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Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Lissugate: Call in foreign investigators

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            After certain unknown dunces wanted to do Tundu Lissu in, there are still cries for justice to be delivered to the culprits. Lissu is suffering from pains inflicted on him by bêtes noires either motivated by their criminality or hired to finish him off thanks to his vocalness. Since this sacrilegious act was committed over a month ago, Lissu has been bedridden in Kenya.  As a result, his constituency doesn’t have a representative in parliament currently. His family is as well indescribably suffering. It is not easy to explain what Lissu and his family are going through. Any human created truly a human but not an accidentally whereby some animals look like humans, he or she will agree with me; Lissu and his family do not deserve what they are going through let alone their case to be ignored and forgotten by those entrusted with the duty to provide security for every Tanzanian regardless he is an opponent or otherwise.  While all these are going on, the hoodlums who freakishly attacked Lissu have never been zapped. Why? This is the question that has led me to think about bringing in the big gorillas from abroad. Tanzania won’t be the first to bring in some foreign forensic expert. Kenya did the same when its former foreign minister Robert Ouko died mysteriously in 1990. However, Kenya abandoned the investigation after a British investigator John Troon neared cornering sacred cows behind Ouko’s murder.
            Before the so-called unknown outlaws attacking him, Lissu had reported to the Tanzania Police Force which sadly did not take any substantive measures to prevent the attack. As a citizen who is constitutionally entitled to protection from the same force, Lissu didn’t only feel vulnerable but also betrayed. His trust in police has since evaporated. This is why he’s been treated in Kenya instead of Tanzania not just because there is no wherewithal.  He no longer trusts the institutions of his country. This is sad and surreal.  Demonstrably, Lissu’s family and his party think that to do justice for Lissu and the likes, the police must concur that it is no longer credible to do the job. When it comes to who should investigate this scandal I’d like to call Lissugate, the Tanzania’s police force has lost the believability since it failed or refused (as his family thinks) to work on the reports Lissu made before it. I for one, just like Lissu, his family and Chama cha Demokrasia na Maendeleo (CHADEMA) I would urge the police to do the right thing namely to stay aside and allow other international organs to conduct investigation in order to prove its innocence. First of all, why didn’t they take action after they were tipped off about the danger Lissu faced? Why has it taken long time to, at least, nab even a single member of the gang of unknown crooks? One newspaper reported recently that even the CCTV cameras on the crime of scene have been removed. Is this true; and if it is, why and why police are still keeping mum while they actually know that doing so is a crime resulting into tampering with evidence not to mention abetting the suspects?
            Sometimes, we need to be true to ourselves so as to allow those who listen to what we do by commission and omission or say to treat what we say to be true. For instance, the parliamentary Defense and Security Committee failed to table its report on the issue that was supposed to be out in the mid-September. Why? No one knows why except the committee and the authorities which up till now have never done anything substantial as far as investigating the crime is concerned. Thanks to this laxity, some foreign countries such as the UK and the US offered to help in investigating this carnage. As it seems, the authorities are not only tightlipped but also have been dragging feet. Why?
            Due to the fact that the police have proved that either they are unwilling or incompetent to look into Lissugate, it is time for Tanzania to welcome foreign firms to help crack the puzzle behind this seeming criminality.  There is no need to wait for being catcalled. So, too, there is no need of keeping the cart before the horse. If police have proved they cannot nab unknown criminals that made attempt on Lissu’s life, why should the public keep on trusting them that they will apprehend the criminals while as time elapses evidence too fades away? Indeed, Lissugate needs to be looked into by a neutral and professional bodies such as FBI or Scotland Yard among others.
Source: Citizen Wed., today.

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