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Wednesday, 24 January 2018

Thank you president Donald Trump: open letter

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          Dear Donald John Trump, POTUS,
            I hope you are fine. Congrats on discovering that your upstairs is normal.
Mr. President, I am writing this letter to thank you for telling the truth however bitter and ugly it might be misconstrued.  Remember how the world caught fire when you told it as it is? Let me remind you. After being frustrated by immigration policies, you decided to call a spade a spade so as to make the whole world accuse, curse, huff and puff as if it doesn’t know who you actually are.  I remember reading the Washington Post that broke the news quoting you as saying “why are we having all these people from shithole countries come here?”  First of all, those condemning you seem to have forgotten your campaign promises that your presidency will be about making America great again even if doing so means to make America a threat.
            Secondly, those blaming you forget that you have proved to be the true president of the US but not the world. This is different from your predecessors who used to act and think as if they are the presidents of the world simply because they were presidents of the US.
            Thirdly, I am wondering why people are attacking you for defending your country. Some people say that your words were abhorrently provocative and racist. Of course, they were. Did they think racism has been rooted out from the world? What is the problem, to show the truth, especially how your country, and the West in general perceive others? I praise you for unearthing the true face of how the U.S and the West perceive others, especially those they once colonised and kept on exploiting up until now.  
            Those who truly know you and those who voted for you Mr. President weren't shocked or annoyed provided that you represent your voters and country altogether. Mr. President, hate or love what you said, I don’t hate you. I like you for being open and trustworthy. First, you are not a hypocrite. Nor are you a politician. You don't brag or smile where you're supposed to just like other Westerners who always strive to show only a positive self.  You say what you want to say without seeking to be politically correct. And you say it the way you want to say it but not the way listeners would want you to say it.
            Mr. President, those who don't know you and your take of Africa and black people in general must start researching about you.  Do you remember in 1973 when you and your dad were accused of denying black people the right to rent your apartments? As if this wasn’t enough, do you remember how in 2013 when Obama promised to assist Africa, you warned him noting that “every penny of the $7 billion going to Africa as per Obama will be stolen-corruption is rampant!” As if this wasn’t enough, you added that Africans “are people who import everything including matchsticks. In my opinion, most of these African countries ought to be recolonized again for another 100 years, because they know nothing about leadership and self-governance.” Mr. President, didn’t you know that African countries have never been independent like the US and the West are?  How could they be independent and still begging shamelessly not to mention their elections being funded by independent countries? What is wrong with you telling them the truth? Don't they imports all sorts of nonsenses despite running their own countries for over five decades?
            Now, let us face it. Aren’t many African countries corrupt? Aren’t they importing matchsticks despite priding themselves that they have been independent for over six decades? Aren’t some of African rulers addicted to begging; and proud of doing so?  Do those who rob their countries respect them or treat them just like ***hole? Who respects it on earth? Don’t those tinkering with the constitutions of their countries to cling to power treat them like s***hole?
            Mr. President, what's wrong with you telling them to put their houses in order instead of languishing in believing that the president of the US is the president of the world? What's wrong with you reminding such countries to stop clinging to colonial hangovers of thinking that they must be told lies as it has been since they gained their chimeric independence? What's wrong with you abandoning s***hole policies that your country used to use by sending the CIA to topple non-complying governments as it happened in Chile, the DRC and Guatemala where their leaders, Salvador Allende Castro, Patrice Emile Lumumba and Jocobo Arbenz Guzman were toppled and killed respectively simply because they were not ready to be in bed with imperialism and shithole and thuggish policies?

            In sum, Mr. President, keep on educating the world about things by doing what many love to hate and fear to touch. Congrats on making good your campaign promises that attracted American voters to elect you as the sign of how endemic corruption was in the US, especially swampy Washington you promised to drain. Is racism saying it or doing it? Aren't s***hole countries not discriminated against and exploited economically internationally? 
Source: Citizen, Wed., Jan. 24, 2018.

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