Liberal Peace Conflict, Gender, and Peacebuilding

Liberal Peace Conflict, Gender, and Peacebuilding

Thursday 30 April 2009

Power Sharing Deals: Africa’s Anathema

When Kenya cascaded into purgatory following disputed elections, hundreds of innocent people were butchered and displaced, thanks to tribal hatred. Kenya’s ever robust economy was pulled back.Myopically, the world attributed this carnage to tribal hatred in Kenya.

Tribalism has never been Kenya’s problem. Instead, corruption and hunger for power are. I once wrote how Nairobi’s rich suburbs do not know tribe but income. The same way, slums accommodate every pauper regardless of his or her community. So whether you are a Kikuyu, Luo or Kalenjin does not count when it comes to where to live.

We still remember how former UN Secretary General Koffi Annan faced a Solomon case in Kenya before he ushered the power sharing pill in. After Annan’s magic bullet worked, Odinga was sworn in as Prime Minister. Many wrongly thought that this would bring Kenya’s troubles-cum-imbroglio to an end. Sadly though, we horribly overlooked and underestimated the problems. One year down the line, nothing substantial has been attained so to speak. Squabbling and bickering are still the order of the day.

This means Annan’s proposal was either inefficient or has been ditched. Recently, Kenya witnessed the felling of innocent Human Rights activists. Sadly, nobody was apprehended! Those that catalyzed tribal killings have never been prosecuted! Why? The government is inept or in bed with some, if not all of them. The game is a foot on who should take which portfolio and other nonsense!

Vampiric scandals such as Goldenberg, Anglo-leasing are still under the carpet as the Kibaki-Odinga marriage of convenience proves to be a hoax and burden to Kenyans.

If you ask a common Kenyan whose elections were rigged, his or her evaluation of the power sharing thing, s/he will give you a negative one. They’re in a pickle. How can one tell otherwise if time and money are wasted on power struggles instead of discharging duties? They even don’t know who won and who lost. To them, the loser is a common man in the street and winners are those monsters enjoying all trappings and fanfaronades from their goons.

If Odinga meant to serve the people ( he’s never served them), after finding that Kibaki is indifferent, he’d have gone back to the same people to report. He’d have abandoned the hurriedly cobbled outfit they call the 'grand coalition' government.

Methinks, when the power sharing pact was entered, what was meant was nothing but serving Kenyans. Sadly though, instead of dealing with how to deliver, the two folks supported by their stooges are tearing the country down. So, looking at how things are working in Kenya, power sharing is but an anathema. It is like finding yourself between the rock and a hard place.

Another country that evidenced the power sharing wand this year is Zimbabwe. Two arch-foes -president Robert Mugabe and PM Morgan Tsvangirai sealed the covenant of working together. Has it worked? Just like Kenya, the difference is the same. Zimbabwe is still grappling with unemployment, poverty, corruption and such. The common man is totally betrayed. Do you know that life in Somalia (a failed state) is better than life in Zimbabwe?

Power sharing is an ideal idea for power hungry monsters we call leaders to loot and self seek. To such cabal of vampires, justice is to be in power but not efficient service delivery.

Africa has come a long hard way. Before this anathema-power sharing was devised, the barrel of the gun used to be the means for power hungry monsters. We saw Yoweri Museveni ( Uganda ) Meles Zenawi ( Ethiopia ), Jonas Savimbi ( Angola ), Paul Kagame ( Rwanda ), Pierre Nkurunzinza ( Burundi ),Laurent Kabila (DRC) and others coming to power by the barrel of the gun.

After some of them overstayed in power, we wrongly thought that the current monsters supported by hoi polloi opposing them would be a solution. Nay! They are all the same. To me whoever does not fight graft and listen to the electorate is as good as any power hungry monster.

That power sharing has proved to be an abracadabra, what should Africa do? The hoi polloi should stop allowing themselves to be used by power barking mad monsters. Instead of pinning hopes onto a wrong horse, people must agitate for real changes. They must use the same popularity they rendered to their traitors in question to oust them as they strengthen democratic institutions such as the constitution. With civic disobedience, no looter can rule any hank of land in Africa .This is but a new and sure way forward.

Those laboring under tribal, nepotism, regional malady and such should forget. Miseries resulting from corruption and political predatory do not know one’s community or region. Importantly, why should your blood and sweat be used to oil the cog our looters use to attain their heinous interests-power and its trappings?

Africans must secure their place in decision making by supporting sound democratic institutions instead of individuals. Instead of fighting for whom you call your leader, fight for transparency, empowerment of the majority and sound constitutions. Experience has shown that those we mistake to be our leaders are but power-hungry monsters that can shack up with whoever assures them to eat with them.
Source:The African Executive Magazine April 29,2009.

What are these ministers up to?

THE other day I was at a pub quaffing liquor when the radio announced the rants of two ministers. They are thundering at Reginald Mengi for committing a sacrilege - touching the untouchable ’fisadis.’

Firstly, I thought liquor was taking its toll on my upstairs. I, thus, tried to ignore the whole brouhahas and bugaboos thinking it were but ’njaa.’ But when the morning papers quoted these winos, I decided to send them these salaams.

You know what. It needs the courage of the mad. Who could believe that ministers of the same power-that-be could dress themselves down by standing by and with the fisadis as opposed to wananchi?

What fancy pants! Mr President, though you are left with a few days in office before the next poll, fire these guys. Records show they have always been chewing what they cannot swallow.

Going back to this despicable act, my heart asked me: Does it mean the ’fisadis’ are now hiring ministers to intimidate and ultimately silence us? Do they know they’re enjoying all those yum-yum, thanks to our taxes? In law, the conspirator is as guilty as the doer.

Let’s look at it the other way. Why ministers always keep mum when it comes to pressing matters such as smoking out ’fisadis’ but the same jump into the bandwagon of defending them? Once a ’fisadi’ always a ’fisadi.’ Jesus once said: ’’You’ll know them by their fruits.’’ And verily he added: ’’The one that's going to betray me is the one with whom I share the table.’’ And, indeed, Judas Iscariot did! How many ’Judas Iscariot’ do we have out there.

There’s this tendency of misconstruing and misuse of law. One of the said heartless ministers said. ’’How can Mengi judge whilst he is not the court’’? Folks, what is wrong up there? Mengi did not judge. He cannot be such goon. He reported what he knows would add up to President Jakaya Kikwete’s calls that we give him the names of sharks so that he can deal with them as we did in albino indiscreet killings. Were we court to do the same as we were asked by the same government? ’Huu nao ni ufisadi’ of its kind so to speak.

One thing dresses down all those ’fisadis’ defending their colleagues. When one of the alleged sharks, Jeetu Patel, was approached by the media to reciprocate, he said: Mengi has constitutional right to say whatever he deems fit. If the alleged person sees it this way, what gears you to defend the person whose defence has already been heard.

Rostam Aziz said: ’’ is illogical to argue with Mengi.’’ In other words, he had nothing to dispute. As for Yusuf Manji, he said Mengi is not civilized as if what was disputed was whether Mengi is civilized or not! If the alleged persons are looking into and taking the matter that way, where do these ministers scoop their standpoint? Who sent them?

The other minister said Mengi is abusively using his media empire to demolish others! What bullshit. What should he use if politicians can use their parties and ministers their office that belong to wananchi? For these myopic ministers, nobody has the say except politicians! This country does not belong to politicians but Tanzanians in the first place.

If others can use their media empire to trash Mengi why shouldn’t he use his to fight graft instead of condoning it as others do? Mengi founded his media many years ago. Others found them to see to it that their masters are wheeled in power so as to defend and feed them. Refer to Dr Harrison Mwakyembe who contended that Rostam got his thanks to EPA monies by the way of Kagoda. Who is wrong in this case ’waheshimiwa’?

Let me emphasize it. Mengi is not stupid to usurp powers that he knows belong to the so-called extra debito judiciae or the fountain of justice. My foot! Mengi has never been such a charlatan like several everyone can name, so to speak.

If the said ministers stand to what they said, chances are fisadis’ money is at work believe me! If any sane person can accuse Mengi of wrong doing by helping the government to get the sharks it’s always ask wananchi to bring forth, this person must either be one of them or working for them. If Mengi can use his media to fight graft so be it even if this means to offend fisadis - like those erroneously accusing him of wrong doing for taking on ’fisadis’.

I just can't understand yet. How can a minister whose government has always made us believe is fighting corruption jump into the bandwagon of cheerleaders and conspirators? Why should we turn our country into that of the frogs? You know what happened when frogs misbehaved? God punished them heavily as they found themselves choosing between a stock and a stork.

I still can't believe that some ministers supposed to be geared by the spirit of serving their country were, instead, driven by their stomachs and their master fisadis. Let the guys defend themselves. For those that want to defend them, do it in the right manner. Let the lawyers defend them shall they prefer to institute charges against Mengi.

Joji and Sofi, what's wrong with you before whom everything was put in the agora that the sharks are almost behind all stinking ulaji? Does it mean you're the ones I said the other day, that prefer to use Indians simply because they're easy to get rid of and repatriate?

Let me wrap up this way. Being a minister does not make you a god or a person who knows all. Importantly, one can be a minister and still be ignorant and corrupt as it happened to others whose offices were used to burn our fingers.

Those who shack up with fisadis should put up or shut up instead of dreaming about dictating our wars against graft. Otherwise, ’mmechemsha’ though you say Mengi is the one who boiled down. It�s you and shame on you.
Source: Thisady April 29. 2009.

Kwa siri hizi za li-government nitajinyonga

WASOMAJI wangu wapendeka na waheshimika,
Huu unaweza kuwa waraka wangu wa mwisho kama mambo yataendelea hivi. Msiposimama kunitetea, nitajinyonga kuepuka kifo cha ghasia za hawa wahuni.

Katika pita pita zangu juzi, nilinunua vitumbua kwa mama Msoto pale jirani. Hamadi! Kumbe alifungia vitumbua siri za Lisirikali! Ngoja nikuibie kidogo chanzo cha mauti yangu. Kwa juu karatasi zimeandikwa, “Li-governnement top secrets and confidential. When you see this, commit suicide and don’t show them to akina Silaha”.

Soma taratibu wasisikie. Ndani kuna siri nyingi mojawapo, EPA, Richmond , wizi wa kura, ajira za kujuana (refer to Shemeji Hawa mwenye Ghasia et et et yada yada) shehe Abullah mfalme-ardhi), Mzindikaya hunting blocks Khatibu, UBT ulaji.

Baada ya mama wa Ghasia za hawa kutishia kumfishia lupango Dokta Will-upana Silaha kwa kuiba na kutoboa siri za nchi, Mpayukaji nilijikuta nonihino ndogo ikinitoka bila kujua!

Kwanza, nililaumu tabia ya kupenda vitumbua na kuwaka kwangu. Kwani, ningekuwa kama wao nakula bure kwenye mahoteli ya kitalii nisingeona balaa hili. Sasa tazama niko usoni mwa mama Hawa wangu wa ghasia akiapa kuninyongelea mbali ili mambo yao yasijulikane!

Najua atasema mimi mwizi wa siri? Mijitu mingine kwa kupenda ghasia na ufyatu, kwanini niibe siri badala ya fweza? Kwanza , siri utamuuzia nani iwapo watu wanapanga mikakati ya kuiba na kuuza kura kwa ajili ya kula? Siri zenyewe wizi mtupu! Hebu angalia wizi unaoitwa siri. EPA, Richmond , Kiwira, Deep Green Finance, ANBEN, grand project between CCM and Richmond bogus pipeline to KG and MZ. Naona kinyaa.

Kama mbaya mbaya. Kabla ya kujinyotoa roho lazima nihakikishe makabrasha haya ya siri za Lisirikali namkabidhi Silaha. Yeye kachaguliwa na walevi kuwawakilisha. Hivyo, hatishwi na kiumbe yeyote hasa yule anayemwakilisha shemeji yake Njaa kaya. Loo! Nshalikoroga! Kumbe na hii siri tena ya Lisirikali!

Mama wa ghasia akijua najua alipewa ulaji kwa sababu ni shemeji yake jamaa atanifanyia ghasia kabla ya kuninyotoa roho. Tena alivyoshirikiana na yule mama simba si ndiyo basi nitanonihino kwenye kaptula kabla ya kufikishwa majilini.

Ngoja nifikirie kwa mara ya mwisho. Hivi anayeiba siri na anayeiba EPA, Richmond, IPTL, ANBEN, Fosnik, Kiwira na mabilioni mengine mengi, nani anastahili kunyongwa? Kwanini tufanyiwe ghasia na hawa vibaka na mibaka wa mchana jamani?

Mbona kijiwe cha Dom kimegeuzwa nepi hivi? Yaani majizi yanatishia watu wema mchana kweupe na serikali inaangalia tu! Hivi kosa langu ni kujua siri kuwa wao ni wezi waheshimiwa wakubwa wachuuzao roho za watu au kununua vitumbua na kupata siri zao?

Kumbe hawa wavivu wa kufikiri kama alivyojisemea na kutenda Tunituni na Anna Tamaa siyo!

Kwa nini mama wa ghasia anataka kutufanya wote majuha kama yeye? Mbona siri anazodai ni siri kwa usalama wa taifa ni kwa ajili ya kulibomoa? Siri gani wizi na ubabaishaji mtupu?

Hawa kweli wasohaya wana mji wao wa ghasia! Ghasia za huyu mama zimenikumbusha utumbo wa Bill Ngereja aliyesema eti siri za wizi hazipaswi kutoka nje hasa kuhusiana na Wawekechukua. Kwani zinaweza kuvuruga biashara hii ya wizi na uuzaji wa mali na roho za walevi. Yaani wizi maofisini ni siri kweli wakati tunaona migari na mijumba yenu? Hivi siri ya kuficha mapesa nje ya akina Chenga na Idrishi nayo ni siri kweli?

Ngoja niangalie kabrasha hili la mikataba ya ujambazi na uchukuaji kuhusu madini. Inasema. Cha juu 10% uchaguzi 5% kusomesha vitegemezi vyetu 2% na mengineyo kama kuchangia kiama 25%.

Du! Jamaa inakomba kweli kweli! Yaani hata kulea vitegemezi vyao ni siri za Lisirikali!

Alaa kumbe! Wao wanauza watu kusomesha vitegemezi vyao kwa kula 10 percent. Kwanini wanyonywaji wanaohenyeka kwenye maofisi yao ya gharama yanayolipiwa na kodi zetu wakishuhudia kufuru zao nao wasinyake kitu kidogo wakawavujishia siri akina Silaha? Sasa mimi nampelekea Silaha bila hata ya kukatiwa chochote ili naye awalipue tuone. Huenda walevi wanaweza kuamka na kuwapiga kibuti au kuwafanyia ghasia kama mama hawa wanavyotufanyia.

Hawa hawajui hii kaya ya kitu kidogo na ten percent. Sasa tuone mpambano huu kati ya kitu kidogo na ten percent utawastua vipi walevi kushika patamu baada ya mafisadi kupang’ang’ania.

Kwa vile mama Maghasia kasema asiye na kinga atanyongwa, basi nitajinyonga mwenyewe baada ya kamkabidhi Silaha hizi siri nzito. Najua hana kinga wala hirizi. Yeye kinga ya nini wakati si kibaka kama Mkapaa?

Yes yes! See? Nimegundua kwa nini Silaha haogopi ghasia na taka taka yoyote. Kinga yake ni walevi waliomchagua kuwawakilisha! Yeye amechaguliwa. Hajaingia kwa mgongo wa shemeji au mafisadi wala takrima. Yeye kijogoo wa siasa asiyeogopa ghasia wala simba wala Njaa kaya. Yeye si kuku wa kufugwa na shemeji akila vya bure kwa kuwaibia walevi. Yeye ni kanga wala si kondoo bali mbwa mwitu.

Kwa vile nimeishatoboa siri nyingi za Lisirikali na zinasema atakaye fanya hivyo ama ajinyonge kabla ya kufanyiwa ghasia au kufikishwa kwa pilato, lazima niandike wosia wangu.

Ndugu zangu walevi, walevi wenu wakubwa nao ni hovyo kama nyinyi. Wanawaibia kwa vile nyinyi ni walevi wa pombe za kienyeji. Nao wanalewa lakini pombe za wazungu waendako ulaya kukagua ulaji wao na kusaka njuluku nyingine kwa kuwatumia nyinyi.

Sisi tumejitoa mhanga kuwaletea siri zao ili mzitumie lau kuwanyima kula. Basi tunashauri msituangushe. Mkifanya hivyo mtajimaliza wenyewe. Heri yetu tunaojinyonga kuliko nyinyi mnaonyongwa. Je lipi bora? Kunyongwa kwa kukataa kunyonywa au kunyongwa kwa njia ya kukubali kunyonywa ukinyongwa taratibu? Ila mjue, mwisho wa yote ni kifo. Ila kifo cha heshima ni bora kuliko cha fedheha.

Mpayukaji hamtaniona tena. Nawashaurini kila mkiimba nyimbo za ukombozi na kusali litaje jina langu kwa ukumbusho wangu. Msikubali kutawaliwa na ghasia ila msikubali ghasia kuwatisha.

Baba yenu sina tunu ya kuwapa zaidi ya kuwaamba mjikomboe kwa herufi kubwa. Kateni mikatale. Siri mnazo. Kazi kwenu kuzitumia kuwavua nguo hata wawatishieni na ghasia. Fanyeni hivi kwa ukumbusho wangu ambaye damu yake imemwangika kwa ajili ya ukombozi wenu na vizazi vijavyo.

Nachukua kitanzi na kukifunga na kuongea na wasomaji wangu nikisema, twaeni nchi yenu mle na kunywa wote kwa ajili ya ondoleo la umaskini. Na iwe hivyo.
Chanzo: Tanzania Daima Aprili 29, 2009.

Monday 27 April 2009

Majibu ya mafisadi kwa Mengi tosha kujua ukweli

Haitakuwa haki kuanza makala haya bila kumpongeza kwa dhati Mwenyekiti wa makampuni ya IPP, Reginald Mengi kwa ujasiri na uzalendo wake. Ameonyesha hili kwa maneno na matendo siku zote.

Katika watu walioweka historia safi na ya pekee katika kupambana na ufisadi nchini hivi karibuni, Mengi amevunja rekodi. Amejitenga na unafiki na woga wa kuogopa kuwakabili mafisadi ambao wamekuwa wakiliibia taifa kwa miongo.

Aliwataja Rostam Aziz, Yusuf Manji, Jeetu Patel wa EPA, Tanil Somaiya na Subash Patel kuwa mapapa wa ufisadi nchini ambao kimsingi ni kikwazo cha maendeleo ya walio wengi.

Tofauti na wanasiasa tena wenye nafasi na majina, Mengi ameepuka unafiki kujifanya mambo ni safi wakati hali ni tete. Amekwenda mbele hatua mia na kutaja majina. Waingereza huita hii to call a spade spade. Licha ya kutaka uzalendo na mapenzi makubwa kwa taifa, hakika alichofanya Mengi, licha ya kuhitaji ujasiri na kujitoa mhanga, kimetoa somo kuwa kumbe tukiamua inawezekana.

Kati ya wote waliotajwa, hakuna aliyekuwa akisumbua vichwa vya watanzania kama Rostam Aziz ambaye anasemekana kuwa nyuma ya Kagoda na Richmond . Vita aliyoanzisha Mengi huenda inaweza kuikomboa nchi yetu kutoka kwenye makucha ya wezi wa kigeni wanaomilki na kuchezea uchumi wetu watakavyo kutokana na kuwa na mawakala wao serikalini.

Kitu kilichomvutia mwandishi ni majibu mepesi yaliyo karibu na kukiri ya watuhumiwa watatu. Ukiangalia majibu yao , licha ya kukwepa, yanaonyesha wazi wasivyo na la kujibu bali kujibaraguza wakidhani watanzania ni mataahira. Na hakika hii licha ya kumpandisha Mengi chati, ni ushahidi kuwa madai yake ni ya kweli na hivyo kama watapanga kumhujumu kwa njia yoyote, umma basi usimame nyuma yake. Kwani vita hii si kwa faida yake tu bali taifa.

Alipohojiwa na vymbo vya habari nini majibu yake kwa tuhuma za Mengi, Rostam Aziz alitoa majibu ya ajabu kama ifuatavyo: “Mengi amejaa chuki, wivu na fitina. Sina cha kumsaidia isipokuwa kumuombea Mungu ili amsaidie kwa kumpuuzia hayo maana ni adhabu kwa nafsi yake mwenyewe. Kwa malezi niliyopata, siwezi kubishana na mzee.”

Hivi kweli kuna uzee au malezi kwenye jinai? Mengi awe na fitina na chuki kwa Rostam kwa lipi? Kama ni hivyo basi kila mtu ana chuki naye tena bila sababu. Hata alipotuhumiwa na Dr. Harrison Mwakyembe kuwa ameanzisha vyombo vyake vya habari kwa pesa za EPA alizoiba kutumia Kagoda, Rostam aliishia kujikanyaga kanyaga kama alivyofanya kwa Mengi! Umefika wakati wa serikali kumshughulikia na kuacha kumlinda. Kwani mazingira yanaonyesha Rostam ni nani katika wizi wa Kagoda na Richmond .

Hata alipotuhumiwa na mwanasheria Bhyidinka Michael Sanze kuwa yuko nyuma ya EPA hakukanusha. Hata alipotuhumiwa na Ibrahim Msabaha (Bangusilo) waziri wa zamani aliyetimuliwa sambamba na waziri mkuu wa zamani Edward Lowassa na wengine kutokana na kashfa ya Richmond . Msabaha alimueleza kama ‘mwarabu’ wa waziri mkuu.

Hata alivyotajwa na baadhi ya vyombo vya habari aliishia kunywea na kutafuta waandishi uchwara kumtetea kwa kuwaandama anaowaona maadui zake. Kimsingi Rostam anapaswa kubanwa aseme ukweli ukiachia mbali kuchunguzwa na waliomzunguka hata waliomo serikalini au chamani.

Ukija kwa Manji aliyetuhumiwa kuibia umma kupitia NSSF alipokopa pesa na kujenga majengo na kuyauza kwa bei ya kulangua kwa NSSF ile ile. Yeye, kama Rostam naye alitoa majibu ya kukata tama. Alikaririwa akisema, “Mengi... (si mstaarabu), biashara zake zimemshinda ndio maana anazungumza ovyo.”

Hapa issue si ustaarabu wa Mengi bali anayosema ni kweli au la? Swali rahisi tu. Lakini angejibu nini wakati kila kitu kiko wazi?

Naye Jeetu Patel gwiji wa wizi wa EPA alikuwa na haya ya kusema, “Hayo ni matatizo yake, amewaita waandishi kuzungumza nao... sikumsikia lakini ninachoweza kusema ni kwamba anatumia uhuru wake wa kujieleza.”

Huyu angesema nini wakati anajulikana alivyosaidiana na wenzake kutengeneza makampuni feki na kuliibia taifa?

Kimsingi watuhumiwa wote hawana la kusema. Na kama siyo mamlaka kuwafumbia macho, walipaswa kuchunguzwa zaidi. Na mengi yangefumka yasiyojulikana hata idadi kuongezeka. Maana ufisadi wao unafanyika kimduara. Umefika wakati wa kulikomboa taifa.

Cha muhimu sasa ni kwa watanzania kuanza kuchukua hatma ya uchumi na nchi yao . Kwanini nchi yetu imegeuzwa No man’s land ambapo wageni hasa wahindi wanaweza kuja na kujichotea watakavyo? Inatisha kuona wanamiliki karibu uchumi wetu wote, nyumba za msajili, wanapewa tenda karibu zote za maana, wana uraia wa nchi nyingi wakati sisi tunakatazwa, na sasa wameingia kwenye siasa ili kulinda uchafu wao.

Kila wakiguswa wanasema wanchukiwa na kubaguliwa. Kuna watu wabaguzi kama wao? Mbona wanapopendelewa na kuruhusiwa kuibia taifa hawasemi wanabaguliwa? Mtu kwao. Nani anaweza kwenda India au Iran akamilki uchumi wao?

Tangu waletwe na mkoloni kutudhoofisha, wemekuwa wakiwatumia wakoloni weusi kuendelea kufanya kazi hii.

Wengi watajiuliza kwanini mafisadi wetu wanapenda kuwatumia wahindi. Kwanza ni rahisi kuwafukuza mambo yakichacha kama ilivyotokea kwa Chavda. Pili, wanasifika kwa fitina na kujikomba. Yao ni divide and rule.

Hatuchukii wageni katika nchi. Lakini mgeni anapofikia kumwambia mwenye nyumba toka kitandani nilale tena na mkeo. This is but too much.

Hivyo basi, kuna haya ya kuanza kuishinikiza serikali iwashughulikie mafisadi hawa ukiachia mbali umma kuanza kudai uzawa kama alivyowahi kusema Idd Simba wakamfanyia mizengwe.

Pia kuna haja ya kuangalia uhamiaji wa holela na rushwa ambapo wahindi wamekuwa wakiingia na kutenda jinai watakavyo na kuondoka. Rejea kutoroka kwa yule mhindi wa rada na hata Chavda.

Tulipigania uhuru ili kuwa huru siyo kuwa wanyonywaji.

Mwisho, kama Mengi atadhurika, sina shaka wakati wa Mtikila wa magabacholi utarejewa kwa uzito unaostahili. Huu ndiyo wakati wa kupambana na ufisadi kwa vitendo na siyo maneno.
Chanzo: Kulikoni Aprili 27, 2009.

Friday 24 April 2009

No classified documents except corruption

WHEN Wilbroad Slaa Karatu-CHADEMA and Hawa Ghasia, Minister of State in the President’s Office (Civil Service Management) faced off, I was laughing annoyingly.

For the minister was trying to leave us in the dark. She said her government will let off MPs leaking government secrets.

Ghasia who seems to be a good government’s lap dog was quoted as thus, "We know the ’thieves’ of government documents are here in the House. They have no immunity and I urge them not to repeat."

What bullshit this is if confidentiality means to sheathe putrefaction. We must stop this nonsense. The Bunge must enact a law to allow whistle-blowers to use whatever documents and means if necessarily the aim is to unveil corruption.

When Slaa was reprimanded, he did not cower. He’s quoted as saying, "If there is a time the government fell, it is today. Everybody knows: These documents gave birth to on-going EPA cases before the court. When it happens; someone is mocking such a step, it astonishes very much."

Let’s face it point blank. The government that makes infection top secret is itself nefariously putrid no matter what.

If, say, an MP gets a tip on corruption and decides to take on corrupt elements, what is wrong with discharging his duty-to defend people’s rights? Is it because, in the main, many government tops are implicated? For example, is the guy that unveiled Kiwira saga, such a danger to national security? Laws are made for the good of the general public not for a few select thievish gods. And human laws are not laps of the gods.

Ghasia’s rant at Slaa reminded me of an incident that took place at Kwa Mfuga Mbwa Manzese when a known robber was shouting at a shop lifter. You know what. Chimps do not see their bums sometimes.

It, too, reminded me of a certain minister that told us naked lies that bogus and thievish contracts are kept secret in order to defend the interests of dirty business of robbing us! This bugger has never disclosed who is behind Kiwira!

True, if any Tanzanian comes across the so-called government confidential documents on thievish investment, she or he must spill the beans so that wananchi must know who destroys their lives. Whose government this is that fears its people?

I fundamentally understand Dr Slaa is the one that brought EPA to the agora. Is this a bad thing really so as to deserve being thundered at? Slaa is an MP that was elected by the people to represent them.

He, thus, has the power and consent of the people making this country. Whom does the minister represent apart from a single person known as Prezzo? Even Prezzo is the servant of the people. So people should come first in whatever we do- even in law.

The law that allows a few big time thieves to get away with it is illegal even if it is enacted by the Bunge. Such law is surreal and a catastrophe. It’s time for the Bunge to rebel to avoid rubber-stamping nonsense. Failure to this, corruption will keep on ruling us.

By the way, does our nation have any secrets? How then did EPA thieves manage to rob our? Why should we keep their secrets for our peril’? Who is supposed to be brought to book between those entering bogus contracts they make top secrets and those that shame and name them?
This reminds me of bulimia of being able to supply police to disband demonstrators whilst we don't have any for protecting our people.

Fortunately, President Jakaya Kikwete asked wananchi to help him take on corruption. Experience shows stinking corruption is found in the so-called classified documents. Refer to Richmond , Kiwira, Deep Green Finance, Vijisenti, Alex Stewart, EPA and such many scams.

To fight graft verily, we need to take a leaf from the president of the most powerful nation, Barack Obama, who, just recently, unclassified CIA’s classified documents on torture. Though many goons made noises that doing so would compromise US’s security, Obama ignored them. He decided to put records straight.

We need to ignore goons and thieves with corrupt ideas aiming at intimidating us so that they can rob us. If US can do, what of a pauper- Tanzania whose confidentiality is a bed of roses for corrupt elements in the upper echelons of power?

I massively concur with Ghasia on one thing. It's true that with ’Kitu kidogo’ one can get government secrets. But who’s to blame? If some bogus investors can offer the same ’kitu kidogo’ and get away with our priceless minerals, why shouldn’t underpaid government employees do the same to its documents? Nobody expects the goat to eat papers. It eats grass. The biggies sell the country and the small ones sell their secrets. Tit for tat, game over.

So, instead of witch hunting, biggies should stop white washing as far as accountability, probity, code of conduct and delivering are concerned. If government secrets can be leaked to save the nation, so be it. But if corruption is made top secret to ruin the country, God curse it.

So to cut the long story short, what is referred to as classified documents is nothing but sheer corruption.
Today’s wisdom: Secrecy is the pillar of bad governance and a mother of corruption.
Source: Thisday April 24, 2009.

Thursday 23 April 2009

Somalia: What Feeds Piracy?

The rescue of Captain Robert Philips of Maersk Alabama from the clutch of pirates by American snipers has been taken as victory against piracy. But is it really? Piracy will still strive for two reasons: One, it is a lucrative business and Two, Somalia remains a failed state.

But who made Somalia a failed state? We need to answer this question before jumping into simple solutions and condemnations. If Afghans can grow hashish for a living, what’s wrong with Somalis using their waters to make a living? Though all these are crimes by nature, necessity and double standard are the only things to blame alongside these vices.

Under Jaalle Mohamed Siad Barre, Somalia inclined to China. Barre wanted to build Somalia based on scientific socialism. Though for Barre this was a good thing to do, just like other countries that did not bend before the West's vested interests, he’d to face the consequence politically and economically. This, coupled with corruption, dictatorship and western machinations weakened his regime. He was ultimately toppled in 1991 by Mohamed Farrah Aidid’s army.

Control of Somalia was of great interest for both the US and Soviet Union by then. This created tension within Somalia especially as it’s difficult to serve two masters at a time. With the weakening of the Soviet Union, Barre switched gears to the west.

With a failed state, lawlessness and insecurity are the order of the day. Piracy allegedly begun when some Somalis discovered that some ships from South Korea, Japan and other nations were taking advantage of the failed state to illegally fish tuna in Somalia’s waters that are said to be among the world’s richest places in tuna on earth.

The Somalis, choosing not to remain passive sent some brigades to chase thieving ships away or take some bribes from them.It must be noted- Somalis are business oriented naturally. Though, a failed state, Somalia's economy has never become moribund like Zimbabwe's. Comparatively, Somalia’s a better economy than even peaceful Tanzania so to speak. The problem is lesser in magnitude compared to systemic looting going on in many African countries. If one considers the ransoms pirates are given to the amount of fish stolen from Africa's waters, they’re but a drop in the ocean.

On 9 February 2009, Tanzania People’s Defense Force (TPDF) in conjunction with their counterparts from South African impounded a Taiwanese illegal fishing vessel in her waters. Over 100 tons of tuna were caught. This was the first anti-illegal fishing success in the history of a 48 years old nation. Though this was reported as a normal criminal incidence, if it is clinically subjected to microscopic dissection, one may crack the puzzle as to why Africa’s always been poor. It’s indeed, made poor by two factors-internal and external.

As per the price of the day of $ 8 to 10 dollars per kilo, multiply by 100 illegal vessels said to operate in the waters then by the 48 years Tanzania has been independent. This makes a simple mathematical sum of $ 3,360,000,000 (equivalent to the current budget of the US and bigger that the whole money already injected into the bailout of all rich country on Earth!). Isn’t such crime bigger than piracy when it comes to income? Who addresses it?

The weakening of African countries by rich nations so as to rob their resources is more criminal than piracy. Nature does not allow vacuum. If the world community is paying much attention onto other countries like Palestine, Afghanistan and the like, why shouldn’t Somali survive by whatever means possible? Piracy must be taken as an early wake-up call to the international community to stop its indifference, cold shoulder and bias.

Nobody’s paying any attention to Somalia until there were rumours that Al-Qaeda was consolidating itself there and when piracy became a problem to rich countries. Had those ships being preyed on belonged to poor countries, nobody would pay a damn.

These two problems are likely to awaken the international community to act decisively. It must be remembered. When the US wanted to get rid of Al-Qaeda in Somalia, it commissioned Ethiopia to do its dirty laundry little knowing it had no guts to take on and ultimately vanquish Somalia.

Why is the US pumping billions of dollars to Pakistan, Iraq, Israel, Afghanistan even Palestine while ignoring Somalia and Africa in general? Pirates have made their case crystal clear; will the US and its allies keep on sitting on this hot nail? Shall they dare, the economy of rich countries will be affected even much more. For the Indian Ocean, apart from being a strategic area for their security, is a commercial life line.

Though piracy is criminal, looked at otherwise, it is a political riot, in that, Africa needs to be taken as serious as other continents. What’s going on in Somalia is no different from what is currently going on in Mexico. The US used to ignore and bar Mexico.This gave birth to drug and gang related crimes. Many Americans have already lost their lives; and insecurity is swelling on the border.

To avert this danger, the US is currently pumping money into Mexico to deter drug trafficking and gang related operations just the same way it is doing in Afghanistan to bar Al-Qaeda and Taliban from taking over.

It is time that world powers remembered the Somali crisis and acted decisively. Rich countries must stop looting poor ones. Otherwise crimes such as piracy will never be rooted out.
Source: The African Executive Magazine April 22, 2009.

Let’s draw the line come next elections

WE are having general elections next year. Have we already prepared our fields? We need to arrest this. For as the days go by, politicians are scheming to, once again, get away with it as we end up becoming losers once more.

Let’s draw the line in the sand. Let’s prepare the agenda among which, I would propose. Fighting graft and how it's already been fought or not; should top the agenda as we seek sensible explanations of what is going on.

Though our nation has proved to have given in to corruption, we still have to draw the line in the sand. Otherwise, as one MP once put it, our next rulers will be decided by fisadis to save their stinking interests.

We hear CCM shouting out there that it will rule Tanzania for ever! What has been done since Nyerere left, to deserve such upbeat and accolades? Does CCM think Tanzanians are yahoos and goons it can take for a ride day in day out?
I can't stomach it. With all openly known proclivities to corruption, does CCM still think it can triumph without rigging?

Will the people allow this once again? Suppose the hoi polloi want to know what CCM has done, what will it show or tell them? Where are we today?

It looks like we’re in fifties in the 21st century. We still go via Kenya and Uganda to visit our relations in Kagera Region. The economy is even outshone by those of small countries evolving from internal wars like Burundi and Rwanda!

The lives of our people are becoming miserably meaningless to the extent that some of them are ready to butcher others in their dire efforts to escape poverty. Refer to indiscreet killings of people with albinism and elderly. What a bad augury!

While a great majority is in stinking poverty, a few select are in opulence! With such a carbuncular society, can one say there has been justice? Our minerals are given away as our people face dirt poverty!

This makes me as mad as a wet hen, so to speak. Where is rectification of bad contracts CCM promised in the past campaigns?

Where is the rooting out of drug trafficking? Where is the war on graft if Kagoda can still laugh at us?
With all these scars, can CCM still have the grit to say it will rule Tanzania for ever? What an insult!

One friend of mine said that those saying CCM will rule for ever, mean it’ll ruin for ever shall we not draw the line in the sand. I like CCM. But it is destroying itself, thanks to ’mitandao’ and failure to read the signs of time. I am wary.

I wish people should boot it out as a lesson.
This time, I suppose, voters will shift gear. They’ll never go for ’takrimas’ and other banana skin. They’ll focus on issues, especially practicable and possible ones. They will need to see not to hear of. They’ll need proof not oaths and ballyhoos.

To loan words from Fred Mpendazoe--the man I admire greatly-- if Kikwete does not kick the asses of fisadis surrounding him, chances are, people will never differentiate when it comes to rot. How can they in such 'bizzaro situation’?

People need reports and evaluation on what has been achieved as promised or otherwise. They’ll need explanations. I, for one, my concern is our houses that former thievish regime stole.When will we get Kiwira coal mine back? When will Kagoda thieves face the music?

Another is the whole journey to a promised land of Canaan. Is it still there When are we taking off;forget about blasting off? Does it mean CCM does not remember all these promises they made? I know. They hear me. They're not as deaf as wise monkeys that see and say nothing.

The other day a little bird told me that barefaced liars and fisadis are collecting money to bribe voters. In doing so, many scams will still crop up almost everywhere. I heard of the ministry of tourism where donors' monies have already been swindled.

Sadly though, apart from political statements, nobody brings these bad guys to book! Under good CCM’s stewardship our country has become a banana republic. Every thief can steal as pleases. Who will touch them if former biggie Fredrick Sumaye told them: If you want to have worthy and successful business, join CCM.

After he said that we saw EPA, Richmond, Kiwira and other vampires. Though bad mouths are mincing words as they stay upbeat, our people aren’t. Let’s face it. If we sift through, who’s clean, able and fit enough to deliver us if at all the already lapsed time proves otherwise?

To me, the actual criminal and his conspirator are equally guilty. Instead of self-cheating hoping for the best whilst truth speaks otherwise, we should think of making changes.
CCM has proved to be a vampire despite having a convincing chair. This is what puts Kikwete between the rock and a hard place. I understand, he wanted to deliver but those surrounding him forced him to sag off.

To cut the story short, we need to draw the line in the sand as far as our future is concerned. And verily, this will be decided by how wise we're to be in the coming elections.

It is time for CCM leadership and members to choose between party and development. If anything, this is the moment of truth. We need to wise up and take bold steps as we sag off from usage.
Source: Thisday April 22, 2009.

Tambwe Hiza, tunda la ukabila linaloulaani

TAMBWE Hiza, mwanasiasa nyemelezi na kiruka njia wa kisiasa, amejitokeza tena hivi karibuni baada ya kunyamaza kwa muda alipogundua kuwa kumbe ameingia CCM baada ya kushindwa ubunge Temeke.

Hiza inaonekana hajui. Watu wanamjua kuliko anavyodhani. Amevishutumu vyama vya upinzani kuwa ni kama kampuni binafsi. Ameenda mbele zaidi na kudai vyama vya upinzani vina ukabila.Kwanza ni uvivu wa kufikiri kudai vyama vyote vya siasa vina ukabila. Pili, ni kweli Hiza ana udhu wa kuongelea ukabila wakati ni ukabila huo huo uliomsukuma katibu mkuu wa CCM, Yusuf Makamba, kumpachika kwenye ofisi ndogo ya CCM Lumumba na kumfinyangia Kitengo cha Propaganda ambacho hakipo kwenye katiba ya CCM?Kwa mtu anayemjua Hiza kuwa ni 'mganga njaa' na kizabizabina, kwanza anashangaa alikopata mshipa wa kulaani ukabila wakati yeye ni tunda na matokeo ya ukabila ndani ya CCM.

Hiza anasema vyama vya siasa ni sawa na kampuni za watu binafsi ambazo hata hivyo hakuwataja. Lipi bora, kampuni binafsi halali au kuwa chama cha mafisadi kama chama chake kinavyojulikana?

Kama kuna chama ni kampuni ya watu binafsi si kingine bali CCM ambayo mafisadi kama mkuu wa Kagoda, Rajabu Maranda, Peter Noni na wengine wanaotuhumiwa kukitumia kuliibia taifa fedha kutoka Benki Kuu chini ya ujambazi ujulikanao kama EPA.Hiza alikaririwa akisema; “Sisi kama CCM tumeshuhudia kuwapo kwa migogoro mingi ndani ya vyama vya upinzani, migogoro hiyo inakihakikishia ushindi chama, lakini kikishinda vyama hivyo vinaanzisha minong’ono ya kutokubaliana na ushindi wakati hawako makini”

Hiza anaonekana 'kihiyo' au tuseme 'Chitalila'. Hajui CCM kwa sasa ndiyo chama kilichogawanyika kuliko vyote chini ya ufisadi-ufisi na uroho uitwao mitandao?

Hajui CCM sasa ina wanachama rangi mbili kama dawa ya lisilotajika gazetini - yaani CCM safi na CCM mafisadi au wachafu?

Kama CCM haina migongano, inakuwaje zitoke kauli za kukwaruzana kutoka kwa vigogo wake kama ilivyotokea juzi kwa Anne Kilango-Malecela, alipodai viongozi wa CCM hawapambani na ufisadi kwa sababu wananufaika nao. Hii ilimkera katibu mkuu na bosi na mfadhili wake Hiza, Makamba, kiasi cha kusema atajibu mapigo muda ukiwadia.

Huu ni nini kama si mgongano?Pia aangalie mgongano baina ya Dk. Harrison Mwakyembe akisimamia upande wa CCM safi na Rostam Aziz upande wa pili. Hiza aliongeza kuwa vyama vya upinzani hasa CHADEMA, CUF, TLP na UDP vinaendeshwa kwa fedha za walipa kodi maskini na kwa hiyo migogoro ya ndani inapotokea, inapoteza nia njema ya walipa kodi ya kutaka mabadiliko ya kidemokrasia.

Hiza amesahau hata CCM inaendeshwa kwa pesa ya walipa kodi hao hao maskini lakini inazitumia vibaya kuwafuga mamluki na waganga njaa kama yeye? Vyama vya upinzani visingekuwa vinamdharau Hiza, vingemfungulia mashitaka avitaje vyama vinavyoendeshwa kikabila na vile ambavyo ni makampuni ya mfukoni na wamiliki wa makampuni hayo.

Kwa vile Hiza hawezi kula bila kujikomba na kudanganya, vyama vya upinzani vinamchukulia kama kasuku anayeendeshwa na tumbo badala ya kichwa. Bahati nzuri, hata wananchi wanamfahamu tangu alipokuwa CUF akirusha madongo kwa CCM. Wanajua maneno ya Hiza ni matapishi yake mwenye.

Binadamu hali matapishi yake bali mbwa.Baada ya kuukosa ubunge na kuwa na kisomo kidogo kiasi cha kutoweza kufaa kuajiriwa, alijirejesha CCM kama mnyama fulani afanyavyo baada ya kudokoa kwa aliyemfuga. Siku zote nimekuwa nikitahadharisha kuhusiana na siasa za ukuku, ufisi na uumbwa. Kuku hula asichozalisha na kuzalisha asichokula.

Hiza anazalisha migongano na kula pesa ya walipa kodi.Mbuzi huishi kwa masharti kwenye nyumba ya binadamu akichekwa na swala.

Hiza anafugwa na CCM kwa sharti la kupayuka na kuleta fitina kwa wengine.

Aliwahi kukiri alipokuwa Mbeya kuwa alikuwa ni mtaalamu wa CUF wa uzushi, uchonganishi na fitina. Fisi hula chochote hata watoto wake azidiwapo.

Anachofanya Hiza ni ufisi anapowahadaa Watanzania waendelee kuchagua chama nyemelezi na fisadi kwa ajili ya mateso yao na vizazi vijavyo. Kwa kuazima usemi wa marehemu baba wa taifa, Hiza na kundi lake, hata chama chake ni watu wa kuogopwa kama ukoma na pengine kama ukimwi.

Kwa nini Hiza hamwambii mwenyekiti wake aache kuwaangusha na kuwadhulumu Watanzania?

Ametimiza ahadi gani na ngapi tangu aingie madarakani zaidi ya kutumia muda mwingi kufikiri jinsi ya kuua kashfa zinazomkabili, watu wake, chama na serikali yake?Ziko wapi nyumba za Watanzania zilizoibwa wakati wa utawala wa Benjamin Mkapa na mkewe, na wote waliokuwa kwenye serikali yake akiwamo mwenyekiti wake?

Yako wapi mapambano dhidi ya ufisadi, kufufua uchumi, kuleta nidhamu ya matumizi ya pesa za umma zinazoharibiwa kwa kuwalipa wapiga debe wachumia tumbo kama Hiza na wenzake?Iko wapi safari ya Kanani?

Iko wapi kasi mpya, nguvu mpya na ari mpya ambayo badala ya kuendeleza na kutawala nchi imeelekezwa kwenye kuiibia? Kwa vile kisomo na uelewa wa Hiza ni mdogo, hawezi kujua mambo haya. Na kwa vile yeye anaendeshwa na tumbo, mambo yanayohitaji kufikiri hayawezi.

Heri angefunga domo lake kabla ya kuaibika zaidi. Ni kitu kibaya kwa mwanamume mzima kujiingiza kwenye uchangudoa wa kisiasa na usasi ngawira, tena kwa mgogo wa kuwahadaa Watanzania.

Hiza, angekuwa anajua maana ya kampuni za mifukoni za watu binafsi, basi angemwambia bosi wake na chama chake wafunge kampuni zao za Meremeta, Deep Green Finance, Mwananchi Gold, Richmond, Kagoda, WAMA, EOTF, ANBEN, Tanpower, Fosnik na nyingine nyingi. Angewaambia mabosi wake kama Andrew Chenge, Idris Rashid, Maranda, Noni, Mkapa na wengine warejeshe pesa ya umma.

Kwa vile Hiza hana nidhamu na uelewa, atabaki kuropoka mradi wanawe wale. Huu ni udhalili uliovuka mipaka, kwa mtu mzima kutegemea uongo na fitina kuendesha maisha yake.Hata hiyo, ofisi ya propaganda ni kampuni ya Makamba anapoweza kuweka kila takataka aifagiayo kutoka upinzani.

Nasisitiza 'takataka'.
Chanzo: Tanzania Daima Aprili 22, 2009.

Kwa vile baada ya vyama vya upinzani kuwashtukia kuwa wahusika ni makapi huwafagia na Makamba - kama kokoro - huwazoa na kuwajaza Lumumba.Hawa ni wezi wa pesa ya umma watake wasitake.

Hiza acha uhuni na ufisadi, ufikie mahali ukue, uwe mwanamume mwenye tabia za kiume na si vinginevyo kama ulivyo sasa.

Kisiasa na kiakili Hiza unahitaji kufundwa na kupelekwa jandoni.Watanzania mdharauni na kumpuuzia Hiza, kwani mnajua njaa ikipanda kichwani matokeo yake ni kuwa tayari kutumiwa na kila atakaye wa kutumika kama mtumwa Hiza anavyofugwa na CCM.

Kweli nyani haoni kundule.

Ni utukutu au utukufu unaohubiriwa na DECI?

JUZI nilijukuta kwenye hali mbaya baada ya kugundua kumbe hata mama watoto wangu naye aliingia kwenye mchezo wa kupanda fedha na kuvuna kilio kule Devil’s Entreprieses Conning Imbeciles (DECI)!

Unajua ilikuwaje! Baada ya kutoka kwa mgosi Machungi, nilimkuta bibi wa watu akiapa kwa miungu yote kufa na yule aliyepinda kwa kupiga marufuku upatu wa DECI. Bila kujua - najua huu wizi - ambao kitaalamu huitwa Ponzi Scheme, alidhani ningeungana naye kwenye upuuzi ule kama wale maaskofu waliojivua nguo kushabikia kamari wakati Bwana Yesu alipinga kwa nguvu zake zote pale alipowatimua wabadilisha pesa kwenye hekalu.Bila hili wala lile, alianza: “Mume wangu nashangaa!”

Nilijibu mshangao wake kwa kuuliza. “Laazizi unashangaa nini?”Alijibu: “Hili lisirikali lenu.”“Lisirikali letu? Uliniona lini humo?

Tuheshimiane mke wangu sijaishiwa kiasi hiki.”Alijitetea kwa kulazimisha tabasamu la kamba. “Hayo tuyaache. Wewe humo ingawa unaingia kwa vile wewe ni raia. Ila linatuonea. Mbona wao wanaiba EPA na kugawana sisi tukipata wafadhili wa kupanda na kuvuna pesa linawapiga marufuku?”

“Ahaa! Kumbe unazungumzia huu ujambazi wa DECI unaoungwa mkono na wahubiri utukutu wakisingizia utukufu!” Nilijibu huku nikijisogeza kukaa vizuri. Mke wangu alishangaa na kuhinika kusikia nasema DECI ni upuuzi na ujambazi asijue ni kweli!Alijitetea.

“Mbona mama Salama Kikwekwe, pale jirani amevuna sana kwenye upatu huu ingawa upatu wao si DECI bali MAWA?”

“Hukujua MAWA au Maulaji ya Wakubwa ni ulaji wa wakubwa!”

Nilimjibu huku nikianza kuonyesha kukereka kutokana na maswali yake mengi. Mke wangu hakujali kuudhika kwangu alizidi kuuliza. “Hivi mume wangu ungekuwa ujambazi ungeungwa mkono na maaskofu kweli?”“Swali lako la msingi. Hukusikia Yesu akisema si wote wasemao Bwana Bwana watauoana ufalme wa Mungu?”Nilikamua sigara kali yangu na kuendelea.

“Mbona Yesu alionya kuwa watakuja wengi kwa jina lake na watapoteza wengi? Kwani siku hizi kuna maaskofu au mahasikofu? Jitu linaibuka bila hata kusoma linajipachika uchungaji na uaskofu ili liwaibie na kuwararua kondoo wa Bwana, nanyi kichwa kichwa, mnaliamini!”Nakohoa kidogo na kuendelea.

“Yesu aliishi maisha ya kikapuku. Hakuwa na akaunti benki wala pajero hata kanisa. Leo mijitu inaishi peponi kwa kuwachuuza waumini fyongo halafu bado hamjastuka!”Mama Toboa aliendelea kuuliza. “Unataka kusema hawa maaskofu ni waganga njaa kama lisirikali?”“Haswa mke wangu. We jiulize Lisirikali lilikuwa wapi hadi watu wanaibiwa pesa yao?”Nilipopuliza moshi wa sigara kali na kumwingia mke wangu kisawa sawa alilalamika.

“Mume wangu nawe kwa kupenda sigara, unaonaje ukaizima tumalize maongezi haya?”Nilikupua moshi haraka haraka na kuzima kipisi changu na kuendelea kutoa elimu ya bure kwa nyina wana wangu. “Nakubali serikali ina makosa. Lakini wenye makosa ni wananchi kupwakia kila uchafu kwa lengo la kuvuna usipopanda. Tangu lini pesa ikapandwa kama maharagwe badala ya kuwekezwa?

Wenzenu walipanda kwenye ujinga wenu. Lisirikali mnalionea. Linaacha madini yakiibiwa likaenda kuombaomba nje!”

Nilikohoa kidogo na kuendelea. “Ulitabiriwa wakati wa wenye dhambi kupalilia makaburi ya mitume. Hukusikia juzi wasaliti fulani eti wakiadhimisha wiki ya kitaaluma ya Mwalimu mchonga wakati ni mafisi hao hao waliomsaliti na kuwatwisha watu wake mizigo?

Wao walisoma bure. Lakini wanawataka watoto wa makapuku walipie utadhani wazazi wao wanashiriki EPA, Richmonduli na ujambazi mwingine!”

Mke wangu aliuliza tena: “Unataka kuniambia hata hili kanisa letu la Roho Mtakatifu laweza kuwa la kitapeli kama mambo yenyewe ni hivi?”

Niliangua kicheko na kugaragara huku machozi yakinitoka na kusema “siku hizi hakuna cha roho mtakatifu bali roho mtakakitu. Wajanja wanahubiri utukutu, nyie mnajua ni utukufu. Hawa na Lisirikali la kisanii hawana tofauti. Unalipa kura linapata kula.

Na hawa mbwa mwitu aliotabiri Yesu, wanakuahidi uzima wa milele, kumbe uzimu wa milele mfukoni mwako! Hukusikia tapeli aliyekuwa akilaumu waumini kuwa wanamfanyiua ubahiri Mungu kwa kutotoa sadaka wakati lenyewe huwa halitoi hata ndururu?”

Mke wangu alianza kuingiwa na wasiwasi. “Unataka kuniambia tuliopanda pesa tutavuna vilio?”“Mvune vilio mara ngapi?” Nilijibu haraka.Mara tukiwa tunaendelea anaingia mgosi Machungi.

“Mgosi una habai kaka yangu ametitia hasara nyumbani?”“Hasara ipi” Namuuliza.Mgosi anajibu. “Kumbe aichukua ile pesa yetu ya kumaizia banda etu na kuwapa wezi wa DEKI!”

“DECI si DEKI.” Nilimkosoa.“Hiyo hiyo” alijibu na kuendelea. “Yote hii titamkaba yue shemeji yake aliyekuwa mwizi wa kuku kue Ushoto ambaye sasa ni askofu. Ndiye aimshaui apande pesa badaa ya mahaage.”

“Loo!” niliingilia haraka na kuendelea. “Hata shemegi yako hapa tulikuwa tukiongelea upogo huu.”

“Ameibiwa kiasi gani?”

“Aki saba mgosi. Sasa mke wake anataka taaka au tiende naye kwa shemeji yake atiipe kabla hatimjapiga mtu zongo.”“Mgosi zongo litampata askofu kweli? Niliuliza kwa utani.“Yule si askofu ni aspofu na msanii. Hana tofauti na yue aiekutwa na viungo vya mtu,” alijibu mgosi kwa hasira na kuendelea: “Hawa maasipofu wanachuuza roho za watu kutafuta pesa ya kula tu. Hawana tofauti na seekai inayojifanya kujai watu wakati iikaa kimya wajinga wake wakaibiwa.”

Mke wangu alimkata jicho la hasira asijue naye alikuwa muathirika wa upatu huu! Mgosi aliendelea. “Tangu dini ziivyogeuka duni siamini dini yoyote isipokuwa zie za mababu. Dini na seekai lao moja. Hawa wanatumia safai ya Kanani na wae wanatumia oho mtakakitu. Akini wanasema oho mtakatifu wakati wao ni wachafu!”

Nachomekea. “Watu wetu tusiwalaumu sana. Ogopa njaa ikipanda kichwani na watu wakaanza kutumia matumbo kufikiri badala ya vichwa. Si wananchi si watawala wote wametawaliwa na njaa ndiyo maana mambo hayaendi vizuri. Mie naona DECI wangejisajili kuwa chama cha siasa ili washinde uchaguzi wakavune Benki kuu walipovuna CCM kwenye EPA.”

Mazungumzo yakiwa yanaanza kunoga, mara anapita mkurugenzi mmoja wa DECI. Tunatoka mbio na mapanga kwenda kummaliza.

Tukirudi nitakusimulia.
Chanzo: Tanzania Daima Aprili 22, 2009.

Monday 20 April 2009

How I celebrated Nyerere scholarly week

THE second week of April witnessed the commemorations of Nyerere Intellectual week as it was organized by the University of Dar es salaam .

Many thinkers, among which is a stalwart-cum-doyen of literature, Prof. Akinwande Oluwole ’Wole’ Soyinka, Nobel Laureate, attended and brainstormed on Nyerere’s works and thoughts. Prof. Soyinka castigated ’African criminal solidarity’ by our rulers.

To me, it kicked off with a short but heart-felt prayer. I cursed all hypocrites and self seekers that have burdened innocent and poor people by introducing burden bearing.

They arrogantly call it ’cost sharing’ while they did not share or carry any burden as it is today. They went to free schools under Nyerere’s visionary ujamaa they later felled. The same traitors and backbiters of Mwalimu, shamelessly and cowardly, are pushing others to the limits as far as burden bearing is concerned. They’re doing EPA thievery and political quackery while Nyerere rose and stood against these vices.

Nyerere used his brain. What of his betrayers? They’re using their intestines to think instead. Nyerere thought about and truly loved his nation. They’re devouring and tearing it down. Nyerere lived an open and transparent life. They live a skeleton in the closet lives- behind the curtains and in the rostrums, as they offer jam tomorrow and a pie in the sky to remain in power.

After a short personal prayer, my wife and I started discussing how tables were turned against Nyerere’s people he died praying for. We talked about ’promoters’ or those that buzz you to signify that you call them so that they can ask you to send them a few dollars. You can not blame them. They’ve been put on booby trap and carey street so as to gulp any rot including DECI. Life to them has become meaningless and a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma.

While our intellectuals were aggrandizing themselves to mark Nyerere’s intellectual week by inviting sharp minds like Wole Soyinka, Kofi Anyidoho, Issa Shivji and others, at heart, they were grappling with guilt. I saw Rweka Mukandala standing in the forefront as if he deserved while he actually failed to defend the rights of the children of paupers from bearing the burdens of the fisadis. The major question was: Do they live up to what Nyerere lived for? The answer is simple.

How, though they cheat, they do, could they introduce burden bearing whereby we recently witnessed our youths being expelled from universities How if they kow tow before corrupt regimes that have felled Ujamaa so as to introduce ’Uhujumaa’

Tell me, how the same bin-Adams have amassed wealth whereas Nyerere died a pauper? Nyerere nationalized all means of production so as to invest in sound social services. What have they done to his noble works All factories, parastatals, railways and what not are gone. The minerals he preserved for the future generations are given at a throw-away price thanks to being given nonsensical kick backs like we saw in the saga of Mr Vijisenti and his buddy Rashidi recently.

Trust and probity have been vended and vandalized. Nobody is responsible to a great unwashed. The little birds told me, even our sand is currently being shipped abroad concealing a lot of minerals and it is taken as a normal thing!

How if quacks, robbers and con men and women are the ones running our all-time-sick economy in lieu of the hoi polloi How if party cadres have represented gung-hos Nyerere created How if big-time thieves are in the kitchen
How if Tanzania is becoming a beggar more than at his time How if code of conduct is no longer a recipe
cum-prerequisite in public services? We currently have the thieves that eat without even washing their hands let alone eating with both hands and legs. We've thieves Nyerere once trusted being protected by the office he honoured so much but being shat at thereafter.

I wished Nyerere could be resurrected so as to witness how systemic and endemic looting is becoming the order of the day. I badly wished Nyerere could be there to witness how accountability and responsibility have been put on a cross as patriotism is buried alive. I wished Nyerere to be there to witness the graves of saints being attended by sinners of all sorts.

Indeed I wished Nyerere could blast from the past to see by himself how his party is in blossom sleep in bed with fisadis and fat cats made by those that betrayed him and his noble works, not to mention his people.

I wished I could shout in the ears of my kids telling them loudly how Nyerere was badly betrayed and put on shame. Though hypocrites say they are adoring him, they kick him in the navel.

I wished he could come and go to Ubungo Bus Terminal, BoT or Kiwira to see how his selfish disciples are looting his country he loved most.

Verily I wished my kids were mature so that I could read them Nyerere’s ’Freedom and Socialism’ amidst this credit crunch and economic recession caused by the greed and lust of dying capitalism.

In a nutshell, I commemorated the Nyerere intellectual week by soul searching. How did you, if you did A little bird told me, those you think are with Nyerere are not.
O ye, of little faith, Nyerere was neither a glutton nor myopic. How dare you drag him into your mess Shame on you!
Source:Thisday April 20, 2009.

Friday 17 April 2009

Will South Africa go to the Dogs Like Tanzania?

Though he’s under poisonous cloud of suspicion, in South Africa, Jacob Gedleyihlekisa Zuma is unstoppable as far as race to presidency is concerned. After the court technically quashed charges against Zuma, the way is now clear for him shall voters goof and consent to his machinations.

Like Tanzanian president Jakaya Kikwete, Zuma poses a danger as far as delivering is concerned. Zuma has no vision-cum-mission of his own. He proved this when he was appointed deputy president. Instead of helping Mbeki to guide the country, his was money printing through wheel deals.

Zuma’s anthills started in 2005 when he was fired as a VP after it came to light that he along with his Indian conspirator, Schabir Sheik, received some kickback thanks to purchasing valour class frigates for the South African navy. Later Sheik was found guilty and convicted to 15 years in prison whilst Zuma’s fate and political future hang in balance before he ousted Thabo Mbeki (Former president) who seemed hell bent to punish him. What’s more, Zuma’s corruption case is not new. Even the way it was politically dealt with isn’t.

What happened to Zuma finds its parallel in what happened in Tanzania the same year Zuma was shown the door. Kikwete, a populist and charismatic guy like Zuma was ushered in when Ali Hassan Mwinyi wrapped his constitutional- two-term period. But Mwalimu Julius Nyerere blocked him saying point blank that Kikwete was politically immature and incompetent. He thus had to wait till Nyerere was no more. He clinched the presidency ten years thereafter.

Like Zuma, Kikwete grew up in the upper echelons of powers. He did not make any adorable niche save being a populist and easy going. The wand Kikwete used was his flamboyance coupled with support by street people like Zuma who is fully supported by Zulu. This makes him more of a tribalist than Kikwete.

Kikwete and Zuma all grew in party politics serving under different capacities in the rank. Though the tertium quid are charismatic, they’ are myopic when it comes to the plans they’ve in store for their countries. Kikwete is used by friends in the ruining of Tanzania. Through nepotism, Kikwete appointed his corrupt friend-cum-partners, former PM Edward Lowassa who was later booted out after he was implicated in Richmond scam through which billions of Shillings were paid to a do-nothing-shell company-Richmond LLC.

Like Kikwete, Zuma appointed Kgalema Mothlante the current care-taker president under party auspice to pave his way or warm his chair. Shall Zuma succeed to become president; chances are Mothlante may be appointed Vice President, thanks to his role in sabotaging and later ousting Zuma’s arch foe Mbeki. How can Zuma ditch Mothlante, the intellectual he needs most?

Like Kikwete, Zuma uses divisive politics entrenched in tribal ties. His scheme for presidency left ANC divided into itself and CODE, which came to being after Mbeki was showed the door to pave the way for king-in-waiting, Zuma. Differently from Zuma, Kikwete used party division under what later known as mitandao or networks that have left Tanzania’s ruling Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM) weak and corrupt altogether. Like other old African ruling parties, CCM depends on rigging to remain in power.

Some South Africans are wary. One of them is Desmond Tutu, retired archbishop who voiced his anger and dissatisfaction regarding Zuma. On Zuma’s incompetence, Tutu warned: “Although he is very likeable, we have to ask ourselves: “What is happening in the ANC?”

Tutu uses the same sharp words the founder of Tanzania Mwl. Nyerere used in 1995 when Kikwete was dubbed to become president after Nyerere’s successor. He asked Tanzanians if they were looking for a bride by considering flamboyance as opposed to Mkapa who seemed competent but ugly and pudgy though later he turned up to be as rotten as Kikwete.

Nonetheless, Tanzanians have learned the hard way. They now know. We need to fear and ask those rushing to state house. Nyerere equated them with plague and leprosy we need to fear. What have they to do for us not for themselves and cheerleaders?We witnessed the same in Kenya , Malawi and Zambia when self seekers were wheeled to powers they ended up badly abusing. Who thought Mwai Kibaki, Bakili Muluzi and Fredrick Chiluba would become a let down?

Many thinkers are worried. Zuma has openly showed how he anxiously wants to become South Africa’s President; he’s not laid down his plans for the nation! Unfortunately though, for the blind love, just like Tanzanians, South Africans are not asking him what he plans to do for them. Verily, it was said: love is blind.

South Africans need to take a leaf from Tanzanians that are currently weeping for being deceived by facial looks. One Latin maxim: radix molurum est cupiditas (greed is the root of all evil) can be translated by the eminent work of Professor PG Zambardo (An American renown psychologist) in his ‘Lucifer effect: understand how good people turn evil. He avers: the outer looking-beauty- can hide uglier inner self of a person. Zuma is corrupt though his charges were quashed by court under technicality. If he were clean, he’d let the court say so after looking into the merit of the case in lieu of technicality.

Professor Zambardo is pretty right. When Richmond scam came to the agora, Kikwete was the first person to tell people that justice will take its course. Tanzanians waited for justice to no avail until the parliamentary select committee weighed in and booted out Lowassa. But again, Kikwete was smiling as usual assuring wananchi that he’d a right thing. Though Zuma is crying he’s innocent whilst all things are in the agora, this must act as an eye opener if South Africa is to avert going to dogs. How can he be innocent without this being reached at by the court of law after delving into the merit of the case?

Like Tanzania , will South Africa go to the dogs? Time will surely and tell as South Africans will be grinding teeth and mourning their loss in ushering Zuma in.
Source: The African Executive Magazine April 15, 2009. Also appeared in The Sowetan

Kikwete must disown and reprimand self-seekers

THE other day I heard CCM’s retired regional chairs swearing by all gods to die with anybody that would challenge Jakaya Kikwete within the ranks in the coming national elections.

Being a glass-half-full sort of guy, with piqued curiosity, I looked at their brouhahas as they’re trying to be the yin-yang of Tanzanian politics without being invited and found nothing but self-seeking and boot licking.
Now that their chips are on the table, it’s right time to tell them to shut up and pack up.

What an expired proposition in the first place. Who sent these old guards to attempt making Kikwete a king that he’s nary wanted to become. Is it Kikwete or ’njaa’ There are those saying that what these bigwigs gained was nothing but cheap popularity. I’m not saying so. But looking at the wisdom so applied hither, these folks tried to pull us backward instead of advancing forward, so to speak.

How, on earth, guys thought to be mature can contemplate this abuse of democracy and drag Kikwete into it. Should we follow their dicta or the constitution of the party that expressly provides: Any competent member can vie for any position.

Does it mean that these folks did not see a pressing matter to address to Kikwete What of mega corruption? What of our all time ailing economy? Why should they dress themselves down in broad daylight and willingly turn themselves into laughing stock?

Methinks. These folks goofed altogether. Who wants a king amidst a maturing and promising democracy. Mature and healthy minds discuss philosophy, but sick and feeble minds discuss people.

Let me emphatically ask over and over again. Who sent you guys Is it Kikwete or your tummies. If I were Kikwete, I’d quickly repudiate their abhorring ideas as I warn them to backoff. Kikwete is tied hand and legs to his own promises. Is this the type of ’mizengwe’ CCM has always been accused of? Kikwete can’t be such hopelessly desperate so as to resort to such useless tactics-cum-politics.

They’re saying that Kikwete has guarded peace and tranquility in the hank. But do our paupers enjoy any peace amidst vampiric graft such as ANBEN, Tanpower, EPA-Kagoda, Richmonduli and suchlike? Is there any peace for ’machingas’ (street hawkers) that are beaten by Kandoro’s militia every time?

Nonetheless, we’re not at war, in that, there are no pom-poms. We’ve wars before our eyes -- endemic corruption left to shrive. Kikwete knows this too well as he’s always admitted.

Why didn’t they remind whoever they die for that time is lapsing without delivering even a single one promise among many he made during the past elections? Don’t they know he’s triumphed thanks to these undelivered promises?

I now concur with CCM’s detractors saying the party has lost direction. Shall it sit on these macabre acts? Is this the product of in-fighting ’mitandaos’ (networks)? Whom should we listen to between party members and the retired chairs that, in essence, have no platform.

But again, despite all that I know. Kikwete cannot use such cheap and rotten means though in politics anything is possible. That’s why it is called a dirty game.

This way, disgruntled and frustrated young people will get a pretext to slap old people as it embarrassingly happened to Mzee Ali Hassan Mwinyi the other day.

Let’s ponder on the real situation. Does it mean the folks are blind and deaf if they cannot see and hear all noises our people make and the rot they’re disgusted with? Will CCM party members allow themselves to be abusively used by a cabal of self-seeking individuals that want to superimpose their own choice?

Sadly, had the opposition taken advantage of this rot and myopia, maybe, just maybe next year we’d have a brand new government that is ready to deliver.

Pro bono advice, Kikwete needs to strongly and openly condemn the wazee if at all he did not send them to preempt CCM’s plans to suffocate democracy within the party.

I know. He did not send them though.
By the way, why depending on bankrupt ideas and cheap propaganda in stead of delivering? Isn't this the sign of failure really?

I, for one, my vote will go to the guy that will show me what he’s done and the one that will prove to be clean and determined to practically and timely fight graft. I need better life be delivered instead of being talked about. I need to live in Canaan as it was promised instead of the promises to go there. I’ll vote for the guy that will spend our taxes wisely and with discipline, whose team also must be clean.

I shall vote for the guy whose policies make sense and are but deliverables not ballyhoos and hoo-ha. If anything, I will vote for the guy who says a little and does a lot instead of the one that feeds me with sweet words and ends up doing bitter things like conspiring with thieves to rob the Bank of Tanzania (BoT).

Indeed, I shall vote for the guy, even if not experienced, that advocates the code of conduct and ethics with regards to public services.

Kikwete, it’s time to reprimand any self-seeker pretending to represent you. Latin has it: ’’Radix molurum est cupiditas’’ in that greed is the root of all evil. What are the reasons gearing elders to act delinquently like boys? What do I know.
Source: Thisday April 15, 2009.

Umefika wakati wa kuwawajibisha Hoseah na Mwanyika

Watu wengi hawakuamini kuwa watu kama Edward Lowassa, Andrew Chenge na Nazir Karamagi wangejuzulu. Walishasema wazi: hawakuwa wana mawazo ya kufanya hivyo. Lakini wananchi na wabunge wao walipochachamaa, imebakia historia na somo kwa wale wanaong’ang’ania madaraka wakati wameishayachafua vibaya.

Leo tutajadili watu wawili wanaopaswa kufikiria au kujiandaa kufunga virago na kutokomea walipo watajwa hapo juu.

Hawa ni Mkurugenzi wa Takukuru Edward Hosea na Mwanasheria mkuu wa serikali Johnson Mwanyika.

Hosea alijikuta akikumbwa na tafrani katika semina ya Miundombinu ya Uadilifu iliyoandaliwa na Takukuru na Chama cha Wabunge wa Afrika (APNAC) na kufanyika kwenye hoteli ya Whitesands jijini Dar es salaam.

Katika semina hiyo,mambo yalianza kumwendea kombo Hosea wabunge walipotumia semina ya uadilifu kuhoji uadilifu wake.

Mbunge wa Busega Raphael Chegeni alikaririwa akiuliza swali ambalo Hoseah hakupenda. Aliuliza.“Inakuwaje wakati wa mjadala wa Richmond , wewe mkururugenzi wa Takukuru ulikanusha kuwapo rushwa na uchunguzi wa kamati ya bunge ulibaini kuwepo rushwa ndani ya kampuni hiyo? Je ni nani mwenye dhamana ya kukuadhibu wewe na taasisi yako kuhusu rushwa.”

Hebu angalia kutapa tapa na kutishana kwa Hosea. Yeye alijibu ifuatavyo:Hapa siyo jukwaani hivyo tusilete siasa. Nipo hapa kwa ajili ya kufundisha na kama ni suala la Richmond waziri mkuu alishaliongelea na ndiyo mwenye dhamana ya kujibu hilo . Mimi sina jibu kwa hilo na kama mtu hapendi kuvuliwa nguo kwanini umvue mwenzako,"

Je ni kosa kwa mwakilishi wa umma kuulizia maslahi ya waliomtuma?

Ulazima wa watu kama hawa kuondoka mara moja unajitokeza pale wanapolewa madaraka hadi wanaanza kuwatisha wawakilishi wa umma. Hivi karibuni Hosea aliwatishia wabunge kuwa anaweza kuwachafua kwa sababu tu kuulizwa aeleze uadilifu wake!

Bila aibu wala woga aliwafokea wawakilishi wa umma wakati yeye ni mteule tu wa mwajiriwa wa umma-rais. Anapata wapi hii jeuri wakati ameishaharibu nafasi yake muda mrefu? Je wabunge watakubali jeuri na aibu hii licha ya kuwa tayari Hosea aliishaliingizia taifa hasara kwa kutaka kutetea Richmond ?

Naye Dk. Zainab Gama hakujivunga, alipigilia msumari mwingine. “Sisi ni muhimu sana na tunaamini kwamba kiongozi, mwanasiasa au mtendaji yoyote akiingia madarakani kwa rushwa, hataweza kusimamia mapambano dhidi ya rushwa kwa uhakika. Sisi wabunge wanachama wa APNAC tuwe ndio mfano."

Majibu ya Hoseah si ya mtu mwadilifu na mwenye kujua mipaka ya madaraka yake. Amejivua nguo kwa kutoa vitisho kwa watu wazima tena wanaowakilisha umma. Je anangoja nini kwa jeuri na upogo huu?

Umma umekuwa ukishinikiza Hoseah na Mwanyika waachie ngazi halafu wafikishwe mahakamani. Lakini rais Jakaya Kikwete amekuwa anawakingia kifua kwa njia ya kujifanya hasikii. Je ana faida gani na uchafu wao au naye yumo nyuma ya pazia kwenye Richmond hasa ikizingatiwa kuwa swahiba yake na mshirika wake mkuu, Edward Lowassa aliwahi kusema kuwa rais alikuwa akipewa taarifa zote kuhusiana na mchakato mzima? Je Kikwete hapa atakwepa kuwa mhusika wa Richmond ama kwa kutochukua uamuzi wa kuwawajibisha akina Hoseah au kwa kushiriki moja kwa moja?

Kwa Kikwete kuendelea kuwakingia kifua watendaji ambao wameishathibitisha kutokuwa wadilifu si ushahidi tosha kuwa hawa ni wabia wa serikali yake ingawa amekuwa akikanusha hili?

Umefika wakati wa kujua upande aliopo Kikwete. Lazima achague moja. Awe nasi au na mafisadi. Lakini hawezi kuwa kati yetu na mafisadi.

"Mjadala huu aachiwe Waziri Mkuu Mizengo Pinda na aliyeuliza swali hilo hanitendei haki kwani hakuna hoja nyingine ya maendeleo kwa jamii ambalo inaweza kujadiliwa...” Aliongeza Hosea.

Hoseah anataka suala lake liachiwe waziri mkuu! Waziri mkuu kama nani iwapo wawakilishi wa wananchi wanataka maelezo? Kama anadhani kuwa: waziri mkuu aliposema wamepelekewa barua wajieleze ndiyo suluhu amekosea. Waziri mkuu si mahakama wala bunge. Hivyo, kitendo cha kuwatumia barua za kishikaji na kutaka yaishe lazima kisikubalike hata kidogo. Hoseah na mwenzake washughulikiwe kwa uwazi na si kwa kujuana au ki-CCM au kimizengwe. Waziri mkuu hana mamlaka wala msaada kwa mtu anayetuhumiwa ufisadi. Hata angeagizwa na bosi wake, hakuna bosi wa umma bali umma wenyewe.

Kuna haja ya wadau kuwashinikiza Hoseah na Mwanyika waachie ngazi. Kama rais ataendelea kuwabeba kwa maslahi na sababu anazojua naye ashinikizwe aachie ngazi. Na bahati nzuri uchaguzi ndiyo huo unapiga hodi. Nchi hii ni yetu si ya rais wala akina Hosea. Na ofisi wanazotumia ni zetu si zao wala nani wao. Hivyo waelewe wazi kuwa mwisho wao umekaribia.

Kama wenye vifua na ushawishi kuliko wao kama Lowassa wamekwenda na maji wao ni nani katika nchi hii hadi wawatishe wabunge? Huwezi kuwatisha wabunge ukawa salama kwenye ofisi ya umma uliowatuma.

Hakika ya Hoseah na Mwanyika ni ni hadithi ya kumbi kumbi. Akikaribia kufa huota mbawa akaruka na mwewe wakamuona na kummalizia kazi. Nasisitiza. Huwezi kuwatukana wabunge ukapona hata kidogo.

Funga kazi ya Hoseah hii hapa. “Wapo wabunge wanaohudhuria semina zaidi ya tatu kwa siku moja na kusaini posho, lakini hata baada ya kuwezeshwa kwa posho hizo, hakuna uwajibikaji. Kwa kweli kuna mambo mengi yanayotokea, lakini tunayafumbia macho.”

Sentensi ya mwisho ya Hoseah inaonyesha asivyo makini wala mwadilifu. Ni mambo gani haya wanafumbia macho huku wakilihadaa taifa kuwa Takukuru ipo kupambana na rushwa wakati ipo kufumbia mambo macho kama ilivyotaka kumsafisha Lowassa bila mafanikio? Je wanayafumbia macho kwa sheria ipi na kwa faida ya nani kama si ushahidi tosha wa ufisadi?

Hivyo, kuwasaidia wahusika waliobainika kushiriki uchafu wa Richmond , waachie ngazi kabla ya umma haujawatoa ofisini kwa nguvu.

Hoseah na Mwanyika, mnangoja nini wakati mmeishaharibu kibarua? Umefika wakati wa kumtaka Kikwete awafikishe mahakamani watuhumiwa wote wa Richmond bila kuangalia urafiki na kujuana.
Chanzo: Tanzania Daima April 15, 2009.

Ufunuo wa Mpayukaji kwa Wadanganyika

Huu ni ufunuo kama ulivyoshushwa kwa Nabii Mpayukaji mtume kwa Wadanganyika. Umepigwa mhuri wa mihuri na kuvuviwa uvuvio wa uvuvio kwa amri ya mfalme wa wafalme.

Tazama naona anga ya asubuhi iliyochukia mithili ya faru aliyeuliwa mtoto. Naona malaika wa nuru akinushukia na kuniambia. “Nena usiogope Nabii wa Mungu Mpayukaji mwana wa mzee Msemahovyo mjukuu wa mzee Wambie.

Tazama mbingu ile yenye hasira inafunguka. Naona maiti aliyenuka akiwa amevalishwa mavazi ya hariri yenye kumeremeta akizungukwa na maiti wengine waliooza na kubakia mifupa huku wakiwa uchi wa mnyama!. Naona maiti wakimsujudia yule maiti aliyevaa kitani. Anaonekana alikuwa akichekacheka. Kwani uso wake unaonekana hauna kunyanzi na meno yake yote yamekenuliwa.

Kinyume na maiti msujudiwa, maiti wengine wamekondeana na sura zao zinaonyesha kunyanzi ingawa baadhi yao wanaonekana walikufa wakiwa wamenona.

Namuuliza Malaika. “ Hii maana yake nini? Anajibu bila kujivunga. “Huu ni mfano wa taifa lililoongozwa na mfalme fisadi akaliteketeza. Mfalme huyu aliitwa Kiweke aliongoza taifa la Tanzia miaka mingi baada ya gharika la Nuhu.”

Malaika alipiga mbawa zake na kutoa cheche na kuendelea. “Nabii Mpayukaji. Nenda kawambie watu wako wajue wakiendelea kufanya ufisadi yatawakuta yaliyowakuta Tanzia.”

Mbingu inazidi kufunguka. Tazama naona yule maiti msujudiwa akitoa wadudu kinywani. Nahisi harufu kiasi cha kutaka kutapika pale alipofunua mdomo wake kuongea na maiti wamsujudiao.

Anasema. “Wapendwa Watanzia nyinyi mko hai ingawa mwaitwa maiti. Nami si maiti ingawa nazushiwa umaiti. Ningekuwa maiti nisingevaa hariri na kukaa kwenye kiti cha enzi.” Anageukia kiti chake cha enzi kilichokwishagugunwa na mchwa. Kimezungukwa na dumuzi na mifupa itokanayo na watanzia awalao. Kiti ingawa kinaonekana kuwa cha enzi na kizuri, ni kichafu hakuna mfano. Kwani kila akikikalia hujaza uoza na harufu imtokayo.

Namuuliza Malaika.”Nini maana ya haya?” anasema. “Harufu ni alama ya uongo na uoza ni alama ya ufisadi. Mifupa na dumuzi vilivyozunguka kiti ni wale mafisadi waliokuwa wakimpamba Kiweke wa Tanzia. Maneno uliyosikia ni kujilisha pepo kwa Kiweke akijidanganya na kuwadanganya Watanzia.”

Alisugua mbawa na kutoa cheche nyingi zaidi ya zile za mwanzo na akaonyesha kusononeka na kuendelea. “Harufu mbaya imtokayo Kiweke kinywani ni uongo na ahadi alizokuwa akizitoa kwa Watanzia. Kawambia Wadanganyika washike maneno haya. Ni kwa ajili ya ukombozi wao.”

Aliendelea. “Ile mifupa uionayo imejaa kwenye kiti cha enzi, ni Watanzia wote waliodhulumiwa haki na kuibiwa mali na raslimali zao.”

Mbingu ilifunguka tena. Tazama niliona mavazi ya hariri yakikwanyuliwa na kitoto kichanga na kumuacha Kiweke akiwa uchi wa mnyama akitokwa usaha kila sehemu. Ulimtoka kwenye midomo, masikio, macho, puani na matundu yake ya nyuma. Kumbe yale mavazi yalificha aibu isiyowahi kuonekana duniani! Kumbe Kiweke alikuwa hana sehemu za siri. Hakuwa mwanamke wala mwanamume bali dude tu! Harufu ya usaha huu ilitosha kuua tembo mia kwa tone kutokana na ukali wa harufu hii. Nilizidi kusukwa sukwa. Nilipokaribia kutapika, tazama Malaika yule wa nuru alipitisha mkono wake kwenye pua zangu nikanusa riha nzuri.

Alisema. “Yakupasa uyaona na kuyashika haya ili ukwaonye Wadanganyika.

Nilimuuliza maana ya haya. Alisema. “ Umeona yule mtoto aliyemvua nguo mfalme? Huyu ni yule ajaye atakayetawala na kuitiisha nchi ya Tanzia ambaye watabiri walishindwa kumtabiri.

Huu usaha ulioona ni ishara ya ulushi na ugonjwa utokanao na ufisadi ambao aliutengeneza Kiweke ili ummalize. Ni ujanja ujanja na ujahiri vilivyomuwezesha Kiweke kuwadhulumu Watanzia bila kuchelea mbele.”

Mbingu ilifunguka tena ili nione ya kuona na kushika ya kushika nikiyaweka rohoni kwani yametiwa mhuri. Mara mfalme Kiweke aliyekuwa akitokwa usaha wa damu alianza kuvimba nusu ya kupasuka. Mara dhoruba kali alianza kuvuma huku radi na tufani vikiitikisa mbingu kiasi cha kunitia woga nusu ya kukimbia. Pembeni naona kundi la njiwa, tausi, kuku na baadhi ya kunguru walioshika mishale na ngao wakielekea alipo Kiweke na watumwa wake. Naona na siafu na myuki wakija wamepanua vinywa vyao na kutoa meno yenye makali kama msumeno kuelekea kiti cha enzi.

Nauliza na hii maana yake nini? Malaika anapiga mbawa zake na kutoa cheche tena kwa wingi zaidi ya mwanzo. Anatabasamu na kusema. “ Radi tufani na vimbunga ulivyoona ni nguvu ni ishara ya mabadiliko. Na hawa njiwa, kuku, tausi na baadhi ya kunguru ulioona ni Watanzia waliosifika kwa upole wao ingawa kulikuwa na kuku ( yaani wale walionyonywa kiasi cha kula wasichozalisha na kuzalisha wasichokula kama kuku) tausi na njiwa (watu wema wasio fisadi), kunguru (watanzia wachoyo waliokuwa wakiuza kura zao na kuabudia mafisadi) wakielekea kiti cha enzi kumkabili na kumuangusha Mfalme Kiweke na kumsambaratisha yeye na utawala wake dhalimu muhimili wa uovu

pamoja na watumwa na wezi wenzake. Siafu ni wale majeshi yote waliokuwa walinzi na muhimili wa utawala dhalimu wa Kiweke. Wameamua kuungana na umma baada ya kungundua kuwa kumbe nao walikuwa wakitumiwa na kunyonywa sawa na watanzia.”

Mbingu ilifunguka tena. Niliona wale watumwa waliokuwa wakimsujudia Kiweke wakigeuka nyoka, nge, fisi mbweha na mbwa mwitu huku wakianza wakiraruana. Walianza huku Mfalme akiwa pembeni akiangalia asiamini. Kwani naye aligeuzwa mbwa tena mdogo asiyeweza kumtisha hata mwana mbuzi!

Niliuliza maana ya haya ni nini? Malaika alinyoonya mkono wake na kutoa kitambaa na kuanza kupunga akisema. “Wale wanyama ulioona wamelaaniwa na wanapenda nyama. Nyoka unajua hula wadudu lakini ana sumu. Waliobaki wote wana meno na makucha makali kwa ajili ya kula wanyama wengine. Lakini hapa unaona nyoka akimng’ata nyoka na wale wanyama wakiraruana kila mtu na mnyama aina yake. Hawa ni wapambe wa Kiweke. Wameanza kugeukana baada ya upepo wa mabadiliko kuvuma kuelekea kupeperusha utawala fisadi wa Kiweke.”

Tutaendelea tukijaliwa.

Walatini husema radix molurum est cupiditas yaani tamaa ni mzizi wa maovu yote. Tazama Kiweke alijifanya mjanja asijue kila lenye mwanzo shurti liwe na mwisho!
Chanzo: Tanzania Daima April,15, 2009.

Tuesday 14 April 2009

Anne Kilango: the heroine of the moment

THERE is no doubt that Anne Kilango-Malecela has proved to have a grit to take on ’fisadis’. It needs the courage of the mad or the heart of the lioness to talk about corruption and stay in the ranks in CCM.

Importantly, what iron-lady-like -lady Kilango Malecela said recently, CCM supremos are not thwarting corruption because they don’t want to hurt their consigliore and buddies. Why? Is it because they’re the beneficiaries or just coward? Help me out there.

This did not sit well with CCM Secretary General Yusuf Makamba. On a hiding to nothing, he is quoted as having promised to hit back when time comes. Will CCM, as usual, at one fell swoop, show Anne the door or force her to recant her own assertion as she swallows her pride?

Nature does not allow vacuum. In fact, when one sleeps on the wheel, another will awaken him. Therefore hate them not. They’re helping and reminding you of your responsibility, especially at this eleventh hour.

Let’s face it. The prophecy is now being fulfilled. In Sophocles’ play, Oedepus Rex (the king) of Thabes it was predicted: Oedepus would kill his father and marry his mother. And indeed, he did. Nyerere warned: Fear those that rush to State House like plague or leprosy.

What Oedepus did was the curse (corruption and selfishness) surrounding power hunger. To begin with, Oedepus accused Creon- his brother-in law the brother of his wife-cum-mother, Jocasta. All this was geared by his ferocious lust for power. Power was his and he was for it!

Oedepus’ sheer assumption of murderous intentions by Creon was later discounted after it came to light that he owned a third of Thabes, but he chose not to rule. Poor Creon was not power hungry just like his brother-in law the king.
This sadistic episode is long and it needs time.

More on current situation where fisadis are known but not being brought to justice; if this remains so, we’re destined to impudicity and humiliation. Had what Kilango said been said by opposition, it would be watered down and politicized so as to avert the dent.

Now, we openly see how party el supremos are frustrated by the do-nothing regime as far as corruption is concerned. What a dent! Will CCM keep its cool and bite the bullet so as to let things calm down or ridiculously act like a dick-dick as it sees the mighty giraffe strut through?

Many ballyhoos and hoo-ha may be pummeled to the mainstream media. But again, something is wrong somewhere. Will the great unwashed sit and look as things worsen? Will they trust such self shipwrecking vessel?

How will it transport them to safety if it's itself unsafe? Who wants to board a doomed ship?

If anything, my major topic has always been Kagoda. I can see. As the days wind off, Kagoda seems to have been forgotten. Or say. The wananchi have been directed to other less important matters so as to ignore this vampire.

For me, Kagoda will never escape my wrath until those behind it are presented to a court of law. So, I must state clearly that all that geared this article is to make a reminder to wananchi to go back to basic, in that, to press even more to know the fate of Kagoda.

CCM has bullishly been intimidating its members especially those hating corruption under party solidarity. There is nothing like that when it comes to making blunders. Now we see some party bigwigs are saying openly that things are not as they are supposed to be.

The more things change the more they remain the same. We’re now hearing new terminologies in ranks. CCM mafisadi and CCM safi namely corrupt CCM and clean CCM! What does this mean really? It is simple. Things are falling apart. Though the biggies are always in denial games, the said fractions are there and will always be there if the party clings unto its slumber and lack of direction.

While all this is going on, the wananchi are watching and waiting for their turn to chip in. In the last elections we heard of bribery. What should we expect in the coming one after takrima was abandoned after it came to light that it caused us to have corrupt rulers?

Will Oedepus marry his mother after killing his father? Will Laios, the father of Oedipus keep on trying to get rid of his son in order to tighten grip on power? How many will we get rid of if at all dirty laundries are in the agora?

In Shakespeare’s king liar’s tragedy, Edmund (King Liar) is an illegitimate son of earl of Gloucester and the young brother, Edgar he wants to get rid of so as to win power.

As he teams up with Goneril and Regan to get away with it, he hears accusations from the wananchi saying, ’’Why bastard? Wherefore base?’’

All in all, in the end, Edmund does not inherit anything from his father. Why? Because of primogeniture. This is a Norman law that was introduced in 1066 giving the right to inherit to the first born.

By the way, will our Oedipus and King Liar inherit anything from the father-wananchi whilst everything is chaotic especially as corruption does the show with all impunity hooked on crass expediency.

Makamba and CCM must stop witch hunting and white washing. Go to the basic. Otherwise the story is the same; Oedepus and King Liar.

For Kilango, Nyerere made such situation a lot much easier. He said: ’’CCM is neither my dad nor my mom. If you think you’re clean and you don’t condone graft, pack and jump into the water. Otherwise we'll make no sense of what you're up to.
Source: Thisday Feb. 14, 2009.

Friday 10 April 2009

Who Will Brand Africa?

I hold authors Mussamaali Nangoli, Chinua Achebe, Ngugi wa Thiong’o, Shaaban Robert, among others in high esteem.Why? What occurred recently off the coast of Libya has forced me to put this on the agora.

Western media recently reported that at least 200 African immigrants died when their boat capsized as they were trying to make it to Lampedusa- Italy in their attempt to seek green pastures.The media did not tell us that another boat that was towed to safety was full of Palestinians, Indians and other non-African nationals!

Although Africa has economic problems, she’s not alone as western media put it. To western media, miseries and desperation to escape from West-made-poverty-vicious circle are only in Africa! Do they have any gist of humanity? Do they ever feel guilt of using even dead people!

How should they, if when they introduced slavery and colonialism, they thought that it was the right thing? To them, Africa and her rulers are either tabula rasa or babies that should not torture their brain.

The world needs know that colonialism and slavery that sanctified exploitation and degradation of one continent by others, need to be corrected by treating Africa fairly in all international affairs especially trade and Human Rights. Doing so will solve the current problems.

When western media is making the world believe that Africa is the source of illegal activities, as they call them, it does not know that the same continent has none of its citizenry seeking green pasture in India. Instead, it’s vice versa.

Had what was reported was about Europe or America; they’d rush to clarify and warn not to mention tutoring about ethics and research for the media. But who cares if the victim is Africa? This is the why Africa’s always been abused and given all bad names without Human Rights campaigners to condemn, let alone blotting it.

Some years back I was at loggerhead with World Vision Canada. This happened when I saw many pictures showing poor Africans. They’re degrading and exploitative pictures though to World Vision they’re good source of printing money. Then is when I asked myself: if all these creatures were whites, what would have been the repercussions of their countries? They have the grit of abusing and exploiting poor Africans for the good of their own citizens.

It’s only now that the world knows that the richest country of the world-US is currently grappling with a homeless population after greed-geared credit crunch surfaced as it dressed down its holistic capitalistic greed and myopia.

The other day my daughter was given a book about Tanzania. Apart from being authored by a racist and supremacist white, it showed Tanzania as a village full of thatched hats. This grade four daughter asked: where are the mansions of our rulers and who’s who? Her teacher, ignorant of Africa and astonished, asked: are there any mansions in Africa?

Through pummeling lies and concoctions of their making, the West has succeeded in hoodwinking their people and ours. Ask a white kid about Africa. He or she knows diseases, wars, hungers, vampires. They don’t know that the coffee they drink and computers they use everyday are made from raw materials from Africa! Sad indeed.

We may blame them. It is our right to do so. But looking at the other side of the coin, we’re to blame. For example, if you look at our academic setting and all that we inculcate into our kids, you’ll find that sometimes we’re our own enemies.

I’ve never understood why, for example, a very simple, clear and eloquent book like “No More Lies About Africa” by Professor Mussamaali Nangoli is not taught in our schools and universities.Though some of our literati are internationally applauded, their contributions are a lot more appreciated in the West than in Africa! To add injuries to insults, most of them are in western universities teaching.

Our thuggish rulers do not want them home for fear of unveiling their plot to exploit our people.Our rulers do not want much-know people in their countries. They’re happy and at home with the crop of elites either they use in their regimes hell bent to ruin people or those are at universities teaching and keeping animals.

I felt pity when I found that most of the professors at the University of Dar es salaam are renowned for keeping pigs and chickens to subsidize their negligible incomes. When do such people get time to invent or mentor students whilst their petit projects need them the most? Sadly, they don’t give the government the heck to see to it that they’re well remunerated just like politicians who make millions for telling lies or doing nothing! Education is for human manumission.

It’s reached a point whereby a drug baron or a mere dealer is highly adored compared to an elite. In Tanzania, there was an operation of busting thugs. You know what. This exercise had to stop after finding that most of those thugs were donors and sponsors to the ruling Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM).

It’s no secret. Most of professors in many African countries have abandoned and betrayed their professions to join politics where money is printed easily. What makes the situation worse is when they become politicians; they become even more corrupt than common con men and women in politics. This is why, despite having many PhD holders and professors in government, African governments are still begging and allowing themselves to be degraded and used for the peril of their own people.

I once asked the logic for the current regime in Tanzania to deny a hundred percent loans to students whilst those doing so went to free school under Mwalimu Julius Nyerere’s socialist regime! The situation is the same almost everywhere in Africa. What adds the twangs and pangs, western government support such nugatory regimes even when Africans try to pull them down.

We are currently suffering from terrorism not just because those serving it are morally inclined to it. Their desperation is the sole cause of being preyed on easily. They have nothing to lose. If people can risk their lives to cross turbulent seas, what will stop them from succumbing to petrodollars to execute whatever mission they are assigned Look at the money being wasted on killing people in Iraq, Palestine and Afghanistan, instead of serving humanity.

For how long will Africa sit on her treasures as she is abused and exploited? The solution is simple; starting reshaping the mindset of our young ones. China did as well as Japan and you can see the fruits.
Source: The African Executive Magazine April 8, 2009.

What’s wrong with our police force?

I am very appalled. I wish I’d drink somebody’s blood especially those police officers wearing white rugs known as traffic officers.

My name is July the son of former Big man, Joe Waliboa that served in the former government under the great man a great many people hold high.

The other day I was driving my car along Ali Hassan Mwinyi road. All of a sudden, I saw a female traffic officer bashing on me as if she did not know who I was!She was hollering as if I was a common person! Methinks. This woman is not a Tanzanian even sane. How, if she does not know the son of a big man who used to rule them? Didn’t she know; once a big man always a big man? Doesn't she know this hank belongs to big families and they are there to serve them?

What made me mad and sad is, apart from bashing on me, the lady hollered at me as if I was a common man! I tried to keep my cool to see if the she'd use her common sense to no avail.

Looking at stupid orders she gave that my car be inspected, I knew. The woman was mad per se. How can a junior officer inspect a son of big man? Didn’t they see how mzee wa Vijesenti has to be treated as he's accompanied by senior police officers when he was knocked by a tricycle-bajaj? Didn’t they see they formed a commission to probe the matter instead of preferring charges directly as they do to common beings? This is how a big man must be treated so do his kids.

We need to understand that disturbing big people means disturbing the peace of this hank of land.

Going back to my ordeal, you know what? When I decided to leave as I zipped around, she touched base with another male officer ahead of me. When I arrived thither, this stupid man jumped onto my car saying that if I refused to go to police station, he’d commit suicide! Foolish guy, didn’t he know committing suicide is as an offence just like assaulting the kids of big people?

Now methinks. It’s high time to amend our constitution to see to it that big people and their families are not assaulted by junior police people wherever they go.

After the guy clung unto my car and I being a people-loving kid of a big man, I decided to drive to the police station and see what he’d do.

When we arrived there, I locked my car and took my laptop as I smoked my cigarette. As I was taking my laptop out, I told the fella that I was not ready to speak to any stupid junior officer except the PIG. And I made it crystal clear that if Police Inspector General (PIG or IGP) is not being brought to speak with me, the potpourri they’re inviting would never end till I see them fired. So I ordered PIG be brought to listen to me speaking.

You know what? Our police officers are nowadays over their heads. Who could believe that they'd deflate my tires without fearing that I'm a kid of a big man?

To cut the story short, after finding that those police officers would commit suicide for no reasons, I ordered that their boss at the station come and talk to me. I did not want them to die and leave poor mothers and children behind without anybody to bring them mshiko after doing their mabao thing. Do you know what this mabao thing is? When the traffic officer takes bribes from you, she or he says that he’s scored a goal.

So kickback nowadays has another new name, bao or goal. Don’t take this as a lie. I know all of the evils those guys commit just like that boss of Takokuru or PCB.

As I'm writing, I'm musing about suing the police force to see to it that they redress me for misbehaving before me not to mention wasting my precious time and treating me as common person.

Though they told the media thereafter that I was not bailed out like Citigroup and AIG in the US , don’t subscribe to their lies. I was release just because I'm a big man kid.

Before I left the police station I told them to their faces: shall this happens to any big man kid anywhere anyway and anytime again, I'll order all big men kids to knock down whoever stands in their way. We’re tired of being treated like common people. Everybody, from now on, should comprehend big people and their families should be treated exceptionally kindly and with respect.

To avoid making a missive for no reason, I warn all junior officers in all offices. If you ever mistreat any big man kid, brace yourself for either being fired, jailed or meeting the nose of hangman. And to everybody that knows belongs to big man family, never allow common people to dress you down by treating you as a common person. This is assault in any law. Laws are enacted to protect big people and their families. Period.

By the way, whose country is going to be if all this is met?
Source: Thisday April 8, 2009.