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Wednesday, 6 June 2018

Korea’s solution lies in its reunification

            The Korean peninsula has been in the news recently after North Korea or the Democratic Republic of People of Korea decided to embark on peacebuilding and peacemaking efforts. To show the world how it means serious business, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK), it decided to dismantle its nuclear programs. However, despite so doing, the US betrayed the DPRK after its unpredictable president Donald Trump initially promised to meet with his DPRK counterpart, Kim Jong-Un to end up pulling out of the dialogue.
            This forced the South Korea to go solo to see to it that the two Korea are going on with the efforts to actualise and realise peace in their peninsula. Again, is the Korean Peninsula solution the dismantling of nuclear program or reunification? Why DPRK’s nuclear programs are a big deal; but not other unstable countries with nuclear such as Israel or Pakistan?
                        Those in the know knew what would happen after Trump appointing warmongers such as John Bolton to be his security advisor who recently let the cat out of the bag by proposing that Libya model in which Libyan former strongman Muamar Gadaffi whom the West coxed to dismantle his nuclear programs to end up being toppled and summarily killed. Apart from portraying the US as an unscrupulous peace broker, the betrayal of Gadaffi and now Iran alarmed the DPRK and acted as a wakeup call. This is why the CNN (May 26, 2018) quoted South Korean President Jae in as saying, “Our journey to the complete denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula and a permanent peace agreement cannot be stopped, and we have decided to cooperate closely.” They know how unstable and unreliable Trump is. He can just pull a trigger anytime shall the DPRK let him get away with murder.
            Is it reasonable to trust an oddball such as Trump who has no inkling in international affairs not to mentiongeopolitik? Refer to how Trump promised to meet with Kim out of bigheadedness but not seriousness and understanding of the policy of his country. Go figure!  When Trump offered to meet with Kim, even his advisors and ministers were shocked because such a move didn’t result from informed decision. By proposing to meet with Kim, Trump was trying a hand on something he didn’t know well apart from being against US policy. Thanks to his ignorance in international affairs and his vengeance against whatever his predecessor Barack Obama built, Trump has proved to be the president who does things to suit his political agenda but not US policy.
            Although the two Koreas still pin their hope on the US, they seem to have suspected US’s double standard and failure. For, according to the Wall Street Journal (May 26, 2018), the presidents of the DPRK and South Korea, Kim Jong Un and Moon Jae-In respectively,  met out of the blue in the Demilitarised Zone (DMZ) to push for the peace talks in the Korean Peninsula.
            The two Koreas must take a leaf from Germany, the biggest economy of Europe now that once suffered from division. After finding that division weakened the two Germanies, they decided to reunite in order to regain their clout regionally and internationally. This is because the reunification of Germany helped the two Germanies to stop wasting a lot of money and resources to military wanton expenditures due to the fake acrimony and fear emanating from their division. Maybe, they two Germanies learned from Africa  Germany participated in dividing and partitioning so as to become a weak continent despite sitting on immense resources of value. This is now clear under what the two leaders of the two Koreas called “new era of reconciliation and unity.” Shall they unite; the united Korea will use its existing economic unevenness the same way Germany did to become Europe’s powerhouse. So, too, the reunification of Korea will avert the DPRK with what happened to Gadaffi.
            Another example can be drawn from Spain where Catalonia wants to secede and the EU doesn’t support its move. This shows West’s double standard. Had Catalonia been a non-European country, the EU would not see any danger of seceding.
             In sum, does the US really want an everlasting solution in the Korean Peninsula or just to get away with the murder and enshrine its leverage regionally and globally? Will the US entertain the ideas of the reunification that will deny it the right of keeping its military bases in South Korea even Japan?  Will the two Koreas keep on feeding a monster after making them look like bugaboos to each other? Are the two Koreas ready to decolonise themselves by doing things by themselves without necessarily depending on the imperial US? Does Trump know that the two Korean leaders have come to the realisation that the US is trying to use them, not for their interests, but for its interests?  Is it feasible and logical to try the US that’s become a total failure in the Middle East where it openly shows its bias not to mention the betrayal of Iran? Will Trump lick his vomitus; and go to meet Kim or recoil and allow the two Koreas to sort out their colonially superimposed differences? Will the two Koreans betray each other for their peril or stand together and emancipate themselves? It is not easy to tell right now. However, under Trump, many countries the US used to hoodwink can use him to liberate themselves even if he calls them shitholes or any sort of names of which he is proud.
Source:  Citizen, June 6, 2018.

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