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Sunday, 27 December 2015

Dr. Magufuli, relieve us of Makondas

            Although this isn’t an open letter to Dr. JPM, I’m sure he’ll read it. Little bird told me that he doesn’t miss my stuff every Sunday when he’s thinking about what to do next. First of all, let me congratulate him on a great job he’s been doing to put sense into some bigwigs who used to take us for a ride. I can see now. Every biggie in public office has butterflies in his or her stomach. I recently evidenced –at Mwanamanyala –a minister becoming a sentry who’s precluding laggards from getting into the premises. I recently evidenced ministers accosting their underlings to show the world that they’re toning with president’s promptness of doing things. However, boozers are asking candidly, where have they been? Others stepped on their bounds by grossly violating human rights and dignity. I hope Dr. Kanywaji’s already noted Paulo Makonda, the fella who’s awarded District commissionership after mugging and debasing the former chair of the Constitution Review Commissioner Judge Jose Waryuba. If we compare the two who has served this hunk diligently and exceptionally?
             I know Kanywaji likes figures and stats. The dude committed this felon on 2 November 2014 at Blue Pearl Hotel, Ubungo plaza in the afternoon. A year after on 25th November 2015 Makonda was at it again. He unlawfully ordered 20 civil servants locked up for six hours for coming later to the meeting he’s in attendance.   Three weeks later on 14th December, 2015 Makonda was at it again!  He illicitly ordered the arrest and detention of Ubungo Member of Mjengo, Said Kubenea for calling him kibaka.  Wise bird confided me that Makonda asked Kube if he knew who he was ;and Kube replied right away calling him kibaka. You know boozers don’t have specific jobs to do. They spend time discussing whatever comes their way. When we're wondering why Kube called Makonda kibaka, one boozer said that it is because the media reported that vibaka attacked Judge Warioba. Again, why didn’t know that the MP is elected but not appointed? Who’s who between the representative of the boozers and the appointee of former wino? I think Dr. Kanywaji has to apply the same science he applied in firing Bade, Hoseah and many more inept bigwigs he recently showed the door.  This dude's a disaster and a good abuser of the public office.
            Given that Makonda is good at ordering the arrest of innocent people, nobody knows whom he’ll prey on next. Again, many still wonder. How can a person of Makonda caliber fail to understand simple things such as rule of law, human rights, human dignity, and above all, the fact that it is only the court of law that has the prerogatives of dealing with any criminal or civil liability? If Makonda –for instance –was offended by Kube, why didn’t he report the matter to the police station so that legal proceedings could be taken as per the law of the land?  Doesn’t he know that he is a small person who can’t be above the law? Doesn’t he know that Magufuli is not JK who awarded him ulaji even after committing a crime despite knowing how incompetent he is?
            Due to his hawkish nature of serving the wananchi, many are bewildered and dismayed by how Makonda was able to climb ladder and become a DC. Now given that there’s a brand new govt in office, many’d love to see Makonda hit the road as soon as possible before messing up even more.
            Although Makonda has been trying to emulate president Kanywaji, he seems to make biggie. How can you serve the boozers by wantonly abusing them or disregard the law of the hunk? Who wants such a wino to begin with?  Again, should we blame Makonda or those who dispatched him to traumatize our boozers?  Again, time for offering jobs like njugu is now over. Please president JPM relieve us of this guy-cum-burden as soon as possible. Bongolalaland is a free hunk whose earthlings are free too. Boozers need leaders who know what they’re doing instead of scallywags. Bongo is not Uganda under former butcher Idd Amin or Iraq under former brute Saddam Hussein whose kids’ friends used to torture and kill people as pleased simply because the father of their friends was president.
             We know Makonda was awarded the position after shamelessly assaulting mzee Waryuba. Swahili has it that if you mistreat the elders their curse will haunt you. Makonda must pay the price for his acts of violence.
            The other day one boozer left us in stitches. Said he feared for his life because one of the biggies wants to rob him of his dear wife. So, he thinks he’ll use the pretext of fulfilling Magufuli’s drive to punish him. Another says he is worried he might be jailed on trampled on charges so that his nemesis could monopolize his memsahib.
Off the cuff: The other day I saw a photo of a DC offering a service of tying Riz shoe race so that he could be appointed. Don’t take me seriously. You know when I sip I see red. Maybe the photo was different from what I have said. See ye.
Source: Guardian, Dec., 27, 2015.

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