Magufulification: Concept That Will Define Africa's Future and the Man Who Makes Things Happen

Magufulification: Concept That Will Define Africa's Future and the Man Who Makes Things Happen

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Thanks President for meeting-the-hoi polloi strategies though

First of all, I must admit. I’m not the creature that praises others especially the biggies like President. This time, I’ve to break this taboo. Mr. President’s new performance has captured me as much as it waterlogged sitting rooms as people watched him skunking us in this game of empty hope giving.

Though, at this eleventh hour, it needs the courage of the mad to allow the general public turn you into a question-marksman’s target thanks to inquisitive and testing questions resulting from angst and broken hearts. Yeah. It needs the courage of the mad to assure heartbroken populace that you’ll deliver. This needs the art of turning things upside down and downside up.

Interestingly, some fyatus are asking: why Mr. President’s waited for good five years without doing anything. What flapdoodle? Better late than never. Didn’t they know? The good prezzo’s busy traveling to attract aids and investors? And why didn’t you remind him? Don’t you know he’s a lot of things to do that make him neither see nor hear anything till the eleventh hour?

The recent meet-the-people-PR strategy or call it: pretending-and make-believe by ndugu Jakaya Kikwete can not go without receiving my accolades despite his detractors saying: too late too little after messing a lot. I’m not saying he messed even though they say he did. I don’t even upbraid bro Tido Mhando for turning profession into kow tow stuffs -as others say- for watering down their questions so as to allow his man to offer majibu ya kishikaji, or, manipulatively muting and shrewdly, neutralizing those that wanted to put his man on shame-cum-cross. Shame on them that did not get it regarding politics and its acrobatics and theatrics!

Let me ask them. What did you want Mr. President to do after noting that his policies time and strategies are hitting a snag? Don’t you know we’ve elections next year? Who wants to become a sitting duck after being a lame duck?

I know. My enemies will come in with stuffs such as-“he did not lived up to his words vis a vis delivering on his promises. Didn’t you know? That’s politics. To help you understand the lesson, be prepared to be given even more promises so that you dish out your votes once again. And that is it.

Those saying Mr. President did not deliver must have their heads examined. He did deliver a lot more than even expected. He consented to immolate his consigliore Eddie Lowassa to save the outfit. Remember. Recent reports have it. This time, Kagodamn will be truly nabbed after cat-rat meanderings and chasing.

I heard some guys complaining their questions were distorted or not answered. Well and good. Blame not the president but those that shamelessly pushed your questions under.

But you needn’t to worry guys. I’ve spoken with him. He’s concerned. Next time his meeting-the-people performance will be hosted by Chris Mtikila and Augus Lyatonga whilst the supervisors will be Prof Ibra Lipumba and Sayf Maalim. Get it?

And one thing must be twigged. Even though you say the good man whitewashed, at least, he performed and I’m sure the guys in rural areas will subscribe to this as his whiz kids pray.

Going back to delivering, let me tell you my friends. Since he came to power, new and sound investments such as RITES have been attracted so as to become even tough and mightier than the power that be even after messing. Can you blame the president for this or RITES?

Another interesting thing is kicking out Maasai invaders from Kenya . I know. Many are wondering why ‘Maasai from Kenya ’ should be kicked out so as to give room to Arabs to make private kingdoms. Yeah. Maasai have no investment but Arabs have. See. They can not cough ten percent.

Another stuff, sorry, thing, is the whole question of president being upbeat with regards to his so-called successful fight against grafts. Yeah. He persecuted Basie, Son of Jonna and Mgonjwa. Aren’t they sharks? Given that these are the only big fish that embezzled public funds, he’s taken on them. If there would be others, he’d not budge but to take on them as well or keep tabs on them.

To prove his seriousness, he expedited Joe Makamba to go to Urambo and soften Samuel Sitta so that he, too, can soften his take on graft. What’s more, he allowed RCs like Mwakipesile to freely regurgitate on MPs like Mwakyembe that took a hard line on graft. To win over graft one needs to deal with it politely and softly as it is the case currently.

As for fight against larceny, we’re all witnesses. The likes of Zombes are allowed to shoot to kill and do their trigger joy stuffs. And when ignorant and abhorrent guys bay for their blood, the police files cases full of legal flaws as to get them off the hook.

When it comes to democracy Mr. President excelled. He allowed his party to rant and rave on the speaker. What else do you people want? In Pemba , we’ve heard it. The voter’s registry is a unique success.

As for our economy, it’s shriveling, sorry, shriving. If it weren’t, mammoth scams like Richmond , EPA, CIS, Meremeta and others would sink it. But thanks Lord. I can see many oil guzzlers, that’s shangingis, been bought even more despite swearing that they’d be phased out. You banish them by buying more expensive ones as the old ones are sold to top officials at a throw-away price as it happened with Tanesco’s castles.

In a nutshell, Mr. President is now prepared to solve our problems for once and for all. Do you get it?

Let’s wait for yet another performance. Importantly, beware. There’s a fly in the ointment though.
Source: Thisday September 2009.

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