhulumiwa na kudanganywa. Tutangaze uhuru upya ili kujenga kisiwa cha amani ya kweli ambapo haki lazima itawale. Maana bila haki hakuna amani na bila amani hakuna haki.

Kwanini tumeridhika na kubinafsishwa kwa mafisadi na washirika wao wanaoitwa wawekezaji, wengi wao wakiwa ni kina IPTL, Kagoda, Richmond, ANBEN, Tanpower na wezi wengine?

Ni kisiwa gani cha amani ambapo watu wanapigwa risasi kwa kukatiza kwenye ardhi ya mgodi wa mwekezaji kama ilivyowahi kutokea huko Musoma?

Ni kisiwa gani cha amani ambapo wachimbaji wadogo wadogo wa Mererani wanawindwa kama swala? Ni kisiwa gani cha amani ambapo wastaafu wa iliyokuwa Jumuia ya Afrika Mashariki wanakesha wakiomba mitaani kama hawakuifanyia kazi nchi yao?

Hakika tuseme kwa sauti moja na kuu. Hakuna kisiwa cha amani, na kama kipo ni kwa ajili ya wanasiasa na mafisadi wanaokula kushiba na kusaza huku umma ukiangamia kwa njaa, ujinga, maradhi na umaskini.

Hawa ndio maadui tulioazimia kuwatokomeza tulipopata uhuru. Bila maadui hawa kutokomezwa hakuna uhuru wala kisiwa cha amani. Kama kipo ni aina nyingine ya mahepe-usanii.

Je, umma utaendelea kugeuzwa mabunga na kundi dogo la wezi? Hakika umma huu utakuwa wa ovyo kuliko hata kundi la inzi. Je, baada ya mawe nini kitafuata? Hata zama za mawe zilifuatiwa na zama za moto.

Chanzo: Tanzania Daima Januari 7, 2009.

Hamchoki kuongopa na kuongopewa!

Akalung’wando kakazungwa n’untwe
Akalung’wando kakazugwa n’untwe Kalug’wando.

Elinumbu’itale lyantoloowima
Elinumbu’itale lyantolowimama elinumbu.

Sungura mjanja alipikwa na kichwa chake
Akaliwa pamoja na kiazi kinene

NIKIWA natokea kusherehekea kumalizika kwa mwaka mpya huko Bunda palipogeuka Bonda, nilianza kujiimbia wimbo huu wa busara. Nilifanya hivyo kuonya juu ya ujanja mwingi ambao mwisho wake huwa kiza.

Baada ya kufika nyumbani kwa mshirika wangu wa bedroom na kujipongeza nijuavyo-usiulize vipi-niliamua kuangalia mwaka uliopita ulivyokuwa huku nikitupia jicho kwenye nasaha za mkuu.

Sungura mjanja aliliwa na kiazi kinene sawa na walevi wanavyoliwa na mabonge ya dhahabu! Hayo tuyaache.

Baada ya mkuu kuja na tathmini kapa isiyo kufu iliyousifia mwaka ulioisha, nami kama rais wa wapayukaji natoa tathmini yangu ya mwaka wa mauza uza; nikongojea yatakayojiri kwenye mwaka ngwengwe tuliouanza kikaya.

Nianze na mauaji ya kinyama ya watu wenye ulemavu wa ngozi. Walichinjwa kama swala huku jamaa akimteua mmoja wao kuula asijue hii ni vunga. Mbona walevi wana wawakilishi lukuki lakini bado wanaula wa chuya?. Kinachotakiwa si kuteuana bali kuhakikisha usalama wa kila mwana kaya. Nyie ngojeni.

Siku wakiwanyonga wazungu wakidhani ni mazeruzeru huenda kwa vile mnawaabudia mtazinduka na kuachana na sanaa.

Njaa Kaya anafanya sanaa! Mwaka uliopita ulikuwa mbaya sana kwa walevi waganganyika. Maana aliwaficha akina Kagodamn wakaendelea kutanua na bilioni zaidi ya 40 za wachovu. Pia lisirikali liliendelea kufanya madudu hasa kwenye matumizi ya pesa ya umma. 2008 ulishuhudia kuzikwa kwa Air Tanzia ukiachia mbali mashirika mengine.

Ngoja tumnukuu kidogo uone sanaa zinavyotembea. “Bahati nzuri kaulimbiu hii inawiana na mpango wangu wa kazi nilipoingia madarakani. Nilikuwa nimepanga kuwa, katika nusu ya kwanza ya kipindi changu cha uongozi tuelekeze nguvu zetu katika upatikanaji wa huduma za kiuchumi na kijamii, na nusu ya pili tushughulikie kukuza uchumi,” alisema mkuu.

Je, kwa kuidedisha Air Danganyika ndiko kuleta hizo huduma za jamii na kiuchumi? Kama ndivyo, hizo huduma zimepatikana kwa nani zaidi ya mafisadi wachache? Hata mkii-‘bail-out’ si jibu. Kamateni walioidedisha. Huu nao wizi mwingine na matumizi mabaya ya pesa ya wachovu.

Tuangalie mipango ya nusu ya pili ya ulaji wake. Alisema angeshughulikia uchumi! Mwe! Tunageuzana majuha mchana kweupe! Mbona ngwe ilishaanza na hatuoni chochote zaidi ya kuzidi kufichuka wizi wa kutisha. Rejea kubumburuka kwa wizi wa CIS ambapo zaidi ya bilioni 500 zilirambwa.

Mwaka 2008 ulishuhudia umma ukitaka Denjaman Makapu, mkewe, watoto na wezi wenzake waadhibiwe lakini mkuu aliwakingia kifua kwa vile anafanya sawa nao.

Mwaka 2008 tulisuluhisha migogoro ya vijiwe vingine tukashindwa wetu kule Zenj.

Funga kazi ni kwamba mwaka 2008 zilifunguliwa kesi hewa dhidi ya mafisadi waliotumia madaraka vibaya badala ya kuhujumu uchumi. Pia tulishuhudia kuongezeka kuibiwa kwa raslimali za kaya hasa dhahabu kule Ukuryani ambako hata damu ilimwagika. Hii ndiyo amani anayoongelea mkuu?

Mwaka 2008, mkuu hakutimiza ahadi hata moja. Wadanganyika walijiona walivyotwikwa mkenge wazi wazi. Ajabu badala ya kutimiza ahadi mojawapo kupambana na ufisadi, anatoa onyo kwa wanaomwambia ukweli kuwa tusije tukalaumiana! Tisheni mafisadi hata kama ni shirika moja.

Kama kuna mafanikio ni mkuu na mkewe kuongeza uzito huku akina Dadi Ballalii wakifishwa ili kwenda na EPA.

Katika kuonyesha ukweli wa hili, mkuu aliumaliza mwaka akiuanza mwingine eti kwa kutoa onyo kwa wanaojihusisha na ufisadi badala ya kuwaweka lupango!

Mimi nilishusha bei ya kahawa. Wakati kaya nyingine zikipunguza bei ya mafuta yeye walevi waliachwa waendelee kulanguliwa na wezi na wachoyo. Hii ilisababisha kupanda gharama za maisha ukiachia mbali bei za bidhaa muhimu kama chakula na nauli za mabasi.

Bongo daladala walipandisha nauli zaidi ya mara tano kwa mwaka mmoja huku mkuu akichekelea! Unajua alijiteteaje? Eti kutoshuka kwa bei za mafuta kunatokana na ukaidi wa baadhi ya wafanyabiashara! Ukaidi au wanakata pochi sana!

Mwaka 2008 wanywaji kahawa tegemezi sawa na wanakaya wanaotegemea kusaidiwa chakula na lisirikali waliongezeka. Tuliwambia muimarishe kilimo. Mlikazania uwekezaji kwa vile mnapata ten pasenti.

Angalia nchi yenye mito, maziwa na watu wenye nguvu inakuwa na watu tegemezi hata wa mlo. Ni aibu kwa mswahili kuwa tegemezi wa msosi.

Mkuu alisema mwaka uliopita ulikuwa wa amani na utulivu, si kweli. Hivi kweli mazeruzeru nao waliuona kama mwaka wa amani na utulivu au vifo na kugeuzwa bidhaa? Mwanakaya mmoja anapokosa amani, wote tunaikosa. Maisha yake yanapokosa maana, yetu sote yanakosa maana.

Mwaka 2008 ulishuhudia uongo wa mwaka katika historia ya kaya. Waziri mkubwa Mizengwe Punda alisema: lisirikali lingepunguza mashangingi ya mashangingi ya kisiasa ili kumpunguzia mzigo mwana kaya. Ajabu hata kabla mate kukauka iligunduliwa kumbe ulikuwa ni urongo tena wa mchana. Nyuzi nilizo nazo ni kwamba li-siri-kali limeishaagiza mashumbwengu mengine kama elfu na ushei kutoka Ujepu!

Huu ndiyo mshikamano, amani na utulivu anaosema mkuu. Kumbe na ukondoo na ukuku ni amani na mshikamano! Mnaliwa mnashikamana tu. Badala ya kuwakabili wezi wenu mnaibiana nyinyi kwa nyinyi. Mama anamwibia baba, mtoto anamliza mama, naye analizwa na mwalimu wa tuisheni na mwalimu analizwa na li-sirikali. Hivyo ad infinitum.

Japo walevi wanajipiga vifua kuwa wameanza mwaka, hamna jipya. Jana itaendelea kuonekana bora kuliko leo na leo bora kuliko kesho, hivyo hivyo hadi mwisho wa mchezo anaingia bwana mazingaombwe mwingine.

Mwaka huu umeanza na Tyson Wassila kupopolewa kama kibaka! Kitakachofuatia baada ya walevi kuzinduka. Nani ajuaye? Ingawa mkuu alisema mwaka ulikuwa the best kwangu ulikuwa the worst one.

Chanzo: Tanzania Daima Januari 7, 2009.

Monday, 5 January 2009

Beware! Fisadis are taking us for ride

First Things first, one of my readers recently sent me an e-mail complaining that I’m attacking the government. He wanted to know how I benefit from this.

First of all, I have never attacked and I'll nary attack the government. Instead, I’ll tell it whatever truth without any fear. As a good citizen, this is my duty.

More on this reader, to him, telling the truth is attacking the authorities! It’s seen as being used by opposition! To this person, say, president is infallible thus he should not be told the truth!

Another reader was discomfort with telling fisadis to put their house in order. May be, just may be, he’s one of them or the one that’s being used. How many Tanzanians wrongly see things this way? Can’t such people be duped to believe that the wars against graft are far-fetched and witch hunt? Can’t such people make others wrongly believe that some fisadis are used to settle political scores whilst it is not?

We may differ. But one thing is obvious. We’ve many bigwigs in high offices perpetrating corruption. And many of them are still at large. We need them before the court.

Through perusing many newspapers, I’ve found that there are some hell bent elements being used by fisadis to tarnish others so that they can get away with it. Fisadis have planted their agents in many media houses not to mention funding some newspapers for the aim of doing show for them.-doing their dirty laundry. These people have much ill-gotten money they’re employing to defend themselves. Many articles are written to see to it that the fisadis are recapturing their lost glory on the expense of the nation. Some prominent people are targeted.

But what is the good source of all this megalomania? One is that fisadis have a charm in using media to cleanse themselves. This aims at dividing us in order to weaken us. Many ideologies are being pumped into the mainstream media. To enhance this, religious and tribal divisions are some of the tools they’re using.

Many bogus newspapers have been registered, not to mention political smearing campaign groups employed under pseudo name propaganda so and so of the party. They actually are not propaganda organs but groups for defending graft.

Given that most of fisadis are influential and entrenched in political circles, they went a mile ahead buying some media houses a short time before 2005 elections. And in this they succeeded. For, their masters were decorated as their dirt was pushed under the carpet. They won elections and the nation was sadly duped.

Fisadis have crossed the line. They’ve even used their colleagues in Parliament to mount their defence. Given that such MPs are the result of systemic corruption, were able to air their nonsense before the House. Sadly, the Parliament did not take any actions against them!

With dismay, I remember how Parliament punished Kigoma North MP,?Zitto Kabwe for telling the truth as it ignored Buchosa’s Samuel Chitalilo who was defending Andrew Chenge when he was implicated in the scandal of stashing over a billion shillings to the off-shore banks in Jersey.

Secondly, some journalists and analysts are at work for the defence of graft. Divide and rule is their main tool. Those tampon-turned fortune seekers are good at what they are doing. They unleash all fabricated stuff to make sure that whomever they target is tarnished. This is used to confuse those who are standing firmly against graft. Money makes the mare go.

Another thing is, latent as it is, the way we’re dealing with graft raises eyebrows. So the authorities need to be scientific, steadfast and trustworthy to see to it that all villains are brought to book. Failure to this, fisadis will get the time they need to sow such evil seeds.

Another weakness that makes a niche for fisadis is, the list of those who have already been booked has many holes. For example, why charge them with embezzlement and misappropriation of public funds whilst what they actually committed is but purely economic sabotage?

Fisadis are ready to sacrifice everybody and everything to make sure?they survive. Raising money for bailout and kickbacks is another?arsenal they are applying. What is more saddening is the fact that the authorities have paid a blind eye to this. How can a person that, as per ethics is duty bound to declare his wealth, does not do so and again use the same undeclared wealth as bond? How legal is this property?

Another missile so used by fisadis is to make sure that great scams such as EPA, Richmond, Kagoda and such receive a blind eye so as to waste time. Thus make the general public forget as they are shown other things to avert their attention.

These are but a few examples on how fisadis are riding on our shoulders to see to it they get away with it. It is, indeed, a challenge to the government whose zeal on fighting graft is now tangible. This coupled with takrima law whose result is having dubious officials, forces me to urge the government to re-think its stance and strategies.

If the authorities keep on ignoring these loopholes as they sit on scams for long, fisadis will get away with it and the whole meaning of war against graft will be rendered nugatory and nefarious.
Source:Thisday January 5, 2009.