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Tuesday, 30 January 2018

People's president Raila Amolo Odinga takes the oath of office as UhuRuto cowers and lick wounds

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           At last, Kenya's opposition leader Raila Amolo Odinga (RAO, also one of the National Super Alliance (NASA) was yesterday sworn-in as the "people's president'. If anything, this stubbornness was aimed at undermining the authorities not to mention coaxing it into unleashing brutality that would have cost it dearly. Again, what's the significance of this swearing in for Raila and Kenya?
      First of all, it aimed at assuring NASA's supporters that their leader is not a coward who is afraid of the authorities. In other words, swearing in energised Raila's base. It showed him as a man of actions who breathe and live what he preaches as opposed to his compatriots in NASA who lost their significance yesterday soon after Raila was sworn-in. Although Raila enjoyed the support from the Coast, what transpired yesterday was a show of force for Mombasa governor Hassan Joho.
          Secondly, Raila wanted the government to make a goof and act foolishly and end up in bigger crisis and quandary than the ones it is now facing.
          Thirdly, the swearing in has brought Raila back to the limelight as far as the politics of Kenya in the future is concerned. It is the beginning of the journey to the 2022 elections.
           Fourthly, by being sworn in without any resistance from the authorities, Raila has  assured himself how his next moves will succeed for the fear of mayhem.Had his co-principals partaken of the swearing in, Raila would have lost his chance to stand again in the coming elections. Therefore, the swearing-in has secured him a golden ticket as a  major contender. However, there are those who deceive themselves  thinking that Raila is old to stand again. What a goof! No retirement in politics of Africa. If Mugabe was ready to soldier on, why can't Raila?In 2022, Raila will be 75 just like Emerson Mnangagwa of Zimbabwe who is standing this year. So, too, there are other presidents who ran when they were in their seventies such as Nelson Mandela and Abdulaye Wade. Therefore, here the age is nothing but numbers for Raila. 
            Fifth, the absence of other NASA's co-principals Kalonzo Musyoka, Moses Wetang'ula and Musalia Mudavadi, has emboldened and cemented Raila as the true leader who can steer Kenya in future after Kenyatta lapses his term in office. So, too, this defiance has secured Raila yet another chance to  take a short at presidency without necessarily needing to repay the leg up and support he enjoyed from the co-principals who have proved to be cowards and political prostitutes. Furthermore, the swearing in has portrayed Kenyatta as a coward if not a noisemaker who cannot make good on his promises.
           Sixth, Raila now knows how the UhuRuto government fears him. This is obvious. Raila intimidated it; and beat it at its own game. He therefore will give it a heck of challenge provided that he knows nobody wants to go back to The Hague.
            Seventh, by taking the oath of non-existing office, Raila has symbolically convinced Kenyans that he is still in the game seeking the very office. His new title people's president dwarfs Kenyatta. My friend from Kenya gave me a call after Raila's swearing in teasing that Kenya now has the people's president as opposed to the Nugu's president, nugu is Kikuyu word for apes.
         Eighth, by being sworn-in, Raila has notched past potential future candidates that supported him to end up failing him at the moment of truth. This puts him ahead of others who are contemplating to stand for election 2022.
      In a nutshell, however ceremonial or symbolic Raila's swearing in can rightly be construed or misconstrued, it has given him more political mojo and tempo to keep in on vis-a-vis 2022.cartoon

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