Magufulification: Concept That Will Define Africa's Future and the Man Who Makes Things Happen

Magufulification: Concept That Will Define Africa's Future and the Man Who Makes Things Happen

Friday, 17 April 2009

Kikwete must disown and reprimand self-seekers

THE other day I heard CCM’s retired regional chairs swearing by all gods to die with anybody that would challenge Jakaya Kikwete within the ranks in the coming national elections.

Being a glass-half-full sort of guy, with piqued curiosity, I looked at their brouhahas as they’re trying to be the yin-yang of Tanzanian politics without being invited and found nothing but self-seeking and boot licking.
Now that their chips are on the table, it’s right time to tell them to shut up and pack up.

What an expired proposition in the first place. Who sent these old guards to attempt making Kikwete a king that he’s nary wanted to become. Is it Kikwete or ’njaa’ There are those saying that what these bigwigs gained was nothing but cheap popularity. I’m not saying so. But looking at the wisdom so applied hither, these folks tried to pull us backward instead of advancing forward, so to speak.

How, on earth, guys thought to be mature can contemplate this abuse of democracy and drag Kikwete into it. Should we follow their dicta or the constitution of the party that expressly provides: Any competent member can vie for any position.

Does it mean that these folks did not see a pressing matter to address to Kikwete What of mega corruption? What of our all time ailing economy? Why should they dress themselves down in broad daylight and willingly turn themselves into laughing stock?

Methinks. These folks goofed altogether. Who wants a king amidst a maturing and promising democracy. Mature and healthy minds discuss philosophy, but sick and feeble minds discuss people.

Let me emphatically ask over and over again. Who sent you guys Is it Kikwete or your tummies. If I were Kikwete, I’d quickly repudiate their abhorring ideas as I warn them to backoff. Kikwete is tied hand and legs to his own promises. Is this the type of ’mizengwe’ CCM has always been accused of? Kikwete can’t be such hopelessly desperate so as to resort to such useless tactics-cum-politics.

They’re saying that Kikwete has guarded peace and tranquility in the hank. But do our paupers enjoy any peace amidst vampiric graft such as ANBEN, Tanpower, EPA-Kagoda, Richmonduli and suchlike? Is there any peace for ’machingas’ (street hawkers) that are beaten by Kandoro’s militia every time?

Nonetheless, we’re not at war, in that, there are no pom-poms. We’ve wars before our eyes -- endemic corruption left to shrive. Kikwete knows this too well as he’s always admitted.

Why didn’t they remind whoever they die for that time is lapsing without delivering even a single one promise among many he made during the past elections? Don’t they know he’s triumphed thanks to these undelivered promises?

I now concur with CCM’s detractors saying the party has lost direction. Shall it sit on these macabre acts? Is this the product of in-fighting ’mitandaos’ (networks)? Whom should we listen to between party members and the retired chairs that, in essence, have no platform.

But again, despite all that I know. Kikwete cannot use such cheap and rotten means though in politics anything is possible. That’s why it is called a dirty game.

This way, disgruntled and frustrated young people will get a pretext to slap old people as it embarrassingly happened to Mzee Ali Hassan Mwinyi the other day.

Let’s ponder on the real situation. Does it mean the folks are blind and deaf if they cannot see and hear all noises our people make and the rot they’re disgusted with? Will CCM party members allow themselves to be abusively used by a cabal of self-seeking individuals that want to superimpose their own choice?

Sadly, had the opposition taken advantage of this rot and myopia, maybe, just maybe next year we’d have a brand new government that is ready to deliver.

Pro bono advice, Kikwete needs to strongly and openly condemn the wazee if at all he did not send them to preempt CCM’s plans to suffocate democracy within the party.

I know. He did not send them though.
By the way, why depending on bankrupt ideas and cheap propaganda in stead of delivering? Isn't this the sign of failure really?

I, for one, my vote will go to the guy that will show me what he’s done and the one that will prove to be clean and determined to practically and timely fight graft. I need better life be delivered instead of being talked about. I need to live in Canaan as it was promised instead of the promises to go there. I’ll vote for the guy that will spend our taxes wisely and with discipline, whose team also must be clean.

I shall vote for the guy whose policies make sense and are but deliverables not ballyhoos and hoo-ha. If anything, I will vote for the guy who says a little and does a lot instead of the one that feeds me with sweet words and ends up doing bitter things like conspiring with thieves to rob the Bank of Tanzania (BoT).

Indeed, I shall vote for the guy, even if not experienced, that advocates the code of conduct and ethics with regards to public services.

Kikwete, it’s time to reprimand any self-seeker pretending to represent you. Latin has it: ’’Radix molurum est cupiditas’’ in that greed is the root of all evil. What are the reasons gearing elders to act delinquently like boys? What do I know.
Source: Thisday April 15, 2009.

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