Epistle to Afrophobic South Africa

Epistle to Afrophobic South Africa

Thursday, 8 September 2022

Fare-thee Well Queen Elizabeth and Long Live the Queen


Fare-the well Queen Elizabeth
Again, have  you died or just crossed over?
At your age, never
You've just gone to meet your maker
Despite all controversies you had to endure
For many things the world has you to remember
Some have you to treasure
Others have you to loathe
It is life my dear
Fare-thee well the Queen

Nobody will live forever once said you
Again, those you colonized will remember you
Just like those you rewarded with trappings
Indeed, your were an icon for many things
An icon of colonization
Some accused you of discrimination
Now that the curtain has fallen
We need to forgive you
We shall not forget your deeds
Fare-thee-well Queen Elizabeth
Live long Queen Elizabeth

Go and meet your beloved Philip
Go play with your loyal corgi the puppy
Go without turning back
Go as  you came from your mummy's ventricle
You came without power and opulence
Back you go without any appurtenance 
You're abdicating the throne without power
Go with pomp and ululations
Go and forget your family's tribulations
Go where you belong
Fare-thee well Elizabeth

You're an icon for those that you rewarded
You're an  anathema for those that you offended
Those whom your rule robbed
Will always remember you in disgust
Slave trade will always be your stamp
Colonisation will make  your empire lump
Fare-the well Elizabeth

How many'll live longer like you
How many'll hail you
It is over 
It is over
Fare-thee well Elizabeth
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