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Wednesday, 27 September 2017

The s-called Unknown people must be made known

Tanzania, recently, has been grappling with the wave of the fear of the unknown after a faceless gang of terrorists inflicted pangs, twangs and sufferings on some innocent people. The hell broke loose when unknown outlaws made an attempt oft the president of Tanzania Legal Society (TLS) Tundu Lissu who also is the Member of Parliament (MP) for Singida East (CHADEMA) two weeks ago in Dodoma. Lissu was spurted with bullets to end up being deadly injured. He is currently undergoing treatment in Nairobi.
Interestingly, while these delinquents unleashed their terror, the authorities seem to still be in a slumber.  The major question many are asking is: Is it true that these outlaws are not known really? How in the country with all security instruments such as police, army and Tanzania Intelligence and Security Services (TISS) aka Usalama wa Taifa. Although, this can be taken as a normal criminal wave, there is something fishy and giddy so to speak. How come that such cowards and misfits are able to hold a country to ransom for a long time as the authorities stay side and watch? 
The story of the heinous and horrendous acts by these outlaws is disgustingly long; and the list of the victims of this fraidy-cat gang of goons and crooks is very long to include the massacre of Professor Juan Mwaikusa, Dr. Sengondo Mvungi and Ben Saanane whose plight, up until now, has never been known due to the fact that the authorities have always been tightlippped. This gang o unknown yardbirds once abducted Dr. Steven Ulimboka the former chair of Medical Association of Tanzania (MAT) in 2012, Absalom Kibanda, former chair of Tanzania Editors’ Forum (TEF) as he then was in 2013, rapper Emanuel Elibariki aka Ney wa Mitego in 2017 and this gang of cowards and criminals attacked the president of Tanzania Legal Society (TLS) and the MP for Singida East, Tundu Lissu whose car was sprayed with bullets in early September this year.
When it comes to these unknown morons, one thing is known that they are after the critics of the government. So, their aim is clear. Now, when known becomes unknown, there is a very big problem. Again, in this situation, the problem is very small. The unknown is known save that we are not ready to admit. I will tell why the unknown is known though not to all. Firstly, though such predacious criminals are referred to as unknown people, it is the duty of the authorities to make them known so that they can be dealt with and disposed as soon as possible.
Secondly, it doesn’t make any sense even to a common tweeker for a country that has gotten all sorts of security institutions to be cowered and bamboozled by a gang of the so-called unknown sons of bitches.  Why? It is simply because some people, especially their victims know them. This means the authorities know them just because when the victims reported these misfits disclosed who they actually are. Some of the victims reported to the authorities provided the colour and the plate numbers the vehicles these criminals use. This said, therefore, everything is known save that we don’t want to know even if some of us know everything.  We need to arrest this menace before people lose it and take law into their hands shall the authorities keep on losing out on public security.
The other day a friend of mine told me that these criminals are known. For, if you look at their victims, you can easily tell who these criminals are. He wondered what would have happened had say Tundu Lissu been an MP for the ruling party. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. We should not allow a next victim to follow after Lissu. If we do, shame on us. We need to do something toothsome for ourselves as a people.
Source: Citizen Wed., today.

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