Heko Rais Magufuli

Monday, 26 February 2018

Between Miguna Miguna, Ndii and Magaya, who is the mole?

            Recent accusations by Miguna Miguna, a self-appointed National Resistance Movement (NRM) general sent me back to the time he betrayed Raila Odinga, the head of NRM. Miguna recently accused NRM’s strategists David Ndii and Norman Magaya of being moles in the NRM. He was quoted as saying that “Ndii opposed the swearing-in and threatened to lead a walkout from Nasa of Kalonzo (Musyoka) et al. Ndii shouted at me and made the threats in person in my house” thereby he is a mole along with Magaya whom Miguna said that “Magaya is actively working for Jubilee. He took Sh30 million to withdraw the petition against Sonko in retaliation for his failed nomination to EALA. He had vowed to ‘revenge against Raila’ after that. H.E. Raila Odinga himself told me about it.”
            After unleashing such dinting indictments, the head of the NRM Odinga was quoted as noting “my attention has been drawn to reports in sections of the media attributed to Mr. Miguna Miguna claiming that Dr. David Ndii and Mr. Norman Magaya are working for Jubilee Party. The allegations against the two, if at all they were made, are very unfortunate and detrimental to the course we are pursuing.”
            Contentious as Miguna has always been, especially when we remember how he was fished out of Canada by Odinga and became his advisor, it needs soul searching to seriously take Miguna accusations. However, looking at how Miguna has been trying to recast, relaunch and rebrand himself by self-returning in the fold, there must be something bigger than mere accusations.  My assumptions are: Miguna, as he machinated from the beginning, would like to use Odinga’s clout and fame to secure a place in Kenyan politics. I don’t know if Odinga and all those who think Miguna is an avant-garde have already unearthed this.  The way Miguna grassed Odinga must have acted as a wake-up call for Odinga and his fans to be cagey of Miguna and his veiled agenda. Essentially, one may argue that Miguna is trying to get rid of all those he perceive to be his competitors in his scheme of making mark on Kenya politics. Will he make it?
            Those who read his book “Peeling Back the Mask’, apart from seeking to portray Odinga as incompetent, Miguna swore that he would not work with Odinga on earth and in heaven. Before long, Miguna whom some refer to as doctor without necessarily having a PhD licked his vomit by willingly returning himself to Odinga after finding that the way he took would not take him where he wanted to go. For, a true revolutionary, this was not only denting but also demeaning. Does Miguna remember his avowals of not working with Odinga? Why did he shamelessly and willingly put back himself to the person he swore would not work with? If anything, Miguna’s documented avowals and salvos will always be the albatross around his neck. There must be something fishy here; and those targeted need to clinically interrogate such a move in order to make sense of it aimed at making another goof with another person. Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice shame on me. A fool is the one who is bitten twice in the same hole. Is Miguna seeking to put moz on as he once did, especially at a very crucial time when his contribution was needed? Time will tell.
            Although it is not good to repeat and revisit Miguna’s  unsubstantiated fabrications and salvos against Odinga, his truthfulness and seriousness must be put to question shall he seek to be trusted. By the way, who sworn-in Miguna to be NRM’s general which does not have any army? Again, has Miguna forgotten all mess he created and the ramifications from it?

            In sum, I think an Irish proverb which says that when you are right no one remembers when you are wrong no one forgets suffices to remind Miguna of his tainted past littered trail so that whenever he thinks he is moving forward, he should look back. If I were Miguna, I would fight my deportation first then come and silently cooperate with those who accepted me back to the fold however I did not deserves thanks to the mess I created and the loss I made. Mr. Miguna, please try to be a wee bit serious by appreciating the fact that your past is still fresh. The Latin proverb has it that verba volant, scripta manent namely spoken words fly away, written words remain. I think from what I have touched on in this epistle clearly sheds light on who is a mole and who actually is not among the protagonists names hereinabove.
Source: Standard, Feb., 26, 2018.

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