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Monday, 12 February 2018

Breaking News!!!!!!!! At Last Zuma Reaps What He Seeded!

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      Scandal-plagued South African president Jacob Zuma has been shown the door in the same manner he did to his predecessor, former president Thabo Mbeki. If you live by sword you will die by sword. Zuma pulled Mbeki down unceremoniously to end up suffering the same fate less than ten years since he machinated against Mbeki. For more info, PLEASE CLICK HERE.
       For this blog, the fall of Zuma is something South Africa deserved many years ago after Zuma lost legitimacy, mainly when he was captured, abusively used and monopolised by an Indian Gupta family. Zuma will be remembered as a political accident for which South Africans paid dearly. Will he go home and enjoy the loots or face the music? Time will actually tell. Importantly we should say

Go Zuma go
Time is up
Go to your no go
Go wait for your  karma
Go wait for the music

Go please Zuma go
Never look back but go
Time is up
Whatever befalls you is dharma
Go enjoy the music

Go say hi to the Gupta
Remember these betes noires?
You are now going under
This is what you got from the Zupta
Go Zuma go
Go pay for your sins

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