Heko Rais Magufuli

Tuesday, 22 December 2015

If you believe Africa is the poorest continent think again

Despite being touted as the poorest continent on earth, Africa has nobody sleeping in the graveyard. Nobody is living amidst ghosts; and the stench of death as you will see in the following clip. Essentially, Africans are made to believe that they are the poorest of the poorest while the actual poorest of the poorest are somewhere else. Africa has one billion people now while Asia has more almost  three third of billion of poor people. India alone has almost half a billion of paupers while Africa has less than that. Even if you consider the number of poor people in Africa compared -for instance -to Asia, you don't get it.  It is only ignorance and myopia of our people, especially our rulers that allow  such misrepresentation to become a norm. Arguably, Africa is treated indecently by those with malice despite knowing naked Truth in order to keep on exploiting it wantonly and pointlessly.  I  tackled this issue extensively in my new book AFRICA REUNITE OR PERISH. Join me in this journey of unveiling the truth on what is going on in the world as you compare and contrast it with what you experimentally know about Africa. CLICK HERE PLEASE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tmT-ZvsO6IE

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