Epistle to Afrophobic South Africa

Epistle to Afrophobic South Africa

Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Secession advocates must beware its pitfalls

       When I heard a section of Kenyans talking about secession as the means of getting out of the impasse-cum-imbroglio in their country, I was outrightly traumatised and baffled. What a suttee! I said to myself.
      I was, because it is a hold-up not only for Kenya but, sadly, Africa at large. The continent is fighting to go back to where it was prior to the 1884-85 Berlin Conference (the Scramble for Africa) where colonists created the modern-day frail countries to exploit them perpetually.
      Before this obnoxious partition, there is no record of Africa having ever suffered from chronic dependence on handouts from the rich countries as it now does. For many millennia, Africa was efficient and self-sufficient.
    This is not the first time ideas of secession have surfaced in Kenya. There was the abortive but bloody Shifta War of the 1960s and, recently, Mombasa Republican Council (MRC) rebellion that faded away for its impracticability and unviability.
       In the neighbourhood, Eritrea parted ways with Ethiopia in 1993 and South Sudan from Sudan in 2011.
                    PAY DEARLY
        The Ethiopian split benefitted Djibouti (which had seceded from Somalia in 1977) as it punished the duo, thanks to their zealous myopia and megalomania. 
       Ethiopia would pay dearly to access the Red Sea through Djibouti for the fear of using the soil it used to call its own. How do you divorce a fertile partner to marry a barren one? As for South Sudan, it is grappling and slogging with finding the way to the sea to export its oil as the infrastructure it helped to build rots away simply because it is owned by the (northern) Sudan that it divorced.
                   NOT THE WAY
         This is not the way to go if Africa is to end its man-made misery and poverty resulting from colonialism and its carry-overs and pointless divisions. The major question—if not a lesson—is: Have these countries achieved their dreams? Look at the former Yugoslavia with its myriad states (though luckier than Africa’s feeble, begging and ridiculous countries because they are European). Compare the disintegrated former USSR to Germany, which was reunified after realising that nothing can come out of disunity.
              RECOUPING POWER
    African sage has it that, united we stand, divided we fall. This is why we cherish and support the EAC, Ecowas, SADC and other regional blocs. They aim at recouping the power Africa lost in Berlin.
      A unified Africa would be such a powerful bloc economically, politically and socially that the international community would not ignore. The United States of America is not strong because it is populated by super-intellectuals: It is because of its unity of over 50 states. So, too, is Canada. Despite its smaller population, it is not strong because it is a nation of geniuses but a confederacy of 10 provinces and three territories.
                TAKE A LEAF
         Kenya can take a leaf from neighbouring Tanzania, the product of the unification of Tanganyika and Zanzibar in 1964 following failure in forging a united East Africa; or Canada, which has always had Quebec. Neither the union of Tanzania nor the confederacy of Canada have always been rosy. They are thorny.But what do they do? They don’t demonise those who dream about secession; they talk with them. The good thing about negotiation is, every argument is countered with an argument, not fisticuffs. Instead of anger and vengeance, Kenyans need to sit at a roundtable and sort out their differences.
Source: Daily Nation Thurs., tomorrow.

Who’s telling truth between Govt and Sumaye?

            Revelations that the government repossessed former Prime Minister Fredrick Sumaye’s two farms were appalling and shocking. Thanks to such revelations, I can smell something fishy that is more than meets the eye.  Sumaye was quoted as saying “I have received a letter informing me that my 326 acre farm has been taken away by the president and I am not allowed to set my foot there.” Other media outlets reported that Sumaye is accused of amassing 800 acres of land while many Tanzanians are living on just trifling parcels. We used to hear about land grabbing in Kenya; and we used to laugh at their leaders for being selfish without noticing that soon ours will follow the same trend.
            Sumaye is entitled to owning land  according to the law.  However, he disowned repossessed farms saying belong to his wife and son. How did Sumaye’s family acquire such farms? Did they use his political sways when he was in power? How many self-serving biggies did like him in this matter; and how many acres were grabbed thereby? Did Sumaye’s kin buy the said farms on his behalf? Sumaye said that “they (the authorities) want me to return to CCM. This is why, they are trying to weaken me, but I will never return.” If truly the target is Sumaye, why did the government confiscate his son’s and his wife’s farms as if it doesn’t know who actually owns the same? Will this make Sumaye kow tow or pooh pooh; and go on with his opposition politics. Is it true that this issue is political or legal provided that in Tanzania land belongs to the government which aims at preventing land grabbing, especially by rich and the high and the mighty?
            To counter Sumaye’s accusations, the authorities came clean averring its move isn’t a witch-hunt or a political gimmick. Minister responsible for Land, William Lukuvi, was quoted as saying that “the government routinely identifies and revokes title deeds of farms belonging to anyone who has failed to develop their land, irrespective (of) their (political) affiliation.” To know who is right and who is wrong, Sumaye repudiated such claims saying that his farms were not staying idle. For, there is electricity on top of 200 cows, goats and other assets.
            Although Sumaye alleged the farms belong to his son and wife, there is something shifty. To know whose farms are, Sumaye gives us the answer as he was quoted from his Facebook page as saying the letter was sent to him to prevent from setting a foot on the said farms. Sumaye does not say the farms repossessed belong to either his wife or his son. Why, if indeed, the said farms are not his? Legally speaking, if those farms don’t belong to Sumaye, he would have told the authorities so instead of accusing of it of a purge. More importantly, Sumaye would have told the rightful owners of the farms to go to court provided that those farms are not his if, indeed, are not his. Does it mean that the government doesn’t know who actually bought the land as registered in land registration if truly Sumaye is telling truth? For those of us who grew up under Ujamaa na Kujitegemea where nobody was allowed to amass such big parcels of land, we still are shocked and dismayed.  Again, are there other farms that Sumaye owns that have not already been dealt with? How many politicians are out there who used their office to amass land like Sumaye?
            What should be done for the country to do away with this form of endemic corruption?
            I propose that  the authorities must audit all farms suspected to have been owned through land grabbing; and thereby gazette all culprits before taking more legal actions so that this can be a good lesson for other that are still at large.
            Like any Tanzanian, Sumaye must be treated fairly; and according to the law regardless of his political affiliations. 
            So, too, Sumaye must sue shall he think that he is illegally and unfairly treated due to his political affiliations or keep quite if he can’t sue.          
            The authorities must deal with other big enchiladas. For, after Sumaye’s farms were confiscated the Chairman of Wami-Lukindo village, Apolinary Kahumba was quoted as saying that “Mzee Mwinyi’s farm have cattle and goats. Regarding its size, I am not quite sure; but it is not less than one thousand acres.” Many would want to see how Mwinyi’s farms are going to be dealt with provided that President John Magufuli said he would not persecute his predecessors regardless the crimes they may have alleged to have committed. These being the case, does it mean that Tanzanians have been living with land grabbing under their nose?
Source: Citizen Wed., today.

Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Kuendelea kumuandama Lissu ni kumfanya maarufu zaidi

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            Ukiachia marehemu Christopher Mtikila, hakuna mwanasiasa aliye hai kwa sasa anayeweza kuwa amekumbwa na msukosuko ya kisiasa kama mbunge wa Singida Mashariki, Tundu Lissu ambaye pia ni rais wa Chama cha wanasheria nchini (TLS) na mwanasheria mkuu wa Chama cha Demokrasia na Maendeleo (CHADEMA). Lissu amejizolea umaarufu kwa kutokuwa mwoga na mweledi wa masuala mengi ambaye amezua mijadala mingi bungeni na nchini kwa ujumla. Naandika makala hii si kwa lengo la kumtetea bali kueleza ukweli ninaoona.
            Hivi karibuni Lissu alikamatwa kwa kudai kuwa ndege ya Tanzania iliyonunuliwa Kanada Bombardier Q-400 imekamatwa tokana na serikali kudaiwa fedha na mkandarasi aliyevunjiwa mkataba. Hili nililijadili kwa utuo wiki jana. Leo nitajielekeza kwenye kwanini serikali haina haja ya kupoteza muda wake na kumpotezea muda Lissu ukiachia mbali kuingilia uhuru wake wa kutoa maoni na kumtesa kwa kumweka ndani bila makosa yanayoingia akilini.
            Kwanza, serikali inatumia visivyo polisi wetu ambao wanafanya kazi na kulipwa kodi zetu ukiachia mbali kuajiliwa kuwalinda watanzania bila ubaguzi wala upendeleo tokana na itikadi ya mhusika. Kuendelea kuwatumia kutaka kuwatisha au kuwanyamazisha wakosoaji ni matumizi mabaya ya kodi za wananchi.
            Pili, litendo hiki kinawajengea uhasama na wananchi hasa wanapoona wawakilishi wao wakidhalilishwa na kunyanyaswa ukiachia mbali kuteswa. Kimsingi, unapomtesa au kumdhalilisha mbunge, unawadhalilisha waliomtuma. Kwani, kila anachofanya, anakifanya tokana na wadhifa huu.  Wahenga wanasema: Mjumbe auwawi. Kwani anachosema si maneno yake bali ya wale waliomtuma.
            Tatu, mbali na hili, kutumika polisi vibaya kunawaondolea imani toka kwa wananchi kiasi cha kuwanyima usaidizi wanapouhitaji kwenye kutimiza majukumu yao. Kwani, wanaowaona kama maadui zaidi ya marafiki na wenzao katika kusukuma gurudumu la maendeleo. Hili tulilishuhudia sikun zilizopita wakati jeshi la polisi likisifika kuwaua wananchi.  Baadhi ya vituo vya polisi vilichomwa sehemu mbali mbali nchini.
            Nne, licha ya kulitumia jeshi la polisi vibaya kutaka kuwatisha na kuwanyamazisha wapinzani, serikali imekuwa ikilidhalilisha. Kwani, kikatiba, jeshi la polisi halipaswi kutumikia au kutumiwa na wanasiasa wala kulalia upande moja. Linapaswa kuwatumikia watanzania bila upendeleo kama ilivyo sasa.
            Tano, jeshi la polisi limeonyesha udhaifu mkubwa kwa kushindwa kuwashughulikia wahalifu kama vile wala rushwa na wengine wanaohatarisha usalama wa taifa kama vile wauza unga. Unashindwa kuelewa; inakuwaje watuhumiwa kama vile wale wa wizi wa Kagoda, Lugumi, EPA, SUKITA na ufisadi mwingine wa kutisha kuendelea kutanua huku jeshi likiwagwaya na kuwaandamana wapinzani kwa vile wanakosoa serikali iliyoingiza taifa kwenye migogoro mingi kama vile ufisadi wa kutisha na majanga mengine kama kughushi ambako siku hizi kumekuwa kukishughulikiwa kwa upendeleo.
            Sasa nini kifanyike? Nadhani kuna haja ya kuwapa elimu ya haki za binadamu polisi wetu ili wajue mipaka na umuhimu wa madaraka yao. Tokana na mbinu ya mkoloni ya kutaka kuwaonea watawaliwa, alizoea kuajiri watu wasio na elimu ya kutosha kama polisi ili awatumie kuwadhalilisha wenzao bila kumuasi. Ni bahati mbaya kuwa kwa sasa tuna wasomi wengi kwenye jeshi la polisi wasioonyesha usomi wao kwa kusimamia haki za binadamu na sheria bila kuogopa kuwahoji wakubwa zao hasa wanapowapa amri zilizo kinyume. Msomi siku zote ni muasi; na hawezi kuburuzwa kirahisi hata kama yuko chini ya yule anayefanya hivyo.  
            Unaweza kuona upungufu katika elimu ya baadhi ya watu wetu pale, kwa mfano, mkuu wa wilaya au mkoa anapowaamuru polisi wamkamate mbunge bila hata kuwasiliana na bunge kama inavyotakiwa na sheria. Hawa wanaofanya hivi, wangekuwa wamepata elimu ya haki za binadamu ya kutosha hata sheria, wangeweza kugoma na kuwakumbusha wakubwa zao kuwa sheria haisemi wanavyotaka wafanye.
            Nitatoa kisa kimoja kilichotokea hapa Kanada kwenye jimbo la Newfoundland and Labrador.  Waziri mkuu (mwanasheria na tajiri) wa zamani wa jimbo hili akiwa anaendesha gari lake la bei mbaya, aliamua kupokea simu akijua ilikuwa kinyume cha sheria jimboni humo. Akiwa hana hili wala lile, alistukia polisi tena mdogo akimsimamisha na kumtaka aweke gari kando. Huyu bwana alijua amevunja sheria. Hakufanya fujo wala kutoa vitisho. Alimuuliza polisi “ofisa, mbona umenisimamisha?” Polisi alimjibu “bwana waziri mkuu unajua kosa ulilofanya.”
            Kwa vile kwenye nchi za wenzetu viongozi ni watumishi wa watu na wanaowajibika vilivyo kisheria, waziri mkuu alimuomba yule askari mdogo amsamehe. Askari alimpa sharti moja kuwa aende kwenye televisheni ya mkoa aombe msamaha na kueleza kosa alilotenda. Waziri mkuu alifanya hivyo na akasamehewa. Yule askari jasiri wala hakufanywa kitu zaidi ya kuwa maarufu na wa kupigiwa mfano. Je ingekuwa kwenye nchi ambapo jeshi la polisi linadhalilishwa kwa kutumiwa na wakubwa wa kisiasa, unadhani waziri mkuu angekubali kusimama wala kuomba msamaha? Kwanza, angekamatwaje wakati kila aendako ana ving’ora na misururu ambavyo huongeza mzigo kwa mlipa kodi maskini tena kwenye nchi zinaishi kwa kuombaomba na kukopakopa? Hapa Kanada, mawaziri huendesha magari yao na hawana walinzi isipokuwa waziri mkuu pekee ambaye ni mkuu wa serikali.
            Tuhitimishe kwa kurejea tulikoanzia. Kuendelea kumsakama na kumakamata Lissu ni kumpa umaarufu na ujasiri wa kuhoji zaidi. Kama alivyowahi kusema mbunge wa Arusha Godbless Lema kuwa kadri unavyowekwa ndani unakomazwa, kuondolewa woga na kupambana zaidi.
Chanzo: Tanzania Daima J'tano leo.

Kijiwe chataka mahekalu yote yaliyojengwa kinyume yapigwa chini

          Juzi kijiwe kilipigwa na butwaa. Ni baada ya mahekalu ya bei mbaya kupigwa chini kule Kimara. Wengi walidhani ni mbavu za mbwa tu zilizokuwa zikipigwa chini kutokana na kilichofanyika kwenye bonde la Mkwajuni ambalo nalo siku hizi halisikiki limefikia wapi. Kweli mambo yanaenda yakibadilika!
            Mgoshi Machungi anayeishi Kimara Mwisho anaingia akiwa mshawasha na tabasamu kuashiria ana jambo lisilo la kawaida. Anaamkua na kuomba muuza ampige na kikombe cha gahawa ili amwage sera. Baada ya kupiga funda mbili tatu anasema “wagoshi, hakika mambo yanaaza kubadiika kayani.” Anakunywa kahawa yake na kutaka kuendelea kabla ya kuendelea Mpemba kumchomekea “yakhe umaanishani kusema mambo kwa ufupi kana kwamba tumo kichwani mwako. Sa hayo mambo yabadilika vipi; hebu eleza uzuri lau tuelewe.”
            Mgosi anajibu “Osie, huna haja ya kunihaakisha. Tuiza boi nikutuize na tikutosheeze.”
Kabla ya kuendelea Mpemba anajibu “yakhe tuheshimiane. Wewe ni wa kudai wataka ntuliza mie! Kwa taarifaako mie naweza kutuliza wewe na familia yako yote tena kwa siku moja.”
            Mgoshi anakula mic “hapa sasa ubaya uko wapi ami. Kama wewe unataka kutuiza famiia yangu, kwanini sikutuize wewe hata ikiwezekana sasa? Basi ngoja nikutuize; utuie. Niiposema mambo yanaanza kubadiika niimaanisha uvunjaji wa mahekau ambao nimshudia kwa macho yaku pae Kimaa wakati nakuja. Jamaa wameangusha mahekau ya mamiioni ya shiingi bia kujai ni ya akina nani. Hii nimeipenda sana.”
            Mpemba anajibu kwa mstuko “kumbe wamaanisha haya mahekalu yaniyoangusha kupita upanuzi wa barabara! Hapa nami nkubaliana nawe. Hata hivyo, naona hili zoezi kama vile la upendeleo yakhe. Kwetu Mikocheni lipo hekalu la yule mchunaji alojipachika cheo aitwaye Geti Rwakatarehe. Hekalu lake, licha ya kujengwa kusiko, lasababisha mafuriko kwani limejengwa kwenye nkondo wa nto. Mbona hili halijaguswa au nto si barabara iniyosafirisha maji kwenda baharini?”
            Msomi Mkatatamaa anaamua kutia guu “kusema ule ukweli, nami naungana na wanaosema kuwa zoezi hili linakwenda ndiyo siyo. Wapo waliobarikiwa wasioguswa kama ilivyotokea kwenye sakata la kughushi vyeti vya kitaaluma au kutumia majina ya bandia kusomea vyuoni ambapo wapo walioadhibiwa na waliobebwa wazi wazi hata baada ya umma upiga kelele. Huyu mama tatanishi ajiitaye mchungaji wakati ni mchunaji na mwanasiasa hawezi kuvunjiwa hekalu lake. Ni muishiwa wa chama twawala. Nani atamgusa?”
            Sofia Lion aka Kanungaembe anamchomekea Msomi “kaka huyu mama mwenzetu we acha. Mara umesahau namna shule zake zilivyokutwa zikitumia umeme wa wizi? Nini kilifanyika zaidi ya magazeti kuandika na kunyamaza? Hivi, unajua biashara anazofanya kidhabi huyu ambaye hupenda kuwadanganya akina mama kuwa anaweza kudumisha ndoa zake wakati yeye msimbe? Kaya hii we acha tu. Mtu analala maskini; na kuamka tajiri; hakuna anayehoji!”
            Mijjinga anakula mic “zoezi hili usiniambie. Kuna jamaa yangu mfanyakazi wa benki aliangusha hekalu pale Kimara. Si nalo limekumbwa na panga la kuporomoshwa na kumuacha akiandamwa na shinikizo la damu.”
            Kapende anakula mic “mie siwaonei huruma walioangushiwa mahekalu au mbavu za mbwa. Kama unajenga sehemu isiyoruhusiwa kisheria unategemea nini? tulizoea utawala usiofuata sheria na kulalamika. Sasa tumepata utawala unaofauta sheria hata kama ni kwa mapungufu kama mliyoeleza, tunaendelea kulalamika! Mie nadhani hata hekalu la huyu manzi mtatanishi na mchunaji litabomolewa kama umma utaamua kushika bango na kuuliza kulikoni badala ya kulalamika.”
            Kabla ya kuendelea Mipawa anampoka mic na kuchonga “nakubaliana nawe. Tumezidi kulalamika kwa mambo ya muhimu na ya hovyo. Kama tunaona haki haitendeki, kwanini tusipige kambi nje ya hekalu na manzi huyu tuone lisirikali litatwambia au kutufanya nini?  Napendekeza kesho tulianzishe tuone nini majibu ya wahusika.”
            Kanji anakula mic “mimi iko uunga kono Pava. Vatu iko lalamika sana. Kama nataka pinduji nenda kwa hekalu ya hii manji na chunaji. Kama sirikali nasindwa bomoa venyeve.”
            Mheshimiwa Bwege anaamua kula mic “siwashauri muende kupiga kambi pale. Cha mno nashauri tuandamane kwenda kwenye tume ya mazingira. Kama watashindwa kutatua tatizo husika, twende kwa mkuu wa mkoa anayejitia kujali matatizo ya mkoa huu tuone kama ataweza kutafuna mfupa uliowashinda fisi. Kimsingi, hapa kuna siasa zinafanyika. Hata hivyo, tokana na kutotabirika kwa dokta wa majipu, uwezekano wa hekalu hili kupigwa chini ni mkubwa. Ni suala la muda tu. Sina shaka. Hata hawa akina Bashite wanaoonekana hawaguswi, ni suala la muda. Bado arobaini yao haijafika. Kesho nitaandika barua kwa mamlaka zinazohusika nione watajibu nini.”
            Mzee Maneno anachomekea “ngoja ngoja bwana? Hakuna cha kujipa matumaini kama mbwa kukalia mkia wakati tukishuhudia upendeleo tena kwa vihiyo. Tunahitaji kufanya kitu kuhakikisha mahekalu youte ya wanene yaliyojengwa kinyume cha sheria yanaporomoshwa haraka.”
Kijiwe kikiwa kinachanganya si akapita mchunaji Getty na hawara yake mpya! Acha tumzomee kabla ya kutokomea mtaa wa Uhuru nasi kuachana naye tusimpe umaarufu wa dezo.
Chanzo: Tanzania Daima J'tano leo.

Sunday, 27 August 2017

Kutwaliwa ardhi ya Sumaye, je kuna unyakuzi wa ardhi?

Image result for photos of fredrick sumaye mashamba
          Baada ya waziri mkuu mstaafu wa awamu ya tatu Fredrick Sumaye kulalamika kunyang’anywa mashamba yake, wengi walishangaa. Hii ni baada ya kujua ukubwa wa mashamba husika na nafasi za mhusika alizowahi kushika hasa ikizingatiwa historia ya mhusika na namna suala la ardhi lilivyokuwa likichukuliwa tangu enzi za utawala wa awamu ya kwanza. Baada ya taarifa hizi kujulikana, wengi walijiuliza maswali mengi bila majibu mojawapo yakiwa; Je ni kweli Sumaye anamilki ardhi kubwa kiasi hiki? Je aliipata tokana na wadhifa wake au kwa kufuata sheria? Je ni vigogo wangapi kama Sumaye walitumia nyadhifa zao kunyakua na kumilki ardhi? Je ni wangapi na ukubwa wa ardhi wanayomilki ni kiasi gani? Je walipata ardhi husika kihalali na kisheria? Je nini kifanyike kuondokana na ubinafsi na unyakuzi huu?  Watanzania wana hamu sana ya kujua ni nani walinyakua; na nani hawakufanya hivyo ili kupima uadilifu na uhalali wao.
            Sumaye alikaririwa na vyombo vya habari akisema kuhusiana na kutwaliwa mashamba yake yenye ukubwa wa zaidi ya hekari 300 ambazo ni nyingi kwa mtanzania wa kawaida asiye tajiri kulingana na kipato chake halali hata kama alikuwa kiongozi Sumaye alisema “Mimi sing’ang’anii hayo mashamba ninachokiomba haki itendeke lakini serikali imeingilia majukumu ya mahakama na kulitwaa shamba wakati kesi inaendelea mahakamani hili jambo siyo sahihi kabisa kwa nchi yenye kufuata utawala bora” Hapa kuna swali muhimu kumuuliza Sumaye. Je aliyapata mashamba husika kwa kuzingatia kanuni za utawala bora zinazomtaka mtumishi wa umma kutotumia mamlaka yake kujinufaisha binafsi kwa mali ya umma? Je Sumaye ameukumbuka utawala bora baada ya kuguswa?
            Kwa waliozaliwa na kukulia chini ya mfumo wa ujamaa wa awamu ya kwanza, watakuwa walistuka na kushuku; kuna mengi hayajajulikana; na yanapaswa kujulikana. Kwani tulizoea kusikia msamiati wa unyakuzi ardhi toka nchi jirani ambayo ilitupa msamiati huu pamoja na ukakasi wake. Japo si vibaya kwa mtanzania kumilkia ardhi kiasi anachoruhusiwa kisheria au kuhitaji, kwa wachache wenye mamlaka kunyakua ardhi yetu, tunapaswa kutokuwa na huruma nao bila kujali uhusiano au ukaribu wetu kwao. Nasema tusiwe na huruma nao hasa tukizingatia kuwa viongozi kama marehemu baba wa taifa Mwl Julius Nyerere alikufa akiwa anafanana na watanzania. Hata ukiangalia utajiri au mali alizoacha ambazo yenye thamani ni nyumba yake aliyojengewa na serikali, utakubaliana nami kwa hili. Inawezekana, ukimuondoa mwalimu, wengi wa viongozi wenye majumba ya kutisha na ya thamani, hawakuyapata kihalali kama tutakokotoa mishahara yao kwa muda wote waliotumikia au tuseme waliotumia umma kwa wale mafisadi kujitajirisha.
            Tokana na kufichuka ukweli huu wa vigogo, tunashauri yafuatayo:
            Mosi, Sumaye atendewe haki au kushughulikiwa kwa mujibu wa sheria sawa na mwananchi yoyote bila kujali mafungamano yake ya kisiasa au msimamo na maoni yake.
            Pili, serikali ifanye ukaguzi kubaini ni vigogo wangapi walitumia mwanya wa kuwa kwenye utumishi wa umma kujineemesha kwa kunyakua ardhi ya watanzania ambayo kisheria iko chini ya serikali ili kuhakikisha na vizazi vijavyo vinafaidia nayo kwa kupewa sehemu yake.
            Sumaye, kama ameonewa kweli, aende mahakamani ili haki ijulikane. Na ikiwezekana, aeleze namna alivyopata ardhi husika ili kuwasaidia watanzania kubaini ukubwa wa tatizo.
            Tatu, kama hawezi kwenda mahakamani anyamaze; na kukubali yaishe.
            Nne, serikali itoe maelezo ya kina kuhusiana na sakata hili huku ikiepuka upendeleo katika kurejesha ardhi  ya umma. Mfano, baada ya kutwaliwa ardhi ya Sumaye, vyombo vya habari viliripoti kuwa rais mstaafu wa awamu ya pili anamilki ardhi kiasi cha hekali zaidi ya 1,000 bil ya yeye kukanusha.  Vyombo vya habari vilimkariri  mwenyekiti wa kijiji cha Wami-Luhindo, Apolinary Kahumba  akisema “Katika shamba la Mzee Mwinyi kuna ng’ombe na mbuzi wengi. Kuhusu ukubwa wa eneo la shamba hilo, sina uhakika sana lakini halipungui ekari elfu moja.Je aliipataje; na serikali ina mpango gani na ardhi hii? Lugha iliyotumika kutwaa ardhi iliyokuwa chini ya Sumaye ni kwamba hakuiendeleza. Kimsingi, kwa sheria za utumishi wa umma, hili lilipaswa kuwa la mwisho. Kwani, muhimu ni kujua namna alivyopata ardhi husika. Nasema hivi kwa kuzingatia kuwa, kama taifa, tutaruhusu kila mwenye mamlaka kuyatumia kupora na kunyakua ardhi ya umma, tutatengeneza bomu ambalo hatutaweza kulitegua huko tuendako. Kwani, wasio na mamlaka, ambao ni wengi nchini, watakosa ardhi baadaye na kuanzisha vurugu.
            Kama asemavyo rais John Magufuli, nitumie fursa hii kuchomekea. Wakati tukiwaandama wanyakuzi wa ardhi, tusiwasahau watuhumiwa wa ufisadi mwingine mkubwa unahohusisha fedha za umma kama vile kampuni ya Kagoda iliyodaiwa kuasisi na kunufaika na wizi wa fedha za EPA, kampuni ya Lugumi inayodaiwa kuibiwa umma mabilioni na utwaliwaji wa iliyokuwa Kampuni ya Usafiri Dar Es Salaam (UDA) iliyotwaliwa kijambazi mchana kweupe bila kusahau walioko nyuma ya jinai hii na wawezeshaji wake. Tukifanya hivi, tutatenda haki kwa taifa; na umma utatuheshimu kiasi cha kupembua pumba na mbegu baina ya malalamiko ya waathirika kama Sumaye na watakaofuatia.
Chanzo; Tanzania Daima J'pili leo.

Saturday, 26 August 2017

Mlevi ataka tanzanite iitwe indianite au kenyanite

Image result for photos of tanzanite
          Juzi nilitaka kuzimia baada ya kujua kuwa kumbe pamoja na tanzanite kuchimbwa Bongo aka Danganyika pekee, inauzwa kwa sana India na Kenya kiasi cha kuwa kaya zinazosifika kuzalisha tanzanite.  Nikiwa zangu jijini New York nilikokwenda kujuana na Katibu Mkuu mpya wa baraza kuu la walevi la umoja wa mataifa; si bi nkubwa akanipiga bomu akitaka nimnunulie kidani cha tanzanite. Kwa vile nilikuwa na uchache wa kubwaga tena dola siyo madafu, niliamua kutia timu kwenye duka moja liitwalo Mickey Mouse’s na kukuta tanzanite bwerere. Baada ya kuchagua kitu nilichotaka na kulipa, nilimuuliza mhudumu mmowapo walikopata vitu hivi vizito na vya bei ya kuua mtu. Bila kujua mie natokea Bongo si akanijibu kuwa inatoka Afrika!
            Je unaweza kuamini kuwa na watasha ni mambumbumbu kama waswahili kudhani kila mweupe ni kutoka Ulaya sawa na watasha kudhani Afrika ni kaya moja? Basi mwenzangu baada ya kujibu hivyo, niliamua kumuuliza: Mbona Afrika ni kubwa na ni kaya zaidi ya 50 je alimaanisha Afrika ipi. Alizubaa kidogo. Kwa vile mtasha si mtu wa kukubali kuzidiwa maarifa na mswahili, aliniomba nimpe dakika tano tu. Sikumkatalia. Aliondoka na kuingia kwenye chumba; na kufungua kompyuta yake.  Mara kalinasa jibu asijue hola!
            Akiwa anatabasamu alirejea haraka; akiwa anajiamini kana kwamba atakachoniambia kingetoa jibu kwa swali langu. Bila kufikiri mara mbili wala kusita alisema “tunaagiza hii kitu toka ima Kenya, au India.” Nilijibu kwa mshangao “Kenya au India!” Mwenzangu alionekana kupigwa na mashangao akidhani kuna kitu si sawa kichwani mwangu. Maana, yeye ameaminishwa kuwa tanzanite inatoka ima Kenya au India lakini si Bongo.
            Kwa vile visimu vya kisasa ni kama kompyuta, nilifungua ki-Samsung 10 ambacho ni toleo lililotoka juzi na wenye simu hizi hawafikii hata kumi Afrika.  Nili-google na kumuonyesha kuwa tanzanite inatokea Danganyika na ndiyo maana ikaitwa hivyo. Alishanga na kutia shaka nilichokuwa nikimuonyesha.
            Kufupisha hadithi ndefu ni kwamba niligundua kuwa kumbe tunapigwa kiasi cha kukosa hata credit kwa kitu kinachopatikana kayani kwetu pekee. Hivyo, tokana na hali hii niliamua niandike ujumbe huu lau wanene wetu wajue wanavyotuhujumu na kutudhalilisha tokana na kutumia makinikia ya akili badala ya akili. Hivyo, leo nitatoa mapendekezo yafuatayo:
            Mosi, kwa vile wanene wetu wameridhia na huduma na ujuha huu, basi tanzanite ima iitwe gabacholinite au cholinite au kenyanite ili tujue hatuna chetu kuliko kuendelea kudanganyana kuwa haya mawe yanapatikana kwetu pekee wakati hatufaidiki nayo. Kupatikana kwetu bila faida kunatusaidia nini?
            Pili, kama wanene wetu wanataka kuepuka aibu ya mwaka kiasi cha kuchekwa na ndege wakati wao wakijiona wajanja basi tuamua kuziba mianya yote inayosababisha mawe yetu yaibiwe na majizi tuliyoyadekeza na kuyajaza kayani lau nasi tufaidike na kuheshimika kutokana na mawe yetu. Nashauri, kama walivyofanya kwenye dhahabu, wafanye hivyo haraka kwa tanzanite.
            Tatu, ufanyike uchunguzi tangu jiwe hili ligunduliwe kujua limekuwa likitoroshwa vipi na nani wanafanya hivyo na wanatumia mbinu gani; na walevi tumeishapata hasara kiasi gani ili tuzidai kaya zinazojidai ndizo wazalishaji wakubwa wa tanzanite wakati ni majizi watupu.
            Nne, tuwaite mabalozi wa kaya husika na kuwapa madai yetu na onyo kuwa kama hawataacha mchezo wanaofanya ima tutasitisha uhusiano nao au kuwafanyia kitu mbaya. Hata hivyo, wakati tukifanya hivi, tujisute; na kubadili mfumo wa kibunga wa kufanya mambo. Haiwezekani sisi tuwe shamba la bibi maisha. Haiwezekani kuhujumu uchumi liwe kosa la jinai kayani kwetu; bado kaya nyingine liendelee kulitenda dhidi yetu; nasi tunyamaze.
            Tano, nawashauri wanene wawasiliane nami niwafundishe namna ya kuwa na hati milki ya tanzanite kama ilivyo kwa dhahabu na du Bears. Hakuna kitu kinaniuma kama kuona kaya za kiafrika zikizalisha madude ya bei mbaya lakini siku zote zinaishia kuwa kama kaya za manyani. Manyani hukaa porini na kuishi na kufa maskini wakati waja wakichuma kila kitu kwenye misitu mali ya manyani. Hatuwezi kuendelea na ukuku, umbwa, ukijiko, usindano na usufuria. Nitaeleza. Kuku huzalisha mayai yenye protini na kuishia kulishwa nafaka hafifu na kavu na anayemwibia mayai yake. Mbwa hulinda mali nyingi lakini siku zote yu maskini. Sufuria huungua kila siku kupika lisile. Na sindano hushona nguo nyingi lakini siku zote iko uchi. Haya si maisha yanayowafaa walevi wa kaya hii tajiri kuliko nyingi hata zile zinazoifadhili. Tukutane wiki ijayo nikotoka kupata kanywaji.
Chanzo: Nipashe J'mosi leo.

Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Here come my new books!

Africa’s Dependency Syndrome
Dimensions216 x 140mm
PublisherLangaa RPCIG, Cameroon

Africa’s Dependency Syndrome

Can Africa Still Turn Things around for the Better?

by Nkwazi Nkuzi Mhango

There are milliards of off beam assumptions that Africa will always remain immobile in development of whatever type. This pseudo take has mainly been propounded by Western thinkers in order to dubiously make Africans internalise and reinforce this flimsy and flimflam dependency. Africa needs to embark on paradigm shift; and tweak and turn things around. Africa has what it take to do so quickly, especially now that new economic powers such as China and India are evolving as counterweight to the West. Shall Africa use these new economic forces to its advantage based on fair and win-win cooperation? To do so, Africa must make sure that it does not slink back into business as usual vis-a-vis beggarliness, dependence, frailty, gullibility, made-up backwardness, monkey business, and pipedreams, not to mention the nasty and narcissistic behaviours of its venal and navel-gazing rulers. Verily, Africa needs, inter alia, to use its God-given gifts, namely, immense resources, young population, abundance of vast and unexploited amounts of land. Equally, Africa must, without equivocation, invest copiously and earnestly in its people, the youth in the main. Most of all, Africa needs to shy away from all colonial carryovers and encumbrances. This volume shows many ways through and by which Africa can inverse the current imbroglio-cum-no-go it faces for the better; and thereby actualise the dream of being truly independent and prosperous.
Book Preview

'Is It Global War on Terrorism' or Global War over Terra Africana?

I am delighted to present my readership the face of my coming book. It is published by Hamilton Books MD, USA.
  •  Hardback | 264 pages
  •  152 x 229mm
  •  University Press of America
  •  Hamilton Books
  •  Lanham, MD, United States
  •  English
  •  0761869727
  •  9780761869726
This tome is 264 pages and addresses various issues major one being the hidden agenda of colonising africa militarily under the ruse of pursuing terrorists.

`Global War on Terrorism' or Global War over Terra Africana?: How Imperial Powers Seek to Occupy Africa Militarily is a long, onerous academic voyage of the demystification and demythologization of the Global War on Terror former US president George W Bush and former UK premier Tony Blair conceived, envisaged and declared for their hidden personal and national interests. It is a hidden and untold story of the other side about the GWOT which is but the GWOTA. Major arguments presented gyrate around the deconstruction; and overhaul of the GWOT so that it can be equally formulated and fought by all nations for the interests of all but not the interests of some as it currently is. Also, the book repudiates the pontification the pontifices maximus of the GWOTA have always made ex nihilo while concealing their drive[s] for perpetually exploiting poor countries. Terrorism is a world phenomenon everybody must fight provided it is collectively agreed, decided and declared for the collective good and interests of the world but not the interests of a few hegemonic countries that usurped the power of declaring who is a terrorist and who is not. Although terrorism is real, the manner it is fought is a little bit knotty. This tome acts as an eye opener and a wake-up call for Africa to start interrogating and excavating the hidden truths about the GWOT chiefly the way it was enacted, declared, presented and now fought with essentialist and controversialist modus operandi and rationale. Other major questions asked and answered are: Why exporting military and military hardware guised as fighting terrorism without underscoring the terror military incursion will, inter alia, cause to Africa especially? If truly the aim of the GWOT is to wage war on terror, why doesn't the West want to empower African armies? Why did the US appoint itself to lead the war conceived and declared without meeting the requirements of the just war or international standards? Why hasn't the world learned from Iraq and Libya whose governments were toppled under the facade of the GWOT? Is it the GWOT or the GWOTA.

Serikali ieleze ukweli kuhusu kukamatwa ndege

Image result for photos of ndege bombardier
               TAARIFA kuwa ndege yetu iliyokuwa itue nchini kutoka nchini Canada ilikonunuliwa imezuiwa kutokana na deni la mkandarasi, zinatia kichefuchefu, kuudhi na kuzua maswali mengi zaidi ya majibu. Mwanasheria Mkuu wa Chama cha Demokrasia na Maendeleo (Chadema) ambaye pia ni Mbunge wa Singida Mashariki, Tundu Lissu, alidai kuwa ndege yetu imeshikiliwa kutokana na
kuvunja mkataba wa ujenzi wa barabara ya kutoka Wazo Hill hadi Bagamoyo baina yake na Kampuni iitwayo Stirling Civil Engineering Ltd inayoidai serikali dola milioni 38 na ushei. Kuna mambo ambayo serikali inapaswa kuyaweka wazi. Je, Kampuni ya Stirling Civil Engineering Ltd ni mali ya nani na kama si kampuni ya Kitanzania iliingiaje nchini au ni yale yale ya PAP, IPTL na madudu mengine? Maswali hayaishii hapa. Je, kwa nini serikali imekuwa kimya na inapoongea inatoa majibu ya kukanganya? Kunani hapa? Mkweli na
muongo ni nani katika sakati hili? Baadhi ya majibu unaweza kuyapata kwa kusikiliza maelezo ya wahusika. Mfano,  Naibu Waziri wa Ujenzi, Uchukuzi na Mawasiliano, Edwin Ngonyani, alikaririwa akisema bila kukiri au kukanusha akisema: “Ninachojua ndege itakuja. Katika makubaliano ilitakiwa ifike Julai, lakini ratiba zao kwa miezi miwili ijayo hadi Oktoba, ndege itakuwa tayari na itakuwa imeshakamilika, ukweli utajulikana baadaye. Wasipoleta watakuwa wame-breach contract (wamekiuka mkataba).” Mbali na Ngonyani, Kaimu Mkurugenzi Mkuu wa Idara ya Habari, Zamaradi Kawawa, alikaririwa akisema: “Serikali ilipata fununu mapema kwamba kuna baadhi ya viongozi wa siasa walikuwa nyuma ya mpango huo na sasa wamejidhihirisha wazi kuwa wao ndio wapo nyuma ya pazia la kuhujumu jitihada za serikali kwa masilahi yao.” Haya si majibu ya suala linaloongelewa. Hata kitendo cha Kawawa kuitisha mkutano wa waandishi wa habari kinazidi kuiweka serikali pabaya. Alikiri kuzuiwa kwa ndege hiyo. Badala ya kutoa ufafanuzi wa kina yeye alijielekeza kwenye kutupa lawama zisizo na mashiko kiasi cha kutia shaka uwezo wake wa kuelewa mambo, ukiachia mbali kuitetea serikali yake. Sijui kama mhusika ana sifa zinazotakiwa kwenye wadhifa wake.
Maana, ukisikia maelezo yake, unajenga shaka. Naye Lissu anasema: “Kampuni ya Stirling ilikubali kuweka masharti nafuu ili Serikali isilipe deni kubwa, lakini serikali yetu ikakataa.” Si Ngonyani wala Kawawa aliyekanusha hili. Je, hapa anayehujumu nchi ni nani kati ya wale  wanaosema ukweli na wale wanaokalia ukweli ukiachia mbali kukalia kesi wakati wakijua madhara yake kwa taifa? Je, hapa nani anaudanganya  umma na kwa nini? Je, kama ukweli utajulikana na tukakuta kuwa kweli ndege imezuiliwa kutokana na kesi husika hawa wanaotudanganya watajiwajibisha au kuwajibishwa? Je, Watanzania watakubali kuendelea kuwa na watendaji wasiowajibika kikamilifu kila jambo linapotokea? Je, watakubali kuwaambia wahusika wawapishe watu wenye kujua umuhimu wao kwa jamii na kueleza ukweli kwa kila jambo lenye masilahi kwa taifa bila kuhofia vitumbua vyao? Napenda nitoe ushauri hasa kwa Kawawa na wengineo walioshiriki kwa namna moja au nyingine kutufikisha hapa tulipo. Wajipime kwa waliyosema na wachukue uamuzi mgumu. Maana, kila kitu kiko wazi. Muongo na msemakweli wanajulikana katika kadhia hii. Nadhani mojawapo ya sababu za taifa letu kuchezewa ni kuwa na watendaji kutojiamini. Hivi Kawawa angekuwa mwanasheria aliyekabidhiwa kushughulikia kesi hii tungetegemea nini? Je, wapo kina Kawawa wangapi kwenye ofisi nyingi na nyeti za umma? Mbali na maswali haya hapo juu, kuna maswali mengine ambayo serikali inapaswa

kuyatolea majibu. Mfano, je, muda wote huu serikali ilikuwa ikifanya au kungoja nini? Je, ni kwanini mkataba husika ulivunjwa? Nani waliingia huu mkataba? Je, nini kifanyike?Nadhani tulivyochezewa kama taifa ifikie mahali itoshe. Hapa lazima tukubali kubadilika haraka vinginevyo tutazidi kuumia bila sababu za msingi zaidi ya ujinga na ubinafsi. Hapa lazima serikali iwasake na kuwawajibisha walioingia mikataba hii ya kijambazi; na wale walioivunja bila kuangalia madhara ya kufanya hivyo. Pia lazima tukiri kuwa mfumo wetu wa uendeshaji nchi si mzuri kwenye maeneo fulani fulani, ni lazima tuubadili kutoka kwenye hali tuliyonayo hadi tunakokutaka. Kila kitu sasa kinategemea jitihada na usongo binafsi vya rais badala ya kuwa na mfumo unaojiendesha bila kutegemea jitihada binafsi. Nimalizie kwa kusema; ushikwapo shikamana; wahenga waliasa. Serikali ya Magufuli haina haja ya kunyamaza au kukwepa ukweli wakati hasara husika ilisababishwa na serikali iliyopita. Ieleze Watanzania kinachoendelea hasa ikizingatiwa kuwa fedha zinazotumika kununulia ndege na ndege zenyewe ni za Watanzania ambao kina Kawawa wanajitahidi kuwaweka sawa. Watanzania wana haki ya kuambiwa na kujua ukweli, kuhoji na kutaka waliohusika na kadhia hii wawajibike  kisheria ili kuwa somo kwa wengine. Hii nchi ni mali yao na si mali ya serikali wala yeyote zaidi ya wao wenyewe. Serikali ya Magufuli haiwezi kubeba lawama zote hasa ikizingatiwa kuwa kadhia hii ilianza kabla ya kuingia madarakani. Hata hivyo, haiwezi kuachwa jumla. Tangu iingie madarakani na kujua kuna kesi kwanini ilikaa kimya au ilichukua hatua gani? Haya ndiyo masuala ya kuangalia ili kuondokana na mazoea ya mafisadi na majizi wachache kuendelea kuuibia umma wa watu wetu maskini. Je, ukweli kuhusiana na kukamatwa kwa ndege yetu huko Kanada?
Chanzo: Tanzania Daime J'tano leo.

Dege let kung'an'ganiwa Ukanadani

          Image result for tundu lissu photos
                   TAARIFA kuwa bomba letu limeng’ang’aniwa kule Kanata zimekichefua kijiwe kiasi cha kuamua kutoa ushauri wa bure kwa sirikali kaya yetu isiendelee kuwa shamba la bibi au kichwa cha mwendawazimu mlevi kujifunzia kunyoa kama ilivyokuwa tangu aondoke mzee Mchonga. Msomi Mkatatamaa anaingia akiwa na jarida la kimataifa la Inquirer. Anaamkua na kulitua jarida kwenye meza. Bahati mbaya hakupata mashabiki wengi kutokana na kuandikwa kwa kimombo. Anakohoa kidogo na kuchonga: “Mnazo habari kuwa bomba letu aina ya Bombardier lililokuwa litue kayani mwezi jana limeng’ang’aniwa na matapeli wa kimatifa tuliowaendekeza huku tukiua wajasiriamali wetu?” Kabla ya kuendelea Mchunguliaji anakula mic: “Unamaanisha lile bomba la Magu siyo? Hapa lazima Magu atumbue waliosababisha kadhia hii kwa kuruhusu matapeli kupata upenyo wa kutula kijinga hivi.” Mpemba anadakia “yakhe jana niliponsikia Tunduni Lissu akikinukisha wallahi nilidhani siasa; kumbe ukweli! Je, nani walisababisha nchezo huu hadi bomba letu likang’ang’aniwa kirahisi hivi au kuna nkono wa ntu?”Mgoshi Machungi anakamua mic: “Mgoshi unauiza chooni kwanuka nini wakati ukijua kaya yetu? Hapa timeishaingizwa mkenge. Kama aivosema Mchunguliaji, tingoje tione kama Magufui atatumbua watu hapa. “Si bue kuna mkono wa mtu hapa. Kwanza, iikuwakuwaje tikaingia mikataba ya kijinga kiasi cha kuuhusu tiiibiwe hivi kama hatina akiii?” Mijjinga anakula mic: “Mie sikushangaa; na sitashangaa wakijitokeza wengine kutufanyia ushenzi kama huu. Waliodhani Tunduni hana data walikosea. Jamaa linajua linachosema. Hukumsikia binti wa Waziri Mkuu wa zamani akifoka akidai watu wasishabikie hasara hii bali walisaidie lisirikali kumaliza tatizo.” Mipawa anakwatua mic: “Tunduni anajua kila kitu. 
Bombardier, Kijiwe chashauri sirikali
Nani alijua kuwa kumbe kaya yetu ilikuwa imeshtakiwa tangu mwaka 2009? Je, kwanini serikali ilikaa kimya hadi mambo yakawa mabaya hivi? Nadhani siku nyingine wakitaka kununua pipa kama hili wasinunue kama sirikali. Badala yake waje kwangu na mzee Mpayukaji watupe njuluku twenda tukawanunulie kama watu binafsi au vipi?” Kapende anakamua mic: “Nadhani huu si wakati wa kulaumiana wala kushabikia bali kuishauri sirikali iache kufanya mambo kitoto. Nashauri ianzishe shirika lake la ukandarasi ili kuziba mianya ya matapeli wa kigabacholi na kimataifa kuendelea kutugeuza nyanya. Kama haitaki hili basi iwape tafu makandarasi wazawa ili wafanye hizi kazi zinazotumika kama uchochoro wa kutupia au vipi?”Msomi anarejea: “Japo wazo lako linaweza kuonekana kama utani, lina mashiko sana. Laiti walaji wetu wasingekuwa wanaendekeza masilahi binafsi, nadhani hili lilipaswa kufanyiwa kazi haraka katika miradi yoyote tutakayoingia kama kaya. Tuwatumie watu wetu hasa wazawa waweze kutuepusha na jinai hii ya kujitakia kutokana na ufisadi na uroho vya kipumbavu.” Kanji anakula mic: “Sasa kama nasema zawa peke yake sisi hapana zaliwa hapa lakini iko 
raia tafanya nini? Fisadi vote ni fisadi; haina zawa au geni. Kwani ile vote nakula juluku ya IptL iko geni tu au gacholi? Iko unga kono wazo ya Kapende lakini nakataa hii ya zawa.” Da Sofia Lion aka Kanungaembe anaamua kutia guu: “Kanji umesema ukweli; ufisadi hauna mgeni wala mzawa ingawa wengi wanaoweza kutuliza kirahisi ni wageni kwa vile hatuna namna ya kuwakamata kama tunavyoweza kuwafanyia wazawa. Hivyo, kuna haja ya kufanya mambo kwa kuzingatia uhalisia na si mazoea.” Kabla ya Sofia kuendelea Mheshimiwa Bwege anaamua kumchomekea: “Da Sofi acha nikuchomekee. Wazo lako ni la maana sana kuwa tusifanye mambo kwa mazoea bali kuzingatia hali halisi. Nadhani unachotaka kumaanisha hapa ni kumtaka bwana Magu abadilishe mfumo wetu wa uendeshaji sirikali badala ya kudhani yeye peke yake anaweza kuleta mabadiliko kwenye mfumo mchovu na mbovu wa kiwizi ule ule japo naye ni sehemu yake. Kama walivyosema waliotangulia, hapa kuna mikono ya mafisadi tena wakubwa na wasioguswa hasa wale anaowakingia kifua asijue watamkwamisha hata kumteketeza. Haiwezekani kesi ifunguliwe 
mwaka 2009 ikae tu bila kushughulikiwa. Je, huu utitiri wa wanasheria tulio nao kwenye lisirikali unalipwa kwa kazi gani kama mauzauza yenyewe ni haya?” Mzee Maneno anaamua kumwaga cheche: “Kaka unasema eti unadhani kuna mikono ya watu. Kuna miguu na mikono na makalio ya wanene hapa bila shaka. Hii ndiyo hasara ya watu kutumia makalio na makinikia ya akili kufikiri badala ya vichwa. Kama Magu atataka kufanikiwa, awavue kinga wapendwa wake na kuwasulubu lau tujue nani alikula nini na nani  alipewa nini na lini? Naunga mkono wazo la kuwawezesha makandarasi wazawa ili watakapovurunda tuwasweke lupango kama kina Rugetumbuliwa na Singatumbua wanaoendelea kuimba kwaya na kina Hasi Kitilia na wengine waliodhani hawawezi kutumbuliwa. Pia asisahau kuachana na ubashiteshite wa kuendekeza mafisadi wa kila aina kama alivyofanya kwenye kadhia ya kughushi.” Kijiwe kikiwa kinanoga si akatokea Tunduni. Acha tumbebe na kumshangilia kabla ya kumpa ofa za kahawa kama heshima ya kunena ukweli ambao wengi wanaogopa kuunena.
Chanzo: Tanzania Daima J'tano leo.

Saturday, 19 August 2017

Je TEF imemgwaya rais kumsamehe mtu wake?

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            Hivi karibuni, jukwaa la wahariri (TEF) lilitoa mpya pale lilipoitangazia dunia kuwa liliamua kumsamehe mkuu mmoja wa mkoa anayesifika kwa vituko kwa vile analindwa na baadhi ya uongozi wa juu nchini. Wapo waliopongeza hatua hii japo walioona hatua hii kama kujijivua nguo kama siyo kujikomba. Wapo waliojitenga na uamuzi huu huku wengine wakiulaani na kuona kama namna fulani ya kujidhalilisha na kuidhalilisha tasnia ya habari.  wanaolaani kitendo hiki wanaona kama TEF wajidhalilisha kwa kumwangukia kigogo huyu mwenye tuhuma lukuki nyingi zikiwa za kughushi vyeti vya kitaaluma na kutumia majina bandia jambo ambalo ndilo chanzo cha mkasa uliomkumba na kumlazimisha kuvamia kituo cha Clouds Tv mwanzoni mwa mwaka huu akikilazimisha kirushe mkanda wa kumchafua adui yake aliyesifika kwa kumuumbua na kumuandama, mchungaji mmoja naye mwenye utata juu ya alivyopata ukwasi wake na mahubiri yake ya kisiasa na yenye kuonyesha wazi kujikomba kwa serikali tawala.
            TEF wawe wakweli. Kwanza, hawakuamua kumsamehe mhusika kama walivyodai. Kwani, kwa walioshuhudia kitendo kilichofanywa na rais John Pombe Magufuli mkoani Tanga alikokwenda kuweka jiwe la msingi la bomba la mafuta toka Uganda akiwana na mgeni wake rais Yoweri Museveni, watakumbuka namna Magufuli alivyomwita mmilki mmojawapo wa Clouds TV na baadaye mtu wake yule na kuwapatanisha. Kwanza, zoezi lenyewe lilikosa mbinu ya kushawishi umma kuwa ulikuwa usuluhishi bali si ulazimishi. Kwani, rais aliibua suala hili ghafla tena kwenye shughuli ambayo haikuhusiana na utatuzi wa migogoro baina ya watu binafsi.
            Pili, kwa hadhi yake, rais hakupaswa kujiingiza kwenye ugomvi usiolingana na hadhi yake. Angemuachia waziri husika amalize mgogoro huu. Tatu, kitendo cha rais kimezidi kumpa kiburi mhusika si kwa wana habari tu bali hata kwa serikali yake kuwa ni mtu asiyeguswa. Je ndoa hii itadumu kwa muda gani? Time will accurately tell yatakapoibuka mengine au kumkingia kifua kutakapozuia mapambano mengine yanayomgusa yeye kama vile kughushi, kujilimbikizia mali na matumizi mabaya ya madaraka. Rais hana uhuru wa kutumia madaraka yake kupendelea au kuumiza mtu yeyote hasa ikizingatiwa kuwa yuko pale kama mtumishi wa umma na si bwana wala mmilki wa taifa.
            Kuwa salama, tunamshauri rais kuviacha vyombo vya habari vimalize migogoro yake. Pia rais hana haja ya kuonyesha anavyojipinga kwa kutawala kwa upendeleo wakati siku zote amekuwa akidai anatawala kwa haki bila kumwogopa wala kumuonea mtu.
            Nne, rais si mahakama na hana haki kisheria kuvishurutisha kufanya baadhi ya mambo kama ilivyotokea kadhia hii tunayoongelea hapa. Kitendo hiki kilionekana kama aina fulani ya kulazimisha kumalizika kwa mgogoro bila kugusa kiini chake. Bahati mbaya sana, kusuluhisha ugomvi wa watu wawili umetumika kama chambo cha kurubuni TEF kujidhalilisha.
            Baada ya TEF Kujidhalilisha wazi wapo wanaoanza kuhoji mambo mengi ambayo hapo mwanzo hayakuwa yakihojiwa. Mfano, wapo wanaodhani kuwa aliyewakosea wanahabarialikataa kata kata kuomba hata msamaha huku akikandia tume iliyoundwa na waziri wa zamani aliyetimliwa baada ya kuunda tume husika kuwa hawakumtendea haki wakati ukweli upo ushahidi kuwa mtuhumiwa alikimbia aliposikia tume ikigonga mlangoni mwake. Hivyo, kwa kujidhalilisha kiasi hiki, TEF wamejenga picha kuwa kuna ukweli uliokuwa umefichwa kuhusiana na kadhia hii nzima jambo ambalo laweza kuwa kweli au la.
             Yafuatayo ni maswali ambayo TEF inapaswa kuyajibu lau kurejesha heshima yake na kukubali kwa jamii nzima na tasnia ya habari:
            Mosi, Je TEF ilishauriana na waandishi wa habari katika kufikia uamuzi wake wa kumfungia na kumfungulia mkuu wa mkoa? Je ni mawazo gani walitoa wadau wa tasnia hii yaliyoifanya TEF kufikia uamuzi huu kama siyo kusulutishwa na rais kumsamehe mtu wake?
            Pili, Magufuli alisuluhisha ugomvi wa mtu wake na mmilki wa Clouds TV lakini si tasnia ya habari. Maana, haiingii akilini rais asuluhishe suala ambalo kimsingi liko mahakamani. Kufanya hivyo ni kuingilia uhuru wa mahakama na wahusika hasa wanaodai kukosewa.
            Tatu, je TEF walishauriana na Baraza la Habari (MCT) kabla ya kufikia uamuzi wake? Je MCTnayo imeridhika na uamuzi huu tata na wa kudhalilisha tasnia?
            Nne, je nani amewapa TEF kuwa wasemaji wa tasnia ya habari wakati kuna MCT?
            Tano, je TEF inawakilisha kweli maslahi mapana ya waandishi wa habari wote au wahariri wachache ambao mmoja wa wahariri, Fumbuka Ngw’anakilala aliwatuhumu kutumiwa bila kupinga wala kutoa maelezo.
            Sita, je shida za wahariri ni sawa na za waandishi wa kawaida wa habari ambao mara nyingi nao huonja makali ya wahariri kwenye taaluma yao?
            Tumalizie kwa kuwataka wana tasnia ya habari kujisimamia na kuendeleza msimamo wao wa hadi haki itendeke. Maana walionyanyaswa si wahariri bali wana habari wadogo wa kawaida. Pia tunamtaka rais Magufuli ajitahidi kutofautisha mambo binafsi na ya umma ukiachia mbali kuacha upendeleo wa wazi ambao unapingana na mahubiri ambayo amekuwa akiyahubiri kila aendako ya haki na usawa. Mwisho, afikie akubali kuwa mtu wake halindiki; na asipoangalia atamchafua na kumuangusha.
Chanzo: Tanzania Daima J'pili kesho.

Kunyonyesha hadharani si aibu wala kosa; ni haki ya mtoto na mama

Katika nchi za kimagharibi kunyonyesha mtoto hadharani ni kosa tena aibu inayopaswa kukemea. Hata hivyo, hali ni tofauti katika tamaduni za Kiafrika. Mama wa Kiafrika hujisikia fahari kumnyonyesha mtoto wake mahali popote bila kujali nani anaona, anaudhika, anapenda au kuchukia. Hivi karibuni kwenye jimbo la Arizona nchini Marekani, akina mama wanaonyonyesha waliamua kukataa aibu na utumwa wa kupangiwa ni wapi wanyonyeshe; na wapi wasinyonyeshe. Waliamua kupiga picha hiyo juu kama ishara ya kupinga ukatili huu kwa mama na mtoto.
           Japo kila mtu ana haki ya kuthamini, kulinda, kutangaza na kutetea mila zake, mengine yamezidi na yanakera. Inakuwaje tunawavumilia washenzi wanaotembea uchi au kufanya vitendo vya hovyo hadharani kama kubusiana lakini hapo hapo tunashindwa kuvumilia watoto na akina mama kupata haki zao? Tafakarini.

Friday, 18 August 2017

Mlevi ataka ashirikishwe mazungumzo ya makinikia

            Siku zinazidi kuyoyoma; bila walevi kujua kinachoendelea kwenye mazungumzo ya kubana watasha watupe uchache wetu wa makanikia tokana na kukosekana kwa umakini kwa watawala waliopita kiasi cha kuruhusu tupigwe na kuliwa mbele na nyuma. Hivyo, tokana na ukimya na usiri ulioghubika mazungumzo haya, Mlevi nimeamua kutaka nishirikishwe kwenye mazungumzo haya tokana na sababu zifuazo:
            Mosi, mimi ni raia wa kaya hii tena mzalendo wa kupigiwa mfano. Sina makando kando kama vile unyakuzi wa ardhi au mali kiasi cha kuhitaji kulindwa na munene nisipelekwe lupango kama wale waliokosa umakini wakaruhusu makinikia na madini kuibiwa kwa miongi zaidi ya miwili. Anayebishia hili atoe ushahidi kuonyesha vinginevyo nimuumbue. Najua wengi watanipinga kwa kusema mie ni mlevi. Kweli nalewa na kuangusha gari. Hata hivyo, siangushi kaya kama washenzi, wazembe na mafisadi waliokosa umakini kiasi cha kuruhusu wapigaji watuibie kwa zaidi ya miaka 20 bila kujali kuwa haya matrilioni waliyoruhusu yaporwe kwa kupewa bakshish na rushwa za peremende yangeondoa kaya yetu kwenye umaskini na uombaomba usio na ulazima.
            Pili, mimi ni mtaalamu bobezi wa masuala ya utatuzi wa migogoro yaani Conflict Resolution. Nina shahada tatu katika fani hii ambazo nilizipata ughaibuni bila kughushi wala kutumia vyeti vya wengine. Japo huwa sijisifu, nimewahi kuitwa hata majuu kuwapa shule juu ya mgogoro wa nyuklia unaoendelea baina ya kaya za magharibi na dogo Kim Jogging Un. Hata kwa jamaa zetu kwenye kaya ya man eats man wameishanitumia mwaliko kwenda kuwasaidia kwenye mkwamo uliotokana na uchakachuaji uliopita. Soma taratibu. Kwani hii ni top secret kama mazungumzo ya makinikia.
            Tatu, mimi nimesomea, kuoa na kuishi majuu. Hivyo, nawajua watasha vilivyo; nao wananijua na kuniheshimia. Siwapapatikii wala kuwagwaya kama jamaa zangu walioachia kila kitu wazi kaya ikabakwa wakaliwa kwa miaka 20 na ushehe. Nakumbuka; hata thesis yangu ya PhD ilikuwa How to Mitigate; and Deconstruct the Causalities of Resource-Based Conflict in Uswekeni Countries: The New Scientific Approach of Doing Away with Protoctracted Conflicts and Rip off-sitatafsiri kwa vile nitaharibu utamu. Kama hutaelewa basi ujue unahitaji kurejea shule lau uwe makali ujuzi na ujuaji wako. Hivyo wanaodhani mimi ni kihiyo au kibashite washindwe na kunyong’onyea. Kwa taarifa yenu, kama siyo kubanwa na masharti ya shahada hii ya uzamivu ya kuandika kurasa zisizopungua 500, nilipanga kuandika kurasa 5,000 ili kuweka rekodi ya kuwa daktari mwenye andiko kubwa kuliko yote ulimwenguni.
            Nne, mbali na kuwa mtaalamizi wa mambo ya usuluhishi migogoro, ni mwanasheria bobezi mwenye shahada mbili za sheria kwenye masuala ya torts au sheria ya makosa inayoshughulikia makosa ambapo baadhi ya watu wamehujumiwa au kudhulumiwa kama kaya yetu ilivyofanyiwa. Hivyo, nina silaha nyingi mbali na umakini wangu za kuweza kuikoa kaya hii toka kwenye makucha ya wachukuaji waitwao wawekezaji na vyangudoa wao wa kiuchumi na kimaadili.
            Tano, nataka niunganishwe kwenye timu ya kujadiliana na watasha kutokana na kuwa na wasiwasi kuhusiana na usiri uliozunguka zoezi zima. Usiri wa nini kwani makinikia ni mali ya wanene au walevi? Mpaka naandika, sijui wanaoshiriki, taaluma, viwango vya elimu na uzoefu walivyo navyo, na kiasi cha uzalendo unaoweza kupimwa na historia za utendaji wao katika masuala ya kikaya na umma kwa ujumla.           
            Sita, pamoja na ulevi wangu sugu, mie ni bonge la mtu makini ambaye umakini wangu hauna kifani. Kwani natumia akili zangu na makinikikia yote kwa umakini zaidi. Fikiria nalewa kila siku lakini sijaachana na bi mkubwa tokana na umakini huu. Ukitaka kujua nimaanishacho wachunguze walevi wasio makini ambao mara nyingi huishia kupeana talaka ukiachia mbali kuwa watumwa wa nyumba ndogo. Mbali na hilo, mimi si rahisi kuhongwa; kwa vile sishobokei ukwasi na anasa za dunia. I am my own man with exceptional probity. Tokana na umakini huu, naamini nikishirikishwa kwenye mjadala wa makinikia, kwa vile unahitaji umakini, naweza kuokoa kaya yetu ikaheshimika na kutajirika hakuna mfano.
            Saba, nataka nishiriki ili niwe natoa mrejesho wa mazungumzo kwa walevi huku nikiwapa majina ya washiriki wa pande zote ili nao lau wapate picha kamili ya kinachoendelea. Pia lazima niwatonye walevi mazungumzo yanakofanyika ili mambo yakienda ndivyo sivyo watie timu na michupa yao na kuadhibu watakaokuwa wanazembea au kutetea maslahi binafsi.
            Kwa vile hili halitawapendeza wapenda kuficha mambo ya umma, najiandaa kwenda kwa pilato kama watanitolea nje. Tuonane wiki ijayo na yajayo.
Chanzo: Nipashe J'mosi kesho.