Magufulification: Concept That Will Define Africa's Future and the Man Who Makes Things Happen

Magufulification: Concept That Will Define Africa's Future and the Man Who Makes Things Happen

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Anne Kilango: the heroine of the moment

THERE is no doubt that Anne Kilango-Malecela has proved to have a grit to take on ’fisadis’. It needs the courage of the mad or the heart of the lioness to talk about corruption and stay in the ranks in CCM.

Importantly, what iron-lady-like -lady Kilango Malecela said recently, CCM supremos are not thwarting corruption because they don’t want to hurt their consigliore and buddies. Why? Is it because they’re the beneficiaries or just coward? Help me out there.

This did not sit well with CCM Secretary General Yusuf Makamba. On a hiding to nothing, he is quoted as having promised to hit back when time comes. Will CCM, as usual, at one fell swoop, show Anne the door or force her to recant her own assertion as she swallows her pride?

Nature does not allow vacuum. In fact, when one sleeps on the wheel, another will awaken him. Therefore hate them not. They’re helping and reminding you of your responsibility, especially at this eleventh hour.

Let’s face it. The prophecy is now being fulfilled. In Sophocles’ play, Oedepus Rex (the king) of Thabes it was predicted: Oedepus would kill his father and marry his mother. And indeed, he did. Nyerere warned: Fear those that rush to State House like plague or leprosy.

What Oedepus did was the curse (corruption and selfishness) surrounding power hunger. To begin with, Oedepus accused Creon- his brother-in law the brother of his wife-cum-mother, Jocasta. All this was geared by his ferocious lust for power. Power was his and he was for it!

Oedepus’ sheer assumption of murderous intentions by Creon was later discounted after it came to light that he owned a third of Thabes, but he chose not to rule. Poor Creon was not power hungry just like his brother-in law the king.
This sadistic episode is long and it needs time.

More on current situation where fisadis are known but not being brought to justice; if this remains so, we’re destined to impudicity and humiliation. Had what Kilango said been said by opposition, it would be watered down and politicized so as to avert the dent.

Now, we openly see how party el supremos are frustrated by the do-nothing regime as far as corruption is concerned. What a dent! Will CCM keep its cool and bite the bullet so as to let things calm down or ridiculously act like a dick-dick as it sees the mighty giraffe strut through?

Many ballyhoos and hoo-ha may be pummeled to the mainstream media. But again, something is wrong somewhere. Will the great unwashed sit and look as things worsen? Will they trust such self shipwrecking vessel?

How will it transport them to safety if it's itself unsafe? Who wants to board a doomed ship?

If anything, my major topic has always been Kagoda. I can see. As the days wind off, Kagoda seems to have been forgotten. Or say. The wananchi have been directed to other less important matters so as to ignore this vampire.

For me, Kagoda will never escape my wrath until those behind it are presented to a court of law. So, I must state clearly that all that geared this article is to make a reminder to wananchi to go back to basic, in that, to press even more to know the fate of Kagoda.

CCM has bullishly been intimidating its members especially those hating corruption under party solidarity. There is nothing like that when it comes to making blunders. Now we see some party bigwigs are saying openly that things are not as they are supposed to be.

The more things change the more they remain the same. We’re now hearing new terminologies in ranks. CCM mafisadi and CCM safi namely corrupt CCM and clean CCM! What does this mean really? It is simple. Things are falling apart. Though the biggies are always in denial games, the said fractions are there and will always be there if the party clings unto its slumber and lack of direction.

While all this is going on, the wananchi are watching and waiting for their turn to chip in. In the last elections we heard of bribery. What should we expect in the coming one after takrima was abandoned after it came to light that it caused us to have corrupt rulers?

Will Oedepus marry his mother after killing his father? Will Laios, the father of Oedipus keep on trying to get rid of his son in order to tighten grip on power? How many will we get rid of if at all dirty laundries are in the agora?

In Shakespeare’s king liar’s tragedy, Edmund (King Liar) is an illegitimate son of earl of Gloucester and the young brother, Edgar he wants to get rid of so as to win power.

As he teams up with Goneril and Regan to get away with it, he hears accusations from the wananchi saying, ’’Why bastard? Wherefore base?’’

All in all, in the end, Edmund does not inherit anything from his father. Why? Because of primogeniture. This is a Norman law that was introduced in 1066 giving the right to inherit to the first born.

By the way, will our Oedipus and King Liar inherit anything from the father-wananchi whilst everything is chaotic especially as corruption does the show with all impunity hooked on crass expediency.

Makamba and CCM must stop witch hunting and white washing. Go to the basic. Otherwise the story is the same; Oedepus and King Liar.

For Kilango, Nyerere made such situation a lot much easier. He said: ’’CCM is neither my dad nor my mom. If you think you’re clean and you don’t condone graft, pack and jump into the water. Otherwise we'll make no sense of what you're up to.
Source: Thisday Feb. 14, 2009.

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